Grey's Anatomy Recap: Distressed Genes

Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Recap

Somebody must’ve declared Thursday fight night, because almost everybody was ready to put up their (metaphorical) dukes in this week’s Grey’s Anatomy. While Alex and Miranda prepared to wage the Battle of the Board Seat, Owen made the mistake of going all “General Patton” on Callie — in her research lab, no less! — and Mer… Let’s just say that she would have sooner chopped down her family tree than add a branch to it for Maggie. Here’s how “Got to Be Real” shook out…

TWISTED SISTER | “Your junk’s spectacular,” Mer told Alex upon interrupting his shower. “Can we get back to me now?” Yes, so determined was she to prove that Maggie is no relation that she called in sick and recruited her new person – wet and naked – to help her get the goods on her supposed half sibling. (And drank his tequila for breakfast to boot.) Meanwhile, Maggie, unaware that Richard is her father, continued to bond with him. After he wowed her with his speedy removal of a tree branch from an impaled patient, he seemed poised to blurt out the truth. But alas, he lost her in the hall. (She must be a fast walker.) Later, Alex pulled a Willow Rosenberg that revealed to Mer that she and Maggie are, in fact, sisters. Off that shock, Mer confronted Richard, who admitted that he had known for the last week and wished like hell he had known for the last 30 years.

SHORT CIRCUIT | Although Owen guilted Callie into enlisting Veterans Rehab Hospital patients as subjects in her robotic limb study, it still seemed like a pretty nice idea. Or it did until Owen guaranteed results that he shouldn’t have and ordered Callie to “fix” a wounded warrior whose badly amputated leg made him ineligible for participation. Luckily, Jackson, who was hating being more of a hospital hall monitor than a doctor, offered up a solution that allowed Callie to come through for the soldier after all. And eventually Callie forgave Owen when he confessed that he was afraid, without something good happening, he might again become as dark as he was before Cristina came along.

CHANGING PRIORITIES | Put in her place early on (and then repeatedly) by no-nonsense Herman — “We are not peers” — Arizona was anything but a jolly good fellow. She was falling behind as fast as she was getting started! So when Callie mentioned her plans to work with more veterans, Arizona eagerly jumped at the idea that she was suggesting they put off having another kid, which of course infuriated her wife. “Say it,” Callie seethed. “You don’t want a baby.” Off this fight, it was Owen’s turn to be there for Callie.

SIBLING RIVALRY | Since Derek decided to stay in Seattle, he busied himself stepping on Amelia’s toes, re-marking his territory and putting April in the middle of the mess. Amelia’s response to his return as “king of the hospital”? “Bite me.” At least in the end a resentful Derek admitted to his sister that he had felt backed into a corner by Mer’s refusal to leave Seattle. In turn, Amelia made it pretty clear that she wasn’t about to just give up the turf that he had forfeited.

BATTLE LINES | Stephanie tried to help Miranda by rearranging her schedule so that she could spend more time getting ready for the board seat debate. But Bailey was so confident, she insisted she didn’t the assist. Until, that is, Stephanie pointed out what close ties Alex has to the various members of the board. For his part, Alex took his prep as seriously as he could while simultaneously tending to Mer. He really wanted the seat, he said, because Cristina’s faith in him made him think he might be capable of, you know, more.

AND THE WINNER IS… | Before heading into the big board meeting, Richard finally opened up to Maggie about his relationship with Ellis. However, instead of embrace him, Maggie lashed out, suggesting that only a coward would have withheld that information for so long after they met. Derek and Mer had a spat before hitting the boardroom, too: She was just about to blurt out that Maggie was her sister when he spat that he hadn’t given up his career so that she could stay in Seattle and get drunk with Alex. (Whoa.) So, basically, when Alex and Miranda pitched themselves to the board, everyone had to be too upset to really listen. Nonetheless, a decision was made. Miranda began to break down when Alex was called back into the room instead of her. But he emerged seconds later and grumbled, “Congratulations.”

OK, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Were you relieved to hear Derek admit that he resented being forced to give up D.C.? Surprised by Maggie’s reaction to Richard’s confession? Hit the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Lauren says:

    Something that has always really bugged me is Derek’s inability to give Meredith the benefit of the doubt. The way he yelled at her at the end ofthe episode is what he always does when she has had a crisis – he assumes it’s all her fault. It drives me CRAZY!

    • Lauren says:

      His hair didn’t look that great either.

      • Mary says:

        I liked the hair! Lol

      • dancingzebra says:

        I laughed so hard at the hair comment my cat got offended and left the room. High five to both comments (especially th first).
        Hated Mer getting drunk at Alex’s instead of talking to Derek but then I see Derek being the self righteous woe is me jacka$$ and remembered why she doesn’t turn to him. What a mess!

    • Alichat says:

      I have never liked Derek because of this. He’s self-centered, and when something happens to him or isn’t going his way, he makes everyone else’s life a living hell.

    • Luli says:

      Ditto!! I don’t like his attitude at all… He treats Meredith like she is less, and don’t get me started on how he treats Amy. He has always been a self centered jerk, who feels far superior than everybody else. There’s a reason why Meredith told Alex about Maggie instead of him.
      …but he did look great, tonight.

    • Stacey says:

      I hated Derek this episode too. But to give him a point is that he was just having a major turf fight with his sister. Feeling depressed about giving up this huge opportunity. And sees his wife come to the meeting drunk. Unfortunately he said something that is going to be hard to live down and his face, Meredith was absolutely crushed when he revealed that she was right all the long. He was playing martyr. But he should have spoken to Meredith before turning it down. Yes she boxed him in, but talk to you wife. You did it yourself and now taking that frustration out on both Meredith and Amelia!

    • ekolint48 says:

      It’s both their faults for not acting like two grown adults in a relationship w/ a major life decision to make. Mer, for initially agreeing and then backing out at the last second and then just leaving it at that. Then Derek, for choosing not the go to Washington afterwards so he could keep his fam together only to hold a grudge about it. It’s both of them being idiots, there is bond to be this resentment b/w them until the stop behaving so dumb and half-a$$ing this situation.

  2. Wilma says:

    I fell asleep again during the show. From what I remembered…Mer and Der were fighting…Callie and AZ were fighting…Alex and Miranda were fighting…and Maggie and Richard were fighting. Lots of angry dialog on this show anymore. Cristina spent the last year fighting with Meredith. Angry dialog is not interesting when it happens all the time. This show is so incredibly boring. I have not stayed awake during an episode for the last three years.

    • Jordan says:

      You might have a condition called narcolepsy.

    • Coal says:

      *Slow hand clap*

    • Abby says:

      It amazes me that you still bother with it, then. But I guess IG you stopped then you’d have nothing to whine about, huh. You be you. The rest of us will keep watching a show we enjoy while you literally waste your life falling asleep in front of a show you haven’t enjoyed for a toddler’s lifetime.

    • ekolint48 says:

      Tots agree about the non-stop fighting. It makes everything one note and that is not enjoyable or interesting to watch.

  3. Stacie says:

    That was a tough episode to watch. Nobody was particularly likeable throughout the whole episode. Sure you understand where Owen is coming from, and Meredith and even the new sister Maggie but it doesn’t mean it’s fun or enjoyable to watch. Callie and Arizona are in a heap of trouble, they were using the baby as a way to move past some of their troubles, now they aren’t gonna have a baby so what’s left? And I am so over the new sister concept at this point. I know the show is in it’s 11th season, and I remember watching ER in it’s 11th-15th seasons and things look awfully familiar, but this is like dead on, just a different Dad. Obviously I am not going to stop watching this show after watching it for 11 years but I just wish they changed things up a little more.

  4. Diane says:

    How are they going to take a 15 million dollar gift? I really hope Karev sues.

    • Sara says:

      That’s totally what I was thinking! Cristina gave him the shares of the hospital. How can they take those away from him, legally, I mean? So, does he still own the shares, but not the board position? It bugs me that they aren’t explaining that.

      • Alichat says:

        Right there with you. They’d better explain this next week. The only thing I can think of is that perhaps they gave Miranda the board position, so they could bring Alex in as the head of Pediatrics… Arizona can step back and do the fellowship. But that’s just an off the cuff guess.

      • Abby says:

        The investment shares are separate from the board seat! You can keep your shares in the hospital and not have a board seat. In case you didn’t notice, either, Cristina gave him the gift in a hurry and never had him sign a thing. No signature, no legal avenue for Karev to go down fighting.

        • ekolint48 says:

          That’s not true as Christina could just testify/give an affidavit to her intentions w/ her shares.

          • Abby says:

            Yes, but you know that she won’t. The seat and the shares can be separated, according to the fictional, yet realistic, legal agreement drawn up for the purposes of the plot of the show.

    • Jakob says:

      You don’t have to have shares to be a bard member, so Alex can keep the shares Cristina left him.

        • Diane says:

          I thoughth shares went with the seat? I still hope he sues. Bailey has been insufferable. It’s awful.

          • Jakob says:

            Nope. Cristina left him the shares so they just can’t take those from him just because he’s not on the board.

          • Diane says:

            This doesn’t make sense— it isnt a corporation they don’t give dividends. The shares go with the seat.

          • rowan77 says:

            It is a corporation. For a hospital to not be incorporated would be incredibly dumb on their part. That means every time the hospital is sued for something, their personal wealth and property would be at risk.

          • Abby says:

            He can’t sue. Cristina never made him sign anything, and the shares are a separate thing from the board seat.

    • tony says:

      Agree lawsuit

    • Theresa Gordon says:

      mee tooo!! I wanted it to be Karev not stupid Bailey. Karev has grown soo much and he deserves it it plu like u said he has the shares they can’t ignore that, he technically has controlling intrest in the eyes of the law. It’s total bull and they had better fix it. The new sister is such a b***ch!!!

  5. Monica4185 says:

    Meredith just knew Derek was going to end up resenting her. Hence she being pissed off that he didn’t take the job. Meredith is going to end up resenting him for resenting her. Boy how are they going to get off that merry go round.

  6. Amber says:

    Alex is like the only innocent doctor left at grey-Sloan/Sloan-Grey/whatever at this point. Bailey just defied the board by conducting her experiment on that little boy against the parents wishes. Her whole infection thing…there is no way she should have gotten that seat on the board over Alex.

    • tony says:

      They need to keep there personal problems at home and start acting like real bosses, and should think it over about the the seat on the board to give it to kerev. Now is getting retarded Bailey shouldn’t got it at all after all her mistakes , she thinks she can just do whatever she wants

  7. Pmsolo says:

    Too much arguing between all of them. Alex should have gotten the board position. It’s getting boring.

  8. Angel says:

    I hate that they took Karevs’ seat only because Richard was going to recommend Bailey she had been a mess the last season. Why was she the winner?

    • Jakob says:

      She’s more qualified.

      • Sara says:

        After illegally giving that kid the treatment last year (the board knows the truth regardless of the outcome) and her OCD episode, I would think that she was too much of a liability. Alex is just as qualified as Bailey and much more stable.

        • Whatevah says:

          Well since Bailey was actually Alex’s “teacher” no he isn’t more qualified. This storyline is ridiculous. Alex more stable? I don’t think so. This is a tv show after all, Alex ignored Izzy’s DNR, Alex dated a psycho patient at the hospital, Alex beat up an attending, Alex quit! So I have to disagree.

  9. brooke says:

    I dont feel like Arizona eagerly jumped at the chance to mention not having kids. Callie didn’t even let Arizona get a word in! Callie jumps to conclusions and goes off the handle way to much. First she doesn’t want her to do the fellowship, then she is all for it. Please tell me they are gonna get some counseling. They NEED it!

    • Ellen says:

      Amen! Arizona always gets the blame, no matter what she does. Last week Callie was angry at Arizona for wanting to do the fellowship, and this week she wants to do even more work herself. Yet, Arizona is always called the selfish one. I’m tired of Shonda feeding the Arizona haters with more reasons to hate her, because whenever there is a conflict between Callie and Arizona, they always blame Arizona.

      • fiberlicious says:

        Sorry, I fell off Team AZ when she was hateful to Callie for saving her life. She’s a doctor, for Pete’s sake. She knew it was leg or dead.


  10. susan says:

    Maggie will have to learn that her mother was cold person who only care about herself. I like the Richard and Meredith scene it show the depth of their relationship. Other then that the episode sucked.

  11. N says:

    I felt like I saw this before! Interested in knowing why Bailey got the seat…

  12. Derek says:

    This episode was Shonda getting back into the writing seat with a powerful punch. I know that it’s not up to standards with what the show was in it’s prime, but compared to the last couple seasons it’s a huge step-up. I am so glad their focusing on Meredith again, and even though a lot of the storylines are redundant their are a lot of places they can go with them. I was very proud of the music score in this episode and the Grey’s humor was back too. I loved the Callie-Owen storyline, that’s always been one of the reasons I loved the show and I’m glad their getting back into it. Derek and Meredith I have to say though are really getting to the brink of things and I think this is really going to stretch them thin, but Shonda always said that she couldn’t imagine them not being together and I’m holding her to that so we’ll see how it goes. The Maggie storyline is also pretty well executed and you can understand her anger by the end of the episode and I’m sure that Meredith will somehow come to terms with it. Alex though is what I am really excited and nervous about. I always knew that there would be a boiling point for him and I think this might be it. Losing the chairman seat to Bailey is not the real issue here. He has needed therapy for years and I really think this season would be a great time to get him there. He’ll probably start acting out at first but hopefully he’ll get the help he needs. Great episode overall in my opinion.

  13. Babygate says:

    I really like Maggie’s story and I think it adds a new dimension to the show. What I’m not liking is how truly unlikeable Bailey has been the last couple of seasons. She was great as the Nazi, now she’s just mean. The timelines still stink. How is it that the mall event just happened a week ago? And how can the board go against Cristina’s wishes. This was a bad call. Bailey works for Chief of Surgery but the board seat belonged to Alex. That was the wrong call. And I for one I’m glad that they are finally fleshing out Derek’s god complex. Ever since he left out Meredith from the journal article about their trial, it was obvious that he thought he was the center of the universe. And it has been acknowledged, Arizona didin S9 and Callie did in S10 and Mer has always known, but he always nanaged to charm or maneuver his way out of the situation. I hope this time it gets dealt with. Especially since both, Mer and Amelia are calling him on it.

    • Derek says:

      Well in our weeks between episodes it’s a couple of day’s in Grey’s World, at least right now

    • Crys says:

      I agree with you. Derek’s God complex should be explored. He is not the only awesome surgeon out there. Bailey did/does not deserve that seat and I think last night was a set up for a lawsuit. I like the idea of Karev becoming the head of Peds, but he still deserves the seat. He took the presentation seriously; Baily just expected them to give it to her and any dissenters she planned to bully. Bailey used to be my favorite, I’m hoping when she loses the seat there will be more fire in her and she will become my favorite again.

  14. madhatter360 says:

    I was expecting Bailey to get the seat, mostly because I expected Arizona to step down as head of Peds to focus on her fellowship and allow Alex to take over as head of Peds.

    • tony says:

      Everyone was angry at board meeting didn’t took things serious, they should vote, or put them on probation both of of them, I think later on Bailey will loose control she will probably makes wrongful decision take a power trip acting she runs things especially her dumb geno lab , especially when she said I have the keys still to her close down lab, braking in to help maggie.. stuff like that she is not a responsible person, so please shonda give Alex a brake…

  15. Mary says:

    I wonder we are moving toward a Callie wants a child…Owen needs a child….Let’s combine our efforts storyline?

  16. amanda says:

    I wasn’t surprised about Maggie rejecting Richard. He will figure it out probably with the help of Meredith or Bailey. No too happy that Alex didn’t get the board seat. He has grown up so much since the beginning and hopefully he can go back to work with hospital although he might not want to anymore, but his new job being Meredith’s person might prove to be a fulltime job. And Derek needs to relax, Meredith didn’t ask him to stay she just told him that she was staying. They are one of the few couples that could have made a long distance relationship work. But ultimately it is Derek’s choice and he needs to make the one that he can live with. But him and Meredith need to learn to communicate better with each other. Callie and Arizona need to actually figure out what they truly want out of each other and out of their careers. They used to be a fantastic couple but they have a ton of work to do to get back to that stage.

    • ejdax37 says:

      I feel like I am the only one who doesn’t understand Maggie’s reaction to Richard. I mean yeah you meet a man who might be your bio-dad, because he happened to know your bio-mom. I mean it wasn’t a given, she doesn’t know anything about their history, and it isn’t like Richard was the only black man in Seattle in the ’80s. I mean assuming that the first man you meet who knew your Bio-mom back in the day is also your Bio-dad is a leap, even with the whole race thing as a big hint.
      It has been a week for them, only a WEEK! I do not think that 7 days is to much to ask to come to terms with a 30 year old daughter dropping from the sky. This wasn’t even in the realm of possibility for him, I fully understand what he meant by being hit by a bus. Really, you sit on a bench with a new coworker and BAM btw I am you daughter with you dead lover, who never told you about me even though she knew how much you always wanted kids. SURPRISE! I know after the way Mer reacted Maggie is a burned out with the whole biological family search, but I really hope she calms down and gives him a chance to explain.

  17. blue says:

    This was the worst episode ever! Everybody was fighting, I was stressed out at end of show. Maggie is horrible, just an angry woman. who needs her. Cops attitude without knowing the facts just because it didn’t live up to her fantasy. Meredith has turned ugly angry. Callue and Arizona? Let this trainwteck just go away. The writing is horrible. This shows needs to end yesterday.

  18. A says:

    Call me when Jackson and April have more screen time

  19. Nene says:

    Okay episode…. Remind me a lot of season 3×02 with the guy with the trunk didn’t really care to see that…. Didn’t care for the fact that Alex lost the board seat… Because of the fact that Christina left him…. So upset on how Maggie treat Richard… Did she not say that she didn’t need or want any blood relative in her life. … Love fact that Alex have Meredith back he turning out to be nice person for her…. Derek should have left and went to DC because now he taking out all his problem on the staff that he working with… What he did to Meredith was over top and really I’m sorry don’t cut it… This who thing with is crazy…. Meredith and Alex are like Siblings…. Get over yourself by way Meredith help Alex out a lot with Jo…..

  20. Sara says:

    Meredith is so selfish! She really couldn’t help Alex out with his presentation at all? She really had to sit there and drink and make him concentrate on helping her figure out her problems? She was so rude to him while he was in the shower! Meredith sits there and talks about how she needs a “person,” yet just like with the fallout with Cristina last season, when her “person” needs Meredith, she ignores them and makes it all about her own problems. I

    • Sara says:

      To finish my thought: Meredith doesn’t need a person or a friend (who deserves reciprocity), she needs a therapist.

      • Chris says:

        Meredith needs to grow up. She’s still the most immature, self-centered character on the show.

        • tony says:

          Next episode needs more action and more answers , why Bailey and not Alex or lease let them both be on the board simple is that. I think these couple of episodes are wacky they need to start more drama instead of taking cause is more talking and crying, I’ll probably won’t see this season anymore , I’ll wait till I see more drama and at least run time 6th ins was up with only 43min of run time. It took 8 min today to get some drama..

    • Loren says:

      The show is about here hence Grey’s as in Meredith Grey

      • Sara says:

        So? That means she has to be a selfish jerk who doesn’t understand that having friends means being there for each other instead of what they can do for her? Yeah, no.

        • loren says:

          She has had a hard life trust me I know compared to how she could of turned out this is nothing. I learned that judging people without taking their experiences in to account lets people surprise you she is a survivor every time something goes right something goes wrong. I’m not trying to come up with excuses for her but I understand why she is the way she is

  21. Coal says:

    So much angst. Honestly would you want any of these doctors operating on you in their current state of mind ?

  22. JB says:

    I wonder if Derek will get the gov’t postition back & have to step down from the board & then Alex gets a seat

  23. Kk says:

    Alex keeps getting laughed at, ridiculed and undermined by the other doctors – as Bailey has done the last few episodes by not considering him competition. But Alex has proven himself time and again. People may not remember but he was the first intern to get a solo surgery (selected by Christina). He hasn’t ‘slept his way to the top’ or gotten any special favours/surgeries, such as with Meredith and Christina through their initial relationships with Derek and Bourke. Everything he has gained has been through his own perseverance. Sure, he sometimes has a bad attitude, but he has grown more than any other character (with perhaps the exception of meredith) and has a wealth of life experience behind him. Combined with the fact that the board position was gifted to him by Christina, I am disappointed for him and with everyone else. I like Bailey, but when does he get to come first? When does he become a force to be reckoned with? I almost wish he’d taken the job at Hopkins.

    • This! You hit the nail on the head. I feel the same way. It is Alex’s turn for good things. He has worked for everything he has. Meredith had an “in” through her mom and Richard and a privileged upbringing. Christina came from money and big name schools. Alex went to like the University of Iowa or something and had a horrendous childhood. He earned what he has. I wanted this seat for him so bad, so he will finally feel like he has made it and have respect for himself.

    • Anna says:

      Completely agree!

  24. Pat says:

    As a faithful long time viewer of this show since day 1,I am so dissappointed that Grey’s has become nothing but a big jumble of mess. To me, the writing is on the wall for this show to possibly be it’s last season. Some of the storylines are going off the rails, for instance Meridith and Derek, Callie and Arizona, Alex who was rightfully given shares for the board seat, Derek and his sister who really should not be working together at the same hospital because of sibling conflicts and Richard who always wanted a child and now has one given to him by Ellis Grey who never told him about the child. This storyline would have been good seasons ago but how they have written this is just downright awful. All I have is a vision of the writer’s of this show sitting around a big table with little motivation and ideas left in their heads. So they come up with the idea of let us each take a piece of paper write down anything that pops into your heads, ball up the paper, chew some gum stick it on the ball and throw it against the wall. Whatever sticks we will use as the storyline. What a mess!

  25. Dee says:

    Derek shouldn’t take his frustrations out on others because of HIS decisions. No wonder Meredith went to Alex instead of him. I wanted Alex to get the board seat. Not looking forward to a Callie and Owen professional or personal hookup.

  26. Whatevah says:

    Is it just me or is the dialogue for Arizona & Callie been the same for weeks now, beginning last season?

  27. Mara says:

    Alex should have gotten the Board seat. Bailey has been awful the last few seasons and mot interesting. I don’t think the actress playing Meredith’s sister iis all that great. And watching Amelia being pissed off at Derek is not entertaining. What’s happening to Grey’s? I have loved it for so long. Is it time to end?

  28. Dee says:

    I think the reason Bailey got the board seat is because the writers are setting up a scenario for Jackson to give his board seat to Alex (if his mother allows it). He wants to get back into meaningful surgery and this ties it all up in a neat package.

  29. Dominique says:

    i’m really upset bailey got the seat on the board. she’s a brilliant surgeon, but i feel like the only reason she got the seat, is because she’s been around longer than alex. and that’s not fair. alex is actually REALLY good at what he does and would be a much better fit. i don’t like how alex always loses things and can never just have anything good happen for once.

  30. Jamie says:

    I really wanted Alex to be on the board, but Bailey has seniority so I figured it would turn out that way. Also for some reason, the writers really love to put Alex through the grinder. Anyway, I just hope he doesn’t spiral out of control. I love Karev! Callie and Arizona have no business trying to bring a baby into their lives now that both of their careers are geared towards greatness. It is nice to dream that one can have it all, but reality is a mother. They should love the kid they have, cherish her and keep progressing toward their career aspirations. The good they will do for others and for medicine – the strides Callie is/will be making with Owen and Avery – go girl! Arizona needs to take this next step in her career as well. I hate to sound cold, but I too would choose a career over a baby – especially if the baby was a hypothetical and not yet conceived. Derek and Ameila – was that even necessary? He should have just taken the job in D.C. because he knows he wanted it and just let Meredith stay and have her career as well. There are couples that do just that and make it work, but for some reason Derek feels that the earth will stop spinning if things don’t go the way he wants them to go. Now he is blaming Meredith and simultaneously being a jerk to his wife and sister all because he chose to be a martyr. All that being said, I understand why he made the decision he made, I just wish he would stop being a jerk about it. I don’t care too much about the Maggie and Richard father/daughter story. Truth be told after seeing how wacky her adopted parents can be, I would much rather meet them and know their story! I am sure all the drama will all get sorted out in one way or another. I do wonder, though, is their a Callie/Owen thing in the works or is it just my imagination?

  31. marie44 says:

    Why Alex’s membership is questionned by the board, that same board who’s chairman was designated by the power of his mother’s hospital shares? Mama Avery can impose her son, the other doctors can assemble because they’re shareholders but Cristina can’t leave her board seat to someone like Mama Avery did and Alex is an “apart” legally shareholder? I hope he’ll challenge the decision and sue if necessary and don’t tell me Bailey is more experienced, Alex is more than jackson.

    My opinion about Maggie is mitigated, I like the actress she’s very good in portraying her character, it’s how much airtime Maggie is getting that’s annoying plus the unbelievably position she got at the hospital, I mean she’s 5 years younger than Meredith (who passed her test in season 8) and is already a departement Head of nothing else than Cardio!

    I know it’s a fiction where authors can have some liberties with facts but come on Shonda, Greys isn’t a Sci-fi!

    The tension between the 3 Shepherds (Meredith is by marriage) is rather normal and refreshing. It’s good to see that Meredith is putting herself and family first instead of recklessly endangering her life or playing second fiddle to Derek. I’m for some more sibbling rivalry between Derek and Amelia, his baby sister being his chief isn’t good for his hair!

    I like the budding friendship between Callie and Owen unless it’s the start of an arch where Callie is angry AGAIN by Arizona bailing out AGAIN on her and the former sleeping with Owen out of despair and against all odds getting pregnant!

    That arch will be the “JUMPING THE SHARK” for me as well as Arizona’s cheating Again on Callie with Herman wich presence is IMO unecessary on the show.

    Why we’re hardly seeing April and Jackson, I expected more screentime with Catherine hovering over them.

  32. Theresa says:

    I seriously hate that Karev didn’t get the seat, it also doesn’t make sense at all. I think they should have stopped the process when they had learned that Christina gave her seat to Karev. It’s stupid.

  33. I hope something comes up for Alex so he can stay and Sloan – Grey Memorial. Bailey has made mistakes but so has everyone, Bailey is still Bailey. As for Callie and Arizona get rid of Arizona she is getting blame because its her fault she has always been a emotionless selfish robot (not to mention a cheater) who is just like Yang and both of them should of been the ones to die in the plane crash.

  34. zac says:

    Loved this episode. I thought at first with the board’s relationships crumbling one of them is gonna step down and both Bailey and Karev will get it and then that happened. Amps up the drama even more

  35. CMarie says:

    Two major issues with this episode:

    1) Maggie is horrible. I mean, HORRIBLE. Seriously you don’t think a guy is entitled to a week to adjuster to the idea that he might be a father? Give Richard a break.

    2) Karev should have gotten the seat! I’m tired of cranky Alex. Happy Alex is WAY more fun.

  36. tractorgirl says:

    Did anyone else think that Maggie was acting a little mar’ ish at the end with Richard????

  37. anonymous says:

    Last week’s episode made me like Maggie so much, and then this episode almost ruined it. “Only a coward waits so long.” It’s been a week! A week! Maybe he needed time to process finding out he had a daughter he never knew about with the woman he had an illicit affair with for years, not to mention consider how it was going to affect Meredith, and his relationship with Meredith. Considerations Maggie would have learned existed had she stopped to listen, and not behaved like such a brat!!

  38. Ella J. Wade says:

    I hope Meredith will be there for Alex. We need a legal explanation why he didn’t get that seat.

  39. Gary G says:

    Well it looks like we are getting dark and twisty Alex back. I really hope the writer don’t undo all of the growing Alex has done. Also I don’t get how Bailey is getting a sat on the board when Alex is the one with the shares it doesn’t make sense

  40. ggny says:

    Doesnt Alex now have more shares of the hospital then Richard and Owen? It doesnt make sense how if Cristina gave Alex her shares that Alex wouldnt be on the board and how they could even vote on if him or Bailey got the seat. I defiantly think Alex is gonna sue and he has the right to.

  41. blackconvoy says:

    I’ll give Maggie the benefit of the doubt. She built up this pedestal of expectations and they all came falling down. She’s will come to learn and accept that Ellis was a very cold woman, a horrible mother, and did her a favor by giving her up for adoption, and that Richard had no choice in that decision.

  42. kathy says:

    Just watched the episode and I can’t understand him what are the words Derek says to Meredith right before she goes into the boardroom, it was blurred out of the recording?

  43. Alex should have gotten that seat. He’s the only one who hasn’t had a scandal since he has been there. No underhandedness, no sneakiness, no mental breakdowns, just hard work. He has grown so much since the first season and has become an upstanding doctor and a good man. From his upbringing being raised by an abusive drunk and a mentally ill drug addict, he has made something of himself and should have been rewarded. It probably came down to Derek’s vote and since he assumed the worst about what happened earlier in the day since he wouldn’t let Meredith speak, I’m sure he voted for Bailey. Bastard. Alex is the only character I really like anymore.

  44. anna says:

    ers im so upset about bailey getting the on the board. alex should have totally gotten that job. he has grown as a character of the years so much, and now i feel like he gonna leave the show.

  45. Grey's Long Lost Brother says:

    The whole Board plot arc is just plain stupid. Being a Board member is not a full time position, neither in terms of work hours, nor compensation. Alex should/would have been able to continue working for Butthole, and would definitely have needed to to earn a living. In any case, Butthole should have been overjoyed at the prospect of having a hospital Board member on his staff, presumably using his (Alex’s) position and influence to funnel patients into the practice.

    If they want to fix this story, they should:

    1. Have Arizona resign from the Board to concentrate on her fellowship (and maybe a baby, or maybe not – that’s a different story arc).

    2. Have either Mer or Der resign as well. It was always kind of stupid having two married couples on the Board anyway. Yes each of the 4 (Callie, AZ, Mer & Der) brought their “own” money to the table, but at the end of the day, it’s hard to imagine why they would all want a seat at the table since all it does is take them away from what they really want to do. Since both couples are currently fighting anyway (yawn), part of their makeup agreement could include a rotation agreement.

    3. Appoint Alex to the board in addition to Bailey.

    4. Appoint a professional administrator who preferably isn’t a doctor (and please please please, at least not a surgeon!) that would actually approximate the type of person that really does sit on a hospital board and annoy the doctors with practical real life considerations (sort of like the largely anonymous previous board). This would enable Jackson to step back and quit playing hall monitor.

  46. Kat says:

    Am I the only person who remembers that April and Jackson are expecting?? It is a bit peculiar that they haven’t told their friends or anything.

  47. DDearborn says:


    The show has lost its focus. The writers have forgotten that the stars used to be working in one of preeminent TEACHING Hospitals in the country and all that goes with it. There is no drama and excitement nor even realistic depiction of a working Hospital anymore. Grey’s Anatomy has devolved into a glorified version of General Hospital. The characters are boring and the plots predictable. The new “stars” are lifeless and ordinary. The show has lost its edge.

    • rumaana says:

      I agree. We only see drama and annoying drama. What happened to all the Interesting medical discoveries that made it so much of fun? Find your focus Greys

  48. Jacquelyn says:

    If Alex leaves the show it will be a huge mistake. Idk the right word bc HUGE does not seem to fit.

  49. Jacquelyn says:

    Derek’s hair looked like he was trying to be one of the 90’s boy bands. Not him… Unless he’s about to have a midlife crisis!