Nashville Recap: Ruke-lear Disaster

Nashville Season 3 Recap

Luke, when you next have some downtime on that big jet of yours, I’ve got a book for you to read: It’s called She’s Just Not That Into You (or Your Global Brand, Whatever the Hell That Means).

I know you’re probably too busy memorizing scripts for your next foot-fungus-spray commercial — “Luke Wheeler’s FunkAway, for when your tootsies are funkier than a yardbird in a port-a-john ” — so I’ll give you a quick summary. If your fiancée suddenly grows an aversion to being linked to you in print, online and/or via broadcast… if she takes pains to make sure you won’t participate in a large public appearance… if she cringes whenever someone mentions your couple nickname, “Ruke”… if she gives her ex the first genuinely warm smile we’ve seen on her face in weeks… she’s just not that into you or your global brand or your stupid cowboy hat.

Those who can’t stand Nashville’s Mr. Wheeler and his engagement to Rayna Jaymes likely will take heart at this week’s episode, which finds a rift growing between the affianced CMA Award nominees. The couple’s not done by the end of the hour, far from it, but the cracks have started.

Speaking of flawed relationships, Avery and Juliette have multiple discussions about their spawn, Layla gets stinking drunk to deal with life as Mrs. Lexington, and Gunnar guilts his former flame into sticking around for a while. (That whole situation remains fishy, but we’ll handle it in a few.)

Read on for what happened in “Nobody Said It Would Be Easy.”

LET ME CATCH MY BREATH | Let’s deal with Juliette first, given that she’s the only character left in mortal peril after last week’s episode. (Spoiler alert: She lives.) Ms. Barnes is rushed to the hospital, where the doctor informs her that she’s got a condition that makes her prone to blood clots — one in her leg shot to her lungs, which created the symptoms she experienced onstage — and so she’s got to cancel her tour and head home to Nashville.

Thanks to a phone call from Zoey, Avery drives all night and shows up at Juliette’s bedside in Cincinnati … moments before Noah arrives. Thinking that Ju has moved on, Avery takes off in a slick-headed huff. Funny story: Noah thinks Juliette has moved on, too, and makes a play to be her fill-in baby daddy. She thanks him but gently turns him down.

Once she’s released, Juliette finds Avery in Zoey’s room — her firing of the upstart back-up singer is both classic Ju and hella efficient — and gives him two choices: He’s either going to be an all-in dad or have no role in the kid’s life. (Side note: Why is this scene 10 nanoseconds long? I could watch Hayden Panettiere and Jonathan Jackson act together for days, and given the weighty nature of their discussion, more than a blip would’ve been nice.)

Later, Avery arrives at Juliette’s to tell her that he wants neither option: Though he’s forgiven her, he can’t trust her, and she doesn’t get to tell him whether or not he can be a daddy to their baby. So a resolute Juliette holds a press conference to announce that she’s ending her tour, she’s pregnant, and Avery is the pop. “And that’s all I’m gonna say,” she declares, walking away in slo-mo. Oh Juliette, anytime you end the episode in a strut, I know you’re gonna be OK.

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SOLO, YOU CAN’T GET OVER IT | Let’s move on to Rayna, who is happy about her multiple CMA Award nominations — including Entertainer of the Year, for which Luke also got a nom — but bummed that some people online and on TV mention that her engagement to Luke helped them both garner so many nods. I’m often surprised by how aghast Rayna seems when her name is raised in the media, and this episode is no different: Can you really become the reigning Queen of Country Music by caring what some yahoo on Twitter says about your career? (Though I did love the little detail of Sadie falling down the Twitter rabbit hole, given how passionately Laura Benanti embraces the Twittersphere.)

Anyway, Rayna is determined to prove that she deserves all of the accolades on her own merit, so she begins a plan to get her name on those trophies. First step: Crowd Luke out of a joint appearance on Dancing With the Stars, a proposition to which the DWTS powers that be are at first unreceptive. They need an act that’s “promotable,” Rayna is told, because God forbid that show should feature someone whom most of the population has never (Bethany Mota) heard of (Bethany Mota) before (Bethany Mota). So Rayna lies and says she has a bonus single she’s willing to debut on their broadcast, provided she can perform solo. DWTS dude is sold!

Luke is less excited when Rayna later tells him about her wrangling, but they good-naturedly agree to wage solo campaigns for the CMAs. This, of course, will fall apart in the coming weeks, but let’s distract ourselves from that by staring at Connie Britton as Rayna rolls out of bed. Beyonce, you taking notes? Because Rayna really did wake up like this.

PARTY FOUL | Elsewhere on Rayna and Luke’s schedule this week: Fly back to Nashville to deal with the fallout from Teddy skinny-dipping with a hooker. OK, that’s a bit of an oversimplification. Jeff invites Teddy to a double-date dinner at his place with Brianna and Natasha, the two ladies we met briefly last week. (Side note: When Jeff said their names, I definitely thought, “Those are stripper names.” Not on their own, but said together like that? Definitely. Close enough, eh?) Teddy leaves Maddie in charge of Daphne, which is not an egregious parenting misstep, methinks. Or, it wouldn’t have been, if Maddie’s hanging out with Cole and his friends didn’t turn into a house party at the Jaymes estate.

So while Teddy doffs his clothes and hops into the pool with ol’ leopard panties, Daphne freaks out — Scarlett-style — and calls the cops, who shut the party down. Unfortunately, this does not happen before Maddie makes an awkward move to kiss her future stepbrother. Pretty soon, Teddy, Luke, Deacon and Rayna all arrive at the house to read Maddie a very measured riot act, and the teen surprises me by taking her lumps like an adult. Oh, and Daphne and Maddie are getting a nanny. Did I mention that Leopard Panties is an escort? And that, despite his horror when Jeff tells him that fact, Teddy calls her again at the end of the episode?

GUNNAR AND HIS SONNAR | Gunnar’s ex, Kiley, doesn’t want him to have a relationship with their son. In the comments of last week’s recap, many of you theorized that Micah is really Jason’s kid, and I really hope that’s the case. Otherwise, this storyline is too similar to what’s going on in Avery-and-Juliette-land, right? Gunnar confides in Scarlett, who encourages him to get to know the boy, and I’m reminded how much I like Scar when she’s doling out straight-talk advice for other people. It’s just when she’s wrapped up in her own mess that she makes me nuts.

So Gunnar finagles a sleepover with Micah, who apparently has no qualms about spending the night at the house of man he just met. They get along famously, and emboldened by that fact, Gunnar talks Kiley into staying in town a while longer. Of course, the moment they embrace is the exact moment Zoey returns from the tour. Zoey, why not follow a move that worked for you the other night and just push Kiley out of the way, then act like you were meant to be there all along? (Too soon?)

BLACK MASCARA TEARS | Layla has taken to drinking hard alcohol to deal with the fact that Will likes dudes. This manifests as her being morose and screamy for the entire episode. As much as I don’t want to see Layla out Will, if it’s going to happen, I hope it happens soon. I don’t know how much more of self-destructive Whiskey Barbie I can take.

NOBODY KNOWS THE TROUBLE I’VE SEEN | Scarlett repays the homeless man who helped her write a song by letting him clean out Deacon’s gutters and then cooking him dinner but serving it to him on the front stoop. She finds a photo of his family while doing his laundry, and her questions about it anger him so much he takes off. In short, Scarlett should probably just have penned a thank-you note and left it at that.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Adam Lenhardt says:

    Can somebody just give Luke Ebola already and place him in quarantine for the next 21 episodes?

    • JB says:

      And take Layla and Will with him

    • Jill says:

      Here, here! He and Layla should not have made it past the mid-season finale last season.

    • The Beach says:

      To me, the main problem with the Luke/Rayna relationship is that it feels totally manufactured. They obviously like each other but there has never appeared to be a deep love that would lead to marriage. It’s almost like: OK, I’m the King of country music and you’re the Queen so I guess it’s just logical we should get married.

  2. wrstlgirl says:

    I would have preferred way more Juliette and Avery and way less Rayna, Luke, and Teddy in this episode. I agree that convo about the baby was way to short, but I loved his response to her. Also, yes, Will please come out and relieve us all of the mess that is Layla.

  3. Shira says:

    Some thoughts:
    Luke sure learns the hard way you better REALLY know he person you’re about to marry before you do so…cause he sure doesn’t know Rayna.And yes, Kim I’d send him the books immediately. Just not completely sure he reads stuff that doesn’t contribute to his global brand in some way.
    Deacon got his first step in the door as a real grownup father. He wasn’t invited – he just showed up like a real father. Slowly he’s stepping out of the ‘Fun Dad’ zone and that of course changes the entire balance…and it’s also the first real important step in rebuilding the trust between Rayna and Deacon. It’s slow (as expected) but it’s going in the right direction.
    Really loved the fact that Rayna didn’t want to drop everything cause it sends a wrong message. After last week it was an important thing to say and clarify and Nashville didn’t miss. Nice!
    Pam may probably not be Deacon’s girlfriend for much longer (cause let’s face it, all his relationships are doomed form the start) but she should be his life coach! GO PAM!
    Juliette told the press she’s pregnant almost as she told Avery. It was a to love her.
    Juliette and Avery…finally! Couldn’t take another crying/yelling session!!
    Loved Gunnar and Scarlett conversation. Their relationship doesn’t need labels, it’s just fin to watch.
    Maddie, Daphne…please make up and sing together.


    • Ella J. Wade says:

      I agree with everything you said.But, I really wish Luke and Layla were on a way one bus out of town. Maybe they could take Kiley with them. Can we go back to the days of singing on the show? They do much better when their stars are singing instead getting involved with new characters that no one cares about. And give Zoe a decent storyline that involves singing, that girl can sing. Teddy was smart enough to worm his way into being mayor, but can’t catch on to what Jeff is up to? Really? Not sure I care much for the Sadie character either, she tries too hard to be Rayna.

      • Shira says:

        Hahaha!! Oh yes…to be honest, I’m slowly warming up to Luke (NOT RUKE! NEVER!). I can see a big heartbreak for him on the horizon and what can I say? That makes me abandon my ‘throwing under a bus’ plans for now…but ask me again in a few episodes :)
        Agree on the singing. MISS THEM!!! Every character has such a distinct sound and voice and it’s such an integral part of the character that it feels something important is missing. I am sure they can find time for drama AND sing.
        Teddy, when it comes to women, well…he has such a bad judgement that I wouldn’t be surprised if he start dating Layla or even Will next. Hopeless!
        Sadie-love the potential of the relationship. Still on the fence (but LOVED Gasoline and Matches).

      • Jenny says:

        You’re right there is less singing or at least less new music… Before they were dishing out at least one new song per episode now they’ve got plenty of characters we care nothing about!

  4. Sarah says:

    the episodes always need more Juliette and Avery. They are the best part of this show.

  5. Dakota says:

    Loved the Juliette and Avery scenes. I think Juliette did the right thing firing Zoe cuz instead of taking the spotlight even though she doesn’t know Jules that well she should of been concerned and not help herself that was just thinking about herself. Layla I could of used less of her she is just a bitch to will and yes he lied but I mean hating him for telling her the truth about being gay that’s just wrong. She wants him to be straight but he is who he is and he’s not ready to come out of the closet yet. When he’s ready he will come out but I think he needs time to cope with who he is as a person and a singer. Luke needs to see that deacon is a father and that hes gonna be in raynas life whether he likes it or not. Also teddy should not fall for Jeff being nice to him becuz he only wants one thing from him and that’s signing the girls to his label to get payback against rayna teddy is really stupid for that.Can’t wait til next week. Hopefully there are Juliette and Avery scenes and less Layla and Zoe scenes.

    • A fan says:

      Yes, I think Layla is just obnoxiously selfish and off-putting. Sure, she has to deal with Will’s homosexuality but so does he. She has not a trace of compassion for his situation and thinks only of herself. Her self pity is getting tiresome. I’d love to see her go!

  6. Tedi says:

    I NEED more Avery and Juliette. I also feel like the long awaited baby conversation needed more time dedicated to it. In fact, I still have no idea what Avery’s stance is. Is he in? Is he out? Also I loved that Juliette said to the entire world that he was the father. Looking forward to see how Avery handles being known as Juliette Barnes’ baby daddy.
    I am glad they are moving the timeline up 2 months in the next episode. They having been pushing it reallll close re: covering up Hayden
    I know this is mean but the look of shock/disgust on Colt’s face when Maddie kissed him cracked me up!! xD
    I must say I adore Oliver Hudson as Jeff Fordham! He’s like dark comic relief.
    Oh, Layla smh poor thing is only 19 and already has a sham marriage and a drinking problem.
    I need Will to get outed, I feel like the fall out from that will be great story-wise.

    • Amy says:

      CAM re: Oliver Hudson. He is perfect in this role. And “smirky turtle” notwithstanding…he’s hot. Ruthless. Not to be trusted. ..but fun to watch.

  7. Ali says:

    I kind of love hating Luke, so I’m not sure if I want him gone right away, but I know I need Layla to either change things up or go. Juliette and Avery are the best part of this show, I love all of their scenes. Which brings me to Derek Hough – can he leave? He has no charisma, it’s incredible how Hayden’s scenes with him are like her throwing things at a brick wall, while her scenes with Jonathan are so lively and dynamic.

    • A fan says:

      I have to disagree. I think Derek is doing a great job of being Juliette’s support. He is kind and sympathetic to her. I wish he could stick around but I know he’s on the way out.

    • MiaB says:

      Oh goodness, thank you for saying what I was thinking about Derek Hough. I was ready for him to go before he even showed up.

  8. Rook says:

    Can Will come out of the closet yet? It needs to happen so because his moody closet-ness crap is getting old.

    • Amy says:

      Yea, it’s now dragged on too long without moving forward. I will say though, the actor who plays Will is good…got depth and dimension to how he’s playing the “conflict” with what they’ve given him. The whole thing, his fear for his career in coming out, his caring about Layla but not being able to stop the lie yet…I just think he does a good job in the character. But it is time for the storyline to move fwd.

  9. Jill says:

    I feel like this episode’s title was the writers saying Nobody Said it Was Easy to Write a TV Show. Such an amazingly horrible episode. I’ll start with the one good thing which was Juliette and Avery, though all the ridiculous secondary characters shortened their scenes way too much and the 2.5 second Rayna/Deacon scene!!!! Why even have them on screen together if that was scene? I don’t understand what writer would think that anything about the Luke/Rayna storyline would be interesting!!! I fall asleep anytime they’re on screen together. Who cares that Rayna’s career is now linked with Luke! Welcome to being a celebrity who dates another celebrity. This is the most non-story ever. Plus Rayna didn’t seem to care all those years that she was linked to Deacon in her career. The only thing that doesn’t make it stick out like a sore thumb of a snoozefest is the fact that all the other storylines are super boring too (Scarlett and homeless guy, really? Gunnar and his magically appearing kid? I could have been done with this Will/Layla storyline a whole season ago, and Teddy, just poor Teddy the most pathetic character on TV). This show is going downhill fast.

    • A fan says:

      It seems you just don’t enjoy the show so why not move on.

      • Kaylin says:

        Making fun of the show is the most enjoyable part of it these days ;)

      • MiaB says:

        Just because you have issues with a show, doesn’t mean you don’t like it. On the contrary, it means you care about it. I’m sure the showrunners would rather us complain about certain things than just say, “Meh,” and walk away.

    • Ellen says:

      I agree this show is going down hill fast. Why bring all these new characters in. Just stick with the main characters and get on with the original story line. It is getting hard to watch this . Season one and two were great. Season three is a waste of time.

  10. steven says:

    Is anyone getting tired of Rebel Maddie? Because I am.

    • Elsa says:

      I am too. I can’t stand her now. I am not Teddy’s biggest fan (far from it), but I find myself feeling sorry for him. He raised that girl for 15 years as her father and she treats him like he’s a nobody.

    • shmrck14 says:

      Yes, yes, yes!!!!! So tired and annoyed anytime she’s on screen.

    • Debbie says:

      I was so glad to see her take responsibility for her actions after the party. Hopefully she will return to her sweet, singing with her sister, self now.

  11. SP says:

    I don’t understand why everyone hates poor Luke. Obviously, Deacon is and should be end game, but I hope they give the relationship between Luke and Rayna a real exploration. I think he is great. Their problems feel pretty realistic to me . I love Deacon ,but this cycle he is stuck in is tiresome. I’d like to see him take a break from women and from the sour disposition he has adopted since season 2. I miss the fun side of Deacon from season 1. He loved to make Rayna / Teddy uncomfortable with his flirtations . I thought that balanced well with his emotional intensity and his temper.

    • Ann says:

      I’d say the 20+ episodes we’ve been force-fed of Luke and Rayna’s relationship is more than enough exploration.

      • elledee says:

        Amen to that!

      • Jill says:

        Totally agree. This relationship has been dragged on way too long. I would have been fine with this storyline if they had done it last season (contained to 10 episodes maybe), but 20 episodes of this, especially when she’d only been with Deacon 2 is ridiculous. I’m just not interested in his character or them.

        • SP says:

          I agree about how annoying it was to see her in a relation with Deacon for so short a period. Heck, we only got a few episodes of her marriage with teddy. But that’s part of why I don’t mind the extended storyline with Luke. Id like to see a real relationship. How long have the been together.? Those 20 episodes were what …6-9 months?? If this is the last season then by all means break them up so we can see her life with Deacon. But if there are 2 more seasons coming after this then I would bet they get Deacon/rayna back together only to have them fall apart another time or two. Then we will have to watch rayna with some other dude we care nothing about until she goes back to Deacon in the end. Id rather just let ruke play out (because I do enjoy watching them)so that when Deacon and rayna finally happen , it will be for good.

    • Winter says:

      At the risk of an internet lynching I have to admit I kinda enjoy Luke. I mean I’d rather her be with Deacon but I like Luke. His character is an important one to show I think the giant male country artist is a huge part of the country scene.

  12. 1. Why is Rayna still with Luke? It’s so obvious that she doesn’t like him and is annoyed with the attention. I guess I don’t see any chemistry between them.

    2. I agree that we need more Avery and Juliette. When this show started, they were my least favorite characters and now they are my favorite.

    3. Can we go ahead and call Layla’s death? Someone has to die this season and it has to be her, right??

    4. They need to do something else with Will. I’m just not liking him this season.

    5. Teddy-yuck, yuck, yuck! I can already see your resignation press conference.

  13. CoryRox says:

    Whiskey Barbie! Ha! Kim really writes the best recaps. Totally made my day!

  14. MiaB says:

    Kim, your recaps are hilarious!

    I’m dying for more Juliette and Avery. Can I just say that Ms. Barnes is seriously growing up now that she’s going to be a mommy? Going and calmly talking to Avery after he stormed out on her. The old Juliette would have never done that. But Miss Thang is still handing business. I loved how “efficiently” she fired Zoey, too.

    SN: What happened to Zoey moving to Los Angeles? Can we rebook that flight for her?

  15. Amy says:

    Kim…always enjoy & look forward to these recaps, but this was one of your funniest and best written…especially those first two paragraphs, lol. Tks!
    (Actually, your recap was better than the episode this week. …but, still loving Nashville.)

    I was so sorry to see the dreaded “In two weeks on Nashville…!” last night…been happy that we’ve had no breaks yet, was kind of wishing they got the memo of not doing that as much with the show this year.

    • abz says:

      I was laughing for almost a good two minutes at the line “Daphne freaks out — Scarlett-style — and calls the cops” LOOOOL Her recaps are too funny.

  16. Jenny says:

    Gosh I love scenes between Jonathan Jackson and Hayden Panetierre… They’re pain is so raw and real.. Wish Avery and Juliette just made up already.

    I can’t take any more Will and Layla drama. Go away go away now.

    Glad Ruke will be falling apart, Luke is eh.

  17. Allison says:

    I am enjoying the conflict between Rayna and Luke. I always thought that if they ever became competitive with each other regarding their careers that the relationship would crumble. It seems to be that way now and I am loving every minute of it. Rayna is an independent woman that has in the past has been nominated and won those awards on her own merits. That respect has been earned and she doesn’t want it to be cheapened by this whole ‘Ruke’ fiasco. Luke seems to be very jealous and insecure and if nothing else destroys their relationship that most definitely will.

    When Will first struggled with being gay and when he was about to end his life, my heart went out to him and I ached along with him, but now I want to throw a shoe at him. The way he has been acting this season has made me regret having ever rooted for him. He has made me feel compassion for Layla! He accomplished the impossible! I understand that he is concerned about how being gay in the country music industry will have a negative impact on his music career, but for crying out loud man! He hooked up with his trainer and then hurt the guy when he told him in a matter-of-fact tone that it was just sex, no relationship. Then as patient as he is trying to be with Layla (we all have buddy) he doesn’t seem to get that he has messed up this girl’s life. She ‘loved’ him, gave him her virginity only to find out that he is gay and not only that, but she’s married to him and stuck, but good, thanks to the stupid reality show they’re filming. Then in another less than smart move, he goes to a park known for gay men that want hook ups and then ends up getting attacked and beaten. The what now? I just don’t understand it. Then Deacon tries to be the guy’s friend and Will should have taken him up on the offer because Deacon has friends that have been there and done that, but nope, Will is still stuck on stupid. Sigh… Layla, personal trainer, camera people, TV producer – one of them needs to put an end this already and out Will! It is too much. I can’t take it anymore, I just can’t… *sobs*

    Thank you Kimberly for another outstanding and hilarious recap! I always, always enjoy reading your recaps! So much fun!

    • Jenny says:

      I’m right there with ya sharing your frustrations with Will. And really in this day and age…coming out is not a big deal as it used to be. Ok it totally is and Maybe more in country circles cause it’s all about manliness and trucks and such but Will, Is it all worth sacrificing your personal freedom for what others will think about you. I too feel bad for Layla sometimes… She was just a girl in love with dreams and Will just brought her along for the misery.

  18. Can they turn on the music again soon? Deacon, will, zoey, Juliette, Avery…..need more music from them!
    The Juliette and Avery sl is great and hayden and Jonathan are up to anything a good writer can do!
    Chris Carmack as Will has a great voice, and he needs to get out of the closet. C’mon people….in the real, you can bet there are some alternative lifestyle country singers!As there are in the sports and other fields.
    Scarlett is ok when she DOES NOT sing those whiny, misery “songs”.
    maddie is getting off way too easy. And why is SHE taking any heat and not Luke’s son….who got the party started. maddie put daphne in a very dangerous situation.
    I know the Oliver Hudson character will try and blackmail poor Teddy…who we can now realize is rather a foolishly trusting sort.
    Love the show…but turn up the volume and get that MUSIC on!

  19. NF says:

    Love your recaps! The best of all the entertainment sites. I know the show is called Nashville cos it’s based there and is (allegedly) about country music, but I think another reason it’s called that is because seemingly everyone who lives in Nashville is a character on this show. By my count (and I probably missed a few people), in this season alone- there are 23 characters who appear on any given episode. And at some point we’ll get Luke’s other kid- jolly. I too agree with you and so many others posting about Juliette and Avery- their scenes are great and not long enough. Just love them together. Regardless of what is being played out between them, it’s so real and they’re both compelling to watch. I’ve hated what they have done to Avery this season, but I applaud the way Jonathan J’s been playing Avery’s behavior… I think- as a guy who still so loves Juliette and yet doesn’t want to so it’s making him angry and he’s desperatly trying to get rid of those feelings but can’t. And of course Hayden P is the best. Loved her firing Zoey. I wish they’d have an episode entirely devoted to Juliette and Avery. They could hash out all their issues and it would be so entertaining to watch. Lately I find myself fast forwarding through so many other characters’ scenes- there are too many to care about. I’m not even sure if the show writers care about some of them. I do love this show and will keep watching for Juliette and Avery and Deacon, but I so hope they trim down this cast.

  20. Tom Bop says:

    good episode, good recap. who thinks Teddy is going to hire the escort as their nanny? She can play cultured, educated, etc., and makes the upcoming blackmail by Jeff even better…..

  21. I find it ridiculous that Avery is so blown away by Juliet cheating. He cheated when he was with Scarlet, and he had been with Scarlet for a long time. Why does he expect so much of other people, but not of himself?

  22. DramaMomma says:

    Did it cross anyone’s mind that Cole is gay as well? What teenage boy rebuffs a girl’s advance in her bedroom?

  23. christopher bee says:

    Was that Ken Warwick as DWTS Producer?

  24. mel says:

    Love this show – it keeps getting better and better

  25. I LOVE “Wheels UP”. I really would chose him over Deacon, any day of the week, and wish Rayna would too. (I just binge-watched all the episodes the past 2 weeks. I feel like I stand alone when I say I want Luke to be “the one”.