Is S.H.I.E.L.D. Security Lax? Could Flash Use Paperweights? Good Wife Gal MIA? Ziva Remembered? And More TV Qs!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Criminal Minds, Nashville and The Vampire Diaries!

America's Next Top Model1 | Did Top Model‘s decision to show a disembodied shot of Adam’s naked torso strike you as exploitative, or was he pretty much courting that kind of treatment when he declared, “Every time that I get to shoot with my shirt off, it really does play to my strengths”?

2 | On Hawaii Five-0, did McGarrett’s new lady friend give you an old-school Katherine Kelly Lang vibe? And should pretty Ellie stick around?

3 | Why in the world are Grimm’s Nick and Juliette still living in that house where terrible things keep happening? And isn’t it time to let Wu in on the Wesen secret?

Once Upon a Time4 | Show of hands, Good Wife fans: Who teared up during Diane and Alicia’s return to the Lockhart-Gardner office space? And why hasn’t the show addressed Robyn’s status?

5 | Which of these intimate Once Upon a Time snapshots was most improbably captured by any possible third-party photographer?

6 | If The Walking Dead’s Maggie and Beth were as close it always seemed, shouldn’t the former be working as hard to find her MIA sister as she did to reunite with Glenn, rather than taking off for D.C. with Abraham?

boardwalk-empire7 | Who caught Matt Lauer’s surprise cameo in the Boardwalk Empire finale?

8 | Who else wants Corbin’s hot, de-Wendigo’d son to make another appearance on Sleepy Hollow? And shouldn’t the Witnesses have invested in better locks for the Masonic cell?

9 | Can’t The Voice bring on Taylor Swift as a full-time coach in the next cycle or two? She’s probably not that busy, right?

10 | Did The Originals pluck Aiden Originals_Aidenfrom a Gucci ad or something? Goodness!

11 | When might The Flash’s Dr. Wells splurge on extra paperweights, given how things go flying every time Barry bolts? And given her fantastic turn on Flash, can we add Felicity Smoak to every CW show? (Maybe she could talk some sense into Elena Gilbert and hack something for the Winchesters?) That said, TVLine reader Brigitte wonders: “Felicity did have some amazing dresses, but how many times did she change clothes in one day?”

12 | NCIS mentioning Ziva: “Finally!” or “Too little, too late”?

13 | Didn’t About a Boy‘s Fiona handle her Halloween sugar binge much better than you thought she would?20Qs-SHIELD

14 | But can Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s Ward do the salmon ladder? Speaking of which: After locking him up for months in the highest-tech prison, you cart him away in garden-variety handcuffs? Really?

15 | ​Between Lissa mistakenly popping Molly on Awkward, then Lauren accidentally taking E on Faking It, did we miss a memo about MTV’s “Drug Your Friends” Tuesday?

16 | Wouldn’t Arrow’s Nyssa operate even stealthier if her leather get-up wasn’t so shiny and light-reflecting? And could it be that Malcolm, being the “honest” one, told Thea that her brother is the Arrow and she’s just playing dumb?

17 | Did everyone hug their trick-or-treating moppets extra-tight after watching Criminal Minds’ Halloween episode? And did the show intend to make/us Hotch fear the worst for a brief moment, when Jack wasn’t in his bed?!

18 | Why can’t Gwyneth Paltrow be half (or even a third) as brilliantly self-deprecating in real-life interviews as she is playing Web Therapy‘s clueless Maya Dinesh?

19 | How much cross-promotion can one show possibly contain? ABC’s Nashville likely set a new record with nods to Dancing With the Stars, Good Morning America and the CMA Awards in one episode. Also, how much do we have to bribe the writers to give us a Juliette/Avery scene that lasts longer than 90 seconds?

20 | Those Stalker detectives sure do love inventing probable cause, huh?

Vampire Diaries Kai21 | Does anyone else kind of like The Vampire Diaries‘ Kai? He’s a terrible, murderous psychopath, sure, but isn’t he strangely likable, too? Also, do most colleges offer occult studies, or is that just a TV thing?

22 | Scandal‘s Olivia Pope has many talents, but is committing Jake’s 10-digit offshore bank account number to memory after only hearing it once — and during a stressful moment! — her greatest achievement to date? Did Quinn’s reveal of the locker contents somehow make that storyline even less interesting? And can we get a companion series chronicling Bitsy’s years as First Lady?

23 | Did How to Get Away With Murder actually think it could get away with giving us an episode void of a single sex scene/innuendo centered on Jack Falahee’s Connor? Also, did the leap from “reasonable doubt” to “you’re freed from death row” in the case of the week make you wish the show would poach a legal expert from the Good Wife writers’ room?

24 | Did it feel like The Big Bang Theory 20Qs-TodaySNLwas building to some kind of big, possibly dark twist with Billy Bob Thornton’s borderline psychotic character?

25 | Which Today anchor more fully committed to his SNL-themed Halloween costume: “Spartan cheerleader” Willie Geist or Matt Lauer-as-Pat?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Matthew Weber says:

    So just realized that that was Billy Bob Thornton. Holy S*&^. Mind Blown.

    • Kim R says:

      I kept saying..that’s him right? And then I’d doubt it. Then I imdb’d him and it wasn’t listed. There is an actor that looks a little like him so I thought…well maybe that’s who it is. Ha. He was great anyway, no matter who it was! :D

      • Matthew Weber says:

        I rewatched it, it is definitely him. But I didn’t realize it the first time through because he was so clean shaven and well dressed. He always looks haggard and unkempt, so I didn’t recognize him.

    • dan says:

      I figured it out while he was walking up the stairs talking to Sheldon during his first scene. I couldn’t believe it was him. The toupee was terrible, but his character was great in a creepy sort of way. Perfect for TBBT!

    • Lore says:

      I knew he was familiar, but damn

    • Jennifer says:

      Thought it might be him when I first saw him, when he started talking I was 98% sure. I checked end credits to be sure even though I already knew it was him. I love that the show didn’t advertise this, I’m sick of being “teased” by commercials and the media about some big name star who’s going to appear on any tv show. Take notes media world: sometimes it’s better to leave the big name guest star a mystery, no need to jam it down viewer’s throat. Let viewers be surprised. If fans miss it I guarantee it can be found online somewhere. As for Thornton, I almost forgot he has dimples. Never seen him so clean shaven, oh but the power of soap, hot water and a bath! Best Big Bang Theory guest star since Bob Newhart!

  2. Kathleen says:

    #17 – Kid’s name is Jack. And yes.

  3. Shar says:

    How did Abby get the job at the White House when clearly no one seems to like her? Did I miss the explanation? thanks

  4. Mary says:

    Of the Once pictures, I’d say the one of Regina and Robin. Emma and Neal were outside, and there’s a better chance of someone offering to take a picture of them in the city than someone doing that at Granny’s in Storybrooke.

    And yes, I wondered if Malcolm has told Thea about Oliver being the Arrow.

  5. Pam says:

    4. Yeah I teared up. But because I loved the F/A space and I hate they moved back to L/G. It’s like everything happened in season 5 was just a waste of time. It was supposed to be a fresh start for the show and now here we are again with old offices, old L/G partners, old issues (aka parassite partners like Lyman…one of the reasons Cary and Co. left but apparently he’s the only one who still remembers why they left L/G) and with Cary being pushed aside because he’s a man and that doesn’t match with Diane’s plans about the biggest firm run by women ( which apparently nedeed to be founded to Cary’s expense). Yeah, I teared up a lot.

    • DW says:

      Yeah, I am against the move back to old offices. Liked the new digs much better and I agree with you about what they are doing to Cary. Apparently this season will be all about Cary being in trouble and walked over by the “power” women at the firm. The only saving grace is that they leave no doubt that Cary was/is correct about why they left last year. Hopefully Cary will be vindicated on all fronts before this season is over. If the show is turned into a 100% womens’ power piece then it will have jumped the shark.

      • Lucy says:

        Returning to the Lockhart Gardner offices was a letdown. it’s not a full circle. It’s a big step back. Despite what Alicia said to Cary, “it’s always us”, the truth is that she’s helping Diane to create the exact same law firm they were so eager to break away from and Cary has no voice in this firm’s direction, exactly like in the old one. They did even hire Lyman without consulting him. And then Diane and Alicia in the prime offices, looking across at each other in the power spots and Cary, with his ankle monitor and curfew, banished to David Lee’s old office…yeah, pretty touching scene. They’re leaving Cary with nothing (if not leftovers). Every hope, dream and decent thing the guy has ever wanted or worked for just keeps getting pulled away from him. Her partner continually disregards his opinions though she hides behind the “majority rule” argument. And do I have to tear up because Alicia has Will’s office now? No, thanks.

  6. Daisy says:

    16. And could it be that Malcolm, being the “honest” one, told Thea that her brother is the Arrow and she’s just playing dumb? No. She talked to Malcom at the end and he clearly hadn’t told her anything. It seemed he was testing her to see what she had possibly figured out.

    22. Olivia remembering number sequences? She’s done it before in previous episodes.

  7. Tran says:

    #25 – The Today hosts are at again this time dressing up as characters from Saturday Night Live. Wasn’t happy last time when Matt Lauer was donning a red bathing suit and a blonde wig from the TV series Baywatch.

  8. jerrired says:

    10. I thought he was cute on Devious Maids, but on The Originals he’s suddenly gorgeous! Maybe it’s the looks plus the character personality change?
    21. Oddly, I love Kai. He and the Damon and Bonnie interactions have been the highlight of the season thus far, actually the highlight of the past three seasons. I hope they bring him into the Mystic Falls stuff and at least keep him until the season ends. He’s been the only villain with charism since Katherine and Klaus left. Definitely a favorite character.

    • Julia says:

      21. I completely agree, Kai is a great villain, I really like him. Not sure if I “like like” him or just appreciate the way the actor plays the character, but seeing him on screen now makes me happy to watch TVD. I definitely enjoy that (so far) he is an unapologetic villain, I mean, we don’t yet know the backstory with his family, but it does take something to render a detailed description of the murder of his family and going over to another part of conversation in 2 seconds as if he’d discussed the weather or some sporting event.
      I really enjoy seeing him and hope he sticks around for a while, most definitely a favorite villain!

      Also, 10. I have not seen Devious Maids, but damn that guy looks good! Love the dynamics between Aiden and Josh so far, they could be quite interesting.

      • jerrired says:

        I definitely agree too. I’m not sure if it’s the character or the actor, or both, but the TVD writers need to keep him around as long as possible. He just works. As you mentioned, I love how he’s evil and unapologetic about it. Even if he had a hard life, I doubt anything he reveals can justify murdering his entire family. And I like that. After Katherine, I definitely think he’s my second favorite villain (and maybe third, if you consider Damon season 1 a villain, which I do)

        10. Ugh yes! Aiden and Josh are going to be so great. I never noticed how dork Josh kind of is until he was on his date with Aiden. It’s going to be an interesting dynamic and relationship for sure. Can’t wait to see how it develops. I just hope Aiden doesn’t get killed anytime soon.

  9. maria says:

    #12: My reaction was neither “finally” nor “too little too late.” My thought was “Well done. Time to move on.”

  10. Boiler says:

    Couldn’t #1 ask same of DWTS, Big Brother, Survivor, etc, etc.

  11. Katherine215 says:

    23. I don’t care about the leap – wrongly accused people serving years in prison and then getting freed is a thing for me. I cried buckets for that guy, and Annalise’s genuine happiness for him really got me, too.

    • dan says:

      The show’s biggest downfall is their purposeful ignorance of the legal system in the “case of the week” plots. The Supreme Court doesn’t take evidence with witnesses (except in NY where the Supreme Court is actually a lower tribunal than the Appellate Court). I expected Annalise to argue her position that there is new evidence and to have the Court agree to re-open the case, but to have witnesses (including a sitting Senator who just so happens to be across the street sitting in his office with nothing else to do???) testify in front of the Court with a decision to overturn the 21-year-old ruling in just minutes was ridiculous. Other than that, I like the mystery of HTGAWM and I’m loving Viola Davis!

      • Katherine215 says:

        Yeah, but does the average person know that? I was surprised at how quickly it moved, but since I’m not very knowledgeable about the court system, I set it aside pretty easily.

        • aadil says:

          I average person know that. this could have been split into two episode. There is no way the guy would have been free right away until further investigation was done into senator and Annalise accusation.

  12. ninamags says:

    #12. Ugh, time to move on already. Some of those scenes were cringeworthy. And once again, apparently, people need to remind DiNozzo that he is “hurting” or whatever. Because we wouldn’t know there was anything wrong with him otherwise.

    Him dating all those girls? He used to do that on a fairly regular basis.

    #11. The Winchesters already have their own wunderkind, computer babe-Charlie.

  13. JC1 says:

    14) After locking him up for months in the highest-tech prison, you cart him away in garden-variety handcuffs? Really?
    Yeah that was ridiculous. But hopefully this means they aren’t going to try to make him back into a good guy. He was seriously creepy with Skye, and that was some Regina Mills level of delusion (or a bad attempt at manipulation) when he told Coulson he was still a part of his team.

    • Casto says:

      It’s possible that they wanted him to escape now that they feel like they got all the info from him they could.

      • JC1 says:

        The problem I have with the setup idea is that he very likely killed those guards. So if it’s a setup, it involved planning the deaths of innocent people.

        • Unless of course they’re psyching us out, and the guns were Night-night pistols. I mean they were a fairly heavily used item last year and I don’t know that we’ve seen them once this season.

          • Elf says:

            Ward is too smart for that: He’d look for blood. And it’s more likely the guards died from blows to the neck anyway.

  14. JC1 says:

    Also yes, way past time for Wu to be in on the secret. :(

  15. Misscar says:

    Okay now you have me even more convinced that Coulson set things up so Grant Ward
    would actually never make it into his brothers custody and this was all part of some elaborate take a third option plan. Tracking devices anyone? Grant having a twisted family is the only thing that he has said that I actually still believe.

    Although this was not a set up then those guards were morons. They were warned.

  16. A says:

    11. I want Felicity to be on every show I watch. She’s awesome :)

  17. herman1959 says:

    (11) How about investing in an actual track/wind tunnel/test room for Barry, Dr. Wells. And, while we’re at it, step up the security because it was just too easy to steal the Cold Gun (yes, I know Cisco shouldn’t have made it, but still…).

    (22) Yes, Olivia should have written the number down if only to ease Jake’s mind.

    (23) Thank you to no sex scene for Connor this week. And, the new evidence should have resulted in a new trial, then release, but this is Shondaland y’all!

  18. sarah j says:

    11)Lol about the paper weights! Yes she did have lots of pretty dresses and it was funny that she changed clothes that many times.

    16)Yes she could, the jacket also seems like would get in the way. I wondered the same thing, I have a feeling that Malcolm told Thea because I do not trust Thea t this point. She was so mad at Oliver and now she seems to have forgiven him and I do not buy it.

    19)I agree on everything

    21)I am sure that there actually is a course out there at some real life college that has occult studies. So just did a quick google search and YES there are schools out there have occult courses!

    • Ninina says:

      16. Maybe Thea know already Oliver is Arros but she is not telling him until she finds the right moment tfor her interest o reveal that, she still playing like she does not know anything. Remember that it was never shown on screen either that Ollies mom knew his secret from a time and she just told him she knew the day Slade murdered her. We all assume she never knew anything but she did. Perhaps Thea is acting the same way.

    • Bonnie Winslow says:

      I thought it was cool that when she returned to Arrow, she was wearing the same dress she had on when she left Flash.

  19. Kim R says:

    12. I have found that NCIS has not shied away at all from mentioning Ziva when it seemed natural. I guess we all have different perspectives.

  20. Dani says:

    In a world full of futuristic tech, they still put criminals in normal police handcuffs. LOL. I think everyone who was watching that episode knew that Ward would escape. It would have been more surprising if they just let him go.

  21. HAP says:

    Re: Jess Weixler- Since Archie is departing the series at the end of the season, it would just make sense that Weixler will be coming back.

  22. Tedi says:

    11) Felicity is everythingggg! I am ready for a spin off webseries a la ‘Play it Again, Dick’
    19) I have $50 to add to the bribery pool if y’all are serious! Juliette and Avery def need more screen time.

  23. Angela says:

    #8: I’m all for Joe showing up on “Sleepy Hollow” again. And yes, locks would probably be a VERY good idea…then again, considering how powerful some of these monsters are, maybe they would be kind of pointless.
    #17: I don’t have any kids, but I was very concerned for that little boy throughout the episode. I wasn’t worried that Jack wasn’t in his bed at the end, as I figured he was probably safe with Jessica, but I did briefly fear that the boy in the episode might not make it.
    #23: Heh, that is a surprise. But then again, I sense that’s one of those things you gotta space out and savor, y’know :D? As for the legal aspect, well, I’m really not here for the legal accuracy of it all, so it doesn’t matter to me one way or another. Besides, those cases aren’t really about educating us on the law so much as they are giving us hints at how this gang is going to try and use these techniques to try and get away with everything they’re doing, as well as developing the characters themselves in the process, so that’s the part that I’m most interested in.

  24. itsbighead says:

    15. I hope the FBI arent arent that stupid in real life when they transport prisoners with military training

  25. Abby says:

    Re Maggie and Beth. To be honest, they never seemed that close. They were several years apart, had different mothers, and sort of seemed most connected to each other by way of their shared father…still, I agree there is a little bit to be desired because its as if she HAS decided Beth is dead even though Daryl specifically told her the opposite in s1e5. Perhaps these questions will be answered in the coming weeks. Maybe it will be the short bus that saves her (or tries to) or something…

  26. mommaknowsbest77 says:

    12. Thought that Ziva would’ve been brought up a little more often before now, but I’ll take this week while I can. It was played very well. (And I thought it was one of their best episodes in a long time.)
    17. More than a moment of panic – more like “Dear Lord, what else does this man have to endure??”. Glad they ended it the way they did. – Bad father vs. Good father.
    25. Yes, was beginning to think that it was going to end in a bad sort of way, especially with Halloween coming up – WHAT WAS I THINKING?!? Can’t believe it was BBT, though!!

  27. Sims says:

    #23 – I’m more concerned about Bad Judge (irrelevant now it’s been cancelled), caught this weeks episode by accident and without having watched any of the other episodes I’m shocked that they somehow thought a judge could sit on a jury?? Never, ever going to happen. Really liked HTGAWM this week. I appreciate any excuse for more Matt McGorry on my screen.

  28. A says:

    11) Felicity makes everything better

  29. DJR says:

    24. The story-line regarding Bernadette’s decision to be in a magazine was great. The story with the “stalker” was disgusting and has no place in a comedy show. The writers should have had each of the guys weigh-in on Bernadette’s decision. Now, that would have been funny. (I find it interesting that I can come up with a good plot in about five minutes when the “genius writers” in Hollywood can’t even get close. This episode clearly demonstrates that TBBT continues on it’s down-hill slide regarding quality.)

  30. Bee says:

    23. I think people need to realize that HTGAWM will never be a legal drama in the sense of TGW. HTGAWM is drama first, legal accuracy later, and I don’t think the show has ever portrayed itself otherwise, so I’ve kinda stopped looking for legal inaccuracies in their case of the week plots

    • KevyB says:

      You don’t have to “try” when the idiocy slaps you right upside the face! Stupidity is stupidity, regardless of what other shiny obects are there to pay attention to. If you were watching a medical show and the doctor wanted to perform brain surgery to fix a ruptured appendix, wouldn’t it KINDA affect the rest of the show? They’re screwing up THE BASICS, that we all know from watching TV! It’s difficult to fully get into a show when your eyes are constantly rolling up in your head!

  31. A Fan says:

    Great BBT episode. Billy Bob was great. Character fit in well with the group. Hope they bring him back. It would be funny to see him as competition for Sheldon.

  32. shadester says:

    that was one of the funniest episodes i have seen ina while. I wish he would stay. I didnt realize it was him at first either then i was going back and forth if it was him. He did that character great!!

  33. KevyB says:

    As if Robyn being MIA is the biggest of TGW’s problems this year. Maybe Jess Weixler saw this season’s scripts and said, “Ummm, yeah, feel free to bring me back when all this Alicia-running-for-office and Cary-getting-arrested nonsense is over.”

  34. Briggs says:

    11 – Well, she *was* there to feel out the feasibility of a relationship with Barry. Maybe she couldn’t decide what to bring and just brought a selection, changing for every outing? It would be the Felicity (and thus perfectly adorable) thing to do.
    16 – On Thea playing dumb? Not so much. The way that she was acting when Oliver told her Malcolm was alive made him suspicious, and that tells me that if she knew, he’d wonder about that, too. And if you look at a later scene, when she mentions the Arrow, he says nothing, and it doesn’t seem like she knows. Just like when he found her at the train station. The better question would be: *Why* hasn’t he told her? Open to theories, I have none.

  35. Katie says:

    2. YES to Ellie sticking around!! She’s classy, smart, sassy, and doesn’t put up with McGarrett’s crap! A welcomed breath of fresh air to the show!

  36. Ella says:

    I don’t know about every show on the CW but I’d love to see more of Felicity on “The Flash”. Her and Barry have AMAZING chemistry, far superior to his chemistry with Iris or Caitlin.