The Walking Dead Recap: Beth Toll

The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 4 Beth

Without ever making us dial 411, this week’s episode of The Walking Dead doled out a lot of valuable information: In its opening moments, it revealed where Beth has been all this time, and in its closing moments, it revealed where…

On second thought, keep reading. We’ll get to the end of “Slabtown” — and who’s in it! — when we get to it.

BACK IN THE ATL | As the hour began, Beth awoke at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta with stitches on her cheek and her hand in a cast. Shortly thereafter, police officer Dawn Lerner and Dr. Steven Edwards entered her room and explained that she had been rescued from a walker “rotter” attack. “So you owe us,” the cop added ominously. Beth immediately asked about Daryl but was told that, when she was picked up, she had been alone.

Next, we flashed forward a bit, and Beth appeared to be working off her “debt” as a nurse/orderly. Not only did she help Steven chuck an ill-fated patient down an elevator shaft (at the bottom of which walkers would dispose of at least some of the remains), she assisted in a procedure to stabilize a new patient named Trevitt (in whose survival Dawn was so very interested, she bitch-slapped our heroine to motivate the doctor).

SLEAZY DOES IT | Making matters worse, it turned out that there was something creepier inside the hospital than outside it: Dawn’s officers. One in particular — Gorman — seemed to have difficulty refraining from adding “nudge, nudge, wink, wink” to his request that Beth show some, ahem, appreciation for her rescue.

At least Steven seemed nice. He shared his lunch with Beth (guinea pig), treasured his Caravaggio painting and expressed a longing for a world in which they got to be better than the animals they’d become. (Anyone else get the impression that he would have hit it off fantastically with Milton?)

FRIENDS IN LOW PLACES | When Beth went to change the blouse that she’d bloodied while helping save Trevitt — Dawn likes things neat, Steven noted — she discovered a lollipop in her pocket, a gift from fellow orderly type Noah (Tyler James Williams, who is so innately lovable, it makes me fear for his longevity). But they had scarcely a moment to bond before another aide/prisoner named Joan was dragged in with a walker bite and forcibly given a life-saving arm-ectomy. Why was she so willing to die? We would soon find out…

First, however, Beth thanked Noah for the lollipop and asked him why Joan would risk her neck trying to escape when she could just work off her debt and go. Noah — clearly hip to the joint’s sketchiness — said that he had never seen it work that way, and he’d been there a year. What’s more, he seemed to think that Dawn and Co. had rescued him — and refused to rescue his bigger, stronger father — because the older man would have fought back (and, with his muscle, he might’ve won).

Curiouser and curiouser…

SUCKER PUNCH | Later, Dawn gave Beth what was probably supposed to be a pep talk, and Joan bitterly revealed to the newbie that she could understand how the cop does the evil things that she does. “I guess it’s easy making a deal with the devil,” the now-one-armed girl said, “when you’re not the one paying the price.”

Off this enigmatic chat, Beth went looking for her lollipop, only to find that Gorman was already enjoying it. Grosser still, he was determined to share it, forcing it into her mouth and then… Well, you can imagine what he would have done then, had Steven not interrupted.

Horrified to realize what a complete and total cesspool they were in, Beth asked the doc why on earth he stayed. And, though he told her the whole sad tale of Dawn’s predecessor, Hansen, and the costly mistakes he’d made, the short answer was, as bad as being inside the hospital is, it’s still better than being outside it. (Debatable.)

MAKE OR BREAK | Before clocking out for the day (from hell), Beth followed Steven’s orders and gave Trevitt an injection… which, to her surprise, killed him. To spare her Dawn’s wrath, Noah lied that he was to blame and, even though the cop knew he was just protecting his gal pal, got beaten to a pulp. WTF? Beth asked. In response, Dawn blathered on about how “every sacrifice we make has to be for the greater good,” for when they’re rescued and begin rebuilding the world. That’s why she’s cool with Noah being pummeled and Gorman forcing himself on Joan. The girls around the hospital “keep my officers happy,” she said. “The happier my officers are, the harder they work to keep us going.”

The next day, Beth and Noah did what anyone with half a brain would and decided to beat a hasty retreat. The plan: He’d keep an eye on Dawn while Beth snuck into the cop’s office and stole the key to the elevator. And it was going great, even after Beth discovered Joan dead on the floor (having reopened her wound with a pair off scissors so as to bleed out). But then — dun-dun-DUN — Gorman came in. Luckily, Beth convinced him that she was willing to play nice long enough to clock him with a jar of lollipops and feed him to the reanimated Joan.

After that, it was relatively smooth sailing for the duo — relative to other escapes on this show, that is — until they made it outside. Noah was able to elude the walkers and squeeze through a gate to freedom, but Beth… crap! She was apprehended by the guards. Yet, dire as her situation was, she was still so happy that at least her friend got away that she wore a defiant smile.

BEHIND ENEMY LINES | Back inside the prison hospital, Beth lashed out at Dawn and told her, “Nobody’s comin’! We’re all gonna die, and you let this [abuse] happen for nothin’!” As is the cop’s habit, she responded by striking Beth. (It didn’t seem to improve Dawn’s mood any that the glass of her framed photo of herself with Hansen had gotten broken along the way.)

Just as bad (worse?), no longer could Beth take any comfort in Steven’s company. When she accused him of setting her up to unwittingly kill Trevitt because he somehow knew the patient was a doctor, he admitted it. If they had another M.D. around, “they would have kicked me out,” he argued. He had no choice.

Unimpressed, Beth appeared to have made a choice herself — to kill Steven with a pair of scissors — when she was distracted by a new patient being wheeled in. A new patient with a familiar face — Carol!

OK, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Were you surprised to see Carol at the end? Hit the comments!

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  1. Sutton says:

    Meh, I didn’t care about the other characters featured in this, and Beth is completely devoid of any personality. I will try again next week!

    • judithzmarrs says:

      I so agree with this comment.

    • TooBadSoSad says:

      Nah, I have to disagree. This was a excellent episode of character evolution. Frankly, I wouldn’t have given two hoots if Beth had croaked in season two, but having seen her on the road with Daryl and how she has decided to stay in the fight for humanity, I think she’s well on her way to becoming a bad-ass. No, not a bad ass like carol (who started off as a wimpy, cowering abused wife) but she has become someone who is willing to do what it takes when things aren’t right. She’s learned her morality from Herschel and she’s learned her survival skills from Daryl and Rick and it will be interesting to see this melding progress.

  2. Mike says:

    The ending means we’re going to have another Beth episode doesn’t it. Sigh, this season was going so well.

    • omar says:

      Yes, more Beth please! :)

      • LC says:

        I agree! Let’s bring Beth back. Especially if we get to see the more bad a– Beth that we got to see this week. I have a theory about how Carol got there in the end and who is with Darryl in the wood when he said “Come on out.” Remember that Carol and Darryl jumped in that car to chase the car with the cross on the back. My theory is that they followed the car back to Atlanta and they’ve been watching the hospital ever since. Darryl knows they’re the ones who took Beth. When Noah escaped, he ran into Darryl and Carol who devised a plan to get Carol captured. Darryl and Noah went back to the church to bring Rick and Co. to Atlanta to save Beth. So I think this episode was a vehicle to bring them all back together again..

        • Lilly says:

          This is my theory (hope) too!! Of course, the writers tend to disappoint … and we’ll probably have to wait at least two weeks to find out!

          To those who’ve said this is like a soap opera, I disagree. HOWEVER, they do have one soap opera-esque quality, especially when the group is split up (which tends to be more and more often the last couple of years): They love to give you a cliff hanger at the end of an episode, and then make you wait 2-3 weeks to find out what’s happening! (I mean, a WEEK is torture for me with TWD, but more than that? Argh!!)

        • valerie t says:

          Totally agree with your theory. Also makes me wonder if Rick and co. are much closer to Atlanta than we thought.

      • klepp0906 says:

        Lol you got bad grades in reading comprehension didn’t you?

    • hud says:

      Why a fragmented ep? This usually is an indication we are going to start heading in a new direction.Please no!

      • KevyB says:

        Because they can’t afford to pay everyone to be in every episode. Expect another Beth episode and several episodes with the Bad Hair Gang or the Original Recipe Gang before they are all brought together prior to the “mid-season finale”.

        • Jo Montanee says:

          ์No. “Regulars” mean the casts will always be paid full season either you appeared on screen or not no matter how many episodes you appeared you are paid full season. “Recurrings” means you are paid according to ep you appear. Team Rick including Emily are Regulars so they are pain in full.

      • judithzmarrs says:

        This episode was so confusing. Why is it that once a show gets some real “meat” in it, writers slack off and don’t seem to have their hearts in it any longer…if bored, get more writers…I’m game.

        • Abby says:

          Disagree with you. That is all. The writers do not seem bored and I don’t know how you figure that, simply because you personally were bored with the episode.

    • Josh says:

      Seems more like we’ll get Carol kicking some serious butt. She’ll wake up, they’ll think they’ll have control over her and BAM…No more Dawn :p

    • judithzmarrs says:

      Beth is boring but tough like Carol.

    • Abby says:

      I don’t understand how one can hate Beth THAT much that it would ruin the season for someone. I love Beth, because the actress is supposed to almost always look naive and confused and scared and Emily does that perfectly. Also, the character of Beth, or innocent people like her “not made for this world”, are necessary to telling an ensemble story about a dangerous and apocalyptic world.

    • Next week looks like it’s an Abraham & co. episode.

  3. Will says:

    Whew…glad I read the recap first.

  4. wrstlgirl says:

    Love Beth, so glad we finally got to see where she is. Let’s hope Daryl and Carol have a plan to get her out. YAY!!!

  5. Ron says:

    Yes, I wanted to find out what happened to Beth. Yes, I wanted some sort of plot explanation with Beth’s situation. No, I didn’t want a full hour devoted solely to Beth. And no, I don’t want a majority Beth story next week. I hope next week really focuses on Daryl back with the group. Even though it looks like it will be more of a split between a Beth/Carol story and a Glenn/Maggie/those other 3 people story.

    • Jack says:

      If you watched the previews of next weeks, you would see that its not “a majority Beth story next week”. She does not even appear. It looks like it only focuses on Abraham and those on the bus.

  6. ProfNickD says:

    Eh, Walking Dead has basically become a soap opera.

    • Marc Scott says:

      It has not become a Soap Opera,It’s well writing and It shows how people would act in this kind of world theres no love affairs this one cheating on this one.The Walking Dead shows how people should act,if you want to live it’s time to kill or be killed and don’t feel sorry our sad.ProfNickD if you really think this show has become a soap opera you don’t have a clue to whats a really good show and a bad show,but to say the walking dead has become a soap opera has to be one of the dumbest comment I have read since I have been on the computer.

      • BP says:

        If you think this show is well written you need to get out of the house more often. Breaking Bad had good writing. Fringe had good writing. This show has a cool concept but the execution and writing are child like. I watch to laugh, nothing more.

  7. Eh, Walking Dead has basically become a soap opera.

    • Rachel says:

      Soap opera’s are boring, The Walking Dead is not. So therefore no it hasn’t.

    • Jack says:

      What soap operas are you referring to? I have seen a few, and none of them resemble Walking Dead. If there is one out there, then please let me know, so I can check it out.

    • Phantom says:

      That is just plain stupid……it is not even near a soap opera. It is a very engaging, exciting show that gets better each week. They have great writers…..they are just trying to let you know what happen to some of the other main characters. Give me a break. Enjoy the show and quit complaining. You don’t even know what a “soap opera” is like apparently…..because this show is no where even hear a “soap opera”.

  8. Jason says:

    Crazy Theory Time: Noah is Morgans nephew.

  9. imo says:

    beth is coming into her own now. she’s definitely a much stronger character now than even a couple of seasons ago. i love how all of rick’s group is so strong and centered when apart from the rest of the group.

  10. Big Mike says:

    Noah is obviously the person Daryl told to “come on out” of the woods at the end of last weeks ep.

  11. Jason says:

    I really hope that by the end of midseason the whole group is back together with no more splitting to come. Just everyone on their happy, merry way to Washington to “save the world”.

    • Jimmy says:

      Yeah, same. Although I doubt Washington will be all it seems, I think either Eugene is going to die before they get there (perhaps at Alexandria) or the whole place will be completely overrun and there won’t be any work going on to find the cure.

    • relaxxx says:

      Yes to all of this. Its like they didn’t learn anything from season 4. Its so much better when the groups together. If they want to do stand alone episode how about one with Rick n Michonne or Daryl n Michonne or Carl keeping Judith Eugene n Father Gabriel safe….or Judith just chillin in her Moses basket being a cutie. I would watch that. Those new twins playing Judith r friggin awesome.

  12. mar says:

    OMG, the most boring episode of the current season!

    • Elliot says:

      You got that down to a T (or should I say to a B, for boringggggggg?)

    • Marc Scott says:

      That episode was to show the viewers what happen to Beth and what kind of place the Hospital and who Rick and the group has to deal with,I thought it was well writing after I watched it,and to bring us back to Atlanta was really good.It also shows how Beth grew over the years and that she’s not a worthless Character.Two thumbs up I’m glad Beth’s back and we see more of her.

      • judithzmarrs says:

        I don’t care about Beth anymore really because I thought she was already dead so why bring her back…what purpose is Beth whom many folks have forgotten..don’t get it. I want a job writing…

        • Rodg says:

          She was never dead so they are not bringing her back.She was never gone,just separated from the group

        • Abby says:

          Stop. The writers are not creating a show just for you. The writing is not boring simply because it bores you. I happen to care what happened to Beth and appreciate this arc (and from the comments I’m not the only one), which I think is a necessity to the overall story. Does this make me right and you wrong? Of course not, but the important thing to note is that it doesn’t make you right. Give the show a break, it has to shift the focus around the whole ensemble sometimes.

  13. Jimmy says:

    I somewhat saw the purpose for the whole hour to be devoted to this story, but that didn’t make certain parts of the hour any less dull… Hopefully the group finds Beth soon or they kill her off… frankly, I don’t care which because Beth has never been a favourite character of mine. I really hope Carol is okay though! And my prediction is that Daryl found Noah who told him about Beth and that’s who he took with him back to the church.

    • Callie says:

      I totally hope your right with this prediction. I have to say though I’m not happy with this week’s episode. The whole group at the hospitalprison is full of a bunch of crazies wiEros that I can only tolerate maybe 1 more episide.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      I completely agree. The episode was fairly boring but that’s not a shocker given how fantastic the first 3 episodes this season have been. They have been fairly fast paced and action packed with great timing and story/character development so to out of no where switch over to Beth (no ones favorite character and can not be argued shes an exciting character) and her very slow burning story line at the hospital…just didnt gel with the pacing of the season so far.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      If i had to guess i would say its Noah that Daryl finds while trying to find Carol and Noah tells Daryl everything, Daryl brings them back to the church to regroup and go get Beth & Carol. I imagine Carol probably (a guess) is really out (not captured on purpose) but when she comes to, her and Beth plot to get out,, then they both go into kickbutt mode and as the group is trying to break in, they are trying to break out, one way or another all of the “cops” and doctor get “terminated” by the group (most likely Beth/Carol) and then consider the show showed Abraham give them a map telling them that its the way to D.C. and to follow it to meet up with them….so i imagine once Carol and Beth are back with the group, they will move on and go try to catch up to Maggie/Glen/etc.

  14. relaxxx says:

    So basically Beth was a plot device for Noah because his home in Virginia sounds like the Alexandria Safe Zone. Daryl will lose Carol but find Noah n when they make a rescue attempt to get Carol n Beth back maybe they will encounter Abe n company Spoiler…….. The bus Abe n co. R in will flip the group reunites maybe some people die but Noah right now seems to be the key to Alexandria. Go team Noah. So it looks like we will proberbly be going two more weeks without Rick Sexy Michonne Carl Judith n Co bummer.

  15. Brent says:

    I really like Noah and I liked the idea of the “Hospital of Horrors” but… man, I really wish they had given it to a different character. I haven’t cared much for Beth since her introduction in Season 2. Emily Kinney seems like a sweet and lovely girl but she just does not have the acting chops to carry a full hour on her tiny shoulders. That was painful.

  16. Jfkdjeeksj says:

    Why was Beth going to kill Stevens? He tried to help her and stuck his neck out so she wouldn’t get raped..

    • relaxxx says:

      He told her to give the other doctor the wrong medicine n Beth ended up killing him. He wanted the other Dr to die so he would be the only Dr there. He knew Dawn wanted to kill him. Plus Noah got the crap beat out of him for trying to protect Beth for what he did to the oncologist.

    • Abby says:

      He’s a killer. How does she know he won’t do it again, to her next time? They already lied to her about how she got there – saying they found her on the side of the road despite the cars with crosses in the parking lot when she and Noah got outside. She wasn’t passed out when they grabbed her outside the funeral home (happened too quickly, I think). She doesn’t remember anything so maybe she was drugged – who knows his drugs? The doc. It’s possible he’s a REAL baddie, not just some guy who “doesn’t have a choice.”

    • Brigitte says:

      I’m not sure she was going to. He was out in the open with other people around. Beth is smarter than that. I think she grabbed the first possible weapon she saw so that she is prepared for anything.

  17. Nicole says:

    You know I thought this was a really good episode. They really showed the growth of her character and they had lots of gross parts and walker kills for those who don’t like just the emotional episodes. But Beth has grown a lot and this episode was interesting to see what other type of people are still surviving out there!

  18. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    Glad to see Beth again and finally sticking up for herself (THANKS DARYL!) Anyhow the ending with Carol being wheeled into the hospital, Those 2 now can try and plan to escape. But i’m starting to QUESTION Carol, she is acting pretty WEIRD since she was reunited w/ everyone else.
    Also wanted to point out that in the ep. when they were at the church and Abraham was talking about Washington Carol was looking at the door like she wanted out and wants be on her OWN. So did hurt herself on purpose or did something really happened to her?

  19. Fernando says:

    Here’s a theory, what if this Carol Beth Arc is set between Carol’s exhile from the prision and Beth’s capture. I mean maybe Carol was in this hospital the whole time and i don’t know how she came out and found Tyresse with Mika and Lizzie. I’m just saying, because Carol looked so weird with all the group.

  20. omar says:

    You hate Beth’s character? Well Haters gonna hate. :) Loved this episode. Beth is one my favorite characters. She’s stronger and smarter. Can’t wait to find out what’s next with Beth and Carol storyline.

  21. Yunuem says:

    I got distracted through all the episode cause I could not stop thinking how much does the doctor look like Joss Whedon, and I thought it would have been cool if he made a cameo

  22. T says:

    I think.. Noah.. is.. Tyrese’s son! And that Darryl found him.. in.. the woods? Ha! Sounds plausible.. Lol.

    • Abby says:

      It just wouldn’t explain how Tyreese ended up with his sister even though Noah made no mention of an aunt being with them or that they had gone to get her. More plausible is the possibility that Morgan is the uncle Noah’s talking about, if he’s connected to anyone we already know.

    • DAG says:

      I thought the same thing. “They wouldn’t save my dad – he was too big and strong – he would have fought back” And, Tyrese has said a couple of times “You don’t know what I’ve had to do to survive” It’s probably more likely that Morgan is his uncle. But, it might explain Tyrese’s love for Judith. And, his extreme pain after the girls died – he allowed his boy to be taken.

  23. Luli says:

    Loved the episode!! I can’t wait to find out what’s next, but it looks like we’ll have to wait a while for it ’cause next week looks like an Abraham’s group centric episode…. :(

  24. Spence says:

    Finally another Beth-centric episode! I seriously don’t understand the hate for her character. Sure, she might not be as tough and ruthless as Daryl or Michonne or Rick, but I think that’s what makes her so important to the show. Very proud of Beth and I’m excited to see her reunited with the group.

  25. I actually like Beth and this episode did not grab me. I think it’s the fact that these guys feel like an extension of the random gang Darryl ended up with for like 2 episodes, and those guys were pretty uninteresting. Gotten a lot of survivor groups lately with very questionable social systems that it’s a wonder they’ve lived so long.

    • Abby says:

      I think that’s the point – there’s no set system in place so it’s anarchy. Even entering a new community that appears safe can be suspicious because you have to adapt to a whole new set of norms and behaviours. It’s not uniform like it was before the apocalypse, and they’ve almost all by now been given reasons not to trust people they meet.

  26. Mes Cross says:

    I was not at all surprised to see that Carol was wheeled in. It was a run-on from the previous episode “Strangers” whereas Carol and Daryl witnessed the car with the cross on the back speeding down the road. Clearly, when Daryl came back to the church, he informed his crew of the kidnapping, while Carol became bait for the “hospital”. Now Carol is infiltrating the hospital, with her cunning and deceptive capabilities and Daryl and the team are planning the escape plan! Great plot!

    • Abby says:

      I hope they found Noah and he’s in on the plan, too. But it’s also possible that both Carol and Beth don’t make it out, and when Daryl returns to the church he’s only with Noah because the plan went south…

  27. Alex says:

    I enjoyed this episode. Another dysfunctional post-apocalyptic group, who’d of thunk it?! But hey, at least they aren’t cannibal psychos or collecting zombie-heads-in-jars like Pokemon. Despite the power-tripping, the group does seem to still have a decent regard for the value of human life – most evidenced by the fact that they allowed Beth to live after all the @#$# she pulled! Meanwhile, Beth has grown to become a slightly more competent bratty narcissist. And no, the Doc definitely doesn’t deserve to die as he’s a smart mostly decent guy who saves people’s lives (unless it’s a job security issue) has great taste in music.

  28. AnnieM says:

    I was never crazy about Beth, but as time goes on, I like her more. She has become stronger and more capable over the past couple of seasons. I look forward to seeing her and Carol kicking Dawn’s butt and taking over the hospital group. I looked at my husband and said, “Hey – Wonder Woman and Supergirl!” :-D

  29. christopher bee says:

    It was also fun to see the Whale Rider again.

  30. KevyB says:

    What doesn’t make any sense is this story, which takes place in the past, is going to be forgotten next week with an episode of the GI Joe Gang, which takes place in the present. That’s just weird when the story from the past isn’t complete. I guess they didn’t want to torture us with too much Beth.

    • Rodg says:

      How do you it takes place in the past? It could very easily take place at the same time as the other storylines

    • Abby says:

      I’m pretty sure its in the present. There’s no way that Carol would have been in that hospital already and not left with Beth (or told them Beth was dead!) before reuniting with Tyreese. The difference in real-world time between Carol’s exile in s4e4 and her return following the downing of the prison was just one night.

      • Abby says:

        Not to mention the fact that it would have been impossible for Beth and Carols paths to cross inside that hospital at ANY point except the present. This is because their movements since the fall of the prison have been accounted for (or, when one’s movements could not be accounted for, the other person was not MIA).

  31. Lena says:

    I wonder when the writers will remember they have other female characters on the show and stop making everything about Carol. No development for Rosita, Tara, Maggie, Michonne…This season so far has been about propping up Carol.

    • Abby says:

      This is criticism of the season I can actually get behind. Its like there’s only room for one strong female to be a centre of the story at a time. For a while it was Lori, then Maggie, then ANdrea, then Michonne, now Carol. I also feel like Tara had tons of potential as a character but they’ve stopped writing anything for her and tossed her to the background.

  32. Elliot says:

    Terrible episode. The technical treatment was totally off the grid, particularly the part where Noah and Beth made it outside. Tsss. Slow plot development too, redundant in some places. Looked like the episode was being used as a test case for going avant garde… hah… in a zombified world. Blech

  33. Unknown says:

    I know it’s not possible but what if Noah is the nephew of the late great t-dog

  34. ray says:

    Although las nights episode was not con the exciting side, it did do its job, of explaining what happened To bet, daryl who struggled with the heart ache abd paín of not being able To protect her( remember the bond that grew is previous season) no daryl gets To redeem himself and fix what not only him bit also fans thought was his fault for letting his guardia dowb and being complasaint. The story of beths growth is in placer, the story of rick and the gangs complasancy( hope it is spelled right) is in place also, Carol has redeemed herself, no its daryls turno. To add To the episodes conclusión beth did not get away however noah did, what was not shown was noah met daryl and carol and told him what happen To beth, and just To get leyes and ears on the inside Carolina agreed To go un and let beh know all hell is about To break loose, noah went back with daryl To devise a plan To rescue beth carol and all who wants To come.

  35. Stefan says:

    I loved the episode. We’ve been waiting for so long to find out what happened to Beth and now that we finally did, I quite liked it. This new group of survivors were different than all the previous ones – a whole new level of dysfunctional. Can’t wait for Carol to kick their ass. Anyway, it was awesome to see Beth has changed as well and the actress did a great job, I don’t know why you are hating on her. I hope next week won’t about Abraham’s group only cuz they seem boring to me.

  36. lana says:


  37. Liza says:

    I love Beth and am glad to know what happened to Her, but an entire episode devoted to this storyline???? Ugh!!! I hate when they do these types of episodes, but even more, I hate the group is separated AGAIN!!!

  38. Lilly says:

    Unlike some here, Beth is a favorite character of mine. Not THE favorite – by a long shot – but I like the glimpse of innocence she keeps the show tethered to in their hellish world.

    That said, I can only handle ONE of these tangent-type shows at a time! They frustrate me because I want to know what’s going on with everyone else. And even though last night was “slower” than usual, I could stand it. EXCEPT that now it looks like we have at least two more shows before we get back to “the group.” Next week looks like the Glenn & Maggie tangent. Then we have at least one more at the hospital before anyone is reunited. Although I am excited to see what happens when Carol “wakes up.” I still think Noah ran in to Darryl and Carol outside the hospital, and they sent Carol in as a Trojan horse type scenario. We’ll see … in a couple of weeks…. Grrrrrrrrr!

  39. The Carpooler says:

    I’m growing to enjoy Beth more and more. I was pleasantly surprised by this episode. I liked the story arc, it was nice to see what happened to her (not what I expected regarding by whom she was taken). The hour went really quickly and I was left wanting more.

  40. Whatevah says:

    I personally don’t understand all the Beth hate. That being said, since I don’t hate the character, I enjoyed this episode. So a big YAY for me.

  41. Judith Marrs says:

    I think there should have been some sort of intro to at least hint to the viewer what was going on. I kept changing channels, thinking I had the wrong show on.

  42. Marge says:

    Why after all this time is the group still so close to Atlanta??? At this rate the bus will never get to DC.

  43. David says:

    My take on it – Daryl and Carol followed the cars back to the hospital – Daryl says Beths in there, and I’m going to go in and get her, but Carol stops him and says I know a better way – She get taken so she on the inside to find Beth and get the 2 of them out to a waiting Daryl – Now Daryl was watching and waiting outside and saw Beth attempt to escape with Noah. When he sees Beth not make it, he picks up Noah, finds out wants going on and goes back to get more help from the group.

    • Lilly says:

      I agree with you that Carol is a Trojan horse, but I think Noah ran in to Darryl AND Carol on his way out. He told them what the black cars did. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have known to have Carol play possum to get brought in there. And, of course, Noah would have told Darryl/Carol that they would never take Darryl in because he looked too strong. I’m seriously hoping that Carol, Beth AND Noah walk out of those trees back at the church!

    • Robert says:

      That seems reasonable, David. Better than Carol leaving Daryl and swearing never to return to Rick and Co. She joins up with Beth and they replay “Arsenic and Old Lace”, using drugs and walkers to do in Slabtown’s finest.

  44. So last week we have Daryl coming out of the woods, with “someone”. Will it be Carol and (please no) Beth? And if it is Beth will she sing :(. I actually paid money for my episode….damn it!

  45. joe says:

    beth rock!!!!!

  46. Robert says:

    Beth is Beth and I think she handled herself well. Hope this doesn’t go on all season, though. I’m left with a sense of wonderment over Slabtown itself, though.

    Those officers seem to have no trouble moving gurneys and themselves to ground floor and back. How are the cops moving so freely? Where is the other service elevator? Hospitals are full of them.

    The cops seemed well fed. All of them. They must have found a functioning donut shop.

    It’s been more than a year since the bombs went off in Atlanta, so why is it still burning? And haven’t the Vatos from season one found this hospital? I bet hospitals would be high on a survivor’s list.

    Where is that electricity coming from? Even though we saw batteries, how are they recharging them?

    It looked like the service basement was filled with a handful of dead. Shoot, Rick and crew cleared out a freakin’ prison for heaven’s sake. Couldn’t this lazy bunch of cops clear out and seal off their own turf?

    Just how far from Atlanta have Rick and Co. gone? Did Dale’s caravan not get more than 20 miles from downtown? I gotta go back and freeze frame Abraham’s map.

    • Abby says:

      Remember they left the farm eventually so no matter how far Dale’s RV got, when they were basically going in circles between the farm and the prison, they could have moved themselves closer to the city again. I know that they name-dropped a real GA town in the opener of s3 (Newnan) which isn’t that far from Atlanta at all. They indicated it was near the prison…

  47. Oz says:

    this episode was so disappointing. Don’t care about Beth. Just when I was loving dead again they pull this. Really didn’t like any of the other characters. More like this and I’m done. Sad

  48. klepp0906 says:

    Beth is annoying and ungrateful

    • The Carpooler says:


    • Lilly says:

      And inaccurate. Although I like Beth, I accept some find her annoying. Ungrateful? Where on earth do you get that?! Surely you don’t mean she should have had sex with Gorman in gratitude for “saving” her out from under Darryl’s nose?

  49. Joanne says:

    Everyone is going to like and relate to different characters on the show that is why they have so many different personality types on the show. For me, I couldn’t care less about Beth. I find her character annoying and if she sings one more time, I will scream. Even if they develop her character to be tougher I don’t believe the actress playing her has the depth to portray a change in character convinsingly. My opinion is that the actress who plays Beth is a bad actress. That being said, I do enjoy the Show most of the episods are good and keep me interested. This season has started out good, this last one was a bad one but it will get good again. The Beth character is just being used to segway into the meat of the show.

  50. Sharon says:

    There has been a lot of talk of a “spin off”. I think all of these episodes that don’t include the main group are an attempt to see which actors to split apart for the “spin off”. Beth, Noah, Carol and the doctor in a Virginia or Atlanta group? Abraham (with Maggie, Glenn and Tara) in a DC group? It may be “pilots” within the series as test balloons to see who will fly.