Grey's Anatomy Sneak Peek: Is Derek Waiting for Meredith to Shine... or Fail?

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If you thought Derek’s little dig at Meredith at the close of last week’s Grey’s Anatomy was the end of him pressuring her to “shine” in Seattle… hi, you must be new to Shondaland.

No, that ongoing debate — spurred by Mers day-drinking with Alex — continues this Thursday (ABC, 8/7), and we’ve got your exclusive ticket to the verbal showdown.

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Is Derek privately hoping that Meredith will fail, or does he truly want her to shine? Has Mer about had it with feeling guilty over him foregoing the plum D.C. job in order to keep their family together? And will Derek go so far as to utter the worst thing a fella can say to a wife with mommy issues?

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Pop some popcorn, press play and watch the next round in this marital melee.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Kelly says:

    Its always the same kind of issue with them – something is wrong and she talks to everyone except him. He then has no idea why she is acting as she does and acts like a pissy 9 year old. We know how it will go. She will tell him, he will be dreamy and they will be just fine. If he goes to DC he’ll be back in 2 episodes anyway so no real point. If she can tell Alex the news about Maggie and not her husband then perhaps she didn’t marry the right man.

    • Nia says:

      That’s not really fair. She tried to tell him and he was so horrid to her last episode. And he’s being so smug and self-righteous and martyred as she knew he would be. And calling her her mother is a really low blow. Like unforgivably low.

      • Cas says:

        First of all unforgivable? Doubtful. I mean they are married and sometimes when you are angry and argue stupid stuff gets said. Also if the shoe fits it is just truth. Also I agree Derek is a little bit full of himself but Mer never talks to him sometimes about important stuff. And it is just sort of dumb.

    • aditya says:

      wow!!!!kelly you are so true….

    • Wilma says:

      Love this post. That says it all really. Shonda is the queen of the ever repeating story line. Last count…during the Greys series, Derek and Meredith have broken up and gotten back together 28 times. Get’s a little boring and as you have shown…predictable. Writers are having probs coming up with any good material. Was time to call it quits years ago.

      • Grey's Fan says:

        Derek and Meredith have been together with no break-ups (yeah they’ve had problems but have dealt with them without splitting up) since Season 4 – aka the candle house. They’ve even been together since around episode 8 of Season 3 with a brief break up in season 4 where Derek dated Rose – no one seriously believed they wouldn’t get back together.

  2. D. says:

    Seriously, I hope Patrick leaves the show, I’be been waiting for his exit for a long time now. I really can’t stand Derek. Never have, never will!

  3. Kat says:

    Ohhhhhhh!!! No he d-i-d-n-o-t just say that! “You sound just like your mother.” Them’s there is fightin’ words! Low blow, Derek! Just hop a bus, catch a train, hijack a plane, but get your shady boots to D.C. quick, fast and in a hurry!

  4. tahina45 says:

    Derek is such a pr*ck! I know they won’t split(per Shonda) but they don’t have that spark anymore. I hope they don’t drag all this telenovela through the whole season!Same goes with Calzona..but that’s another story..

    • Nia says:

      Oh hell, let’s not even get started on the utter disaster that is Calzona.

      • BlueBelle says:

        Oh please lets do for 5mins. I never liked them together. Basically they are the female version of Owen & Christina. They want different things in life (ie kids). Callie always wanted a house full of kids. Arizona never wanted them. Yes, she works with “small humans” but she never wanted to be a mother. Owen wanted kids and Christina NEVER EVER wanted to be a mother. Owen never understood why even when he suggested he would stay home he just did not get it. Now Callie wants a 2nd child and Arizona wants to start a new fellowship. Personally I always thought Callie had the best chemistry with Mark (love their friendship sometimes sex buddies). I also miss Callie’s friendship with Addison. I feel like Callie has no one to confide to at SGH.

        • Nia says:

          I loved Calzona in S5- halfway through 7. When Arizona left, and Callie got pregnant, I was like, well dealbreaker, because Arizona doesn’t like kids. But she accepted it so I thought they could work. Tbh, all I really ship is Callie’s happiness. We al go on about how Mer’s really suffered but Callie has literally never been happy for more than a handful of episodes. It’s ridiculous. George hurt her, Erica hurt her, and Arizona just keeps throwing the hand grenades. I can’t tell you how desperately I wish for Mark. Because even though I shipped Slexie, I honestly did that because Mark loved her. I stand by the fact that Mark and Callie are the only people that wouldn’t hurt the other. When Arizona screamed at Callie “you didn’t lose ANYTHING” at the end of S9, I literally gasped. It physically hurts me to think about how much Callie needs Mark.

          • CJ says:

            Your reply shows how completely biased you are towards Callie as if 50% of Callie and Arizona’s problems aren’t of Callie’s doing.

            She doesn’t want a baby, she wants what it represents. Normalcy. A distraction to what the REAL problems that SHE won’t talk to Arizona about are. She just attacks, makes assumptions and walks away, and people think it’s fine that she does that to Arizona.

            She did the same focus in on a baby thing with George. Callie has literally punished Arizona their entire relationship because of what George and Erica did to her, and she did the same thing to Arizona with Mark that George did to her.

            What makes Callie who never takes responsibility for the hurtful things she’s done, and just points fingers in victim mode all the time any better of a person?

        • Sharon says:

          Actually Arizona wants another child too, she suggested they go the Surrogacy route. Callie like Arizona also wants to further her career hence her having her research and now wanting to take on the Veteran’s project, in fact she wants more Career wise than Arizona. Arizona has sacrificed one work project (Africa) and now is giving up Ped;s to do the fellowship. She had her come too moment with wanting to have a child. They both want the same thing. And it’s tiny humans. And sadly or not so Mark is dead thank goodness and when Callie and Arizona are on they are on and their chemistry is great. Callie has her wife to confide in like she should. Just like Arizona has her wife to confide in, she has no other outside person either.

          • Nia says:

            I… Am not entirely sure what your point is…? Are you sad Mark is dead or not? What do you mean she her “come too moment with wanting to have a child”? Honestly not trying to be rude at all (I realise it might come off that way) I just don’t want to reply and have totally missed your point!

      • Ines says:

        Urghh Calzona, I really don’t like Arizona.
        I love Owen and Callie together, they want the same things and make each other better. Can we have Callie as bisexual to get out of the Calzona disaster?

        • Sharon says:

          Um..Can we have Callie as Bi Sexual? What lol? Callie IS Bi-sexual. Owen is also Cristina’s ex, Callie is Cristina’s good friend. Callie aint going there not to mention that Arizona wants the same things too!! She wants a family or has no-one been watching?!

  5. Aaron Snow says:

    Derek’s been a consistently self-absorbed douche since the very beginning.

  6. Mara says:

    I actually think Derek has a point and Meredith is not talking to him about any of the things going on with her! She can’t blame Derek for that, she has to open up her mouth and speak!

  7. Babygate says:

    I get why she won’t tell him. He’s been his usual”I’m the center of the world” self and would not give her the support she needs. People like Derek always make everything about him. Instead of being concerned about her day off, he made it about his ‘sacrifice’ to stay. That’s infuriating. I’ve never been a Derek fan but this is a new low for him. Comparing Mer to Ellis? For shame…

    • BlueBelle says:

      This is why I always thought Burke and Shepard were equals in their jobs. They both were the best at their fields (heart/brain) and no one could come close. Derek once accused Burke of having a God complex but Derek has one too. I said this on another site, but there was a reason why Addison turned to Mark for comfort during her marriage to Derek. Addison said that Derek had changed. Derek admitted to Addison he was indifferent towards her. Absent and partly to blame in the destruction of their marriage. Derek was an ass when he though Mer was sleeping with Finn/McVet even though he chose to stay with Addison. Everyone, except Christina, always saw “McDreamy” and not sulky conceited Derek. Meredith stopped being on his services because when anything went wrong in the OR, he would be a baby and give her the deadly silent treayment.

    • Ines says:

      What’s funny to me it’s Derek who is more like Ellis than Meredith. Sure she also wants to be the best but he wants it no matter what. I’m not a fan of Meredith but she is right, he is waiting for her to accomplish something to justify his decision to stay. He loves his kids but he is not the “I’ll stay for kids” person. Real life couples survive whey they both work in different cities, why can’t these two try?

    • Kelly says:

      He was concerned about her day off. He thought she was sick and was clearly concerned, checking to see if she had a fever and such. Then she told him she was with Alex all day and was drunk. I absolutely find Derek to be a douche half the time but Meredith is equally (or more) as self centered as he is.

  8. sladewilson says:

    I’ve said this on other boards and here before and before anyone goes on a screaming spree, I totally get why this will NEVER happen but this show misses one character: Burke. Burke was the perfect frienemy to Derek, would be a great sounding board for Callie and he and Mer’s relationship was interesting to say the least. Washington would never be welcomed back on a permanent basis (the man literally napalmed the bridge as it were) nor should he be but that character was literally built for this show to help it survive….

    • takingtimefromwork says:

      I absolutely agree with you. Burke is the perfect person to bring back into the hospital. He was emotional enough to sympathize but unemotional enough to be a sounding board. And frankly I don’t care what he said off the show. The only difference with him was someone heard him say it. OH I MISS BURKE

      • BlueBelle says:

        Thank you!! I miss Burke too (okay okay I miss George, Addison, Mark & Lexie)!! There are times I get sucked into watching repeats of season 1 & 2 on Lifetime especially in the winter if I have a snow day from work. Personally I would love to see Isiah Washington on How to Get Away with Murder. I think he would be a great sparring partner for Viola Davis’ character.

  9. Sara says:

    About time to give them a good storyline again. Looks so good. Can’t wait :)

  10. Tia says:

    It’s been a while since I was truly looking for an episode/storyline. I am not taking any sides, bring on the MerDer drama I say.

  11. Nene says:

    Derek is being a real pill… and being very mean I think that she is not being like her mother at all… To me she’s just stating the truth… He feel some type away and he lashing out on the people around him… I think he should go to DC and I agree that he will be back in a couple episodes…. Are maybe he will find out the truth and get why she is pulling back but hey it’s his fault… When she tried to tell him he snapped and now he want to know… Usually she would tell because of his dreamy nature but it not even notice in this scene…. I don’t think they are break up it just going to be rough for the first part of the season… I hope by second part the will be in a better place…

  12. alisha says:

    This show is allí about kids. So boring. I wanna scream every time anyone menioned a baby or kid. If like the only worty thing to explote is the parent angle. Give me more Alex. Callie (without Arizona) and Arizona with the new teacher. Derek is an as****- He needs to get the memo saying hr is not the sun.

  13. Alisha says:

    I’m so tired with all the baby talk. This is the worst moment to have a kid. Arizona got a great opportunity but all Callie though was the f*** baby that she wanna have. She should go with Owen they so basic in the same way

  14. EM says:

    Now that he compared her to her mother I hope she zings him back. When Ellis was lucid she had him sized up after two minutes of meeting him. Something like, “You’re what happened to her. You just want someone to admire you and you don’t care about the damage you do to her along the way.”

  15. Francisca says:

    Derek is a self righteous, pompous, arrogant, self centered, Mr. Me Me Me. Amelia nailed it last episode w/ her “You say you want her to have everything but not if it interferes with YOU having everything” and that’s accurate. He told Mer last season it was her time to shine with her career then reneged as soon as he something better came along for him. Derek is a jacka$$ and I like him less and less all the time. Also if my husband dismissed me and snapped at me like he does then I wouldn’t feel very inclined to share things with him. I’m sick of Derek and honestly, even as a Merder fan, am tired of him. PD doesn’t really want to be a part of GA anymore so he could be written out completely. Derek is really no longer a vital part of the hospital or cast for me.

  16. MDGrey's says:

    Every story has 2 sides. And if the characters are all perfect, it would be boring. Everyone is flawed. This show makes sure of that.

    Looking forward for the MerDer storyline. As much as I love to see them happy, I missed the drama.

    • Grey's Fan says:

      Yes. Yes. Yes. I want to see the drama of Mer/Der’s marriage crumbling and then them working to put it back together. I think it could end up where Derek has a revelation when he realizes he’s doing the same things that led to Addison ultimately sleeping with Mark and he will have to make changes so his relationship with Meredith doesn’t end the same way. Learning from experience… Better yet, a short term return of Addison to the hospital for a medical story where she and Meredith could bond over Derek’s absent tendencies would be great.

  17. Lauren says:

    He wants her to shine because he knows what she is capable of, he’s seen her potential and has commented on her being brilliant. I would say her shutting him out again is the bigger issue here. If she were to tell him why she is upset and why she needed a day to get drunk I think believe he would be more understanding. And honestly, maybe she does need a push. She’s been involved with 4 big projects (brain injections, Alzheimer project, the eyelid project and the portal veins), none of which she has successfully completed (or at least none that have been seen resolved on the show that I can remember).

    • Grey's Fan says:

      Don’t forget the diabetes project – which was her mother’s, Richard’s and then Bailey’s and Meredith’s. I always wondered about that project – it just got dropped. I understand that GA couldn’t exactly say they found a cure for diabetes, but I would like to know what happened with it.

      The brain injections was concluded with a giant mug shot of Derek (the Shepherd Method) on a medical magazine.

  18. Alichat says:

    Oh look…..Derek being a douche again. How original.

  19. Judy says:

    She IS acting like her mother. She is disclosing personal information to everyone BUT her husband. She is intruding into another man’s shower and love nest. Meredith IS out of line here. However, understandable since her best friend sent her into a spin with the “he’s dreamy but hes not the sun YOU are.” Cristina was the mirror of Mer’s mother and her well placed comment has pushed Meredith to abandon reason. Should Derek have given up the once in a lifetime? Probably not. But, should Meredith treat him like he’s the devil because he’s a first rate neuro-god? NO. They are both in a position that is difficult but in a real marriage you would hope to be a help to one another’s goals and ambitions. So they both need to suck it up and maybe give themselves a time limit on the long-distance two city marriage for a while. The thing I’ve always hated about the writing is that Shonda doesn’t seem to know a thing about marriage except that it should come LAST to everything else and BF’s trump spouses. I hope that at the end of this arc both of these characters will pull their heads out of their a##es and remember the family they’ve built because at the end of the day, neither one of them will want their awards to be the only comfort they have on their death beds. Ellis Grey may have been a great surgeon but she sucked as a wife and mother. I don’t want to watch Meredith rise to that occassion. I always viewed her character as building a family even IF she didn’t realize THAT was what she was doing.

    • Liz says:

      Just my opinion, but I’ve watched GA from season one, so feel I have the right. I detest Meredith and her ‘poor me’ attitude. I had hoped when Christina left, she might grow up. As far as Derek is concerned, he may act like ‘God’ at times, but do any of you know docs who don’t? Dempsey should bail out of this mess. He’s too talented to be stuck with a few lines thrown in every week. That would make for two more seasons where Meredith could whine on Alex’s (or perhaps Owen’s) shoulders and, of course, end up going to bed with either or both of them. During that time, they could also bring on a few more long, lost sisters/brothers. The biggest problem is that Shondra has taken on too many shows this year, and it seems GA has suffered because of it.