Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Sneak Peek: Triplett's Itching to 'End' Ward

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One of the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has escaped HYDRA mole Grant Ward in the crosshairs, as seen in TVLine’s exclusive sneak peek from the ABC sophomore’s next episode — but will he get to pull the trigger?

As Agent Triplett (played by B.J. Britt) asserts, he’s got eyes on the prize and a trigger finger in need of some love. Press play above to see how his stake-out at a Philly bus terminal plays out.

Elsewhere in the episode “The Writing on the Wall” (airing Tuesday at 9/8c), when the team discovers murder victims bearing the alien glyphs that Coulson’s been etching, all of the Director’s secrets and lies are poised to come a head.

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  1. Jon M Sable says:

    The set designer spelled “Tucson” as “Tuscon” (seen over Tripp’s right shoulder at 00:12). Other than that, looks like a good episode

  2. Danielle says:

    Let’s stop trying to send Ward back to the person who abused him, hmm? have him face justice, but that’s not justice.

  3. sarah says:

    them trying to send back Ward to his abuser is honestly the grossest thing this show has ever done and i’m fed up with it. Someone please get him some help

    • A says:

      They’re not sending him back to his abuser, they’re handing him over to the senator who will then hand him over to the Government for trial, Senator Ward may have done some bad stuff, but not any worse than what Ward did to the team, that is not even mentioning the countless people Ward murdered. Ward belongs in the hands of the Government for trial, it just happens Senator Ward is a part of that Government.

      They’re not handing Ward over to the custody of his brother, he was surely being transferred to a prison, that is until he murdered everyone in the vehicle. Lets stop with the excuses, once Skye, Fitz etc the people Ward abused get help then I’ll worry about this murderer getting help.

      • You seriously consider abuse as just “bad stuff”?

      • sarah says:

        “he’s done some bad stuff but not as bad as ward”
        that’s a joke right?? he abused his brothers for 15 years. ward did everything he did becAUSE of what his brother and garett did to him. and yes, they are handing him over to his abuser. and his brother made it clear he was gonna execute him.
        and seriously??? what Skye and Fitz have done to Ward this season was gross. Fitz needs help, Skye doesn’t need any help. Ward needs more help than anyone else. this whole comment is the stupidest thing i’ve ever seen f you

        • A says:

          Bad stuff was clearly an understatement, Ward was abused and he became the abuser, and your kidding yourself if you don’t see that, but I honestly am disgusted by what I’m reading.

          What did Skye and Fitz due to Ward, I mean tell me because I’m literally have no idea besides standing up to their abuser. Fitz may have went too far, but he stopped himself from doing what Ward would have done because he is better than that. Ward lied to the whole team for almost a year, killed Koanig, Hand and countless other innocents, and what Fitz showed Ward what he had to go through because of what Ward did to him. I’ll let him off the hook on that one.

          i don’t see what Skye did to Ward accept tell him where he was going while he continually manipulated her with info on her murderous father.

          Yes, Ward was abused by his brother and Garrett, but to use a great quote from B99, cool motive, but still murder. Abuse does not excuse Wards actions. Yes, and they were going to execute him, not because senator Ward wants to abuse him more, but because Ward is a murderer and a member of a terrorist organization. It doesn’t matter why he did what he did, he still did it, he had the opportunity to do the right thing, countless times during the end of season 1, but he chose wrong time and time again, and it’s time for him to face the consequences.

          • sarah says:

            ward made it clear several time he wasn’t trying to kill Fitz. He was trying to save their lives. and um Skye manipulated him and played to his greatest weakness (his abuse) to get what they wanted. and no, his brother was gonna execute him because “being brave enough to execute his brother” would give him some serious points in the election. he couldn’t choice the right things, because he was so manipulated by john garett. ward needs to pay for his crimes, but he doesn’t deserve to die for them. and anyone who thinks so is gross

          • “to use a great quote from B99, cool motive, but still murder”

            So Fitz had a great motive to torture Ward by depriving him of oxygen (and yes that is a form of torture, you need air), but still torture right?

          • A says:

            It doesn’t matter if he wasn’t trying to kill Fitz, he still caused some seriously bad brain damage, and if he actually wanted to save their live, instead of believe that BS lie he told Fitz, he could have found another way. Fitz didn’t believe that BS and neither should you.

            To address the other comment, yes what Fitz did was wrong I never said it wasn’t, it was torture and he should have known better, but given Ward caused the exact same feeling to happen to him with permanent damage I don’t have too much sympathy for Ward.

            So they manipulated each other, how exactly does that make what Ward did any better, especially since he used Skye’s greatest weakness, so later they’ve bother been giant scumbags to each just Ward has been longer.

            I never said Senator Ward doesn’t have bad motive in speeding up the execution, but Ward has still done the crimes to warrant being put to death.

            He only did the choices, because of Garrett, that can’t be right because your poor Ward himself said good or bad he did the things he did in his own free will. He can accept his actions you should too, and abuse still does not excuse them.

          • sarah says:

            ok you clearly don’t understand anything about how abuse works. Ward was under Garett’s manipulation. He thought he owed Garett his life. He thought Garett loved him. We saw what Garett did to him, but Ward still didn’t care. So that’s why he said it was all him, because he still doesn’t know how to live/survive without garett and his orders. and that, my friend, is the cold hard truth. and i’m done with this convo. have a great day

          • A says:

            Me too, Ward apologists really are the worst, they only sympathize with Ward and disregard all the actual people he abused/killed. I get how abuse works, and I know most abuse victims don’t end up becoming abusers themselves like Ward, and it doesn’t matter how many excuses you make for him, it will never matter if Ward was abused, I feel bad for him, I sympathize with him, but I sympathize with the people he hurt more, and his abuse will NEVER make what he did ok.

          • Dear A, shockingly enough Ward is not a abuser, so you obviously do not know how abuse works. Please read up on what abuse actually is. Bad acts do NOT equal abuse. Here’s a link for you to check out http://www.domesticviolence.org/violence-wheel/

          • These are Ward apologists and you’re not going to get anywhere with them. Trust me. They will stand with Ward every time. He has betrayed everyone on that team, murdered people who counted him as a friend, and gotten really creepy about Skye when she’s made it clear she wants nothing to do with him. They will still back him up to the hilt because he was (supposedly) abused by his brother as a child (can we REALLY trust anything he’s said?) and because he was manipulated by Bill Paxton whose character’s name currently escapes me. Past abuse is not an excuse for present behavior.

            I honestly don’t know who to believe at this point about the fate of the other Ward brother. Could Christian be the bad guy? Of course. Definitely. Is there a possibility Ward is lying about his past with his brother? Again…of course. He lied about almost everything else. I don’t want Ward redeemed. Not to the point where the team accepts him back into the fold. Brett Dalton is bringin’ it as a creepy bad guy and I’ve enjoyed watching him work this season. The character is more interesting this way, I think.

          • JC1 says:

            @Mel, I completely agree. Ward was deadly dull before the HYDRA reveal. He’s far more interesting as a creepy bad guy.

          • S. says:

            Okay, I agree Ward did horrible bad things, and he does need to be punished for those crimes. But giving him to his even worse brother is not the way. Didn’t you hear–“The Senator wants him alive.” That is not a good sign, that is an ominous sign of a man who wants to see his own brother suffer with his own eyes. If he is be tried for his crimes, it has to be a fair trial, not a witch-hunt whose sole purpose is propel his evil brother into higher office so that he can continue to do bad things. And because Coulson put revenge ahead of real justice, that is exactly what is going to happen. Turning him over is a bad thing, and SHIELD allowing it DOES make them the bad guys.

      • agree!!!! abuse = bad stuff?? in any universe that is just bad or stuff !! they broke him , torture him, Christian made him believed that all that was his fault and was justified ,….. Senator is a master mind of manipulation and cover his tracks , 15 years of living afraid and other 15 of living guilty naa if i know ward like i want to believe i am. he knows he hurt people , people who he reallly care about , that lose someone who he can follow , lose any chance to feel love and be loved , that in his believe tried to save fitzsimmons, is he a psycopath? i dont believe it, is he broken? yes , i he a murder? he is , but that cost him his soul, his identidy and Skye but he just want to be with her, keep her save and make her happy. i mean he honestly think that take skye to her father can maker her happy and make her understand what he did has a reason to be

      • We don’t know if Ward did kill everyone in the van, they just showed him pointing the gun and the gun being fired, we don’t know if he did shoot someone and if he did we don’t know if he just shot him in the shoulder. The whole situation seems weird. I don’t know who Coulson believes. I think hes going to watch it play out, because if he didn’t have some kind of plan or something in his head, he wouldn’t have put regular handcuffs on him knowing that he could get out of them.

    • Brian says:

      According to the Senator he never abused anyone and Grant Ward’s story is just that, a story, crafted by a master manipulator and deceiver to gain the trust of Coulson’s team and SHIELD in general before betraying all of them. He was doing his job and doing it well because that’s what he does. Until the show reveals which of them is lying we shouldn’t be applying guilt to either.

      Now Grant Ward’s guilt for things like murdering Eric Koenig, Victoria Hand, and a plethora of unnamed one-off police officers and SHIELD agents is pretty clearly established at this point.

      • Amy says:

        Um…flashbacks in ‘The Well’. Fairly sure that showed Ward distressed wishing to help his brother but Christian not letting him…

        • thismoviesucks says:

          because we know the flashback was real? its already been established that Ward is a liar that whole scene could have been a fabrication to get Sky to simpatize with thim…these Ward apologists are nutz

          • Omg says:

            Yes we know! Cause that wasn’t Ward talking .We saw his wodobę memory which was brought back by that asgardian stuff so how was he supposed to lie when that was narrateted.
            I’m not his damn apologist and I’m whaitwashing what he’s done also only nuts person here is you.

    • Ward ejected Fitz and Simmons from a damn plane and they almost died. And he doesn’t even try to apologize to Simmons when he does come in contact with her after throwing her off the plane. . I’m very proud of Skye, Simmons and Coulson! He betrayed the team in the worst way and tried to kill several of them. I’m not sure why any of them should be feeling sorry for him right now.

    • thismoviesucks says:

      um what? what proof do we have that any of this abuse is real??? Last I checked Ward is a serial Liar. and besides they didn’t send him back to his abuser they handed him over to the authorities…

  4. Benerese says:

    Will he get to pull the trigger?
    Oooh, let’s hope so.

  5. Veronica says:

    How is SHIELD a good and noble agency after this? They act on hatred, vengeance and political interest. Sometimes I think they are worse than Hydra.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      Yeah of all the comments, i gotta agree with this one most. Yeah Ward is bad and blah blah blah…but how is Shield, this “we use ICERS on everyone, even mass murders and mega bad guys” but cause they are personally betrayed they are blatantly (like the CIA) gonna just kill him? I mean is this a Marvel TV show on ABC owned by Disney or no?

      I’m also not a fan of the fake suspense/tension….they are obviously not going to kill him (unlike a show like GOT or TWD or something where its real suspense cause they might kill off a lead)…so if hes not gonna get killed, why should i care about the “i wanna kill him!” and “take him down, any means necessary!” and the “dun dun dun” suspenseful music…its all a facade…theres no tension, theres no suspense….LAME.

      I liked the decision to not back track and have him been mind controlled or something like that, but by making him a legitimate bad guy, a guy that is royally messed up in the head and has done things he can’t come back from…i just dont get how they organically fit him into the show in a way that he gets good screen time (essentially with the SHIELD team) and make him at least a bit likable again…
      I guess being a sci-fi show they could always have him (by some means of events) end up in a machine that erases his memories so he comes out a nice guy and doesnt remember anything hes done or his being abused as kid or w/e. But that seems like a cheap shot to retrace their steps to get him back on the team and likable again.

      • A says:

        That is my problem with a Ward redemption arc, I don’t think there is a logical way for Ward rejoining the team or even being friendly with the team to be believable. May would never forgive him, nor Fitzsimmons, the same goes for Skye. So they either have to go with an anti-hero that the team reluctantly works with maybe, or make him an all-out villain.

        • sarah says:

          well like it or not it’s happening. they’re not making him bad.

          • A says:

            I’d like to see a source, since the show certainly isn’t heading in that direction. On the lam isn’t exactly screaming hero to me, but if believing he is a good guy makes you feel better, who am I to stop you.

          • Check out every Brett Dalton interview

          • A says:

            Brett Dalton doesn’t write the show and has a personal bias and wanting Ward to be good. The show in canon has shown no indication of a redemption arc yet. The writers have referred to Ward as the monster in the basement, which isn’t good. Dalton clearly wants one, which is his right, but as he is not writing the show, not exactly a good source. I won’t be shocked if a redemption happens, but there is no proof it is happening yet.

          • Morgan says:

            I have yet to see or read about an interview where they stated that Ward would be redeemed. As I recall, the opposite was actually revealed. There is no way they can successfully redeem the character after the damage he has done to the team and the deaths he has caused.

          • Brett doesn’t right the show no, but he does understand the character. Both Chloe and Elizabeth have said that they don’t believe Ward is a “bad guy” either.

            Obviously the actors all have their opinions, but if it was so against the show canon, they would be told to talk about things differently. We all know how, well, controlling Marvel can be when it comes to press.

          • A says:

            If they are talking about things that don’t spoil the show they can say whatever the heck they want, but the show is telling the real story.

          • thismoviesucks says:

            says who?? they don’t have to make him bad. he already is. If he somehow rejoins the team they might as well just cancel the show because they will have lost and messed up every good thing they have done since midpoint last season

        • Chris Leonardi says:

          Redemtion arcs can work with any character as long as the arc is long enough and executed well. Look at Spike from Buffy.

          • Lord knows I don’t want Ward to be redeemed in a
            one epsode

          • M3rc Nate says:

            Spike from Buffy was a vampire…lol….they are dead, and drink peoples blood and kill people, even the good guys…this is supposedly a “realistic” show in a sense to say that there are super heroes and aliens, but they are trying to base it in our real world, having a guy who has killed good guys, has almost killed friends (FitzSimmons), betrayed them etc…there is such a thing as irredeemable. Now im not saying a show will accept that and not try, but just because a show tries doesnt mean its possible.

        • there’s no logical way for Ward rejoining the team or having a redemption arc! Ward has murdered, maimed, threatened and betrayed innocent people, people who trusted him to be on their side and he’s shown no realistic remorse or compassion for his crimes. Ward was abused but that doesnt change the fact that he killed people that was trying to do something good, that he tried to killed his friends who trusted him. One good doesnt change 10 bads not, thats not how it works.

          • M3rc Nate says:

            Exactly, and (kinda sadly) its also worth mentioning that one of the most important things that makes him irredeemable isn’t that he has killed people or was with Hydra or any of that…but that when he did get outed as Hydra (or at least with Garrett) he was really quite evil with the things he said to his “friends”.

            When he fought May he was making comments about how it was supposed to be no strings attached, and other comments were made about the other people on the team (behind their back or to their face)…and then there’s the creepy fixation on Sky, where it comes off like hes obsessively in love with her in a creepy way…i think its one thing to betray the team but still be a really good guy, but when he was outed his real colors showed, and they were pretty fraked up…making redemption much more difficult.

    • Isobel says:

      Well captain America 3 is civil war, maybe they’re setting it up for Shield to have become damaged by the years of hydra manipulation and just as bad as the villains

  6. Ugh, Ward. He belongs in a prison cell. They shouldn’t be sending him back to his brother, abuser or not. I’d be more willing to see a Ward redemption arc if he had expressed any remorse for the things he’s done, but he hasn’t. His gross obsession with Skye needs to stop. He needs to confront the things he did, without hiding behind excuses. He made CHOICES, horrible disgusting choices, and there needs to be some punishment for that. He’ll never be back on the team the way he was, but he could work on becoming a better person, someone who could contribute to their goal of defeating HYDRA without using Skye and manipulating and abusing her.

    • sarah says:

      he def has shown remorse. that’s the reason he’s doing everything he’s doing. because he wants to help the team. and he’s not manipulative, he thinks this is his way of helping. and everything he did was because of his history of abuse, which everyone seems to ignore

      • A says:

        Yeah, because nothing shows remorse like killing everyone in that transport car, I’m sure Skye will love that!

        • sarah says:

          we don’t even know for sure if he killed them. we didn’t see it happen. and even if he did, he had to because he was about to be executed by his own brother so he had every right to escape. everything you are saying is irrelevant. ward is getting his redemption arc like it or not honey

          • A says:

            I don’t know where you are getting a redemption arc, because the whole team hating him, escaping a prison transport (and “likely” killing them”), then kidnapping a senator(in the episode after this) whether or not that senator is a good person(he’s not, but kidnapping is still wrong), and potentially kidnapping Skye and taking her to her murderer father is not something someone who is looking to be redeemed is going to do.

          • sarah says:

            we know he’s getting a redemption arc because both the writers and brett dalton himself have all but made it clear that he is..and redemption arcs don’t magically happen. it’s a lot of work. and jfc ward would never ever kidnap skye

          • A says:

            He literally did once before, so it wouldn’t exactly be new behavior for him.

        • and we know he killed them how? we didn’t see him shoot the guard. why would he kill them? he only needs to neutralize them while he escapes. he never killed the cops in 1.20 so why would he kill these ones?

          • thismoviesucks says:

            ah yes he did kill the cops he shot them outside of the diner, what show were you watching?

        • Isa says:

          We won’t know if he killed those agents until we watch the episode. And I would surely do anything to free myself instead of going back to my abusive brother who wants to kill me to get his revenge for getting away 15 years ago and secure his future as a politician.

      • Brian says:

        Keep in mind there was a significant time jump between seasons and Ward spent months refusing to speak with Coulson or help out in any way. He only speaks to Skye, and even then only gives little bits here and there as it benefits him to do so. I mean, how long did it take him to reveal that Donnie Gill was already brainwashed? Could have just said that outright if he actually wanted to help. If he truly felt remorse and wanted to help he would not have spent the majority of his imprisonment refusing to do so.

        • Isa says:

          Well, during that time jump he had a broken larynx, tried to kill himself three times. He says that after his last attempt he became clear headed and it was then he decided to cooperate (talking to Skye) because he only cared about her trusting what he said. And he was explaining Skye about Hydra’s methods and they both sidetracked and then went back to the issue. He didn’t know they were dealing with Donnie Gill. He put it together after Fitz mentioned him.

          • Brian says:

            Coulson just gave a big grand speech in the last episode about how Ward was not rebuilding trust. He wasn’t upset that Ward couldn’t talk, he was upset that Ward wouldn’t talk. Big difference. The main point being Ward has A LOT of intel (like GIll being brainwashed) about hydra that he has chosen not to share for whatever reason. As others have pointed out, Grant Ward has no intention or desire to “help the team” what he wants is Skye.

      • thismoviesucks says:

        ah he doesn’t want to help the team, he wants SKY…big difference

    • “i know what i am”

      “I wish I could say that’s what happened [brainwashing]. But I swore I’d never lie to you. No. I was never brainwashed. Everything I did, good and bad I did of my own free will.”

      What excuses?

      Do you mean Ward telling Fitz he dumped the med boat to give them a chance? Because even Fitz couldn’t work out why the pod didn’t float (“I’ve spent the last hour trying to figure out why we sank.”)

    • Veronica says:

      Because nothing spells “unrepentant criminal” better than 3 suicide attempts. Yup. Oftentimes I wonder what show are the people watching.

  7. Shawnte Neal says:

    I really love this TV show and I think that BJ Britt is a great up and coming talent looking forward to seeing him more

  8. Cideric Rhyes says:

    I love Ward on the run. Maybe he can go become a vigilante on the run from his brother. I wonder we’re the youngest brother fits into all of this?

  9. JC1 says:

    Yay for more Triplett!!! I’ve been wondering why he’s been so underused this season. As for Ward, I’m starting to wish they’d killed him off last season. I was never a fan of the character and he only became interesting (to me) once we found out he was HYDRA. I’d rather he stay an unrepentant bad guy. It’d be really interesting if it turned out Ward’s brother was actually telling the truth and Ward really is a complete psychopath, although I doubt that’s where they’re going with this. His interviews with Skye and Fitz came across as so completely creepy and manipulative. I was yelling at my screen during that last meeting with Skye – “don’t believe him, don’t fall for it!” I was so relieved when it turned out she was playing him.
    Whatever they do, I don’t think there’s any plausible way whatsoever to get him back on the team. He executed multiple people, including Agent Hand, in cold blood. He tried to kill FitzSimmons (and I don’t believe for a second that excuse he tried to feed Fitz). He threatened to rape Skye (“I’m going to come over there and take what you won’t give me”). He so very gleefully tried to kill May. Nope. Sorry. I’m not board for any redemption arc at all. I think the show’s actually been going great this season – hopefully they don’t ruin it with this. With all the fantastic new characters they’ve brought in this season, I personally could go very easily without ever seeing Ward again. *shrugs* Just my opinion.

    • sarah says:

      seriosly pls stop saying Ward is lying about his abuse it’s so not ok and so disrepsecful to real life abuse victims who have faced victim blaming too. pls pls stop. we saw “the well” flashbacks. we knwo its all true

      • Morgan says:

        Well, as a real life abuse victim, I’m ready for Ward to face justice. I don’t care if he’s executed or outright murdered at this point. I just want him gone.

        • why? i mean i dont think is about abuse anymore i dont know how many of u can agree or not but the real deal here is 2 simple questions who he is? and what he want to be ? not if he wants skye that is very clear to all of us, and i dont think is obssesion, noo is more deeper, more complicated is it creapy? yeaa i saw people who never have anything believe is someone so hard or see light when there is nothing so yeahh it isn’t just love is something more, every choice he made he knew that is not coming back but he did it, and tha ABUSE yeah that dont justifed his choices but u dont see the big picture , is not about the abuse itself , is the consecuences f it ! the changes that made in ward on his mind and moral, he was a good men, he is a good men who dont have any idea how to be different that the way he was raised and there is what is all about, why he di that to skye, to coulson, all the manipulation is just what he knows, see it in the way, his love for skye have 100% reason to be, she saw him , the real one who he was before garrett and who he wanted to be when his was dealing with his brother

      • JC1 says:

        We do not “know” anything. This is a TV show, not real life, something some of you Ward stans seem to be losing track of. It would not be the first time on TV that a “memory” turned out not to be quite what we thought it was at first. If the writers want Ward to have lied about that, that’s the way it will be. Personally, I think the odds are that Ward is telling the truth, not because of the “memory”, but because I think they’re setting Christian Ward up to be a season Big Bad, and therefore he must be EVIL. But the writers clearly wanted us to have doubt in that scene, so I think it’s possible that things may not be what they seem. But two things, 1) whatever his brother may have done, nothing excuses what Ward’s done (explaining his actions is not the same as excusing them) and frankly the idea that Ward’s victims owe him anything is as repulsive as you apparently find my comment, and 2) honestly, I just think Brett Dalton plays a much better bad guy than he does a good guy. So I’m not interested in seeing Ward redeemed because personally I don’t think that’s where the actor’s strengths are. Obviously mileage may vary, but that’s my opinion.

      • thismoviesucks says:

        because Flashbacks are always true? you do know this TV right? that we didn’t actually go into his head right? all we know is that he is a liar, so how can we be expected to believe that the Abuse was real? at this point we do now for certain if it was real or not. So its no way “disrespectful to real life abuse victims:”

    • Get the line right. It’s which is “Maybe I’ll just take what I want wake up something inside of you.” and was referring to the conversation about darkness that Ward and Raina had had earlier in the episode.

      And as someone who has been abused, the fact that people want the show to present someone as lying about the abuse sickens me to my stomach. You seriously want the writers to have baited the fans using a very real issue? It’s not like real life abuse victims have to deal with accusations that they’re lying or anything! Let’s encourage that more by making someone lies about abuse!

      • thismoviesucks says:

        heres where your wrong, they are not portraying a “good guy” as lyiing about abuse but a villain who has killed multipe people and done other dispicable acts. It does not reflect real life abuse victims at all. stop taking it personal. this show is not a serious drama about real life. its a show about superheros and evil villans bent on world domination. take a chill pill

    • shreya says:

      Thank you for this post when I see people support ward I wonder whether its for ward or whether its because his sexy face will go missing from the show my personal fav characters are Fitzsimmons so its understandable why my hate grew from 10% too 100%% especially after Fitz’s brain damage reveal.

  10. Pam says:

    This is a TV show, we only see what they have shown us, we do not know the future or all of the past and only the part of the “present” that they want us to see. So that means we do not know every person’s motives, circumstances, or choices, we can only assume and speculate until they, the writers, show us what they want. That being said, I love Ward’s character and am excited to see what they do with him. Will he be redeemed, will he run off and do his own thing, or will he become a full blown villain? We don’t know. That is the fun and beauty of it. By the way, Tripp is pretty fun too.

  11. I can’t seem to reply to some things so…

    “It doesn’t matter if he wasn’t trying to kill Fitz, he still caused some seriously bad brain damage, and if he actually wanted to save their live, instead of believe that BS lie he told Fitz, he could have found another way. Fitz didn’t believe that BS and neither should you.”

    Why is it bs? He admitted he cared for them and that it was a weakness in the actual scene. Exactly where else was Ward meant to take them if he wanted to keep them safe? The plane was full of Hydra soldiers. Garrett would have ordered them executed on sight (hell he did, but he would make damn sure it would happen)

    “I get how abuse works, and I know most abuse victims don’t end up becoming abusers themselves like Ward,”

    First of all, Ward is not an abuser. Second of all, he never escaped his abuse. John Garrett was an abuser. Ward was 16, 17 at most when John took him. He was a child. A child who had been abused and had a lot of issues because of that. John Garrett knew that and used that against him. “That’s not a weakness is it?” “Sometimes I wonder why I bother”.

    • A says:

      The @ button is right there. Ward is an abuser, he has manipulated Skye with her father, lying to the team and getting them to grow a relationship with them is abuse, that fact that he slept with May while lying to her is an argument for Dub-con, not to mention what he did to Fitz and Simmons. Just because Ward didn’t have any other options doesn’t make it OK, and he did have another option, if he cared about them at all he would have never taken Fitzsimmons to Garrett at all, but he did.

      I wonder why I bother too, as you are so blinded by your poor baby Ward to see what he did to everyone else. Not that you’ll listen to this anyway.

      • Morgan says:


      • well I had a long reply written but the site just ate it when I submitted it so I give up.

        I will say this though – I want Ward to have a redemption arc. Note redemption – to atone for the things he has done. I damn well know what he’s done.

        • A says:

          Finally something we can agree on. I’m not 100% against a redemption arc, they have just yet to show me he deserves one.

        • thismoviesucks says:

          Redemtpion is fine. but he can’t join the team like like nothing happened and he has to pay for the consequences of his actions. Spend the rest of his life in prison or get killed off the show.

      • i dont belive he is abuser, because when u grow up like that be the moster is behind everything u wanted to be, or maybe after all he believe he is ONE that explain why he tried to kill himself ……. but the point is he did horrible things, killed people in the process but he didnt do it because he is a horrible human being, or the devil, noo he has his reason he knew what garret could done to fitzsimmons, he knew what was his mission, did he did the right call? noo, beside u can change 15 years of a relantioship (garret) to 6-9 months with people who in the end u take care about , and he knew he was behind salvation so chosse between save them and be prisioner or follow what he knew is NOT the point , is betraid the one who in his view give him everything incluid met skye…. so i belive in redemption yeah, is going to be easy ? nooo is he a victam? yeah . but he dont play that part is he a serial killer? no , but he trained to kill people so that is pretty easy to do , live with it is the hard part, wich garret thought him to not have reworse, u know he is human and he have a lot of guilt

      • Dez says:

        Ward was a SHIELD specialist. In episode one they pointed out that he was one of the best they had at espionage. That means he was trained by SHIELD to manipulate, lie and kill to complete whatever mission they assigned him. Part of his job was to infiltrate enemy organizations, and ‘grow a relationship’ with the people in them, then use those relationships to undermine or even kill them. He’s a spy. He was always a spy. It’s just that until Turn, Turn, Turn everyone thought he only did that sort of thing for SHIELD.

        I feel like whenever people talk about the awful things he did for Hydra they like to gloss over that fact. It’s inconvenient for them to remember that he was always an obedient killer. Because when they shake their fists in the air and talk about how many people he’s killed and how manipulative he can be and how he can never be anything other than a villain now because he’s EVIL, their complaints lose a bit of power if they are forced to admit that yeah, he’s not actually all that different from before.

        Just like people are quick to ignore the two loyal soldiers Coulson and co killed so Skye could live. Because if they remembered that those two men only died because they were trying to protect SHIELD’s secrets, they might have to acknowledge that the good guys aren’t always squeaky clean.

        What Ward did to Fitzsimmons was awful. They trusted him, he betrayed that trust and they might never recover from what happened to them. They have every right to hate him for it. All the characters have a right to hate him. But that doesn’t mean as viewers who have more facts and the benefit of being on the outside looking in, we can’t hold different opinions. I can understand why Ward felt it was something he had to do. As a man who has spent 15 years of his life loyal to John Garret he had no choice but to turn them in. As someone who cared about them, he might have been honestly trying to give them a chance at survival when he ejected them from the plane instead of waiting them out or bombing the door or doing any number of other things he could have done to ensure a kill.

        I’m still reserving judgement on his interactions with Skye. Ward has spent his whole life focused on just surviving while dutifully following someone else’s agenda. He outright states that Skye is the only thing he’s every wanted for himself. John’s mocking more or less confirms this as true. He could be manipulating Skye out of pure selfishness but Ward doesn’t have the greatest moral compass, and has never been independent, so I can believe that he genuinely thinks reuniting Skye with her father will be a good thing for her while also getting him out of prison and in her good graces.

        And May wanted a sex only relationship. Which she clearly initiated and did so after Ward had just suffered through a seriously mind altering experience. The fact that Ward had an ulterior motive for sleeping with her is pretty irrelevant. She got exactly what she wanted out of their ‘relationship’ and treated him like garbage outside of the bedroom. Calling it dub-con is a bit extreme, don’t you think?

    • Anyway I’m not going to reply anymore because this is all making me feel sick.

  12. Maryann says:

    I like Ward. I think he understands what he did was very wrong and wants to do better. It’s like he finally sees the big picture and where he fits in it, including the fact that SHIELD will never trust him again. Yet everything he is doing seems to be to protect and look out for those he betrayed. It will be very interesting to see where his story goes from here.

  13. Temperance says:

    I’m sorry, but I honestly have to ask the lot of you what you think the point of all of this is? Why is pretty much everyone trying to get Skye, the Diviner, or, most probably Skye *and* the Diviner *in the same location*? And, having seen hints of the power and scope of the abilities of the device, what do you think the device in the hands of the proper person could do? Just… think about it before you get all nuts about all of this. What would Skye do if she inherited all the functions of the Diviner (even if briefly)? And do you really think for one hot second that Brett Dalton is ever leaving the show? The Diviner was responsible for his fall, obviously, but what of his rise?

  14. Robert says:

    Ok, so let me get this straight…. Ward is the victim here… His brother is the monster and SHIELD is wrong for turning Ward over to face trial….. Does that about sum up the argument? Ok now here is another view….. Ward betrayed SHIELD, the team and America. He blames his brother for everything and why he is the way he is. Could it be possible that Ward is lying? Could it be possible that his brother is telling most of the truth? With Ward being a spy and knowing how to lie could it be possible that Ward set this all up knowing that it would give him his chance to escape? That is what he has done for a long time now…. plan ahead. “I told you I would never lie to you again” this could have been his plan the entire time, he knew at some point his brother would be brought in and they would use him as leverage to get his brother on the side of SHIELD so knowing his brother he knows he would have him transferred which would then allow him the chance to escape. Is that possible? Not likely in your realm where every one is innocent but hey just a thought.

    • Isa says:

      So he foresaw his brother would come into the picture since episode 1.03, before hydra even came out of the shadows and Garret would be found to be the clairvoyant and way before he got captured by shield? Wow, that was some elaborate back-up plan. Ward joined Coulson’s team to gather intell on how he was brought back so Garret could be saved (no bloodshed, his words to Garret). After that he’d walk out. When Hydra came out of the shadows it was when everything went to hell, because he wanted to save Garret but he also didn’t want the team to get hurt. He couldn’t have foreseen what would happen with Hydra because they didn’t know when they would be called to come out of the shadows.

      • thismoviesucks says:

        no but it would make a convient story to get peoples sympathies would it not? and you heard his brother, “what was it this time? a well?” so obviously thats his go to story to get sympathy from others. of course we don’t this for sure yet and it all could be true. but there is no proof either way

  15. CBWBDK1 says:

    Triplett is the one that needs to be put down! I hate his character!!

  16. Apparently you Ward haters didn’t see the episode The Well!! Why don’t you Ward haters go back and watch that episode because you guys don’t know what the HELL you are talking about. christian Ward Lovers make me sick!!

    • thismoviesucks says:

      you do know this is TV right? and that flashbacks could be lies right? and nobody here is a ‘Christian Ward Lover” we just don’t know who is lying and so far all we know for sure is that Grant has been lying to everybody since the beginning,.,

  17. James D says:

    don’t get rid of Ward, and don’t capture him either he’s turning into a great villian he should escape and rain psychological hell down on Shield it would be so fun to watch that.

    • wingsstef says:

      I think they are grooming him to be a really “gray” character. Gray can be very interesting indeed. Perhaps they are just watching him to see where his loyalties are?

  18. wingsstef says:

    Can I think that both Ward brothers are dirty? That is what I think. I am not a Grant or Christian “lover”. Should Grant Ward be taken out? No. Not unless it is done in self offense or in defense of someone else. In contrast of being due to revenge. Still, Tripp has good reason to be upset about Ward. Grant violated trust. He killed fellow agents He almost killed Fitz-Simmons. Still, he is a criminal. Both of them probably are, but that doesn’t make Grant Ward any less of one. I am curious on what actually happens on the next episode. It looks good.

    • JC1 says:

      That would actually turn out to be an interesting twist, if they’re both lying and maybe they’re actually working together. Ward as Briar Rabbit. “Oh please please please don’t throw me into the briar patch”

  19. Dj says:

    I think Ward should pay for his crimes. That means hand him over to the government for a fair trial and if he is found guilty then he should be executed. He isn’t a good guy yeah his abuse and torment made him this way, but it doesn’t excuse all the evil he has done. Anyone who thinks he was trying to “Save Fitzsimmons” by dumping them into the ocean is delusional. You save someone by jettison them out of an aircraft. He thought either the fall would kill them or they would drown.

  20. naam says:

    I cant believe that they were not purposely let Ward “escape”! They only use regular handcuffs to transport him when everybody knows he is capable to escape! Who they were trying to fool?? And did Senator Ward really abused Grant when they were kids??? And who is telling the truth here, Senator Ward or Grant?

  21. Dylan Patel says:

    they need to tell what his origin is. how is he related to skye

  22. Dylan Patel says:

    they arent not going to let him get to his brother though will he. We could only figure out

  23. Maguez Little says:

    This is what I think. Respecting EVERYBODYS OPINION. I REPEAT RESPECTING EVERYBODYS OPINION. that Look Brett dalton himself has given hints That his character (Grant Ward) will eventually go back with the team. He just didnt say how ofcourse. Also in Season 2 episode 6 we saw how ward got out of the truck and from his handcuffs. I imagine that Coulson Knew that this was going to happen.(The feeeing his hands from the handcuffa)
    But Somehow I still Feel that Skye still has feeling for him. She has something in her that she still wants him. Still ofcourse that attitude she had before they sended ward was kind of annoying even though ward deserves that and more. Honestly I think Fitz, Skye and MABEY just Mabey Coulson have hope on Ward. I also think everything that Wards brother is doing is just mean and bad. (i would say something else but This blog says it aint aloud to swear). But I just think there is still much hope and room in the team for ward.

  24. Dylan Patel says:

    Who knows maybe Coulson had a plan with Ward and made sure he could get out of those handcuffs. You never know.

  25. Dylan Patel says:

    if you look in 0:58 seconds he opens his bag and something is wrapped up closer to his knee, I think its a knife

  26. Jessica Gozz says:

    He needs to be back to the show I miss him, no matter what he did. I liked his character. Sorry

  27. It’s hard to believe this was the ‘boring,perfect Agent Ward’ from season 1..I have always hoped he’d get some sort of redemption story line but after everything that has been exposed about him,that doesn’t seem possible anymore

  28. Cwickc3 says:

    Hopefully ward kills tripplet. Britt is the worst actor on the show and his character is boring.

  29. Aiyy this is so interesting…

  30. azu says:

    nooooo! Don’t hurt ward!!! He’s interesting now. Triplett should also take care. Psycho ward might break his neck

  31. Cheryl says:

    To say that I can’t wait is an understatement. Tripp better walk softly though, because if Ward is onto him he will lay the smack down. LOL (again) I love Ward. I love that I have no idea what is going to happen with him: will he be a full on villain, or a man on the way to redemption? Will he walk the line of both, doing good things as well as bad? All I know for sure, is that my fave episodes are the ones where he is in it, and especially now that he’s out of that cell. So much fun ahead. So much fun. I’m not entirely sure what I’m rooting for, honestly, because Ward is hella-interesting now that he’s not the shining white knight. However, I really do miss his dynamic with the team, particularly Fitz and Skye. I hope we get a happy medium, and that one day he at least starts to realize the severity of his crimes. We shall see. I’ll watch every second of it though, and it will be awesome. (even as my heart is breaking in that special Whedon-esque way, lol)

  32. shreya says:

    Disgusting! Ward apologists just stop!! I know a lot of abuse victims myself and none of them turn out to be murderous psychopaths like him.
    You guys love Brett Dalton I get it but defending ward seriously! Pathetic
    And bashing fitz he lost his whole life his best friend him only speciality was his genius which is crippled because of ward all this stand with ward crap is making me sick geez!

  33. 30th street bus terminal in Philly ??? Marvel has used the 30th Street Train Station (one of the oldest in the country) before and even Suburban station, when Venom lived on 2nd street, in his own series, a few years ago… either couldn’t get permission to use it or sloppy editing…

  34. DavehatesHH says:

    Kill him trip do it!!!

  35. nick says:

    In coulson words “You will never be a part of my team!! You threw Fitzsimmons out of a plane,you murdered Victoria hand,Eric Koenig you betrayed everyone of us you lying SON OF A BITCH!!” That sums up how ward will never be a part of the team EVER if he has a redemption arc its too die. Do you people seriously think he will be back so delusional fitz and Simmons would be the first ones to leave the team if that’s the case.May would murder him in his sleep he can never gain their trust

  36. starsmith13 says:

    Hey folks, what goes on between Skye and Ward and Coleson and Fitz, is all a fantasy made up in the mind of the folks at Marvel. It’s not serious enough to argue about–really.

  37. thismoviesucks says:

    man why do i get a feeling Trip is about to die…..

  38. sladewilson says:

    They should’ve let Tripp end this guy but we all knew that wouldn’t happen. I would like to see a Tripp vs Ward throwdown. I still worry about B.J. Britt’s standing on this show since he still isn’t listed as a cast member and is rarely mentioned or seen in the promo posters/art….

    • JC1 says:

      Yeah, I’ve noticed too. It’s weird – what’s up with that? He’s also just mainly been in the background since the season started. I don’t know why they’re not using him more.