Hell on Wheels Renewed (and Cancelled)

Hell on Wheels Season 4 Premiere

It’s the end of the line for Hell on Wheels.

AMC has renewed the historical drama for a fifth and final season, the network announced Friday.

The series’ 14-episode swan song will air in two parts: seven in summer 2015 and the remaining seven a year later.

“With Season 5 of Hell on Wheels, we are proud to bring our trans-continental journey to conclusion for the large, loyal audience that has traveled with Cullen Bohannon and his crew for so many years,” AMC president Charlie Collier said in a statement. “We look forward to appropriately honoring Hell on Wheels in this final season. Enormous thanks to the terrific writers, cast and crew for all they have achieved and for all that lies ahead in the Wild West.”

The final four episodes of Hell on Wheels‘ fourth season begin Saturday at 9/8c.


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  1. Dean says:

    Bummed but unlike other shows its got a chance to tie up loose ends. Going to miss it.

    • Liz Prosser says:

      miss it terrbily

    • I grew up in the age of tv westerns and still when they held appeal in the theater. Hell on Wheels is by far one of, if not THE best and most authentic one of ’em all. Many lesser shows aired for longer periods of time and I wish AMC could and would have decided differently on the fate of the show, and perhaps change it’s mind and renew it for another two seasons at least. I’d like to see especially part of Season 4 Episode 10 redone so that the church fire scene was part dream, part reality for Ruth, and revive the character Ezra, since he was the only young semi regular on the show and with a strong attachment to Bohannon, and see how he grows up dealing with all the hardships that the times handed him.Seriously, there HAD to be more kids than just him in Cheyenne, and you make him mute then kill him off? Come on. Bring his character back and give him more life…more of a role in the show instead of an occasional shadow. As Ruth breaks down after Ezra’s found dead, she laments all the things she didn’t even know about him. Heck, I’D like to know more about his character too! And with his attachment to Bohannon which almost a father figure, Ruth already in love with Bohannon, and Naomi back at Ft. Smith most likely to never leave it again, it sets up a perfect situation for Cullen, Ruth AND Ezra to have their own offbeat family, and Bohannon can justify it since he wasn’t legally married to Naomi anyway. There’s FAR too much of this story left to tell. AMC,….come on. You’ve gotta at least let the show run it’s course until the Union-Pacific meets it’s goal, THEN it’s a logical time to end the series, but bring back Ezra somehow and have a situation where Bohannon is hurt or caught under his horse or something and needs more help than Ezra can muster on his own, and he finds his voice again when he yells for help for his friend and father figure, and one of the few he trusts and respects on the show. The tv western, “Bonanza” ran for years, I THINK the longest running western ever, if it wasn’t Gunsmoke, but either way, they went down in history, and looking back, many of the characters in those shows were so cardboard and one dimensional that you’d almost never have missed them, and in my humble opinion, most too were hardly good actors, where on Hell on Wheels there’s a fairly fresh cast and they just have good(strange) chemistry that makes them work. Kudos to the writers AND actors for that. But the longevity factor vs the older westerns…you can do the same with Hell on Wheels, and we WANT you too! At least let it run it’s logical course though and let us see and know more about Ezra, the “feral child” who’s simply over mischievous like many young boys were and are(I know I was!)

      • Elizabeth says:

        I just finished watching all of the seasons of this program on Netflix and I thought it was really well done, and I love how they interwove the mormons, Christians, Indians and even the Mexicans into the story as well as all the groups of immigrants and former slaves working on the RRs. They were pretty historically accurate, for hollywood, that is, but Killing off Ruth was a mistake, because the mormon wife would likely have been married off to someone other mormon guy as a sister wife,after all that time. Too bad they won’t finish this series. (:

    • Maybe we should do as massive an email blitz on AMC and try to pressure them to keep it running for at least 2 more regular seasons. Like I said in my own comment, let the show run it’s logical course…until the Union-Pacific reaches it’s goal, THEN let it end in a natural and understandable way, not just put it on the chopping block, when it’s the best western I’ve seen since the old Bonanza or Gunsmoke days, and really they weren’t that good. Hell on Wheels IS that good!

    • Sa says:

      Going to miss it, great, great show. Mr. BOHANON is superb! As with many of the other actors!!!!! Sorry to see it end. History shows based on the ole west are fascinating. Thank you for airing such a great series.

  2. jim says:

    Geez once again the ones that be decide the happiness of others..AMC go to hell

    • eye says:

      Is your complaint about the show coming to an end or the fact that it’s spread in two? Either way it was never going to last forever but if they cancelled it without giving it a proper resolution it would be bad and yet here you are complaining that it will get a resolution. A standard no win situation.

      • Al Kirby says:

        Who voided their bladder in your breakfast fiber?

      • Gail says:

        Thank you and well said.

      • Tom Burch says:

        I will miss Hell On Wheels too. But any story must have an end. The railroad is moving West and has to end sometime. I would rather see the series end with a conclusion than wake up one day to read it has been cancelled and I am left dangling. I do not like the split Last Season idea. They are doing that with Mad Men and it deflates the progress of the story.

        • Bo Black says:

          At least we get a conclusion.. unlike Firefly when it was cancelled and LOST was a horrible ending to a story that went all over the web of confusion and nothing being totally answered.

          I hope the final season gives us a good show. BUT yes! I will miss it! I loved a lot of it and it gave me a clear understanding of the railroads (and I worked with Union Pacific) years ago so it makes sense why the C-Train had priority etc. And I think it made a lot of people research the significance of the railroads and how our nation grew! And the few families who control the wealth and transportation.

          But yeah, lets kill any curiosity of the forming of these here states and our country. Cancel a mind provoking show.

          • Lori says:

            I agree I’ve learned a lot about the railroads in history I don’t understand why they don’t want anyone to learn about history

          • The US doesn’t want the real history to be told, so I’m surprised really that the show lasted as long as it did, but I HOPE it’ll buck a trend and continue on with the show at least a couple more seasons. It showed blacks who were free, but still anyway you spelled it, they were still slaves, the “N” word was used, it showed immigration(very slightly) and the prejudice that comes with it, the rich vs poor, corruption, stealing from Peter to pay Paul, back stabbing, killing your best friend if it meant getting ahead. Sounds a lot like today ‘eh? They show the stealing of the land from the Native Americans who got called savages when it was the white elites who were the savages. All very much the US today, and it put a black eye on the overused calls for “human rights” that the US wants for everybody*cough, but denies it to some of it’s own people and some overseas as it picks and chooses. How much history of the last decade will be seen as TRUE entertainment in 160 years? A lot less than in Hell on Wheels. We don’t get the truth NOW, so of course they don’t want history, the real(or at least more real) version to be seen, especially by outsiders. They don’t want the world to get the idea that the grand US of A hasn’t changed all that much. It still steals, lies, kills, is corrupt, uses forms of slavery and torture, one banker will try to get ahead of the competition regardless of the cost and a week later there’s an “accident”. No charges were filed, and if they were, not ONE spends a day in jail. Everybody’s bought just like in the show. It made a political statement whether intended or not and we need more of that in the political climate of today, where the REAL history will be around in 160 years, not the doctored up, covered up version that we get spoon fed on the “news”, and what kids are taught in school. OH I hope they keep the show going a while longer. It’s great entertainment, great writers and actors and it has something we don’t have. A hero, at least in theory, and he doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty to help the PEOPLE.

      • Db says:

        Lol…have some oatmeal and cranberry juice

      • You sound like you work for AIPAC or something, and that’s NOT a compliment btw!

    • Al Kirby says:

      If they’re canceling a great show like Hell on Wheels, “Turn” is guaranteed to hit the crapper.

      God knows, don’t show the viewers anything about our history, people might learn something about it AND be entertained!

      • joe hughes says:

        TRUE !

      • Tom Burch says:

        I went NUTS when The Assets was cancelled.It was only a 4-part series … true history about a mole inside the CIA a tthe height of the Cold War. The network cancelled the show and replaced it with a reality TV show RERUNS! About 3 months later, I caught the ending two episodes being played at 2 or 3AM. You are right, history benefits viewers and that seems to be the last thing of interest to programmers.

        • Darren says:

          It goes to show you how dumb the average T.V viewer is sadly. Great shows like Rome, Dead Wood ect get canceled, but reality TV show number 100000 is a smash hit. Then again the American people are utter morons in the political realm as well, so no surprise.

          • kentuckywoman says:

            Quite sad, but quite true. I once saw a movie entitled “Idiocracy”, with Luke Wilson. That about sums up the current intelligence, or lack thereof, of the American people. Dumbed down any further and it surely will be. Personally, I find it embarrassing. As an American, I mean.

          • Hi ya I’m not American I English and still live in England the American west holds a great facination for me Hell on Wheels is probably the best western ever my vacations are all in America tracking down relations and playing cowboys what a bummer its finishing suppose they known best !!!! don’t they? duuuuuuuuur

          • hoppy says:

            The show is crap now. They actually should have cancelled it already after season 2 because the show was dead at the point already after Lily died.

          • Hi yep think your probably right I’m now watching series 1&2 on DVD and after her death it does fall considerably flat story wise but it’s really the horses guns and they way of life in general that keeps me wanting more was bloody hard going in the 1800 hundreds .
            still looking forward to New Mexico next year !!!!!

          • You’re so right. People go bonkers over “reality” shows that are about as real as my….well, you know how guys brag about certain body parts, but yeah, the GOOD shows get the axe. This is about history, the railroad and the birth of a corrupt government and nation, so naturally it gets the axe. The powers that be don’t want to take the chance that anybody might actually think for themselves. I do in that particular realm, and I do it in the realm of real entertainment. Hell on Wheels is by far the best western, or “period piece” in decades, but it’s also just plain @(!* good tv, something we get very little of, sorta like an honest politician. If you find one of those they somehow seem to blend into the background and vanish. AMC has a stable of GREAT shows and I like some more than others, and this is one of the better ones, at least in my opinion. About people being utter morons in the political realm, that’s a fair enough statement. The GOP has Trump as their leading candidate. They could’ve just picked a random clown from a gypsy circus and had a better choice and probably better results.

        • Db says:

          AMC must have had some turnover in a real bad way. Guess they got to big for their britches. Hell on Wheels was excellent and very well done. Kudos to the cast, producers and all involved. You will be missed.

      • Joy Mitchell says:


      • darlene morner says:

        I love hell on wheels! Finally a good western show.. I got hooked on the first show..love Cullen….. Please don’t take it off the air… Nothing on the other TV stations…

        • nythawk says:

          I agree with you Darlene. As I said in other comments, “they tried to fix a show that wasn’t broken.” Killing off two of Cullen’s loves, Lilly and Ruth was a stupid idea but when they killed Elam they really messed up.

          • Gary says:

            Who is going to want t watch any future shows knowing there may not be a end !

          • Db says:

            Totally agree! Common is such a great actor! Lilly and Bohannon had great chemistry as did Ruth and Bohannon. It kind of seems they were writing this off after the second season?

          • Yes, you are correct. When Elam was killed, it killed the show. The writers could’ve easily gone another way with the story. Will be bummed to see it go. Oh! Contrate to popular belief, Lonesome Dove, is the best Western ever made, period!

      • nythawk says:

        I’m surprised that the producers didn’t try to introduce extraterrestrials to boost the ratings. Hell on Wheels wasn’t broke but they tried to fix it anyway.

      • Phrixotrichus says:

        ” I learn my history from TV shows”

        God,people like you make me sick.

      • Patricia says:

        So true! Love both these shows ! I have learned so much about railroads and how they started!

    • Al Kirby says:

      Five bucks says that they’ll bring back the crappy YOU WILL WATCH GAY SEX “Halt and Catch Fire”.

    • Gerry says:

      Hell on Wheels,and Covert Affairs,my 2 favorite shows,and both cancelled.

      • Richard Brotherton says:

        Hi l live in England UK and spend vacation ‘s in South Dakota i live for cowboys and good westerns and now they’re finishing one of the best ever bummer!!!!!!

        • Joy Mitchell says:

          A real bummer. One of the best shows on tv

        • Tom Burch says:

          Try the 2-season western “Deadwood”. It was cancelled after 3 seasons but it is one Hell of a fun ride and shows how and why many Western towns were born. Deadwood is where I discovered the acrtor Tim Oliphant, future star of Justified – noe just wrapped up in Season 5. And Ian McShane is one of the mosr spectacular bad guys ever in any Western. McShane is so interesting it is hard to view him as a bad guy.

          • Thanks I will we do get most westerns on TMC sky tv i usually watch them a few tines once for the action and then for the horse riding and then for the guns etc
            where abouts are you in the States?

          • Claire says:

            I tried couple years ago to watch Dead wood but didnt stick. I will try again :)- knowing this will be ended somehow…
            I know people stick too Walking dead, and I followed the first season but get bored at the secod one.
            Thanks for the suggestion made.

        • Claire says:

          Im from Quebec and H-W make me relike western… as my daddy teach me to when I was 7-9 yrs…
          Waching it did make an interest from my 21 yrs old son!
          To understand the story I had to cach-up with civil war and the politic issues witch concerned our own history is English/French deals and consequences… not bad for a tv serie! Well I had no choice to watch Turn, of course…

          • richard brotherton says:

            Thanks for reply I had some relations in Toronto now living here But my great great! !! uncle took the guns off Sitting Bull when he surended so i do have a great interest in 17th to 19 th century of the great American west i also keep and ride western trained horses my relatives in SouthDakota also run trail rides checkout Rockin R South dakota recon I was born to dumb to be a Doctor and to late to be a cowboy! !!!!!!

          • Claire says:

            Great! This summer I plan to go from Montréal to Vancouver passing by Yellostone, and ride down to Vegas throught the West coast… I will see if possible to stop some place like Cheyenne or other where I “know” by H-W…
            Depending of my road partner (I co-pilot of a 20″VR) I would like a horse ride time to time during the trip. Well if everything ok we finish by Louisiana. I might see a blues artist friend when passing Texas.
            I hope this gonna work.
            If not I have plan B to take Amtrak New-York – San-Francisco instead… and 8 days instead of 2 months… If you have suggestions of wises choice for my trip fell free to do so!
            Thanks for the comment! Good day!

    • Tami Hunter says:

      I agree. And once The Walking Dead is over, I’m never bothering with any more AMC series again. I’m tired of them yanking shows that I like only to put some lame @ss “reality” crap in it’s place. I LOVE this show. Far to many Karcrashian boneheads out there. They wouldn’t understand a good show if one ran them over. Maybe they’re afraid they might learn something.

  3. James says:

    How is it the same season if the episodes are a year apart?

    • eye says:

      It’s the same season in the same respect that Breaking Bad and Mad Men split their last seasons in two. By counting what could be considered two seasons as one, the cast maintains the same salary for both halves.

      • johnhelvete says:

        That might be partially true, but AMC clearly split the seasons in half for Breaking Bad and Mad Men to get two shots at the Emmys for the same season. Also even with the Emmy reason, the shows do not have to premiere episode 8 (9 for Breaking Bad) a year to the date of the premiere of the first episode of the season. AMC could have the shows come back 7 or 8 weeks earlier so the “season” airs in the same calendar year because the Emmy’s do not go by calendar year. I respect USA and Royal Pains for doing two separate 8 episode seasons instead of doing one 16 episode “season” a year apart like AMC.

  4. Jesse says:

    Final three episodes, right?

  5. johnhelvete says:

    AMC is going to do the split season thing with Hell on Wheels? This is getting ridiculous, at least USA is calling the final 16 episodes of Royal Pains two 8 episode seasons since they are airing a year apart.

  6. disonba3 says:

    just let Cullen divorce the morman wife, get rid of Ruth(she is a big hypocrit), if he has to be married either let him fall for
    Eva or better yet, bring back Lillie bell’s ghost! Then he will be happily ever after!

  7. mike says:

    Figured it was coming pretty soon. Kind of surprised it lasted this long. I love it, but its been showing its lack of..something..that it started out with.

    • Tom Burch says:

      I think the lacking is both getting away from the actual construction of the railroad and because of the new “kinder, gentler” Cullen B. I appreciate that a war-haunted soldier might wish to try his best to resolve differences with violence, but doing so harms the pace and excitement of the show. Anson Mount, the real life man, looks rather like the normal Hollywood leading actor type. But in character…bearded and long-haired, few have that look of ferocious intensity that Cullen Bohannon has. Keep that intensity in the face of danger and the shows will prosper right up to its final episode.

  8. B says:

    AMC, just call it two more short seasons. It’s only semantics, but splitting a “final season” is just annoying. Or, only split it by six months or something. Anyway — I’m glad they’ll get a chance to plan out the finale.

  9. Bob Weaver says:

    Yet another good series cancelled. This is a series that could go off into several directions, if they would just stay with it a little longer. With the reality and cartoon shows taking over, there is little hope a series such as this could ever make it for more than five seasons. Just look at The Simpsons. It’s been on for over 20 seasons. The dumbing down of America has begun.

  10. Schatzi49 says:

    At least they will end it properly, not in the middle of the story. At least, I’m hoping that is the case. Love this show.

  11. Anne Brister says:

    Just like Longmire a show with real entertainment and class is taken away.

    • James says:

      Unlike Longmire, Hells on Wheels will have a definite ending happening after two years.

    • Emily Clements says:

      You’re right! I loved Longmire, and I loved Cullen Bohannon. Too bad both shows will not be renewed. Where will the reruns be shown??? I’ll be there for both!

    • Lynda says:

      I’m not sure what to watch now. The 2 greatest shows left on TV will be gone. Longmire was refreshing to see a good small town cop show. Hell on wheels has wonderful writing and watching the journey of the railroad is a journey back in time. The characters are wonderfully acted. I hope Cullen finds some kind of peace in the end.

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  13. wrstlgirl says:

    I hate when they split seasons like that. Just air it and be done with it.

  14. At least the show now knows and can wind up the series.

  15. M3rc Nate says:

    Well, i think this is best for the show. It has never been as good as it was in its first two seasons (mainly because of Lilly Bell) but still i have enjoyed the show. But what it needs is structure, it needs the writers to come into the writers room and for them to write out the entire last season, to have each episode be jam packed with meaningful story that is moving somewhere (towards the end, the railroad finishing, w/e happens with our main characters happening). This show would have benefited (granted all shows would) from having a 5 year plan to begin with.

  16. George Wells says:

    What happened to the endings on this years season ?? They just stopped so they could send out that zombie junk !!
    Thanks — George Wells

    • JEst says:

      At the end of the article is says that the episodes start airing again tomorrow.

    • Linda says:

      Enough of Zombies!!! we pay for entertainment !! i get a lot of channels and have maybe 15 that I watch. Not just amc, poor choices the networks are making as well. My best is Viking’s now! Yeah, History Ch.

  17. Delapis says:

    Four Saturday’s is all we get until summer? That’s ridiculous! I don’t understand the reasoning behind television seasons.

    What happened to shows starting in the fall and ending in the spring? During the summer months you got to watch reruns. I miss those days!

    • Matt says:

      Um they still do that, starting seasons in the fall and ending in the spring, but on basic cable channels. Those seasons have at least 22 episodes which allows them to make it go all that time. But on cable channels like AMC, FX etc.. since the seasons are shorter up to 13 give or take,they air them differently

  18. Frank says:

    Hope it all is tied togather with the Swede getting his due reward,like a rope

  19. S paulin says:

    Hate to see this show end. But why drag out the final season by showing 7 episodes and then the last episodes a yr later

  20. Hell on Wheels is one of my favorite shows!! I HATE that it is being cancelled!!!

  21. connie says:

    I know all good things must end, but this really saddens me to see this show end. I love this show and all the cast. I guess i’ll have to keep watching my video of this show over and over. I have them all. Won’t be the.same.

  22. Jan Weir says:

    Hell on Wheels is one of the best shows on TV. The hour flies by – we love the characters and are so sorry to hear that it is ending. We wish it could keep on going. Hope they come up with another historical series to take its place.

    • Lee Gates says:

      Agreed. A powerful historical setting… & they could keep these actors too!

    • Tom Burch says:

      I owuldn’t mind seeing a dramatic series based on a man like Henry Ford… seeing on businessman with a new, unique product change the world with a new idea about making the product – the production line…. an idea that changed automobiles from something someone around the block owned to a product available to every Joe Shmoe in the USA.

  23. chad wipp says:

    So upset. Hell on Wheels is the best modern Western to ever hit tv. Don’t cancel this show.

  24. chad wipp says:

    This is terrible. So upset that this show can not continue! This is the best show AMC created and breaking bad was good but terrible at the same time. And Mad Men was also solid. Hell on Wheels was the best. I am honesty defacated. This is the best show I have ever watch. I am so upset I may Boycott AMC

  25. John Moshier says:

    lomgmire and now this to great shows alomg with copper is ripper street coming back

  26. Lee Gates says:

    Look forward to seeing Anson Mount & Common again. Strong portrayals & enjoyed seeimg them become friends. Hated to see Common go. Cant he come back as his Dad or twin brother?

  27. Janet says:

    Hate to see this series end . It is one of the best ever, Cancel Hell on ‘wheels and leave some of the junk on. What a shame.

  28. Tammy says:

    Not happy. So few shows tick all the boxes. Great writing. Interesting subject matter. Well defined and beautifully portrayed characters. Visually stunning locale. We need more of this kind of programming.

  29. joe hughes says:

    Hell on wheels is the destination western made for tv since the days of gun smoke. Come on A M C to me and my family this is our favorite show, you can’t end it with 5 seasons…. The story is just so huge yall can go far with this story. We can’t wait a week between episodes much less a year. And if yall must end it at season 5 how about H O W made for tv movies on same story line. Yall can’t just end it like that!…….. just a few more word for thought–after season 5 movies about railway robbery with Cullen as rail detective tracking down outlaws!…….. come on guys , DON’T END IT!

  30. James says:

    It’s not canceled if it’s renewed and have 2 split seasons to be aired across two years.

  31. Wanda Walker says:

    Amc stick it up yours best show ever!

  32. Dee Wills says:

    Hell on Wheels is my favorite show on TV. I look forward to watching it every Saturday night. I am sad that the show is going to end next season. they should of renewed it as there are a lot of fans of the show out there.

  33. Ben says:

    I love Hell on Wheels. While I’ll miss it, I’m glad it will get a proper conclusion.

  34. Janet holmes says:

    Hell on Wheels has been the best TV western to hit the airwaves since the 1950 and 1960. It has been a long, dry spell. The historical backdrop is great — it really makes the viewers think of what it was like in the 1860-70’s making coast to coast transportation available for the first time . I am proud to say Anton Mount is from Tennessee. He has done my home state proud. Yes, I will miss this show so very much, as will my husband, and I hope AMC can come up with something half as good for a Saturday night show. Entertainment on the weekends is hard to come by for homebodies.

  35. I am glad that I know that the fifth season on Hell On Wheels will end. I can’t wait to see how the writer will ties all the loose end before the end of the series. I hope that there will be a movie special in the near future.

    • Tom Burch says:

      I have the same feelings about another of my favorite shows – Justified – going into its last season. I am sorry it will end, but appreciate knowing that this final year ties up the loose ends between Raylan Givens and Boyd Crowder. Knowing this is the last season should be a strong incentive for the writers to pack every final season episode with memorable scripts.

  36. Broadwayfan says:

    I hate to see it go. But, at least they get a chance to really give us an ending. It’s a very high quality show. Will miss you, Cullen Bohannon.

  37. Rhonda m. Kalal says:

    i too will miss Hell on Wheels…its been one of those rare shows that not only bring together a cast of incredible tallent, a history lesson as well provided great entertainment that has captures both my husband and my attention. I would like to thank AMC and the writers for bringing such an incredible show to tv. “rugged and modest” I plan to watch every last show!! I am also eager to learn what is next for my favorite actor Anson Mount.

  38. Bryan Gorham says:

    its a shame to see such an intelligent and entertaining western go. Hell On Wheels has offered a real story line and not the typical Cowboys and Indians regurgitated. If I had a say I would say keep it up. I hope to see Anson in the future. He was excellent as was the rest of the cast. Let’s not forget the Wranglers,,, to get the horses to do their part takes more than most people can imagine.

  39. Elaine says:

    It’s a darn shame AMC’s Executive Producer and writers can’t come up with a continuing saga for Cullen Bohannon! Maybe a change in exec producer and writers would be a better solution. A truly enjoyable, dare I say Western, that’s one of my favorite shows. It’s a sad day for AMC television when this one ends prematurely.

  40. Louis says:

    Bought all the previous three seasons and will buy the remainder when they are available. This way I’ll be able to watch it whenever I wish.

    • tony says:

      why would you want rewatch a cancelled show.. that’s just depressing.. just as depressing as when they killed off Lily at which point the show died.

  41. Laura Miller says:

    I thought this was the best series ,i was a deadwood fan ,but i thought this was the best

  42. Laura Miller says:

    I love this series,i wish it would nver end,live and learn,from it

  43. Amanda Sollid says:

    Oh no! I hate this cancellation !
    I love this show. Why cancel?
    I don’t like these short episodes.
    Years ago a season what several weeks. I’ll miss this show very much. You are making a mistake.

  44. Nina Webb says:

    Major sad face. Hell on Wheels got me through my last pregnancy. It kept my mind off the difficulties. I will miss the show very much. Glad for the wrap up but I hate to see it go.

  45. John D says:

    You are so stupid. Why

  46. Carol says:

    This has been one of the very best TV shows in a very long time. Excellently written and excellently potrayed by all of the actors. Wish it could go on for longer.

  47. Vickie says:

    Noooooo, my husband and I love this show. It can never end! So sorry to hear this

  48. diane says:

    i agree amc go to hell. this is the best show i and many of my friends watch. Anson good luck in what ever else you do, and know I will be watching you on whatever new show you go on, good luck and god bless

  49. John Stio says:


  50. Gisele Knopf says:

    I’m disappointed. This was a favorite show of mine! I live in Laramie WY and finally a show that has a historic link to Laramie and factual wild west scenes…not Hollywoodish. I’ll miss it. Booohooo.

    • Jean Santinello says:

      because there is no sex it is cancelled .since long mire was cancelled i stopped watching the channel now i have another channel not to watch. keep up the good works ha ha