Sons of Anarchy Recap: Oh, What a Tangled Web She Weaves

Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 6

If you pull a loose thread on a piece of clothing, the entire thing can unravel in minutes. And on Tuesday’s episode of Sons of Anarchy, Gemma found that to be true for more than just a fall sweater.

Indeed, the numerous lies that Gemma has told to save her own behind this season began to blow up in her face, leading her to a vulnerable place that we haven’t seen Mama Teller go to in a long time (and I’m not just talking about those 12 miles she walked in spiked boots).

What’s interesting about this particular episode of Sons is that nearly every scene and character intertwines with one another throughout these 90 minutes. On one hand, there’s SAMCRO’s latest business transaction: In order to pay back a debt to Ron Tully and the Aryan Brotherhood (see also: “that botched drug deal that got one police officer killed and another critically injured”), SAMCRO strikes a deal with Alvarez that gives the gun business to the Mayans. In return, Tully’s men will be able to distribute heroin in Stockton, with the other half of Lin’s turf going to Tyler and the One-Niners, and Jax will gain access to Lin while he works through his sticky legal situation. Everybody wins, if you overlook how dangerous it all is! Oh, and speaking of Tyler, he and Jax make it clear that they have a common interest in taking down August Marks. To prove that’s their goal (and to win back the trust of Tully’s main associate Leland), SAMCRO guns down OG DuLane and all of his men, piling the bodies up at Damon Pope’s construction site. (Message received, SAMCRO, loud and clear.)

But within their new business deal with the Mayans, SAMCRO receives a little something extra to sweeten the pot: Juice. After SAMCRO’s traitor comes to the Mayans with cash (from liquor store robberies), Gemma’s car and the promise of intel on SAMCRO, he asks for safe passage to Mexico and instead comes face-to-face with Jax and the boys. First, he’s stripped of his cut and put in a storage closet — along with Nero, who’s required to stay there until the Mayans successfully make a deal with the Sons — but once all the business talk is out of the way, Juice’s former brothers lead him out of the Mayan headquarters and force him to walk the proverbial plank.

All of this ultimately leads back to Gemma, who’s been forced to travel on foot after Juice had her at gunpoint then drove off in her car. She happens upon a truck stop and bonds with waitress Gertie (played by Glee‘s Lea Michele, in a role that I like to imagine as Rachel Berry in an alternate universe where Broadway never panned out). When Wendy and Unser arrive at the diner to pick her up, Gemma spins yet another tale, lying that Juice forced her to travel east, then kicked her out of the car near Salt Springs (which Unser doesn’t believe, but Gemma is nothing if not convincing).

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When word gets out that the Oakland City Council is pressuring the DA to offer Lin a deal, both Unser and Jax convince Gemma to spill to the sheriff’s department about what she saw on the night of Tara’s murder, which will keep SAMCRO out of the spotlight for a while. She does spill, but through gritted teeth, and that’s when things start to fall apart for Jax’s mama. When she reunites with Nero later that night, he tells Gemma that he spent most of his afternoon in a storage closet with Juice, then confronts her about whether she helped Juice hide out all this time. (Based on her sudden rapid breathing and inability to maintain eye contact, he quickly figures out that she did.)

Then, when Nero breaks the news that Juice is now in close proximity to Jax, Gemma completely loses it, holding Nero close and crying into his shoulder. “If he tells Jax what he knows…,” she trails off, distraught. And even though Gemma is quite literally clutching Nero for support in her dire situation, I wouldn’t be so sure that he can help her. After all, Nero gets two more hints throughout the episode that Gemma was actually responsible for Tara’s murder. First, the Mayans note how “convenient” it is that Gemma was the only one who witnessed Lin’s men entering Jax’s house on the night Tara was killed. Later, when he and Juice are trapped in a closet together (forgive the R. Kelly reference!), Nero picks up on Juice’s hints that Gemma was involved in the murder, and he seems all but convinced that Gemma’s not to be trusted by the time she breaks down in his arms. (So… who’s bringing the popcorn next week?)

Your turn! What did you think of the episode? Do you think Officer Eglee will spill the beans to Unser? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Bwhit says:

    Nero isn’t Clay, I don’t think he will help her out when it’s finally confirmed, he needs to talk to Unser and they both need to put the pieces together. This is going to be crazy, it is finally unravelling for her… Hopefully.

  2. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    Sh*t I WANTED Juice to tell Nero the truth about Gemma in that ”Mayan closet”! . Also is it just me OR is Gemma gonna cough up another BS lie and tell Nero that Juice killed Tara to cover her ass? Plus in the episode next week is the Club giving Juice ANOTHER CHANCE? from the promo Jax hands over Juicy his cut back.

    • herrumph says:

      Here’s what’s seems to going to happen to Juice by watching the preview. Juice is probably going to have a chance to redeem himself to the Sons but it will cost him his life. The previews show Jax handing Juices “cut” back to him and you also see Juice shooting at what looks like motorcycle cops. My conclusion Jax is using Juice to set him up as the shooter of the police officers at the meet with the white supremacists. So Juice gets in back with the Sons by having himself get killed by cops making them think he’s the cop killer police are looking for. Will Juice die as a result? Unknown.

      • kaz666 says:

        think your right,also did you notice the writing on the cliff wall,when jax was handing back his colors.J.T.11-13-93

  3. Deliah says:

    I hate Gemma SO SO SO much but she made me tear up this episode. When she was having that “conversation” with Tara at the diner, and said “It wasn’t just a teenage crush. He loved you so much. That never changed.” — I almost lost it. Made Tara’s death all the more tragic. I really wish Jax would show how he’s grieving in at least ONE soft scene — shed a tear or something.

    • Tayna says:

      I agree. Gemma having conversations with Tara is crazy and she is obviously unraveling but this conversation in particular really struck a chord. We don’t ever hear much about when Tara and Jax first met, and to hear her say how she knew Jax wasn’t going to be hers anymore because he had fallen in love with Tara… god that broke my heart. I feel so bad for Jax.

    • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

      I know right and the opening scene w/Bobby and Wendy she admitted that she ”still” loves Jax…….VOMIT! Tara is and ALWAYS will be his true love.

      • ES says:

        Tara was his true love, he never forgot her even when she left Charming all those yeas ago. He’s never really loved Wendy, So what if Wendy loves him? That doesn’t change Jax’s feelings towards her. Wendy admitting her feelings for Jax were more I think her way of saying that he still matters to her. She did marry him, she must have loved him at some point, and those feelings don’t just disappear. Hence the reason why so many people semi-stalk their exes on social media long after they’ve separated. Seriously though, I think that she’s always known that she’s never measured up to Tara’s level and she may never, at least in Jax’s eyes. But at least she’s being honest and not taking the easy route of shooting her self up. I used to really hate Wendy in the beginning, mostly because of that way she was introduced, Pregnant junkie that almost killed Abel, I never thought I could sympathize with her. I really liked it when she stepped up when Tara needed her too. And she did it for Abel. She’s not the most perfect mother, but at least she’s learning and trying to make it better, She’s taking a page from Tara’s book and putting the boys best interest first, like sending him to that school. I don’t think they will put her and Jax back together as a couple at least but I’m hoping by the end of the series that they’ve reached a better truce and will work on raising the boys. Because at the end of the day it’s them that matter. (I do think they’re hinting at a Nero/Wendy pairing, who knows maybe they’ll be together and raising the 3 boys on a farm somewhere at the end of the series)

        The Gemma scenes though, drive me nuts. Now she’s the character I’ve grown to hate the most. Clay I used to hate but in a way some of that was because of Gemma. This woman has got to be one of the craziest mother’s I’ve ever seen on television, Her attachment to Jax is insane, I don’t know if it stems from loosing her first child that she was over compensating with Jax. I’ve never seen anyone obsess over their child as much, and go to such lengths for them to stay. Killing his father and then Tara. But with every passing day I hope that when Jax learns the truth he just walks away from her. Because that would be the worst punishment he could ever give her. I know everyone totally wants her dead but what better way for her to suffer than knowing that she has completely lost him and his boys forever.

        That also brings me to Juice, OMG, I don’t know what the fates have in store for him but I hope that he at least gets to make one thing right with Jax and the club and that is to tell him who really killed Tara. I know that he might meet the maker way before that happens or maybe because he helped Gemma cover it up. But I want it to come out of his mouth first. I’m kind of disappointed that he didn’t tell Nero what really happened. But I think Nero knows enough to start piecing things together, especially after Gemma’s breakdown at the end of the episode. I don’t know if he’ll tell Jax given the fact that Jax betrayed his trust and had Juice kill that girl. Can’t wait for the next episode.

      • Cas says:

        I agree. I hate Wendy and have from the beginning. She may have helped Tara somewhat but don’t forget she is also responsible for Tara. She was the one who went behind Tara’s back and told Gemma a bunch of things that she shouldn’t have. The fact that they are using Wendy as a stand in is appalling. She may have turned her life around and she may still love Jax but in the end if he ends up with Wendy (instead of dead) I will be so unsatisfied. I mean at that point we mine as well have not watched the series since it started with Wendy and ended with her. As for Gemma, the fact that people still believe anything she says this whole season or last makes them look like a dumba$$ IMO.

    • de says:

      Fully agree with Delilah…Jax needs to show emotion rather than rage!

      We want the sweet tender side to come back and I for one want Chibs and Bobby to be the only survivors with Jax and Nero.

      The end should have JAX leave that toxic town and all that crap behind and take his boys, not the Wendy slut and leave CA with Chibs and Bobby, Nero and his kid.
      Leave all the SOA bad blood and do like his dad wanted…legit business…maybe start a recovery program for ex-criminals?

      I just don’t want this to all end with JAX a crazed blood thirsty MC leader riding off into a bloodbath and forgetting what this whole show was supposed to be about….redemption, change, and hope for a young man trying to follow in his dad’s wishes,.

      • Jules says:

        I’m thinking when Jax finds out his “loving mother” killed the love of his life- resulting in an avalanche of unnecessary death and destruction – that will shock him out of his rage coma. Hopefully it will illuminate the truth about the evils of this life they have all been living. He won’t want that for his sons- and turns his back on Gemma, and what is left of the club.

    • Boozy says:

      He did show his grief. He howled like a baby when he found her dead bloody body on the kitchen floor. That is how Jax rolls.

  4. Stormie says:

    I really hope Nero figures it out. 6 episodes of no one suspecting Gemma’s story is hard to swallow. She hated Tara most of the show including before her death but hey let’s all believe Gemma. Uncer was the one who told her Tara “ratted” she disappears right after that and the same night Tara’s murdered. Yet Unser buys every ounce of Gemma’s lies. Wendy should keep her legs closed to Jax. He never loved her and oh yeah he shot her up with a speedball.

    • abz says:

      I hope when it is finally revealed that she killed Tara, that the show actually acknowledges that pretty much almost every single event that has happened this season has been Gemma’s fault and has been set in motion by her. The death of the 16 people at Diosa, all on her. The two club members who died guarding the guns at the warehouse, on her. All of the Lin drama and Jax becoming unhinged and completely unsympathetic, all on her. I mean there really is no way around it. I really need to hear something along the lines of “Look what you’ve done. All this death, everything that’s happened it’s because of you.” before the show ends.

      • B says:

        Frankly I think it goes beyond every event of this season. Arguably every bad event in the series is Gemma’s fault (with Clay’s help of course). She’s been pulling all the strings since Jax was born, starting with manipulating Clay into killing John Teller.

  5. Jordan says:

    Wendy has been such a non-factor for six seasons. I don’t understand her presence on this show. Jax and Wendy is the worst idea ever. Jax openly hated Wendy for 6 seasons and Wendy told Unser in Season 6 that she didn’t love Jax. So, why is she now saying she still loves him and blah blah blah? Gah. I’d rather Jax not have a love interest than it be the ex-junkie.

    • kennedy says:

      I am so confused why she is back on the show. I get that we need one sane person but Wendy ain’t it. She’s been portrayed as such a weakling for six seasons, and now we’re suppose to believe she is going to be the shining light at the end of the tunnel (if she makes it that far)? I also don’t buy this whole Jax and Wendy reunion. Didn’t Jax tell Tara in Season 1 that he married Wendy out of loneliness and how it was a “sad time out”? And then he attacked her in Season 5. If she goes back to him, then she is as desperate as she is weak.

    • Bwhit says:

      I just feel like this has nothing to do with Abel and all about Wendy getting back into the family. I mean she has to know that she is a distant consolation prize. Jax said in season one that he married her because he was lonely and Tara was gone. I don’t see anything that has changed, Tara is gone and Wendy is just simply there.

    • Eliza says:

      I agree about Wendy/Jax. That Bobby/Wendy scene had me SMH & rolling my eyes. Wendy being there for babysitting – okay. But a Jax and Wendy reunion? NO, thank you. Their marriage was a joke; Jax wasn’t in love with her. I remember the “sad time out” convo plus back then Jax telling Tara he would only see “one face” when he was with other women. Jax couldn’t stand Wendy and actually hated her immensely. He fought Tara tooth and nail over Wendy having anything to do with the kids (which what was that all for seeing how she’s the main one taking care of them now). If they hook-up – I’ll be taking a break during all of those scenes.

    • Wendy will not end up with Jax – she will end up with Nero. Obvious.

      • witchstone says:

        thats what i think also! they have been pretty chummy this season, nero is on the love hate relationship with gemma, gemma has done some crappy things to him. and gemma has not been right sense she witnessed clays death. it was obvious she still had feelings for him.

    • Kasey says:

      Wendy was weak but she’s evolving. She cleaned herself up and she cares deeply for the kids. I think Tara’s death actually put Wendy in a different place. She has to play the part and help the club because if she fights things she’ll lose her kid again. I’m not sure how she loves Jax after the messed up things he’s done to her but I understand the instinct to compromise what’s right to keep your kid around. Anyway I think this plays out with Jax and a majority of the club dead, Gemma alone and in prison, and Wendy and Nero raising those kids. Wendy and Nero may be the perfect mix to raise the boys. Nero is still OG enough to take care of the boys and he may be the support to keep Wendy straight.

  6. mel says:

    This one made me a nervous wreck. I won’t be able to sleep tonight.

  7. mel says:

    Nero is fed up. I do look for Nero and Wendy to ride off to the farm with his son only. Baby Thomas will die tragically and Abel will be too much like Jax to save. Maybe Gemma will set Jax up with the sweet little waitress (reminds her of Tara).

  8. James D says:

    total bull Sutter if Juice dies without coming clean i’m going to be pissed. Nero knows i think so I guess the question is will he tell Jax knowing what will happen to Gemma. Next question what will do Jax in at the end? it appears he is making a few enemies now a days. I really hope Gemma doesn’t last to the end of next episode. things are heating up can’t wait to watch the sh*t hit the fan.

    • Rob S. says:

      About what Jax would do in the end, what did he do for a specialty in the service, could play a part in the end game

  9. Sheila Westbrook says:

    Jemma has gotten away with so much for too long let’s not forget that Jaxs still doesn’t know she was in on the plan to kill his father John. I hate to see juice pay for his betrayal and and Jemma get away with hers.

  10. abz says:

    Lea Michele did an amazing job in such a small role. I found myself wanting to see more of her character. I hope she gets some good acting roles once Glee is finished.
    I’m so disappointed in what’s happened to the Jax character. I get that he’s grieving and I know that club business is never not going to be messy, but at least before there was a goal. A plan in motion to bring the club out of the illegal business and turn legit. Now everything’s abandoned and he’s become unhinged and I have no idea what direction the show is heading other than a big showdown (hopefully) between Jax and Gemma, taking down August Marx and probably a huge bloodbath of a finale. But what’s the point? What does Jax want now that he think he’s avenged Tara’s death? Why isn’t the show exploring that? I mean he’s barely spent more than a minute with his kids? All we’re seeing is SO much death I’ve lost count (what is it like 20+ deaths in the past two episodes alone and ALL of them for unnecessary reasons). I just find myself feeling let down because while a lot seems to be happening, at the same time nothing is happening and each episode is the same (i.e. some mission, more death, deals, etc.). I hope this final run of episodes starts to give an idea of a direction for the rest of the season other than the obvious. I’m gonna be royally pissed if Juice is killed off before he is able to reveal the truth of what happened. I wish he revealed it in the closet with Nero.
    And I have no interest in seeing a Jax/Wendy relationship. I’ve come around to the idea of her being a babysitter for the kids, but please no more than that.

    • Olivia says:

      I completely agree. I feel that’s it’s become “another week, another stack of bodies, Jax is no closer to the truth”. He has spent so much time planning and killing, he’s had 2-3 scenes with his kids. Where is the redemptive character that he began as? Yes, I know Tara & Opie’s death unhinged him, but when is he going to get his crap together & remember his goal to raise his sons well & go legit. I’m just disappointed. The series began in such a great way–character development, good storylines, & humor. It ‘s become, “who are the sons going to kill this week? How is Jax going to destroy the life of the man who had nothing to do with his wife’s death?

  11. Jungle Riders MC says:

    Grim Bastards patching over to the Sons, this is awesome lol.

  12. shboogies says:

    Everything will come to an end for Gemma. That being said, I still fkn love that crazy b. #sorrynotsorry

  13. de says:

    Hey..I got it! The best ending yet!
    Tara is not dead! She escaped somehow to Oregon? and Under knows where..hey its TV right?
    The death was a hoax and finally after Juice spills the beans…nobody tells Gemma that Tara is alive…finally JAX leaves Samcro and Charming and reunites with Tara and the kids..under new identies…Chins and Bobby follow with Nero and his boy…Gemma rots away ALONE in Charming with Under her only friend.
    I like this!

  14. Yolanda says:

    I stopped watching this season after first episode because I just couldn’t stand watching Gemma going unscathed after everything she’s done. I’ll start watching the show again once I know Gemma’s dead.

  15. John says:

    Gemma can’t possibly die until the last episode. You can’t have ‘sons’ without a mother. Gemma is ‘anarchy’.

  16. Stephasaurus says:

    Yikes, The moment Nero saw Gemma’s ride in the Mexican compound and asked why it was there, and they said “juice came in it” I knew Gemma’s jig is up. There is no way she can lie and talk her way around all of this. Worse that she brought Unser and Junky ex in on it… (honestly the “junky” is the only thing that can save those boys now). Nero is such a good guy, and he always wants to do the right thing. He fell in love with the wrong family. I think he loves Gemma and Jax. Gemma has caused every single ounce of killing this season, I think we finally saw her break under the weight of that. She is always so cool and collected as long as she can hide her lies. Juice is her wildcard. Jax needs to know his mother killed the love of his life. Jax is in so deep though with the Chinese and the Mexicans… and the White power weirdos….. he has completely ruined relationships over his mothers testimony that the Chinese killed Terra, Whatever fate is waiting for her will be the ugliest fate of all. She wont be able to talk her way out of this! The preview for next week has me wishing it was Tuesday already. The eerie scene where gemma is in the dark house and jax walks in the door…. and Juice telling Jax he’s so sorry, and Jax hands him back his cut…. Bravo Kurt Sutter, you can make me anxious and excited about Tuesdays. I wish this wasnt the end.

  17. Angelina Carreon says:

    I luv this show sooo much but I just hope Juice vets the chance in clear his a** n tell Jax bout wut momma Gemma done n that druggy crawls back under the rock she crawl from under..I luv Juice n Jax ..Can’t wait for next wk.

  18. B says:

    Of all that happened during this episode, all of the tense moments…and you use a pic of the pointless Glee-chick cameo? I was annoyed the minute I saw her on the screen last night.

    Neither she nor Courtney Love served any real purpose (and I rather like Courtney) other than maybe getting a few extra eyeballs from their fans this season. On the other hand, Marilyn Manson has been surprisingly good in his role. If they really needed to use Courtney, give her more to work with than her throwaway scene!

  19. Jules says:

    Maybe Wendy is still around becuz Sutter needs her to tie up loose ends at the series end? Seems there has been a wink wink acknowledgement of some sort of bond between Nero and Wendy- do they raise the boys together in the end? I love how Gemma is becoming undone little by little- the best possible outcome for her would be for her to be all alone with no family, no love, no nothing. Death is too easy for her punishment!

  20. Jeff says:

    This show is pretty damn awesome (where can I see the trailer for next week, please?).

    I have to laugh ironically, though, how most here seem to blame Gemma for everything. Her lies are the catalyst for all this mess, no doubt, but Jax is the one who has made the choice to kill, kill and continue killing, way past simple revenge for Tara’s death. All the murders – his choice (at this point, the smile on his face shows he’s starting to really enjoy it). Ignoring the effect all this is having on his son (future psycho in the making from the looks of it) – Jax’s choice. I absolutely blame Gemma for lying to protect herself and dragging others into her lies for her own protection, but …………. the extremes that all this has gone to is all on Jax.

    Just for curiosity’s sake, anyone know what the body count is so far this season?

  21. Julie Morrison says:

    Jax still doesn’t know Jemma was partly responsible for his Dad’s murder. I am sure that will have to come out first before he believes his mother killed Tara. He needs to know both things and only his Dad’s lover in Ireland knows that now. Sorry I can’t remember her name, was it Maureen. Just a thought.

  22. sass says:

    Hamlet. As much as I want to arrive at the end, I want to slow it down. Katey Sagal has been stellar, but needs her comeuppance. Love Jimmy Smits/Nero – smart guy. Hope Chibs, Bobby and Happy make it to the end. I’m not sure Jax will make it, but I hope so. Someone needs to hug Abel. And oh yeah, China’s throwaway line that Jarry thank him for the sex, AWESOME!

  23. BrianR says:

    I just can’t believe how stupid Jax and the others are. Any simple minded detective would have put Gemma at the top of the I hate Tara list. Its not like they were BFF’s in any way and Gemma had threatened Tara before.

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  25. D says:

    When is the club and august marks going to face off is my question???? This episode was moving too slow for me, just get to it already. Now that Gemma has to go on record will the DA expose her? I believe they’ll find evidence that Lin and his crew were not even close to the location where Tara got murdered! they were probably in Vegas blowing money. And why do they keep saying she saw the supposed murderers at night when Tara and the sheriff were killed in the daytime???

  26. Christie says:

    This pos show jumped the shark so long ago I can’t all the fools that still watch it

  27. Olivia says:

    Just a thought–I wonder if Jax might end up with Lyla. I personally don’t want him to end up with anyone. Maybe they’re just friends and share the bond of losing their spouses, just wondering if anyone else picked up on this. Sutter, I doubt you read this, but if you do, please don’t put Jax with a woman, just to have someone. With all the crap he has been through and all the pain he has caused, let him pine for his dead true love for awhile.

  28. Debra says:

    When Juice robs the Liquor Store, he asks for a pack of “D’s”. After he hits the clerk, we see the clerk lying on the floor with a packet marked “Dismas”. St. Dismas is one of the thieves who died on the cross next to Jesus. He chastised the other thief on the cross for mocking Jesus thereby being “saved” and ensuring his place next to God in heaven. Maybe this Kurt Sutter’s sign to us that Juice will be saved.

    • Olivia says:

      Thank you for adding this! I felt like there was some significance in Juice asking for “d” and the shot of the package. I would like to believe Juice can be saved, or at the very least sacrifice himself for the club, and go out in their good graces. It would be a nice show of humanity from Jax, a side we rarely see anymore.

    • Nikki says:

      This season sucks because it’s going in fast new directions each week but not tying anything together or assessing loose ends. I want to know: 1. Why did Margaret Murphy just drop off the face of the earth? She was supposed to be hiding away for a few weeks at her sister’s house in AZ. Where is closure there? She could/ should come back with originals of letters for Jax.
      2. Abel is a little psychopath and will do something crazy and it will have something to do with waking Jax up out of his blind rage. Is that all supposed to go down in just one episode?!? Too rushed!
      3. What about finding out and dealing wih Jury selling SAMCRO out to the Chinese?
      4. How p-whipped can Unser and Nero be to allow and protect Gemma to this extent?!? It’s stupid and unbelievable.
      5. Bobby always has and still is like a little b witch of an “outlaw”- kill his fat ugly arse already!

  29. "Miss Mia says:

    Enough with Gemma’s lies She has to go. She’s evil, how pathetic when she says she’ll do what it takes to protect her, when all she’s been doing since season one is making sure her dirty little secrets stay buried. 1 Agreed with her lover to kill her first husband. 2 turns on the lover by blaming him for the husband’s death. 3 kills Jack’s highshool sweetheart 4 uses Wayne to cover crap up. Talk about “Mother of the year” Death would be too easy for her. Best revenge is pain and losing everyone and everything. P/S its because of her that Piney died too.

  30. Erin Daye says:

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  31. Kc77 says:

    Don’t forget that Gertie, mentioned her son was named John, for her father, and they made her to look like she could be related to Gemma. There was no reason to introduce her that extensively if she has no plot to play here.

    Speaking of I wonder if the homeless woman, who could be the teenager’s mother who hangs around the MC, will make a relevant reappearance.

    • Debra says:

      I think we’ll see that the homeless woman finds the parts of the meat fork used to kill Tara, in the dumpster and they’ll get into maybe Jax’s hands or the police. Then they’ll possibly have some evidence against Gemma.

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