NCIS First Look: DiNozzo Reunites With a Woman From His Past

NCIS Special Agent Tony DiNozzo (played by Michael Weatherly) appears to be nothing but smiles when a woman from his past resurfaces — and TVLine has the pictures to prove it.

In the CBS drama’s Oct. 28 episode, titled “Parental Guidance Suggested,” 24 alum Marisol Nichols guest-stars as Zoë Keates, an ATF Special Agent who years ago worked with DiNozzo at the Philly PD (prior to Tony’s stint in Baltimore). The two cross paths anew when NCIS and ATF find themselves tracking the same terrorist.

How do you interpret Tony’s reaction below? Is it bona fide “Happy to see you,” or maybe less so? (Then again… how can it not be?? Because cheekbones.)

The same episode also guest-stars Josh Randall (Ed) and Bronson Pinchot (Perfect Strangers). NCIS airs Tuesdays at 8/7c.

NCIS DiNozzo Marisol Nichols NCIS DiNozzo Marisol Nichols

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  1. DidoTwite says:

    Oh look, Bishop’s frowning again.

  2. Lillian says:

    Countdown to she looks like Ziva comments in 3…2…1

    I wish they’d just let Tony settle down. But yeah,those are great cheekbones.

  3. Love seeing Tony’s smile!!!

  4. bj says:

    Never mind Tony’s expression, what’s with Bishop’s?

  5. Jason says:

    Wow, Marisal had had some work done. To each their own, but I have never seen “facial work” that has looked better than the previous…

  6. ninamags says:

    I think Bishop is still trying to understand Tony. He is an enigma. His free-association with the most mundane things confuse the heck out of her.

    She’s trying to categorize him but can’t 😎

  7. Mel says:

    Looking forward to finding out more about Tony’s past, and just who this woman is. Thanks for the scoop (and awesome picture!).

    • Dean says:

      She’s a cop from Philadelphia and knew Tony from his time there. He was in Philly and another police force before he joined Baltimore PD.

      • Hi Dean,
        Peoria, IL before Philadelphia.
        I’m looking forward to meeting Zoe Keates. She might shed some light on what he was like back then. In the 1st photo they’re smiling at one another so that’s a good start.
        As for Ellie, we don’t know the gist of the conversation between Tony & Zoe so perhaps it something they say.
        In my view, Marisol & Cote don’t look anything like one another.

  8. Celeste Widman says:

    Holy Bad Continuity, Batman!
    Marisol Nichols played Callan’s former CIA Partner Tracy Kelly (Rosetti) on NCIS Los Angeles a couple of years ago. Now she’s playing Di Nozzo’s former Baltimore PD Partner Zoe Keates on NCIS? Hmmmm….Well, OK.

    • Rick Katze says:


    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Yes, such was noted in the original casting report: http://tvline.com/2014/09/19/ncis-season-12-marisol-nichols-dinozzo-philadelphia-past/

    • Kim R says:

      I notice things like that as well, especially with the NCIS franchise because they all interact at some point. The worst was Tony’s former partner from Baltimore who was murdered had a brief stint as a member of the new RED team. A hard thing to overlook. At least for me. That would be like the actor who played Ari being another character on NOLA. Don’t do it people! :D

      • Jane says:

        If you really want to get picky there is the all the people who appeared in JAG who are now popping up in NCIS. Currently Zoe McLellan is in NCIS NOLA when she played PO Coates in JAG. Michael Bellisario played both Mikey Roberts in JAG and Chip the lab Tech in NCIS and then there is Sean Murray who started in JAG as Danny Waldron and then became McGee. These are just the ones I remember off the top of my head.

      • Dido Twite (@DidoTwite2) says:

        NCIS-LA is in a different universe at this point. They even had the actor who played Saleem on LA as another character.

      • John NYC says:

        I like the repertory nature of the lineage.

        Hey if TPTB had felt as you we’d never have gotten to see Col. MacKensie: ’cause Catherine played a murdered sailor years before…

      • Back in the day, “JAG” would re-use actors in different roles so having an actor play someone different on a different show in the franchise is no big deal.
        And don’t forget Sean Murray played Danny Weldon, son of Admiral Chegwidden’s girlfriend. And as Jane said (below) “Brody” on “NOLA” used to be a Yeoman on “JAG”.

        • John NYC says:

          lol, yes. One of the supporting actors (Bud’s brother?) was in the very first pilot scene as a Mediterranean fisherman who pulls Rabb out of the water. The other fisherman in the small boat may also have been recycled later, IIRC.

          But to me the classic was recycling Catherine Bell. I guess casting directors have a long memory as part of the job description… They actually addressed that in one episode some ways after she’d joined the show as MacKensie.

    • Andrea says:

      NCIS: LA doesn’t share the same universe with NCIS, with the exception of Vance. what happens in LA’s universe has no bearing on NCIS and vice versa. It’s not like NCIS and NCIS: NOLA. Those shows do share the same universe.

      • TV Gord says:

        What are you talking about? They all share the same “universe”. The characters from both shows have always interacted right from the start.

        This sort of thing has always happen, right back to the beginning of television. Just a couple of examples off the top of my head: Harry Morgan played another character before he showed up the very next season as new boss at the 4077th, Col. Potter; David Ackroyd played Gary Ewing of Dallas before he played another character a few years later on Knots Landing (where Ted Shackleford was playing Gary). There are dozens of examples, dating back to the ’50s. It’s silly to start nitpicking about this now.

        • Seriously? says:

          Ah, but you see, you sound like you have a logical mind. That is something that doesn’t fly with some of the good folks here. Besides, if they didn’t nitpick, they would run out of ammo in their off the wall arguments, on why everything is BAD in the NCIS universe. (Like Bishop’s horribly deformed dark eyebrows! GASP–the tragedy of it all!)

        • Andrea says:

          TV Gord, I’m specifically referring to the NCIS universe, not all of television history. Back when Bellasario filed that lawsuit about the creation of LA, I distinctly remember reading information about trying to keep the LA and NCIS universes separate. I don’t remember (or even fully understand) the legal reasons why this happened, or even if it was done “officially”, but Vance is the only NCIS character who consistently crosses over to LA. There have also been reports that Mark was never a huge fan of the LA concept, and he hasn’t been on the series since the backdoor pilot years ago. I do think, whether it’s publicly confirmed or not, that there has been an effort to keep LA separate from the mothership. It initially had some basis in whatever the legal issues were with Bellasario. Now, I just think the separation has been maintained by choice. I don’t think it’s coincidence that Mark and Gary are involved with the 2 versions of the franchise that are back-to-back and Shane Brennan’s version is all by itself on Monday.

          • TV Gord says:

            Regardless of what you meant, you are still incorrect. All three shows share the same universe. The appearance of Rocky Carroll on both shows proves that. Pauley Perrette’s Abby has also been on the LA show a couple of times. David Dayan Fisher has played CIA Officer Trent Kort on both shows. Kelly Hu has played Lee Wuan Kai on both shows. Whatever has been going on behind the scenes of the individual shows, they are still in the same universe.

            Incidentally, your version of what has happened behind the scenes is a combination of things that have been reported as fact and things that people have speculated about on the message boards, so that’s too mucky a mire for me to care to wade into.

          • Andrea says:

            We will then disagree on this topic, Gord. While I’ll agree that LA and NCIS shared a universe when LA began, I now think there’s far more evidence to support that no longer being the case. Pauley hasn’t appeared on LA in several years. Kai would appear on LA since she’s connected to Vance, but even when Vance does appear on LA, he doesn’t mention Gibbs or any of the mothership team. We’ve never seen Grainger appear on the mothership, and he’s supposedly the Assistant Director. To “share” a universe means that characters cross back and forth between the two realms. That’s what happens with NOLA. Vance occupies space in the LA realm and mothership realm, but none of the cases have overlapped or intersected in awhile. Things are now kept very separate, which is further illustrated by the fact that this actress is not playing her LA character. (I don’t watch LA regularly). To share a universe would mean recognition of Callan by the mothership because he is connected to this character. Instead, that’s not even going to be mentioned and a new character is going to be created. Creation of a new character where one is already available indicates separation to me more than it does a want to be shared

          • TV Gord says:

            I don’t agree to disagree, because you are incorrect.

    • flootzavut says:

      Happens all the time, is this the first time you’ve noticed? Heck, occasionally it happens within the same show, but from show to show within the JAG-verse it’s all over the place. The guy who played Chip Sterling in NCIS had been Bud Roberts’ little brother in JAG, the woman who played Faith Coleman in JAG and NCIS turned up as a different character in NCIS LA, the chap from the early season NCIS episode Enigma is a recurring character on Hawaii 50 (also within the same universe), etc etc. It’s called having a finite pool of actors, the various shows being in the same universe but different shows, and also probably wanting to give parts to people they already know are good, reliable, and fit in well.

      • flootzavut says:

        (I forgot to add: also, the various shows have different casting and production people. They’re not going to comb through every old episode to be sure there’s not a repeat if they’ve found an actor they like for the part!

  9. Another female agent? looking for a Bishop replacement?

  10. Marie Hixon says:

    The ratings have gone down and so has the demo. Episode #4 agent Pendergrast/Jacobson did not get the viewers or demo so..NEXT! Bishop/Wickersham should frown, they might be looking for her replacement. This show runner and Network know what needs to be done before it is too late. Bring Ziva David back. CBS make Cote an offer she cannot turn down.

    • John NYC says:

      When the ratings go down it’s the lead’s fault, not some secondary character.

    • Seriously? says:

      Oh wow, 17+ million viewers–how horrible. I’m sure the end is so near. If only Cote would return and save the show and the day! Oh wait, SHE DOESN’T WANT THE JOB!

    • Pete says:

      There is no evidence that CBS didn’t already make de Pablo an offer she “couldn’t turn down”, yet she did.
      Are you saying that she is only interested in the money and not her career?

      Not to mention what the Ziva fans conveniently forget, that fans were switching off in their millions in season 10 when the “beloved” Ziva was still part of the cast. There is no evidence that bringing Ziva back will do anything to improve ratings, and there is evidence that de Pablo wants nothing more to do with NCIS – let the poor woman get on with her career.

      • flootzavut says:

        “let the poor woman get on with her career.”

        This, this, a thousand times this.

        She’s looking happy, healthy, and expanding her resume – not being funny, but for a woman as good looking as she is who’s a triple threat, 8 years on the same show was probably already a risky move. Her filmography is mighty thin for someone with so much to offer.

        It staggers me how little respect some of her so called ‘fans’ give her and her decision.

        • Guest(Real name will be revealed when i say so) says:

          @flootzavut I agree with you and Pete a thousand times. These so called “fans” should be grateful that Ziva did not get killed off because let’s be honest Gary Glasberg could’ve have done that during her last episode! I may not be a fan of this show but like of most of you i’m getting tired of this pointless war between the show’s producers, cast and crew and the so called “fans”! These so called “fans” needs to realize that they’re not the ones doing the showrunning and start living in the reality zone because clearly they’re not living there and instead living in the delusional zone.

          • Pete says:

            That’s the thing: de Pablo gave us 8 years of her life as Ziva. Few people stay that long in a single job – heck, many marriages don’t last that long!
            I have no idea how good an actress she is – I’ve only ever seen her play Ziva, I’ll be interested to her play other parts.

            As for the ‘war’, I see a totally unwarranted war being waged by some ‘fans’ on anything connected to a show that they claim to love (could have fooled me), and all out warfare between those fans and other fans who find their claims, accusations and behavior unacceptable.

    • Guest(Real name will be revealed when I say so) says:

      @Marie Hixon (In The Miz’s voice) Really? Really? Really? (In normal voice) The ratings and demo has gone down? Is that your excuse?! I say this with a resounding yes. Episode #4 agent Pendergrast/Jacobsen DID get a 2.5 in the 18-49 demo AND 17+ million viewers AND it was number 1 of the night, you stupid girl! Do research on the ratings before you start making stupid assumptions, but wait you and the Anti-Bishop-Love Ziva Goon Squad always do that. The showrunner and CBS knows what they’re doing so shut up! One more thing and like most people that’s getting tired of this on here i’m getting sick of saying this, (yelling) COTE DE PABLO LEFT ON HER OWN TERMS AND DOES NOT WANT TO COME BACK!!!!! WHAT PART OF THAT DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND?!!!!! (In normal voice) Don’t like the show then stop talking about it and don’t watch, it’s really that simple!

    • Marysue says:

      It’s not so much as the offer but whether Cote will actually want to return. She’s been having a lot of fun with other projects. Time will tell.

  11. Eleanor Shea says:

    Agent Pendergast was very arrogant and rude and Stephanie Jacobson did not have a connection with Tony/ Michael Weatherly. She just is not my cup of tea. Now less than a week later they are trying out another agent. ( ZoeKeate/ Marisol Nichols) This show is becoming so desperate it is not funny. IMO time to call Cote back as Ziva!

    • Dean says:

      Imo you need to lear Cote wanted to leave but hey go hunt her down and force her back against her will. I’m sure she’ll be thrilled to know random fanatics seem to know what’s best for her.

    • Guest(Real name will be revealed when I say so) says:

      @Eleanor Shea How would you know that Agent Pendergast was very arrogant and rude and Stephanie Jacobsen didn’t have chemistry with Tony/Michael Weatherly without watching?! If anyone is desperate, it’s you and your Ziva nutties! IMO Cote needs to move on with her life unlike you and your Ziva nutties which clearly you all lack so go get one!

  12. Agent Leia Pendergast played by Stephanie Jacobson was just way too brassy for me. Apparently others thought so too so now quick as as wink NCIS producers trot out Agent Zoe Keetes played by Marisol Nichols for us to vet out. Wow how desperate are they? Tuesday nights at 8 PM on on CBS is not must see TV any more. come on guys fill the void. Call Cote de Pablo’s agent and bring on Ziva David.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      These castings were all announced quite some time ago, no correlation. This is just a first photo of Nichols.

    • John NYC says:

      Stephanie Jacobsen’s got a recurring role so…. tad premature.

      Marisol Nichols is a vehicle to explore Tony’s past, not his future.


      • Dido Twite (@DidoTwite2) says:

        Stephanie has not been confirmed for any future episodes. I don’t get the feeling the cast loved her. No one has talked about her at all.

        • Seriously? says:

          You don’t get the feeling? Have any “feelings” about next week’s lotto? What other things do you have “feelings” about? Good at reading tea leaves? Also, do you have the offices at the production company and CBS bugged? How do you know who has or hasn’t talked about her or what is planned for the future? Another “feeling”?

  13. Tuesday’s Agent Leia Pendergast (Stephanie Jacobson) character was extremely forced. The Movie/ TV references and the bathroom scenes…left much to be desired. It was a fail from what I have scene in the polls. Now her we are less than 72 hours later looking yet again at another….Agent Zoe Keetes ( Marisol Nichols) is being paraded around for us to see. Look just contact Cote and bring back Ziva.

    • Dido Twite (@DidoTwite2) says:

      any time a character makes movie references with Tony, it’s a hamfisted shortcut to invent chemistry where it doesn’t exist.

      • Pete says:

        You mean just like the way they scripted random characters telling Tony and Ziva that they were “made for each other” for the millions of viewers that couldn’t see any romantic chenistry between the two of them?

        • flootzavut says:

          I don’t have strong feelings either way about Tiva, but the moment during Berlin when Eli tells young!Ziva that some day she will dance with a man who deserves her love and then the cut back to Ziva dancing with Tony kinda made me wanna throw up.

          That episode was all over the place anyway, but the low flying Tiva anvils were pretty painful.

          To my mind they did have some kind of chemistry (though tru wuff? Unconvinced) but some of the efforts to force it were cringe making.

    • Dean says:

      She doesnt want to come back. But it seems to you HER CHOICE TO LEAVE and SHE WANTED OUT Are phrases that don’t exist in your vocabulary.

    • Guest(Real name will be revealed when I say so) says:

      @Crystal Miller Oh please how would you know that Leia Pendergast was extremely forced without watching? How would you know that Zoe Keetes is going to be paraded around for viewers to see without giving her a chance and not watching?! One more thing (yelling) COTE LEFT ON HER OWN TERMS AND DOES NOT WANT TO COME BACK!!!! WHAT PART OF THAT DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND?!!!!!! (In normal voice) You’re not really a fan of this show, are you?! IMO it’s a resounding NO because if was a REAL fan you wouldn’t still be talking about that pointless agent who left in July of 2013 but no you don’t want to do research on the internet and act stupid, dumb, delusional, boring and typical and you and your bitter friends can stick it! Truth hurts doesn’t it?! If you and your Ziva nutties cannot accept it then stop talking about this show and stop watching, it’s really that simple! (In Roman Reigns voice) BELIEVE THAT! (The Truth Reigns plays)

  14. Gisela says:

    Tony needs Ziva, end of story!
    Bishop is already a reason to stop watching, Tony as the clown again and each week a meaningless woman flirting with him is cheap telenovela style!
    Get Cote back AND stop this crap!

    • Dean says:

      Only thing thats crap is your belief the entire world and all its people exists because of Cote DePablo. An actress who chose to leave the show of her own free will and decision. If you cant understand that then you’re either in denial or just plain stupid.

  15. exnykr says:

    The only thing they haven’t tried yet is cloning Cote de Pablo

  16. Darlene says:

    It looks like a “happy to see you” smile on Tony’s face and, darn, he looks so good doing it!

  17. Pete says:

    Well I’m enjoying season 12 and looking forward to the new episodes.
    Why all the emphasis on female guest characters, with the male ones a mere footnote at the end of the article?
    Or are you just trying to wind Dido up so that s/he can tell us again how much s/he hates the show? LOL

    • they had a TIVA plot lne going that is now dead. so they are trying to resurrect the old Tony and the “babe of the week”stories they had in seasons 1 and 2.

      DiNizzo’s supposed to be a lady killer and last season he was joe wimp and it didn’t play well so they are trying to bring back Tony the Man-whore

      • Pete says:

        Actually, no, this is a crime drama series, not a soap opera – it’s not all about the love lives of any of the characters – despite what the media focus on and spin.
        I love the way that DiNozzo is called a “man-whore” for talking about the women he’s gone out with, yet Ziva is a little princess despite the fact that she was shown actually in bed with quite a number of different men…
        Talking about their unseen lives is far less soapy than showing us the events happening.

        • mewofford says:

          3 men in 8 years Ziva was shown in bed with and one of those was the undercover sting with Tony in Season 3. Not “quite a number of different men.” Just thought I’d bring that up. Not at all sure Tony was a “man whore” since I think he talked up his sexual conquests as some kind of defensive mechanism.

          • Pete says:

            My point was that Tony has only ever been shown in bed with women when it was work-related, despite the fact that he talked about a number of women.
            The show didn’t just talk about Ziva sleeping with other men, we actually saw her in bed with them.
            I don’t especially care how many it was in either case, I just consider it to be double standards to complain about Tony for his ‘womanising’ when the same pretty much applied with Ziva.
            Nor do I consider the above to be detrimental to either character (although I did consider that carrying on with Rivken, regardless, when he was supposed to be out of the country and she was actually supposed to be at work, was damning of Ziva – but that is a quite different issue).

  18. Pat says:

    It will be good to see someone from Tony’s past. Maybe we will get some more insight as to what his life was like with the Philly connection. Also, I kinda of like the agent who he worked with last week. She was pretty straightforward and I hope that we see more of her in the future.

    • Stephanie says:

      I liked Pendergast too.
      I’ve always been curious why Tony was in and out of Peoria and Philly so quickly (I believe the back story says he lasted only/less than two years at each place before moving to Baltimore?) We finally got the Baltimore story, but it will be fun for the show to shed even more light on Tony DiNozzo.

  19. frank says:

    i am waiting for bones and ncis to cross paths as supposedly being in the same city

  20. Greg says:

    This woman should have selected for Tony’s new love

    • Erin says:

      One has to wonder where Tony is going in the tux. Maybe he and this old friend are going somewhere. I too would love to see Tony in a mostly off screen romantic relationship. I didn’t mind Pendergast, but I felt they were trying a little too hard to force the “chemistry” and make her just a bit snarky like Ziva, who I couldn’t stand. The point is, tptb need to suck it up and ignore the Ziva/tiva whiners incessant moaning about their obsession and let Tony move on. Ziva treated Tony like scum and despite insistence to the contrary, they were never shown to be in a romantic relationship. We had to be told by guest characters that they were great together because what was on screen wasn’t convincing.

  21. Hege says:

    You would think people would get tired of bashing Bishop and whining about Ziva.

    • and you would think that people would get tired of bashing the folks who bash bishop and whine about Ziva,

      I can’t stand either group. Both sides need to it go,

      • Nick Richards says:

        Huh, and yet, here you are, bashing the actor who played Bishop up in an earlier post, on this very same page. I do love hypocrites–especially when they can’t remember what they just wrote.

    • guest says:

      You do realize that people who hated Ziva complained about her every week on these pages for 8 years, right?!? I don’t think Bishop complaining is going to stop anytime soon. Perhaps you can ask the Ziva haters why
      they complained for 8 years and then you would
      understand why Bishop haters continue to complain. I’m not one of them but it’s a valid point
      that I have.

      • TV Gord says:

        No, it’s not, really, because the insane Ziva fans branded anyone a Ziva hater if we didn’t fall lockstep in line with precisely how they wanted that character to be portrayed and if we didn’t slobber all over ourselves with love for Tony and Ziva as a couple. I liked Ziva, but I was among those who could plainly see that NCIS IS NOT A LOVE STORY, and while I was sad that Cote left, I have the capacity to get over it and move on. That made me a Ziva hater in the uneven eyes of some people. There aren’t nearly as many Ziva haters as some people delude themselves into thinking there are.

  22. Song4Ten says:

    The comments against Emily Wickersham’s character are just hateful. The truth is, if there never was a “Ziva,” (would that that were true) “Ellie Bishop” wouldn’t be so controversial or disliked. Unfortunately, she has the unenviable position of following a character a lot of people liked or wanted Tony to hook up with. It’s not Emily’s fault Cote looked a gift horse in the mouth and decided the grass was greener elsewhere.

    Now, as for the actual article we’re supposed to be commenting on… I’m kinda tired of having women from Tony’s past show up. We’ve been there. Played that. Moving on…

  23. Carolyn Thompson says:

    Bring back Ziva please!

  24. Carolyn Thompson says:

    Please bring Ziva back – not a not look alike!

    • Seriously? says:

      So, tell me–how does one bring “back” an actor who decided to move on and try other forms of acting? In other words, just in case you can’t comprehend the question, she quit the part because she didn’t want to play ZIVA anymore. So, tell me, how do you bring her back? Forcing someone back into a job that they don’t want to do is kidnapping for starts. How can you not comprehend that? SMDH

    • Guest(Real name will be revealed when I say so) says:

      @Carollyn Thompson Will you and your Ziva nutties get over it already?! God If you had done your research, you would realize that (In Him from the Powerpuff Girls demonic voice) SHE LEFT ON HER OWN!!!! but no you just had to be boring, dumb, delusional, stupid and typical! Do you have an education? Because it seems clear to me that you clearly do not have one. You probably don’t have a life either so go get those 2 things you clearly lack and stop talking about that stupid agent(and that goes to the Anti-Bishop-Love-Ziva Goon Squad too) (In Father from Codename Kids Next Door voice) OR ELSEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

  25. another ziva clone love interest for tony, wow, how original

    • Guest(Real name will be revealed when i say so) says:

      @J(@Orelindel) Another Ziva lover anti Bishop who can’t live in reality, wow, how original… NOT!

      • and you are Ziva hater talking out your butt hole because I DON”T GIVE CRAP THAT ZIVA IS GONE.

        • Guest(Real name will be revealed when i say so) says:

          @J(@Orelindel) And you are Bishop hater and a so called fan. If anyone talking out anyone’s butt hole, it’s YOU! I don’t even watch the show and before you ask why am i here because like most people here i am sick of your and so called “fans” crap! Start living in the reality zone because clearly you are not living there!

  26. CBS could bring CdP back as Ziva and you Ziva haters would say she looks nothing like Ziva

    • Guest(Real name will be revealed when i say so) says:

      @J(@Orelindel) CBS could not bring CdP back as Ziva because even if they did (PLEASE do not) you Ziva lovers and so called “fans” would still complain regardless! Oh and one more thing (screaming) WHAT PART OF CdP LEAVING ON HER OWN TERMS DO YOU AND THE SO CALLED “FANS” NOT UNDERSTAND?!!!!!!! You would think y’all would be over it by now but no you continue to be boring ,delusional, dumb, stupid and typical! GET OVER IT NOW BEFORE I REALLY GET ANGRY!

      • I don’t give crap that CdP left the show and could care less if she comes back or not

        stop reading thrigs into my comments simply because you are a ziva hater

        • Guest(Real name will be revealed when i say so) says:

          @J(@Orelindel) OMG Did you not read my comment?! I clearly said that i don’t even watch the show but like REAL NCIS fans here i am sick of your crap! So no i am not a Ziva hater! If you can’t stand me reading your comments then simply DON’T REPLY BACK TO ME!

  27. Looks like I need to say this again, Ziva lovers and Ziva haters SHUT UP!

    I don’t care that CdP left,

    Will the guest stars look like ZIva from now on YES, simple IT IS CASTING

    when CdP was on, the guests were blonde, now that EW is on and blonde, the guests will look live Ziva. that’s the way NCIS is always casting the characters. (except for CGIS Agent Borin)

    That’s why I said, how original. how about casting an actress other than someone the same size, shape, abilities as Ziva. why not a guy, why not another blonde? hell, even the dead female helicopter pilot was a ziva clone. 5 foot nothin, 100 and nothing, dark hair dark eyes etc etc.

    No originality when it comes to casting characters on NCIS,

    and the fact that someone doesn’t like the Bishop character or how EW plays the part doesn’t automatically make them a ziva lover. because what rule book says I have to love every actor and character and every show on TV? can I not like some shows and not like some actors and characters on the shows I do?

  28. kath says:

    Sorry, show. I completely bought into Tony/Ziva, and now I just don’t care any more. It’s always going to be just a tease.

    • Pete says:

      Well I never bought into Tony/Ziva, and I like the show better than ever now, so what upsets some people makes others happy. That is the way of life.

  29. jim knotts says:

    Too bad [in a good way] BP wasn’t the – spoiler alert – killer. It would’ve at least given him more air time.

  30. sherry says:

    Why does every conversation have to go back to ziva. She is gone, let it go. This could be interesting, but I read that sparks could fly between Zoe and McGee. I don’t think him and Deliah are going to last. Unless she comes back, but I don’t see that happening.

  31. John Cowals says:

    Time for Tony to have a luv life. Almost Ziva like. But no accent

  32. Marysue says:

    It’s not so much as to the offer made to Cote but whether she will want to return. She’s been having a lot of fun doing other projects. From all the pictures I’ve seen of her she looks really well and very happy.

  33. P Schell says:

    It’s too bad Bishop was barking up the wrong tree. I wish she were a lesbian so I could marry her. I was hooked after 10 seconds. I’m going to love being jealous of Tony if it means more of her.