Death Comes to Pemberley Sneak Peek: A Murderous Twist on Jane Austen

Death Comes to Pemberly Video

If there isn’t enough bloodshed in Pride and Prejudice for your taste, Death Comes to Pemberley (premiering this Sunday on Masterpiece on PBS) has murder, a hysterical Bennet (played by Doctor Who‘s Jenna Coleman) and Matthew Rhys (The Americans) as the dashing Mr. Darcy.

Adapted from P.D. James’ novel, the miniseries picks up after the events of the Jane Austen classic, when Pemberley is rocked by a whodunit. In TVLine’s exclusive first look, Lydia Bennet (Coleman) arrives at the estate, screaming bloody murder, and a slap is the only thing capable of calming her down. (Naturally, the excitable Mrs. Bennet is also overcome with hysteria by association.)

Meanwhile, Lydia’s husband — and Darcy’s ex-pal — George Wickham (The Good Wife‘s Matthew Goode) is suspect No. 1. “Am I never to get that man out of my life?” Darcy exclaims.

Press PLAY to watch the tumultuous sneak peek, then rank the various TV and film Darcys in the comments.

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  1. Brian says:

    I am so looking forward to this mini-series. I have adored Anna Maxwell Martin (Elizabeth Bennet Darcy since her wonderful performance in “Bleak House”.

    • Stormy says:

      It’s really not a mini-series. It’s just two episodes. I just finished the book and it was only OK for me. I’m not thrilled with Jenna Coleman as EB, after the stellar turns of Jennifer Ehle and Kiera Knightly. M. Rhys will have a lot to live up to after Colin Firth and Matthew MacFayden as well. I’m lukewarm about this, but will probably watch because PBS Sunday is kind a habit.

      • CJ says:

        Jenna Coleman isn’t playing Elizabeth Bennet, she’s playing Lydia, the sister who ran off and eloped with the devious, greedy Wickham.

      • E says:

        I pretty much hated the book, but I’m sure I’ll watch this anyway.

      • Lia says:

        Anna Maxwell Martin is playing Elizabeth, and I think she was miscast. After the prior two Elizabeths , Ms. Martin makes Elizabeth unrecognizable.

        • SAM says:

          I’m going to watch but my first thought is that, while Anna Maxwell Martin is a good actress, I can’t really see her in this role.

        • kath says:

          Nothing against the actress, but she’s pretty bad in th is role. There is no spark, no sense of the strength that Ehle brought to the role.

          She would have made a better Jane Eyre.

      • Joelle Morrison says:

        Jenna Coleman plays Lydia Bennet, not Elizabeth, and she’s excellent. Mr. Rhys does very, very well, thank you. It’s not a clone of P&P, it’s a takeoff, and brilliantly done, by the way. I love all the actors, and the mini-series — there are three episodes, not two, by the way — is wonderful! Glorious scenery, great plot, and Matthew Goode is the handsomest Wickham yet.

    • gia says:

      I saw this when it aired in the uk and while I like Anna Maxwell Martin, I think she was grossly miscast as EB. I found the character unrecognizable. I also didn’t like that the relationship between EB and FD seems to be reset so that they repeat all the development of the original story. All in all it was okay. You can have fun if you let go of it actually having much to do with Pride and Prejudice. Jenna Coleman and Matthew Goode were quite good in it.

  2. Name That Tune says:

    Sounds like fun. I love me some Pride and Prejudice.

  3. evelynfilmfan says:

    Sounds hilarious! Hope we can see it in the Netherlands as well!

  4. Kim R says:

    I saw this quite a while ago and it took me a bit to get used to the actress playing Elizabeth. It didn’t feel like a great fit for me. Other than that, I enjoyed it for what it was and would watch it again.

  5. Drewer says:

    Is the video not showing up for anyone else? I tried it in 2 different browsers and didn’t see a video.

  6. M. Rhys was awesome in this. A worthy Darcy in my book!

  7. Annie says:

    I’m a die hard Colin Firth fan but Matthew Rhys blew me away in this production. He is wonderful and quite stole my heart away.

  8. Isobel says:

    Isn’t this an old series? It played in the UK ages ago

  9. Suey says:

    For me Jennifer Ehle was and is the ONLY Elizabeth Bennet……..her portrayal WAS Elizabeth Bennet – exactly how I’d envisioned her :-)
    Kiera Knightley’s portrayal of Elizabeth Bennet was truly awful in my opinion…way too ‘modern-feisty-girl’ and much too much like her character in Pirates of the Caribbean :-/ In fact the whole screenplay of that film was completely off – so I suppose I shouldn’t blame Knightly
    I’ll have to watch this new twist on things to decide……

    • Sueso says:

      Agree completely!

    • kath says:

      I completely agree aobut KK’s movie even more than the actress herself. There was too much that was modern in the whole moive (such young women as sitting under a table during a party). It reminded me of those historical movies made in the 70s like Tom Jones where the hair and make-up was entirely 1970, not 1770.

  10. Sueso says:

    Read the book awhile ago and had to sort of think of it separately from P&P. I would have liked to have seen Matthew Goode as Darcy and perhaps Jenna Colean as Lizzie but I haven’t seen it yet.. I must say I was surprised at the choice for Lizzie. Colin Firth…NO ONE can replace him, except maybe the handsome Mr. Goode. DISLIKED the movie much! (With Keira)

  11. ninergrl6 says:

    I’m a sucker for anything P&P related, so I’ll definitely be tuning in. I read the book a long time ago, but I don’t remember what happens.

  12. kath says:

    I thought Matthew Rhys did a good job was Mr. Darcy, and Jenna Coleman and Mathew Goode as the Wickhams but generally the production was too 21st century and it lacked the sparkle and tone of the book, the 1995 version and off the book, even of the old Greer Garson/Olivier movie.

    I was quite disappointed.