HTGAWM Sneak Peek: Annalise Grills a Witness (in Her Bedroom)!

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Whatever Bonnie’s getting paid to work at Annalise’s law firm on How to Get Away With Murder, she’s due for a big pay hike — provided that she doesn’t turn out to be a cold-blooded murderer, that is.

In the following exclusive clip from this Thursday’s installment (10/9c on ABC), Lurky McChurchmouse finds herself trying to flee the scene after knocking on Annalise and Sam’s bedroom door and informing them that his murdered co-ed girlfriend was six weeks pregnant at the time of her death.

Instead of a simple “see you tomorrow,” however, Annalise demands Bonnie enter the Keating boudoir and sit second chair as she cross-examines her chronic liar of a husband. “I need a witness here to make sure I don’t strangle you with my bare hands you don’t lie to me again,” Annalise glowers.

Press PLAY to watch the crazy-uncomfortable questioning go down, then hit the comments with any insights or theories about what this scene might mean!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Drew says:


  2. I pray and hope that Sam’s killer isn’t Bonnie but I got a feeling that Viola Davis’s character will be charge with the crime and the jury will claim that she is innocent.

  3. Derek117 says:

    The most interesting character on the show for me continues to be Rebecca.

    This girl has an Agenda–and she’s manipulated her way into Wes’ heart…as well as managed to get a Top Criminal Attorney to take her case instead of a Public Defender like other poor people.

    My latest thought of a Rebecca reveal-to-come is that not only did she kill Sam (or instigate his killing) but she’s a long-lost daughter of Sam. From a long ago affair when he was married to Annalise or his first wife. And Rebecca knows Sam is her father but he doesn’t, and all along she’s be working to set him up for murder. This would also explain her friendship with Lila–and Rebecca may have encouraged Lila to have the affair with Sam, who killed Lila.

    Yes, this is a LOT of speculation, but on this show it’s not too far-fetched.

    • I can’t wait to learn who murder Sam and the aftermath. Will Professor Keating decide to become the person’s lawyers.

    • Whatevah says:

      Rebecca needs to eat a cookie. Actually she needs to a lot of cookies.

      • I wouldn’t shock if Rebecca turn out to be Sam’s daughter out for revenge. I remember that the show didn’t show what his first wife look like.

      • Derek117 says:

        Actually Rebecca looks about the right weight. She’s a small girl with small bones–they even referenced her “small hands” in this last episode. I’m no fan of the anoxic look–but that’s not Rebecca.

    • TigerLIL says:

      Derek117 now that is way out but way off…Its some strange connection I have said all alone that Rebecca is involved in both murders just can’t figure out how. Rebecca is a gansta who has enforcers do her dirty work. She has great influence over other people and is a master manipulator this is a funny and crazy show with plenty of crazy people making for a real drama but not far fetched from the real murder dramas on ID TV

  4. H.Houston says:

    I still think it is Michaela who murdered Sam.

    • TigerLIL says:

      Well she is certainly going to be looking like the first suspect after all she did lose her ring at the crime scene…LOL

  5. Julia Bassett says:

    lurky Mc Churchmouse is the perfect descriptive character name!

  6. Netty says:

    In one of the flashforwards from last episode didnt Rebecca kinda admit to Wes that she had to kill him (Sam).

    • Since the police didn’t discovery Sam’ s body, it will be interested to see how long before the police discovery the body and the right clue who killed Sam.

    • Rinnie says:

      Naaah I think she simply told Wes what she would say to the police to protect him. I think she’s a manipulative ***** who had Wes kill Sam “to protect her”, when she simply wanted him dead. For what purposes ? IDK

      • Derek StJohn says:

        Yes, one interpretation of the scene in the hotel room is that Rebecca wasn’t admitting that she killed Sam–but offering to take the blame in order to protect Wes. If that’s what was happening, it’s probably another manipulation by Rebecca. I can’t find any reason to believe anything that she says. Still, I think Rebecca’s the most interesting character in the show.

        • TigerLIL says:

          Sounds viable somebody clocked Sam from behind and standing in the vicinity of the clocking was Rebecca cause she caught a splash blood pattern on her body. Then Wes was down to his T-shirt when he took her upstairs kinda odd when he could have gotten transfer blood all over his white shirt but it might have been all over his dark clothing you know what…the butler did it …LOL

    • TigerLIL says:

      Yeah then later on she made a 911 prank call to police to set up he alibi…. she is a classic sociopath I mean classic…

  7. herman1959 says:

    What exactly is Bonnie’s deal? I hope we find out soon.

  8. ksherrie says:

    Everybody is saying Rebecca is the long lost child but I think it’s Wes trying execute revenge for the suicide of his mother. He has a manipulative side also. He lied when they flipped nthe coin to decide what to do.
    Smile or go to jail. 🙈🙉🙊

  9. Danielle says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Bonnie killed that girl?! She has said before she would do ANYTHING for Annalise. I’m thinking she found out Annalise’s husband was sleeping with that girl, found out she was pregnant, and killed her. Valid? She’s got crazy written all over her.

    • Karen H. says:

      Except for when Nate met up with Rebecca and said that he and she knew who the killer of Lila was and “Let’s go get him…” Him being the operative word.

  10. Karen H. says:

    I still haven’t convinced myself of who killed Sam, but I’m now thinking it was Sam who killed Lila and the football boyfriend killed Sam. Motive: Anger for killing his girl.

  11. darrenjglenn says:

    “I need a witness here to make sure I don’t strangle you with my bare hands …” I actually thought that’s what she meant too.

  12. dee says:

    I believe Bonnie was involed with Sam. The murderer was not Sam’s wife. But the fact the murder occured at the house/law firm implicates several parties. I can’t get enough of this show.

  13. How To Get Away With Murder is getting each time that I look at it. I can’t wait to learn whom murder Sam and see the aftermath.