Scandal Sneak Peek: Jake Interrupts Fitz's 'Tucking In' of Olivia

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When it comes to “tucking in” Olivia, Fitz’s phone game may be a bit rusty, but it certainly isn’t helped any by the interloping of a third party, as seen in this exclusive clip from this Thursday’s Scandal (ABC, 9/8c).

When last we tuned in, Fitz went against Rowan’s recommendation and spared Jake a grim fate at B613’s hands by instead sending his romantic rival to a supermax prison. But out of sight is not out of mind for Olivia, who has a few questions for Mr. President before she engages in any further pillow talk.

Watch the scene play out, then tell us: Is it Fitz’s place to tell Olivia who is and isn’t her concern anymore?


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  1. TAL says:

    Reblogged this on Cerulean Chronicle and commented:
    Attention Gladiator Nation! The following is the first sneak peek of ‘Scandal’ 4.07 – “Baby Made a Mess,” airing Thursday, November 6, 2014 at 9/8C:

  2. TAL says:

    Looks like Jake has really grown on Olivia, not that I’m a fan of Jake. Honestly, Liv needs a new guy, neither Fits not Jake. Olake and Olitz is getting old…

  3. lzld says:

    The question should be does she have right to ask him? Or better yet, why doesnt Fitz tell her to kick rocks!

    • I’m a fan of OLITZ but it was obvious the Olivia is playing Fitz now. I think Fitz needs to man up a little and let her know “you ain’t all that”.

      • SweetTweey says:

        I agree 100%. I’m tired of them portraying Fitz so weak. The man is President for Christ sake. He could run 100 women through the white house if he wanted to. It would be a good twist if Fiz kicked both Olivia and Mellie to the curb and became a bachelor.

        • Sharie says:

          Wow. Just because he’s president and a man, he can run through 100 women? Something a bit off with that statement? Honestly, I would love Fitz killed off and see what happens in the aftermath…maybe Mellie can run for president :)

          • Anna says:

            With Bitsy as VP.

          • Allen says:

            I think the point is it is not realistic for a man to sit there and talk to him that way and let a woman use him like that. He is not that hard up. Fitz character has become the punching bag of this show and it’s tedious and disturbing how lopsided the storyline is now.

          • SweetTweey says:

            Why kill off Fitz? It seems that everyone wants to blame fitz for all the ills of their life but the way I see it Mellie and Olivia are the source of their own problems. Mellie for withholding a rape for 10 years and Olivia, being a single woman, she can just end it today if she wanted to.

            Also, what has Mellie done that would make her a good president?

          • Nathalie says:

            Team Fitz forever.

      • SweetTweey says:

        Allen, I agree Jake tells Olivia to her face that she “likes to ride him” and “he is the one that takes her places where no one else has” and Olivia just stands there and doesn’t utter a word. Fitz says something benign like ‘do you want me to tuck you in” and he has to apologize. B.S.

        Fitz character is beyond pathetic to the point that it is painful to watch.

    • Allen says:

      Exactly if she wants to prove his innocence so bad, she should investigate herself!! Here’s a thought stop taking Fitz calls if you are so annoyed with him, be with Sunburned Jake. He is the Prez for goodness sake. Why is it Fitz responsibility to save her BF yet again especially if he thinks he killed his son, this show is so stupid.

  4. lea says:

    I’m so done with Fitz and Olivia. He is the most unlikeable character on TV right now… well at least for me.

  5. azu says:

    The writers have totally destroyed these two people for me. I have stopped watching this I only come here to read recaps

  6. Jake, Jake, Jake. I’m so freaking tired of hearing about Jake! When did Scandal become the Jake Ballard show?

    • Morgan says:

      Mental high five to you.

    • mindofawomanseeking says:

      So agree with you. He is becoming too center stage on the show

    • Joy says:

      My head HURTS (literally), at the sound of that name. Why he ever got thrown into this plot, I will never know. But he’s the main reason Scandal is falling off the racks. Because of him super crazy spies Huck and Charlie have faded into some darkness…. Olivia has become a lunatic from hell, Fitz is now a laughing stock basically….let’s see, uhm, sweet James is DEAD! And to think that the writers actually considering making Jake the Vice President just goes to show what REALLY goes on in that writer’s room. Ideas all over the place. Not well thought out ideas…they probably go like, ‘let’s just mix A, with Z and add 2 to the equation and see what happens’ WOW. I feel bad for the cast.

  7. Sharie says:

    Team Olake since I have become tired of Fitz’s emotional abuse!!

    • BK says:

      Please like you need to stop tossing out terms like “emotional abuse” when you have no friggin’ idea what it really means.

      • mmel says:

        Thank you, it seems like these people are 15 years old.

        • Sharie says:

          Can you please define it? Because Fitz almost raping Olivia, kidnapping her, blackmailing her for the life of jake, as well as accusing her of multiple offenses sounds like abuse to me. Unless you are a olitzer who has placed Fitz on a pedestal.

          • Ginger says:

            When was Olivia almost raped, kidnapped, or blackmailed by Fitz? What show are you watching? Did you see where she was choked in her office, and slut shamed in front of her colleagues and the President by her boyfriend Jake or did you miss that?

            No one is on a pedestal, not even Olivia no matter how much sympathy Shonda wants us to feel for the always needs saving, Jake.

          • Nathalie says:

            Team Fitz forever. An Emmy to Tony Goldwyn..

        • Anna says:

          Hmm, resorting to ad hominem attacks makes YOU look like the 15 year old.

    • Nathalie says:

      And Olivia emotional abuse?

  8. Morgan says:

    When did Command become so weak that he can’t kill somebody like Jake? This has gotten out of hand. Kill him and move on already!

  9. mmel says:

    I am staring to hate that woman.

    • Joy says:

      YOU?? I can’t even begin to tell you how much. I just want to slap some sense into her. Better yet, the writers for messing up this show! This triangle, B613 and standing in the sun crap has simply gone on for too long. Let’s go back to simple days. When it was all about ‘gladiating’, a litlte White House drama here and there…now everything, (especially Olivia) is rolling off the tracks… this show is bound for disaster! I can’t stand Olivia right now!

  10. Joy says:

    OMG WHY Shonda, WHY??? What has Olivia come down to? Didn’t Season 1 and 2 Olivia mean anything? My goodness, is this woman bipolar now?? I can understand how she must be struggling with everything that happened, but WHAT is her reason for being SO MEAN to the man she once loved, perhaps still love? Isn’t there another way of saying what she needs to say without being SO COLD?? Damn. This story is simply not believable to me anymore. When the DISASTROUS Season 3 ended, these two were saying ‘I love yous’ to each other, and NOW… you would think she thinks he’s the devil. Shonda, why is Olivia suddenly glorifying Jake now? Didn’t she tell him that she’s in love with someone else? I understand she cares, okay. I get it… BUT why be soooo mean to Fitz about it? The way I see it, Fitz needs to dump her bipolar ass and find someone else. This show was so simple and believable in the first few seasons. WHY mess up something so beautiful? Not just Olitz but the whole damn show. I miss seeing David Rosen with his ‘white hat, I miss Cyrus with his crazy marriage and sweet James, I miss seeing the gladiators work some case every night, and of course a few stolen Olitz moments. Now it’s like a jungle with headless cows running around. This cast deserves some better material! I don’t know where this is headed to tell you the truth, but I absolutely LOATHE Liv for being this way. So so mean…. and unbelievable. It takes away from the integrity of the story. The Olivia Pope we got to know in S1 and 2, was bold, quick on her feet, fearless and now she’s just a whiny little brat. OMG….someone save this show. Please. I love the cast!! They deserve better!

    • Cheyenne says:

      Why don’t you spare yourself all that agony, rent the DVDs for seasons 1 and 2 and replay them in an endless loop?

      • Spence says:

        Maybe she will do that, why don’t you stop trolling every message board criticizing people who voice how they feel about the show.

        • Romey says:

          But Cheyenne is absolutely right. You CAN’T keep these characters the SAME forever. It doesn’t work in real life or on a tv show, if they don’t evolve and screw up, I’d be bored out of my mind (probably MOST viewers as well). I simply cannot watch a couple living happily ever after with no relationship problems. Fitz becoming an alcoholic was intriguing, I loved rooting against him just like others love to root against Jake. It was HILARIOUS when Liv screwed up and shut down B-613 and immediately had to face the consequences. The whole show is messy, I LOVE messy!

      • Denny says:

        Yes that is exactly what she needs to do….just watch season 1 and 2 over and over and over again! Then she can be happy!

      • Romey says:

        that was the Best Comment Ever!!

  11. Anna says:

    Love this!!! She played him in the last episode and she’s still playing him. In 4×06, she said with a very fed-up tone “There is hope” and left because she could see, there was no point reasoning with him, so she gave him some bread crumbles and boy, that was enough for Fitz. Fitz’s a child, he fits tantrum, calls people Gabby because they stood up to him, beats his chained former friend (who didn’t hesitate to choke the woman they love for risking his – Fitz- life) for convincing Olivia to take him with her for 2 months. His son dies in front of him and he wants to take his life because his mistress left him? Wow!

  12. Tom says:

    OP has turned into a bipolar wishy washy mess. Not watching this disaster. She has not once asked Fitz how he is doing since his son died, she has come back from the “sun”, as mad and as angry as ever at Fitz.but why?? Season 3 ended in I love you’s between her and Fitz.

    She told Jake who is the only thing that matters to her now that she is in love with someone else. Is this what love looks like? then no thanks. Writers: Why can’t she show concern for Jake without being condescending, manipulative, and rude towards Fitz? Is Fitz character the punching bag this season? “Tuck you in” is dirty but “call me when you want me to do that thing to you” is not? This triangle should have been over last season because the writers can’t seem to find a way of making the Jake Olivia thing work other than destroying Fitz (making him a weak pining monster) and Olivia (bipolar, selfish crybaby) characters. Show is not making any sense at all

    • CaughtUp says:

      I agree. I was asking the same questions after Season 3 mid-season return. The first part of Season 3 Fitz removed Eli from command, and was searching for Maya Pope. They were working together as a couple, but when they came back for the 2nd half of Season 3 they were at each other throats, but no one knew why. It never fails, every time a network has a good show, great cast and writing, they feel the need to screw with it. They start using shock and awe instead of good storytelling, and they eventually turn off the very people they are trying to reach. I hate this weak, desperate, Olivia can do no wrong Fitz. His character doesn’t make sense and Olivia’s treatment of him doesn’t make sense. And as someone stated, she hasn’t once asked him how he was doing since the death of his son. More importantly, Fitz hasn’t noticed that she is more concerned about Jake than he. Why is that? The writers of Scandal should be ashamed of themselves. They have took the two main characters of this show and reduced them both to people that are unrecognizable. They have forced this love triangle, daddy is the devil scenarios down our throats, with no end in sight. I guess ratings have to significantly drop before they see how much damage they have done to the integrity of the show.

  13. Denny says:

    I don’t understand why Olivia is being vilified. When Olivia( the woman ) was sitting around pining for Fitz, no one seemed to have a problem with it. Nobody cared that she was sad and unhappy and ALONE. Now that she has someone that cares about her and someone that she cares about…She Is A Bitch for trying to protect him. And bi-polar!

    If Fitz wants to get rid of someone,why doesn’t he start with his WIFE Mellie,if he wants Olivia sooooo bad. WHY?
    Because he loves being PRESIDENT more than he loves Olivia!

    So she should just sit around shriveling up, while she waits for Fitz to finish living out his dreams. Being pathetic,waiting for him to sneak in a booty-call or a telephone call.

    If you want reality…here is some…..THE CHEATING HUSBAND RARELY LEAVES HIS WIFE FOR THE MISTRESS! Go Jake, OLIVIA deserves to be loved by someone who can love her completely. And thank you Shonda Rhimes for finally giving Olivia some common sense!

    • Ginger says:

      Fitz tried to plan a life with Olivia time and time again and what does she do at the end of every season? run away or work with Cyrus or Mellie to fix a way so they can’t be together. That’s why she is wishy washy and bipolar, she doesnt know what she wants and neither do we.. its tiresome. She can be with Jake have at it, but don’t tell Fitz there’s hope if you want to be with Jake. Fitz is being sincere, and she hadn’t once asked him how he is doing since the death of his child. She rude and cold and FITZ is supposed to be there person she is IN LOVE with. How about this don’t take Fitz calls if Olivia loves Jake so much now and stop asking him for favors! SHe uses everybody around her including Jake

      • Romey says:

        Fitz didn’t seem to be too devastated about his child either. He’s only been shown as dealing with Mellie’s grief. No staring longingly at pics of his son or flashback memories of time with him. Nope. Just catering to his poor distraught wife, punching out his old friend, and pining after the girl he lost.

    • CaughtUp says:

      The problem is Olivia won’t go away with Jake and stay away. We learned from Cyrus that all the while she was with Jake on the island basting in the sun, she call the WH checking on Fitz. When she came back to DC, which was only suppose to be for Harrison’s funeral, she jumped on the first excuse that popped up why they should stay. I hated when Olivia was alone and hurting, but if you look at their history, every time Fitz was ready to leave Mellie, Olivia would find a way to stop him. Fitz was married when Olivia met him, so she plays a part in this. Olivia had a choice to be with the married man or leave the married man alone. She choose the married man. As with Jake, every time Jake tries to get closer to Olivia, she has Fitz dangling in the wind to keep him at bay. Someone once wrote Olivia is her father’s daughter, and she is. She uses people just as calculating as Eli. I’m with you, if she wants Jake, she should tell Fitz the truth. The reality is Fitz loves Olivia enough that if she told him she choose Jake and asked Fitz to spare Jake’s life or treat him with compassion, he would probably give her what she wants. So this back and forth ridiculous love triangle is stupid. Jake is in the position he is in because of his total stupidity and arrogance. Why would he confront Eli about Harrison and Jerry’s murders with no plan other than confronting Eli? Of course Fitz”s jealousy has much to do with Fitz’s decision making when it comes to Jake. However, the fact that he was there when Tom confessed, doesn’t help Jake. Olivia can see poor Jake’s side of the story, but she has no sympathy or compassion for the man who son was killed, and for the man she claims she is in love with. Yes she is playing Fitz. I hope he wakes up and smell the deceit.

    • Romey says:

      Wow, excellent points.

  14. stephgirl45 says:

    Reblogged this on therealscarletlady and commented:
    Loved that episode! I liked Fitz phone game ;)