Revenge Sneak Peek: Victoria Loses Her Cool During David's Big TV Interview

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Victoria Grayson may talk a big game — especially while wielding a shotgun — but as you’ll see in TVLine’s exclusive first look at Sunday’s Revenge (10/9c), the former Hamptons queen knows her modest house of cards could topple at any minute.

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As David prepares to tell his story on national television in the preview clip above, a nerve-wracked Victoria makes a last-ditch effort to retain her lover/captor/baby daddy’s trust.

Nearly every player in David’s wicked little game has assembled under one roof for the very special broadcast, but what will he say in his big interview? And what is Victoria whispering in his ear right before the cameras start rolling?

(You know, as if David needed any more voices in his head.)

Hit PLAY on the preview clip above to get some answers, then drop a comment with your thoughts on Revenge‘s fourth season below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Dennis says:

    dragging this out is a mistake

  2. LaLa says:

    Yeah, but the only reason I’m still watching is to see the moment when David acknowledges Emily/Amanda.

  3. Matt C. says:

    The first 4 episodes of this season were amazing, but episode 5 killed the momentum for me. Emily’s “reasoning” for stalling her inevitable reunion with David made zero sense. And have the writers forgotten that David clearly recognized Emily when he saw her in episode 3?

    • Delante says:

      I don’t think he clearly recognized her. I think he thought that she looked familiar but of course as far as he knows Amanda is dead. Hence his mission to find out what really happened.

      • lauri says:

        I agree it was dark I think had he been in there a little longer maybe
        he knew Daniel and Nolan he has to know his own daughter

      • elle1577 says:

        I don’t think he clearly recognized her either, but I think he feels that it could be her and that’s why he 1) came out of hiding (to draw her out) and 2) went to see Nolan (to get confirmation).

  4. Annie says:

    There appear to be many nagging oversights and inconsistencies. Why did Daniel have the deed to the beach house when it was Ems? Why during last season did the Graysons criticize Ems for being a gold-digger when she bought the beach house from Lydia, has been philanthropic supporting charities and hosting functions and bought Nolan his current home? It seems obvious that David flogged himself and created the underground cell story to support his claims that Conrad held him hostage when he was actually living at the cabin or elsewhere. After all he was driving a $60k SUV when he met Conrad on the road after his release. Clearly he has not been living the hobo life these past ten years.

    • you obviously missed the part where Emily made a deal with Margaux LeMarchal so she can have the story published and take full credit. I believe Emily gave the keys to Margaux to give to David, Margaux then asked Daniel to help out and be part of it as a “team”. I think David was saved by a few people and was kept hidden, you didn’t even paid attention to the 1st-2nd episode where a guy asked David if he is really ready to go out and David said yes. The guy that asked him must have been the guy who kept me in a secure area, he was not driving a 60k SUV it looked old to me.. and he did lived in a underground location, first episode pretty much shows a guy asking David if he is ready to do “this”.

      By the way, he didnt look like a hobo, just cause he had beard doesnt mean he looked like a hobo, his beard wasn’t long, maybe the producers wanted to make him aged and not the same as he was when Emily was young? So a beard and short hair was the look for it.

      • ellegd says:

        I think Emily told Margaux to get Daniel involved. Emily wanted to see what the true relationship is between them. Both she and Nolan made mention of it at the end of the episode last week. And I agree, it wasn’t a 60k SUV, it looked sort of beat up to me.

    • ellegd says:

      They called her a gold-digger because they felt she wanted their money in addition to her own. Victoria never believed Emily was in love with Daniel. She always believed that Emily wanted their money.

  5. Annie says:

    I would hope ABC appreciates that their dispute with DirectTV results in DirectTV customers being unable to program DVRs as our DirectTV schedules are not in sync with the network programming. Last week our DVR did not record Revenge as it was not listed on the schedule. This week we manually set the DVR to record Revenge at 10:00p EST even though the ABC output says we are recording “Top 20 Countdown.” This likely skews all ABC programs’ rating score.

  6. Julia Palmer says:

    This is one of my top 3 shows. Every year it gets better. The characters are so good. The story line keeps me coming back. I would love to see Emily and Jack fall in love all over again. I would like to see Daniel get his heart broken. I would like to see the little love child of David and Victoria grow up. I would like to see David dump Victoria because of how she has treated Emily. Maybe you can get John Ross from Dallas to be the love child’s new love. He is very easy to look at.

    I love your show, good work.

  7. lauri says:

    I think he really is going to go after Emily THEN WILL SEE HER TATOO ON HER WRIST AND know then that its her

  8. Lopez says:

    I entered a comment earlier but not appearing on this thread.
    I asking that this is not the end of revenge. This show can be taken in so many areas with the magnificent three. Amanda, Nolan and Jack also David after therapy. Good writers with Shandra’s imagination can go far with this bace story. Just do not cancel. Make it as good as it was the first season. It can go on without the Grayson’s in it.

  9. Just wish the show didn’t air so late here on the East coast!!! Look so forward to it every single week! We watch it 2-3 times every week!!