Vampire Diaries Photos: Stefan and Caroline Get Back to Nature

Vampire Diaries Caroline Stefan

Move over, Elena Gilbert; it looks like Caroline is officially The Vampire Diaries‘ new love triangle queen.

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New photos from the Nov. 6 episode find Ms. Forbes enjoying a walk in the woods with Stefan, though “enjoying” might not be the best word to describe their outing. The twosome — with Matt in tow, just out of frame — are hot on the trail of Enzo, upon discovering that he’s been vamp-napped by Tripp.

But how will Caroline feel when she finds out Bachelor No. 1 (that’d be Stefan) is responsible for putting Bachelor No. 2 (Enzo) in the hands of the enemy? Hey, no one ever said love comes easy on this show.

Browse photos from the Nov. 6 episode below, then drop a comment: are you Team Steroline, or Team… whatever Caroline/Enzo are?

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  1. spindae2 says:

    Now that you suggest it, Caroline is the Woods Hook up queen. She knows all the kinky spots.

  2. Brigid says:

    Why should she care about Enzo? He just murdered 2 people, Stefan had every right. Why didn’t anyone else kill him and why are they going after him? None of this makes sense to me.

  3. Veepster says:

    Enough with steroline andy! I get you and your buddies over at tvd want this convenient pairing to be an succes but its never gonna happen the only people who want this are delena fans who want stefan away from elena but i guess the tvd ” family” only applies to julies precious delena kiss assers so what delenas want they’ll get

    • Cas says:

      God I dislike people like you. Personally I liked Stefan and Caroline because of how they developed. I like how they were friends first and I know everyone says let them stay that way. But in the real world a lot of relationships start off as friends. However, I also like Enzo and Caroline. Their quirkiness together is fun to watch. Sort of like she was with Klaus.

    • Letti says:

      I agree with Veepster. Julie Plec said Caroline is the new Lexi of Stefan, I she has fogotten that, so fans get this BS. And obviously writers hate Stefan, so they make it look like he is the bad one to everyone. In fact, he is the only caracter with common sense right now.
      PS: If anyone wanted Steroline to have stable and healthy relationship, writes will make them awful like Delena, as you can see

    • Lies says:

      I agree with you veepster! what delena fans want delena fans get. They even ended the love triangle, while the writers always said that this show was about a love triangle over the whole run of the series? Bamon/stelena/klaroline fans got almost nothing, only ‘friendships’.

  4. Alex says:


  5. Lucy says:

    I cannot stand Caroline, let alone with Stefan.


    • Kristen says:

      Yes klaroline will always be my favorite and I really miss them! But in the mean time, I honestly prefer the banter of Enzo and Caroline over Steroline. Stefan is just so awful to her. He has literally made her cry in 2 straight episodes. It’s hard to root for a relationship with Stefan treating her this way. i don’t think he will ever look at her with the same adoration he showed Elena.

      • evconvent says:

        I agree with you, Kristen. I was a big fan of Klaroline. Though, I am kind rooting for Steroline, I think they would make a cute couple that developed quite organically. But after the way Stefan is treating her right now, he would never deserve her. Enzo and Caroline is kind of fun to watch but I think I like them better as friends. Or as close to friends as they could actually be.

        • Kristen says:

          Yes, that’s what’s so sad about Caroline. They have made her fall for all these characters that either reject her (Matt) or walk out on her (Tyler and now Stefan). I think that’s why Klaroline is still so popular. As twisted as Klaus was, by the end of season 4 he was essentially willing to do anything for her and just wanted her to be with him. I hope she gets that again from whoever the writers have her end up with.

      • Maya says:

        Oh jeez!!! what a monster Stefan is!! of course for you Delena fans whatever thing Stefan does is awful, and you clearly never pay attention of the argument, yes Stefan has been harsh on her, but only because he is in so much pain of losing Damon that he only wants to move on, he wants to be away of all the people who make him remember of his brother and also I think we wants to push Caroline away because he has feelings for her too, so yeah he is such a monster.

  7. Maya says:

    Klaroline is not gonna happen at least until the end of TVD, so get over it, and if you dislike Steroline so much don’t watch the show anymore and go on with your life.

  8. zed says:

    Caroline and Stefan best buddies- YES! Everything else will be rubbish and it is forced. It looks forced. Caroline and Enzo makes a lot of sense. She likes the bad type … Tyler, Klaus…and maybe if Stefan stll was a real ripper…but this moody broody guy… no… it is just not real. And I am not a Stelena fan, although back in the day, those two had that sweet love thing. Now, Elena and Stefan in a friend zone is just fine.

    Stefan being single or some awesome witch coming along, but not anything random- well…that would make him interesting and him being in some real peril!

    May I say that I loved Bamon. So great and refreshing!

  9. lexzy says:

    4 me stefan n caro is a go.Enzo n caro nah…never

  10. Giulia says:

    I’m Team Klaroline, really. Although I prefer Carenzo to Steroline, because I’ve had enough of people treating Caroline like she’s nothing. She deserves so much better than Stefan.

  11. Jenn says:

    I am 1000% over this Stefan and Caroline mess and it hasn’t even gotten underway. Why was this necessary? What does this add to the show? Why is Caroline getting yet another love interest when she’s been lacking an actual story for seasons now? I guess the world will never know, since they seem absolutely hellbent on making this a thing.

  12. fanpire'2 says:

    Caroline and Enzo!!

  13. mirian says:

    I’m so loving diz Caroline and stefan cus I’m so tired of stefan and elana. If dey r goin to end up together I beta stop watching cus I hate d idea of them ending up

  14. mirian says:

    Plz stefan nd Caroline is a go for me. I hate stefan nd elena I stoped watching diz program cus I was tired of dem both. Plz team stefan nd Caroline is a go for me. Dey look cute together

  15. toyah says:

    I vote Caroline and Stefan they have a chemistry and spark between them that I would love to see on the show.