The Mindy Project Recap: Butt Seriously...

The Mindy Project Season 3 Recap

This week in Mindy and Danny’s Varied and Experimental Sex Life — excuse me, The Mindy Project — nearly the entire half hour is devoted to Danny’s “accidental” breaching of a very sensitive perimeter.

In their relationship. In bed.

No PG way to say it, so if anything other than the missionary position offends you, bail out now… Danny comes knocking at Mindy’s back door, if you catch my drift. But is Dr. L down with this new development? Read on for a recap of “I Slipped.”

BACK IT UP | The morning after the incident, Mindy and Danny are discussing their sex life — of course — in public. Dr. C maintains his innocence, swearing the whole thing is a misunderstanding. “You weren’t where I was. You didn’t see how it all went down,” he says, prompting her to reply, “Danny, this is not Benghazi!”

But Peter, Mindy’s self-described “most perverted friend,” convinces her that “No man in the history of time has ever ‘slipped'” — Danny’s defense — “and not been lying.” Confronted, Castellano feigns bad eyesight, an excuse nullified by an emergency trip to the ophthalmologist.

Finally, he just confesses that he did it on purpose, mainly because he was pretty sure she’d done it before. (She hasn’t.) “I will not be slut-shamed in an ophthalmologist’s office!” she declares, backing out of the room so her boyfriend won’t be unnecessarily tempted.

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IT’S PATRIOTIC, REALLY | But after stress-eating some raw cookie dough, Mindy softens and attends Peter’s Banging in Bed Booty Camp, complete with instruction in positions like the necktie, the ascot and the bagpipe. She’s so freaked out, she decides to just acquiesce to Danny’s rear request. So she drops some Morgan-prescribed sedatives — oh yeah, he’s a nurse practitioner now — into a glass of Scotch to numb herself for the experience.

Instead of making her mellow, the combination basically rufies her, landing her in the hospital and making Danny momentarily the subject of police questioning. She finally confesses that she’s worried Danny thinks she’s too boring, because he’s so worldly and experienced. And he confesses that his slippage was just him exploring something new, and that he hasn’t done it before, either. “I just tried something, because America was built on trying things,” he says proudly.

They agree not to start freaky stuff without the other’s consent, and all is well… until Mindy nearly bites Danny’s tongue off during some whipped cream play and light bondage. Easy there, Min!

BROS BEFORE… | Elsewhere, Morgan Parent Trap­s Peter and Jeremy into having dinner together, with the hope that they’ll repair their friendship in the wake of the Lauren debacle. But Peter’s eyebrows accidentally get singed off his face thanks to a rogue drink-tossing accident, and the best the two men can do by the end of the episode is to promise to be civil to each other. Wonder how this will play with the “#TeamPeter” crowd at the office…

I’m of two minds on this episode. The writing is quite sharp and the central conceit is funny. But the idea that Mindy has to drug herself to try something sexual she really doesn’t want to do seems icky to me. Agree? Disagree?  Sound off in the comments.





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  1. Larry says:

    I found it kind of funny not icky. And Jeremy needs to be punished more, he really messed up. funny episode overall

  2. Jess says:

    I enjoyed the show but agree that the conceit was troublesome and I’m not sure drugging herself was like Mindy. On the plus side, the show was funny and Messina manages to make things less creepy than they could have been.

    I would also like to point out that this episode marked the first time we hear Mindy say I love you to Danny (maybe to anyone on the show?). It’s interesting that they didn’t make the declaration a big thing and just allow the viewer to believe that they say those words all the time now. The show is definitely trying to show how comfortable their relationship is, which I like (though I wouldn’t mind another strip from Diamond!).

    • mary says:

      it was the first time and I too loved how they did it. It felt very natural and real to me not all TV big moment. I thought it was a good episode. I have absolutely loved this season.

      • Katie says:

        It was the first time we heard her say it to Danny, but not the first time on the show. We heard her tell Casey she loves him when they decide not to have the wedding in her apartment and that he will return to Haiti without her in the season 2 premiere (and maybe at some other point to Casey too). I totally agree that it was a great moment, though, but I did think it was a little odd in the season 2 finale that she did not reciprocate when Danny said “I love you.”

  3. mary says:

    I thought the episode was funny. I loved the interaction of Mindy and Peter, Peter and Jeremy and especially Morgan reacting to Mindy’s text. They pushed the envelope but so did Seinfeld with “The Bet.”

    The drugging herself was gross but it was all her and based on her self doubt, Danny told her they were enough without crazy stuff. They also talked about the “slipping” like adults. Danny was upset she drugged herself and she held him responsible for what he did. They also agreed to ask before trying anything freaking moving forward.

    • Jess says:

      All good points, Mary! I did appreciate their discussion afterwards. I love the little touches too, like her calling him Babe and having them watch Colbert together (now that Danny understands who he is!). They definitely did “push” and I give them credit for that.

      • mary says:

        The one thing you can say about why this will they or won’t they couple works is because they have stayed true to character, but beyond that they are writing them as comfortable, trusting, honest and committed to each other.

        I think shows have to push, all the great shows have throughout history (please note I am not saying this was a historic push) but sometimes you they have to take a risk tonight Mindy did. Some people aren’t going to like it, personally I thought it was endlessly funny.

  4. Asta says:

    Lots of women get liquored up to have sex. And especially if you are trying something new. No judgements. It was cute and oh so true. Of course the story is always exaggerates a bit because it’s tv.

    • JKRizzo says:

      Here’s what’s wrong about it: Mindy wasn’t just liquoring up or taking a drug to enhance the sex. Peter told her she would not enjoy it, which prompted her to ask Morgan for drugs because she “could NOT be awake” for it. She also sort of implied that sleeping would only be problematic because it’d would be illegal. Terrible. No one should take drugs just so they can not be present while their partner enjoys themselves. No, no no, nothing about that is cute.

  5. Babybop says:

    It was sad to me that she felt she had to do something she wasn’t comfortable with so her boyfriend wouldn’t leave her. The other parts of the episode were funny but really not my favorite storyline.

    • S. says:

      Huh? At no point did she think she had to do it or Danny would leave her. She knew it would be uncomfortable for her and was trying to find a way to be able to do it without experiencing that. Clearly she learned that the lesson is just to talk about it like an adult because it’ll all be okay. Turns out Danny was in the same boat with sexual experience.

  6. Alex says:

    Sounds like a disgusting episode. Glad I don’t watch crap like that!

    • LJ says:

      It was not funny at all. I’m thinking I might quit watching. Come on writers, be more creative and don’t play to the lowest common denominator.

  7. Kait says:

    Peter looks different somehow this season and I cannot figure out what it is? Hair? Did he lose weight? New set makeup artist? It’s gonna bug me


    LOVING this season. Hilarious episode. Outstanding acting by Mindy Kaling. *applause* *hands slip because they’re wet* [pun intended]

  9. Alexa says:

    Great episode. The character making a poor decision (and both Mindy and Danny did here) does not equal the writer agreeing with that decision.I thought it actually provided a great opportunity to talk about consent and communication — and by the first five minutes of the episode, Danny definitely knew he’d made a poor choice. He certainly didn’t pressure Mindy into anything — she did that to herself, which is in keeping with her character. Love that they’re finding their way together and love that she said I love you over nose hair clippers (which were going to take 20 minutes to use)!

  10. I.R.E. says:

    Well at least Beverly is absent in this episode, which gives us some breathing room to plan adjustingly. We hope Beverly and Annette meet each other again as good friends.

    That Jeremy burning Peter’s face was a violent scene, but I think Lauren is playing tricks on both Jeremy and Peter at the same time.

  11. Everything about Mindy’s character is an exaggerated version of real life. Her drugging herself is the equivalent of a normal person having a glass (or bottle) of wine before trying something new in bed.

  12. kd83954 says:

    “I just tried something, because America was built on trying things.” omfg DANNY. i get why some people would find it icky but i thought because the writing was so on point, it wasn’t appropriate.

  13. Sharon says:

    I do not know a single woman who hasn’t done something totally irrational for the alleged sake of a relationship. And men?!?! We don’t have the time….

  14. Mandy says:

    They are all over the place sometimes. Are you telling me that Mindy can reference Bengazi, but doesn’t know who “Hillary” is?!? Either decide she is a moron or make her smart enough to understand basic references. Seriously now.

    • S. says:

      It’s not about intelligence. Tamara is smart enough to do her job and still thought Dr. L was a little boy trying to buy candy bars. Or that her name was “Glob.” I’d say this aspect of Dr. L was reference to the Bridget Jones aspect of her personality and her show which is really an homage to those kinds of movies. Sometimes they use the tropes and sometimes they take’em in a new direction. Remember Bridget totally did the, ehem, butt stuff in the movie. Well Mindy hasn’t and doesn’t want to, so there ya go. Danny let her know she was fine just as she was (didn’t say the actual movie line but that was the gist), and so was he even though a lot of women will assume a guy’s more sexually experienced (so it’s kinda a gender update on ‘Bridget’). Makes me think there was a definite intent to reference Bridget Jones this week.

  15. dman6015 says:

    This show’s going south really fast.

  16. Holston says:

    Really degenerate stuff in this one. What will be the subject next week, fisting?