Sons of Anarchy: Gemma Teller Is a Mass Murderer — and We Have Proof

Sons of Anarchy Gemma

Sons of Anarchy‘s Gemma Teller has made a career out of spinning tall tales, but the Queen of Charming really topped herself when she fibbed to Jax that the Chinese were behind Tara’s murder.

That little white lie in last month’s premiere set off a horrific chain of events that, seven episodes into the final season, continues to claim lives. Last week, leading lady Katey Sagal guesstimated to TVLine that at least 10 of this season’s deaths can be traced back to Gemma’s heinous bit of misdirection — which got us thinking: How much blood is on the murderous matriarch’s hands?

We carefully re-watched Episodes 1-7 to track how many fatalities have stemmed from that singular lie and, um, let’s just say Sagal low-balled the current death toll.

By a lot.

Click through our gallery below to view our evidence, and then hit the comments with your thoughts/reactions.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. J says:

    She was also involved in orchestrating the murders of both her husbands to one degree or another to there is that to…

    • If my husband was spending his time in Belfast banging a teenager instead of staying home to help me care for our sick and dying child, I would want his ass dead too! That is enough to make ANY woman hate the man she once loved. Trinity was 2 years old when Thomas died so that proves how unfaithful JT was to his family. He was weak and pathetic and got exactly what he deserved!

  2. wrstlgirl says:

    For the longest time I’ve wanted Gemma to die at Jax hands but now I think it would be epic if Abel gets his whittle hands on a gun shoots Gamma right between the eyes. I know, evil, but that’s what watching this show does to ya, LOL!!

    • 4ME2 says:

      I agree!!!! I really want Abel to kill Gemma too! After him hearing the Gemma killed Tara and questioning whether or not Gemma understood what an accident was… He understands what she did. Then again to see her standing over Bobby’s body! It is the only thing that would make sense. I don’t think it is too “evil” for Kurt to write. But I just hope everyone knows about it and she does have to face that before she dies! I have also been wanting Gemma to die for a long time! (I guess this show does make you think in a sick way! LOL!)

  3. TVworks2014 says:

    gemma is needed on this show for tension. as was clay. im loving season 7. the violent deaths are insane. i do think abel will kill gemma. the one thing she loves the most, her boys, will be her undoing.

    • Lisa says:

      Yup, without Gemma, the show is nothing. I thought that maybe Sutter would kill her off in the episode 9/10 “major character death” but then I thought, what would the rest of the season even be about without Gemma? It’s so funny to know that, at the end of the day, a show about bikers with a mostly misogynistic fanbase (I saw all of you who rooted for Jax when he hit Ima and when he drugged up Wendy, gross!), is actually really about a middle-aged woman who is off her rockers.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        Gemma’s fate will be decided in the finale’, guaranteed.

      • I was completely disgusted with Jax when he banged that speedball into Wendy! I didn’t have much sympathy for Ima because she got what she deserved. Frankly, she’s lucky all Jax did was hit her. If a woman pulled a gun on me with my child right next to me in another person’s arms, I’d kill that bitch. But everything else Jax has done has made me hate him more and more every week. I have NO respect for his character whatsoever!

      • Daniel says:

        Because it makes total sense for a woman to put a man’s life in danger.

        Misandrists be trippin.

  4. Kar says:

    everyone on this show is a serial killer

    • Aly says:

      Exactly. They’ve all killed. And even though her lies have caused these deaths, the Sons are often the ones actually CHOOSING to do the killing.

      • Lisa says:

        Thank you! I’m so done with people seriously looking at these men as some sort of victims, as if they can’t make their own choices. Why were they even so quick to believe Gemma’s lie anyway, with no further questions asked? That one is on them for being so dumb and blind.

        • wrstlgirl says:

          I don’t know what boards you’ve been reading but I’ve never seen anyone refer to the Sons as victims. They are all killers but Gemma’s manipulations have been the cause of a great portion of them.

          • Kar says:

            Everyone’s all “Gemma has to die.” But what about the rest of the guys who do this for their living and kill and kill and kill? Tara killed people too she did crimes too. But last season it was “Tara has to die.” Yet Jax and the others get #SaveJuice hashtags.

          • wrstlgirl says:

            Awww, those hashtags are what have people all up in arms. Those are nothing but screaming ovaries.

          • Lisa says:

            Um, have you been on Twitter? #savejuice #freejax #poorjax etc are very popular hashtags…. but ok!

          • Lisa says:

            “Nothing but screaming ovaries” is damn right bc it further proves the double standards in this fanbase. Just bc they see a cute guy, then all is forgiven!

          • wrstlgirl says:

            Wow Lisa, chill, it’s just a TV show. I spend a ton of time on twitter and yes I see them but I’m certainly not gonna get all worked up about them. There just stupid hash tags.

          • Fran says:

            I have to second that chill. If you’re basing these thoughts on what people post on Twitter, you might as well give up now. Twitter is the last place to see reasonable thinking (for the most part). They’re just silly hashtags and don’t mean anything. Also I don’t understand why some of you keep saying the men are getting a pass. All I see on every board about this show is how despicable they all are, how stupid Jax is for blindly believing Gemma, and how dumb the club is for blindly following Jax…. How they now appear to be continuing to kill just for the hell of it. I don’t see anything about the club being victims, save for a few comments that are always around. Even this article is just pointing out that Gemma’s lies have indirectly caused the deaths of a lot of people. Its not saying the Sons are innocents here.

            And incidentally, I think that’s why most people are rooting harder for Gemma to be punished. The Sons have made no bones about their killing and they’re certainly not trying to hide what they’re doing… Theyve always been killers and we’ve known that since day one…. Whereas you have Gemma, who acts very high and mighty and continues to lie and lie and lie…. Even after seeing what has transpired, she won’t own up to the person that she is or what she has done. People tend to root pretty hard for those types of people to get what they deserve.

      • Tracey says:

        Yes, this! So much hate and blame for Gemma, when all of them are choosing to go insane with the revenge killing. Jax is in over his head and has been for a few seasons now.

    • FtheFrey says:

      this^ Is Jax every responsible for his actions. Seriously, Jax is not a hero. Also, he should have just gone after Lin instead of trying to have some master plan that eventually backfired.

  5. Jared Parker says:

    It doesn’t surprise me that Gemma’s despicable lie has caused so much death and destruction, or that she shows no remorse for what she did. She’s only ever thought about herself

  6. Lisa says:

    lmao this article is a damn mess. so what? the men on this show don’t have their own agency? they can’t make up their own decisions? they’re forced into this life by gemma alone? bye @ everyone always blaming gemma while letting the guys literally walk away with murder. im not saying gemma has her hands clean and i hope she gets what’s coming for her but the whole “#savejuice” vs “#killgemma” campaigns do not sit well with me at all, not to mention the digs thrown at katey herself for talking about understanding gemma’s motives (how dare the actress try to understand her own character!), while not even batting an eye when theo does the same for juice. juice’s hands are just as bloody as gemmas at this point. gemma is awful, but so is everyone else in this show. goodbye.

  7. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    Gemma is a cold blooded BITCH only thinking of herself, and has the nerve to say she loves her family and would protect them? She’s killing her family….JT, Tara who’s next? She needs to DROP DEAD and go to hell!

  8. Abby says:

    Everyone who watches and loves SoA wants Gemma dead. Her surviving the season would be a catastrophic error in judgment that would leave a terrible taste in fans mouths. A surefire way to end the series on an unpopular, show-ruining note (HIMYM anyone?). She will die, and it will probably be horrible for her.

    • Lisa says:

      but why death? Wouldn’t a miserable life all alone be the worst punishment for her? Knowing that her entire family and friends have shut her out would be the best way to go. Let her suffer alone bc death is a nice thing to do for her at this point. Besides, Sutter has never been subtle in making it clear that this woman’s biggest fear is being “alone” We saw it in this week’s episode when she told Unser she doesn’t want people leaving her. Y’all are so boring.

      • Fran says:

        I could see that but it would remind me too much of The Shield, which ended that exact way. I’m hoping Sutter has something else up his sleeve for Gemma.

      • Death for Gemma at this point would be too easy. I agree that a life lived without Nero, her grandkids, her son, and the club would be the ultimate price for her to pay. As much as a part of me wants blood for all the innocent (no pun intended) blood that has been spilled, another part of me feels the end result of Gemma being alone is more fitting. She’s always lived for that club and her family, to be stripped of those two things? That would be her own version of Hell.

    • Jessica says:

      I think Gemma’s death should be big. Like Sonny’s death from the first Godfather, a complete massacre .

  9. Bwhit says:

    Gemma is the catalyst for all these deaths but the members who weren’t riding an emotional tidal wave should have at least thought about her lame story befor blindly following Jax on his revenge tour. I just have a problem with Bobby and Chibs, the normal voices of reason being like okay let’s kill all these people because your mom saw a Chinese guy “leaving” your house. Don’t get me wrong I am not one of those ‘best punishment for Gemma is to be alone’ people because as a fan who has loved this show, my ideal scenario is Jax doing her in, but Jax and the guys did these killings blindly so the blame falls on them. Gemma is a sociopathic maniac but her main story was to save herself, which drives me crazy, but these guys aren’t innocent bystanders and it is going to backfire (Bobby).

  10. DV says:

    In Katey’s defense, the character Gemma would have no clue how many people have actually died due to her lie about the Chinese. Many of the deaths involved in all the gang warfare issues are unknown to her.

  11. herrumph says:

    Frankly I don’t like the turn the show has taken. After all the TV promos of the skull flashing on Jax’s face, he seems to have returned to what his character has always been. He’s not crazed on killing everyone anymore. He’s basically made peace with everyone he’s screwed with the exception for Marks and the Triad but Lin’s crew is in jail now. After all the crap storm that was caused by Gemma’s lie, this show has to end with SAMCRO decimated and by rights by the hands of the TRIAD. All I can say is what will save this show for me is Jax’s plan of what he wanted to do Lin’s family gets turned around on him. If this show is following some sort Shakespearean or Greek tragedy end, Gemma will survive but to witness her family, which she uses as the excuse for everything, all killed off including Jax’s children.

    Really if there was to be a unique ending to this show, just look at what blood trail Jax has left just because Tara was killed. Some family member of someone Jax killed that no one remembers from a past season should come in and kill everyone Jax loves. That would be apropos since Jax’s grief comes at the cost of so many lives. What about the grief caused by anyone he has killed in the past?

    • kat martinez says:

      so funny the way we all are so into soa.its so exciting and im sure sutter has something mind blowing up his sleeve.its driveing me crazy about Gemma getting away with Tara’s murder,ill bet abel has a big part this week.we will see!

  12. vesa says:

    This article is absolutely ridiculous. How many articles has been created about Jax being a major mass murderer? About Clay/Happy/Tig, etc? As many posters have already commented – all the guys are willingly mass murderers and have been for decades in most of their cases. Tara herself had killed too and a part of her loved violence–she was a traitor, manipulator, and a criminal, but she still couldn’t hold a candle to what the guys have done (except maybe the traitor part). Last season everyone rooted for Tara to be killed and yeah maybe she deserved it and maybe Gemma deserves it – maybe. But the guys deserve it far more and they all got free passes on everything. Huge double standard.

    • Fran says:

      They made this article because they are talking about the lies that Gemma has told, and how said lies have directly and indirectly caused some pretty extreme distruction. I said it above, but Gemma tends to get more flack because she is lying about what she’s done and the person that she is. We know the Sons are killers, I don’t think we need an article to see that… But Gemma’s entire persona right now is a lie. I honestly can’t and don’t root for anyone on this show, save for the kids. Everyone else doesn’t deserve a happy ending. But I must have missed that people wanted Tara to die. I thought most people were devastated by her death. But I don’t see everything people post about the show and never look at Twitter, so I honestly didn’t know that one.

      • vesa says:

        Yeah twitter and the boards were filled with people cheering for Tara to die all last season because she was a traitor going about hurting everyone. It was only after she was killed in the way that she was killed by Gemma that some people were upset about it. Before that most seemed to want to crucify her for what she was doing. Maggie commented on the Tara-hate numerous times. Tara was also not a well-loved character in the first season or two either. It seemed people liked her most somewhere around season 3 – 4 and part of 5 thereabouts.

        • Fran says:

          Yeah I do remember all that now… The traitor comments were pretty intense. And I guess putting a little more blame on the females is something that tends to come out on such a male-dominated show. I think even you do it some going by your comment about Tara below. Im not judging or anything, just giving my opinion on how its something we all tend to do at some point. You think she deserved to die because she was a traitor… But she was a traitor against those same mass murderers who you think shouldnt be getting a free pass. So wouldnt you have wanted her to go through with it so these terrible men would get what they deserved? Her methods werent the best and she was incredibly manipulating, but she wanted the kids out of the club life so I still feel her heart was in the right place. Judging by the way Abel is this season, those kids need to be far away from the club life. But yes, Tara was far, FAR from perfect. Anyway, I think that’s what makes these shows so compelling to watch. You sometimes find yourself rooting for the bad guys even though you shouldn’t. Though I honestly can’t see how anyone could really root for or expect any kind of good ending for anyone on this show anymore. I feel like that ship has long sailed. That’s just my honest opinion on it all.

      • vesa says:

        Also Clay was a huge liar for a large part of the series leading to death and destruction, Juice lied many times and betrayed the club in the past, Jax has lied and led to a lot of casualties even before this season, and Tara lied – not just entire last season, but back when she was keeping that whole JT letters secret and she pulled Piney into that mess which caused Piney to be killed which Tara was partly responsible for and therefore partly responsible for Opie’s downfall too. Minus Wendy and Nero (maybe) – every single other character on this show has caused casualties because of their actions, deceit, manipulations, etc. Sometimes it has occurred many times over. It’s just predominantly the females that get called out on it.

      • kat martinez says:

        i didnt want Tara to die,i must have missed that too,i was hopeful she would get back together with jax.

    • Tracey says:

      Yeah, the guys have been given a giant pass. Gemma’s done some bad things, but at least she thinks she’s doing it for family. The guys have just gleefully participated in Jax’s excessively violent revenge fetish. I’ve lost any sympathy for any of them at this point. I think Jax is getting the “cute guy” pass.

  13. H.Houston says:

    How many episodes do we have left?

  14. swampman says:

    I don’t think it’s much of a secret that Sutter is writing this show as a contemporary pastiche of classic & Shakespearean tragedies. Early in the series’ run, some clever someone nicknamed it “Hamlet Meets the Hells Angels”. You can see it in the recurrent harbinger – the homeless, apparently insane girl Jax encounters from time to time (anybody seen her lately?) And a bright ninth-grader could probably understand that Gemma is Lady Macbeth in leather.

    These are not nice people, none of them. They are violent, career criminals & now that Jackson Teller is no longer even pretending otherwise, everything has spun out of control & circling the drain. This will not end well. At this point, I’m wondering if any of these guys will be left standing, though I’m pulling for Tig & Venus to live happily ever after.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      and didn’t Lady Macbeth commit suicide?

    • Tigs live happily ever after? Lmao! Tigs does not even deserve to be here still. Him being the hot head none thinker killed an innocent bystander ( Popes daughter ) in a fake retaliation on the One Niners for the cover up shooting on Clay by Opie. Which brought Pope into the picture. Pope then ordered the killing on Laroy the Niners then leader, fawn ( Tigs daughter), and Opie. They also have Tigs to blame for bringing Pope and now Marks into their lives. See where that has gotten them.

  15. cas says:

    Personally I hope they all die. Except for maybe Nero, he has tried many times to leave I feel like but always get pulled back in. Being manipulated is a hard habit to break. I guess maybe even Wendy. But for the record I hate her too and firmly believe she is somewhat responsible for Taras death considering at first she was on Taras side and then at the end she got all ” I don’t know if I can do this to Gemma” with Tara and ran her big mouth. Uncer can die too as he is well past his time and well he ran his mouth to Gemma about Tara. I don’t use Twitter so I have no idea what these hashtags are about but they sound stupid.

    • vesa says:

      Tara made all her own choices and it backfired on her. Tara was PLAYING Wendy, Jax, Gemma, Unser, Lowen, and everyone else. She was manipulating Wendy’s son in front of Wendy like a carrot just to get Wendy to help her, then she betrayed Wendy who had never done anything ever to her. Tara caused Wendy to relapse. Wendy didn’t want to hurt anyone, but Tara hurt EVERYONE. Wendy is the only one aside from Nero and sometimes Unser that even seems to have a conscience at all. That’s why she was worried about hurting Gemma, because even though Gemma definitely does not deserve any kindness from Wendy (neither did Tara, Jax, or anyone else deserve it from her) – but Wendy was kind to all of them and didn’t want to hurt any of them. Tara brought her death on herself by all the idiotic and horrible ways she chose to handle the situation. She died a traitor’s death and deserved it. Someone aside from Gemma should have done it though. If it was the real world, Tara would have been killed no question about it unless she managed to hide in witness protection.

      • Cas says:

        Well if we are playing “if this was real life” then half of them still wouldn’t be alive. Wendy gave up rights to Abel gone ago, and Tara had tried for years to get those boys out. When nothing else worked I guess you go to extreme measures. I am not saying she went about it in any good way but come on look at Abel now. Even with Wendy around who you claim has a conscious he clearly is lost and it’s because of the influence of the people in his life. Tara was trying to rid those kids of that. Why does nobody see that? It’s always about how see went about it but she tried other methods before and they never ever worked. What is most compelling is in the end Jax agreed with her and wanted to do the right thing too. Uncer was the one who opened his mouth before he knew the facts because he always had to tell Gemma everything. So yeah he may have a conscious but when it comes to Gemma he sometimes is blinded.

  16. Kay says:

    Now what was it that Katy said recently about Gemma not being a psychopath, I know of serial killers with fewer body counts and more of a conscience. I have said so many times before the reason Tara is dead and Gemma is alive/will be alive by the end is because she Sutter is obsessed with his wife in this role, he’s a little biased and I can imagine it must be nice for Katy to have such a major dragged out storyline and sole female focus of the final season, Tara would of just stole the spotlight. ugh I miss Tara ! This season needs to get better before it ends Sutter should at least pretend he’s trying to appease the fan base and not just his wife by finally and brutually killing or ruining Gemma’s life. So sick of watching this lady suck the life out of this show, I feel like Jax is now ruined because of her. I don’t mind badass Jax never did but he was always smart and deep down he had some guiding morals that made many of us love him as a character, where is that guy???? He isn’t here anymore cause Gemma, please don’t let this show end without a glimpse of that guy.

  17. Oh boy says:

    Everyone wants Gemma dead. Once she is responsible for the death of her entire family including Jax, Thomas and Abel she will be alone. Nero will be dead in the end as well.

  18. KevyB says:

    Just to be totally anal and annoying: a mass murderer is someone who kills at least four people in one location at one time. She’s more of a serial-killer-by-proxy.

  19. I started to resent Jax towards the end of the last season. I struggle to sympathise with him at all. Tara should never have been afraid of him and all because he put the club before his family.

  20. buck says:

    you all know that the show is fiction right? its a great show I`ve watched it from season one day one, but the bottom line is its fiction/drama. they couldn`t have picked a better mix of actors for this series. rest assured all the people that have been killed off of the show are still alive, trust me. Katey Sagal is really an awesome person

    • Fran says:

      Lol, of course everyone knows it is just a show. Its just fun to discuss it.

    • Buffy says:

      Thank you Buck. I’ve also watched from S.1 E.1 and have also binge re watched the entire thing up till now as well. I love all of the characters on this show whether it’s love or love to hate them . Sometimes I think people seem to blur the lines a little between fiction/reality. As for Sutter being biased towards his wife and her character I’ve read several articles that have stated that he wrote this show FOR KATEY! So of course he’s gonna have her there till the end and have her character be the leading female role. If it was written for her why wouldn’t he? I understand that people miss Tara but he’s also said many times that he KNEW exactly how he wanted this to play out from day one. He’s not just writing it as he goes along. He knew she would end up dead just like he knew he would have everyone fall in love with Jax and have him go off the deep end to make us not so sure about him anymore or resent him. He’s a very brilliant man and I can’t see how anyone could disagree because look at all of the discussions and better yet look at the rating this show is pulling each week. He has completely broken all ratings records of FX, and then continues to break his own record with the show each week as well. I think every character on the show has been brilliant and I think I’m really gonna miss them when this show comes to an end….well played Mr. Sutter, well played!

  21. Jod says:

    What about Bobby? My bet… He’s missing more than an eye.

  22. I’m not surprised when I read Katey’s initial estimate in your interview with her I was surprised she only said 10 because I’d estimated that at least 50 people had been killed at that point.

  23. jennifer says:

    I love this show I’m disappointed this is the last season, Jax is the hottest man on tv

  24. Aretha Morgan says:

    What drew me to the SOA was the FAMILY. Now that was ripped apart and replaced with pointless gore. I have been done every since Opie’s death.

  25. BeckTeller says:

    I was just thinkin whilst watching this weeks episode.. technically, I think Gemma has killed more people than Jax! Dunno how she lives with herself..

  26. Gary Ribby says:

    I loved Tara, with nothing else in mind Gemma should die just for that. Tara was awesome.

  27. Finalriding says:

    If you look at the seven seasons, well, most of them have killed or caused someone getting killed. Some of them have done both. I think that Gemma is an amazing character and there’s more to her than being a “crazy bitch”. I for one can’t wait to explore that fact more while the season goes on. And I still think that being completely alone would be worse than death for Gemma.

  28. d says:

    Gemma is my fave. I don’t want to see her die!

  29. Lyn McB says:

    As good as the writing, directing, storyline, and acting is, I can’t help but hope the BIG “accident,” as Gemma refers to her killing of Tara, comes out. I mean Karma is a bitch. And she’s got to sense that Abel knows something. He’s not acting out for nothing, mama. As much as she loves her family, one would hope before this quest Jax is on to destroy the folk he thinks (thanks again, to mama’s story) believes killed his wife, it’s not his downfall. Does she really love her family or is the old gal finally just CYA? I’m just saying.

  30. Lyn McB says:

    As good as the writing, directing, storyline, and acting is, I can’t help but hope the BIG “accident,” as Gemma refers to her killing of Tara, comes out. I mean Karma is a bitch. And she’s got to sense that Abel knows something. He’s not acting out for nothing, mama. thinks (thanks again, to mama’s story) believes killed his wife, it’s not his downfall. Does she really love her family or is the old gal finally just CYA? I’m just saying.

  31. Sutter has an amazing gift for putting together one of the best shows portraying reality in its exactness and touching base in all aspects of life, emotinally, mentally and physically, artistically! The most amazing and well put together casting. Brilliant brilliant! Icing on the cake…married to the Queen herself, one heck of an actress and does Gemma ‘ s character without flaw. BUT!!! As dysfunctional as SOA was,within each individual character there was a story to be told and each character, there was this small part of them that was good and ethical, no matter how small or twisted they may have been in the midst of it all. But after all of fhat….you took those complicated yet beautiful individuals and in the end killing them off one by one with simple pointless, nothing to offer evil and givingthe victory over to the dark side. Come on Mr. SUTTER…DonDon’t grow weary now and take the easy way out. It really isn’t corny for the little bit of good that existed to win in the end. That was, in my opinion the only part of your writings I would have to be disappointed in. With that being said…you deserve all the awards in your brilliant and creative, sensitive, intelligent, wonderful self. Congrats on all but very sad to see SOA end and so far in the way it is ending. Rather have that satisfying feel good at the end.. .in respect for “The Club”. ;) DT hanks for sharing Mr. Sutter.

  32. One error that needs correctin’ in the article. The Triads, Henry Lin’s gang, were never workin’ in or around Charming. The Triads, One Niners, and the Mayans worked out of Oaktown. And now we can add one more death to Gemma’s lie; Bobby ‘Elvis’ Munson. And if you want to get REALLY technical, the truth has been murdered from the get go.

    • 4ME2 says:

      I knew that Bobby’s death was inevitable but it was the 2nd most unwanted death next to Opie! Opie’s death was still the most gut wrenching! I actually sobbed like a baby through that whole episode (which is not like me lol)!

  33. Gregory Greene says:

    I hope Jax finds out and kills her for killing Tara!!

  34. Hate, hate, hate this bitch gemma. I hope the show ends that Clay didn’t kill John Teller. John Teller committed suicide because he found out Clay was Jax’s father not him. Jaxthe asshole should find out that he killed his own father,his mother killed his wife, and his son Abel kills his mother it would be just punishment for those bitches killing my CLAY. MY sexy as RON PERLMAN.

  35. spanktwizzle says:

    Get outta my head!!

  36. Well Im sure Gemma is getting her do reward already, With her grandson Abel telling school that she had put the marks on him, and now she cant be with them alone.. That is pain of the heart only a grandma could know. But I wouldn’t want Abel to be the shooter of his grandma, He has had enough pain already. But I do believe that Jax will have words with her before she meets her end. And at this point she probably feels that would be a blessing to be dead if she can be with her boys.The show is great and will be missed much here at our home.

    • gloria says:

      Cant wait to see Gemma get whats coming to her, Jaxs putting the puzzles together think everyone forgot the letter she hid of the killing of Jax dad it alk started because of the letter that Tara read… once Jax gets his hands on that its over fir Gemma.

  37. anita says:

    Too be so self absorbed, and only deal with her bubble of life….. I say go Gemma go!!!!

  38. greg says:

    Gemmas gotta go! Suicide somthing just do it! Maybe the little guy Will finish the job

  39. greg says:

    98% of a comments posted are from women : scary!

  40. patty says:

    They forgot Bobby, so it’s more like 61 deaths.

  41. Wendee says:

    I pray that Gemma’s death is at the hands of Jax, with a huge turkey fork being plunged into her skull, just like Tara was killed. Stab that bitch!!

  42. jeff says:

    I wanted juice to shoot her so bad I was screaming at the TV shoot definitely the most evil person on the show

  43. Mark says:

    Gemma may have to die but I’d still jump her bones!

  44. Linda says:

    Gemma is seriously an evil psychopath. How many actual killings has she personally committed? Of course she always rationalizes “it’s for my family,” or “what’s best for the club.” Gotta love Katy. Great actress.

  45. Gaty says:

    Please…please…get rid of Gemma in Season 3. Oh, too late…she’s still in the show. I can’t stand watching her make that pouty, Acting 101 “Oooh, I’m gonna get you.” face. Let her be Peggy and nothing else…EVER!

  46. Suellen Tucksen says:

    Gemma this Season has been your finest. Much respect to the character that you play Ms Katy. With that being said her the final hour when you have faced your Son the Love of your life and he puts it on the line. It will rip your heart out and then knowing you will never touch or see those two Precious Boys again will be the end for you inside. My opinion on it. God Blessing!! Hope for Jax’s sanity…What he may have left God grants him forgiveness and gives him Wisdom and Strength to raise those two Boys out of that life style. In the future the Son’s go there on way…
    All my opinion.

  47. Linda says:

    She’ll never get caught. She has no remorse.

  48. Linda says:

    I think Gemma, is a sad pathetic lady who should have died instead of Tara.

  49. Linda says:

    Gemma is a Sad Pathetic lady who should of died instead of Tara. I think Gemma was selfish women who wanted her boys to herself.

  50. Jenn says:

    What about Bobby’s death? If Gemma didn’t lie to Jax about Tara, he wouldn’t have lied to Marks about no retaliation to the Chinese. So, Marks killed Bobby to show he is not to be crossed!