Scandal Recap: From A to Yahtzee

Scandal Abby's Ex-Husband

This week on ABC’s Scandal, Abby got a most unwelcome blast from the past (as well as a peek at a possible romantic future…), while Olivia pulled out all the stops to get the truth behind Jerry Jr.’s murder.

‘HOPE’ FLOATS | In the wake of last week’s tease, Fitz wants to talk more about “hope,” but Olivia first needs to know that Jake is getting three hots and a cot in supermax. In the meantime, Liv finagles an off-the-books visit with supermax’d Tom, who likens Olivia, having finally had this chance to really look at her, to Helen of Troy, whose father was also a “god.” But Tom continues to toe the line when it comes to claiming Jake gave the order. Thereafter, Fitz reports back to Olivia on how Jake is being properly treated… and then launches into a shteamy account of he’d treat her if she were to come over and sprawl naked across the Resolute desk. Liv is quite “affected” by his oral skills (there on the phone), but Fitz won’t finish taking her where she needs to go until he gets a better grasp on the whole “hope” thing.

After a guard shivs Tom, he finally gives up Rowan as the true puppet master — though the attack was actually orchestrated by Olivia and Quinn. Olivia brings Tom’s confession to Fitz, and the episode ends with the two of them meeting with Jake in the presidential bunker, to begin plotting against Rowan, once and for all.

EX MAN | When a senator from West Virgina is shamed by a (let’s call it a) “sex” video, Fitz’s pick to replace him is Charles “Chip” Putney, whom the White House press secretary happens to know: “We used to be married,” Abby reports. But Ms. Whelan isn’t as cool a cucumber as she lets on; no, she got physically ill right after the unexpected run-in with her extremely abusive ex. Summoning Olivia, Abby asks, “What am I supposed to say? ‘Mr. President, the man you publicly endorsed for the senate used to beat the crap out of me’…? The president’s needs supersede mine… We need Chip’s votes. It has to be OK.” But it very much isn’t, so Olivia runs, for free, the campaign of Chip’s plain Jane opponent, Susan Ross, ultimately using a commercial starring Ross’ daughter to build viral buzz.

On the heels of a harrowing encounter with Chip in the parking garage — Abby even pulls a gun, ready to use it — and after discounting a pep talk from Liv (“What happened to Monica Lewinsky and Anita Hill after they told their stories?” she argues), Abby is teased by Leo Bergen about Susan’s campaign, which he plans to sabotage with a real “Yahtzee” move. It is then that Abby discloses the pain she suffered — and still does — at her former husband’s hand. Next thing you know, Chip has dropped out of the race, after it is “leaked” that it was he who set up the disgraced, diaper-wearing senator. After toasting the “win” over bourbon, Leo leans in for, and is met by, a kiss from Abby.

ELSEWHERE…. | Cyrus feeds false info to Michael, expecting to see it be publicly regurgitated by LizzyBear… but instead it’s (Lizzy’s puppet) Mellie he hears echoes his words, during a TV puff piece that rubs Fitz the wrong way. The First Lady contends that he wanted the “old Mellie” back, and here she is. Oh,  and the fact that she was chastised for falling down on the job for two months while she bolstered him for 20 years is something she shall never forget…. Quinn confronts Jeremy Winslow about his daughter overhearing something she should not have at his office, then grabbing the folder full of Olivia photos before meeting her demise. Jeremy blows his brains out rather than divulge more info. Later, Quinn and Huck finally reveal the surveillance pics to Olivia. (Seriously, where is this storyline going? Season 4B?)…. Huck’s son traces his online gamer pal’s IP address to Pope & Associates, to say, “I know you’re my dad.”

What did you think of the episode “Baby Made a Mess”? Did Fitz’s late-night phone skillz improve over the hour?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Tony says:

    I’m glad Olivia stood up to her father. Now she needs to stand up to Jake and the President and not all herself to be a pawn in their little pissing match. Ultimately, its hard to take her seriously when she continues to let these men treat her the way they do.

    Kudos to her for playing dirty in regards to the Tom situation. Didn’t see that one coming.

    • Delaina says:

      I so very much agree about taking Olivia seriously. I used to love this show, but Fitz has gotten so creepy. Everytime he launches into one of his “you’re mine” speeches, I remember the fight he and Liv had about her being his “Sally Hemmimgs”.

      • BlueBelle says:

        Fitz did not bring up the Sally Hemings comment. It was Olivia (season 2) who brought it up, during a flashback episode, “feeling a little Sally Hemings Thomas Jefferson about all this” Fitz was actually insulted and thought it was below the belt she brought up the race card because he was in love with her. Fitz, back then, said that it was actually Olivia who owned him, controlled him, he belonged to her. Fitz: “You Own Me, You Control Me, I Belong to You, we are in this together”

    • Pam says:

      Scenes of next week’s show make it looks like Liv’s back taking off her clothes for Jake. Is the gonna sample the Fritz and Jake goods at the same time. Someone ain’t gonna stand for that and I dont’ think it’s gonna be Jake.

  2. Cena Gomez says:

    WOW! Olivia and Fitz are pure FIRE! This was a really great episode. Any episode where there is no Jake and Light Mellie, I love.
    Tom and Olivia scenes were great. I love how Tom is still loyal to Fitz in some weird way. But Liv stabbing Tom, that was shocking. She didn’t want him dead, but scared. Papa got played. Its going to be hell bringing down Command.
    Oh glad Olivia made it clear, she meant what she said about there being Hope for her and Fitz.

    • Joshua says:

      If your are really titillated by those scenes between Fitz and Liv, you should really try porn, its more gratifying

      • Mark says:

        care to send a site or a specific v i d e o so i can confirm its more gratifying

      • Hbomb says:

        Srsly. And with less grating power issues. Something about that scene just smacked of gross, douchey, controlling boyfriend. NOT HOT.

        • MSM says:

          I so agree with you! That scene was not at all romantic or sexy – it was a complete power play. He wasn’t describing trying to pleasure her, but rather to punish her and “let her see what she missed”. He is so incredibly creepy!

    • Stevie says:

      actually, the telephone calls are the reason I quit watching the show.
      fitz is a weirdo. sorry.

    • Dixie Chambers says:

      It was hard to watch TOM and not think of him as the NEW CHARACTER on Grimm with red octopus things coming out of his head!!!

    • Netty says:

      As much as I love Fitz, the Olitz scenes this season are just terrible, that phone call was by far the worst Olitz phone conversation in the history of the show IMO. I miss the ‘heavy breathing’ phone calls from past seasons when it was just Fitz and Liv. Their passion was undeniable, nowadays its questionable.
      With Jake in the picture, Olivia is torn and at this point Jake is winning by default. All her attention is for Jake.

  3. celina says:

    Luv that episode. Watched it twice

  4. C. says:

    Tom is a real creep. That was the most bizarre exchange.

  5. Amy says:

    Chicken Fried Mellie!!!!

  6. Alichat says:

    Awww….Tom got a Shonda-logue. It was impressive. Enthralling, sad, revelatory, and odd. The bit about not being able to protect the President from how he feels for Olivia juxtaposed against the knowledge that he murdered the man’s son in cold blood on the order of a psychopath. Just wild. And I was rather hoping that Cy would discover who his play thing is leaking information to by now only because I think Portia de Rossi’s character is boring.

    • Cheyenne says:

      At least he knows his plaything is leaking info to somebody. Michael better watch his back. He’s about to end up in a landfill. Cyrus is a demon.

  7. Marilyn says:

    What a shock to see Huck’s son standing there, but then again, it should be no surprise to us .. like father, like son. that man is such a great actor…. all the emotions on his face… what a pleasure to watch.

    FINALLY, that darn Fitz knows the truth. About time. Blinded by his pain and need for revenge, understandably, I guess, was why he didn’t suspect daddy dearest right from the start. I am looking forward to Olivia’s daddy paying the price, though I’m sure there will be a huge cost associated with that (not Jake nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo) I will be so pissed if Jake is the dead one at the end of it all. I’m on team Jake all the way. (I fastforwarded thru the phone sex…. , but I wouldn’t have if it had been Jake talking..)

    I’m hopin’ those pix are not ordered by Olivia’s dad………….. maybe one of mommy’s associates? We shall see cause I too have no darn idea where that story is going (someone who got “poped” in one of the earlier seasons, maybe?) What that fellow said before he shot himself was pretty darn ominous.

    And it looks like David has some competition. I say GREAT! Abby deserves two great guys (at least I hope this 2nd guy is great….. sure was a great thing he did tonight anyway), but I’m still in David’s court all the way. They deserve their love. I’m sure Mellie’s smart enough to catch onto that Rep chick’s game (can’t remember her name!). Mellie isn’t going to be manipulated for long I’m sure.

    Love this show! Shonda.. .we’re not worthy……..we’re not worthy.

    • von says:

      i’m going with an impeachment ploy (Clinton/Lewinsky) since ol’ girl is the head of the RNC and takes the position that the Prez is no longer acting like the party leader-

    • Joshua says:

      He name is Lizzie Bear lol, ok its Elizabeth. I think she is the one behind the pictures and she is looking for some sort of confirmation the Fitz/Liv relationship by keeping tabs on Olivia.

    • Nick says:

      Honestly the security at Pope and Associates must be pretty awful for a kid to be able to break in and meet Huck… and where’s the mom when the kid just runs away randomly, or go meet a total stranger met on the internet in a game room??

  8. Maryann says:

    I am just glad Fitz finally knows what happened to his son and is not blaming Jake any more. I am very much looking forward to Fitz and Olivia and Jake working together to bring down Command. I really can’t stand Olivia’s father and want nothing more from the season than to see him get what he deserves.

  9. bluegossip says:

    could someone just shot dead already, im ready for mellie to be king… I mean president and for liv and jane to return to beach front sex on their island

    • bluegossip says:

      i meant shot fitz and for liv and jake to go back to the island.

      • redboyne88 says:

        There would be no show without Fitz. If that happened, this would essentially be the end of Scandal and therefore the last season so that’s unrealistic. Jake needs to go bye-bye so that the show can go back to its roots and regain/maintain its true fan base. Love Scott Foley but he and Olivia could not carry the show.

        • abz says:

          So not liking Fitz makes you not part of the show’s TRUE fanbase?
          Fitz has become one of the worst parts of the show in my opinion. He’s a pathetic character who hasn’t had a single thought of his own for the entire series.
          Olitz is a tired storyline and if it weren’t for other storylines and characters outside of Olitz, I don’t know if I’d have lasted watching this long.

  10. bluegossip says:

    liv was ready to call jake her boyfriend what does she call fitz?

  11. Lovely says:

    Fitz is a very oral president.

    • Anna says:

      I think he must also get the secret ingredient of his hair gel from there. Grey Anatomy (Alex & Izzy), HTGAWM, Shonda’s telling men that it’s OK to work your way up. High five, girl!

  12. Anna says:

    Good episode! I’m gonna watch it again. I loved the references to Helen of Troy: finally, some culture was injected into the (riveting though) non-sense Scandal is, most of the time.
    The phone sex made me remember why I used to be on Team Fitz for 0.5s but then, Jake Ballard happened and I finally saw the light on how toxic for everyone, including themselves, Olitz is. I am just gonna enjoy the Olake ride and just hope that by the end of it, Olivia’ll be back to being something else than a mistress.

  13. Joshua says:

    Now that was fun. They couldn’t have made the big reveal any better. Of cause Mellie is going to blow a gasket when she finds out the true nature of her sons death. It was good seeing Paul Adelstein again, I like his character, fondly enough I tend to roll may eyes at the relationships on this show, but the Abby one I don’t mind. Mellie’s back, yes. Personally I’d watch a Quinn spinoff she is badass of late. Lastly those who complain about the violence down by Jake on Olivia how do feel about her actions against Tom ?

    • Cheyenne says:

      Urgh. Leo gives me a major case of the icks. I can’t stand him. He just oozes sleaze. Him playing the good guy is so incongruous. I like Abby with David; they’re a good match.

    • Jennifer says:

      David annoys me so I’m interested in this Leo/Abby thing, too!

    • billie says:

      Olivia was choked by a man she just spent the night with for shutting down an administration he asked to be rescued from.
      Tom was shanked by a woman whose potential stepson he murdered and whose lover he framed.
      So there’s your motive difference.
      Legally Olivia’s behaviour was conspiracy to commit aggravated assault,
      Jake’s was assault and battery.
      There’s your legal difference.
      If they were regular civilians, she would probably get more time in many states than Jake would for his crime against her.
      But if we were to compare their most violent crimes, her aggravated assault of Tom against Jake’s triple murder of James and the two journalists, Jake still wins the violence stakes by a long way, as that would net him the death penalty in some states.
      However, I think the point most people who are bothered by Jake’s behaviour have been making is that Jake claims to love her while hitting her. She has never claimed to love Tom.
      Jake’s actions are domestic violence, but they’re treated as normal and he’s framed as romantic.
      No one is pretending Olivia’s attack on Tom is anything but an attack, or suggesting that Tom thank her by going on holiday with her.

  14. Jerome says:

    So riddle me this ? did Fitz try to kill himself because Olivia was gone or because his son was dead ? I doubt it was because of his son because he still his two other children who still need him and that would be very selfish of him, but hey its Fitz whom we are talking about here.

    • billie says:

      Being suicidal isn’t selfish. It wasn’t selfish when Mellie tried to kill herself as a new mother and Fitz’s suicide atempt isn’t selfish either. Bereavement often causes depression which is an illness, and suicidal thoughts can be a symptom of that.

    • Cheyenne says:

      Double-whammy, most likely. Each alone was bad enough. Coming one on top of the other raised the pain exponentially.

    • SweetTweey says:

      You really don’t like Fitz do you? Just because you have two other children doesn’t mean that you are not completely devastated in losing a child. That’s why I gave Mellie a pass in her grieving. Some viewers don’t even want t give Fitz the common decency of being able to mourn his son. .

  15. Allison says:

    Seriously, just where is this story line headed with the photos of Olivia that have led to murders and now a suicide? Just what is this looming threat? Olivia might just want to stay on dear old dad’s good side (assuming he has one). Now Cyrus. Is he going to honestly believe that male hooker is working for Mellie? If he is then Cyrus has fallen off the deep end. I hope he does not leap to the wrong conclusion (again) because while I am all for a dog chasing its tail, watching Cyrus be stupid is not funny at all. Abby pulling the gun on that abusive ex husband of hers was great, but if he had overpowered her, then not great. Abby getting so ill at the sight of him that she threw up, hid behind a desk, and had to have Olivia bring her clothes was heartbreaking. Leo Bergen setting up said abusive ex husband and getting him to drop out of the senate race was kind, selfless and pleasantly out of character. Abby kissing Leo Bergen was jaw dropping and left me saying “what the what?” Then Huck, his sweet adorable and clever son found him!!!! I was saying “like father, like son.” It was so sweet and I am so happy that the boy found him and hopefully they can get to know each other. Just please keep that whackadoodle mom away because she will ruin everything. Olivia getting that guard to attack Tom was brilliant. I, too, thought that Rowan set up that attack, but, nope. So in the end Fitz learns the truth about who ordered the hit on his son and now Fitz, Olivia and Jake are going to try to take down Rowan. Yeah, this couldn’t possibly go wrong.

    • scampi says:

      I’ll be interested in seeing what an Abby/Leo relationship is like. Wish someone would ask where is Sally. I try to keep my winter finale expectations low because the break is so long that I don’t want to be worked up. Liked/agreed with Mellie’s comment that she held the house together for 20yrs and Fitz couldn’t allow her 2 months. Cyrus should work with Mellie to thwart Lizzie but at same time start shaping a meaningful career path for Mellie. I want Mellie to let Fitz go. Not for Olitz, but for Mellie. She/anyone deserves better than what he gives. I must admit I saw a little of Fitz superpowers at work last night. Kind of creepy but good to know it isn’t all one sided. Didn’t like seeing Olivia flinch from Papa Pope. Never indication that he’s hit her. They’ve written him too monstrous to survive but I’ll miss him if he goes. I’d rather have disappearance than death. Expecting to see Charlie soon, as he’s Cyrus’ go to for investigation.

  16. azu says:

    Olivia indirectly caused the death of fitz’s son. Her father killed jerry. That’s enough reason to dump her and for lust to vanish. Why is shonda writing this this way? Is this so easy to forgive and forget? Anyone who has ever lost a child knows how difficult it is to forgive oneself even when they are not to blame. So Olivia is given a pass? Wow!!!

    • CK says:

      Blaming Olivia for the actions of a maniac is grasping at straws. Hell, by that logic, Fitz indirectly caused the death by sleeping with Olivia and causing her father to go crazy. Or Jake indirectly caused it by failing to promptly split Fitz and Olivia up. Big Jerry indirectly caused it by raping Mellie and causing her to shun Fitz sexual which sent him hounding after Olivia etc etc… Olivia is not being given a pass. She doesn’t need one as she did nothing and attempting to paint her as “indirectly’ at fault simply because her father committed an atrocious crime is a bit much.

      • azu says:

        Really directly or indirectly getting involved with Olivia caused his son’s death. Period!!! The bottom line is that an innocent child died because of his involvement with her. It still remains that she ought to feel some level of guilt even if it wasn’t directly her fault. This lust should have dampened by this at least for a long while. I expected fitz to stay away from this bad news of a relationship that has caused him his child, at least for a while!!!

        • Joshua says:

          Wait for it….

        • CK says:

          No, just no. The writers at Scandal actually know how to make good television and this “blame everyone, but the murderer” morality that you devised in the 4th grade, isn’t good television. I mean do you really expect them to keep their centerpiece romance off limits because you want to are not smart enough see where adults place blame in senseless tragedies. Lol, go back to watching Teen Nick.

    • M says:

      No, Fitz is responsible for his son’s death. When he had Command in chains in that CIA jail and was telling him all the nasty things he did to his daughter, Rowan probably launched the plan right then and there. I don’t know if the show will bring that back up, but that’s the first thing I thought of when Rowan made that speech about him ‘taking his daughter.’

  17. Imzadi says:

    As a big Michael Trucco fan, I was happy to see him making a guest appearance and sad to see him playing a wife beater who deserved to be behind bars. And please don’t break up Abby and David Rosen. They are so good together.

  18. Celesta says:

    Was it just be who felt like Abbie’s whole backstory was a little underused. I felt like the writers had such a good opportunity with this episode and not much happened :/

    • Overthinking says:

      They said that the focus this season would be Abby’s backstory. So probably this was an introduction to the storyline and more stuff is to come later. Time will tell.

  19. Netty says:

    Yet another great episode, well delivered.
    The exchange between Tom and Liv was entertaining but very odd, considering Tom has never said more than 5 words to Liv in any given scenario they are together. That long dialogue was more of a Papa Pope speech.
    Speaking of Rowan, he never disappoints, even though I want him to face justice for what he did, I hope he’s not killed off because his dialogues get me every time. Especially when he told Liv never to pick Jake/Fitz over him ever again.
    That Olitz phone call made me cringe, Fitz has become so unbearable this season and the way he kept repeating the ‘hope’ issue with Liv omg. I’m not sure what the writers can do to try and revive Olitz becoz right now all that chemistry from S1 & 2 is not there.
    Abby and Leo is a refreshing storyline. Looking forward to that one. I miss ruthless Mellie and Cyrus.

    • betty says:

      No cast member delivers a Shonda-Logue like the actor, Tom Morton (Rowan)
      A gripping performance every time!!!!

      • Cheyenne says:

        It’s become boring as hell. Chewing up the scenery is not great acting.

      • abz says:

        I personally don’t find them gripping at all. They’re terribly acted, over-acted, never-ending monologues, eye-roll worthy and tedious to watch. I could go on and on. All I think when he shows up on screen is “God, will he just SHUT UP?!?!”

        • Netty says:

          I feel they are being over used, Tom had no business having that shonda-logue. It was so out of place. I liked Tom’s speech, if only it had been delivered in a normal non-shonda-logue manner. I feel they need to be reserved for Rowan and maybe Liv & Cyrus at times. Because not everyone can pull them off.

          • abz says:

            My complaints are primarily directed at Rowan because he’s the worst of them all and even he can’t pull them off IMO. When he started on the show sure they were new and fresh and entertaining. Now I find them to be just awful, tedious, and terribly over-acted.
            I thought the same thing about Tom’s monologue. He could’ve said everything he said without having it be so Shonda-logue-y, however, Tom has barely spoken the entire series which is why I didn’t mind it as much as I do Rowan.

          • Netty says:

            I cant get enough of Rowan, I think he delivers well every episode

    • SweetTweey says:

      Maybe the chemistry is not like it was in S1 & 2 because the writers “purposely” destroyed the Olitz storyline to prop up the triangle but I loved that phone call. Hell, Olivia was damn nearly undressing listening to that sexy voice. That was dirty talk in its finest and I love how he just hung up the phone and she just layed down in fustration – lol.

      Like it or not, Olitz is the central couple for the show and its sweeps week. Shonda needs people to watch the show going into hiatus which is why she gave the couple “hope”. If Olivia had made a firm decision to cut Fitz lose and go with Jake viewership would have went down dramatically. She is stringing “Olitz” fans and it is working.

      • Cheyenne says:

        You and me both. That call was so hot it almost fried the phone line.

        • Nathalie says:

          Your are not alone. I like Olitz, as my friends , family and also my colleagues. Im a Team Fitz forever. Tony Golgwyn is such a great actor. An Emmy to him please…..

          • Nathalie says:

            Your are not alone. I like Olitz, as my friends , family and also my colleagues. I’m Team Fitz forever. Tony Goldwyn is such a great actor. An Emmy to him please…..

  20. lolita says:

    I will be glad when Rowan gets his just dues for. all of the horrable things he has done to people. For him to kill Fitzs son was disgusting. Fitz didnt takehis child from. him. He is a cold blooded killer i beleive he would kill Olivia for the republc. The republic is the most important thing in the worldtohim.

  21. Ella says:

    My favorite episode of the season so far. I just wanted to give Abby a big hug!! It’s nice to see the relationship between Olivia & Abby more this season. I’m really hoping for a flash back of Olivia breaking Abby’s ex’s kneecap because he sucks.

  22. missvci says:

    Favorite episode of the season, with the exception of Tom making me hate Fitz even more ( he delivered the shonda-logue beautifully, but it did make Fitz sound even more pathetic and unfit for office)

    But we finally saw Olivia doing what she does best: Fixing, her interaction with Susan Ross perfection.

    Abby having to confront her ex brilliant.

    Fitz finally accepting the truth about who would want to kill Jerry.

    I have no clue where these photos of Olivia are going but it has me hooked.

    but best of all MINI-HUCK!!!! Huck’s son found him using skills like his daddy, I was in tears and shrieking at the same time.

    • SweetTweey says:

      Why did it make Fitz pathetic. Are you saying that Fitz does not get to grieve in his own way? Tom’s speech made me feel sorry for Fitz. Tom made it seem as if Fitz had lost everything (the love of his life and his first born child) and he went to Olivia’s apartment to grieve. Also, Tom felt helpless because he could not help or protect Fitz. Where was Mellie? Sjhe gets to grieve, lay out on a Tombstone, walk around not caring, but Fitz doesn’t get a few hours to let out his emotions? Wow. Even Tom wanted to know why Olivia left Fitz at his time of need.

      I know the writers have done a hatchet job on Fitz character and I know that some viewers hold adultery a worse crime than genocide but cut the man a little slack. This was the best episode because I saw the friendship that Tom had for Fitz and I was really upset that the writers would screw Fitz’s character again by making Tom the killer of his child. I would love to see a scene where Fitz confronts Tom about this.

      • billie says:

        A lot of people seem to react to Fitz in a way that’s surprisingly childlike. Maybe it’s the fact that he’s president, but people that hate Fitz don’t act like he’s just another garden variety adulterous character, they seem to PERSONALISE it. Like he’s THEIR husband or father. That’s the only explanation I can find for their irrational degree of hatred of him.

        • Netty says:

          I am all for Olitz and infidelity does not bother me too much because that marriage is done anyway and there is no love and if it was not for the WH I’m sure Mellie would have filed for divorce already.
          What bothers me most about Fitz this season is he’s become such a cry baby. I would have loved to see Fitz grieve more for his son and not chase Liv around like a cry baby. In light of what happened he seems to be driven more by his jealousy of Jake and Liv rather than actually solving the murder of his son. If he truly believed Jake killed Gerry then why would Olivia have any say on how Jake is handled.Tom’s speech also didn’t do Fitz any favors, it just shows how weak & unsuitable he is as a president. His love for Liv clouds every other aspect of his life. He is very fickle and gullible, anyone and everyone can toy with him. In truth Fitz cannot function without Liv and that makes him be a terrible father, husband and President

        • Nathalie says:


        • M says:

          People don’t like Fitz because he’s become a terrible character, and he had the potential to be so much more than that. It’s more than just adultery since every character in Scandal has been that person.

          • SweetTweey says:

            M, I respectfully disagree. It is the adultery. The number one complaint against Fitz is that he is married and he should try to repair his marriage with Mellie.

          • Cheyenne says:

            What part of “irreparably destroyed marriage” don’t people get? There is nothing to repair. That marriage is a rotting, desiccated corpse.

      • Cheyenne says:

        “I know that some viewers hold adultery a worse crime than genocide”
        You have won the Internet today! ROTFLMBAO!

      • Nathalie says:

        Thank you. Team Fitz forever.

  23. Liam says:

    Fitz is one of the worst characters on TV right now

  24. Am I the only one here that is looking forward for Olivia being with Jake? I mean, her and Fitz have gotten so annoying since last season. Fitz is just a crying baby that complains about everything. I remember that time he got angry Mellie was sleeping with sb else. Hypocrite and immature. Jake is really awesome and always gives Olivia choices to make, instead of ‘you’re mine, i can make you horny’ speeches.. He loves her without being so possesive and annoying… I mean really, I can understand there’s nice sex with Fitz (practically the only nice thing about that relationship), but doesn’t Jake feel healthier (from all aspects)?

    • SweetTweey says:

      If you ever have an opportunity to talk to a guy about his they can explain it to you. It’s called the “bro code”. When a man is dealing with a woman, be it that the man is married or even in jail, their friend is not suppose to deal with the woman. I know men who take this bro code to heart and have literally wanted to serious harm to their ‘forme” friends. As Fitz said, he did not hit Andrew out of jealously but out of betrayal. Andrew was his best friend, and maybe if Andrew would have been a friend and told Fitz about the suicide attempt and rape, maybe Fitz and Mellie would have had a chance.

      Also, Jake was Fitz good friend and he violated the bro code too. I totally disagree with what you said about Jake and I won’t go into much detail, but Jake has done his fair share of begging and having unbelievable moments of immaturity also.

    • billie says:

      Healthier? Nah. Somewhere between Jake Hospitalizing Olivia, taping her and choking her we swept right past ‘healthy’.

  25. TAL says:

    Reblogged this on Cerulean Chronicle and commented:
    Attention Gladiator Nation! The following is a recap of ‘Scandal’ 4.07 – “Baby Made a Mess,” from TV|Line:

  26. TAL says:

    More chemistry in that Olitz phone conversation than Liv dropping her coat to reveal herself naked in front of Jake. Also, glad to see Liv stand up to her evil father, Rowan.

  27. Sally says:

    Never really liked Fitz from the beginning…and like him even less now. He’s the president of the United States who’s cheating on his wife but can’t do anything about it because the scandal of a divorce for a president is worse than the scandal of cheating for a president..I wish Mellie would have someone in her life so she can finally be happy..

    • billie says:

      She had someone, Andrew. BTW Where’s Andrew?

      • Cheyenne says:

        He’s brooding a cave somewhere conspiring with Lizzie Bear on ways to bring down Fitz. Then when Fitz gets kicked out of office Andrew will assume the presidency, and Mellie will divorce Fitz and marry him so she can still be First Lady. In fact, since Andrew could run for president again after his term as president expired, Mellie could be First Lady for 12 years instead of eight. (I can imagine the Mellie fans drooling over this scenario.)

  28. deenabraun says:

    Fitz is the sexiest man alive. Take note People magazine. Millions loved the phone sex. If it’s not for you, don’t watch. Fitz and Olivia are true soul-mates and because he’s married doesn’t change that dynamic. Hopefully Fitz divorces Mellie and then Olitz will be the endgame.

    • Netty says:

      I Like Olitz and have been a fan since S1 E1 but this season all Olitz scenes have felt so forced and unnatural. That phone call was nothing short of tacky and a way to keep Olitz fans hoping.

  29. Erin2 says:

    Cyrus hysterically laughing at the Senator who pooped his diaper made rewind and lmao with him!

  30. abz says:

    Abby was the best part of this episode. I just love her character and want to see more. The horror she felt after seeing and interacting with her ex-husband was heartbreaking to watch.
    Olitz was eyeroll-worthy. So over them and Fitz in general. Glad Olivia finally stepped into the dark side and played dirty. She was never gonna get the upper hand and in control of things until she did so and got out of the testosterone fest that is Jake vs. Fitz. Sadly, this being Scandal, she will regress and go back to Fitz in some way because the show insists on making her WEAK!!!!.
    I love Shonda and her shows, but she needs to have a sit down with her writers and figure out a way to move on from Olitz once and for all in an interesting way. I know I might get replies say Olitz is the foundation of the show, well I disagree. They were interesting in the beginning but now it’s just tired. Fitz is a big whiny and Olivia is just a shell of her former badass self. There are several shows that have drastically changed things up with their plot and characters and still managed to keep things good and interesting. See The Good Wife for an excellent example.

  31. rubytu says:

    What bothers me about this show, and I really like this show, but this last episode it was almost unbearable, is that all the characters tend to monologue with the same speech patterns. Get some writers!

  32. So how is Fitz going to react when finally realizes he couldn’t get elected either time without the immoral actions of third parties? Is it just an assumption in today’s political climate, or are we to assume that some of Fitz’s behavior is from that knowledge sinking in?