Revenge First Look: Nolan's Tense Reunion With David Revealed

Revenge Season 4 Spoilers

Nolan may be a man of a thousand zingers, but even Emily’s BFF appears to be at a loss for words upon reuniting with David Clarke in this new batch of photos from Sunday’s Revenge (ABC, 10/9c).

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The network has released new photos from this week’s episode, as well as the show’s Nov. 2 installment, which shed new light on the complicated (to put it mildly) relationship between Nolan and David. From the looks of things, Nolan will serve as a liaison between Emily and Papa Clarke until the two inevitably come face to face, though I wouldn’t hold my breath for that anytime soon.

Prior to the Season 4 premiere, showrunner Sunil Nayar told TVLine that David would be “slowly” reintroduced to the Hamptonites, rather than re-entering everyone’s lives at once.

Looks like this week is Nolan’s turn.

Browse new photos from the coming weeks below, then drop a comment: How do you predict this will all play out?

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  1. DL says:

    I’m hoping with the way that things have been pushed forward at breakneck pace that they don’t hold out on Em and her dad having a real face-to-face for too long. I can hold out until November sweeps, or the midseason cliffhanger before winter hiatus, at the latest, but if they drag it out into spring I’ll be sad.

  2. abz says:

    Lame!!! Mike Kelley was absolutely right when he wanted to take the show in the shortened season direction. This is a perfect example of how this show has been suffering because of the 22 episode format.
    David being alive in the first place was ridiculous, but since we have to accept it, the fact that they are saying that they are just going to slow things down after finally moving things forward this episode is all the more reason to be frustrated with this. I don’t care about Victoria, Charlotte or anyone. The only interaction with David that matters is Emily’s and they’re gonna drag out their reunion? Ugh!

    • johnhelvete says:

      You are likely correct that Emily and her father will not come face to face in the next episode, I doubt that ABC would release photos of them meeting ahead of time. The show will need a pretty big reason why David would not meet Emily in the episode after this one, unless Nolan does not tell David that Emily is Amanda, which would be very stupid considering David’s reaction to seeing Emily when he broke in strongly suggests that he thinks Emily might be Amanda.

    • grtm says:

      And more, what about how he have had stayed all this time away? Nobody had had helped him? And his relationship with Nolan, wasn’t him his sponsor? Would he survived and not looked for his friend, the one who he had left the responsibility of taking care of his daughter (Emily)?? Did he forget about Amanda’s money?? It’s so ridiculous!! Even worst this Victoria thing, what hell is that??? He still in love with her?? It’s tough to believe, this new season it’s seriously making me sulky!! It’s better they have a very nice explanation and a twist should be come very soon or this show will be death!

  3. chiaro says:

    I don’t get it. What father wouldn’t recognize his grown-up daughter. When he broke into her room, he had to know it was her. That should have been his first question when he saw Victoria. Bad writing?

    • the girl says:

      I can accept the possibility that David is playing along with Victoria to see what her endgame is. I also suspect that Charlotte may, at some point, sell out her mother because she does not approve of how Victoria is re-writing history. Charlotte may hate Emily but interestingly enough she appeared not to agree with her mother lying to David. So that may come into play at some point. Between Nolan and Jack, and maybe even Charlotte, there are enough people who David would and should trust who can vouch for Emily that once he’s ready to turn on Victoria, she won’t be able to talk her way out of it. I do however wish Emily had just told Ben and the cops that she was the real Amanda right there on the spot in the ID room so she could have gotten in to see David immediately. That was a moment for throwing away your fake identity if there ever was one.

    • Cassandra says:

      I think he did recognize her and is just going along with Victoria to see what her plan is. Like he said, he’s had a lot of time in isolation to think things through, and he’s smart enough to realize that if Amanda is pretending to be someone else, she is doing so for good reason.

  4. Caroline says:

    I love Nolan. I wish he was in it more this season.

    • alexzea says:

      The writers have disappointed me in the past few episodes. Its sop for nighttime soap opera style to resurect the dead or perceived dead person rather than be creative and realistic…theater of the absurd. David is not likeable, Charlotte, Daniel & Victoria’s roles are gamechangers. This new direction makes me wish that it ended with Emily being exposed to the Greysons as Amanda Clark and leaving the Hamptons at end of last season. Its a sham and i lost interest.

  5. david says:

    first of all the beard needs to go. secondly, who wants to bet that Victoria will use the fact that David “murdered: Conrad when he begins to soften up and that Conrad will make surprised return in either the cliffhanger prior to the big hiatus or right after :)

  6. Bobbie Cohen says:

    Does anyone else think this series is jumping the shark?

  7. Bobbie Cohen says:

    What ever happened to the baby Carl? He just disappeared?

  8. Paula says:

    If he said he knew his daughter died then he must know she had baby Carl so why not go see your grandson? Or ask? Also always thought from day 1 it would be revealed that David is nolans dad. At this point that may happen. I do agree I felt too they jumped the shark with davids return. I loved to hate Conrad was annoyed when David killed Conrad I really thought they jumped the shark!

  9. Lopez says:

    Awfull writing, Victoria’s line terrible. Pure lies no doubt out of her mouth. Now give the upper hand again to move in with David. Why why are you going this way? Please get Mike Kelly back.
    Is EmAmanda ever going to win a gain. It also seems she trying to help Charlotte why is Charlotte going to tell Danile Emily is Amanda? I thought he already knew. Is she going to tell him about killing the guy that kidnapped her and how Emily helped her?
    I really want this show to go on. But it seems they bound for it to be finished. Give Emily the upper hand like season 1. David is so stupid why can’t he remember how Victoria turned on him. How can he even pretend to love her still after all she has done?
    I wish writers could show some real imagination. It seems they have no clue as to how to do this. Surprises going nowhere, Emily always losing,Victoria lies and still comes out on top. How could David ask her to move in.