Castle Wedding Video: Rick and Kate Finally Take the Plunge — Plus, Honeymoon First Look!

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Rick and Kate’s long-awaited, recently-postponed wedding will go off without a hitch on Castle next month — and we have proof.

A promo for the Nov. 10 episode that’s slated to air tonight (but that you can watch now) offers a sneak peek at the actual ceremony, as well as the alt-universe insanity that precedes it.

But wait, there’s more.

The clip also previews the Nov. 17 episode — AKA the one with the Wild Wild West-themed honeymoon!

Press PLAY below and then hit the comments with an answer to this question: Will you be attending Caskett’s nups?!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Kate says:

    YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! I can’t WAIT!!!!

  2. Just one thing says:

    I don’t entirely know what to make of that, but it sounds like a fun couple of episodes. :-)

  3. tam says:

    This is so surreal and weird hahaha

  4. TacoB says:

    It looks like the AU episode is going to take place in the present

  5. Tammy Ortzman says:

    Oh Yeah!!!! Can not wait!!! Gonna be awesome!

  6. Kayara says:

    finally <333333333333

  7. Teri says:

    I have been waiting of this since the Pilot of Castle. This love story has been an amazing ride and I seriously may bawl through the whole episode. Thank you to Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion for making us believe 2 fictional characters are madly in love and deserve to be together.

  8. Kourt says:


  9. Astrid says:

    Can’t waitttt!!!!

  10. Leanne says:

    Flail. Squee. Flail.

    In that order.

  11. c-mo says:

    There will be NOTHING sexier than seeing Nathan sporting a wedding ring. I don’t care if it’s not really him and it’s his character, it will still be SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Matthew Weber says:

    I’m seriously going to have a really hard time next week without Castle. IT’s going to be terrible.

  13. Allie says:

    I get the vibe, in the alternate reality, Castle knows who Kate is, but she doesn’t know who he is, or at least doesn’t know him personally. To me that is a more interesting take than if both are in a reality where they don’t know the other exists. This way, he can reflect and understand what his world would be like without her, which leads to him wanting to get married ASAP. Whatever the situation is, I can’t wait.

    • Connor Pinhorne says:

      I think you are right that this experience will lead to Castle realises he can’t wait anymore and when he gets back to his actual reality he asks her to marry him then

    • Kourt says:

      THIS THIS THIS THIS. A world without Beckett would make Castle’s life be boring and not at all interesting. He will want to marry her ASAP

    • Harvey says:

      Exactly, though they are kind of doing it super oddly, as I thought it would just be if Castle and Beckett never met, but it’s actually if Castle was never there, as Beckett did know who Castle was at least originally, that’s why if his world would be boring, that won’t be able to told, I think. Still, it would be good to see him know how much he wants her, Senator as president, as Beckett might never have come to that case, Beckett being a no fun at all person, though, I wished Montogemery would have come back, but I guess he won’t! :(

    • Terri Soto says:

      it’s about time I was wondering if they were ever going to get married can’t wait to see it thank you

  14. Fran says:

    Looks cute! I hated the whole Hamptons wedding anyway, it just didn’t seem to fit them as a couple. It seems like this will be more low key and more suited to them.

    • I can see that! Though I do wish the honeymoon wasn’t so lame. :-) The show couldn’t spring for a Catalina-Island-as-Costa-Rica shoot or something? LOL

      • Fran says:

        Hi Just one thing! Yes, the honeymoon peek DOES seem rather lame and silly…. I actually said aloud “are you kidding me”…. Lol. Guess we’ll see what that brings!

      • S. says:

        It was almost certainly gonna be a case within a honeymoon the whole time because you expect that when they do this sort of thing. They already did a Hamptons murder case so I’m not sure that an island situation wouldn’t be both expensive and feel a smidge redundant because it’d probably be at a resort. As for lame, they did an episode dressed as Elvises (Elvii?). We’re crossing a line with a dude ranch? Nah.

    • Allie says:

      I think they will go back to the Hamptons to get married. If you look at the shot of him putting on the ring, I’m pretty sure it is outdoors. The only things that fit would be the swings, which I discount because there is no way they could have filmed that scene at that park and nobody find out, or at his Hamptons house. You know they are going to go with a location that has meaning.

  15. Vickie B. says:

    OMG!!! Please don’t be pulling our leg!!! I think it’s finally going to hapen!!!!

  16. DarkDefender says:

    Not gonna lie.. This clip makes me kind of giddy.

  17. Luli says:



  18. Laura C says:

    I might watch if you quit calling it Caskett- stupid practice of joining names. It’s about time they got married though.

    • Nancy says:

      I completely agree with dropping this particular “name-joining”. It becomes a word that casts a pall over the whole event and over their marriage. Yeah…I know….the word is spelled differently but it is pronounced the same.

  19. lame says:

    releasing sneak peeks so far in advance is unheard of. Could be ABC is worried about the falling rating numbers. Castle used to be their Monday flag ship, with 10.5 mil viewers until Marlowe torpedoed it with 6,23. Now their down almost 2 mil per episode. This seems like a media blitz to try and drum the interest that has been lacking so far this season, the rating numbers don’t lie.

    • lame says:

      We can only hope these eps are as good as “clear and present danger” and not like “Montreal” or “chil’s play”.

    • Fran says:

      Its not really far in advance though. Its off air next week so the next episode is the 11/10 wedding. They’re playing it after the episode airs tonight so its just a preview for the next episode, just like they always show at the end (and a very brief peak into the one after that which they’ve also done before). So that’s not really any different than what they normally do. And I could be wrong but Castle does fluctuate between 8-10 million viewers throughout the season don’t they? Maybe its usually higher at the beginning of the season but I think they’re still doing okay.

    • Kourt says:

      Castle ratings are consistent. Castle is doing fine compared to how other shows on ABC are doing. I don’t think ABC is worried about the ratings.

    • john z says:

      Maybe, Probably, I do think ABC is a bit worried though, I know the show has been live twittering each ep this season. After 623, I dont feel the need to be as loyal. Havent bought the S6 DVD or Nikki Heat book, sorry. Also havent watched live this season, just hard to be interested. Plus 701-702 SUCKED along with the “new” mythology just not doing it for me. Wonder if they will stuff the wedding in to the last 45 seconds.

    • Harvey says:

      Castle ratings did 10 Mil near the end of Season 6, not during this time I think, and 2 mil, lol, nope, it’s still more than 8.5 mil.

    • carbono says:

      I still firmly believe it’s the final season anyway so I don’t think ABC is really concerned at all.

  20. Bridie says:

    Can’t wait!!! So excited!!!!

  21. Anna says:


  22. Alisa says:

    I liked tonight’s episode and have never laughed so until the end…..classic!!!!!
    I can’t wait until this couple finally gets married.

  23. skrable2 says:

    Castle asks her to mary him immediately, then gets swept into an alternative universe

    48 minutes later, after all is straightened out, we get 2 minutes of wedding

    • DarkDefender says:

      As long as it is as true to character as the Grey’s Post-It wedding.. I’ll take that 2 minutes.

    • a says:

      No, Castle gets swept into the AU and then he asks her to marry him immediately when he ‘comes back’ and then we get 45 seconds of wedding.

      • DarkDefender says:

        I don’t buy it.. Stana said in an article that the delayed wedding “pays off” in the end. That the wait is worth it. I’ll judge it when I see it.

  24. hud says:

    What is the deal with Beckett’s new looks? Hair, clothes? Am I missing something?

    • elancee says:

      As far as the hair, in the show Kate cut it during the time Rick was missing as sort of a throwback to how her hair was short early in the series when she was still grieving the loss of her mom. In reality, I think they were tired of the extensions and let Stana have her natural hair length (since she had cut it to chin length over a year ago).

    • Moshai says:

      I’m not exactly sure what there is to miss? She is wearing the same type of clothing she’s been wearing for multiple seasons, and they stopped using extensions and let Stana have her natural hair.

    • Lena says:

      I love it ! Wasn’t fan of the extensions. And she was often wearing way too much eye-liner last year, she really doesn’t need it :-)

    • Doris says:

      Yea, I don’t like the new look Hair or her Clothes. What’s up with that?

  25. Emma says:

    It’s going to be great! Can’t wait.

  26. Larry says:

    I am all in!!

  27. I can’t wait. I’ve love Castle from the first show and still a big fan. Monday night is Castle night

  28. JAB says:

    Oddly enough, I won’t be watching. I’ve gotten tired and lost interest in Castle after last season.

  29. Pat says:

    I will be waiting, with great anticipation. I just hope this is the real deal and I suspect that it will be. Otherwise, there will be a mutiny against the show by their fans.

  30. LaVerne says:

    definitely yes

  31. Phyllis Nethken says:

    Definitely! I can’t wait.

  32. acurat says:

    Commercial about the wedding is an attempt to pump it up for the sweeps. Unfortunately, ratings went down after the first episode as many were turned off by yet another delay. We will see if people come back to watch what they hoped for the first week of the season.

    • Brigid says:

      I’m pretty sure that you are the only person who thought they would get married in the first episode of this season. No other fan thought that. You always save the best or most anticipated episodes for sweeps month and then you promote the heck out of them. That’s just good business!

  33. Joan says:

    YES!!!!!! I will have a champagne toast to them

  34. Bianca says:

    Finally !!! I´m cant stop smiling just to see this vídeo.

  35. theresa delicot says:

    I can’t wait for the wedding…since it was Castle that wanted to get married right away….He’s been in love with his partner for a long time….I understand from reading on the net that Jim Beckett will be on the episode….Theresa

  36. Maheen Afridi says:

    Where’s the sneak peek :(

  37. Lisa says:

    This season has been excellent so far. Can’t wait for the wedding!!!

  38. I’ll be watching and I can hardly wait!

  39. I can hardly wait! I’ll be watching!!!

  40. Diana Lappan says:

    Yes I can hardly wait!

  41. Ruth says:

    I will but will have to wait till nxt year when we air season 7 can’t wait 😃

  42. Mary says:

    I’ll be there for the wedding, can’t wait!

  43. wildchild1954 says:

    I wouldn’t miss the Castle/Beckett wedding for all the money in the world. I’ll be right here glued to my TV while the DVR records it. It will stay right there on the DVR until I can buy the Season 7 DVDs. ALL of the Season 7 episodes will be there.

  44. Georgina Castelino says:

    All in.



  46. Miriam Maurer says:

    I really hated 6.23 and swore I would never watch again…but I changed my mind…and I am glad I did! Loved all the episodes so far…except that STUPID ending last night…The only things I HATE worse than cliffhangers(which I did not know Castle did till I was hooked by episode 2 of 5th season )are the silly endings like that and Valentines Day and the sci-fi ep and the good the bad and the baby!! That said I am so excited about the wedding…and him carrying her in the honeymoon episode!

  47. sharon walker says:

    of course after waited this long all summer then 6 shows in to season 7

  48. Kris says:

    Can’t wait for the AU ep! Looks promising. People seem to be complaining about a 30 second wedding at the end but I don’t mind as long as the episode is good.

  49. Carole says:

    I can’t wait…yeah, I think it was time for AM to take a back seat and have someone else drive the series this year. I am saddened by the lower ratings, but Live + 3 is what counts and we don’t know that rating. It must be okay if an extra episode has been ordered. I just hope that the wedding takes place in the ‘real’ world, not the AU. Have been waiting a long time for this..since I became a fan! I am Castle crazy!