Project Runway Finale: Did the Right Designer Win Season 13?

Project Runway Winner

For the past 14 weeks, Project Runway‘s Season 13 contestants have offered up their blood, sweat and shears in the hopes of besting their fellow designers — and on Thursday, a winner was finally crowned.

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This season’s four finalists — Sean Kelly, Amanda Valentine, Charketa Glover and Kini Donovan Zamora — presented their final collections at New York Fashion Week during the 90-minute finale, with the ever-comforting Tim Gunn standing beside them backstage for moral support. The judges, along with special guest Emmy Rossum, put on their best poker faces from the front row, as they critiqued the culmination of each finalists’ work on the show.

During deliberations, Charketa’s clothes were criticized for being too simplistic, while Amanda’s collection received a demerit for its “weird proportions.” Sean, despite his affinity for “fringe Muppets,” was said to have the “freshest perspective,” and Kini was praised for turning his collection around — per the judges’ criticisms — in such a short amount of time.

But there can only be one winner, and in the case of Season 13, that honor went to Sean Kelly.

Are you glad Sean won Season 13? Cast your vote below, then drop a comment with your reaction to this year’s big winner.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Michelle says:

    Amanda was clearly the winner. I don’t know how Sean won with the fringe again. It’s really annoying how he was rewarded by making the same dress from the Emmys challenge over and over.

    • Laura says:

      I agree! Amanda’s clothes were so much more creative than the black and white structure, and pompom world of Sean. The problem with Sean’s clothing is I’ve seen is before, Jil Sander, Narciso Rodriguez, and even Calvin Klein have worked this sort of clean esthetic. But Amanda’s clothes are truly different. That final dress was the same as the one that Heidi wore to the Emmys, just in orange!

    • coyote says:

      true! Amanda would have won if she had been a young cute guy. Her clothes were a higher level of creativity and skill. Sean is a one trick pony.

      • Shazay says:

        I thought the SAME EXACT THING this morning. Had amanda been a cute guy, she would have won the whole thing. Women hate seeing women succeed, if it’s between a woman and a cute guy. Three ladies and a gay guy as judges, no chance. And I am a gay guy, so I hope I’m not offending anyone.
        It was nice to see amanda playing Juliette’s wardrobe manager on Nashville thought. She lives in Nashville so maybe she’ll pop up often. AMANDA FOREVER! GBR!

    • Laurie says:

      I concur, too much ridiculous fringe! Really? what is wrong with the judges, Nina even told him, no more fringe. Kini listened to the judges and modified his collection in a very positive way, and yet they reward Sean for not listening and doing nothing new. I don’t get it!

      • Holly says:

        Kini is brilliant, I think. But no color…his collection was visually boring.

        • Lyn12 says:

          I agree — very surprised & disappointed by how dull Kini’s collection was, given his great craftsmanship. Even Amanda, with all that baggy beige & leather, featured a pop of color with those beautiful, glowing shades of blue.

      • teri says:

        It’s cuz Sean fits the mold better. King however will go on to make a name for himself. So will Amanda.

      • teri says:

        That’s due to Nina changing her mind every other minute.

      • Kj says:

        Laurie, think about what you’re saying. It’s that so-called ridiculous fringe that Heidi loved and rocked in at the Emmy’s. Sean designs for both men and women and has fabulous taste. I’m hoping to see some of his designs pop up in Macy’s, since that’s where I shop most. I love Ralph Lauren, another designer for both sexes. A lot of designers are strictly for one sex only. Sean deserved to win, hands down.

      • tinygoldenpins says:

        Kini doesn’t have his vision yet and he cannot seem to use color. Sean wasn’t rewarded. In my opinion he’s earned his place. As for doing nothing new? It isn’t just fringe — his pants and blouses were beautiful, have been beautiful. I get that everyone liked Kini but he saved himself from embarrassment, not for the win. He’ll get there but he didn’t deserve to win. Again, in my opinion.

        • j. smith says:

          I disagree. There was one episode where they had to team up. Sean was running short on time and if not for Mini sewing that beautiful white blouse for him; he would’ve only had A sad pair of pants to show… PLUS, he took credit for the blouse and ended up winning the challenge. Scandalous!!

      • j. smith says:

        I’ve watched Project runway for years now and have yet to see a person of color win. I think this season should’ve gone to Kini!!!
        He’s a phenomenonal designer. He took the judges advice, reworked his collection and STIL got robbed!! Its shameful!!

    • Cheyenne says:

      I liked Amanda’s accessories but I hated her clothes. Some of them looked like multi-colored feed sacks.

    • Temperance says:

      Agreed. Amanda was clearly the tops for the finale, though Kini was probably the best designer overall. Sean just kept repeating the same things, and the looks were really boring.

    • Over and over? How about Amanda’s mashed-up bohemian designs? She did that in every damn episode

      • teri says:

        True. And, although I really like her stuff, anyone who does patchwork can duplicate her styles.

      • Jacquelyn says:

        Completely agree, I loved Amanda’s aesthetic but when it came time for the finale I was let down, I grew tired of the designs I once viewed as edgy. She deserved second place, and Sean Kelly deserved the win

    • teri says:

      You do have a point here. It’s because he’s fingelicious! !

    • Caroline says:

      Herve Leger made bandage dresses for years and nobody complained. When you are making a name for yourself you take what you do exceptionally and run with it. I am so happy Sean won- I thought Amanda;s collection just looked like a bunch of maxi dresses from Burlington coat factory. I do however think she would make a fantastic jewelry designer….

    • Joseph A says:

      Actually ,
      I think what helped seal the deal for Sean was how editorial the work was ,
      Given that part of the prize is being in a magazine that was very important , and part of the reason why it came down to Amanda and Sean ,

      That all said , I would have given the win to Amanda over Sean , even though I think that more high profile women would want to wear at least 1 piece by Sean , and the clothing by Amanda seems more buyer specific

  2. Jenny says:

    I knew he was going to win. His collection demonstrated a strong aspect that none of the other designers had: modern innovation. I liked all the other designers’ collections, but I noticed I liked them all because they’re familiar to the eye. They’re all gorgeous clothes but I’ve seen them. Sean’s collection was so pleasing to the eye because of the color, story, and it’s something I have never seen before. It’s new, that is what a high-end designer must produce: a new perspective on clothing.

    • tony1956 says:

      Agreed. And his collection wasn’t just fringe. He had a keen eye for fabric,color.and construction.Some of his structural elements were stunning. I think we forget this show was the Spring 2015 collection. As such Sean tied in better.

      • Lyn12 says:

        Fringed-everything IS in for the moment, per an article I just read yesterday! But I couldn’t help but think about the late,great Joan Rivers describing his Emmy dress as looking like those whirling-rag things in a car wash. 8-)

  3. Katy says:

    Seans fringe was anything BUT annoying. His looks were amazing and had me stunned throughout his whole runway show!! PERFECT!

    • Cheyenne says:

      But really now, how are you going to wear all that fringe without it getting all tangled up and caught on every piece of furniture you walk past?

      I believe it was Oscar de la Renta who pointed out the difference between runway and fashion. That was why he was one of the most successful designers of all time. He designed clothes to sell, not just to wear on the runway. Sean is going to vanish into oblivion as another Project Runway winner who is never heard from again.

    • oganali says:

      And where would you wear his clothes?

  4. Husker says:

    I am positive the judges look at the entire season when deciding the winner not just the fashion week show

  5. Amanda should have won. Her creative style was unique, strong and wearable!! Her designs were made for all women, not just celebrities for the red carpet. Real women do not wear fringe on a daily basis. Sean’s style is nice but his evening wear was the only highlight of his runway show. It is a shame that the judges chose a designer based solely on red carpet appeal. Very Disappointing!!

    • Holly says:

      Deborah, would you really want to walk around every day dragging those long, puffed out dressed Amanda made?

      • Foo foo la rue says:

        YES….I would to love Amanda’s clothes. They are functional, comfortable, for the all-American woman. Poor Amanda was ripped off. Shame on the judges for their obvious choice of the shaggy fringe. They could give Amanda a second chance, but I always knew they could not let her win.

      • the girl says:

        I definitely would. There were at least four things that came down the runway in Amanda’s show that I would love to wear.

      • will says:

        Hell, I’m a man and I want to wear Amanda’s clothes!

      • Her clothes are actually wearable by a lot of women.
        This is coming from someone who was never a huge fan of hers the entire show … even I think she got robbed in the finale.

    • tony1956 says:

      What “everyday woman” would wear one of those plunging neckline dresses? Or that jacket with one button in the middle?

  6. ... says:

    What I was most disappointed about was Kini’s collection. How underwhelming was that?! After being so strong for much of the season (that rainway outfit!), he bought into his own hype (his talking heads during the Designers Vote edits were telling) and produced a boring, old collection that squandered his talents. Such a disappointment.

    • Tammy says:

      I felt disappointed too. He was my favorite this who season. I think he should have added a little more versatility to the denim.

    • Holly says:

      I aree with you about Kini. I was waiting for something spectacular from him, but I thought even Char’s collection was better. Kini disappointed.

    • IMHO says:

      I agree . Going into the Finale I really felt like Kini was the frontrunner but his collection was off the rack.
      Perhaps after a few years of clarifying his voice as a designer and can come back on PR All Stars.
      I would of been happy with either Sean or Amanda winning.
      They both had great collections I would rather wear Amanda’s.

    • Gwen says:

      I didn’t have a chance to see the final show, however I thought Kini would be the winner. His disigns were so exciting during the show. Why do they look at the final design to choose a winner. I am disappointed.

    • +1 to that!

      Kini is an excellent tailor and pattern-maker and fast as lightning.

      Apparently, if you give him several weeks … he’s not a very good designer.

  7. G. Kerstein says:

    I am so disappointed that Amanda didn’t win. I wouldn’t be able to recognize Sean’s clothing without the fringe. Amanda has a distinct, chic, flowing, hip yet comfortable design style that I would buy in a heartbeat. I hope Amanda sells her fashion somewhere—I’m ready to buy!

  8. Colin says:

    As individual pieces, I thought most of Sean’s looks were great, but as a collection, I was so bored by the end. The finale piece should be dramatic, and I felt like it was same stuff, different color. I mean basically he just took his best piece of the season and made it in different colors.

  9. crystal leigh says:


  10. S says:

    Ugh seriously?! I pegged Sean as a front runner early on, but I would actually wear Amanda and Kini’s designs. I really thought it was Amanda’s moment, so this is incredibly frustrating.

  11. Claudette Mosley says:

    I think because TIm brought back char. was nice, I had an issue with the contestants when ask did they mind if she had time to fix the zipper no one ssaid NO and then start talking negative about her they are all be ashame of them selves prejudice is still live and well IN all things and it really showed on project runway this series

  12. Sherlyn says:

    I’m glad for Sean’s win! For once I didn’t mind Amanda’s fashions. I would wear those. Char’s didn’t look cohesive. Kini’s looks were good but why denim?

    • Cheyenne says:

      Char’s collection wasn’t a collection; it was all over the place. But some of the individual pieces were great. I’d run out and buy those white pants on the final model in a minute.

      • Sean said it most politely, and succinctly: Char still has some things to learn.
        I really, really wish great things for her. She IS talented, and has an absolutely wonderful personality to boot. I want her to go far! But, she wasn’t the winner.

  13. John DeMicco says:

    I think Sean should have won partly because he was the only one to honor the challenge “Use Rome as your inspiration”. He is also a great story teller. Kini and Char had decent collections and Char will probably have the most success in the future because she really does make wearable stylish clothes. Not a fan of Amanda’s style at all. A side note–that girl that was eliminated in the faceoff with Char needs to put her pomposity in check. Her disrespect of Char in particular made me applaud as she was told eliminated. Confidence is important but what she did was classless and will come back to haunt her.

    • Cheyenne says:

      ITA. Char didn’t have a collection, but she did have some very wearable pieces. Those white pants were to die for and they would look good on anybody.

    • oganali says:

      Char lost her challenge & Tim gave her the Save again….Sean made that blue dress for her.
      I think Char’s stuff looked too Wallmarty.

  14. Tammy says:

    I thought they all did a great job. My favorite tonight was Shawn. I loved the transition of color that he played out on the runway. I loved the last look. It was my favorite of the whole night. I think Shawn should have toned down the fringe just a little but he has a lot of versatility in his design. He can do pants, shorts, skirts and dresses. Amanda to me seems stuck on dresses. I know a lot of people loved her designs but to me they were glorified house dresses and I cringed each time I saw one come down the runway. I felt like I was looking at the exact same dress except in a different color. I didn’t mind the custom print she did but I felt that it was overused. I did love her jewelry. Obviously this is all based on taste and it is not my taste. Kini has been my favorite all season and I did like most of his collection tonight but I felt like most of it, you could buy at a store. Chars designs weren’t bad but I think she needs to grow a little more as a designer. I am not disappointed by who won because I thought all of them should have won. They have all (minus Char) have had some really amazing designs this season. Congrats Shawn

  15. raquel says:

    I think kini should have won. Who really wears the clothes Sean did. Sean and the other girl make clothes for models not regular petite women. We can’t wear those long dresses or dresses that look like robes that Caesar wore. I just realized this is not the fashion any normal woman wears. I’m done with project runway

    • Holly says:

      raquel, The goal of Project Runway is not to cater to the average woman. You can go to Target or Lane Bryant if you want that. The show is about creativity and beauty. I am sure Project Runway won’t miss the likes of you. Maybe you would like to see what Honey Boo Boo’s mother is wearing.

      • Cheyenne says:

        What a snotty comment. Runway fashion may be about creativity but in the end, a designer’s clothes have to sell. Most women are not going to want to buy a garment that is mostly fringe that will end up getting caught on everything.

        • Toni says:

          I agree Cheyenne! I am proud of all 4 contestants. I was rooting for Kini but I think he lost his way. I really like Char and was surprised at how well she put on a show. However, it wasn’t cohesive, but it was show worthy, and I did like several items. I picked Amanda to win, but did see the clean, runway appeal of Sean’s clothing. Because I liked all four contestant I’m happy for all of them. At least they got to show at Fashion Week and we now know who they are. It’s a matter of taste, to each his/her own! I’ve been a fan of the show since the beginning. I didn’t always agree with the decsions of the judges but even I have grown having developed a critical eye, and taking into account the fashion trends, personal taste, and appeal. I will continue to watch and root for my favorite!

      • Temperance says:

        Sean’s work was desperately boring. Thai-inspired hospital gowns dripping with fringe are definitely not appealing or interesting.

      • ninamags says:

        What a bitchy, ignorant coment.

        I’m sure the fashion doyens of the world capitals were glued to their tv’s to see who would emerge triumphant so they could rush out to purchase his line.

        Sean’s looks were neither beautiful, nor creative.

        Project Runway is thankful for any viewers they can get. Lifetime Network? Really? It used to be on Bravo, a higher profile network.
        Even their prize money has been reduced.

        Who do you think watches Lifetime Network?

        • tinygoldenpins says:

          Actually, while we’re on that subject, Bravo isn’t Bravo anymore either. It’s filled with the most disgusting shows about the trashiest people ever.


          Sean’s clothes are beautiful. So are Amanda’s. Kini fell down, which is sad.

      • oganali says:

        The rules were that the designers were to make clothing, not costumes.

      • Who or what is a Honey Boo Boo?

    • Ann says:

      Kini was clearly the most talented but his decision to use denim only made his collection seem dull . I think we are going to hear a lot from him.They all did some amazing work this season Char will come into her own eventually. The MEAN girl is not worth mentioning Karma is a bitch

  16. Sean wasn’t necessary the best designer but what he did was he went with his gut & he ignored the whole “Fringe” frown & he won… so it goes to show you that you have to be true to yourself & your brand. Had Kini said forget the critics & stayed true to his collection I believe he would have won. Be you must be bold in fashion & in life.

  17. Val G. says:

    I thought Sean’s designs were very repetitive and the only one I would wear from his final collection would be the last dress. To me Amanda’s collection overall was boring with the exception of the black and white outfit and the jewelry she designed. I loved Kini from the beginning. For the average person he had the most wearable collection. He made classy, detailed and impeccably crafted clothing. I would buy his clothes and would trust him to make me something for a special event.

    • oganali says:

      Me too! Can you believe that moo mood & fuzzy bed throws won over real design? King was the only creative one of the last 4. I just cannot believe he came in 3rd. What an insult.
      And, those stupid judges! They kept saying “I would wear this and I would wear that”. They are speaking for themselves, not for the entire world. They run in different circles than the average person. What they would wear I wouldn’t be seen in. Embarrassment!

  18. Cherilyn washington says:

    I have been watching prw since season one, and I must say I will no longer be a fan or watch the show. The show to me is racist and very biased. There has never beenva winner of color no matter how good their designs are. And very few black judges. It has gotten to be so obvious what the outcome will always be! #nolongerafan

    • Holly says:

      Cherilyn, are you asking for affirmative action in the Project Runway world? Maybe you would prefer it if there were a Project Runway for Blacks Only? Stupidest comment I have ever read.

    • LuAnn Wiliams says:

      OMG. I agree. I could say so much more but the other folks would get pissed and the forum may get bogged down. The judges have always used the ther “street” for non white. This show sucks and the can wear their non-street clothes to HELL!

    • Ann says:

      put a sock in it there has been a black winner and black people have gone to the finals. Do u want a black person to win because he/she is black or do you want the most deserving to win . Stop with the black already you make the rest of us black people look petty

    • nala says:

      …The winner of season 12 was black… just saying….

    • tony1956 says:

      Cherilyn, if you’ve really been watching Project Runway you would remember that Dom Streeter, a woman of color, was the winner. You’re also discounting the wins by non-whites Chloe Dao, Irina Shabayeva, Anya Ayoung-Chee, and All-Stars winner Mondo Guerra.

    • Janice Vick says:

      If im not mistaking, I believe Dom, winner of season 12, was black.

    • tinygoldenpins says:

      Um. Dom Streater won last season. She is a young black woman.

  19. Susiee says:

    I’ve been a Kini fan all along, but I think Sean had the best overall collection tonight. Color can make all the difference. Kini had beautiful pieces but all black and white. Amanda had the most wearable collection.
    I was glad they were all so different and showed each designers own artistry.

  20. dianapricephotography says:

    Yeah, thanks douchebags for the huge spoiler headline at the top of google search. I was just googling to find the video on the official site and you made sure the ending was ruined for me. You suck.

    • Wow. They only state at the end of EVERY episode of Project Runway that you should visit for everything you want to know about the show.

      Why … did you need to Google it? Try listening. Or reading. Or … thinking?

  21. Jack Handy says:

    Looking at the season as a whole, I thought Kini was the best designer.

    As for Amanda, she turned in the hippie look on virtually every challenge, plus it’s hard to get over the fact that she truly looks like Harry Connick Jr with a wig (and an enormous mole). Seriously, hire a rat to gnaw that thing off your face.

    Charketa should have been cut weeks ago. How she even made it to the final four is beyond me.

    Sean Kelly was hit and miss. I guess he peaked at the right time.

    • Krystle says:

      I know Amanda personally…sorry her physical appearance is such a deterrent to her design work which is what this show is about, hello. She’s very beautiful in person. I’m sure you are a Calvin Klein underwear model, right? NO? STFU.

    • tinygoldenpins says:

      Why in the beautiful universe would you even comment on what Amanda looks like? It’s one thing if you don’t like her esthetic, which she very clearly stated was hippie bohemia, but it’s completely another thing to comment on her physical appearance. I would love it if Amanda was in my world. She seems like an amazing woman who is also loved by her family and husband. You should be so lucky to be Amanda. I wish there were more of her.

    • Obviously you were not listening….Zac stated Char was not the best designer. However she was the only one that grew during the 13 weeks.Everyone else just assumed they were better.And also stated out of all the other designers she was the best person.

  22. Dallas says:

    I liked Char collection!

  23. Beth PTA says:

    I’m not fond of Fringe, for Sean to Win is A big disappointment. It’s not a fashion forward, it’s A costume forward :( and Why Emily Russom a Judge??? Last time I saw her pics She was on the Worst Dress list.

  24. Hannah says:

    This was the first year I honestly couldn’t decide who should win (except for Char’s. I don’t even think the save should have been used on her). I agree with judges, but by a fraction of a percentage. I think Kini, Amanda, and Sean all made great collections that had different strengths and weaknesses. This is one seasons here I definitely don’t have a strong opinion.

  25. Michael K says:

    I think Sean was the right choice to win . While Amanda’s stuff was great the judges based their decision on the entire season and Sean has shown that he can do more than just fringe and that he can take risks. Remember his rain dress? Win or lose all four have talent and will do fine .

  26. GrayZ says:

    Shawn truly deserved his win. Definitely preferred his sense of color and elegant proportions. The clothes flowed beautifully. They played with light and movement. Yes, he did use fringe again, but others had their signature obsessions, too i.e. Kini with denim, Amanda with patchwork baggy dresses. Kini’s could have used some color and motion. I don’t get why Heidi loved the leather shorts and sweatshirt look. Seems like Forever 21 stuff. Amanda’s proportions were odd. The print did not seem so fresh. Char’s just had no concept.

    • oganali says:

      I can’t believe you’re talking about proportions. Sean’s clothing didn’t fit any model that was wearing his designs. If you look closely at the underarms and the necks of the dresses you will clearly see that he cannot carry out a pattern design well. All of his designs fit poorly except for the last one which was just a copy of another dress; same dress different color.

  27. Zenobia Jackson says:

    I think that there are so many differing opinions of who should have one is very indicative of the season as a whole. This was the worst collection of “designers” ever on the show. Not a stand out talent in the bunch.

    Project Runway has lost its luster for sure. If they can’t cast it better, then they should just end it. The judges are tired and disinterested and it shows. The challenges aren’t fun any more. They talk about innovation but innovation doesn’t sell…wearability does. Any of these designers might be creative but who is going to buy and wear their clothing?

  28. kandylynn says:

    I loved Amanda herself but I hated her clothes. They were shapeless sacks. I liked Seans clothes but I really related more to Kini. I really thought he should have won.

  29. sassy says:

    Sean’s design was breathtaking. I see what you guys r saying about the fringe but if it works y not use it. I was holding my breath throughout his entire collection, beautiful beautiful , that last dress tho, AMAZING. I also loved Amanda’s collection n I would buy her clothes in a heart beat but I was blown away by Sean

  30. JJ says:

    I hated Amanda’s clothes all season and never got why she was ever so touted by the judges. Sean didn’t make one thing I can even remember besides the rain dress, which no one could ever wear. And then he wins by making clothes with all that fringe? Did none of the judges ever see a flapper dress? That look is almost a hundred years old, and yet they think he is so fresh and new? Kini was high fashion and made clothes any woman could wear, he was the only one I saw whose clothes were aesthetically appealing. Bad season, bad call on the winner.

  31. missfit101 says:

    Wow. I went back and forth so many times on who I thought would win. But the end of Sean’s collection was definitely a wow moment. Check out the final recap at keithandanitascloset on wordpress.

  32. Meli Jegasini says:

    I just saw your junior version of Project Runway and the judges are actually better on that show than on yours.

  33. dancmh says:

    Kini and Amanda were robbed.

  34. teri says:

    I thought Amanda or King should have won but Stan’s presentation was the best put together.

  35. teri says:

    It’s interesting that no one is commenting on Clarke’s Clothing. I believe it is because she can’t sew and basically had no sense of direction.

    • Toni Johnson says:

      I disagree. Char can sew, however, it was clear that she wasn’t the strongest and commented that herself. However, she definitely had a sense of style and it showed in HER garments. Were there other designers I would have also like to see at Fashion Week, yes. But we are there and seeing these garments up close and personal is much different that watching them on televison. Many times I fell in love with garments on TV only to be disappointed once I actually viewed them in person. Having said all that I enjoyed seeing all these deserving designers show at Fashion Week.

  36. Anna says:

    I’m so happy Sean won. He was by far my favourite throughout the whole season and this is literally the first time my favourite designer won, which is a great feeling!

    • anastasia says:

      THANK YOU! finally someone who understands Fashion. Sean is fresh air compared to the others (that i also really loved ). I just love his aesthetic and creativity, what a great designer. Can’t wait to hear more of him in the future!

  37. Sabine Kline says:

    Kini Donovan Zamora should have won Project Runway. I will never watch this show again, that’s for sure. The judges suck and they are phony as hell!!!!!!!!

  38. Deb from Kansas says:

    Kini should have won. He had the best technique and I loved his clothes. I think he just needed some color in the collection. Hopefully he’ll be invited back.

  39. Sabine Kline says:

    I do not like when the want to be German says “Auf Wiedersehen”. You know who I am talking about…I do not even want to write the name of this phony soulless creature. Yeak

    • Sabine Kline says:

      I am replying to my own message. I just had some kind of awakening and, now, realize that “It is as it is” I should not be judging other people. We are all God. Blessings.

  40. nate says:

    Happy Sean won, but why doesn’t the name list line up with the photo? Seems like this happens often when articles are written by certain writers.

  41. Joanie says:

    Agree about the Gretchen/Amanda connection. I NEVER understand these judges. They complained all along about Sean’s one-note fringe obsession and what do they do – choose him as the winner in the final runway competition with at least SIX designs with his ubiquitous fringe. In their summation, they also raved about his rainy day dress, whose only saving grace IMO was the dye he infused into the fabric. Barring the rainbow colors, the style was dowdy and mundane.

  42. marine brown says:


  43. mcGee says:

    KINI should of won. Amanda s clothes were too hippy dip, Sean did the same ting over and over. Kini was clearly racially dissed.

  44. mcGee says:

    I am an elderly watcher. This year was a huge appointment. Some of the contestants should of not even been there while others were turned away at the interviews. Nasty attitudes were allowed to go on towards Char from a girl who should not even of been there. What kind of a client list does she still have?
    Char although she isn’t the best sewer has a good color and design view, I was glad to see her make it to the runway. Amanda has no vision past hippy.
    Kini was clearly the most talented. Sean is a one trick pony and will disappoint the future. I am hoping that next season if there is one that Heidi can get better make up , judges and common scene the show has gone down hill.

    • Amanda did NOT handle herself well when it came to Char, I totally agree.
      But PLEASE, PLEASE put the blame where it most belongs: I’m absolutely convinced Korina is a closet KKK member, with how much venal, disgusting hatred she had for both Char AND Sendhya — very ethnic women — week after week.

      Yeah yeah, Korina has some Native American ancestry and bla bla bla — I don’t wanna hear it. Native Americans are not all perfect people, just like any other ethnic group. Ugly exists everywhere. Korina’s one of the ugliest of them all, inside.

  45. Diane says:

    I am OK with Sean winning for me it always came down to Sean or Kini I like them both. Both of these gentlemen are really talented. Amanda is very good as well but Char not so much.

  46. Heather says:

    Amanda was the whole package. She designed the clothes and the jewelry. Who else did that?
    Sean is interesting but too much fringe. I don’t understand Nina, didn’t she just say that she hoped it wouldn’t be too much fringe?

  47. teresa walker says:

    Very disappointed!!! What is up with all that fringe??? I mean really, who wears that in real life?? Not the average woman. I agree Amanda had her own vibe going but I thought most of it was not sexy or youthful. Baggy for woman trying to hide their figure. Overall I thought Kini was the winner. I agree his collection was a bit boring color wise but his clothes were stylish, sexy, and very wearable! Not to mention his craftsmanship was off the chart!

  48. anastasia says:

    SEAN!!! Marvelous collection, cohesive and story-telling (I mean, taking the betrayal of Ceasar, what a Genius!)
    I agree that at this point, all designer did a fantastic job (excepted for Char, who clearly isn’t on the same level as Kini, Amanda or Sean), and it is nearly impossible to choose one winner (it probably is a matter of taste here). For my part, I ADO-RED Sean’s collection, and everything he’s been doing since the beginning. He has that freshness, lightness, effortlessness and genuine creativity I am completely in love with (plus he used the fringes perfectly). I hope to see more of him in the future, and again congratulations!

  49. tinygoldenpins says:

    I wish people would stop with the Kini. He’s sweet, fun, and talented but Sean’s clothes are works of art, beautiful imagined and rendered. He deserved to win.

  50. Jacquelyn says:

    Sean Kelly is a true designer. His clothing epitomized true talent and vision. luxurious, crisp, and reflected his self while telling a story. It was clear he would win to me from the beginning. I am a big fan of Amanda and I know she will go far as she has already appeared in film like the show Nashville, but Sean truly deserved this. I was so happy that all his risk, drive, and tailoring were reaffirmed by this win. His collection was the ultimate finale with that orange number, and his rainwear piece was not only breathtaking but incredibly inventive. Congratulations Sean, I know we will see more of you !

    • tinygoldenpins says:

      Completely agree. I liked Amanda too and was heartbroken for all the remaining three, especially Amanda. But, Sean’s talent and vision were there.