Arrow Recap: Wholly Smoak — Plus, Did [Spoiler] Really Kill Sara?!

Arrow Felicity Backstory

The CW’s Arrow this Wednesday finally shed light on Felicity Smoak’s past, which (in several ways) was darker than we perhaps imagined. Also: Sara’s killer revealed?!

Following a fun montage of training sessions — Oliver vs. Roy, Thea vs. Malcolm, Laurel vs. Ted — we see how “normal people” spend their mornings, as embodied by Felicity, whose toothbrushing is interrupted by a visit from, first, boss man Ray Palmer, and then her mother, Donna, who’s flown in from out-of-town.

But just as Felicity and her mom begin catching up, a power outage darkens Starling City, courtesy of some entity known as Brother Eye. Once Felicity gets opportunity to poke around the hacktivist’s code, she realizes that the super-virus in play is one that she created five years ago at college. (As a budding hacktivist, she tells Oliver, “It was my first attempt at being a hero.”) At the time, her beau Cooper used the virus to wipe out some people’s student loans, which promptly earned him a visit from the FBI. Cooper claimed authorship of the virus, to save his love from time in the pen.

Realizing her unwitting hand in Starling City’s latest crisis, Felicity can only imagine that Cooper’s old roommate Myron is responsible, but when Oliver puts an arrow into his PC, he pleads innocence. Later, while sorting through some complicated, long-simmering mother/daughter issues — Donna laments that there is nothing of her in Felicity, only her father — Felicity realizes that her mother was duped into visiting Starling. And at that instant, goons come barging in to grab the women.

Transported to a warehouse, Felicity realizes that her ex, Cooper, did not die in prison but had his death faked by the NSA, who were after his skills. And now Coop is disgusted with Felicity, whom he believes to be a Big Corporation troll like the ones they used to target. He tasks Felicity with hacking the GPS for some armored cars en route to a Starling bank, which she ably does. But with Cooper out of the room, Felicity uses the wi-fi on the “smart wearable” that Ray gifted Donna with to sneak out an SOS to Team Arrow. Soon enough, Oliver, Roy and Diggle arrive to thwart the heist, while it is Felicity herself who wrests the gun from Cooper and pistol-whips him with it. Later, Felicity assures Donna that there is some of her mother in her — a toughness that she has come to rely on in recent years.

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Elsewhere in the episode:

* Oliver is aghast to discover that Thea has purchased a “sweet loft” with money from Malcolm’s estate. Thea encourages Oliver to meet her halfway as they attempt to mend the fractured Queen family, which he does at episode’s end, coming over for popcorn and a movie. Thea invites Oliver to share the loft with her, and Malcolm watches from afar as the two bond.

* Laurel is appointed “acting D.A.” during the cyber attack and promptly uses her authority to send a riot squad to respond to a bank skirmish — escalating the conflict in doing so. Quentin chastises her afterward, then notes a darkness and distance in her in recent weeks. If not to him, she should talk to someone, he advises — and at hour’s end, Laurel confides in Ted the pain she feels over her sister’s “secret” death. After counseling Laurel that her sister’s killer is a target she will never be able to strike, Ted says he now is able to train her.

* The big “twist” (and I use quotes, because I have to assume it’s some sort of gaslighting/brainwashing ploy) comes in the final scene, when a sleeping Roy is awoken by visions of Sara dying on that rooftop… at his hand. But again, I am calling shenanigans!

* “What’s the one thing Queen Consolidated has that we don’t use to its full potential?” “A doorbell?”
* “She’ll probably be really busy… planning my funeral after I die of embarrassment.”
* “How many billionaires do you know?”
* “I’m sorry that don’t dress like a porn star, which I realize is a compliment to you.”
* “If I had two less IQ points, we would have never gotten in this mess.”
* Oliver talking about how the past shaped who Felicity has become, “and we know how I feel about her.”
* Can we please get Diggle a better crimefighting disguise than a stock ski mask?
* Does Malcolm have Thea on a sick abdominal workout or what?
* Have we ever thought about how much easier it’d be for Oliver to retrieve his costume off a hanger or hook? Is having to stop to undress a mannequin really the best idea? (Ever try that in a department store? Not easy.)

What did you think of “The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak”? Did you want that opening Felicity/Ray/Mom scene to go on forever? Was Charlotte Ross not highly entertaining as a whole?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Brandon says:

    Matt, I love you but how could you miss the ‘lover’ quote? It was classic Felicity!

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Not here to provide a full transcript, sorry! But yes, Felicity says many funny things.

      • wonderwall says:

        which isn’t a surprise considering Felicity’s material always on the Quote of the Week post :p

      • Reesa says:

        I’m sorry, but I think that was quite important! With Oliver saying “You know how I feel about her” and Felicity ending that conversation once again? Talk about willpower! I love that girl!

    • Maybe because it’s a quote that wasn’t really that funny compared to the other great ones, especially since I don’t even recall which one you’re referring to.

  2. Jami1331 says:

    Oliver mouthing the word ‘mom’ was pretty much the best thing ever. That look…..adorable.

  3. Dean says:

    If there is truth to Roy killing Sara it would give Oliver a reason to talk to his old island buddy for answers. Maybe Mirakuru has side effects after being cured.

  4. They better not seriously be doing a Roy killed Sara storyline. I held out hope that even though her death was bull, maybe they’d at least make it about her. Make whatever reason she was killed be about her, so that her death wasn’t just another line in our “heroes” story. But if it’s Roy, if it’s Oliver’s protege, then it becomes about Oliver, it becomes about Roy. And it stops being about Sara.

    Besides the aforementioned mess, I looooved seeing Felicity’s backstory (even all the flashbacks were about her yay)! Her mom is a gem, I instantly adored her. Ray was great this episode too, and I’m excited to have more revealed about him and what his goals are. The Oliver x Felicity stuff was great, but honestly Oliver needs to put up or shut up when it comes to Felicity, because every reminded of how he “feels about her” cuts Felicity if he’s not gonna do anything about it.

    Favorite moment has to be Felicity saving herself from her ex. That was amazing. She never fails to impress me with her bravery.

    • lizzie says:

      loved that she saved herself

      • ANNA says:

        I was kind of hoping she would say that Diggle or Sarah taught her that move to give an example or a non-romantic arrow relationship contributing to who Felicity has become. But yeah great moment.

        • kath says:

          Diggle was training her in season 1 so I’m going to think that it was Diggle. Sara unfortunately wasn’t around long enough to train Felicity.

    • Amber2 says:

      I liked how in an episode about hacking Felicity used physical force to overcome Cooper. Not only did it show us how far she has come, but it was a perfect switch for the show. Felicity is now way more than just an IT girl. On one hand I liked that Oliver affirmed Felicity at the end but it it doesn’t do his character any favours. Yes his ‘double-minded ness’ is a theme this year but it would really annoy me if a guy did that to me. I’d think it was weak. If you like the girl, go after her already.

  5. mac says:

    wasn’t a fan of it, too much “ex hacker with goth style” cliche
    they could and should have done more with her origin

    • wonderwall says:

      6/10 better than episode 1 and 2? :p What do you think they should’ve done? I’m kind of curious… Also I’m actually glad they didn’t make Felicity’s experience any wilder! anything more would be unrealistic? idk- btw this is justgotlittup if you didn’t notice already lol

    • Ah Mac avid Felicty hater and the guy who has a hard on for Miss Cassisy and actually think she is a good actress lmao

    • Felicity’s goth look was actually a nod to comic fans, as she’s a dead ringer (pun intended) for Death from Gaiman’s Sandman books. Right down to the giant ankh necklace.

  6. George Kon says:


  7. kath says:

    Amazing…. awesome …. wonderful! This is the show I signed on for and it’s finally back!

    It had the excitement of a villainous villain…. the humor that’s been missing the past few weeks (and which Charlotte Ross, EBR and David Ramsey particularly nailed).. the pathos of the relationship between Felcity and her mother.. and flashbacks which actually meant something (unlike the boring Hong Kong ones we’ve been getting lately. And Oliver and Felicity weren’t at odds any more. There was even a use for Ray in giving Donna the watch.

    And how awesome was it that Felicity saved herself!

  8. This episode was just perfect!!!! It was the best in a while.

  9. aaj says:

    So Mom sees Felicity furiously doing something sneaky on the computer, and then 5 minutes later The Arrow shows up to save them both? And her mother says nothing about how this dude came to their rescue? I have a really hard time believing that her mother just didn’t notice the masked hero in the room . . .

    • Briggs says:

      She’s likely heard about the Arrow and didn’t put two and two together. Remember, she doesn’t understand computers. She’s a hard-working single mother with an average IQ. By now I’m sure she’s decided even if she did ask, she wouldn’t understand the answer.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      Does she seem like the type to be putting conspiracy theories together? lol.

      Overall she could have just assumed (as most would) that Felicity alerted the police with a emergency text/call/whatever and that the “Arrow” keeps a eye on the emergency broadband/message service (as most heroes do) and that he came to take down the guy behind the entire cyber-terrorism threat. No reason to assume out of no where that her daughter works with the “Arrow” and texted him directly.

    • I think she seems like the type who sees more and understands more than she lets on. If Felicity didn’t want to tell her about costumed heroes, she’d wait until Felicity was ready–and then be like, “sweetie, he came and saved us that one time remember?”

    • I think she seems like the type who sees more and understands more than she lets on. If Felicity didn’t want to tell her about costumed heroes, she’d wait until Felicity was ready–and then be like, “sweetie, he came and saved us that one time remember?”

  10. Azerty says:

    Yes to Diggle having a better suit! Roy has been on the team for like 5 minutes and he gets a suit when Diggle has been here since the beginning? I was thinking maybe it was a wish from the actor? Like Tom Welling back in Smallville? The episode was good, love Felicity as always, the relation with her mother was interesting to see but they definitly need to explore the father issue later, I have a feeling he is someone important. The case of the week and the flashback were ok. Maybe because I can’t give credits to the villain/boyfriend due to his role as a silly teenage boy in Awkward last year. But the the twist in the end? Boy I didn’t see that coming!!! Can’t wait to know more about it.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      A domino mask. Period. I get sad seeing him bopping baddies while wearing a nylon shmata.

    • Wheel says:

      Roy is an actual member of Team Arrow in the comic books, and has been since 1941. He’s earned it. Diggle was created for the TV show in 2012, he can wait.

      • K says:

        That… is ridiculous. As is pretty much every comic related argument about this show at this point. Digg was the first member of this team after Oliver. He has a family who can be targeted. If he’s going to be out in the field, he needs a disguise.

        • kath says:

          I feel your pain about comics related justifications for things that are not happening on this show. After 51 episodes, it’s time to accept that this is not the comics, nor any version of it. After all, none of Diggle, Thea, Moira, Walter, Sara, Quentin or Lyla existed in the comics and Felicty was very very different.

          The TV show is not the comics, and if they want something to happen, it has to be justified in the TV world..

          • Adon says:

            Actually all of those people, aside from Moira(?) and Sara, existed in the comics in some form or another. Most of them are incredibly different though. WAY different.

            Concerning the justification of something in the TV universe, Arrow has had a trend of introducing a cameo to a character before introducing the actual hero or villain. With that in mind, I’m incredibly curious about the route they intend to go with Diggle in the future of the show. Roy’s story, since his introduction, has basically led up to becoming a sidekick. Nobody (fans) really know what Diggle will turn out to be… So I guess that is where some of the frustration comes from for me. I want to see what the “finished product” will be.

          • kath says:

            I don’t think Diggle will end up being anything other than he is now — the ex-military mentor and associate of Oliver. He doesn’t need a Hallowe’en costume (Quentin’s words) to function effectively any more than Felicity does. I doubt Dinah Lance will ever take up the black leathers.

            Roy’s story has pretty much followed the comics and probably Thea will become Speedy eventually, but we’ll rarely see Walter again.

            The comics and the TV show are very different media with different requirements (the comics need stories to run for years while TV burns up 26 episodes a season), and the characters need to behave differently too. Just because something happened in the comics doesn’t mean it has to happen on TV.

  11. Sara says:

    I’m super confused. In what reality does an acting DA (or any DA in general) have the authority to send in a riot squad?

    • Jane says:

      Honestly that scene was so bad I cringed. I actually found the whole episode so clichéd it was cringe worthy. It was like they had a check list. Goth past, check, Slutty looking not too bright but sincere mother, check. Laurel acting over the top, check. Felicity making smart-aleck comments one moment and weeping ridiculously the next, check. Ray acting creepy, check. Thea trying to make Oliver feel bad, check. I know I am probably alone on this but I thought this was the worse episode of the series.

  12. Drew says:

    Good episode, but a little heavy on the politics without making much sense. Which is fine for naive college kids, but not for intelligent adults.
    Ray would know that energy is not free to produce, distribute or maintain. Until energy appears out of thin air, the best anyone can hope for is cheaper energy. Would he agree that smart watches should be free to everyone?
    Laurel sending the riot squad to the bank was played as being wrong, but it didn’t come off that way. There was a riot. That is what they are for. Either the writing or directing was off, because Laurel’s decision was right.
    But good episode overall. Felicity looked good when she was LARPing as Death from the Sandman comics.

    • kath says:

      Quentin told Laurel that her sending the riot squad to the bank was what sparked the riot, Diggle called it “fighting fire with gasoline” so it was clear it was the wrong thing to do.

      Energy is not free but much of the energy the QC buildings produce could be channelled back into the city the way you can sell solar energy from the panels on your house back to the grid.

      In the comics, Oliver Queen was the one espousing the liberal policies but I guess they gave it to Ray because this Oliver doesn’t really know that much yet.

      • Drew says:

        Yeah, but having a police captain going off about how sending a riot squad to take care of the people who were bashing in windows at the bank was just silly. They didn’t show the squad making things worse, they showed them holding off an angry mob. Which is their job. An then Oliver and Roy swoop in with tear gas, which is probably what the squad would have done eventually anyway.
        Ray said that energy should be given to the people. That is just unintelligent from the CEO of a company that chose him to get them back in the black. Finding a way to produce it more cheaply is great, but giving it away is absurd. No matter how badly Oliver would have run the company into the ground, Ray’s approach so far has not sounded like good business at all. If they can produce energy cheaply, then that gives them a chance to make money and get the company out of the hole. Which is what he was supposed to be focusing on.
        And speaking of Oliver being liberal… if he had just taken out Felicity’s ex instead of making conversation with him, the motion sensors never would have been activated and Felicity wouldn’t have almost died. This no-kill policy is incredibly naive. More people will die because of it. Who goes to war with that mentality? There is a reason why cops aren’t trained to shoot people in the leg. It’s because people with gunshot wounds to the leg can still shoot you in the head.

        • B says:

          I was screaming at the tv for Oliver to shoot him. I get not killing the henchmen who just work for the evil masterminds, but I don’t see why the big bads can’t be killed.

          My dad always told me that if you’re in a dire enough situation that you need to shoot someone, you always shoot to kill. If you can’t do that, it’s not a dire enough situation to shoot. Every time a “professional” on TV doesn’t, I cringe.

          • Drew says:

            Exactly. Oliver doesn’t go after shoplifters. He goes after people who want to slaughter innocents. Murderers and terrorists. I get not wanting to kill, and doing it another way if possible and reasonable. But most of the time on this show, it seems like a really bad idea. If someone is threatening the life of someone I love, I am not going to give up the element of surprise by chatting with them.

          • Azerty says:

            I totally understand that the no kill policy annoys a lot of people but it is a classic plot for superhero. Last week the dilemma to let Malcolm live or to kill him reminded me a lot of Batman vs Joker dynamic. He/Oliver/Batman knows that the villain/Malcom/Joker will escape and kill again but still he can’t become the killer even for the greater good. Either you die as a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain… Last week (and a little bit this week) this quote from TDK sounds very appropriate.

          • Drew says:

            The no-kill policy works in comic books because they are funny pictures and they need to bring those characters back for the next arc… And also because it was forced on them by the comic book censors.
            In live action with real flesh and blood people fighting a war with guns and arrows, it looks stupid.
            Joker killed Robin (Jason) and paralyzed Batgirl. Not killing him was a mistake.
            Heroes kill people all the time. You become the villain when you kill people for your own fun or gain. Heroes don’t want to kill and don’t like to kill, but they accept that it is a necessity of their lives.

        • Devin says:

          First of all, I think he knows it is not free to produce or maintain. It seemed like he was just implementing an efficient way to maximize the amount of energy they produce and give the excess to starling city. As for billionaires being philanthropists, that is actually very common in the real world.

          • Drew says:

            Yeah, and charity is great. His giving away a chunk of his own money is cool. But he was hired to bring Queen Consolidated back from the brink of collapse. Saying that energy should be given freely to the people is counterproductive to say the least.

          • kath says:

            Good point about billionaires being philanthropists. The Gates Foundation donates millions of dollars a year for health and education, Mark Zuckerberg just donated $30 million to fight Ebola, and George Soros and Warren Buffet are also big philanthropists.

      • Guy says:

        Just because two of the characters’ dialogue backs up the horrible writing doesn’t make it correct. A riot squad is specifically tasked for handling riots, obviously. The dialogue specifically said that sending the riot squad is what created the riot, but it was pretty obvious from the angry mob (especially the physical damage taking place) that it was already a full blown riot.

  13. Sparky says:

    Really enjoyed the episode….was hoping to come away and say that I loved it. Maybe the storyline was a little predictable and that’s why but I really liked Charlotte Ross and EBR’s scenes together. Has Felicity got the best boss ever?? She’s been there how many weeks and how many times has she taken off….lol!!! Glad that Felicity was the one that saved herself in the end. She is a really great character but I would be ok if they dialed back the crying a little…don’t think it is needed. Have to be honest I rewound the ‘and you know how I feel about her’ scene maybe 2 or 5 times already. What can I say im a fan!!!

    I am very jealous of that killer loft of Thea’s and her abs. Some time in the gym really suits Willa…hope she keeps it up.

    Would be interesting if Roy was the killer but I doubt it very much if they would go that direction…would they!!!

    Only 4 episodes until the mid season finale😥

    • B says:

      The episode wasn’t as detailed about Felicity’s past as I thought it would be. I’m not dissing it–it was really good, but not what I expected.

      And seriously, Ray must really need Felicity for something. Because I don’t know anyone who can take this many vacation days as soon as they start a new job.

      I don’t think Roy did it either. I hope it’s some new villain or drug or something. The mirakuru storyline is getting kind of tired.

      • kath says:

        Ray needed Felicity to get the information off the drives of the destroyed Applied Sciences division, which none of his people could do. She did it; everything from now on is icing on the cake.

        He probably sees her as his personal special projects tech.

        • Sparky says:

          I agree he needs her and he knows what an asset she is but still….I could really do with a boss like Ray and Thea’s apartment and abs and I’d be a happy camper!!!

  14. James D says:

    you have got to be kidding me. I did not see that coming. the question is was it the miraku or was it Ras Al Ghul manipulating him somehow. my guess is it’s the later. still that was freaking great and should provide ample awesomeness in the episodes to come. rest of the episode was great. glad to see background on Felicity and I’m really interested to watch the Merlyn Thea subplot develop.

  15. Foshi says:

    This episode was such a nice breath of fresh air after several weeks of heaviness in the Arrow cave. I LOVED Mama Smoak! Her meeting the guys and the OG Team Arrow scene was hilarious! Whoever thought Felicity would be the most serious one in the room? Oliver supporting Felicity was nice to see and I’m so glad she saved herself.

  16. phuong says:

    I loved this episode! I love alll the scenes with mama smoak I am a olicity shipper but ray is really cute! I like Laurel’s arc too. She is starting to grow as a character. I really dont think roy killed sara

    • Boston2AZ says:

      Growing as a character. Seriously? Because she snarls now? Or because she’s taking kick-boxing lessons for a couple of weeks before she tracks down a villian who was lethal enough to take out a member of The League of Assassins? Her storyline, like the actress who plays her, is just too incredibly weak to be a credible part of Arrow. They should do everyone a favor – veer off from the comicbook dogma into a stronger avenue.

      • Speedy says:

        My issue is the writing, although I’m not a fan of the acting either (I can’t tell which feeds which…). First, they place all this emphasis on that stupid leather jacket. Now, they’re trying to sell the black boxing oufit. Like, seriously, it’s like her journey hinges on her wardrobe choices. Weakest writing of the show is how they choose to go about her storyline…and man, the whole wearing black to become BC is just ridiculous. Arrow used to be subtle, but this is downright corny.

      • People seem to forget she was kind of a badass as the first Ruby on Supernatural. When we actually see that version of Cassidy, I think many will calm down.

        • MIke says:

          Could Not Agree More.

        • Molly says:

          Ruby is so 2007. and after her KC only made terrible characters, until now she is terrible

          • Anesu says:

            Katie was the best thing about Melrose place and Gossip girl in season 4 she gave the show life again and it went away when she left. Her acting in Harpers Island was also good . All those roles came after Supernatural.

        • KatsMom says:

          Huh…I thought there were a LOT of SN fans that absolutely hated her as Ruby. I wasn’t one of them. I actually liked her, a lot more than Genevieve, but it seriously seemed like I was in the minority on that.

  17. lizzie says:

    one of the best eps in a long time. plenty of team arrow(Diggle’s line about baby Sara telling was hilarious). even Laurel was tolerable. Good job

  18. Robert says:

    I loved the episode and Emily got to shine in this one big time! I want to see Charlotte Ross, return she has amazing chemistry with the cast and is beyond gorgeous. Emily and Charlotte were totally believable as family,despite the fact that Charlotte looks way to young to be her mother but it fits the character perfectly.

    • jj says:

      Charlotte might look young. but she’s 23 years older than Emily. So this isn’t even one of those tv stretches, she actually is old enough to be Emily’s mother.

  19. Cain says:

    I think the Roy killed Sara thing is vwry possible, the entire season so far hes been acting strange, not sleeping, spacing off, saying he doesnt feel right etc. Somethings obviously wrong with him. The “real” Red Arrow was a Cadmus created clone of Roy Harper(unknown to himself)…short tempered and serious unlike the Green Arrow….hmmm…..are they working on true to comic story? I think maybe. But he may have killed Sara, doubt it was just a dream.

    • Wheel says:

      The clone thing only happened in Young Justice. It’s not from the comics.

      And it wasn’t Roy. In the first episode, you could hear the tensing of a bow before Sara was shot. That wouldn’t happen if he just threw the arrows at her.

  20. Lynn says:

    great episode as was already mentioned LOVED Oliver saying “mom” all of their reactions were great to her mom, it was action, witty and humour, good back story and yes I’m waiting on Felicity’s glad she saved herself and didn’t have to have Arrow shoot him..but come on we all knew Cooper was alive..some of the comeback lines had me laughing out loud..I’m not familiar with everyone’s back story as I haven’t followed the comic (might be asking for some for Xmas though!!) but please please don’t have Roy as Sara’s killer and no I didn’t seeing that coming either..

  21. Briggs says:

    Matt, you want to tell us more about you undressing mannequins? LOL Inquiring minds…

  22. Ms Thing says:

    Thanks for the recap. Seems like a boring episode which I don’t need to watch.

  23. Alicia says:

    If you watch the scene with Roy again, his actions are pretty clearly what he did while on Mirakuru in episode 2×20. I think the Mirakuru is affecting his memories and he is misremembering what actually happened.

    Also, absolutely LOVED Charlotte Ross as Mama Smoak! She was fantastic and EBR was phenomenal as always.

    • PeeCeeKay says:

      REM dreaming is all about mixing your memories into the most terrible mixture of bad things you can imagine. If you watch carefully, he is actually (acting!) in REM at the moment of that dream.

  24. Kate Sullivan says:

    I agree that was gas lighting. Or there are more reprecussions of the Miraku….

  25. Davey Elmer says:

    I’m not sure where they’re going with this whole “Roy killed Sara” idea, but, unlike many (most) people here, I don’t think it’s going to turn out to be anything other than what it appears to be, meaning that they’ve got a very fine line to walk between making it work and be believable and having it just come across as ‘shocking for shock’s sake’.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      Basically what it comes down to IMO is its too early in the season for us to have found out who the real killer is. I highly doubt they can stretch out Roy being the real killer of Sara for 5-10 episodes or more..where as by making him THINK hes the killer (cause of these dreams, probably Mirakuru related) they can have a few episodes of plot regarding Roy trying to figure out if it really happened and telling Oliver/the team/maybe even Laurel (out of guilt) but then it turns out (they figure out or something) it wasnt him who did it…then they are back on the chase of finding out who did (so thats another 3-5 episodes to the mid season finale where we find out who did and then a big cliff hanger…then when we get back its the team and Laurel dealing with the person who killed Sara.

      • Davey Elmer says:

        What they revealed at the end of the episode is the equivalent of “hanging a gun on the wall and calling attention to it”. Said “gun” now has to be “fired before the end of Act Two”.

    • Wheel says:

      It wasn’t Roy. In the first episode, you could hear the tensing of a bow before Sara was shot. That wouldn’t happen if he just threw the arrows at her.

  26. PeeCeeKay says:

    In the end of the first episode, you can clearly hear the bowstring getting pulled and released three times. In Roy’s dream, there is no bow involved. Roy didn’t kill Sara, the end of the 5th episode was just a tease for something else.

  27. Hodan says:

    Best episode of the season!!! Felicity Smoak was amazing in this episode. I nominate EBR for performer of the week.
    Thea is totally playing her brother. Loved Mama Smoak. Diggle was funny and awesome as always. I don’t think it was Roy that killed Sara. It is probably a way to reintroduce the whole Mirakuru storyline again…ugh. I thought we were over that but it looks like we are not.

  28. Briggs says:

    Great Felicity story. Her story is now much more fleshed out and we understand her motivation when she said she was only going to stay on to find Walter.
    Can we bring Charlotte Ross back? This is one guest star I want to see come back. Please?
    Well, I want to see Manu, too. Which might happen, if Roy’s dreams are part of the mental scarring left by the Mirakuru. It would be worth seeing this plot come back if we got to see Manu again, though he did show up in the CW ads tonight.
    When it comes to Felicity, can someone help Oliver get his head out of his butt? Just wondering.
    Laurel was actually very tolerable this episode. And not one, but two people called her on her issues to her face, which was refreshing. But she still needs to tell her dad about Sara.
    Thea finding the door to the Lair makes me happy because, well, she was going to find it eventually. This, with him moving in with her, sets up her finding out about his other life, I’m sure of it.
    And no one is commenting on Malcolm, so I’ll say it: he looked sad. I know he’s a psychopath, but John Barrowman has said more than once that Malcolm sees Oliver as a son. So seeing them having a family moment, without him, probably made him sad.
    All in all, a great ep. ((Can we please bring Charlotte back!?!))

    • aunni says:

      i hv a theory abt sara’s killer bt never said it out loud…. how abt slade. may be he escaped the prison, he has vendeta against both oliver n sara. his speech on season finale. i knw he is not an archer bt may b he knws how to use it, to misguide everyone..?

      • KatsMom says:

        If that’s who the killer is, then the writers/directors, etc. dropped the ball big time in not having Sara immediately assume a defensive posture with him. Why in the world would she just be all casually, “Hey…what’re you…?”

    • Claire says:

      YES! Please, can we bring Charlotte back?

  29. Joey Padron says:

    Good episode. Good to learn more about Felicity’s past & meet her mom and learn about her family history. Glad Oliver & Thea are bonding. Surprised about Roy’s dream. Hope he’s not Sara’s killer.

  30. Ben says:

    I could see Roy being the killer, but indirectly. Mirakuru seems too easy. I bet it has something to do with Ras. Mystical, poison, or hypnotic, I say Mr. Al’Ghul made Roy do it

  31. Flick says:

    At the rate Oliver is going, I will jump ship to Ray Palmer!! Man, Brandon does such a good job bringing that charm and energy to the show. I love how excited he always is. He’s basically the ‘Felicity’ in her life!

    • Jenny says:

      I am allll about Ray and Felicity I mean why the heck not? He’s good looking charming and has so much in common with her. Oliver just irks me because he says he loves her but “can’t be with her”.

      • Marc says:

        I was really glad that Felicity ignored Oliver’s statement about her knowing how he felt about her. What’s the point of saying it when you’re not prepared to do anything about it?

    • Maryann says:

      I kust see absolutely no chemistry between Ray and Felicity. I can’t even figure out what the point is in his beimg there.

      • Wheel says:

        You’re clearly a radical Olicity shipper.

        • Briggs says:

          This is true of any shipper. You are so invested in your OTP that you literally blind to any chemistry with other characters. It’s not because there is ‘no chemistry’, it’s because you’d rather see them with someone else. This is basicaly why the ‘no chemistry’ argument exists.

        • S says:

          Why do people blame any opposing opinion on being a shipper? Can’t this person just not see Ray and Felicity’s chemistry?! JFC.

          I actually agree – I don’t see any romantic chemistry at all. I’d prefer it if their relationship was kept professional because Ray keeps crossing so many creepy boundaries that if it did turn romantic I would have serious issues with it.

          • Briggs says:

            I love Felicity with Oliver, too. It’s just that I think sometimes you can ‘ship’ something so hard that you become ‘blind’ to chemistry. They test for it before the actor is cast, so it’s obviously there in some way. And while, far and away, Felicity has *the* best chemistry with Oliver, there are people who say they ‘don’t see it’ because they’d rather he was with someone else. Same problem here. She totally has chemistry with Ray Palmer, but because people want her with Oliver so badly, they don’t see it. I admit, it’s totally my own theory, but it makes sense to me. It’s all about bias, and I’ve chosen not to have one and enjoy the show.

          • kath says:

            I like Ray, he’s fun and he has absolutely no boundaries which is amusing, but I don’t see romance while she’s got two better alternatives, Oliver and Barry, ti compare him to.,

          • ANNA says:

            That’s a good point about Ray not respecting boundaries. It’s a big departure from her pre-superhero relationship with Oliver. I think it’s just an aspect of his character we’ll learn about later. Like what his motivations are for working so much. But I think it’s just a way of differentiating between Oliver and Ray- one is extremely guarded and the other is very outgoing. These two character who otherwise have a lot in common, philanthropy wealth etc.

      • Marc says:

        I get the point of him being there and I truly don’t mind that Felicity has someone in her life that is interested in her and prepared to do something about it, but something about Ray is creeping me out. The way he just shows up at her house and walks right in, and he does it in every space she’s occupied. Yes, he’s the CEO now, but even in an office you still knock or whatever before entering. IDK, I get a ‘stalkery’ vibe from him.

      • kath says:

        The same point there always is on this show — to affect Oliver. Ray is a better businessman, he’s a better potential relationship for Felicity because he’s emotionally there for her, and soon we’ll start seeing him in his Atom costume since BR is already fitted for the mask.

  32. Eo says:

    Roy didn’t kill Sara. If you remember, Roy doesn’t remember anything after going into his Mirakuru rage towards the end. He actually killed people. They have said that Roy will need to come to terms with that. Sara’s death is likely triggering mixed up memories for him.

  33. Dj says:

    My guess is someone is drugging Roy making him think he killed Sara.

  34. kate says:

    best episode since 301 for sure and the most enjoyable in a long time. so overdue to learn more about felicity. there was still too much laurel in this one. trying to make her relevant really harms the show.
    yay felicity and mama smoak! loved it. so glad to see some olicity moments at LAST. feels like it’s been forever.
    emily bett rickards should be tvline’s performer of the week. she puts this show on a WAY higher level.

  35. Speedy says:

    I loved this episode…best episode of Arrow this season, so far. But I also love this to bits and pieces: Have we ever thought about how much easier it’d be for Oliver to retrieve his costume off a hanger or hook? Is having to stop to undress a mannequin really the best idea? (Ever try that in a department store? Not easy.)

    Kudos for that, Matt. Kudos.

  36. grace says:

    LOVED that felicity saved herself. she’s grown so much. this episode was amazing.

  37. Alichat says:

    This episode wasn’t as good as I was hoping it would be. I enjoyed it, but I was hoping for more Felicity backstory. This was a very focused bit, and because of that, the bad guy was terribly predictable. I was astounded that Felicity or Oliver didn’t hit on it. Considering all the weird stuff they’ve dealt with over the past few years…..and hello, Oliver….dude back from the dead……it didn’t cross anyone’s mind that the ex-bf was probably not dead? And I know they are pushing the Ray and Felicity match, but I don’t see it. I don’t get any chemistry off the two of them, and the fact that he showed up at her house and just sauntered right in was more creepy than quirky. I did love that Felicity knocked the ex-bf out instead of Oliver taking him out. But I thought it was odd that Roy just stood there, barely moving, not ducking, while the Eye’s henchmen shot at him and Diggle. I kept saying to the tv….”why aren’t you ducking behind that concrete barricade?!” And speaking of Roy, when I first saw that dream, I just said “It was not! It was not!” But then I realized he was in his pre-Arrow sidekick clothes, so it might be some weird mirakuru dream. Then again, it could have been him since we really don’t see him after Oliver sends him out to get intel. After that, the baby is born, they are at the hospital, Oliver meets up with Flash, and all those moments, Roy is nowhere to be seen.

    • Sam says:

      I don’t see the Ray/Felicity thing either and they are pushing it waaaaay too hard. He’s always there and for stupid reasons too. All they’re doing is making me think he’s a complete stalker. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was watching her from his car or something. Ew. Nope. Not interested.

  38. venky says:


  39. Sam says:

    Fantastic episode. Most enjoyable of the season. I needed a breather from Sara’s murder storyline and all the sadness and this provided. Loved all the Olicity moments, very pleased they seem to be slowly being friends again. I hate the distance between them. Mama Smoak was incredible and just fit so naturally. Love to see her again. Don’t think Roy killed Sara. Definite red herring. Think it’s just linked to the mirakuru and he’ll find out he killed that cop instead. Oh and finally, still don’t care about Laurel or her storyline. Sorry, I’m trying but I got nothing.

  40. Mary says:

    Emily Bett Rickards was fantastic, as was Charlotte Ross.
    I’m thinking left over Mirakuru (or even possibly the cure) side effects (even though it’s been several months) are what’s making Roy dream he killed Sara.
    I’m glad that Laurel talked to someone about Sara, other than Oliver, but she really needs to tell her father. Especially after his comment about sometimes secrets hurt worse than the truth.
    Hope they have her tell him soon.

  41. GildedRose says:

    Loved this episode. Strong, smart Felicity Smoak getting to shine. Emily Rickards was fantastic in this ep! I really like how the writers are making Felicity and Oliver act like adults. One of the things really highlighted for them was how they accept who the other is, mistakes and all. They don’t judge each other, but they’re always there for each other. Just makes me love them more. I hope they’ll have her mom back again. Quentin could use a girlfriend. Just saying.

    • Briggs says:

      LOL To quote Paul Blackthorne at SDCC: “Lance needs a lover.” I was kinda sad they didn’t get to meet, but that’s a scene for another day. They really *do* need to bring her back.

  42. Jp says:

    Love the episode. It’s all kind of awesome

  43. Jp says:

    I hope next time mama smoak visits, captain lance get to meet her. That would be so much fun.

  44. Andy says:

    I’m in the majority camp on the whole “Roy killing Sara” thing. The only thing that makes me question myself is the exchange between Sara and her killer — “Hello, Sara”; “What are you doing here?” — because only the killer would know how that conversation went down.

  45. Amber says:

    This episode was everything I wanted for Felicity. Backstory and family and Team Arrow and OLICITY. I loved it so much. Shout out to Mama Smoak. Can she please come back? Pretty Please?

    P.S. You missed the best quote courtesy of Mama Smoak: “It chimes on the hour…and apparently when we die.”

  46. LeDirector says:

    I don’t think Roy killed Sara I think he’s just having bad dreams due to post mirakuru stress

  47. Evan says:

    If they are going with the Roy killed Sara story arc then this is my Laurel theory:

    Oliver won’t let Laurel kill Roy to exact her revenge, so she leaves with Ra’s at the end of season 3 to train with the League. Next season she comes back as a fully trained Black Canary.
    *collective groan*

    I really loved this episode, it was lots of fun. It was a filler episode and I disliked the evil ex, he was weak, Felicity pistol whipping him was epic. I had much a good time, i didn’t care filler or not.

  48. Ashley says:

    Loved the episode, it was fantastic! My favorite so far this season besides the premiere. I’m excited for the crossover coming up, too. Anyways, loved learning more about our girl Felicity & her mom was adorable. Interested to learn more about her father now, too, since that was teased. Wonder who he is and where he is?? Felicity knocking Cooper on his ass was the highlight, along with Oliver’s emotional speech and indirect ILY to Felicity at the end. Always looking forward to Olicity scenes and development. Roy…there’s no way he did it. Someone or something is somehow making him think he did. Either memory plant or something to do with the mirakuru, or both. Great episode, looking forward to the next. Hoping for a little more movement on the Olicity front soon.

  49. Poh says:

    It was okay. Maybe a wee bit predictable. Nowhere near last week’s episode in terms of entertainment. But wow to that ending! Oh Roy…

  50. Blah says:

    Can felicity’s mom please start dating detective lance.
    That way if they eventually got together felicity could have the last name lance and be a viable black canary replacement. Felicity Dinah lance