True Detective Adds Abigail Spencer, Michael Irby and Others for Season 2

True Detective Season 2 Casting

With three of its four leads in place (and the fourth said to be near a deal), HBO’s True Detective has moved on to casting some heavily recurring roles for Season 2.

As previously reported, Vince Vaughn (Wedding Crashers) will play Frank Semyon, a career criminal struggling to move into legitimate enterprise, and Colin Farrell (Alexander) will play Ray Velcoro, a police detective with torn allegiances. Taylor Kitsch (Friday Night Lights) is said to be playing a detective, while Rachel McAdams is rumored to be circling the fourth and final lead role, as another detective.

In addition, all said to be near deals, per our sister site Deadline, are Abigail Spencer (Rectify), Kelly Reilly (Black Box), Michael Irby (The Unit) and Leven Rambin (The Hunger Games).

Irby would play Elvis, the partner of McAdams’ character, Spencer is believed to be playing the survivor of a sexual assault and Rambin a beauty with a checkered past. Reilly’s role is described by Deadline as “the self-possessed Morgan.”

Season 2 of the acclaimed drama begins shooting later this year.

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  1. CD says:

    Abigail Spencer is fantastic choice, but I think Leven Rambin is a huge misstep.

  2. serge says:

    oh hey. More white people.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      Shouldnt be a shocker, we make up 72.4% of the United States racial demographic (wikipedia) and depending on where they have the show set, we most likely make up the racial majority of Police Detectives. If True Detectives season 2 is set in LA or Compton or Detroit or Mississippi or Baltimore, then ya there should be more black people for instance, but the first season was in Louisiana…aka a ton of white people-ville.

      Also; Michael Irby isnt white.

      • lechatnoir says:

        @M3rc Nate But you used Louisiana to prove your point when the census says black people make up 32% of the population and that is with the creoles included yet the first season was as white as my mother .Accept that your argument did not reflect the reality .

    • James says:

      Then again, if you get those people to have their DNA tested by Ancestry dot Org, more likely, they’ll have traces of different other ethnicities from their gene pool. Most common are African and Native American, followed by any of the many European nationalities that have migrated to the new world to start life anew.

    • lechatnoir says:

      I know right ? SMH! and all flavours too , brunette , bottle blonde , gingerette you name it. When Pizzalato will add a person of colour that individual will have no family of his own , no love life and no background . Most people commenting here do not even perceive this as odd . They live in a rose tinted bubble that’s for sure.

  3. yankeesrj12 says:

    I was excited to watch season one, but was very disappointed. The acting was good, but it was too slow for me.

  4. Athena says:

    Hopefully they’ll give these actresses more to do than just be gratuitously nude, but this is True Detective we’re talking about…

    • M3rc Nate says:

      Think you need to look up what gratuitous means, there was never a gratuitous nude scene in True Detective season one…there were sex scenes where SHOCKER people get nude…cause thats how people are when they have sex…but its not like GOT where there’s chicks in the background topless or anything. Stop whining, i imagine they are bringing on these great actresses on purpose to have great female roles played by them…i doubt these actresses like Abigail and Rachel McAdams would sign on if it was just a handful of lines and then a full frontal scene or something.

      • Flo says:

        Hopefully this season will have various female characters with any other purpose than serving the male protagonists on the show (aka season 1 of True Detective where the women were barely pictured and yet they managed to portray them in such a bad way).

        • Fran says:

          I see this mentioned a lot, but I don’t quite get it. Season 1 was obviously all about the two male leads. It was their story and the people around them (including the women) were secondary characters. We never got much insight into them for that reason, I think. I agree they were portrayed in a bad way, but well…. So were the men. Even Marty and Rust were damaged and very troubled and had a plethora of issues. But that’s just my take on it :) I do believe they are casting quite a few females this season to have a more expanded role, and I hope that’s the case.

          • florianques says:

            Well it probably bothered me more than you because I like my shows to have an equal presence of both male and female characters on my screen. “True Detective” was definitely about Rust and Marty, I agree, but the wife for example was such an underdeveloped character. She was the bitch who slept with Cohle in order to make Marty mad or jealous. To me, she was portrayed in a way that made her look weak and evil, just to make the two other male more sympathetic. I think, and that’s only my opinion, I wasn’t that much into season 1 of True Detective because the two heroes of the show were the stereotype of misogynist selfish bastards.

          • Fran says:

            No, I understand. I normally feel the same way you do about the balance of male and female characters, but for some reason it didn’t bother me. And I guess I had a different reaction to the wife thing. I do wish she had been developed more but I didn’t think she came across as a bitch who made the leads more sympathetic. I actually liked her more for doing that (even though it was wrong) and it made Rust less likeable for me. I guess I just have a different take on it than you. I never saw the two leads as heroes, they WERE misogonistic selfish bastards. They were always the anti-heroes for me which is what made it so interesting for me to watch. I didnt particularly want either of them to have a happy ending but i did want them to catch the killer. But I understand not everyone feels that way and hopefully the next season will have more of a balance for you :)

          • florianques says:

            Yes, I guess we perceived the show our own way! Finally a constructive discussion ahah! Thanks Fran for that

  5. DF12398 says:

    love blahblah

  6. M3rc Nate says:

    Helllllzzz yes! Abigail Spencer for the win. Love her in everything she does (especially Suits) and cant wait for her to blow up.

  7. mariangela says:

    Yayyyy for Abigail Spencer!!! She is great!!!

  8. Mumio says:

    Can’t.wait. Although I think it’s going to be impossible to surpass the excellence that was season one.

  9. Joey Padron says:

    Happy Abigail Spencer will be on TV more. She’s great in every role she does!

  10. Cece says:

    Abigail Spencer is good friends with Taylor Kitsch and played his love interest in the short film ‘Pieces’ which he wrote and directed, so I wonder if she’ll be acting with him at all in this. They had good chemistry. I really look forward to this season, I love Kelly Reilly and the lead acting choices are so diverse in talent and skill so it’ll be interesting to see how each character is written to those strengths. Farrell is good at playing manic, Vaughn brings dark humor, and Taylor is wonderful in the type of ‘quietly tortured’ roles. This should be good.

  11. hayes says:

    Blah Blah!!

  12. yurie says:

    I hope to see Idris Elba and Christian Bale with Jake Gyllenhaal in Season 3.

  13. behzadbyhimself says:

    “Beauty with a checkered past” aka nudity hire.