Ratings: Cristela Opens Strong (Grade ABC's New Friday Sitcom), Race Dips

Cristela Premiere Ratings

ABC’s Cristela premiered on Friday night to 6.6 million total viewers and a 1.3 rating (per finals), making it the fall’s second-most watched comedy debut (behind black-ish) and the first sitcom to build on its Last Man Standing lead-in since Malibu Country in November 2012.

Versus The Neighbors‘ year-ago premiere, Cristela was up 43 and 8 percent.

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Opening ABC’s night, Last Man (6.5 mil/1.2) dipped a tenth week-to-week. And at 9 pm, Shark Tank (7.3 mil/2.0) was up a tenth.

Over on CBS, The Amazing Race (5.9 mil/1.1) dipped a tenth, Hawaii Five-0 (9.2 mil/1.2) shed some eyeballs and a tenth in the demo and Blue Bloods (11.1 mil/1.3) ticked up a tenth.

The CW’s Whose Line (1.5 mil/0.6) popped two tenths, while Top Model (1 mil/0.4) was flat…. Fox’s Utopia (1.9 mil/0.7) ticked up.

Shark Tank led Friday in the demo, while Blue Bloods drew the largest audience.

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  1. Aleana says:

    I enjoy the pilot of Cristela I thought it was funny and cute I think great show pair with Last Man Standing even though I miss the show The Neighbors

  2. Tran says:

    I give Cristela an F. Guess people were thinking the same thing when they say “who’s Cristela Alonzo?”.

    • Mike says:

      Gave it an “F” as well. It was just bad! On a positive note: I did laugh out loud once: seeing Palent from Bones have to suffer on this show, is the best way to punish him for stealing Hodgins family money, and putting Mr. and Mrs. Booth through a living hell. The show got a 1.3 with all the hype. It is not a success!!!! It is a comparative success against failed shows. If where on any other night with a 1.3 it would considered a disappointment. It will pull a 1.0 next week. Take: telegraphed stereotypical jokes, high school drama club level acting, zero character depth put them in a blender and this comes out!

      • Joey says:

        That little formula you just listed worked well for ABC in the past. Remember George Lopez? People at the garbage up, and they’ll likely do it again with this new show. Its a shame.

    • Justme says:

      This show is for a certain kind of hispanic. The ones that fit the stereotypes. If you do not fit the stereotypes of this show you do want to keep watching.Your are left out.Many latinos do not fit the stereotypes. I believe in it going to get cancel. The only thing missing is the Chihuahua dog and the donkey to go to Mexico.I prefer to watch the Spanish channels.

  3. Brooke says:

    It was noticeable last year with the success of Scandal and Sleepy Hollow, but this fall is really driving home the point that diversity pays off.

    • David4 says:


      Diversity has nothing to do with how great the show is. What makes the show a hit is the whole cast and crew working together with an awesome writing staff to make a show a hit.

      Scandal is in season 4, the first season it would have been canceled but was huge on Twitter. So saying it’s a hit because the cast has a black lead is silly. It’s the awesome season 2 story lines that made it a hit.

      • Brooke says:

        You’re missing the point. I don’t know why white people get wo scared of admitting diversity is a winning proposition. Studio heads truthfully believe that a non-white lead will scare people off. But shows with leads like Abbie Mills and Olivia Pope and non-white family shows like Black-ish and Cristela are drawing a large number of eyes that other shows aren’t. So obviously taking risks and not playing it safe works and gives people stories they want to see.

        • Stormy says:

          It’s too soon to say that, for sure. Curiosity accounts for much of the score. Time will tell whether it holds up for more than a few weeks.

        • David4 says:

          I agree that network people are insane and think people won’t watch a show that doesn’t have white leads on it. However they are wrong and saying a show is a hit because of a non-white lead is just silly.

          Saying people are watching Black-ish because the family is black is wrong, it’s like saying Modern Family is a hit because their family is black. Black-ish is funny, funnier than Modern Family ever has been. That’s why people are sticking with it.

          • GTS says:

            But a big part of black-ish is how it talks about race and the storylines available because it is a black family. The show is about a family, like Modern Family, but also a dad trying to keep his family black-ish. People aren’t watching it just because there are black people, but race is important in that show, compared to shows like Scandal where race plays no role in plots.

        • Tai says:

          I agree. People get real testy when you mention diversity. Don’t know why. But personally Im happy to see so many people of color in leading roles on tv in quality roles at that. It’s been refreshing. I wasn’t home to check out Cristela but it’s on my DVR. Previews seems funny.

        • GTS says:

          So you see an ad for a show, like Scandal, and say, “Yay! A black person! I guess I better see it!”?

          • BrittBrat says:

            Does that make you angry? Why is it a problem for people to watch a show that shows people that look like them, especially since it is rare (in this case) for black actors to be the lead? It doesn’t mean they don’t watch shows that have white leads or any other race (I mean there wouldn’t be much to watch). Kerry Washington was the first AA women since 1974 to lead an American network show. I wonder why that is.

  4. ... says:

    Cristela did well in building out of Last Man Standing, but I don’t think the premiere was that strong in the ratings. In raw numbers, it was only one tenth above the season premiere of The Neighbors (RIP) last fall and if it drops as little as 20%, it’ll be flirting with a 1.0. I just can’t see ABC renewing a show with those type of numbers that A) they don’t produce and B) has no syndication prospects due to how new it is.

  5. Diz says:

    I didn’t watch Crustella. Never heard of her and the trailer didn’t grab me enough to try to tune in.

  6. Finally a new sitcom that had me laughing out loud. Cristela Alonzo is hysterical and I love her one-lines. Can’t wait for next weeks episode.

  7. Chris Leonardi says:

    The Falls’s second most watched new comedy is a 1.3? That’s more a statement on the sad state of broadcast than something this show should be holding up with pride.

  8. Prue says:

    Where’re ANTM and Whose Line ratings?

  9. JB Smooove says:

    I watched it based on a recommendation from Fluffy. It was pretty good but the pilot used a lot of simple, stupid jokes based on stereotypes. I thought fine, there are only so many of those jokes they can do before they get old and tired so ill wait and see a few more shows. I hope it works out because it seems like it could be a good complement to LMS. Finally, those lines the “boss” were spitting out were so offensive…what boss in his right mind, in this day in age would say that sh*t.

  10. Miffy says:

    Wow – biggest debut since Malibu Country. And look how well that turned out!

  11. maria says:

    i gave it an f shows like this never make it long term as a Mexican
    american i find it ofensive

  12. maria says:

    i gave it an f shows like this never make it long term as a Mexican
    american i find it offensive do a Hispanic show that shows us in a better light like the cosby show did for African american

  13. muckbeast says:

    Wow. Only 6.6 million viewers after they advertised this thing more than every other comedy combined. That’s a huge failure.


    Viewership numbers are going to drop fast here when the monster publicity train stops.

  14. Irene says:

    I love the Cristela show. I missed the show 10/24 – why isn’t the show available on demand?

  15. D says:

    I really enjoyed the actors on the show looked forward to each show. I feel you abc let them down by not continuing with this show. About time a show about Hispanics we need them back….your loss Cristela should come back…..