Scandal Scoop: [Spoiler] Set to Appear in Midseason Finale

Scandal Season 4 Maya Returns

ABC’s Scandal is poised to go out with a bang as it heads into its winter recess.

TVLine has learned that in the fourth-year drama’s fall finale, titled “Where the Sun Don’t Shine” and airing Thursday, Nov. 20, Khandi Alexander will reprise her role as Olivia’s one bad mother, Maya Pope/Lewis.

Maya last was seen in the Season 3 finale, when after being expertly framed by husband Rowan for Jerry Grant Jr.’s murder, she was thrown into “the hole” where B613 keeps the best of the worst.

Since then, of course, blame for the First Son’s murder (as well as the killing of Gladiator Harrison Wright and Maya’s lackey Adnan Salif) has been shifted to Olivia’s lover Jake, who is now en route to a supermax prison after being spared a grislier B613-determined fate by President Grant.

Following its winter hiatus, Scandal will return (at a date TBA) with the remaining 13 episodes of Season 4.

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  1. Tran says:

    This could turn Olivia Pope’s world upside down.

  2. ... says:

    Hopefully she dies and takes Rowan out with her.

    • abz says:

      Agreed. Can’t stand Eli/Rowan!! How Joe Morton won an Emmy for the role I probably will never understand. When he first came on the show, it was fun and interesting and he played the part well, but over time his acting has be TERRIBLE and has gotten progressively worse with each and every episode. I hate his facial expressions and long monologue/speeches that never seem to end and the way everything that has to come out of the character’s mouth has to sound so over-dramatic/world-is-about-to-end. They just need to get rid of the character once and for all and write a new storyline with a fresh new seasonal adversary/villain.

      • Command says:

        You are crazy. You need help. Not liking Rowan is more than okay. But you just failed by attacking Joe Morton. You’re a mess.

        • abz says:

          Lol ok. How is it a failure to point out that I think his acting is terrible on this show? You don’t have to agree with me. It’s just the way I see it. I mean a lot of the actors on this show overact and are overly dramatic due to the nature of the show I guess but with him/his character for me he takes it to another level where it’s getting unbearable to sit through his scenes. I thought he was fine on The Good Wife, but just not good on this show. The writing of the character of course most likely factors in, but I’m just not a fan.

          • Command says:

            Like I said, I understand you hate Rowan, I really do. But saying his acting is getting worse when Joe Morton is the one above the others, along with Kate Burton and Khandi Alexander, I don’t know. That’s just a lot to take I guess.

          • J says:

            Wow I agree with everything you said about Joe Morton/Rowan. I am So. Sick. Of. His. Talking.

          • Eloise Minn says:

            It could be the AWFUL character he plays that is making him seem deplorable. I wish they would kill off this character. Too depressing, too Hitler type, too scary. I am sure the government has such agencies, but hopefully not with over reaching over confident, over egotist men like he is playing. This character is just plain EVIL on every count and egotist to boot. You want confidence, intelligence, and execution, but for one to portray a GOD LIKE attitude is sick. Maybe the writing will get better or the character will get killed off. Sorry Mr. Morton, but I am sure there are better roles for you than this. Maybe on HTGAWM. I see the woman that played Amanda Tanner is on that show now.

          • abz says:

            @Eloise I hope not. I actually enjoy HTGAWM and the last thing I want is him on that show to ruin it. I hope he stays far away from it.

      • Beckstle says:

        His character is written with a Shakespearean vibe, as is his performance. That’s why he won. Think of some great performances of Richard The 3rd.

      • Beckstle says:

        His character is written with a Shakespearean vibe, and his performance does that justice. Think of Richard the Third. Actors recognize the level of work being done and they are the ones who voted for the award.

      • Bill says:

        His acting is terrible? It’s tge best on the show by far…. I’m not even knocking anyone else on the show saying there bad bc no one is.

      • ChicagoDan says:

        Agreed – he was far more three-dimensional and interesting. The wheels started to fall when we found out that Maya was alive, but he was still acceptable. This season, the writing for Rowan has been awful – he is just a one-note jerk and there’s nothing that makes you want him to stick around. Great adversaries have shades and depth and for whatever reason, the writers took that away from him. It’s too bad.

      • Maryann says:

        Totally agree that either he is a terrible actor ( or the director is terrible). I am so sick of his overacting I can sometimes barely stand to watch. Now if Olivia and Fitz could just find out what the character has done and we could see the final end of him.

      • CATV says:

        Thank you! It’s just like if you had read my mind! I hate everything about Rowan, but mostly, the endless, nonsense monologues; he just drives me crazy! I completely agree with you, he has to be gone soon… And by soon, I mean right now, of course.

        • Cheyenne says:

          It’s gotten to the point that whenever Rowan comes on the screen I pick up a book and start reading it until he leaves. I can’t stand to watch him any more. The over-acting and his stupid rants are driving me bananas.

      • ellen8 says:

        You answered your question. He won the Emmy because as an actor he is so great at making us hate him.

        • abz says:

          No, he isn’t make me hate him because of the character’s actions in the show. I don’t like him because his PORTRAYAL of the character is so awful and tedious to watch IMO.

        • abz says:

          No, he isn’t make me hate him because of the character’s actions in the show. I don’t like him because his PORTRAYAL of the character is so awful and tedious to watch IMO.

  3. Command says:

    Yes mother!

  4. Command says:

    Please, kill Fitz Maya.

  5. herman1959 says:

    Looking forward to it and hoping the break won’t be too long.

  6. leprecaun says:

    I’m not liking this ‘fall finale’ business……

  7. Christian says:

    Wish Mellie could be President she is the best character on the show. please get rid of Huck, he is repulsive since he tortured Quinn

  8. Overthinking says:

    Looks like it they are setting it up for the end of Daddy Pope and hopefully all things B613 including wooden Jake. Daddy Pope will have a hard time ‘splaining how/why mama Pope is alive.

  9. 1spunky18 says:

    I love papa Pope. Joe Morton is wonderful in his role. I hope they don’t kill him off. I don’t like what the character has done, but, I love the character; if that makes sense.

  10. Cheyenne says:

    Leave Maya in the hole, throw Rowan in with her, and toss a couple of switchblades down after them. Wait a few weeks and then haul out their remains and deposit in the nearest landfill. The end.

  11. clemie eckert says:

    This show is really getting nuts-Jeff Perry gets no recognition at all, neither does Tony Goldwynn. These two guys make the show – especially Perry. Can we finally get rid of Scott Foley and make him pay for the murders her committed (remember he buried two on the hit list)-and put an end to Joe Morton dramatic speeches already-enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. MC says:

    Is Olivia’s dad’s name Eli or Rowan?

  13. burger says:

    Back up off Joe Morton, surely you have a turn chan on your remote. Olivia, daddy’s always got your Back!