'Nashville' Season 3 Recap --

Nashville Recap: A Star Is Forlorn

Nashville Season 3 Recap

Juliette’s Tour of Pain makes stops in Los Angeles, the curb outside Avery’s house and Rayna’s front stoop this week on Nashville, and by the end of the hour, at least one more person knows that there’s a little Barnes in her bread basket.

But if Ju’s the main event, heartbreak-ically speaking, pretty much every other character could audition to be her sad-sack opening act. Rayna and Luke argue about when to marry. Deacon tries to bang his pain away. A (still) closeted Will gives “feel the burn” a whole new meaning. Gunnar cries more than me watching that dead mom Google commercial, and Zoey is just kind of a jerk.

Let’s take a look at what happens in “I Can’t Get Over You to Save My Life.”

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I STOP TO SEE A WEEPIN’ WILLOW, CRYIN’ ON HIS PILLOW | Let’s start with the only good thing that happens to Juliette in the entire episode: She nails her screen test for the Patsy Cline movie, proving to the director and producers that she has plenty of chemistry with Noah West, who’s been cast as Patsy’s husband. (Side note: Derek Hough didn’t have a lot to do this week; I’m interested to see whether the character will be used as more than set dressing for Ju’s Hollywood ride.) Noah’s clearly interested, but Juliette’s got bigger things to worry about.

Thing 1: She can’t stop throwing up. Thing 2: Glenn and Emily think she’s on drugs, and are worried enough to break into her house and rifle through her things to search for the pills. Thing 3: When she tries to tell Deacon about the turmoil in her life, he’s too messed up about Rayna to give her much advice aside from to tell Avery “everything — or you just spare the poor bastard a world of hurt and you set him free.” Thing 4: When she does finally muster up the courage to go to Avery’s house to tell him she’s carrying his greasy-haired spawn, she sees him drunkenly making out with a blonde in the front yard and aborts (too soon?) her mission.

So by the end of the episode, Juliette is installed on Rayna’s front porch like the saddest jack-o-lantern you’ve ever seen. For some reason, she’s wearing a Unibomber hoodie over the white suit-like outfit she had on the evening before. When Ray approaches, Juliette tearfully brandishes her ultrasound. There are very few times when people make faces that actually look like emoticons, but Rayna at that moment — I kid you not — resembles nothing so much as :|.

SAVE THE HATE | Oh, lighten up, Ray; Juliette’s trainwreck of impending motherhood makes your silly engagement woes seem positively rom-commy in comparison.

So what, you and Luke can’t seem to settle on a wedding date? So what, your couple nickname, “Ruke,” sounds less like catchy tabloid fare and more like what Juliette is doing for most of the hour? So what, a room full of people better suited to finding the right brand of hemorrhoid cream for Luke to endorse are now making major decisions about your romantic future? (Side note: Luke Wheeler’s Saddle Salve™: For when your tush is as ornery as a pit bull at a poodle party.) So what, you cover your unease at the way this engagement is proceeding by making a grand gesture — chartering a private jet and surprising Luke at his concert in L.A. — and deciding to combine your upcoming tours?

Most importantly: So what, your true love is so angry over your rejection that he hate-screws the newest and most annoying member of Luke’s band? (Though I did love Deacon telling Pam, “You’ve got to be the only woman in the world that doesn’t know I’m in love with Rayna Jaymes” moments before pulling her into his hotel room.)

BARNSTORMER | While all of this ridiculousness is playing out on the West Coast, the ZAG Band reunites for a gig at Barn-aroo (heh), a barn party in Nashville. Avery appears to be pickling himself from the inside out; he’s very drunk when the trio takes the stage, and he changes the words to a song he wrote about Juliette so she comes off like a cheating floozy.

They somehow make it through, though when Zoey sees Gunnar talking with an old friend from Texas, she gets all snippy and short with him. At home, she finally confesses that she’s jealous — and Gunnar admits that the woman, Kiley, is his first love and is “practically family.” And since Jason’s dead… Zoey apparently likes seeing Gunny cry even less than I do, because she pulls him close and tells him they’re cool.

But will she think that when she realizes that Kiley, who took off without a word 10 years before, ends the episode clasping Gunnar’s hands as they both weep for his deceased brother?

Also related to the barn party: Maddie attends, though Teddy thinks she’s at a chaperoned barbecue with a friend. And when Scarlett spots her drinking out of a red Solo cup and hanging around with a sketchy dude, she wraps one of her myriad braids around the teens’ neck and hauls her outta there. (Not really. But what was up with that ‘do, Scar?) In the car on the way home, Scarlett tells Maddie she won’t rat her out and that feeling out of place is something with which artists have to make peace.

WORKING IT OUT | “You started without me?” Will’s trainer asks, spying his sweaty, worked-up client going at it. Sadly, he’s talking about an angry Will furiously pumping iron. They aren’t hooking up — oh wait, now they totally are! Will does it to blow off steam; he’s under pressure from Layla to perform on his tour and from Jeff not to let her do so. What Mr. Lexington doesn’t know: Layla wants Jeff to make her album go gold, or she’s going to out Will to everyone.

Now it’s your turn. Did you love the shot of Juliette eating ice cream right out of the half-gallon as she walked into her house? Do you care that Teddy’s got no game when it comes to picking up women? (For future reference, Tedster, “Hey, you’ve never used pig’s blood for anything duplicitous, have you?” isn’t the smoothest come-on a girl can hear.) Will we maybe get an actual Sadie Stone storyline next week? And did Avery’s song of torment actually last until sunrise, like it seemed? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Amie says:

    I love that Rayna’s face looked like :| because yes, it totally did. Meanwhile, did they introduce a new and/or rival love interest for EVERYBODY tonight? It seemed there were a thousand new characters, all sniffing after somebody.

  2. LemonLime says:

    Kim Roots, I love it when you do the recaps–they’re HILARIOUS!! You speak what’s on my mind. I was reading this one and I knew it was you even before I read the byline!

  3. Dakota says:

    Now I’m sorry but I used to watch general hospital and I can’t help but think of lucky spencer when Avery is drunk because that is what happened when lucky found out that Liz slept with his brother. He went to the haunted star and got drunk. So yea that’s what I was thinking of when Avery was drunk. He is kinda in the same situation as his other character lucky. But I don’t watch general hospital anymore. I think Juliette should tell him when he is sober and hopefully he’ll figure out that he has a child on the way and hopefully they can work together at raising him/her. I love Juliette and I know she screwed up I hope they find a way to co exist together and maybe their flame will have sparks and then hopefully there will be forgiveness and Avery can PUNCH Jeff in the face that would be awesome. I hope Avery and Juliette get back together though

    • Amy says:

      Dakota…I’ve watched GH too…and you are right….I also “saw Lucky” in Avery’s drunken, crying self last night. In answer to your “Juliette should tell him when he is sober…”…right…but when? He’s been drunk straight through the last two shows! Ju’s gonna be hard-pressed to catch him that way the way he’s been going…. :[

  4. Blaming and excxuse mking is a terrible approach to life.
    Concrete or concrrete products: 1) good ffor a formal or raised pond, 2) if installed properly it can last a lifetime.
    Oncee the aeration process is completed, over seeding should be done.

  5. amy says:

    They should really put Luke’s face on a*s cream instead of barbecue sauce. It would suit him a lot better.

  6. Jess says:

    I don’t care much for her character, but Layla and Will’s voices go really well together.

    I just want Juliette to catch a break. She’s always been my favourite and I want to give her a big hug.

  7. MA says:

    Oh, Juliette. Do you really want Rayna’s advice about life and unplanned pregnancies? Really??

    I can’t even comment on the Luke/Rayna/Deacon nonsense except to say…are they going to have Luke embrace every sleeze bag stereotype that sane women hate and make Rayna love it? Big, unplanned public proposal you can’t say no to: check. Implying she should just be the little woman: check. Tattooing her name on his body: check. Writing her a gross, vapid song: check.

    Layla’s a pork blood level psycho, isn’t she? I wonder if Jeff’s going to kill her.

    • Jill says:

      I totally agree. I really don’t understand this Luke stuff. Maybe I’m not the demographic? The writers/actors keep saying Luke is the “good” alternative to Deacon, but honestly I’d almost rather take drinking Deacon than that misogynistic idiot. The fact that they’re making a smart, beautiful, and talented woman like Rayna fawn all over him is sending all sorts of the wrong messages. So disgusting.

    • Amy says:

      Totally agree with all 3 of you above on all points about Luke/Rayna/Deacon.
      MA, you forgot one: Planning (and pressuring your fiancé about) your wedding date with your “cracker-jack” PR TEAM, and basically letting THEM come up with the “best” date, against your said fiance’s wishes: Check!
      Eye-roll…how lonnnnng will this agony go on. And yes, I no longer look at Rayna as the “smart, strong woman”…too bad that went that way… a shame. Nashville, once again, seems to be setting the season up for more of the same (is that all this stable of, probably younger demographic, writers know how to write??)…cheesy soapy love/sex twists..yawn. Much more potential and interesting directions they might have gone with these fine actors and lead roles, in Connie, Chip etc…working out real complex personal stuff, with each other and within the business, and moving them forward. Enough with “hate sex”, drunken rebounds already!

  8. Babygate says:

    I love this show. I love the characters and the music, although so far this season is light on the songs, IMO. One thing I hope gets corrected soon is Avery’s processing of Juliette’s cheating. She did wrong. No doubt about it. But he’s acting like a weeping saint completely forgetting that he did worse to Scarlett. Those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Forgive her or not but man up and stop acting like a martyr. I really like Avery but he’s getting on my nerves. Oh, and Derek Hough is a terrible actor. I hope his run is very limited before he has a chance to ruin things.

    • Amie says:

      Derek Hough’s scenes were hilarious for all the wrong reasons. It’s funny, because I think Hayden Panetierre is a good actress, but she was terrible in those scenes, too. Is Derek bringing her down or is she trying to say that Juliette is a bad actress? What IS that accent she’s doing? It started to look like a SNL parody of a movie.

      • Lola says:

        Exactly, re Juliette’s accent as Patsy! She’s making her sound more like Scarlett O’Hara.

        • Amy says:

          I dunno though…since I don’t know what Patsy Cline actually talked like…maybe she did sound that way. Although your Scarlett O’Hara reference is perfect since I thought Derek Hough looked like Rhett Butler?! Is that really what Patsy’s husband looked like? I guess so or why would they have had him look like that…but he just looked so funny to me.

          • Lola says:

            I’m sure you can Google photos of Patsy and her husband. From what I’ve seen, he wasn’t handsome like Rhett! I’m sure Patsy’s voice sounded more “country” than Southern (Patsy Cline bio movie “Sweet Dreams,” with Patsy played by Jessica Lange; Patsy played by Beverly D’Angelo in “Coal Miner’s Daughter” …

  9. Rosy says:

    I feel so bad for Connie Britton having to put up with this nonsense. Time for the #FreeConnie hashtag. As per usual I only like her scenes with Hayden and we had almost 20 seconds of shared screentime. HOORAY…

    • MA says:

      I absolutely adore Connie Britton and think she’s wonderful, but she’s a producer on this show. She’s made her bed and (I’m assuming) is getting paid pretty well to lie in it. I don’t get what she’s thinking or why she’s on this, but I don’t feel bad for her.

      • neaorlean says:

        I’ve always wondered that… Can’t she make Rayna a bit more interesting? They’ve put a bunch of stuff that tell us that she should be interesting, but she’s just not. And repeating many times that she’s a good singer and her songs are great doesn’t make it true, why are there people good enough on the show to write great songs for Scarlett or Juliette, but not Rayna? Her songs are horrible… It might be her voice, and yeah, I realize she’s an actress and not a singer, but so is Hayden, and she could’ve worked on it, instead her voice gets weaker every season. I guess she’s just happy with it, which makes me like her less, because she shouldn’t be happy with it, because I’m not happy with it and the fans are not happy with it. WTF is “blah blah blah somebody blah blah blah somebody blah blah blah somebody blah blah blah somebody”… That’s her single?

        • D says:

          I laughed so hard at your lyrics: “blah blah blah somebody blah blah blah somebody blah blah blah somebody blah blah blah somebody”

  10. Debbie Manning says:

    Nice to see that I wasn’t the only one who thought Scarlett’s hair looked like crap. Is that Clare’s real hair or a wig? If it’s a wig, someone needs to be fired!

  11. Jill says:

    Oh my Nashville, what have you become? I didn’t mind the Juliette stuff, Hayden was pretty good, and the Maddie Scarlett scene was nice. Can’t believe it took them over a season to acknowledge that these two were cousins!!! But the Deacon/Rayna/Luke stuff I can’t even. I honestly feel like the writers have a bet to see if they can make fans hate Connie Britton. This Luke/Rayna relationship has to honestly be one of the worst storylines they’ve come up with. It’s pretty much destroyed the realness of the Deacon/Rayna love that I fell for season 1, and it’s rivaling big blood for stupidity. If she actually marries him and they all go on tour together this will officially be the worst show on TV.

    • sharona says:

      Totally agree re Luke. They’ve made him into an ass in order to get people to root for Deacon and Rayna to get back together but all its done is make Rayna seem like an idiot. If he were portrayed as less of a fame/money whore, it would make her “choice” more realistic.

      • MA says:

        Yeah, I find myself wondering WHY Deacon loves Rayna so much anymore and I no longer want them together at all. This new jerk of a Rayna and the jerk of a Luke actually seem pretty perfect for each other. They’re both so shallow and mean that I wouldn’t want to inflict them on anyone else.

    • Amie says:

      Do you think Luke hired that awful blonde woman to come on to Deacon? He definitely seems like he forced Deacon to come on the tour to keep him away from Rayna or to flaunt his relationship with Rayna in Deacon’s face so I would believe it if he pushed whatshername on Deacon. It seemed weird how she kept coming after him even when he wasn’t interested. I wonder if the awful blonde has also slept with Luke. I want Rayna to wake up and figure out that her rebound with Luke is a terrible decision and if it takes Luke cheating with the awful blonde or Rayna finding out that he set her up to chase Deacon I’m ok with that. Just get it over with. Rayna is a terrible mother to put the new relationship before her daughter anyway.

      • JJ says:

        I thought about Luke being the one that puts Pam up to “occupying” Deacon, but that would be too multi-layered for these writers. They always go for easy and cliche. My guess is she’s just slutty and Deacon is hot, and they didn’t want him to seem too pathetic so they mistakingly thought if they had him get laid while he was acting all sullen it would counter-balance. Ugh, this show. Why can’t I stop watching you.

    • Lola says:

      Is everyone around Juliette stupid? With the way she is behaving, and her frequent trips to the bathroom, wouldn’t anyone jump to the conclusion that maybe she’s pregnant? And when she walked in on her manager and assistant rifling her drawers … how did they get to her house, walk? Wasn’t there a car outside to tip Juliette off?

  12. Tessa says:

    Am I the only one wondering how Juliette got to Nashville from LA in like 20 minutes? She was in Deacon’s dressing room in LA and then right outside Avery’s apartment in Nashville on the same night? Magic I tell you!

    • PFitzDC says:

      THANK YOU!!!!!

    • neaorlean says:

      She was in Deacon’s dressing room in the evening, when the concert was starting, which is maybe 8 PM, and went to see Avery early in the next morning, Avery got home with the blonde and kicked her out right away and sat on the piano, and they showed it was sunrise outside already. That answers the question in the recap about Avery’s song lasting all night :) Juliette had more than enough time to get to her plane, fly to Nashville and get to Avery’s. What I don’t understand is how she pays for it all, last we saw her earning good money was two seasons ago, and that was around the time that guy, what’s his name, stole her money and she bought a house. Flying a private plane so often seems like a stretch to me.

      • Lola says:

        Plus, I think you need to make arrangements with the airports you fly in and out of … doubtful in real life she could have made it back to Nashville from LA so fast to catch Avery coming home with the blonde, especially with the time difference. Nitpicking, I know, but give the viewers a little credit!

        • neaorlean says:

          I just checked, the flight between LA and Nashville is about 3.5-4 hours, sunrise in Nashville was at 6:50 today, which gives Juliette plenty of time to go from the concert at 9 PM to Avery at 7 AM, and I don’t think she had plans to stay in LA anyway, I think the plane was waiting for her to fly back, even is Deacon was willing to talk. :) It’s a stretch, but it’s possible :)

  13. Laura says:

    Combining Rayna and Luke’s tour is going to HOPEFULLY be the way to make Rayna realize what a douchebag her fiancé is and bring her back to Deacon. I am SO done with this storyline!

    • JJ says:

      The only problem with this is that it’s a “honeymoon” tour, meaning AFTER the wedding. Once she’s married she’s married they’re not really going to have Rayna divorce him a couple of months into the marriage are they? That would be even more ridiculous than her being engaged to him now which is absurd. If she walks down the aisle with him that’s it, the Deacon/Rayna relationship is done forever.

    • Lola says:

      Rayna’s face never looks happy when she’s discussing choosing a wedding date. And knowing how Maddie feels about her with Luke it just doesn’t seem like Rayna to be going through with a wedding with Luke so soon.

  14. Amy in KC says:

    I think this is your most hilarious Nashville recap yet! I was starting to keep track of all the gems, but then I realized I was quoting every other sentence. Well done!

  15. Iakovos says:

    I wish the Luke-Rayna relationship would have grown slowly and more romantically. Yes,. I get it is corporate love, too, and Luke is showing his mean side. But… the triangle and drama would be more powerful with the slow burn. Without it, Rayna’s plan to marry Luke seems senseless. Unless she, too, see the Luke-Rayna pairing (yet unsaid) as corporate love to salvage Highway 65. Face it, Rayna is winning here with the spoils. I long for goodness somewhere here. Even Deacon disappointed last night and he rarely does. Layla may end up murdered to lend some mystery to the proceedings.

  16. Jake says:

    At the end of last season, didn’t everyone in the world hate Juliette as a result of her “there is no God” misquoting? I thought signing with Rayna’s label was supposed to begin a process to undo that, but since there was no time jump between seasons it doesn’t seem like that would have totally died down just yet. And now big Hollywood producers are apparently okay hiring her to play Patsy Cline without worrying about that backlash rubbing off on their film? There seems to be a disconnect here. Also, when they said “November 1” for the wedding date I thought, “November sweeps,” but now I’m thinking “fall finale cliffhanger” where Rayna is a runaway bride. Anyone else?

    • neaorlean says:

      The big Hollywood producers could care less about her Nashville haters, she had other offers to go live and sing in LA and be a Gaga/Katy type of star, and they also didn’t care about it, but she didn’t want to leave Nashville.

  17. Almost liking Teddy pretty much. He never was really a cheater always, and now, he’s rather lost….anyone who has had a daughter about Maddie’s age etc knows it is not easy. He’s been decent to Deacon.

    Oh yes….if Avery would just stop feeling sorry for himself and let Juliette get in a few words it would help. Thinking that rayna may help with that.
    And rayna will realize that Luke is a leach…wants her family money…when he continue to neglect thinking about her kids…that they just don’t matter.

    • Amy says:

      I’ve been feeling the same Michaelene, about Teddy. Liking him this year, completely. Funny too, in a year when they are destroying the favorite characters, I think they’ve actually redeemed Teddy, so far. He gets props for doing the ‘heavy-lifting” in raising his girls, the “tough-love” stuff. It’s understandable that Maddie is favoring Deacon (well…he’s Deacon!), as they are newly bonding, and also have the music thing in common. But also, she gets to do only fun stuff with Deacon, vs. real-life with Teddy/dad, who has to discipline her more. And he’s come around to behave differently, with Deacon etc. Also, showing his vulnerable side last night as he tries to find his footing again with women I thought was a good thing. Kim called it “having no game” but actually…he seemed more real and realistic and cooler in that way, then all the other jerks using “hate sex” to solve things last night!
      I also like that they’re not making him a shallow, politician, jerk like before…I hope they keep him this way.

  18. RE: rayna
    There is a great songwriter, Brandy Clark. She has a perfect song for most of these gals:

    “Crazy women…we weren’t born that way.
    Crazy women…made by crazy men!!!!”

    Just sayin.

  19. Kat says:


    Thinking you mean Gunnar here since Avery didn’t really talk with anyone, just hooked up with that blond chick :D

    • Kat says:

      >>>They somehow make it through, though when Zoey sees Avery talking with an old friend from Texas, she gets all snippy and short with him. <<<

      There, don't know why the comment won't show up :)

  20. Amy says:

    Talk about lack of chemistry last night…Juliette/Noah, Deacon/Blonde, “Layna” formerly and more appropriately named “Ruke” (“…more like what Juliette is doing for most of the hour.” lol), Gunnar/Zoey. No one has any.
    Best scenes were the none ‘love” connections…loved the scene with Scarlett and Maddie, and scenes with evil Jeff & Layla sizzle in a dangerous way. They both play the “bad guys/gals” perfectly. Hadn’t thought of it as others have here, but hoping they don’t have Jeff kill her.
    Liking the building drama in that whole secret sham & that she has that over Jeff…and he IS, after all, feeling desperate in his job as of this season….hmmmm…trouble up the pike on this one.

    • Jill says:

      So, who else thinks Jeff and Layla will be sleeping together my mid-season? I mean, they’re the only ones (except poor Teddy) not getting any.

  21. PTF says:

    Getting so tired of ‘Ruke’: it’s making me hate Rayna, which seems an insane direction for a show to take with its main character. If there was even a vague nod to any internal conflict Rayna might be having about the direction of her life since the proposal then I might root for her a little bit. But apart from the look at the end of episode 1, she’s been a stone-cold sellout. And pretty damn dumb to boot. I’m genuinely starting to feel as though Rayna and Luke will actually go through with the wedding, which fills me with absolute horror. If that’s the case I’m almost rooting for a runaway bride scenario (the idea of Connie Britton in a runaway bride story makes me HATE the writers so much if they go down that road). Getting tired of this whole thing, might be tuning out for a while and just reading recaps until I know that Ruke are toast.