HBO Sets Girls and Looking Return Date, Duplass Bros. Comedy Premiere

The Girls and boys are back!

HBO’s Girls will return for a fourth season on Sunday, Jan. 11, 2015 (9/8c), the premium cabler announced Thursday.

That same evening, the gay dramedy Looking will make its Season 2 premiere at 10 pm.

In between, at 9:30, the network will debut Togetherness, a comedy from brothers Jay Duplass (Transparent) and Mark Duplass (The League). The new series follows two couples living under the same roof outside of Los Angeles. Mark Duplass,  Melanie Lynskey (Two and a Half Men), Steve Zissis (Parks and Recreation) and Amanda Peet (The Good Wife) star.

Are you looking forward to the premieres? Hit the comments to tell us about it! 

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  1. GuessWhat says:

    Let’s hope GIRLS plummets further in ratings!
    I know — you love her, Michael A.
    But she surely came off majorly creepy this month!

  2. alistaircrane says:

    I’ll watch Looking Season 2 although it’s not quite what I want in a gay tv show (I’m still hoping for a QAF revival).

    • Ian says:

      I feel the exact same. I’ll catch Looking online or whatever, but they won’t be getting any ratings off of me. From the spoilers I’ve seen, this 2nd season is going to be as pretentious and idiotic as the 1st. Characters behaving like they were born yesterday, it’s ridiculous. And have you seen the casting for Richie’s new bf Brady? So it’s ok for Patrick to cheat around with Kevin because it’s Russell Tovey, but Richie can’t have an attractive love interest of his own? FAIL.

      I’m still waiting for more news on that rumored QaF reunion movie or mini-series too.

      • Lincoln says:

        Dearest Ian: You, girl, are what’s wrong with the gay community. Superficial, superficial, supah-FISH-al. You’re cranky because you find someone’s new love interest unattractive? Who are you? Go away.

        • alistaircrane says:

          Lincoln, I think you are “what’s wrong with the gay community”. You take delight in bashing your fellow gay brothers. So what if someone is superficial? There’s nothing wrong with that. You have no right to judge people. Take a look at your post, Lincoln. You are catty, rude and mean. Please lose the attitude and learn to respect other people.

          • Lincoln says:

            I was being ironic, All Stair Crane…giving him a taste of his own medicine, you see. There’s no bashing in my comment. Yes, you may think it’s ok to be superficial. Just like I think it’s gross to be. Try and re-read Ian’s post. Try, maybe, six times. I was simply copying him. If you have a problem with that, you’re just as bad as he is…OR MAYBE YOU ARE HIM using another name.

    • Reality says:

      Did you ever consider gay men might want to see characters beyond the generic stereotypes? Especially when lesbians and even transgenders are getting better (non-stereotypical) representation between shows like Orange is the New Black, Grey’s Anatomy, Orphan Black, and The Fosters. Meanwhile, there’s Glee, Faking It, and How to Get Away with Murder who portray gay men as flamboyant, sexual deviants, or both. Queer as Folk offered its view on gay men in America, but it partially helped perpetuate stereotypes that ignorant people think represent the entire community. So let it stay where it ended; nearly 10 years ago.

      • alistaircrane says:

        I’m not concerned with what other gay men want. I am only concerned with what I want. It is my life, after all. I think that you have some internalized homophobia issues, and it’s really sad to see another gay man bash gay guys who are “queeny” or “flamboyant”. It’s much, much harder for them than it is for “masc”, “str8-acting” gay guys who constantly whine about not being represented. Well, you ARE represented: in EVERY SINGLE straight guy on television!

        • Jess says:

          OmG. Quit already. lol You make no sense and you sound so angry.

          • alistaircrane says:

            I’m definitely angry at gay guys like you who bash other gay guys because you think they’re too “queeny”. You’re as bad as conservative homophobic bigots! There shouldn’t be infighting in our community or they win.

        • Reality says:

          Are you actually serious? Straight male characters represent gay men who are not flamboyant? You do realize that’s a huge streaming load, right? It shouldn’t be that difficult for there to also be gay characters that are not flamboyant. To say I have “internalized” anything is nothing more than deflecting from the fact that the majority of gay male representation on TV is the flamboyant, superficial, sex maniac who is usually a sidekick to a straight girl and is one dimensional. I do not hate flamboyant gays, I hate that it is the only type of gay man shown when there are many different types, because it just helps create a stereotype.

  3. Jay says:

    Looking forward to more of mr Tovey an mr Groff.

  4. Elvis Oton says:

    I m Guy dat like fashion in my early 20yr I will like to tick like u guy’s if my comment will be given consider I will be very glad and work toward it thank for your understanding

  5. Eric7740 says:

    Yay!!! More LOOKING!!! Can’t wait!!!

  6. Jeff. says:

    “The Gay Dramedy.” ? Ugh. and Girls is what? The Straight Comedy? The Office the White Comedy? Black-ish the Black Comedy?

    • alistaircrane says:

      There’s nothing wrong with calling Looking “the gay dramedy”. There are absolutely NO other gay shows on television!!!! Being “the gay dramedy” is an important distinction!

  7. Goldie says:

    Hbo is a big joke. These shows are awful. They should have had true detective ready for a january premiere. I will be watching Showtimes line up instead.

  8. John says:

    Lena Dunham is a pedophile, why isn’t her show canceled ? Oh that’s right, women can’t be child molesters, it’s just us guys who can molest kids. What’s wrong with this world?

  9. Drew says:

    If HBO isn’t responsible enough to cancel the pedophile’s show, sites like this should at least be responsible enough to stop promoting it.

    • alistaircrane says:

      I think Dunham haters are just latching on to anything to hate on her.

      • Drew says:

        I disagree. Have you heard what she wrote? That is not kids being kids. She has been a predator toward her sister for her sister’s entire life (probably because she was abused herself since this would most likely be a learned behavior).
        I also wouldn’t appreciate support for Stephen Collins right now. What did he do that she didn’t?

        • Joanna says:

          Drew, I have heard what she wrote and I have actually READ WHAT SHE WROTE. Perhaps you can get off your high horse and look at this as a teaching moment. Lena was a minor herself when she engaged in those things, she wasn’t Stephen Collins’ age. Perhaps maybe we should stop judging and realize that kids do stupid things and we should maybe teach our kids not to do such things. You probably get your news from Perez Hilton or something because no where in her book does it say Lena was her sister’s predator all her life. In fact, if you are so in tuned to news stories, you’d know that even her sister has spoken up about this very subject.

          • Drew says:

            You know that kids have been taken into custody on felony charges for less than what she admitted in that book, right?
            People are acting like the people who don’t like her are making excuses to not like her, but it is just the opposite. If this were a Palin kid, would you be so forgiving?

        • Jenifer says:

          Drew: you wrote – “You know that kids have been taken into custody on felony charges for less than what she admitted in that book, right?” Could you share with us some examples? Did you actually read her book? If so, please provide examples of cases where a child did “less than what she admitted to in [her] book”? Thanks.

  10. Heathers says:

    Goldie, I totally agree. I wish they’d get True Detective back stat! Lena Dunham is a disgusting pedophile, and those shows are nothing but left wing love fests.

    • AnnieM says:

      Please don’t make this about the left or right. I am a lifelong liberal democrat, and have never understood what people see in Lena Dunham. Her show is full of boring, whiny characters who annoy, and she herself is clearly desperate for attention. I have read all of what she said she did in her book – this weirdo behavior toward her sister went on from childhood through her teen years. I place a lot of blame on the parents, who clearly have some loose screws of their own. I forget where I saw the link, but google Carrol Dunham artwork and see what i mean.