Bones Sneak Peek: Booth's New FBI Sidekick Is Off to a Rough Start

Bones Season 10

Is Sweets’ quasi-successor already souring on his new gig?

In this week’s Bones (8/8c on Fox), Agent Aubrey decides to crash one of Booth and Brennan’s crime scenes, and, as you can see in the following exclusive clip, the squeamish G-man quickly regrets doing so.

Press PLAY below and then hit the comments with an answer to this question: Is the overzealous, super-awkward Aubrey starting to grow on you?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. BonesGirl29 says:

    Lol, funny. I already love Aubrey. I need someone to confirm we’re keeping him for good.

  2. Tran says:

    I think Aubrey is no Sweets. Isn’t that John Boyd the actor who also played Arlo Glass on the eighth season of 24?

  3. July Lark says:

    Not so far, too soon for the new guy to be taking over for Sweets, a little transition would have been nice. He’s too anxious, is he still spying on Booth or the team for Stark and the FBI?

    • A says:

      So the team obviously didn’t invite him to THEIR crime scene case but there is Aubrey worming his way into our team and show whether we want him or not…….I really wish that Stephen Nathan had of introduced this character more organically and not so much in my face so soon when Sweets body is barely cold…….that is real cold to me…….they couldn’t do an ep or two without the new guy, so some fans could adjust? give the team time to adjust without Sweets too?…. Booth once said people leave marks and we shouldn’t just paint over them with new ones, we owe it to them to let them fade naturally, because they mean something to us, exactly the opposite of what Stephen Nathan has done with Sweets, he painted over him with Aubrey in a cold heartbeat.

  4. anon says:

    If Aubrey actually had a personality instead of a person who is nothing more than a mashup of quirks then I might actually warm to him….as of now, just annoying and meh.

    • BonesGirl29 says:

      He’s only been in two episodes so far and they weren’t about him. How can you say he has no personality? You have no data to make that judgment.

      • 1mars says:

        Probably as much data as you have when you say you love him, its all subjective, if you enjoy him, fine, never thought I would say it, but I want Sweets back, at least we knew he was on Booth’s side, had his back. this guy……??????

      • anon says:

        my judgement is based on the two eps…just because you like him doesnt mean I have to…in an ep were the team were dealing with Sweets death, there he was with his quirks, making snarky comments, stuffing his face…completely misplaced and actually made me think what an insensitive douche he was. JMHO

        • BonesGirl29 says:

          never said I liked his personality, I don’t know his personality. I like him because he was funny and the actor is likeable.
          Bones always have comedy to it even in more dramatic episodes. And since the first two episodes were so emotionally heavy, they needed something – someone to break this tone, so that it’s not all dark. He was there to lighten the mood, IMO.
          But I guess I’m just gonna have to deal with the fact that people are going to hate him because he “replaced” Sweets, until they get over it.

          • Frankie707 says:

            And some seem to be at possibly the same people who hated on Sweets in every article that mentioned him.

            I’ve liked what we’ve seen of him so far, we’ll see how it goes as he makes more appearances and we learn more about him.

            And yes he’s in the opening credits with the shows leads (which the rotating squinterns aren’t so I do believe that means he is now a series regular.

          • madbengalsfan85 says:

            Some people just like to whine, it makes them feel important. You’re better off ignoring them.

            Personally, I loved Aubrey. Looking forward to seeing more of him.

          • anon says:

            last time I looked people were and are allowed to have a pov without a certain element of the Bones fandom thinking they can DICTATE how to feel or think and labelling them whiners, haters etc…or whatever term they like to use to belittle and demean….a main character got killed off and got replaced in a heartbeat so expect a reaction…put your big boy boots on and suck it up that not everyone thinks or reacts like you want them to.

  5. rachel says:

    I think he might grow on me. I think everyone has overreacted. Sweets was an amazing character. I will miss him, but at the same time, it was better for Daley. He chose to leave on his own to further his directing career. Everyone is so mad and threatening to quit watching the show, but we should all be happy for Daley as he moves up in the world. He’s not mad about leaving, why should we be? I for one will always be a loyal bones watcher no matter what happens. Its an amazing show regardless.

  6. I kinda fell for James Aubrey the minute I laid eyes on him. He’s quirky, brash, zealous, keen as mustard, all the things that I love. He’s going to bring something fresh and new, and he’s not replacing Sweets.. he’s carving out his own place in the team. YAY! I’m on #TeamAubrey!

    • Mallory says:

      I agree. And Aubrey is not taking Sweets’ place. He can’t. For one, he’s an agent, not a psychologist so their purposes on the team are completely different. I wish people would stop saying he’s “replacing” Sweets.

  7. He’s growing on me, but he’s not Sweets. Give us a little more time to adjust.

  8. I kind of like him, actually. He’s not Sweets, of course, but then, he’s not supposed to be. If the writers let him just be his own person, with his own quirkiness, I think he’ll do fine. Hey, at least he didn’t toss his cookies….

  9. Stacy Wong says:

    I do not like Aubrey at all. I am surprised Aubrey is in the credits so fast whereas Sweets was in the credits after 3 episodes in Season 3.

    • BonesGirl29 says:

      I think that’s because Sweets wasn’t supposed to stay on the show. He was there for a few episodes, only later they decided to keep him. Whereas with JFD leaving, they were looking for someone to stay, so they probably hired John Boyd as regular right away.

    • ANON says:

      super damn COLD to take Sweets out of the opening titles on the very ep that we were saying good bye….other shows at have least of wait until the next ep before kicking the actor and character to the kurb and replacing him….shame on you Bones

      • BonesGirl29 says:

        What’s the point of having someone in the opening credits if he’s no longer a part of the show? if he died in the finale, the opening episode wouldn’t have him either. It’s the same¨

        • ANON says:

          its called respecting the show and character who has been on the show since 2007…..it didnt happen in the finale allowing months for some fans to adjust to the following premier….it happened in the premier and within 7 days the actor and character was yank so hard out of the show titles and replaced in a heartbeat, its like he didnt exist at all…..at the very least they could of waited ONE WEEK before adding John Boyd to the titles, he was fine in the guest starring credits for the first 2eps another ep wouldnt of hurt….thats damn cold….but I get it Bones is perfect in your eyes, you will argue to the death…over and out.

  10. albean99 says:

    I like him so far. It’s not the same as Sweets but that’s always the way when someone leaves a show.

  11. Chere says:

    Those aren’t stotes they are ferrets!!!

  12. Andie says:

    I already like him… look forward to seeing more episodes with him!

  13. Lore says:

    Hahaha he is not Sweets, but i love him already

  14. Candy Carr says:

    Will miss Sweets, but Audrey is indeed growing on us – he is trying, but not too hard. Now he just needs to be smart, and to admire Booth, but not so much that he can’t give him a hard time now and then.

    • ANON says:

      well the show is trying way damn hard to make me like him….quirk quirk quirk, convenient plot, looks like Sweets, acts like Vincent, quirk quirk…I dont appreciate it all….Aubrey has little respect for Booth, he is using Booth & the team to further is career, hitching his star to their wagon when nobody asked him… thats the vibe I am getting.

      • Mallory says:

        I respectfully disagree about his lack of respect for Booth. He pretty much bent over backwards to help Booth with the conspiracy in the first episode even when Stark told him to lay off. Yeah, maybe he wants to further his own career, but that’s not a non-human thing to want. I think the simple fact that he stood up for Booth (awkwardly of course) to Stark and wanted to help him attests to at least some semblance of respect. I think he’s looking for a mentor and has found it in Booth. He isn’t replacing Sweets. No one can do that. Not to mention they have different jobs so even if they had both been on the team it wouldn’t have been like one was overstepping into another’s territory. But, I understand your vibe, but I thought I’d try to offer another POV. :)

  15. Philava says:

    I just love Aubrey..He’s super cute, funny and just the right amount of quirky. I totally approve!

  16. dman6015 says:

    Never ceases to amaze me how the writers come up with higher and higher gross-out levels each week. They must have some kind of contest going to see who can out-gross the most. Just nasty.

  17. Jake says:

    Actually, kinda funny, Hodgens part especially so.

  18. amorley552014 says:

    Aubrey is in the opening title sequence, so he stays!!!!

  19. Lynne says:

    I like him a lot!

  20. Yes, Aubrey has querky likability. I will still miss Dr. Sweets.

  21. pat gillikin says:

    Not happy about losing Sweets. Bad move

  22. Dawn says:

    Yes! He’s a nice fit to the Bones Family, Sweets obviously liked & trusted him. How could we go wrong? He kinda reminds me of Sweets!lol He won’t evr replace Lance Sweets but he seems genuine.

  23. aaj says:

    I like the character- he’s relatable. He’s smart, funny, but still not infallible, either. I’m glad they added a good character. Sweets was fun, too, but not my favorite character.

  24. Beverly Edgeworth says:

    i like Aubrey in the show but will miss Sweets.

  25. Michelle says:

    We all Miss Sweets but love the new guy they couldn’t find a better addition to the cast