Ratings: Grimm and Constantine Drop, Shark Tank and Amazing Race Tick Up

Contsantine Ratings

NBC’s Grimm drew 4.5 million total viewers and a 1.1 demo rating on Halloween night (per finals), down 15 and 21 percent from its season opener.

Leading out of that, Constantine (3.1 mil/0.9) dropped 28 and 36 percent from its week-ago debut.

Over on ABC, Last Man Standing (6.7 mil/1.2) added 5 percent and a tenth, Cristela (5.4 mil/1.0) grew its audience a bit while flat in the demo and Shark Tank (7.8 mil/2.0) rose 10 and 11 percent, matching its season high demo.

CBS’ Amazing Race (5.9 mil/1.1) was up 9 percent and a tenth and Hawaii Five-0 (9.5 mil/1.1) added a few eyeballs, but Blue Bloods (11.4 mil/1.1) slipped 15 percent in the demo.

Fox’s Utopia (1.5 mil/0.5) returned down 11 and 29 percent… The CW’s Top Model (800/0.3) shed some viewers while flat in the demo.

Shark Tank drew the night’s best demo rating (nearly doubling its nearest rival), while Blue Bloods copped the largest audience.

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  1. Ray says:

    Awful ratings for Constantine. With ratings like that and such precipitous drops only in week 2, cancelation is imminent.

    • Chris says:

      It aired its second episode on Halloween night, so of course ratings would be lower!

      • Moment says:

        Nah, that’s not the Halloween effect. That’s the people losing interest effect after watching the pilot.

        • Chris says:

          The pilot for “Constantine” wasn’t terrible! Why does everyone else think that the pilot was terrible?

          • Chris says:

            But at least the show got rid of Lucy Griffiths! She was the weakest part of the “Constantine” pilot!

          • Moment says:

            People will have different reasons as to why they don’t like the show. Anyway I wouldn’t worry too much, yes the show is in trouble but it’ll air the 13 episodes produced and will likely just be canceled by NBC and Hannibal will air in the slot next year. Some people were worried that if this show got back nine it would delay the premiere of Hannibal lol.

          • jag says:

            because after you see gotham with its reach tone, and it replace dracula which has a mile difference on visuals and shows like penny dreadful, your expecting that this is constantine, hellblazer man! itll be better than the movie and far up than supernatural. But with the first eps possession scene where insects rome and the girl flying like they do on b movies, epic fail. The 2nd eps is a far improvement but i dont realy care for John. It seemed he is to cocky and indestructible. Yoyu have to have some compeling weakness in the character to make this cartoon work.

          • dabro01 says:

            Because it wasn’t very entertaining. I have tried to start the 2nd episode 3 times and turn it off after 10 or so mins. No real draw.

      • Ray says:

        If Halloween was a factor, ratings would be down across the board but both CBS and ABC had week to week gains. The fact is that viewers left in droves after Constantine’s abysmal pilot.

  2. Tran says:

    Blue Bloods gave Constantine a run for its money in the 10 p.m. Friday night time slot. Don’t know how Constantine is going to survive in the coming weeks.

  3. Sam Cro says:

    The Hollywood liberals and feminists are killing off the good shows which had strong male casts by insisting more females get added. So the female is given the part written for the male actor without any change or logic it is a girl in a man’s role. This is just taking good parts for men and giving them to woman for some liberal social experiment and quota. Then you ask why are the strong male action shows like Grimm failing when a female action character is added.

    Even Big Bang that was about social awkward male geeks and one hot girl has turned into Friends.

    There’s no reason to think that the average American woman doesn’t enjoy male-centric movies more than female-centric ones. Maybe women also prefer action flicks like Iron Man over romantic chick flicks like Eat Pray Love. If Iron Man had been Iron Woman and EPL had been about a man doing soulsearching, the box office probably would have been a flop.

    • What does this have to do with anything? Writers are utilizing more female characters to reflect the change in pop culture (realism), not to pander to demographics. Gone are the shows with all male casts. Get used to it. Sausagefests are boring.

      • Jude says:

        Sam Cro ….. I agree… I am an older but pretty modern female. I listen to metal and progressive rock and live for action flicks. Last chick flick I watched was P.S. I LOVE YOU ( just to see JDM’s naked butt!!! LOL) My grandchildren and friends are always hanging around to talk and watch action flicks with me or go to concerts.So I’m not some crazy person.

        TigerNightmare speaks for a portion of the people maybe, but I and a large number of others love male-centric TV and movies. If I want whiny, simpering, demanding female REALISM as TN suggests then I will watch reality shows.

        I want escapism, I deal with enough female reality in the workplace. SUPERNATURAL has survived for 10 years on an all-male cast. When that chick Dawn-something-or other (who ran CW for awhile) demanded female additions…..Ruby and Bela were added……. but it was the fans who dubbed them RUBELLA and then demanded the disease be cut out of the show.. And the show continues to thrive with both male and female fans. So apparently some of the population love TN’s ‘sausagefests”.

      • rinaex says:

        Well, I agree that liberals and feminists have nothing to do with this, but I disagree that “sausagefests” are boring. I don’t think there’s anything wrong at all with having a show with a primarily male point of view, just like there’s nothing wrong with having shows with a primarily female point of view. My only wish when new characters are added is simply that they add to the story. I think Trubel on Grimm does that so far.

        • Sam Cro says:

          If girl shows are so interesting, why don’t they spin off an all girl Grimm or female Big Bang instead of watering down the male versions? Because they would fail.

      • Sam Cro says:

        So says the Homos and feminists. This is why Broadcast TV is failing. 4.5 MILLION out of a nation of 320 MILLION. why bother.

        • The voice of the out of touch man who does not like women in his fiction, ladies and gentlemen. Non sequitur and straw man arguments about how TV shows today are never seen by 100% of the population (which has never been the case). Today, the highest rated shows, the most awarded shows as well as the most critically acclaimed shows have featured both men and women. From CBS’ plethora of high viewership procedurals to sleeper hits (for a Friday) like Hannibal to the longest running animated program in history The Simpsons. I imagine it would be much more difficult to find any show on the air today that does not feature at least one prominent female character outside of gay porn. What is this guy even looking for? The A Team? Knight Rider? There has been nothing of cultural significance in the past 25 years like that.

          Look, dude. Most of us outgrew our anti-girl phase by the time we turn 8 years old. If you can’t relate to a character because they lack similar genitalia, the modern world has no place for you. It shows a frightening lack of empathy and imagination.

    • Moment says:

      @Then you ask why are the strong male action shows like Grimm failing

      Grimm isn’t failing. It has a nice little syndication deal too. It also hit a 1.1 last season too, it’s how it recovers, which it will that matters.

    • J.B. says:

      [Insert Bye Felicia GIF here]

    • mary says:

      That’s interesting and very brave of you to say! I am a female and LOVE action flicks. I can’t get enough of Jason Statham movies right now. Grimm is one of my favorite shows and Trubel isn’t adding much for me. (BTW I am older, educated,married, and four adult children.) Nick needs his powers back pronto, and Trubel needs to fade into the background. I love police dramas and it amazes me when they put scrawny anorexic girls as “tough cops”. No that doesn’t fly. I draw exception with Blue Bloods, I really like Danny’s and Jaime’s partners.

    • Sam says:

      Exactly. Ratings fall when you mess with a winning combo of plot and characters. Start messing with those two things and start watching the beginning of the end of the show. That is the problem I have with Trubel. She is a good actress and character but she is killing the premise of the Grimm that premiered 4 seasons ago. So give her her own sho! I don’t want to see the show end but if Trubel stays and they keep going this direction, it will die.

  4. Laura Goetz says:

    Grimm was awesome as usual!

  5. Elaine says:

    They would do better if they had a better lead-in. It’s a news program which I don’t watch.

  6. Jude says:

    Network destroyed this one themselves when they opted to deprive the main character of his ever-present signature vice…….. His self-destructing chain-smoking…….. A fan of this character for many years, I tried to watch it and all I saw was some scruffy guy, with a heavy accent, in a trench-coat that needed to go to the dry-cleaners and a lot of CGI… So I’m not going there again. I was so looking forward to the show when they announced it too. What a shame….

    The day will come when the “For-your-own-good” health-nazis manage to get having long nails banned…. then I guess Wolverine will lose his claws…..

    • BrittBrat says:

      What are you even talking about? Some people don’t need computers!

    • rinaex says:

      The pilot was terrible, and that had nothing to do with the main character not smoking.

      • lechatnoir says:

        The pilot was essentially a mix of Haven and supernaturals. It wasn’t mediocre but frankly forgettable .The cinematography needs to be tweaked , at this point it looks like anything lese on tv right now . They made a tea total constantine , I believe he was bisexual . They got that out of the way too. Whitewashing is a terrible exercise .

    • Sheila says:

      I’ve seen this complaint repeatedly. Is it really so important to you to have the character smoke? That seems like the most ridiculous reason to be upset about a show!

  7. Cookely says:

    Well when the Grimm ain’t a grim it’s just no fun! Also tired of hexenbeast !

  8. Moria says:

    How does Top Model stay on tv? Most of the shows on basic cable get higher ratings. I don’t get it.

  9. matt says:

    Lori G has a good deal going. She gets paid to be on Shark Tank…Invests money to make more money and then you switch the channel and all her items are being hawked on QVC

  10. Moment says:

    I’m not happy with those TAR numbers, but I am happy that it’s keeping pace with the other shows on CBS Fridays. All 3 shows pulling a 1.1, I can accept that.

  11. Carla Krae says:

    It was Halloween. Bet the DVR numbers will be higher than last week because people were out.

  12. Sheldon W. says:

    It’s a shame that Constantine dropped – now that all the exposition of the premiere was out of the way, it kicked much @$$!

    • Jassyca says:

      Old fan of Constantine here. I agree that the pilot wasn’t great but it did an okay job of introducing the character and his background. (Although, the electro-shock therapy scene was both over-the-top -and- ridiculous.) The second episode was levels better than the first. I dvr’d both Grimm and Constantine because they were broadcast on Halloween; what’s the use of even *trying* to watch when you know you’re going to be constantly interrupted every few minutes? So I just finished watching both only a few minutes ago.

      I can see why the writers got rid of Liv (female character from the pilot). Her character was very limiting. She would’ve end up turning into one of The Doctor’s companions where all she would do is gasp “John what is *that*?” and stand around waiting for John to save everyone. Constantine is more fun when he’s interacting with someone who can dish crap right back at him, tit for tat. There are some things they desperately need to work, one of them being Matt Ryan. While he certainly looks the part, it feels like he’s just going through the motions, just reading lines from a script. If that doesn’t get fixed, and quickly, there’s no hope for this show.

  13. David4 says:

    That many people watch Shark Tank?! It get’s a 2.0?! Damn!

  14. Imzadi says:

    I love Grimm, and I love Hawaii 5-0. I always watch one and TiVo the other for Saturday viewing. I usually watch H5-0 because it’s bright and light and save Grimm to watch in the daytime when it’s less scary. I’d better switch and watch Grimm and TiVo H5-0 to help its ratings! I need my David Giuntoli, Sasha Roiz and, at least for now, Alexis Denisof; and for totally different reasons, Silas Weir Mitchell (but he IS cute!).

  15. kirads09 says:

    I am really enjoying Constantine so far. We have only had 2 episodes so far. I think it is way to soon to judge it. Hopefully it will pick up ratings wise and/or gets moved to a better timeslot. Although one would think Grimm a perfect lead in. I really love what Matt Ryan is bringing to the character and thought Ep 2 was a good introduction of Zed.

  16. kirads09 says:

    Dear Grimm showrunners –

    Make Trubel go away for good please.
    Make Nick the Grimm again
    Stop wasting Silas’ enormous talent by sidelining him as just sometime comic relief or consultant
    Let Wu in on everything
    Connect the Wesen of the week to original tales as this show started out to.
    Give us more of the mythology and Royal’s story

    Then maybe your ratings will go up again?

  17. christine says:

    This is the network’s fault. Constantine should be amazing but they arent the right fit. HBO or Showtime or even Starz would have been a better fit. This is a very watered down Constantine. Its not terrible but when compared with what it should be it is a very pale shadow. The show has no ambience, its visually flat, the set up was poorly executed and it feels thrown together. Dissapointing.

  18. Kelly says:

    I enjoy Constantine, I am sick of all these damn reality shows and other snooze fest shows that are shoved down our throats…Glad to read this AM that Utopia was cancelled, perhaps others will follow suit. Some are just plain a waste of air time.

  19. MTRRM says:

    I have never watched the Amazing Race or Dateline. I’d rather relax on a Friday night with Constantine and Grimm. It’s fantasy vs. competition and reality. I’ll take fantasy.