Reckless Cancelled at CBS

Reckless Season 2 Cancelled

Court has officially adjourned for Reckless.

CBS has cancelled its Southern legal drama after one season, TVLine has confirmed.

Reckless, which starred Cam Gigandet, Shawn Hatosy and Georgina Haig, drew just 4.1 million viewers when it premiered in June. Last month’s two-hour finale (which was buried on Saturday night) attracted 2.8 million viewers. 

News on Reckless’ demise follows CBS’ renewal of fellow summertime series Under the Dome and Extant.

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  1. Sarah-Ann says:

    Seriously, this s*cks, I actually like Reckless very much!

    • Barb Merritt says:

      I live in Charleston and totally loved Reckless. It honored panoramic views of our beautiful city and had an intriguing story line (remember the story is fiction Charlestonians). The main characters were talented and added to the interest of the show. Changing the time slot did it injustice. BIG mistake to cancel! Will miss this show.

      • A caruso says:

        I agree! My wife and I want to go and see this beautiful city! Loved the show! It seems that Netflix is airing shows that all on their dead bed for a possible renewals! Every time they show a series it ends without an ending! It sucks!

        • This was one of the best shows on all TV for years. It was well written, great acting, romantic, exciting and fun. It had everything you need for a hit. I don’t get it. Why would you cancel such a great show? Is there any chance you will change your mind?

          • I only just purchased it on iTunes and loved it too! My theory is that there wasn’t enough swearing, lewdness, etc. in it. This is exactly why I loved it, but I guess the world is going a different way these days. Tough to find a “clean” show.

      • marthal says:

        So true I have been searching the channels to see when it was coming back on. Loved this show and will miss it. Made a big mistakes

      • carmelcantrell@gmail says:

        wow I agree thought was a fre
        Sh look at justice and how much goes on behind the doors of the law! And really enjoyed the. Scenery of the beautiful city! what a waist!fabulous cast also so looking forward to the next season!!Shame on you CBS!

      • Bridget says:

        Agreed! Charleston was my favorite destination for many years. My best friend and I would visit some times up to six times a year. After marriage and children we don’t make it as much. I loved this show because I was able to get glimpses of the place I love so much! The storyline was a fresh take on a beloved genre and though scandalous, I loved that they were able to make Southerners not come off as ignorant, uneducated and uninteresting. I wish the network would reconsider!

      • Ang says:

        I agree, it was a great show. It seems like all the good shows get cancelled to make room for mediocre ones. CBS is famous for that. So disappointed!

      • Emily says:

        I’m still incredibly disappointed by this decision how can you just leave it with a cliff hanger and then never bring it back grrr I really love the show!!!!

    • Linda Sackett says:

      you are so right, I loved that show and wish they would reconsider. It was one of the best summer shows

    • cristina says:

      I agree!!!! I want reckless!!!!

      • Carolyn DeLautre says:

        I never heard of Reckless, never saw an ad for it, until I was streaming on Netflix. Premise looked interesting so I watched the pilot and was hooked. I can’t remember a show since Moonlighting that has had such great chemistry between the main characters; and every episode was a perfect seamless blend of introducing new subplots while continuing to add intriguing conundrums to the primary plot. And getting a weekly visual tour through the city of Charleston was a huge aesthetically-gratifying bonus. That said, the CBS marketing crew should be drawn and quartered for its short-sightedness (best case scenario). Worst case? I do believe CBS could/should be cited by CFS, tried for, and convicted of, parental neglect. Admittedly, CBS does have some good shows in its repertoire, but it would have upset some cosmic balance (which systematically dictates that such intellectually-stimulating shows as Honey Boo Boo are all the American public can stomach) if a really GOOD show like Reckless were allowed to succeed? Shame on somebody for not even adequately promoting this series!

        • Janette says:

          I agree! CBS did a very poor job in advertising the show. I also flipped through Netflix and found it. I’m a hooked on the show! CBS needs to reconsider cancelling this show. I’m devastated!

        • Yekira says:

          Same thing happened with me. I watched the pilot last night on Netflix and I just finished the first season 5 minutes ago.I think if CBS put tried t at a different time slot and advertised it more they would get better ratings. BRING BACK RECKLESS FOR ANOTHER SEASON!

          • Felicia says:

            I too found the show RECKLESS on Netflix and I love it! It should not be cancelled, I hope another tv station picks it up. If this show would have been better promoted it would have done better. Maybe USA Network should pick it up it fits in perfect with other shows aired on that station like, Covert Affairs, White Collar, Suits etc.

          • i too found it on Netflix and was hooked after watching the pilot, watched the whole season in one day and now I find out there arent going to be anymore? Thats crazy. With all the ridiculous shows on TV now days they actually cancel the decent ones because they didnt promote it properly?? bring it back!!!

          • redgrl1 says:

            Completely agree! I had never heard of it until I discovered it on Netflix and also finished it in 2 days. Holy crap is it good! I’m so mad it got cancelled! They should definitely go for another season, giving it adequate advertising this time and a better time slot….I never once saw it on tv!! Ugh…I hate not having closure on the storylines!! Bring it back!!

          • David Louis says:

            Amen. someone should pick it up. USA, maybe?

          • Call CBS programing Department at 212 975 3247 and tell them you want the series back. I just did!

          • Sandy Cunniff says:

            I just found “Reckless” on Netflix and got totally hooked!! Watched from the pilot through to the last episode in a matter of 2-3 days. Never did see ads or trailers on CBS regarding this series. Very talented actors, good story line, seamless integration of dialogue and plot from one episode to the next. Huge mistake CBS!! Maybe a more savvy station will pick it up!

          • Virgil Seibt says:

            Everyone pass the word cbs studio network has an email address so demand your shows like reckless give them hell also ask that the mentalist carries on a few more seasons I’ve sent them everybodies demand so help me out and pass the word and contact cbs!!

            Sent from my iPhone


          • Debbie says:

            I’ve been watching this on Ten Play, and am really upset to hear that this show has been axed!! WHAT are they thinking!!! Bring it back!!

        • The same thing happened to me! I found it on NetFlix and was instantly hooked! Shame on CBS for their poor advertising and not giving it a chance. It is a great show with great chemistry. Love the characters with some pretty amazing twists. Bring it back!!

        • dawnlighting says:

          I so agree!! I never heard of the show and came across it on Netflix. I need more! It was a good show.

        • Jan says:

          I totally agree!!!!

          • Paula Phillips says:

            I had a few minutes to actually watch TV and found the most popular shows on Netflix…I chose Reckless. I thought it was a movie. I’d never heard of it before. I was very disappointed at the end when I discovered it had episodes…however, I stayed up till 2:00-3:00am every night until I finished them all…only to be more devastated when I found out I can’t see the END! At least give us a final show! This is the only TV show I have been remotely interested in for years!!!

        • Summer says:

          Same here never heard of it til flipping through Netflix and found it..just on episode 2 but liking it..

        • Christina says:

          Absolutely agree! I also just marathon this whole show off Netflix, and I am very disappointed that it did not get a second season. I thought the plot was intriguing the script was very entertaining and the chemistry between the two leads was nothing short of fantastic. And really I could press charges for making me watch them flirt for an entire season and never quite get there. that is just mean.

          • Emily says:

            Omg, yes, this, so much this:- “…….and the chemistry between the two leads was nothing short of fantastic. And really I could press charges for making me watch them flirt for an entire season and never quite get there. that is just mean.” ;_; ;_; ;_;

        • brittany says:

          I agree would have never known about such a great show had it not been for Netflix. That’s a shame a great cbs show and it gets cancelled because we don’t find out about it until it’s over.

        • Grrrr says:

          Well said. Could not agree more…what a bummer.

          • Mark says:

            i just completed season 1 of Reckless on netflix and I loved the show. It really sucks that there won’t be a season 2. CBS should seriously reconsider canceling the show. It’s behaving like HBO, taking off good shows midway :(

        • lisa g says:

          I agree!

        • Paula says:

          Same here, I found it on netflix as well and I am heartbroken it is canceled.
          There are not many shows I like and then I found this one and was hooked.
          Very sad :(

        • Morgan Ryan says:

          I totally agree! Never heard of it but it was so great!

        • Georgia says:

          Could not agree more!

        • Judy Mayberry says:

          Finally something worth watching and it is cancelled!

          • who says:

            I am so bummed… just spent the whole day yesterday watching the complete series on Netflix, not realizing that it’s been cancelled. I even recommended it to my sisters so I better warn them. Is there a way that CBS would reconsider? Why was it cancelled?

        • Anna Claire Ladner says:

          Same thing happened to me! Randomly came across it on Netflix!! they need another season!!!!

        • Robyn says:

          Couldnt agree more!

        • NCGirl says:

          I agree with the above…CW needs to pick it up…that is where the good shows are anyway…

        • Tracie says:

          Beautifully said..

        • Kkyle says:

          We agree! My husband and I found it on Netflix and loved it! We enjoyed the storyline, the chemistry between characters and we’re really looking forward to seeing where it would go next season. The setting in the lively city of Charleston is an added bonus!!! Please CBS reconsider?!?!

        • Randi says:

          Very well said. I also found on Netflix and had never heard of the show. I was searching for season 2 and was VERY upset knowing that CBS had not renewed for season 2.

        • Call the programming Department of CBS and ask for it back. I just did! 212 975 3247

        • Liz says:

          I completely agree with everyone that has said something on here. I also had never even heard of Reckless till i was looking for a new show to watch on netflix and it sounded interesting so i watched the first episode and was instantly hooked. Come to find out after i had finished the first season in two days that there was no second season and was extremely upset. I loved this show very very much and know a lot more people who also enjoyed it. So please please reconsider coming out with a second season.

        • Nina Halsted says:

          I TOTALLY AGREE WITH WHAT Carolyn DeLautre has said and I sent a comment in also and WISH I could write as well as she and HOPE that we all, 1145 of us so far, COULD/WOULD make DIFFERENCE in what is on TELEVISON these days.


    • Gar Da Buz says:

      I agree, It was a good show, better than a lot of the crappy sitcoms and “Reality” waste of time shows.

    • Adam says:

      So there stopping RECKLESS?

    • ana says:


  2. Moment says:

    Not surprising considering how bad the ratings were. But sad news for the fans none the less.

  3. Margaret says:

    I liked this one. Maybe if they didn’t keep moving it around and playing it late after golf more people would watch. I think all shows on Sunday night should be repeats as they get messed up with sports running late. I have to tape things for 2 hours so I am sure to get it all.

  4. Rose says:

    I am really disappointed with this decision. It seems that the networks cater to the 18-40 year olds and forget that there are many more “adults” who enjoy these types of programs. Who determines these ratings? No one has ever asked my opinion!

    • Moment says:

      The 18-49 and the overall viewer numbers for the show were very poor, it also dipped below 3 million viewers. And to answer your question, the Nielsen households are the ones whose viewing habits are tracked, there are 20,000 of them out there.

      • steph says:

        No one ever asked me…. Their polling methods suck

        • Moment says:

          In fairness people only hate the system when their show is canceled. No one thinks differently when their show is pulling great numbers, like say Scandal. I think the Nielsen system works, but it does need a few tweaks, no system is perfect.

          • Grey says:

            I beg to differ. I also hate the system period – when my favorite show(s) don’t get cancelled and when they do. The Nielsen system is horribly flawed and as someone who has participated in both it’s TV and Internet ratings systems I’m talking from direct first hand experience.

          • Moment says:

            It actually isn’t. You just don’t understand how it works. The sample size is large enough to gauge any shows popularity.

          • The crap that keeps on running, and running and running is enough to make anyone at any age gag! This show was extremely entertaining. They did the same thing with Golden Boy last year. Getting to the point where you have to subscribe to high end cable just to get basic entertainment. CBS sucks!!

          • brittany says:

            Well apparently all the Nelson families are watching is reality television because lord knows we don’t have enough shows like that already.

      • Sue Herrin says:

        I’m sorry, but the 20,000 Nielson homes don’t speak for me. No one has ever asked my opinion. That’s like letting 20,000 people elect the President of the United States, or letting 20,000 enact our laws. Where is the fairness in that?

        • Moment says:

          I never said 20,000 people make up the system, I said 20,000 households. Easily a good 40-50,000+ people. The sample size is accurate and fair, and no major network will want it increased significantly.

          • Bronx says:

            Actually the neilson rating system has been shown to be flawed and very outdated. Its been talked about for the past few years how the Neilson rating sytem is infact flawed. There a many reports discussing it and exactly how it is def flawed. I understand how the sytem works and it is very flawed. They are now tweaking the system, but has had much criticism on thier flawed system. Unfortunatley they are still relied upon for whether or not shows get cancelle, but it the past recent years that may change if they do not fix thier system

        • Donna Green says:

          Mrs Herrin is exactly right….
          The sampling obviously doesn’t speak for the people.
          There’s so much junk on tv that keeps getting renewed….and late nite…the reruns are shown over and over……its ridiculous.

      • Maybe they should change the Nielsen trackers which I think they pick who they want anyway !

      • Jackie says:

        Are these Neilson households in a crack houses???????

    • judy says:

      I agree with Rose…Judy

      • cdhaskell says:

        They forget that most viewer are over 40-70 years because they don’t have the money to go on the town and watching TV is what they can afford. Look at the average cable bill.

        • Michele says:

          I don’t know where you get your statistics from but the aging baby booomers have plenty of cash to do what ever they want. According to the US census, boomers make up 35% of the population (77 million people) and The 55+ age group controls more than three-fourths of America’s wealth (ICSC).
          78 million Americans who were 50 or older as of 2001 controlled 67% of the country’s wealth, or $28 trillion (U.S. Census and Federal Reserve).

          So, get your facts straight before you spout your opinion on the internet.

          • Joseph Brown says:

            Wealth has nothing to do with it. The older group just doesn’t want to go out to crappy movies anyway. So staying home with a nice dinner and a great tv show is just what they prefer to do. I agree with the folks who say that most TV is just crap. When you get a well written script and wonderful new actors it is a bonus. Get the writers back and put the show back on a time when those guys can either watch it or record it.

    • Diana Kavanagh says:

      In Australia, the 7 Network cancelled a great Show called A Place to Call Home – midway through the 2nd Season – the reason was, they lost 600,000 viewers, – but still had 800,000 viewers, in the 55 plus age group, but apparently that age group is not the Networks PREFERRED Age Group – so I guess people of 55 plus age, don’t count.
      Discrimination if you ask me!

  5. What????!!! NO!!!! Are you serious? I loved this show!

  6. Tran says:

    Terrible series but it did deserve to get canceled. Georgina Haig is already got OUAT to deal with and I wonder if Mad Men alum Michael Gladis is thinking about a guest starring role on his girlfriend Beth Behrs’ show 2 Broke Girls.

  7. Delante says:

    I enjoyed the show but unfortunately CBS doesn’t do numbers like that. Any other station it would have been renewed.

    • Moment says:

      With its current numbers it would have been canceled on NBC, ABC, Fox, and of course CBS. It only would have been renewed on the CW and most cable networks.

      • Mark says:

        Longmire wasn’t and it drew similar if not better numbers because it catered for the wrong end of the age spectrum…..

      • Cady says:

        Then a cable network should buy this show out because this show is worth that chance. Crap like ‘jersey shore’ and ‘CSI-whatever’ has cheep actors and no good story lines. CW should buy them out && I support 100%. Look at One Tree Hill/Gossip Girl/90210/Vampire Diaries/Gilmore Girls… SHALL I GO ON??? CW – this is right up your ally. :) BRING RECKLESS BACK!

  8. Joe R says:

    Figures. This was the only one of the CBS summer dramas that I liked. Like we need one more useless season of Under the Dome when Reckless was much more compelling. And sexy!

  9. Never heard of it. That says a lot right there.

  10. Andrea says:

    Based on my post in the Under the Dome/ Extant article…damn! Not pleased. I liked Reckless a lot.

  11. Joey Padron says:

    Sad the show got canceled. It was pretty good. Hope Cam and Shawn will be back on TV soon! Glad Georgina is doing well with Once Upon a Time.

  12. cdhaskell says:

    I hope that the Reckless producer will get another channel to pick up the series or better yet the syndication market will be able to save the series. I still hope that the first series will be release on DVD format.

    • SMatheson says:

      Definitely hope a cable channel picks this up and adds some spice to the characters sex lives – which was sort of needed since these scenes were a little vanilla on CBS. But the show is GOOD, solid good. I hope it finds another life with another channel.

      • Daisy Day says:

        I agree. I thought their chemistry was off the charts and was looking forward to next season. I must admit some of the accents were not genuine and the fact that not all Southerners speak with an accent as thick as some of the actors, lawyers in particular. I’m a Southerner, so I know. Otherwise it was a wonderful show.

        • My only complaint about this show was the accents. Specifically Georgina and Kim Wayans were awful. If you can’t do an accent properly, then don’t do it at all. And a Charleston/Lowcountry accent is VERY specific.

          • cdhaskell says:

            I remember reading somewhere where the writer ask an actor why his accent isn’t right on the button and here is the answer. He claim if he try to copy the right accent that no one wouldn’t understand a word that will come out of his mouth.

      • Daisy Day says:

        That would be great if it’s picked up by cable

  13. steph says:

    Stupid is as stupid does. I’d take Reckless over Extant any day

  14. SMatheson says:

    Bad decision, CBS. No wonder everybody hates you. You make stupid decisions most of the time and have no idea what’s good television and what is crap. This was such a well-acted show. Loved the cast. You should move the time slot, not cancel the series. Big mistake.

    • Rasil Bathbone says:

      What makes you think that “good” or “crap” enter into the decision making process at all? The only thing (rightly) considered is cost/revenue. If the show is losing money, it’s going to go, no matter how “good” it is. And if it’s rolling in profit, it’s going to stay, no matter how “crap” it is.

      If you think it should be otherwise, you’re more than welcome to launch a charitable network, and solicit donations to keep “good” shows on the air. I’ll stand over here and watch.

  15. That’s the trouble with CBS, they don’t know a good show when they have one!!!!! Reckless was different, trouble with CBS, they don’t know when to put shows in right time slots, it’s like they pick a show to fail……that’s why I hate to watch CBS!!!!!!

  16. HAP says:

    Excuse me, but you failed to mention the lead actress in the show, Anna Wood.

  17. Lindsey says:

    That’s crap. Reckless was awesome! And to leave us with a “Who shot who” cliffhanger … Seriously?!

  18. Candice says:

    I really liked this show. I wanted to see Jamie defend the mistress against charges of shooting Dec.

  19. Cooper Stephens says:

    Upsetting for fans I’m sure. But being from Charleston and watching this it was laughable. The accents were bad, i’m sure there at least a handful of actors that could have portrayed southern accents better and if you’re going to use a southern expression (i.e. Bless your heart) use it correctly and in the tone that it’s meant to be. Also, its 2014 not 1950, we have air conditioning in the court rooms.

    • melissa says:

      I agree that the accents were not real South Carolina accents but they were cute…and the fanning in the courtroom just added to the charm. No one really thinks we don’t have a/c here in the south, do they?

  20. Bev Mc says:

    at least you could finish the storyline. I just hate this

  21. Jennifer says:

    This was a exceptional good series sorry to hear it was cancelled.

  22. Sue Herrin says:

    I loved Reckless, and watched every episode. Couldn’t wait for the next one. The acting was great, and the stories kept me hooked. I feel like we didn’t really get any closure. Please bring it back!

  23. DreamRose311 says:

    I’m a 29 year old, whose favorite shows are in the Supernatural/Sci-Fi genres. I would have much rather kept this show than Under the Dome and Extant… I’m not sure what that means.

  24. Bob Smith says:

    It was a good, sappy, soapy show. Sorry to see it cancelled. Good mindless entertainment. Enjoyed it more than Extant.

    • Kari says:

      Agree with everyone that this series deserved to be renewed. Interesting plots, excellent acting, good interpersonal chemistry bt characters. Intelligently written, good procedural show, without reliance on excessive violence for a refreshing change. Also enjoyed the visual tour of Charleston. (The light accents didn’t bother me – even if not entirely authentic according to some southern viewers, at least you didn’t need subtitles to understand the dialogue!). Anyway, this show definitely deserves a second chance, in a worthy (preferably week-night) time slot! Please CBS! Let’s give another great series like Hawaii 5-0 the chance it deserves!

  25. Chad Smith says:

    Too bad. Reckless was only about 1000 times better than the two crappy shows they renewed.

  26. patty says:

    Maybe if you had left it alone and not keep moving it around more people would have started watching it. Put it on a different day. Didn’t give it a fare chance.Why can’t you leave a show on that woman like, very upset with you’re station.

    • Rasil Bathbone says:

      They started moving it around after they decided to kill it. I knew the moment I saw that that there would never be a second season. Be glad they broadcast the whole thing instead of dropping it mid-story.

    • Deborah Dunham says:

      I so agree with you. I think a show should be moved to a different time slot or, better yet, a different day to see if that works before it is cancelled.

  27. Maggie Ames says:

    I LOVED that show…this makes me sad.

  28. Kubrick says:

    Pity. Love Georgia Haig since Fringe and she was great in this show. But it was expected it started low and its constant time moves did it no favours.

  29. Pamela Baker says:

    I liked Reckless. There is so much stupid reality stuff on TV, and so many stupid shows now coming on like How to Get Away with Murder, that it was nice to have a real old fashioned story that made sense. Too Bad!

  30. Not surprising really. They tried the same thing with the Mentalist and it very nearly succeeded in getting that show cancelled as well.
    Also, they were looking at three summer shows today. The other two have Stephen King and Halle Berry, plus Neflix money to help pay the bills.
    Show went in with two strikes aagainst it. Mix that with golf, 10pm Sunday nights (not that it ever started at 10( and a Sarurday might finale, and it’s strike three, you’re out. Sad.

  31. Georgia says:

    Not pleased with this cancellation news! Really enjoyed Reckless. So many storylines to be resolved…but won’t be. Reckless probably would have fared better on a cable network.

  32. Don’t think it got a fair shot. I really enjoyed this show and am disappointed. They kept switching the days and times on this, had to watch some On Demand. Not a good decision, CBS. Ugh

  33. Julia Bassett says:

    Bummer! I think it was so much more fun that so many other CBS shows. I’m not saying it was great tV, just that I enjoyed it and the leads has great chemistry. And Shawn Hatosy was so good as a total jerk. Just fun.

  34. Grey says:

    I didn’t watch this show but I think it probably deserved renewal more than “Extant” did. Berry must be holding somehting over the excutives at CBS. As for “UTD,” all I can do is roll my eyes at that renewal as well. Something smells fishy.

    • Moment says:

      There’s no conspiracy. Under the Dome was renewed because the ratings were excellent for a summer series and it has the Amazon money. Extant was renewed because it does well internationally and also the Amazon money(Averaged around 5-6 million 1 18-49 for its run). Reckless however had dreadful ratings, with a lot of episodes pulling around 3-4 million viewers and a .5. Shows that pull awful numbers get canceled.

      • Fran says:

        Well said! Dont you ever get tired of saying this though, lol. People take this way too personally. I mean, I get as upset as everyone else when a show I like gets canceled but television is a business. It costs money to make shows. When a show doesn’t do well its going to get canceled. I know sometimes shows need time to grow, but there was really no chance the ratings for this one would ever improve. This cancellation was a no-brainer for CBS.

        • If that is the way you think you can go to —-!

        • Moment says:

          LOL yes I do. Thankyou Fran. If anything I was just trying to help some people understand, as some people don’t seem to read the comments before commenting nor do they understand the very basics of ratings.

          • Well it’s dumb to leave a major cliff hanger and and just cancel. Change the time, not everything will go right the first season. Give it a friggin chance.

          • Donna Green says:

            The bottom line is Amazon money supports the renewed shows…..if they supported Reckless, it would have been renewed.
            The Neilson is just s waste of time and resources.

            CBS can load up with all the crappy shows and reality shows……will save having to check their programming….just skip over CBS!

  35. I don’t know who decides what stays and what goes but everytime we really like a show then it goes and gets cancelled. Reckless is one of the better shows that we have seen this year and yet they go and cancell it and leave on garbage shows like Under the Dome and Extent! I guess we will probably just drop the cable shows and go to netflix and that way we won’t have to watch good shows and get hooked and then wonder how long we will be able to watch! Very upset and dissappointed and fed up!

  36. Debbie Fourney says:

    I don’t understand why they would cancel such a good show. They kept moving it all over the place, so how can you possible use the ratings as a reason to cancel.

  37. Mary says:

    Every time you get invested in a show they cancel it! They didn’t have the decency to at least finish it! I love reckless to bad, I’m really upset and annoyed.

  38. Brandy says:

    I honestly have never heard of this show. Where I have been? And is that Elsa??

  39. Suzanne says:

    I understand why networks have to cancel shows with low ratings BUT is it fair to us loyal watchers to leave us hanging in midair. Personally I am getting gun shy watching the new shows–this is not the first one to be cancelled

  40. MTB says:

    This s*cks!!! I thought this was a really good show. And they are keeping Extant? really? You never heard a thing about it. All because of Halle.

  41. So typical of CBS, they should have kept it and cancelled Extant, but of course they would’nt because it has a big star even though the show totally SUCKES! Reckless was so much more interesting and it should have been given a much better day to show, it did not stand a chance on Saturday, why not put Extant on Saturday and see how fast it goes down the drain and put Reckless on Wednesday!!


    ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? You keep STUPID shows Under the Dome and Extant and get rid of RECKLESS!!!! Guess I won’t be watching CBS on Sunday nights!

    • I agree with Elizabeth Martin, totally!!!!

    • Joan DiGiacomo says:

      I totally agree with Elizabeth’s thoughts. Under the Dome and Extant are ridiculous programs-started watching them but they soon became boringly trite. Enjoyed Reckless a lot and agree that CBS did not do an adequate job of promoting it. I wish some other station would pick it up. How about NBC-their line-up is pretty bad.

  43. Marcy Pierson says:

    Why? I am vetoing all cbs. That’s my favorite channel but all channels get us hooked on a new show then pull the rug out so to speak. Who exactly do you do these show for? Profits oh yea at all cost. People will revolt and stop watching any new show and go just to DVD that don’t let us down. I am not watching any new shows cause you just pull these off.

  44. Lizo says:

    …didn’t even know this show existed.

  45. Diane says:

    Why do you guys bother to bring out new shows when you just cancel them the end of the year. WTH

  46. Eyvonne Griffin says:

    I loved this show WHEN I COULD FIND IT! I would set my DVR and when I would go to watch it, it would be sometyhing else. This really ticks me off! This was one of the best shows on tv!

  47. suzyku says:

    I’m sorry to hear this news because I was enjoying the show and I really wish they had given it a 2nd. chance, put it on a better night and done more promoting. Oh well, unfortunately this seems to be the norm for networks now.

  48. Daisy Day says:

    So a great show with great actors and a plot gets cancelled but Extant gets renewed??? That has to be the worst of the new shows, in fact, it’s one of the worst shows ever on TV. Bad acting and bad writing gets rewarded… SMH