Arrow Promo: Oliver vs. Laurel, Cupid Takes Aim, a Kiss, 'Wildcat' and More

Arrow Season 3 Spoilers Video

The latest, 80-second promo for Season 3 of The CW’s Arrow has something for everyone — ominous warnings, a comely new adversary, a little “Wildcat” tease, a Felicity/[SPOILER] kiss and so much more.

Among the new faces you will spy is Winchester mom Amy Gumenick as Carrie Cutter aka Cupid aka the No. 1 fan of Starling City’s masked vigilante. You’ll also get a glimpse at Ted Grant’s “Wildcat” alter ego, plus Oliver warning Laurel about the vengeful “game” she is playing.

Check it out now, share your favorite moments.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. reesa_ says:

    Ah!! So much! I like that Felicity finally gets some action!! Love this season!

    • Wordsmith says:

      It’s funny, red wig aside, in some of those quick shots she’s a dead ringer for Katie Cassidy, and in others I’d swear I was looking at Emily Bett Rickards. I was constantly doing double takes throughout the promo.

    • Jim says:

      I’d go with hot, but to each their own.

  2. R says:

    Hate waiting for a new episode of Arrow, especially after watching promos :(

  3. Chloe014! says:

    Who is he carrying away from the fire? Laurel?

    • Sara says:

      It looked like Thea to me.

    • BT says:

      Ugh! I hope it’s not Laurel. She is supposed to be strong now and so if he has to save her AGAIN because she did something stupid, then there has been NO character development with her. I am rewatching Season 1 and all that season was “save Laurel because she got in someone’s way!” No wonder fans did not care for her! No depth.

      • Jack says:

        There has been development, though! Fans are mad if she suddenly becomes The Black Canary and can fight, fans are mad if she spends the season learning how to fight and growing from experience of being out in the field, in the middle of the action. She just can’t win. Also, I would like to note that Felicity has needed to be saved in more situations than anyone, and until this most recent episode, we knew very little about her. Does she lack depth because of it, or is it just Laurel who this argument can be used for because who needs logic?

        • Cas says:

          Thank you!!! Someone finally points out the obvious. Let’s all bash Laurel when in fact Felicity (who I love too) needs rescuing many times too!

        • hazel says:

          felicity needs rescuing but hasn’t she saved and helped arrow/oliver many times with her computer skills?do we say oliver is weak because he can’t hack computers.dude..each one has their own capabilities. . character depth always doesn’t come from flashbacks it comes from character development and character definition

        • Lucy says:

          Felicity has been saved a few times, but Laurel has been saved many more. I think the difference is that Felicity isn’t supposed to be a fighter, but Laurel is. If we are ever going to buy Laurel as a bad ass, she’s going to have to start saving herself.

    • Jon says:

      Nope, not Thea either. Too long hair for it to be her. I’m thinking it’s Cupid. Could be something real or a scene from her twisted imagination.

    • gnb says:

      i really hope its laurel! i love them together like this

  4. I think you kind of failed to mention Captain Boomerang, his signature weapon was heavily featured in this trailer.

  5. Becky says:

    I feel like Ray/Felicity would be adorable. And less Laurel, please.

  6. Kay says:

    Wow. Cupid looks awesome. That’s about all I’m interested in though. Can’t stand the idea of Ray and Felicity. Laurel on this vengeance kick is so contrived and I still miss Sara so much. I hope Diggle gets some action soon because it feels like he’s barely there.

    • Claire says:

      Cupid looks insanely good — “Cupid, stupid”. Think it’s a bit too soon for a kiss (maybe just me) but I do like Ray as foil, just don’t get comfy and hang around LOL. And it looks like 3×06 is pretty skippable or ff worthy. I THOUGHT it was Roy centric. Tricky tricky.

    • Sara says:

      Cupid will be on for two episodes so can’t wait for that. Ray and Felicity are cute together but I feel like they are pushing them together too soon, I thought he was only there as a distraction until Oliver came in to his senses. But him and Felicity have a quirky relationship..

      I thought Diggle would get a bigger storyline this season involving ARGUS but we still have 17+ episodes so there is still time.

      • Claire says:

        Yes, what have they done with Diggle this season? He needs more story, and a decent mask!

      • aunni says:

        why wd arrow writers will build ray/felicity? its not their main couple, its just a steping stone for THE COUPLE they r building for 1.5 yrs. what’s with felicity’s hair..?? im like girl let me give u a pin.!!!

      • Teresa Rhoda says:

        Ray is not the man for Felicity. His personality seems too overpoweringly strong for Felicity. Wildcat and Felicity…yum. He has a sexy voice. Oliver and Felicity…still like this combination even if it does seem distanced….for now.

  7. Lori says:

    Can’t wait , I’m liking the Wildcat character and digging Laurel’s arc. And mire Diggle please.

  8. AJ says:

    Still not sure how i feel about Laurels arc this season (is early in the season i know). They have most of the characters telling her not to pursue it (fighting/BC) and then she goes ahead anyway. I don’t like that she wants to act outside the law; that was one of her strongest traits- she upheld and believed in the justice system. I understand her realising how corrupt it is but going from that to actively want to go against it and per-sue vigilantism is another thing. It’s clear and been said by the writers that they struggled with her character, but so far redeeming her feels a long way away. I can see her easily becoming a peripheral character but at the same time Laurel has a lot of potential to be an almost integral pseudo Team Arrow member. It’s just frustrating cause her character does have a lot to offer but hadn’t been utilized properly before!

    • Rob Watkins says:

      All of the main characters act outside the law. She did believe in the justice system, but even in season one, she trusted The Vigilante. This is not out of the blue. The big difference is she wants to get more physically involved after her sister’s death.

      • Trish says:

        If I remember it right she was saying that the vigilante is a killer. Besides he is a vigilante she is a DA who should follow the justice system.

    • BT says:

      Yes, as a self-righteous lawyer in season one, and an assistant DA now, it seems strange that they wouldn’t have her at least TRY to use the justice system first before going outside of it. Instead, she has encouraged Oliver to kill 2 people for killing Sara w/out so much as getting SOME proof first. I am keeping a running list of all the people she wanted killed to avenge Sara who ended up not committing the crime. Serial killer Dexter had a higher moral kill code than Laurel. I am struggling with this character. I want to enjoy her, b/c she’s becoming more and more a part of the show, but I should not have to work so hard to enjoy a show. In the end I might just have to move on, which is sad since there are many other aspects I do enjoy.

      • aura says:

        You don’t want to enjoy her you just look for any reason to hate her. She is angry, she is pissed. She witnessed her sisters brutal death. Of course she wants revenge. She is showing real emotions. And I’m loving her story

        • BT says:

          I guess I am not an angry person so I don’t identify with that. Especially since it seems inconsistent with what she preached and stood for in season 1 and much of season 2. And if you have no trust in the law, then why work as an assistant DA? It just makes NO sense to me. I mean, what happened to the whole “you catch em I lock them up” in the premier? That’s good enough for other victims of crime but not for Laurel? She gets special justice? I don’t respect that and it’s not heroic to me. She’s just all over the place. That’s just my impression, and it just makes it hard for me to get on board. I not only don’t connect with the character, but I don’t even understand what is going on with her! Am I even supposed to root for her? I don’t know. I give up. I will stick around until the winter hiatus, but if things don’t get better, there are plenty other things to watch.

          • Teresa Rhoda says:

            This season is all about the characters finding their identities. Of course with Laurel this is about how she is going to deal with her “Getting Justice and the law” conflict in conjunction with what her beliefs, how/why/should they should/shouldn’t change. She is angry. She has been angry for a long time but Sara’s death is the catalyst for all that she stood for in her life. Unfortunately her anger at the moment is destructive because it has peaked.

          • Trish says:

            I agree your POV 100%. There is so much inconsistencies in character plus she is not really charismatic. There is something annoying about her personality per se.

          • Lucy says:

            I feel that same way. I keep trying to like Laurel, but she just annoys me with her inconsistencies. At times I think the writers must not want us to like her because she contradicts herself from scene to scene. The more screen time she gets, the less interested I am in the show.

            I get that she’s angry. I understand that she is lashing out, but that gets old after a few episodes, and her lashing out in anger every time we see her is exhausting to me.

        • Christine says:

          ι agree with you, Laurel’s character might be complicated but whose isn’t?she has every right to feel angry, she is very emotional and to be honest,t i would love her to get close to her first love again..OLIVER! i don’t like him with Felicity and certainly didn;t like him with Sara

  9. Oldrolex says:

    Loving all the action the series is providing. Not liking how they’re burying the Oliver-Felicity angle though. Seems like all the witty repartee between them is gone as the show buries the romance. Is that aspect of the relationship dead and gone by the way?

    • Sara says:

      Yea I am an Olicity fan not because of a potential romance but because those two had the best conversations like last weeks but unfortunately them being apart has reduced that to once every three episodes

      • Oldrolex says:

        Yeah – it seems like they’re tolerating each other more than anything. Too bad. A big part of the fun was that banter between them. Nice break from all the action.

    • Amber2 says:

      I’m really missing the chemistry of Felicity and Oliver. Felicity used to bring out Oliver’s good side but now he’s acting like a douche around her by telling her he loves her but being double minded and doing nothing about it. It would annoy any intelligent woman ;). Good on Felicity for exploring the options but I think Ray will turn out to be hiding a dark side underneath his goofy goodness. Still – atm he’s kind, rich, intelligent and gorgeous. Why wouldn’t Felicity kiss him?

      • aunni says:

        guys stop bashing oliver or felicity. there is no culprit, they both r the victim of circumtances. both r hurting. i love them both, if not i wd not ship felicity with oliver.

    • Teresa Rhoda says:

      You gotta have faith.

  10. Foshi says:

    I’m here for OG Team Arrow and I’m enjoying the identity arch several of the characters are taking. Secondary characters like Roy and Thea are growing on me this year. I’m glad Felicity is making a life outside the cave and Oliver has admitted he doesn’t wanna die without living. Arrow is at its best when it combines it’s amazing action with character driven storytelling. Keep it up!

  11. Sara says:

    Laurel wants to avenge her sisters death without really knowing what she’s up against. She has every damn person in the show telling her that this is not the path she should take but she refuses to listen and goes in that direction….I feel like the writers are setting her up for failure, otherwise why make her do one thing when no one is supporting her?

    I was so happy wildcat was on this season but I am sadly disappointed that they give him the role of training Laurel….here is to hoping for scenes of him and Oliver training.

    • aura says:

      Laurel lost her SISTER. Part of her family. She witnessed the death to top it all off. The others can say what they want. But in the end they didn’t lose a family member. Its harder on Laurel than the team.

      She’s not just going out there. She training, shes preparing. And that’s the point of her story. To get stronger, to gain skills, so she can show them that yes she can do this.

      She’s black canary in the comics!! They are not setting her up for failure.

      • Sara says:

        I think the problem is that Katie Cassidy is not believable in this journey…her acting is overreaching in some scenes and the dramatic change in her features has made some facial expression hard to bear. You can compare Laurel in season 1 to Laurel in season 2, it’s two different actresses in my eyes. My husband thought they introduced a new actress in season 2.

        Thea however is also on a transformational path from season 2 and she’s more believable as a strong fighter than Laurel will be.

        • Claire says:

          Thea! I am VERY impressed with Thea and excited for her story. Now if can just get Diggle some more screen time as well as olicity then I’ll be happy :)

        • Rob Watkins says:

          While it’s interesting, I have a hard time buying that she could trust a psychopath like Malcolm. Laurel at least had self defense training before she even started, and it’s not like she’s going to be suiting up next episode. By the way, Wildcat did train the Black Canary in the comics, that’s not something the TV show writers came up with.

          • Teresa Rhoda says:

            A type of stockholm Syndrome. Although Thea went willingly I have no doubt that Malcolm is exceedingly expert in the use of techniques to change peoples core beliefs (for a while anyhoo). He has had Thea for 6 months, more than enough time to work with. The fact that she referred to him as “Dad” (cringe!!) is indicative of this.

        • aura says:

          See you just proved your biasness right there. Thea who has had 0 training is now somehow a master in 5 months. Yet Laurel who has self defense training since she was a teen is not believable? Girl bye

          Katie is killing this storyline and the scene back in S1 when she took out those guys in her apartment shows Laurel and Katie have it in her.

          • Willa is a better actress thus her journey is more enjoyable and believable

          • Teresa Rhoda says:

            I am talking about Malcolm using brain washing techniques for her mind not her physical training here. I have no idea how long you need to train to become a fighter. Don’t really care either. TV time is not the same as real time and if the show wants both Thea and Laurel to become expert fighters I will buy it. In order to enjoy a show I generally suspend my logic and just enjoy what happens on screen.

    • Ugonna Wosu says:

      I’ve only seen Oliver telling her not to do this. And even if everyone told her not to, so what? Isn’t that how the best stories are normally written on tv? Then they turn into the best characters who followed their gut and turned themselves into something special with special skills. Funny how everything Laurel does gets criticized.

    • Trish says:

      Actually her character is the dumbest you know what I mean? Why did she chose to avenge her sister’s death through vendetta? Her father is a law enforcer she is the in the justice department. Why not use the arm of the law to give justice to her sister’s death. Her father knew from the start how dangerous Sarah’s life was. Which means he had a glimpse of what will happen to Sarah. He could handle everything.

    • Jack says:

      They’re tackling the Wildcat story in next week’s episode, I believe. But he WAS originally cast and teased to have his role be training Laurel – of which stems from the comic books (Wildcat trained The Black Canary). Also: Laurel doesn’t need the support from those in Team Arrow right now. She doesn’t need Oliver telling her that he wants to hold her hand and help mold her into this vigilante. He turned her down. He can’t be responsible for what she wants to do, and he shouldn’t have to be. Laurel needs to do this her own way and she has and THAT is what makes this such a pivotal arc for me because, in a way similar to Thea, she wants to become stronger than the Laurel of the past, and now she wants to channel her grief into something productive and resourceful (whether it leads to vigilantism or not).

  12. I am super sad about all the Oliver and Felicity angst. I want them to be happy, and think they would be together, but until Oliver figures his stuff out, I support Felicity finding happiness with whomsoever she chooses.

  13. pem says:

    I get why the show is going this way with Felicity, but really not on board for it at all. Exploring options, because she believes Other options are closed for her, but really missing what made me enjoy the watch.

    • Rob Watkins says:

      Please tell me you didn’t start watching the show for the romance. The show was an action adventure show based on a comic book character. Romance is a fun addition but it’s like you want the show to be something other than what it is.

      • K says:

        People can watch the show for whatever reasons they want. Stop telling people how to enjoy a TV show. JFC. If they want to watch for romance it’s their choice.

      • aunni says:

        thats BS. every viewers is an asset to arrow. did pem told u not talk abt comic stuff or action. she did not even made any hatefull comment towards any character, yet u r charging her like a bull…!!!

  14. Blah says:

    I don’t think I’ve hated a romantic pairing on TV as much as felicity and ray since Sarah walker and Daniel shaw was meant to be a thing

    Also can Brandon routh go bad already he’s so much more interesting as a bad guy

    • K says:

      Me too! I wanted Felicity to have a life outside of Oliver and the lair and they’ve just made her a love interest for someone else. I hate it and I hate how the only clip of Felicity we got in that promo is with Ray, like the only thing she’s good for is a love interest. I wanted so much more for her and hate what they’ve reduced her too. Plus Ray is written too perfect for her and it’s so boring and he’s clearly got stalker issues but everyone plays that off as charming. Seriously if a woman acted the way Ray did at the start of the season everyone would be calling her crazy. Double standards kill me. I hope Ray turns bad too but his comic destiny is as a good guy sadly.

  15. herman1959 says:

    Oh, so Ted Grant is the guy training Laurel at the gym? Don’t hate me, I’m new at this.

    • Uzi says:

      Yup, Ted Grant was trainer of Black Canary in the comics, he was also like a father figure to her! In the comics he’s shown to be a world class fighter known as the Wild Cat 😊! Hope that helps.

  16. ksmbaby says:

    I am kinda of glad that they are finally giving Felicity a love interest. It was a little uncomfortable watching her pine over Olivier all of season 2. Especially since he managed to sleep with every woman on the show he shared more than 2 scenes with. (Well except for his mother, his sister, and Nyssa who really doesn’t count cause she don’t like men.) Anyway glad Felicity will get some action of her own. Even Diggle managed get a live in girlfriend and baby.

  17. Anne says:

    I don’t like Ray, they are forcing him down our throats. He is so perfect #vommit
    Also, Laurel has a full time job, when does she train?

  18. James D says:

    cool. I was wrong I guess they won’t make Thea into a version of Cupid they’ll just use the actual cupid. very cool hope she’s not a one and done. I still kind of hope Thea becomes some form of an anti-hero/ villian I think it would be really fun to watch, I know it’s sort of implied she will become Speedy but Ollie has enough allies.

  19. LJ says:

    I’m so excited to see Katana, Captain Boomerang & Cupid thrown into the mix – it’s feeling more and more like a comic-based show with each new addition and it’s so exciting. I may also be a die-hard Olicity shipper, but give me Felicity’s happiness any day! If Ray makes her happy then I don’t mind the hook-up! As long as she ends up with Oliver in the end-game! Also the fern being in the shot of Oliver messing up the Foundry has to be something to do with Felicity, meaning that it’s probably in ep 7 when Felicity & Ray go on a date/kiss & Oliver visits her at QC & maybe see’s them together. As much as I’d like that rage to be jealousy based, it would also be interesting to see it be about other things.

  20. Maryann says:

    The biggest objection I have to Laurel’s character right now is that she has thrown away any maturity she might have gained with her idea of avenging her sister’s death without making sure she has the guilty party first. She’s acting like a lynch mob of one.

  21. Briggs says:

    Ooo, excited, I hope they do the same kind of trailer for the second half of the season they did last year. I hope it’s better, too, because it should be, but I loved that about last year.
    Cupid looks fit to disturb many people. Which, she should. :)
    Ooo, Ray and Felicity. Already causing controversy. I want to know the context of that kiss. I hear he’s supposed to ask her to be his date for a company function, so maybe. :) Personally, he strikes me as a geek who got hot but never outgrew the geek mannerisms. I don’t think the ‘no bounderies’ behavior is deliberate, he may genuinely not be thinking of how it looks. Not an excuse, I know, but I can see it.
    Oliver vs Laurel should be interesting, though he does have the right. Sara’s dead, Roy’s messed up, and Oliver himself is struggling with his role, Allowing someone else to join them, especially still driven by vengeance as he once was, wouldn’t seem to be the best idea to him. He has a point.

  22. athanasia says:

    sorry but i think he is carrying lourel

  23. athanasia says:

    i think,actually 99% it is Lourel

  24. Joey Padron says:

    Good promo. Can’t wait to watch new episode next week!

  25. Ella says:

    I’m REALLY excited about Ray Palmer and Felicity. Great chemistry there, and if I can’t have her with Barry, Ray is the next best thing. Just not with Oliver, please. That is far too contrived.

    • wonderwall says:

      Two friends falling in love with each other after 2 years is contrived? More than falling for a person who bought a company for 1.2 billion dollars so they can have said person as an employee? Hmm.

  26. Airea says:

    Could do without the Felicity, she’s just a watered down Oracle, but other then that looks good. Leaps and bounds beyond last season, almost killed the show for me

  27. i was so happy that falicity has found a new love intertest. i truely hope they keep it going for her