How to Get Away With Murder Recap: Bonfire at the Vanity

Game, set, match, Viola Davis.

This week’s installment of How to Get Away With Murder contains crazy-steamy guy-on-guy sex, a blush-inducing post-coital chat describing said sex act, a horrifying suicide and brutal dismemberment of a corpse — not to mention those “last nine words” of dialogue ABC’s been teasing us about all week. (!!!!!!!!!) And yet the show’s Oscar-nominated star gives us the hour’s most riveting, unforgettable moment just by removing her jewelry, wig and makeup.

Annalise Keating, the unknowable law professor at the center of ABC’s “Oh. Em. All the expletives. Gee!” freshman drama, has finally been seen.

Oh, sure, she can go from blind rage to icy calm faster than you can shout “Shondaland Thursdays!,” but for all her steely strength in the workplace, for all her tightly clenched control (even in the rare moments she resists letting out a verboten chuckle), she can still be hurt. She can be tricked. She can be manipulated. She can sit alone in front of her vanity, contemplate her limited options in the face of the terrible, terrible truth and fall apart — even if it’s just for a moment.

Once she’s got your number, though, she’ll take it up to the butcher counter and ask for your vital organs in a tidy, white paper bundle — or at least that’s the plot thread I’m hoping will unspool during next Thursday’s episode. (Can we survive the next seven days of waiting?) The boss may have feelings and vulnerabilities, but she’s still a boss, still the boss, and you’d better not forget it.

Let’s pause here to contemplate the transcendent power of the performance by the flawless, gorgeous Ms. Davis — armed with only a moist towelette and a willingness to be possibly the first major actress to appear on network television without false eyelashes since 2008. In the still-present shadow of that wrong-headed, factually dubious, intermittently racist (whether accidental or not) New York Times piece in which critic Alessandra Stanely called her “less classically beautiful” than Kerry Washington and Halle Berry — among other groan-inducing muck — Davis strips herself utterly free of glamorous trappings to let us see Annalise’s naked shock and rage and grief after confirming that her husband, despite his protests to the contrary, was carrying on an affair with his murdered student Lila Stangard.

“Why is your penis on a dead girl’s phone?”

That line, on the written page, is a doozy — the kind of delectable, gauntlet-throwing barb that we all wish we could come up with on the fly, but failing that, will probably be quoting at cocktail parties and on social media and in text messages to our moms (it’s not just me, right?) for years to come.

But preceded by the removal of Annalise’s armor — raise your hand if you gasped as the camera closed in on the back of Annalise’s head as she lifted up her wig — that stinging question somehow pierced deeper.

“Why is your penis on a dead girl’s phone?”

And dammit, just when Annalise was kinda sorta basking in her longtime client Marren Trudeau’s bawdy compliment of Sam’s good looks: “Are you kidding? If this were my husband, I’d never be able to walk straight again.” (Slow clap and a refrain of Alicia Keys’ “This Girl Is on Fire” for Erika Green Swafford, who wrote the episode.)

Sorry, this recap is a little off the rails, but I can’t contain my excitement for the way the case of the week — Elizabeth Perkins crushed it, no? — tied flawlessly into Annalise’s personal dramas and those faced by our flash-forward-fallout foursome, especially Jack Falahee’s Connor, whose side of the dice (so to speak) landed up this episode.

So let’s get to the facts… while posing some questions about the various story arcs, shall we?

JACK FALAHEECASE OF THE WEEK | Annalise is called on to defend longtime client (and self-made millionaire) Marren against charges of insider trading, but not only does Marren maintain her innocence, she insists the malfeasance isn’t an inside job, that her employees are like family, and that she can’t relate to her attorney’s utter lack of trust in, well, everybody. Connor, though, winds up bedding Marren’s personal assistant Marren, then recording his subsequent phone calls. “He did things to my ass that made my eyes water,” Paxton tells an unknown associate, in a moment of post-coital bliss, before revealing himself as one of the guilty parties. Unfortunately, when Marren confronts and verbally eviscerates the kid, then swears he’ll do jail time (and give his family a real reason to disown him) he opens an office window and hurls himself to his death. I know we’ve seen suicidal-suspect scenes before, but this one, somehow, ranks among the most startling and sad — especially when we see the unflappable Connor rattled to the core, knowing his own role in the tragic events. Eventually, Annalise lies and berates two more of Marren’s underlings into a confession — a task she reveals is actually the “fun” part of her job — and let’s Marren send them off to jail with a gleeful, “Let’s hear it for the greedy little pigs!” Unfortunately for Connor, though, his tech-geek boyfriend Oliver finds out Connor loaned his power cord to Paxton, and promptly ends their increasingly cute relationship.

LILA’S MURDER | OK, so now we know for sure that Sam was holding office hours in Lila’s bedroom. No, I don’t think next week that we’ll find out the raunchy pics were just part of the coed’s dissertation on Comparative Wienerature, though I must two side observations: Didn’t Lila’s boyfriend say last week they were saving themselves for marriage (so either she lied to him, or he lied to Annalise & Co.)? And secondly, Sam’s abs need their own Tumblr page, or at least a relevant hashtag, yes? #VeryVericaNice? In other news, Annalise’s secret married lover – Hot Detective Nate — continues to dig for dirt on Sam’s involvement (while failing to tell her about it). But Bonnie sees him rifling through Sam’s car, keeps the intel in her handbag for a rainy day, then uses it to blackmail a police sergeant into giving her a tape of Rebecca’s confession. When the video doesn’t match her written statement — and it’s clear someone in the room was coercing part of her confession about walking in on Griffin and Lila having sex, and her being near enough to touch Lila’s legs. When the revelation leads to a reduction in Rebecca’s bail, she finally shares with Wes the code to Lila’s phone — leading to the age old question, “Why is your penis on a dead girl’s phone?” Interestingly, though, when Wes shares the evidence with Annalise, she suggestively strokes her desk, moves in very close to her young protege, and tells him how important it is to Rebecca — and to her — that he not share the information with anyone else. It’s pretty clear Wes would dive into a shark tank to retrieve a piece of chum if it helped Annalise win a case, but he earns brownie points instead of scorn by telling his Prof that he didn’t tell her about having the phone in his possession until he’d solidified his status with the possibly homicidal drug dealer with the pretty doe eyes (aka the actress formerly known as Rosie Larsen). “She trusts me now,” he says, with puppy dog enthusiasm. “Because I waited.” I half expected Annalise to pat him on the head — or one of his heads, anyway.

THAT DAMN CHEERLEADER (AKA SAM’S MURDER) | I know the coin-flip/flying cheerleader are used to signify the flash forward to our gang of four freaking out as they dispose of Sam’s body — but I grow a little weary of the that chick, I’ve gotta be honest. So this week, Asher arrives midway through the crime-scene cleanup, bangs on the door of Annalise’s place, and rages against his frenemies for not letting him in. That, plus the cop who caught them wrapping the body, plus carpet fibers in the car, plus all that DNA causes Connor to come unglued, and he winds up — after the body is burned and bagged, or is it bagged then burned? — going to Oliver’s and weeping. “I screwed up,” he sobs, hyperventilating. So maybe, deep down, he wasn’t so chill about taking an axe to Sam’s dead body after all? Also, back at the crime scene, Connor seems to be blaming everything on Michaela, but that might just be his usual brand of disdain/torment flashing through rather than an actual clue. Thoughts?

On that note, I turn it over to you. What did you think of Episode 4 of How to Get Away With Murder? Did Viola Davis just put herself on the 2015 Emmy Ballot? What do you make of the Laurel-Frank-Legal Aid Guy triangle? And what shocked you more: Paxton’s death or the fact that his post-sex quote made it past ABC’s censors? Sound off below!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Greg says:

    Best episode since the pilot.

    A few things…
    1. LOVED the case of the week. Elizabeth Perkins rocks so hard. And this case was so much more exciting and fun to watch than last week’s snoozer.
    2. Connor = HEAVEN. I hope people don’t start making a big deal out of the gay scenes on the show and scare ABC.
    3. So glad the main case is getting more attention too, with surprising and twisty results from pretty much everyone involved. It is amazing how nearly everyone is going behind everyone’s back in order to find out something.
    4. Viola Davis is epic.

    My only complaint (and it is a dumb one)…
    ABC over hyped the whole “the last 9 words” promo… here I was all week thinking she was going to say something shocking and I got “…penis on a cell phone” LMAO.

    Still though, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this show. Is it next Thursday yet?

    • Angela says:

      Yeah, I couldn’t help but worry that someone somewhere would start whining to ABC about the sex scenes tonight. If they do, I hope ABC ignores ’em.
      Connor did NOT have a good time of it this week, wow. I loved his reaction to Paxton’s suicide-that shocked me almost as much as it did him, and it was so obvious he was genuinely shaken up by that death. Then Oliver kicks him out as well, and there’s his freakout in those clips… I like that we’re really starting to see the cracks in these self-assured, cocky characters’ facades now. I like that they’re giving us more and more reasons to care about these people, and feel for them, and actually believe them sometimes when they express some sort of emotion about something. Connor’s cockiness can be attractive, but I like the idea of him being more vulnerable, too. Please to be keeping in that direction, show.
      raise your hand if you gasped as the camera closed in on the back of Annalise’s head as she lifted up her wig
      *Raises hand* Definitely wasn’t expecting that. I didn’t think she could look any more intimidating, but that end scene sure proved me wrong. I’d actually forgotten about last week’s tease of the “9 shocking words”, but even so, her end question to Sam…*Raises eyebrows*. Can anyone say, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned?” Next week’s preview in regards to Annalise and Sam has me so curious and anxious.
      Also, yes to the whole thing with Marren. My favorite line was her parting words to those kids who were being led away in handcuffs: “Enjoy your stay at Club Fed.” I’d be cool with her and Annalise having more scenes together.
      Good episode tonight, yeah. It’s all starting to come together now…

      • Lincoln says:

        I’m surprised this article makes no mention of the fact that Detective Nates withheld information from Annalise regarding Sam’s alibis. Why did he lie for Detective Nate? At first I thought maybe he didn’t tell her the truth to spare Annalise’s feelings. But that doesn’t make much sense, right? Or did he lie so that he didn’t risk Annalise confronting Sam and therefore ruining his chances at solving the case himself? Maybe he wants to solve the case to get out of probation? I don’t know! That lie threw me off.

        • Lincoln says:

          Ugh. Sorry for the typos. Here’s what I meant to write:

          I’m surprised this article makes no mention of the fact that Detective Nate withheld information from Annalise regarding Sam’s alibis. Why did he lie for Sam? At first I thought maybe he didn’t tell her the truth to spare Annalise’s feelings. But that doesn’t make much sense, right? Or did he lie so that he didn’t risk Annalise confronting Sam and therefore ruining his own chances at solving the case himself? Maybe he wants to solve the case to get out of probation? I don’t know! That lie threw me off.

          • Angela says:

            I think he’s got some personal motives for keeping any information he’s got from Annalise. ‘Cause didn’t she kinda put him on the spot during a case in an episode a while back or something along that line-his job was affected because of it, I think? Things have been really tense and uncomfortable between them, so I suspect he wants to take her down somehow and embarrass her the way she embarrassed him.
            I hadn’t considered the thought that he might want to solve the case involving Lisa himself, however! That’s a good theory, too. I can see him doing something like that. But yeah, whatever his reason for withholding his information, I don’t get the sense it’s to protect Annalise.

          • I think he is keeping his findings because their relationship is strained and he probably feels no obligations to keep her in the loop.

    • Yeah, the ending was a huge disappointment and I have the opposite concern, that this show will garner acclaim just because it is so blatant with the sexuality.

  2. abz says:

    Much better than last week’s episode. Although, an open window in a high rise building seemed very unrealistic.
    That final V. Davis scene was beautifully done and she looked great. I knew something was up the way she was moving her hand across the desk during the scene where Wes gave her the phone. For a second, I thought she was gonna touch him inappropriately again.
    Connor is still one of my favourite characters. You can tell that he was affected by his role in the suicide but I think the show moved past it too quick. And lol my jaw dropped at the post-sex quote. Never thought I’d hear that on an ABC show.
    I personally found the Mickaela exam freakout scenes hilarious. Maybe its because I’m currently going through midterms, but I don’t think I’ve ever freaked out like her.
    Is the casting director for this show the same one as for Jenji Kohan shows? First there’s Asher and that awful warden lady from OITNB and now Elizabeth Perkins from Weeds (who was amazing and so much fun to watch on TV again)

    • Dan miller says:

      As a law student that freak out is 100% accurate. Especially your first semester. I have to say though everything they do outside of TNT classroom is greatly exaggerated the actual law school experience they are depicting is true to form.

      • dan says:

        Unfortunately, they aren’t depicting an “actual law school experience.” They’re depicting a highly dramatized soap-opera set in the world of criminal law on a college campus with law students acting as indentured servants. I’m not complaining. The show is fun to watch. But nothing about the practice of law or attendance at law school is accurate. In my law school, first year students weren’t allowed to work so they could concentrate on their studies. When exactly do they go to class? They talk about studying for exams and looking for the Torts study guide, but when have they actually been shown going to any class other than the criminal law class taught by Annelise (and it IS NOT an accurate depiction of a criminal law class). Again, the show is fun to watch and the mystery is exciting, but this has nothing to do with the reality of a law school experience IMO.

        • TigerLIL says:

          It might not be a law school experience but it is certainly a Project Based Learning experience. Its the way I teach students with mixed learning styles. Lots of fun too. It would certainly make learning law more interesting. The time the students spend dealing with the law firm is the most unrealistic thing to me, I know they got at least three other classes that need time and attention and what she is demanding of them is a bit over the top. However, we all know a lot of material learned in college is learned from other students and not on your own so it possible given these characters that short cutting studying is a way of life for them…JMO

          • herman1959 says:

            But guys: (1) the show is not about students attending law school. It’s about students in this PARTICULAR class and their interaction with the professor/attorney – hence, the name. (2) It’s a television show, not real life.

    • I felt that the disarming of Annalise was way more powerful than the last nine words uttered.

  3. Margreete says:

    Annaliese killed Lila, everything she’s doing is a frame-up on Sam. Many clues throughout the episodes. Sam will turn out to “deserve” the frame up – tonight just built more sympathy for her with viewers.

  4. Alichat says:

    No wig and no make-up……..Viola Davis is the sh*t! But I do have to admit, the only thing startling about the end of the episode was that she used the word penis. I had a feeling we’d find something of the husband on the phone.

  5. ronnie says:

    All hail Queen Viola! Not only was she so amazing in the final scene, but her scenes with Elizabeth Perkins were priceless. Viola is Emmy worthy, but how about a guest star nod for Perkins as well. There were so many jaw dropping scenes that I just hope they can keep up the energy throughout the season. I’m glad they are making at least one of the students more interesting with Connor. Hopefully the others will be more so as the season progresses, although last week’s Michela-centric episode fell flat. With this show and Scandal tonight, Shondaland was the place to be!!

  6. Et al says:

    God, this show is good. It’s GOOD.

  7. Michelle says:

    So it’s obvious that Viola Davis deserves Performance of the week with just 2 minutes of screen time. The removal of the wig, jewelry, and makeup was heart breaking without a word needing to be said!!! SO FREAKING GOOD!

    • TigerLIL says:

      I agree with you it was heart breaking and only Ms. Viola could pull it off you have to have some acting chops for that she dug in deep.

    • spartan says:

      Yes, even though the scene reprised Glenn Close in “Dangerous Liaisons,” Davis put her own riveting spin on it.

      • Nell on Wheels says:

        I thought I was the only one to remember that scene with Glenn Close in “Dangerous Liaisons” ( I flashed back to it immediately and thought nice homage/direct steal.

        And am I the only one who thinks Viola Davis is much more attractive without the “armor” of the wig, eyelashes, heavy liner/shadow?

  8. Cheyenne says:

    Connor is the guy I love to hate. He’s an amoral creep. He has absolutely no moral compass at all. Not to mention he’s a walking petri dish.
    Why was Bonnie spying on that detective? There’s something way off with her. I don’t like her at all.
    Did anyone notice that when Annalise was removing her wig, her makeup and her jewelry, she also took off her wedding ring? I was like oh snap, it’s on now…

    • Angela says:

      Did anyone notice that when Annalise was removing her wig, her makeup and her jewelry, she also took off her wedding ring?
      Yep. Poor Sam is about to truly understand the meaning of the phrase, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

      • RReg says:

        I like Bonnie. I’ve always liked her from her days on Gilmore Girls. She plays her parts with droll perfection.

        • Angela says:

          I like Bonnie, too. She’s blunt and prickly, sure, and I totally get why she’d be off-putting to some viewers. But there are those slight vulnerable moments that make you kinda feel for her, too. She’s gotta witness all this craziness from the sidelines, after all-how could you not learn to just wall yourself off from it after a while?

      • TigerLIL says:

        Yeah I peep that too. Kinda symbolizes that she has had it with his crazy just like her boyfriend had it with her crazy…LOL

        • Ron says:

          I’m not so sure her boyfriend is completely over her crazy. I mean, if he was, I don’t think he’d still be investigating Sam. If he (Nate, is it?) were completely over Annalise’s crazy, he would’ve lied to her about Sam (which he did), and that would’ve been the end of it. Instead, he’s still investigating him, and I feel like it’s because he’s trying to look out for Annalise, not because he’s just curious what happened for his own reasons.

    • Rah says:

      Yes something is definitely up with Bonnie. I don’t like her either. Why would she even mention to the Sgt. that Annalise was sleeping with Leahy? He didn’t know that. If she knows that then what else does she know?

    • Rook says:

      I’m sticking with my theory that Bonnie is a psycho and killed Lila because she is in love with Sam.

    • JMOM says:

      I don’t think she was spying on the detective. I’m pretty sure she was there because she is stalking Sam. Don’t you see how she looks at him? She’s clearly into him. Did they maybe have an affair? I don’t know but she sure acts like she wants to.

      • Angela says:

        Agreed. There was that scene between them in the kitchen in a recent episode, after all. I think she has designs on the guy, or, like you said, they have a past of their own (and oh, wouldn’t that be ironic, if Annalise is angry at Sam for supposedly sleeping with Lila only to realize that no, his attractions have actually been focused elsewhere and that evidence on Lila’s phone was a setup).

    • TigerLIL says:

      Yeah he is A-sexual a lot more people out there like that than we want to admit…

  9. Angel says:

    Although the ‘nine words’ was a little too hyped up, the last scene was great. And Viola is beautiful!

    The actor playing Connor is such a good find. I just wish he was paired with someone more dynamic than Oliver. I know he’s supposed to be bland, but they just don’t spark onscreen, IMO. I found the scenes with Pax to have more chemistry, perhaps that was due to the fact that the actors are friends offscreen.

    Looking forward to next week.

    • Scott says:

      It’s interesting if those two actors are friends off-screen (did you read that somewhere?), but I disagree with your assessment of Connor and Oliver’s chemistry. Part of their chemistry is the fact that they seem to be polar opposites – Connor’s the “bad boy” and Oliver’s the “good guy” (who is always a bit “bland” by just being good.” Yet, his pleas for more of a relationship in the beginning to the episode, to his shaky revelation of Connor’s “non-exclusivity” were great. It is clear in the scenes that the characters care for one another – Connor looked especially vulnerable in that scene, and one can tell that Oliver realized he needed to protect himself in the relationship. As a side note, I really appreciate the diverse cast in this show, and that includes Oliver

  10. anantvànsh says:

    Brocklesnar is best

  11. Nick says:

    This episode was bomb. I liked every single moment of it. The flashbacks, the COTW, Viola Davis’s flawless acting – especially the final scene, the mysteries (like Bonnie following stud-boyfriend and then revealing it to a random guard)…
    The only one thing that could have done better is the suicide. As soon as I saw that Marren was confronting his assistant in front of a glass window I knew where they were gonna go. It’s not that big of a deal, but I think it could still have been believable, and even more shocking, if they didn’t have the hot assistant positioned *exactly* in front of the window.
    Other than that, just pure awesomeness. I’m in awe.

  12. Alia says:

    Best frakkin show. I was more excited to watch this than Scandal this week… personal opinion but Viola Davis kills it every time.

  13. MiaB says:

    I’m so impressed by how this show seems to improve with each episode. What can I say that hasn’t already been said about Viola Davis? I keep thinking that she would stop. After she took off the wig, after she took off the lashes, after she took off the eye makeup, but she kept going. It was raw and vulnerable, all that her character doesn’t ever appear to be.
    SN: Am I the only woman who looks forward to seeing Connor’s sexual escapades each week?

  14. analog says:

    Paxton is Frankie from Bunheads. The long hair douche who slept with the blonde girl.

  15. SandraD127 says:

    I DO believe Viola Davis will get an Emmy nomination for sure. If not, then something is wrong.
    That being said, I was shocked, but NOT, because of Nate’s findings. I am starting to also wonder what that flipping cheetaleader has to do with the murder of Sam…it has me thinking there’s a connection there. Also I’m starting to suspect Annalise has a big play in her own husband’s murder as well. Though, she, at this point does NOT know about what Nate is finding, but knows about Sam’s penis on Lila’s phone. Which really outranks anything Nate has found out thusfar. When Annalise actually does find out what Nate knows, she might try testing her theory. I’m just wondering what went down between Rebecca and Sam in the office with the trophy…that’s the biggest question of all. Was is self-defense? Which would make everyone wonder why they feel the need to hide the body? And Rebecca.
    Best murder mystery show I’ve ever watched. Better than CSI, NCIS, or Criminal Minds. HTGAWM is the perfect show!

    • TigerLIL says:

      Got to agree after last night I’m starting to think Annalise might have boop him upside the head. Seems like a rage killing to me very personal. But I can’t rule out the sociopath assistant who I believe is in love with Sam dude must be a stud. Somebody help me out here what the hell is up with the boyfriend? I would like to know how he and Annalise fell into a relationship in the first place. What is he trying to find out on the hubby that he doesn’t already know and risking going in the car like that… crazy!

      • herman1959 says:

        No idea at all why Nate would lie AND continue to investigate. As for how they got together, Nate’s wife is very sick and Sam is a serial cheater (SEX).

  16. rmr says:

    Great episode, and Viola Davis performance can’t get any better..last few minutes of the episode when she was removing the wig and make-up, was breathtaking-no words necessary..Emmy nomination for sure.

  17. Ron says:

    For a VERY long time now, I’ve said Viola Davis can do no wrong. And after that episode, I know I’m 100% right, and anyone who disagrees can just take a seat! Her simply removing her jewelry, wig, and makeup gave me chills. No words were needed–that was enough. In my opinion, that scene, just the silent stripping away of Annalise’s exterior, makes Davis worthy of an Emmy win (not just nomination). That scene was so powerful, and only a true talent could pull something like that off without saying a word.

    • herman1959 says:

      You said it, Ron. Viola threw down without a word spoken. Any other show would have needed two pages of dialogue. And when she stripped off the makeup, wig, and bling she was still THE WOMAN…take that New York Times! Emmy…YES.

    • TigerLIL says:

      I got to agree with you 100% on that one! I can’t think of too many other actresses with the talent to have pulled that off from a skills standpoint may Angela Basset WOW!

  18. Sara says:

    Viola Davis is simply amazing. I was dead to the world during the scene at the vanity.

  19. kpmom says:

    The “last 9 words” weren’t shocking in the slightest. Who didn’t assume Sam was sleeping with the dead girl?

    • herman1959 says:

      The good part was the way she looked so defeated when she was taking off her makeup, but then she pulled her self out of it to calmly ask “the last 9 words”. COLD.

  20. Rand says:

    Woof, Connor, woof, he’s a sex on a stick. And that quote “made my eyes water”, kudos to the writers.
    I’m so rooting for Connor and Oliver to patch things up.
    But I kinda feel sad for the other students, like Laurel and Asher even Mikaela who’s getting less and less screen time to make room for Connor’s sex conquests. (No complain about those sex scenes though. Chick-a-bow-wow!)
    And Viola Davis, wow she’s the bomb.
    Also I keep replaying “It’s your big mouTHH” and “Penis on a dead girl’s phone” over and over.

  21. Antwon says:

    Wow! This episode was so good. I am loving this show. They really picked a good cast. Conner is definitely my favorite of the interns. I am glad they showed he can be vulnerable. I FLOVE the final moments. So real. So raw. So rare on TV.

    I applaud the writers for penning it and standing ovation to Viola for delivering it.
    No wig.
    No make-up
    No problem
    Viola Davis definitely should win an Emmy and a Golden Globe for this role.

  22. Viewer says:

    Love Viola Davis. Amazing actor. The entire cast is wonderful. The last 9 words, WOW! the first show was a bit slow, just setting up characters i guess. The viewing on Thru. nights is really good for us Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder. Hopefully more good shows will continue to be added to television. Luv Big Bang Theory (on another network), Resurrection, Forever, Covert Affairs (can’t wait for it’s return) and Orphan Black on the BBC. Need more shows like this and less reality TV.

  23. aureola says:

    The sex scenes are little too much for me. Each episode has a sex scene so far. Other than that, I totally loving this show. I don’t trust Bonnie. Viola Davis is a magnificent actress. This show is off the hook. I love it. She is ready to kick Sam’s butt. great job to the writers and the producers of the show.

  24. JB says:

    Michaela killed Sam, fending off a rape attempt. Take it to the bank.

  25. Pat says:

    Could Annalise be a guy??????

  26. soncee says:

    Two words about last night’s episode: “Heart palpitations”!

  27. soncee says:

    Two words about last night’s episode: “Heart palpitations”!

  28. soncee says:

    I have Four words about last night’s episode: Edge.. of.. your. seat!

  29. Jw says:

    This is an awful show!

  30. Viewer says:

    When Viola Davis stripped off her wig and makeup I took it to mean she was stripping away the lies and getting down to the real and taking off the mask in herself and her marriage WOW!

  31. Viewer says:

    This is a TV show and certain things will take place to entertain and make it exciting. NO it is not real law, it’s done for entertainment just as other movies and TV dramas. Part of the fun in watching is the journey.

  32. Leontyne says:

    I’m still gagging at all the imagery of Annalise removing her drag like that, spontaneous hook ups and the last 9” words.
    Viola’s acting capabilities is something we have not seen in media for along time.
    Ms. Davis is a true diva.
    Rhimes is knocking down stereotypical doors and breaking barriers, great f**king show!

  33. YNL says:

    I have been an admirer of Viola Davis’ work (save for The Help) for many years but I haven’t really veen blown away by the show so far, though I like it. Then, in her last scene of the show, she blew me away. I think her act of taking off the wig and makeup and showing her true face transcends just about anything I’ve ever seen on commercial tv. Plus her 9 words to Sam were as perfect as any one could ever write.

  34. Virginia says:

    Since when do offices have windows that open? Not in any I worked in, in 30 yrs.
    I was surprised not that he killed himself, just that he had an open window!!

    • OMG This! I thought the same thing. I don’t know of any office buidings that you can open the window.

      The other ridiculous thing about this show, is however Sam’s death plays out, why couldn’t the students claim self-defense? Your law students……Self Defence is a Real Thing!!!!

      I stick around for Viola Davis, she’s amazing.

  35. Dee Bitner says:

    I won’t be watching this show again, although I was enjoying it. If I have to listen to that kind of sexual content, it won’t be on prime time television. Some of us don’t have to talk about it.

  36. Pavanne says:

    Sexy fun-time with Connor is back, and it’s a fabulous episode! Coincidence? I think not.

    And, new best quote of the week–

    “Take some notes, kids, because THIS, is what pilates can do for you.”

  37. The excellent Elizabeth Perkins couldn’t even save this predictable and groan worthy episode that I don’t understand why everyone is making a big deal about.

  38. anon96 says:

    Awesome episode. The best one yet. Definitely leading me to believe that Annalise has something to do with her hubby’s death. Remember in the previous episode Wes lied about the result of the coin flip so they would have to move the body? Also he called someone on a burner phone when he was inside the convience store, perhaps keeping Annalise apprised of the situation?

  39. Viewer says:

    Watched the show again on our local demand channel. Mrs. V. Davis is WoW. Acting without saying a word in that last 3mins. Love this actress.

  40. ernest seks says:

    Älä siis anna minkään tekosyyn olla esteenäѕi, kun mietit miten voisit päästä painamaan naisia jo tänä iltana.
    Flirttaile siis villisti ʝɑ sovi heti tärskyt unelmiesi kumppanin kanssa.
    Uudet tuttavuudet odottavat sinua muutaman klikkauksen päässä,
    ʝa voit tutustua heiuhin omalta kotisohvaltasi käѕin.

  41. Winston Bush says:

    I actually liked the series, but I have a problem with the form of Annalise gets outraged when Sam slept with his student. Annalise, you slept with Nate. The dectective, got him fired probably, do you really want to start screaming here? I understand that if Nate didn’t happen and this one-sided but Annalise was in no shape or form angry at Sam except for lying and that was it.