The Voice: Christina Aguilera, Pharrell Set for Season 8 Coaching Panel

The Voice is going back to basics — and yep, Christina Aguilera junkies, that’s a reference to her epic 2006 double album.

Aguilera — one of the original Voice coaches, who hasn’t occupied one of the show’s rotating red chairs since Season 5 — will return to NBC’s hit singing competition for Season 8, alongside Pharrell Williams, and permanent panelists Adam Levine and Blake Shelton.

Pharrell’s return engagement for the spring 2015 cycle is significant, too, as he’ll be the first “replacement” coach — aka not one of The Voice’s original foursome of Shelton, Levine, Aguilera and Cee Lo Green — to appear in consecutive seasons.

During The Voice‘s current cycle, Pharrell has been widely lauded for his soft-spoken humor, good taste and genuine connection to his contestants. (In other words, we’re reacting to news of his imminent return with a giant “Huzzah!”)

News of the Season 8 lineup was broken Tuesday morning on Today by Voice host Carson Daly.

Are you excited about a Blake-Adam-Xtina-Pharrell lineup? Do you think perhaps Blake or (more likely) Adam might be ready for a breather when Season 9 arrives? And will the show ever have two female panelists at the same time? Sound off below!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. thisismenow says:

    It’ll be nice to have Xtina back. I hope she takes advantage of her return and graces us with new music too.

    • Markus says:

      It would be nice. Xtina is outstanding. I love Xtina. Unfortunately, the world IS getting more Prejudice, and therefore more and more stewpid, and so more and more harassment and cyber Bullying. Sadly, [obvious] Latinos are the main target. Look at BBoard charts, and Pitbull is the only consistent obvious Latino hit maker, and he must have Wjite/Anglos or Blacks featured, else he likely wouldn’t have big hits. Selena Gomez is the only other (and her songs don’t last as long as other hits on the charts), but its because her fans actually FIGHT, seriously investing so much time in helping her. If S Gomez didn’t have such fans (and there are not as many as other young adult [and tween/teens] fanbases), there would be NO obvious Hispanic/Latino on the top 20. Its kind of sad because the overwhelming majority of Latinos are being TOLD (unspokenly, silently or outspokenly but mildly) by Blacks and Whites when and why they should like a Latino, which for now its Pitbull. Loosely. Christina tried not too long ago but her single totally flopped. IT. IS. Bigotry. Latinos have become the scapegoat since Whites now fear Blacks, and Blacks love that someone else is the major target of Bigotry. Its the same reason why there are not Obvious Latinos in lead roles for huge movies. And politics. All these people get noticed and respected by votes: its all a voting system. Christina is amazing, but most don’t give a rats behind about that, they mostly care if the artist is White/Anglo or Black.

  2. Jenny says:

    Excited gwen is gone and xtina is back but Adam and Blake
    Need a break

    • Larc says:

      A permanent break, IMO. Actually, I’d be happy to see all the original panel gone.

    • alistaircrane says:

      I agree, or at least only use one of them at a time. I’d love to see a panel of Christina, Gwen, Pharrell and Adam. It’s sexist that they continue to use three male coaches and only one female. If they need a country voice, how about Miranda Lambert instead of Blake alongside Pharrell, Xtina and Adam?

      • Tyler says:

        Forget about Miranda. What about Carrie Underwood? She knows the ropes and country music.

        I guess I’m in a minority here but I like Adam and Blake. I think the show would be boring without them.

        • alistaircrane says:

          There’s nothing particularly wrong with Adam and Blake, but after seven seasons of them, it’s kind of boring. Shake things up a little by switching one or both of them out for a season.

          • CRM says:

            I’d like to see a Ryan Tedder and Luke Bryan replacement for Adam and Blake

          • K.J says:

            Soo without Blake OR ADam.. No show !!! Also loving Pherrell!!!
            This show IS Blake and Adam doesn’t work without them!!! It’s like superman with no Clarke Kent! So unless were aiming for American idol…boring!!!!!!!
            I’m thinking not

        • Shelley says:

          Nothing wrong with Adam and Blake. I’m tired of their same banter. I think new panel should be introduced. These artists have touring, other things required of them, and new material, etc. besides, I would like to see other artists give their advice to the contestants. It’s been a rewarding and entertaining run so far, but, new and different is important too. Personally, not a Miranda Lambert fan, so, I’d rather not see her. Maybe, Martina McBride or Faith Hill or Carrie Underwood or Trisha Yearwood as country artist as judge. George Strait or Garth Brooks as judge.

          • Markus says:

            I love it how no one here is saying that Pharrell can’t sing and shouldn’t be a judge. Put sees! Fine, but why do many of you get bent out of shape about Selena Gomez singing! Its BIGOTRY, plain and simple. But, I, I am okay with anyone judging since judging only requires a good ear and honesty, but most of you judge according to some ones background and race, which Latinos are now the scapegoat for harassment and Cyber Bullying, specially Selena Gomez. IT. IS. BIGOTRY. Selectively so.

        • No minority Tyler. I Love Blake and Adam and they are kind of the core of the show. Look what happened to other “singing shows” once the core was gone, so were the ratings. I would definitely miss them and their humor and I’m sure others would too.

      • Brandon says:

        Sexist? What does gender have to do with the talent chosen to be on the judging panel? The whole point of the panel is to have different genres of music come together to make the artists a success. Why does it matter if they are male or female? Blake and Adam have been there since Day 1. To say it’s sexist is just crazy, and the problem with way too many opinions these days. Talent is talent, people are people. Who cares about the gender?

        • Jermey says:

          Do you think it’s just a coincidence that there are ALWAYS 3 guys and one girl in the panel? Of course it’s sexist.

          • will says:

            It is a little interesting that the rotating people on the panel are always a woman and a black man while the two permanent members are white guys. Intentional, probably not, but there is something a little odd about it.

          • lil says:

            Oh God, people make a sit where there is one. Next you will say they are anti gay since there are no gays on the panel.

          • Markus says:

            That’s what I was going to say: why did you plagiarize my thought?

  3. alistaircrane says:

    I’m not a fan of Xtina’s singing voice, but I LOVE her as a coach. And I’m glad Pharrell is returning instead of Usher. I’ll definitely be watching the spring cycle. Hopefully Gwen isn’t doing it because she’ll be too busy touring the long-awaited new No Doubt record!

    • MSJ4321 says:

      Funny – I am a fan of Xtina’s voice but NOT of her coaching! She drones on and on and throws too much shade at singers from other teams. Gwen hasn’t wowed me yet with her song choices, but I’m enjoying how easily she gets along with the other judges.

      • c@ says:

        I agree that I like her voice and hate her coaching. I seriously think that she lost it for Matthew Schuler with her awful song choices. When he sang Cosmic Love (which he chose) it was amazing…after that it was just BLEH!!

  4. Tran says:

    No Shakira?

  5. Ron says:

    I’m really excited to have Christina back. I’m taking this season off from watching so I don’t have any idea how Pharrell is as a coach, but I’ve heard good things. Despite what people say, Christina has always been my favorite coach. I’ll start back watching again in season 8! Though Adam and Blake are starting to wear on my nerves–especially Adam who is extremely narcissistic but somehow still gets a pass from viewers for being amazing…

  6. Stormy says:

    Good! Love Xtina, can’t abide Gwen.

  7. Eric7740 says:

    No Shakira, because she’s pregnant. I say keep Gwen and no more Christina, her self-righteousness and diva behavior is off-putting, I will be skipping cycle 8!!!

    • Marie says:

      The irony. If there is anyone acting like a self righteous diva, it’s you. Christina is awesome and I can’t wait for her return!

      • Eric7740 says:

        Oh, I fully acknowledge my Divaness! But I’m not on a television program, promoting myself, when I should be mentoring and coaching future singers. Just saying.

        • Lexdy says:

          That’s absolutely ludacris and incredibly biased.

          Every single one of the coaches in that show promote themselves relentlessly and shamelessly.

          You just sound mad and bitter tbh.

        • lil says:

          Yea a person that sees the truth! Christina is only about herself. If you look up narcisim in the dictionary there is a picture of Christina!

  8. I like Gwen better than Christina but I think Pink would be an awesome addition

  9. Nichol says:

    Sorry to hear it. Xtina has an amazing voice but I never warmed to her. I also never liked the way she used every opportunity to show off her own vocals during her training sessions. Once or twice I can understand to illustrate a point but the last time she was on I don’t think there were many episodes where she didn’t sing. It came across as smug and conceited like she was trying to show up the contestants instead of helping them. I guess it just comes down to wanting to showcase herself instead of helping her contestants.

    • Eric7740 says:

      Thank you Nichol!!! My point exactly!!! She’s there purely for her own benefit!!!

    • CaliGirl says:


    • Ron says:

      I have to respectfully disagree. I think Christina singing to her contestants is the best thing she can do. It gives them an idea of what to aim for. And the other coaches do it, too, and do it more than once or twice. Sure, maybe they don’t as often as Christina, but they definitely do it on a semi-regular basis. Also, and I guess this is just my opinion, but if I were on Christina’s team, I’d want her to sing to me as often as possible–even if it were in a way to show me up. I wouldn’t care at all. To even get a chance to hear Christina sing in person and try to emulate that is something her contestants should be happy about.

  10. JIm says:

    Christina is an ego maniac. Gwen is so down to earth, and would rather have her than Christina or Shakira.

  11. Kalee says:

    We have to suffer through another season of Blake and Adam again? Cut them loose for a season. There’s only so much chemistry they can offer before it becomes stagnant.

    • Nobody has to suffer through any season. Change the channel, problem solved. Blake and Adam are the core of the show. If they cut them loose they would be cutting their ratings too. It makes good business sense to keep the core and switch up the others. I would however love to see Shakira back after the birth of her new baby. Remember in order for these people to be on the show they pretty much have to give up their touring schedule and all the money they would make from it.

  12. Lloyd says:

    I love many of Christina’s songs and just love listening to the sound of her voice, but I;m not sure she’s very effective as a coach. Also, yes, having two female coaches would be fun.

  13. DavidSask says:

    Usher is pissed off for sure!

  14. Name That Tune says:

    I have always enjoyed Xtina’s assertiveness. Gwen is too nice. Shakira isn’t believable.

    Xtina is able to hold her own against the boys.

  15. 'A' Has Spoken says:

    Well I saw this coming lol. I hope for season 9, they at least let Blake or Adam take a break or something. I’d love to see two females on the panel. Maybe Gwen can return and we’ll have Pharrell, Christina, Gwen, and Adam/or Blake.

  16. Jakay says:

    Yay to Pharrell. Ugh to Xtina.

  17. Joe says:

    I was thinking when I saw the headline that Michael is going to be more excited about the Pharrell news

  18. Kenny says:

    Usher for fall 2015 please!

  19. Chris Lovell says:

    It should be interesting with Christina & Pharrell.
    Would like to see another country singer to join Blake on the panel.

  20. CaliGirl says:

    Ugh. Not Xtina again. She’s such a diva. Bring back Shakira please!

  21. Lexdy says:

    I couldn’t be happier.

    Christina Aguilera IS The Voice. She’s become so much more nurturing as the seasons develop and her acts are arguably the most successfuls from the show, with Chris Mann and Jacquie Lee being prime examples (Alongside Tour de force Cassadee Pope).

    I love her sassy personality, her unique looks every week and most of all, that VOICE that just commands attention, exudes power and soothes the soul 💖

  22. I am not looking forward to Christina feeling a need to display her breasts. I find her offensive.

  23. Megan says:

    I have not missed Christina at all since she’s been away and am not thrilled to hear she’s coming back. Maybe I’ll skip season 8.

  24. Melmac says:

    The only way I can handle Xtina is with the fast forward button.
    Looks like Pharrel will be moving next to Adam.

  25. Shawn says:

    I don’t mind to hear that Christina is returning and that Pharrell will be sticking around next season but can we please let Adam and Blake have a break especially Adam!!! Adam’s ego has grown so big that I just want to jump through the television and give him a good butt kicking. I feel sorry for the contestant that becomes his pet project and that he subsequently ruins.

  26. Jason says:

    I have always loved that Christina is a bit snarky with her comments if need be. I always thought she was the most honest coach and judge on the Voice.

  27. Shara says:

    I love Adam and Blake. I love Pharrell, he has the best energy. I also love both Gwen and Shakira. I never miss Christina when she’s away.

    • Yes. I would love to see Blake, Adam, Pharrell and Shakira. I Personally think it’s smart keeping the panel to 1 female. It has nothing to do with sexist it has to do with the banter that keeps it fun however, most times women can joke and TAKE a joke from the opposite sex better than they can from another woman. It can get snarky and take away from the show.

  28. senorskippy says:

    Pharrell, Gwen, Christina, and Blake. Blake may need a rest Season 9. His feedback makes me think he’s not listening to the same performances we are. His “best performance ever” comments are way off.

  29. c.m. hoost says:

    hope adam & blake stay on….their “bromance” is hilarious. They should be a comedy team

  30. Bonnie says:

    As much as I love Chrisina, I think she is full of hweawlf now. Gwen is so much nicer and is not at all nasty. I think she is a refrshing change and love her and Pharrell on the The Voice together. Great chemistry.

  31. CRM says:

    How is Adam going to be a coach if Maroon 5 has a tour starting in February?

  32. albean99 says:

    I’m so over Christina and not sure if I can stand another season with her. I’m loving Gwen & Pharrell so glad he’ll be back at least. IA that it’s time for either Adam or Blake to take a break and wish they’d have Gwen instead of one of them. Christina probably has a clause in her contract that says they can’t have 2 female coaches when she’s there.

  33. Paula Preston says:

    Glad Christina is coming back!

  34. KN says:

    This would be the best panel of The Voice coaches thus far. I enjoyed both Blake and Adam, but hope Adam would realize Blake and him don’t have to act bromance-ly all the time. I love Christina singing-coaching style, and Pharrell has the best quotes.

  35. Jan says:

    Keep Gwen!! Please no more of Christina. Love Blake , Adam, Pharrell and Gwen team!!

  36. Pablo83 says:

    Christina Aguilera,Gwen Stefani,Pharrell Williams and Adam Levine for season 9 please!!!

  37. randifer says:

    Xtina is one of the least genuine, coaches on ANY talent reality show ever. Condescending and elitist, she is like having God talk to cows. Give her more time off please

  38. nicojaye says:

    Really like that coaching panel! Pharrell has been such a fantastic coach, and his work in the live round (making production choices) was stellar.

    I love Christina’s voice and always found her snarky comments funny and, quite frankly, more and more honest as the seasons progressed.

    Personally, I thought Alicia Keyes did a wonderful job when she was a guest advisor for Pharrell earlier in the battle rounds. She would be my vote for the second female coach. :)

  39. Roxy says:

    I am excited about xtina coming back but if Blake Shelton ever leaves I am not sure I would watch the show. He is the best. Blake knows his music same does Pharrell and Xtina. Adam should be replaced with Gene Simmons. or Steven Tyler…But I am excited for Blakes team this year. Craig all the way!

  40. tiredofallthefakeniceness says:

    I am excited to have her back. I am hoping with her return we can actually get some comments from the judges that aren’t: “you’re great”, “you’re a star”, or “you are just wonderful, fabulous, can’t wait to see your album”. At least Christina would call it like she saw it and provided constructive criticism. When she complemented someone so fully it was well deserved. I know if the judges criticize contestants people will be less likely to vote for them and it is a contest between the judges too, but COME ON!

  41. Michele tharp says:

    I am so excited Pharrell is returning next season! He is a fabulous addition to the show!!! Pharrell is an intelligent man and his critique method is genuine, positive, and rewarding to the contestants. He treats the contestants and his team with respect and compassion. So happy he will be on the next season!!! 💚 Pharrell

  42. The Voice Expert says:

    Ok it’s either people love Gwen or love Christina. Let me set the record straight that Gwen is a good coach it took her one season to get someone into the semifinals and likely(if not for the wildcard) into the finale, where as Christina took four seasons to get into the finale- plus, Gwen did get Taylor John out, he got himself out by singing blank space.

    I think it would be a good group of coaches to see: Gwen Stefani,Taylor Swift, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton that would be a great season
    The other coaches are good but I couldn’t stand Pharrel this season.

  43. Joe Camp says:

    Would’ve preferred Gwen to return.

  44. Jill Berry says:

    I will truly miss Gwen Stefani. She was one of the best coaches ever! Adam, Blake, Gwen, and Pharrel where the best mix of judges yet!!! They should be the regulars!

  45. Rheta says:

    I like what they’re doing. Hope Usher comes back too. Adam and Blake are a great constant and wouldn’t be the same without them. It would be the end of the show.

  46. salar Fighter says:

    I seriously can’t wait to see my queen back on her Big red throne again , Christina Aguilera , for me she’s been the best Role model since 2008 and for sure the best judge to watch , People need to get the difference between Being honest and being rude , I didn’t watch the show without Christina freaking Aguilera in it and for sure I won’t , teamXtina till the day I die , Christina Aguilera forever ♥

  47. Christina Aguilera , The girl who changed ny entire life ♥ I can’t wait to see my queen back on her Big red throne , TEAMXTINA till the day I die , I love u Christina . The only reason I watch the voice . Gwen is fine , but To bo honest I think that shakira is the worst . Season 8 is going to slay , thanks god my queen Xtinas Back !

  48. Just a mom says:

    Where’s Usher? And for that matter Shakira? I think the those 2 plus Adam and Blake made the best panel. Usher has been the only rotation judge that actually won!!! Don’t know why Usher isn’t coming back. Do remember he showed interest. I say Pharrell out and Usher back. Sorry bro, but I felt for you. You went down faster than Ceelo. But am sending the love.

  49. Larry k. says:

    I think if Adam takes a break they need to bring in kid rock

  50. katie says:

    I think there needs to be a double female panel. After watching Alicia keys help as a mentor I think she would be an AWESOME choice along with Adele! Then keep the boys. I dont know about blake and adam if one of them took a brake it would make the show weird they need to be there. They are too funny together. But hell yeah to bring on the two women… gril power!