Once Upon a Time Photos: Emma and Regina Tag Team the Snow Queen

This Sunday on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, frenemies Emma and Regina will have opportunity to explore their complex dynamic as they reluctantly team up to search for the Snow Queen, as seen in this bakery-fresh batch of new photos.

Surveying the ladies’ relationship, series cocreator Adam Horowitz said at New York Comic-Con, “The show really did start on the conflict between the two of them, and their growing and changing relationship… and there is an episode where we explore that. It takes off from the idea that we saw in the [season] premiere, that Emma [as Savior] has to bring everyone a ‘happy ending,’ including Regina.”

Regina, of course, has been a bit wary of the Savior as of late, given the fact that Emma’s time-travel hijinks are what waylaid her budding romance with Robin Hood in the first place. So in this episode, titled “Breaking Glass,” Jennifer Morrison said, “You’re going to see Emma really fight to prove to Regina that she wants to be a friend, that she wants to have a good relationship with her.”

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  1. Leha says:

    Yessss SwanQueen please!

  2. Lisa says:

    Amazing news, thank you!!

  3. Nicole says:

    Praise the tv gods! Regina is actually getting some screen time for once this season. If you add up all the time we have seen her this season, it would be less than she will get in this episode. Added bonus, we get to see Emma without the leather handbag… I mean Captain Handjob. Oops, I mean Hook. Not happy with the Hookathon we’ve had for the last 4 episodes. Rumor has it that Belle might be on for more than 15 seconds! So bring on the SwanQueen! ! !

    • Im hipp rigina is like the most important after snow white,but if she is the second important acter then she need to be on the show mor than twice and more than 6 min.Emma looked a little weired caz guess im so used to the leather.

  4. Nicole Fernandez says:

    Yes finally! This season has really been lacking with Regina! They seem to be only focusing on Hook. I hope they fix that! I can’t wait to see Team Moms work together again! Hopefully they can work out their issues. I love them! Viva la Swan Queen!

    • Daisy says:

      I know right! I mean I like Hook nut not Emma, she annoys me. Hook needs a new girl! Byt I would love to see more of Rumbelle!! FAVORITE characters on this show!! Can’t wait till episode 6. Spoilers say its about Rumbelle. Fans who love Rumbelle will like this episode!!! :)

  5. Brandt says:

    Finally, Regina will be on my screen so I will definitely be watching. The best episodes are always when Regina and Emma are teamed up together!

  6. You know I don’t watch this show (never really got into it), but I gotta say seeing the random headlines for it is making me at the very least curious enough to look into it, because isn’t Elsa the Snow Queen since Frozen was based on that tale? Funny how random TV news captions can draw you in…

    • Jennifer says:

      If you’re going to jump in, this sounds like a good episode for it. The show seems to have lost its way recently but as Adam said, it started with Emma and Regina so it sounds like this week, it’s getting back to its roots and what initially attracted a lot of viewers.

  7. Vanessa says:

    Great news! I’ve wait to see a Swan Queen scene like that. As a Swanqueener, I’d love to see their relationship growing and become interesting. Its a need to explore that. I wish somewhere there will be a possibility to create a romance between those two, it would be epic true fair and romantic. But for now I look foward to see that ep!!

  8. Z25 says:

    Looks like more Regina in this Sunday’s episode. Good. I missed her.
    I’m not a big fan of Emma anymore and I’ve grown a little tired of the dynamic with Regina and her too. I’d rather see the show explore the Regina and Snow dynamic more, but as long as their scenes are always deleted before the episode airs I will have to wait for this a long time.
    But at least more Regina. I take what I can get.

  9. Jennifer says:

    Words cannot express how excited I am for this episode. More Regina? Yes, please. Regina and Emma together? Yes, yes, yes. Regina and Emma actually dealing with stuff? Yesssssss!!! Plus Snow Queen and young Emma? Gimme it all! Sunday cannot come soon enough.

  10. Sybil says:


  11. afan says:

    This episode sounds amazing. Emma’s flashbacks I’ve always wanted. More Emma in general since she’s my fav, Regina too, team mommies working together again, the Snow Queen and Elsa. yesss.

  12. More Regina? Yes. Emma’s backstory? Double hell yeah. Developing a relationship between Henry’s mothers? Well, bring out the fireworks! I always love the episodes that explore the relationships between the core family–Emma, Regina, Snow, David, Henry, and Rumple–because that’s really where the show gets to exercise its emotional muscle and keep us grounded, even when flying monkeys and ice monsters are afoot.

  13. Ingrid says:

    Hopefully some decent Regina time then! Finally! Even better, it looks like it will be with Emma! Our Queen and Saviour, together again. Team Moms!

  14. leo says:

    YESS! havent felt thia excited about an episode since the premier. #moreReginaplease

  15. Casey says:

    I don’t know why Emma would want to be friends with the woman who tried to kill her as a baby, murdered Graham and countless others, and made her parents’ life hellish. Cordial for Henry’s sake, absolutely, but pretending they’d ever actually be friends is pretty unrealistic IMO. Would any of us honestly want to be pals with anybody who’s done the evil things Regina has done to Emma, her family and friends? I highly doubt it. I’m so tired of everybody coddling Regina and acting like her pain is so much more important than anybody else’s. Though I guess they’re always afraid she’ll go Killer McRage again over some perceived injury, so best to keep on her good side.

    I just wish Emma could have had an ep exploring her backstory to herself and her family. There has been so woefully little backstory with Emma so far, compared to others.

    • Shawn says:

      Emma is dating a guy who tried to kill her countless times, abandoned her family and left them all to die before changing his mind (which would have been pointless without Regina and Emma teaming to save the town…which wouldn’t have been needed if Hook hadn’t team with Greg and Tamara to set off the trigger which wouldn’t have existed without etc etc etc…it goes on and on). The point is…it’s no less realistic for her to be friends with someone she has evolved and worked with over four years than it is for her to be making out with the dude who left her in a cell to die. She was also in love with a guy who let her go to jail. And Belle is with a guy who kept her prisoner. And Snow and Regina screwed each other over relentlessly for years but have found forgiveness. Maybe none of the above is realistic, but this is OUAT and not some realistic show about punishment and hatred. And frankly, it’s more interesting when there are intense and intimate (I don’t even mean that romantically) relationships that grow out of places of deep betrayal and hurt.

      Personally I agree with everyone else who is thrilled to not only see the richest character on the canvas back on the board and to see this extremely important relationship (it’s one of the central pillars of the show after all) get some much-needed focus. Might even give us our first better than just average episode of the fourth season. Huzzah!

    • Madelaine says:

      Regina has had seasons dedicated to her redemption. Yes, she’s done bad things, but she’s apologised for those things countlessly and showed true remorse. And you seem to be forgetting that Regina has also saved Emma, the Charmings and Storybrook many times also. Where is her credit for that?

      It’s funny how she is the only character that has truly showed remorse for her actions, yet she is still seen as the ‘Villain’ of the show who is bound to turn back to old ways with a moments notice.

      Rumple is still being as manipulative as ever and has not once had to account for his role in the curse, yet he is treated fantastically and is awarded his happy ending with Belle.

      Similarly, Hook has left Emma for dead as well as attempted to kill her, attempted to kill Belle and treated her disgustingly, and worked with Cora. Just to name a few of the terrible things he has done. Yet without ever truly being apologetic or showing remorse, he is forgiven just because he is obsessed with Emma. Like he tried to kill her, yet people treat their relationship as normal.

      Regina has changed from the Evil Queen, yet she is still treated like a villain.

      So how is it so farfetched that Emma would want to be friends with a woman who has saved her and her family, who she shares a son with, and who gave her happy memories with said son? Seems pretty easy to me.

  16. Abhishek Sharma says:

    Thank-God , Villain of first season , normal human of second season & hero of the third season is back in action – REGINA , totally missed you in the last episodes :(

  17. Cara says:

    Thank God! It will be so nice to see these ladies actually interacting again. Their chemistry is what drew me into this show in the first place. No villain-of-the-week or CGI monster can hold a candle to the dynamic between these two.

  18. M says:

    Can’t wait! These two have an amazing dynamic that really is the core of the show! Good to see the show runners have not completely forgotten that. Team Swan-Mills all the way!!!

  19. Helena says:

    OH THANK THE LORD! I thought we’d never see Regina again!! And I thought we’d never see her interacting with Emma again!! Wow, just wow, this is beyond exciting. I was so worried this show had lost its way and become something unrecognizable…but hopefully this episode will start to pull it back to what everyone loved about it in the beginning. The show really is about these two women and Henry and the Charmings. (And Rumple/Belle!!) It’s been floating by with other characters, not tanking in the the ratings yet because Frozen is keeping the viewer count up…but wow this season has been lacking that edge and excitement and ‘oomph’ the show used to have, especially in S1 and S2. I hope this episode will bring some of that back!

    And wow we’re actually going to get some Emma backstory! God we’ve barely seen ANYTHING from the freaking MAIN CHARACTER’S PAST. I know more about Hook’s backstory than Emma’s. That is really, really sad. I’m can’t wait to see Lily, the foster friend…wonder what trouble the two of them are going to get into! And I can’t wait to see Regina and Emma team up again!! They’re so fun to watch. Lana and Jen are just amazing together and their scenes sizzle with excitement and chemistry and magic…literally! Lol can’t wait to see how they put aside their differences to handle the Snow Queen. (PS Elizabeth Mitchell is AMAZING so far.) Oh and I even heard Snow and Charming might go on their own date!! I’M SERIOUSLY SO EXCITED FOR THIS EPISODE!! THANK YOU OUAT FOR GETTING BACK TO WHAT YOU DO BEST!! PLEASE KEEP IT UP FOR THE REST OF THE SEASON!! EVEN SHATNER SAID WE NEED MORE REGINA…GOTTA LISTEN TO THE CAPTAIN RIGHT?? ;)

  20. So excited about this episode. I love Lana and JMo scenes because they have so much chemistry!

  21. Name That Tune says:

    This show could do with about 75% less Hook and 60% less Emma.
    Glad to see Regina back, but if operation Mongoose isn’t going to really gear up until season 4B, the show is just filling time . . .with pretty boring stuff.

  22. Lelia says:

    FINALLY Emma flashbacks? Hell yeah. Regina? Oh god no… Give me more of the Charming family instead.

  23. geekykitsch says:

    I’m really looking forward to this episode. I’m hoping that Emma and Regina both are in take-no-prisoners mode when it comes to the Snow Queen. Hopefully working together gets them back on neutral ground at least and not one full of resentment and defensiveness toward each other, but really, the two of them probably need to air their grievances. Whether that happens in this episode remains to be seen.

    Some backstory with a teenaged Emma pre-meeting Neal would be great to see as well. Roll on episode 5!

  24. DarkWings says:

    FINALLY an episode with Lana screentime. This has been such a painful season watching them turn this into Once Upon a Hook. Also nice to see there will also be some nice SwanQueen moments which have been quite lacking in favor of the “CaptainSwan Movie” that the last few eps have turned into.

    Oh, and, wow, that title, “Emma and Regina Tag Team the Snow Queen”? How kinky, Emma and Regina have decided to go for a threesome? LOL

  25. jess says:

    Definatly loving the pairing of Regina and Emma!! They work well together as a team when they put their differences aside for sure!! I’m also loving the fact that hook might be getting his change at love with Emma. He has been more than patient with her and she deserves someone who is devoted to her and good with Henry. Either way, love this series and I am positive it will not stear me wrong!!

  26. Li says:

    If some of us Swan Queen fans think that something romantic will happen between them, then you are very wrong. I for one, am glad that Regina and Emma are working together and have the chance to become friends. And no, I don’t ship Captain Swan and I don’t like Hook, but I can see that Hook makes Emma happy, and that she is clearly into him as much as he is to her. Yes, I ship Swan Queen, but I know that they won’t happen romantically

  27. AnnieM says:

    I’ve really been enjoying the season so far, but have been missing Regina. SO glad they did not make her evil again, as it would have been very boring. Looking very much forward to seeing this.

  28. I can’t believe how messed up people are on this. This was a very boring episode. I only enjoyed the parts when Regina was not in them. Hook did not try to kill Emma multiple times. He left her in a jail cell and let her win the sword fight. I never read so many idiotic comments in my life. Emma and Regina having a relationship is ridiculous. Last week’s episode was far superior to his one. The interaction between Hook and Rumple was much more interesting than Regina’s blame fest with Emma. People making comments are so blinded by their love of Regina that they refused to enjoy anything else about the show.