Person of Interest Video: Root Sheds Her Latest Persona... and Then Some

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Tonight on Person of Interest (CBS, 10/9), Finch asks the question many of us have wondered ever since Samaritan went online: How is Root able to flit around from persona to persona, while the rest of Team Machine is locked into one identity apiece?

In this above sneak peek, Root (played by Amy Acker) explains her “fluid” state as she sheds her UN translator’s red locks… and more… while Finch (Michael Emerson) does his best to avert his male gaze.

Elsewhere in the episode, Jason Ritter (Parenthood) guest-stars as the POI, a gifted political pollster whose typically ironclad predictions have suddenly started going very wrong.

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  1. The Kaibosh says:

    Auburn does suit you. HA!

  2. JC says:

    Thanks Matt. I can’t wait for tonight’s show. Root is the best.

  3. Alison says:

    What happened to the intelligent show I used to love not to mention the intelligent Root? She’s nothing more than eye candy now used to lure the coveted demographic which the show is sadly lacking. *sigh*

  4. Peggy White says:

    This show just gets better and better. Not only does it acquire some serious thinking in following the plot line. The chemistry between the actors is amazing. I’ve watched since day one and have enjoyed the ride all the way. How each character evolves is a fascinating thing to behold. I didn’t care for Root when introduced–now, am enjoying her immensely. She sheds her different persona’s to do the “Machine’s” bidding without batting an eye, and am amazed how it all seems to follow the pattern of what brings the show together. Truly love this show.

  5. Lindao says:

    Wow does this reek of “desperate to gain in the demo”.

    • Francis Adams says:

      So, it’s the new TV season, every show out there is releasing “sneak” previews–but, you choose POI’s preview to claim it is “desperate to gain in the demo”. Uh, sure, based on what? Are you going to be posting that same ludicrous statement after every other show’s preview that is shown? Because, they release these to get people to watch. Whatever point you are so desperately trying to make, it escapes clarity. Something “reeks” but it’s not Person of Interest.

      • Lindao says:

        POI’s showrunners have been particularly vocal about touting their powerful female characters, and not so much on skin to win. Reese hasn’t been shirtless since the pilot. But the demo (and overall viewers) for POI are dropping steadily this season, so hey, let’s show Root in her undies. Nothing gratuitous about that.

        • Jake says:

          Meh – I didn’t take that scene as Root showing off her body, but her being so in control as to not care. Plus, only Harold was there, c’mon….

          • Henry says:

            Yeah, only Harold was there, and he wasn’t going to stare or watch at all. And it was a very blurry image…

        • Francis Adams says:

          On one hand, you are screaming that Root showing some skin is “gratuitous” pandering to the allure of her sexuality. Yet, on the other hand, you state, “Reese hasn’t been shirtless since the pilot”, so, is that some kind of double standard? Because Reese hasn’t been shirtless since the pilot–people have stopped watching? Uh, yeah right. Ratings are down all over, plus, before condemning every scene with the “gratuitous” brush, perhaps you should have watched the entire scene, it was her changing her clothes in a matter of fact manner, before leaving to go to another assignment the Machine had sent her too–she didn’t do a striptease and toss her clothes at Harold and leer at him. Are you even watching the same show as everyone else? Way to nitpick a show to death…….

  6. Rich Abey says:

    Well Root’s ‘craziness’ hasn’t dialed down that much since Season 2 and the Machine seems to be an enabler at times. It’s all for the better though as her eccentricity is what makes her so fascinating. Besides did she really have to change right in the middle of Finch’s operation room? Love how he subtly averts his eyes. Shaw on the other hand would check her out..I think!

    • Henry says:

      She changed quite a long way away from Finch and behind a window that made her look rather blurry. If she had done it a two or three metres away from Finch and with the cameras showing her clearly (her image was very blurred) that would have been very different. It wasn’t as if she did it slowly, either. I think she was just confident enough not to care, But, still, she went well away from Finch to spare his embarrassment and she new he wouldn’t be staring at her anyway.I saw nothing titillating about her quick change. I did much more of a double-take when Root was wearing the blue dress and waiting for Shaw to come and give her a make-over. As Shaw turned and saw that it was Root, Root swivelled slightly and crossed her legs. Now a women crossing or uncrossing her legs may or may not mean much. It depends on how it is done, and the way Root/Amy Acker did it suggests she has the mechanics of flirting down to a pretty fine art. ;-)

  7. liquidhyperspace says:

    It’s interesting how their next episode called “Pretenders” and Root who out of these four bozos is the only person with actual pretender-like qualities wasn’t even in there.