ABC's Forever Snags Full-Season Order

Forever Season 1 Video Henry Jo Youth

Much like its immortal protagonist, Forever has cheated death.

ABC handed the freshman drama a back-nine order on Friday, TVLine has learned.

The full-season pickup comes as something of a surprise given the Ioan Gruffudd-led series has notched mostly tepid ratings. Forever opened decently in September with 6.9 million total viewers and a 1.8 rating, giving ABC its best Tuesdays-at-10 debut in four years. But those numbers have since dropped. At last tally, it did 5 mil and a 1.1.

Forever joins rookie hits How to Get Away With Murder and black-ish in ABC’s Fall 2014 Full-Season club.

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  1. Will says:

    Kind of shocked on this one. While I don’t watch, I’ve heard good things from friends who tune in. Glad to see the networks taking their time with more series this season and letting them grow rather than out right cancel.

    • Tracey Richardson says:

      I’m so pleased to hear it has been picked up! I watch here in the UK and tonight it is last episode of series 1.

    • Dina rodrigues says:

      I can’t believe this news this show is so good but they should at least finish it. I want to know what happens. IF castle dosent continue I think they should move forever to castles slot cuze it’s detective. I really want this show to continue !!!!!

  2. Fran says:

    Wow. I am completely shocked by this. I love the show but I pretty much resigned myself to the fact that it wouldn’t go beyond the original episode order. Very pleasantly surprised :)

    • Elizabeth says:

      Me too! I like it a lot but just assumed it would be gone by the end of the year. Not complaining at all!

    • Badpenny says:

      As I have said before, ABC needs to plan on the idea that Nathan Fillion will not want to go for a 7th Season of Castle. If that happens Forever can easily slide into Castle’s Monday time slot. They are similar style of show: detective mystery with a hint of humor, potential leads romance, and a secretive under-current. If Castle does come back for an 8th Season then ABC can decide in the summer whether to keep Forever where it is at or cancel it.
      ABC is just hedging themselves against an unknown future.

      • Moment says:

        I’m about 99 percent sure the show won’t be renewed, the back nine is giving some people false hope but scheduling reasons can get a show a back nine, especially if ABC has doubts about some of its upcoming shows next year. While I’m happy for the fans, the ratings don’t suggest any kind of future.

        • Badpenny says:

          That’s is the whole point, though. If Castle does come back they can cancel Forever, in the summer and be out nothing. If Castle does not come back they have an established show they can try in Castle’s time slot – and still cancel if it does not work out. They really lose nothing.

          • Moment says:

            There’s some talk about ABC not having much faith in some of its mid season shows, so a back nine for this makes sense. Anyway Castle will likely be renewed, I can’t see it ending this year. I have a feeling quite a few people are going to be upset when ABC ends this show next year.

          • Badpenny says:

            Nathan Fillion has spoken often about not liking the long hours and wanting to do smaller projects in the future. Money is not Nathan’s driving force at this time. I would not be the least bit surprised to see him not come back.

          • Moment says:

            I think a final season may be a minimum for Castle, I just can’t see it ending this season. But I’ll take your word as I don’t take much notice of the series.

        • Fran says:

          Eh, I’m sure it probably won’t be renewed either, but there is always a small chance that the ratings will manage to improve over time. I don’t see it as false hope as I understand how the ratings game works…. but there is so much negativity in the world that I’d rather be a “hope for the best/wait and see” kind of person instead of a doom and gloom one. I’m realistic about it’s renewal chances but until I hear an official cancelation, I’ll hope for the best.

          • Moment says:

            I’m not a doom and gloom person either, more a realist. It’s pretty easy to see from the current numbers that the show will never trend upwards enough to be worth renewing.

          • Fran says:

            I never said you were. But realistically, you have no way of knowing for certain if a show can tick upwards enough for renewal. Yes it probably won’t, but there’s no way to definitively say so unless you have a crystal ball. So I’m just saying that Im the wait-and-see type of person when it comes to these things. That’s all :)

          • Moment says:

            Lol sorry I guess I misunderstood. I hope things improve for the fans though :)

        • CBWBDK1 says:

          You’re 99% sure? Are you joking? You don’t know anything? Go back to your mom’s basement!

          • Moment says:

            There’s no need for such an aggressive response. Take a look at the ratings sometime before attacking peoples opinions on the internet.

      • Castle already airing season 7

      • thisismenow says:

        Nathan may not like the long hours, but he is passionately devoted to his fans. I can see him signing on for a finale 13 episode season.

        • Badpenny says:

          If the $1 million per episode Nathan and Stana are demanding is true I can see why ABC might want to look another direction.

    • dioxinblues says:

      Same with me! I’ve been watching with the sense of doom, something I normally don’t do with network shows for fear of them getting the ax before storylines are resolved. Usually I prefer to wait to see if it’s got a full year but I got unexpectedly hooked so *whew!* with this one.

    • arianeb says:

      The Tuesday 10 PM slot has been awful for ABC for years, anything they put there has dried up and died very quickly. Forever is the best show they have ever scheduled there in years, and its ratings are good for the time slot from a historical perspective.

      It also nicely pairs up with the Agents of SHIELD lead in, as many of us geeks recognize Forever as Highlander with the serial numbers filed off.

    • Nancy says:

      Very happy about this. As an avid tv watcher I have learned not to like any show too much because it can be gone on the networks whim at any time!!! But I love this show & hope it has a very long run.

    • tahina says:

      Ditto! Very surprised but happy too!

  3. S. says:

    Yeah!!!! I like this show. One of the few shows where the leads are actual friends (or getting there) with a nice, sweet chemistry between them. This is good news, thank you.

  4. Angelo says:

    My favorite new show so far, lets hope it continues cheating death.

  5. Belle says:

    I am so happy to hear this!! Seriously people why aren’t more of you watching this show? Great cast, cool concept and it really has grown on me in a good way :) Try it, you won’t be sorry!!

  6. Leslie says:

    its a wonderful show. The chemistry between the two leads is great and I love seeing Judd Hirsch back on tv. Although he is technically the son he does that fatherly role so well, much like his time on Numbers.

  7. CBWBDK1 says:

    Great news!! Didn’t you guys say this show was a long shot?

    • Moment says:

      The show hasn’t been renewed. This is just a back 9 order to plug a hole in the schedule.

      • CBWBDK1 says:

        Really, Sherlock? Next time why don’t you take a Moment before posting.

        • Moment says:

          You response suggested that you thought the show had been renewed the “Didn’t you guys say this show was a long shot?” question. I simply answered you, no need to get grouchy.

          • CBWBDK1 says:

            My response didn’t suggest that at all. You assumed that. Assumptions are dangerous. The full season order suggest that renewal is not such a long shot after all. But according to all your other nonsense replies the show has no chance of renewal.

          • Moment says:

            I regret answering you, If I knew that a downright unpleasant individual would aim personal attacks at me for answering him, I wouldn’t have made the effort. I’m ignoring you now. Go back under your bridge troll.

          • CBWBDK1 says:

            Hahahaha!!! Did i hit a nerve with the basement comment? Still living in your parents basement, are we?

  8. Wordsmith says:

    Did not see this coming, but I’m happy that it did. Castle is starting to get a little long in the tooth, and this seems like the sort of show that might be able to grow to fill its place with a little bit of love.

  9. Ray says:

    In other news, Selfie is not getting the back 9 order and is unofficially canceled.

  10. Phil says:

    That’s great! Glad to see ABC give this show a chance.

    Now, please pick-up Selfie! I laugh so hard during this show.

  11. Wordsmith says:

    LOL. Henry seems like one of the most deeply moral characters on TV right now.

  12. Georgia says:

    Great news! Really enjoy this show! Thanks ABC!

  13. Moment says:

    This likely get a full season for the same reason as The Mysteries of Laura. Scheduling.

  14. I am glad that ABC give Forever a full season deal and I hope that the show will be renewal for the second season.

  15. Martina says:

    Shocked in a good way, I have a miserable cold, this has lifted my spirits.

    Thank you ABC!!!

  16. JenJ says:

    I am also very shocked, I had heard that the ratings weren’t so great after the first week and sort of resigned myself to losing another good show. But this is a very pleasant surprise because I love this show. Let’s hope that the network continues to have faith in it and also renews it for Season 2.

  17. Tran says:

    Really don’t watch Forever not even TV critics didn’t like the series at all but it’s still facing tough competition against Chicago Fire (NBC) and Person of Interest (CBS) in the 10 p.m. Tuesday night time slot. Try not to get mad at me.

  18. Maxine says:

    I am so pleased this show is going forward! My husband and I enjoy it… We here in the UK very often love your US programs only to be disappointed when they are cancelled!! It’s a pity they don’t count the UK viewing figures in the equation…

    • Lynn says:

      My friend lives in the U.K. and depends on me to recommend good U.S. shows to watch and she is always disappointed when it’s cancelled here, just when they’ve started to like a show that is not the heavy drama or serial killers but a lighter more fun show to watch.

      • herman1959 says:

        Agreed, and since every show has a distinct beginning and end, it isn’t necessary to have followed the series from the beginning to enjoy it.

  19. RedReddington says:

    So happy about this! 😄😄 Now I can catch up on my DVR’d episodes and not worry about it being cancelled (At least for one season)

  20. JM says:

    ImmorTal not immoral!! This is a really good show but I don’t think it’s in a good time slot.

  21. Wendi Simons says:

    Give this show a chance. There are a few adults out there watching TV. As part of the Baby Boomer generation, I spend more than the kids. This is an interesting, well-acted show with a unique premise. Endless possibilities for writing episodes. Since Body of Proof has been cancelled, we need a show like this, and his reason for working in a morgue is better than anyone could imagine.

  22. Laurie Emerson says:

    Best new I have had today!! I love this show

  23. erik says:

    It’s about time that a good reliable entertaining show is given a full chance. No gratuitous sex or violence, good family values, a developing friendship that doesn’t involve jumping into bed, and a lead actor who talks clearly and is easily understood.

    I am also stunned that it is kept on, but highly delighted.

  24. Pam Hurt says:

    I have a real problem with the show on Tues the 11th. The subject matter is S/M sex…..this is way out of line for free TV that kids can be viewing…even at 10pm. This is soft porn…it belongs in a total adult setting….not where kids can view. Shame on ABC for showing this
    subject matter just to boost viewing and ride on “50 Shades” coattails

    • Badpenny says:

      You do realize that Castle did an S&M episode and Bones did an episode about horse sexual fetishism, and so on? These subjects are not uncommon on “free” TV.

    • It’s the parent’s job to monitor what kids watch. If you don’t want your kids to see it, don’t let them watch. It can’t be worse than the violence, murder and rape on all of the crime shows.

    • Katherine215 says:

      Oh, please. If you don’t want your kids watching it, don’t let them. And newsflash: they likely know more about this topic than you do, given this thing called the internet exists.

    • Joe says:

      U are kidding me with this ? The former occupant of this time slot NYPD Blue had sex and nudity on through out most of its run

  25. Kim says:

    YAY–LOVE Forever and Ioan Griffud and Judd Hirsch! Hopefully, this will give more people time to discover this awesome, unusual show. Thanks, ABC!

  26. Chris says:


  27. Mari A says:

    Thank God they didn’t cancel this one. I was unhappy at the underrated Selfie cancellation. Tired of the NCIS AND CSI spinoffs and you don’t allow for shows like these to grow.
    I like Forever. I’m glad they ordered more.

  28. So Happy! Love this show!

  29. James says:

    Hey, I don’t want to embarrass you or anything, but you got these ABC stories backwards.

  30. tdelp says:


  31. N says:


  32. KC says:

    Wonderful! I love this show – so happy!!!

  33. BrittBrat says:

    I’m really happy about this!!! I was really worried that this was going to get cancelled!!!!!!!!!!

  34. JC1 says:

    That’s good news, but as you say, a surprise. I figured they were just running out the original 13 episode order. I’m still not hopeful for a season two renewal, unless the ratings somehow pick up, but at least we’re getting a little more.

  35. Phyllis Nethken says:

    I just cannot muster any enthusiasm concerning this show. Sorry

  36. Phantom says:

    This is our favorite new show… oriented, good story line, great characters…..what more could you ask for. It is so nice to have a show that is so different from the standard cop dramas, medical dramas, lawyer dramas….and stupid reality shows. Hope this stays on for awhile. ABC you did good this time……keep it up.

  37. Joe says:

    Yeah , it seams ABC learned from The way they handled Body of Proof

  38. Steve F. says:

    Yes! Awesome news – this show was growing on me!

  39. Anna says:

    I’m really surprised by this, as everyone else seems to be, but in the best possible way! I love this show! Even though the chances of it getting a second season are still pretty slim, 9 more episodes is better than nothing!

  40. Dragonfly says:

    YEEEEEEEESSSS!!! I love Forever and I hope it will not share Almost Human fate

  41. Amanda says:

    I too love this show-never miss an episode. I was really depressed, and surprised, when I saw that it may get the boot. I really like the main characters-the reversal of age in son and father, the struggle Abraham goes though with his own mortality. I think it is a well made, classy show with a very unique story line that has never been done before. I even prefer it to the much touted How to Get Away With Murder.

  42. Leanne says:

    This show is Great. I am so glad they renewed and give it a chance. Its one of the best new shows

    • onlimain says:

      They haven’t renewed it yet. ABC just picked up it up for a full 22-episode season. (It originally only had nine.) If its ratings improve, then it has a chance for a renewal.

  43. JoyAnne says:

    That’s great. A really good show. 👍👍

  44. Charissa says:

    I’ve been really enjoying this show, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t surprised. I was almost certain ABC wouldn’t give it a chance.

  45. Amy says:

    I am sooooooooooooo happy! This is my most favourite mew show of the season. Congrats to the awesome cast of Forever!

  46. Andrea says:

    Awesome news! Yippee!

  47. Donna MaMa says:


  48. maria says:

    Yay!! My husband and I love this show!!!