NBC Fall Finale Dates Revealed: Parenthood, SVU, Chicago Fire and More

NBC is the latest broadcast network to release its midseason finale dates, and The Blacklist and Parenthood will be the first Peacock series to bid adieu to fall.

The James Spader drama will bow out this coming Monday (and won’t return until Super Bowl Sunday on Feb. 1), while the Bravermans will depart on November 20 (returning in January).

Specific dates are below. Review ‘em and promptly save ‘em.

A TO Z | Thursday, Dec. 11

ABOUT A BOY | – Tuesday, Dec. 9

BAD JUDGE | Thursday, Dec. 11

THE BLACKLIST | Monday, Nov. 10

CHICAGO FIRE | Tuesday, Dec. 2

CHICAGO PD | Wednesday, Dec. 10

CONSTANTINE | Friday, Dec. 12

GRIMM | Friday, Dec. 12

LAW & ORDER: SVU | Wednesday, Dec. 10

MARRY ME |  Tuesday, Dec. 9

MYSTERIES OF LAURA | Wednesday, Dec. 10

PARENTHOOD | Thursday, Nov. 20

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  1. Phillip says:

    What about Grimm and Constantine?

  2. Tran says:

    The Fall finale of The Blacklist is sure to be a must-see before the series returns for its post Super Bowl episode on February 1st and making its big move to Thursdays @ 9 p.m. beginning February 5th. Hope Blacklist is going to save Thursday nights on NBC.

  3. Kate says:

    I’m not ready for parenthood to end!

    • jimbo says:

      Me neither. And neither are the viewers, it seems. Last episode beat Elementary in the ratings (1.3 to 1.2), had the highest rating of the night on NBC and all that despite a 0.8 A to Z lead-in.
      I’m still hoping Netflix or Amazon will pick it up and continue the series for a more few seasons. Can’t let go of my Bravermans just yet. :(

      • Rook says:

        No one will pick up the show, its great and everything but it’s over.

        • herman1959 says:

          Yup; plus, at this point, I would think that a lot of the cast are ready to move on.

        • phil says:

          I think everyone is ready to move on…I also think it is more about the cost I think…the ratings aren’t stellar but not horrible either just think everyone feels it is time to let go. Still an amaxing show.. .very realistic.

      • i don’t want it to end, but if they are going to close it up the rest of the world needs to deal with closure. The reboots and reactivations need to stop, sometimes things end cause it’s time lol. On another note, If Joel and Julia don’t get back together I am going to throw something.

    • Lynda says:

      No one is.

  4. Cara Rosa says:

    So not only is NBC chopping Parenthood, and sticking our noses in it by constantly referring to “The Farewell Season…” but now they’re also cheating us out of a Christmas episode?

    • Abby says:

      You`re not getting a Christmas-themed episode and you feel cheated? Come on #firstworldproblems

    • KathyNYC says:

      Parenthood has the problem of being on a Thursday..so it has Thanksgiving, Peter Pan, Christmas and New Year’s all being on Thursdays..and you never get a new episode on those days anyway. Personally i don’t mind..i am busy during the holidays and I will enjoy the episodes later on when the holidays are done.

    • Sarah T. says:

      Well, to be fair I think they’re putting “The Farewell Season” all over the promos so that people know this is it. If there are some casual viewers or those that are binge-watching to catch up, they might tune into this season more to see it as it’s happening. Also, I think they’re wanting it to go out on a strong note, with the highest ratings possible.
      Though I’m not emotionally ready for Parenthood to end, NBC has kept this around for several seasons knowing it was a fan favorite even though it’s been overlooked in the ratings. I actually liked that they decided ahead of time that this was going to be the last season so the writers could develop and close out story lines accordingly. Would I have preferred a whole season? Yeah, the more the merrier BUT I’m enjoying this shortened season as much as possible.
      It would be nice if NBC could do a TV movie (maybe for Christmas next year?) so we could check in with the Braverman clan and see how everyone is doing.

  5. Teag says:

    Is that the series finale dates for Bad Judge and A to Z?

  6. Freda says:

    Please please do not stop parenthood.

  7. Rhonda says:

    With A-Z and Bad Judge tanking, maybe you should consider giving Parenthood the chance it deserves. It is one of the best shows on tv not only now but in a long time. Just because it’s not a friends or a himym doesn’t mean it’s not excellent. Fantastic writing fantastic actors it really can be one of your Crown Jewels if given proper time and get it out there. You have a winner here you just haven’t figured out how to place it.

  8. Rae Cannon says:


  9. Ben says:

    Not sure why all the ‘save parenthood’ comments. It’s not like the show was just cancelled… the writers are given the opportunity to give the entire show closure. Once that call has been made, it’s been made. This isn’t just a ‘cancelled because the ratings are low – please save our show’ situation.

  10. I am sad that chicago fire last episode is December 2 and giving them a break is sad i will miss the cast members and i do hope they’ll return in the new year for the same season.

  11. uh, so someone is going to die in the next 2 weeks???? FK THAT NOISE> I am just not ready for that #parenthood

  12. triplejody says:

    wait a second….Chicago PD AND Chicago Fire….ending permanently or just for this season (year)? Maybe I read the headline too fast and I’m just panicking…both shows are AWESOME!!! Oh please, say it isn’t so…

    • Dariana says:

      This is just a list of the mid season finales. In other words, the dates the shows are taking a break through the new year (since networks don’t want to compete with all the winter holidays). Most all of them will return for the second halves of their season in January or February.

  13. I don’t want to think about the ending of Parenthood, so I welcome the brief break until January.

  14. worthymagic says:

    SVU will have 5 or 6 more episodes and then a break for about a month? SVU runs 24 episodes a season, so they’ll be a heck of a lot of new material come 2015. Let’s hope that some news that negotiating new contracts for everyone is underway.

  15. Norma Sulzberger says:

    Such quality TV that deals with real issues. With so much garbage out there I guess I will just keep my TV on PBS. Parenthood is one of the few shows I never miss.

  16. Ray says:

    Michael, can you please post a fall finale schedule for FOX as well? (CBS is missing too, but I don’t watch anything on that old fart network aside from TAR)

  17. tina hughes says:

    ok if they are going off for the fall season channel 8 and 12 than when are they coming back can you please email me just scandel and chicago fire grey’s

  18. Mary Morris says:

    Why are you republishing information we received from you a month ago?

  19. Rosie says:

    i can’t bring myself to watch the final season because I don’t want it to be over! It’s like as long as I have that last season sitting there, frozen in DVr land, than its not really over! I’m really going to miss this show, I’ve watched Parenthood since the 1st episode, following all the suspenseful story lines, crying & laughing with them. There were many times my Hubby thought me crazy talking, crying & bursting into laughter in the middle of the night with no one around. But how could you watch such a wonderfully written & acted show, and not be taken in by them. ThankYou for sharing this FAMILY with us, so HEARTBREAKING to see them go!

  20. maria says:

    Why do they take all the good shows of the air parent hood is a good program
    For the whole famlly