Degrassi Premiere Recap: Whoa, Baby!

Degrassi Season Premiere

Degrassi returned for its 14th season Tuesday, bringing with it one very special — you even might say “pea-sized” — addition to the cast.

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I’m referring to Clare’s growing baby, which — despite her firm abortion plans at the top of the episode — she’s decided to keep, “Papa Don’t Preach” style. After a brief scare, which turned out to be normal pregnancy spotting (nice catch, Dallas!), Clare determined she couldn’t go in for the procedure, especially since many women are never able to get pregnant after going through chemo. (Side note: Wow, this girl has been through a lot recently.)

Clare is choosing to view her pregnancy as a miracle, though the look of pure terror on Drew’s face at the end of the premiere made me think he’s less thrilled about the major life change. But hey, at least he offered to cook her spaghetti; that’s a step in the right direction. (Other side note: I wonder if Eli would have reacted the same way…)

Elsewhere in Degrassi-land…

FEAR-LEADER | If Clare thought she could keep her little bugger a secret, think again! Zoë overheard Clare talking to Ally about her bundle of stress in the bathroom, then immediately used the secret against her new Season 14 nemesis: Becky Baker. It may not have been Zoë’s secret to tell, but we all knew she’d use it to her advantage after Becky barred her from joining her little squad. (You don’t spend all that time on West Drive without picking up a few tricks.) In other news, do we know if Becky’s OK after that fall? No one appeared to rush to her aid, and she hit the ground hard.

CHECKMATE | Meanwhile, in a fit of glorious rich-kid angst, Miles told his entire family about his budding romance with Tristan, which his father called “ridiculous.” Miles then gleefully repeated his father’s mildly-out-of-context quote to a curious reporter, who will more than likely get promoted for nabbing that gem of a soundbite. (My prediction: Despite his feelings for Miles, Tristan won’t appreciate being used as a pawn in the ongoing Hollingsworth game of Family Chess. Your move, Miles.)

OK, Degrassi fans, sound off: Are you glad Clare’s keeping the baby? Do you think Drew is really the father? And how do you predict this Miles-Tristan romance will play out? Grade the premiere below, then drop a comment with your predictions.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. CGS says:

    Damn I remember watching this FOREVER ago, I think it was season one even. Some girl met up with a creepy guy in a hotel, or something? And some cute girl who went all goth. And Drake in a wheelchair! I don’t know what seasons those were but damn, must have been close to season 1 or 2. Did not even realize this show was still on.

  2. nikki says:

    Nothing like the old Degrassi with Emma, Manny, Spinner and crew!

  3. mollytanner says:

    I tried to keep up with this show, but dropped off somewhere during the Holly J/Sav/Anya meets Clare/Eli/Drew era. I did like Alli though. I also was a fan of the original Degrassi Jr. High/Degrassi High. Of the next generation, my favorite story will always be the Ashley/Craig/Manny triangle, which I can’t believe was 11 years ago. That’s what really drew me in. Back when it was on “The N” and I’d watch that awful “Girls v Boys” show also.

  4. Kate M. says:

    I stopped watching years ago, but if the show is progressing in real time, how soon until Mia’s daughter, or the baby Liberty and J.T. put up for adoption is walking the halls of Degrassi High? This show has been on the air for longer than the hiatus between Degrassi Junior High and Season 1 of Next Gen. That was plenty of time for Emma to go from Spike’s portable plot device to self-righteous frosh, which means the next gen of Next Gen is waiting on the wings.

    • Miranda says:

      If I remember correctly, Mia’s daughter would be around 11 at this point, and Liberty and JT’s kid would be 9 ish. But the adoptive parents moved away in that case, as did Mia – I think, I never got to that point in the show. Most likely Snake and Spike’s son will join the halls in three-ish years.

  5. Rachel says:

    This show jumped the shark awhile ago; but Drew/Claire plus baby is awful. Glad I quit watching seasons ago…when the decent actors and storylines left.

  6. HARDCOOR17 says:

    Is this site going to start covering Degrassi now? I really hope so, very underrated show in the US.

  7. Tara says:

    The whole responsible, smart, ambitious girl getting pregnant story has been done already with Liberty. I hope they are able to freshen things up a bit and get back to real teen problems and drama. Last season was essentially the Maya show, looking forward to focusing more on the older set. This premiere was the best it has been in a while.

  8. we see what will happen miles and Tristan and Clare also drew and everybody else

  9. I think Eli is the father of Claire’s baby, I say that because Claire had sex with Eli first and she’s already 9 weeks pregnant, Claire and drew used a condom, she couldn’t already be 9 weeks pregnant anyway, plus I think Drew and Becky should be togehter, and Claire and Eli should be together.

  10. zippy says:

    That baby should be drews not elis…

    • Julie Gulliford says:

      I’m rewatching the series. I do think the baby should be Drew’s because they are in the final weeks of the term and its almost at graduation. Plus eli is out for summer and he and clare slept together on prom night, a couple days before he left for new York. So how could eli be the baby’s father.

  11. Sierra says:

    I can’t believe Clare’s pregnant

  12. Mandy Shobbrook says:

    Love degrassi been watching forever and think the new one out isn’t as good as the other seasons would like them to bring back the others to see them now and with jobs,wives,husbands,kids and life keep on coming degrassi