Sons of Anarchy Recap: Highway to Hell

Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 5

As the old adage goes, revenge is a dish best served on the side of the road.

Uh… that is how the old saying goes, right? At the very least, it was the point driven home by Tuesday’s Sons of Anarchy, which found more than one villain getting their comeuppance right there in the street. One of them with slightly more bloodshed.

Though I do have a confession to make before we go over the specifics of “Some Strange Eruption”: Midway through the FX drama’s latest hour, I found myself growing a bit skeptical of the road map for Sons‘ final ride. I’m not naive enough to think that Jax will learn of Tara’s true killer any sooner than the final episode of the series — if he ever does, that is. I’m aware that there will be a few detours before we get to the destination.

But I also couldn’t help wondering just how much longer Jax and SAMCRO will seek revenge on the Chinese for a crime they didn’t commit. Plus, I’m surprised at how little we’ve seen Jury and the Indian Hills gang, given how integral a role they played in the gun delivery that’s set this season’s events in motion.

Now that tonight’s episode is over, however, I’m firmly on board with the roads Kurt Sutter & Co. are taking us on. Before I get your thoughts on Tuesday’s eventful hour, let’s briefly go over the episode’s finer points:

CHINESE FEUD | Following Lin’s hit on Diosa, an incredibly solemn atmosphere has overtaken SAMCRO and their businesses. And in the sheriff’s department, that melancholy comes with an added dose of confusion, as Jarry and her officers try to piece together who may be behind the massacre. Despite her numerous attempts to get SAMCRO cooperating, the club won’t breathe a word to Jarry — not even Chibs at the moment, even if he is cooperating with her, ahem, privately. (Wink wink. Nudge nudge.)

Meanwhile, Jax and the club are already plotting their retaliation against Lin — not just for the hit on Diosa, but for the murder of Tara that they still believe Lin ordered. The first item on their agenda: Tracking down Barosky’s associate Desmond, who accepted money from Lin that would keep him away from the Stockton warehouse and make it easy for the Chinese to (a) steal back their guns and (2) kill fallen SAMCRO brother West in the process. (The way that SAMCRO actually gets this information out of Desmond makes me both squirm with uneasiness and cackle with laughter. Not since American Pie has a flute held so much significance.)

Nero — whose life Lin has since threatened, as well as the safety of Nero’s son — is briefly furious with Jax for lying to him about SAMCRO’s mess with the Chinese. But after Jax admits that it was Lin who ordered the hit on Tara — feel free to add air quotes to that sentence as you read it, because it is frustratingly false — Nero is back on board with the club. He convinces Lin and his associates to meet up with Jax and Chibs, in order to get their heroin back and blow SAMCRO away while they’re at it. But the meeting in question is really a set-up, which gets Lin’s men arrested by Barosky’s crooked cop friends, and gives Jax a chance to beat Lin senseless for what he did to Tara. (Of course, Lin’s insistence that he had nothing to do with Tara’s death doesn’t faze Jax any.)

Unfortunately, Jax isn’t able to completely wipe Lin off his radar. After Gemma confesses to Unser that it was the Chinese who “killed” Tara and likely attacked Diosa, Unser urges Jarry to get the real cops on Lin’s tail. When SAMCRO hears there’s a SWAT team in the vicinity, they quickly flee the scene before Jax can do any more damage to Lin’s cranium — but Lin and his men are still arrested on multiple gun and drug charges, giving us the hour’s first side-of-the-road triumph. (I use that term very loosely, mind you.)

ROCKY ROAD | Meanwhile, Juice is forced to stay in his motel room for one more night while Gemma helps with the situation at Diosa. Shortly after spying a newspaper headline that tells of the Diosa attack, Juice encounters a Chinese motel employee who attempts to follow Juice into his room (considering Juice has technically overstayed his welcome). When the employee returns a few hours later with a set of master keys that gets him into Juice’s room, Juice mistakes him for one of Lin’s men and shoots him. And shoots him. And shoots him some more. (There’s a particularly gruesome shot of the final damage, and boy, it’s not pretty.)

Finally, Gemma is able to leave town with Juice, with the initial intention of taking him to her dad’s place for safety. But while Juice sleeps in the passenger seat, Gemma decides to take a different route — one that seemingly involves using the gun in her purse to off Juice in the middle of nowhere. When Juice wakes up, Gemma feeds him quite a few lies about their new destination —  most obvious fib: that Nero, of all people, is meeting Gemma and Juice halfway to assist with the relocation. In what world, Gemma? — and Juice knows instantly that she’s full of it. Gemma tries to grab her gun before Juice can get to it, but they swerve off the road and Juice gets to the weapon first. As he aims the gun at Gemma (and I literally shift up to the edge of my seat), Gemma begs for mercy, explaining that she just couldn’t trust Juice to keep her ultimate sin a secret. Juice doesn’t pull the trigger just yet, but next week’s hour is sure to come out of the gate swinging.

OK, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Are you a little concerned about Abel these days? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Beth says:

    Idk either.. I’m so mad that Jax is doing all this just because Gemma told him so. And everyone else is just letting him. I just can’t get over it. And I just said to my husband it’ll prob be the last episode when Jax finds out about Gemma.. that would be disappointing.

    • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

      Yup, it’s that’s a storyline that will be dragged out till the end. Anyways I don’t think Juice killed Gemma cause we all want to see that showdown with Jax finding out about Tara. Gemma is STUPID to bring up Nero’s Juicy connected the dots pretty quick after telling her the truth about betraying the MC. As for Unser i’m dying to know what kind of LIE he’s gonna tell Jax regarding ”mommy dearest”.

      • emma says:

        Uncer doesn’t know that Gemma did it. The only people that know what she did is Juice and Gemma, Uncer hasn’t figured it out yet.

        • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

          What I mean is Gemma told Jax that Unser was going to ”take her” to go see her father *meaning getting Juice out of charming/trying to killing him. So what kind of answer is he going to give Jax.

    • Bandititos says:

      I will give a clue, Gemma lies and live and the Sons rules Northern Cali…….

  2. So excuse me if I’m asking a dumb question.. but did Juice kill Gemma? I’m thinking most likely he didn’t. Not in this episode anyway.

  3. Molly says:

    I think I may be done. It’s just too much, what is juice doing, what are any of them doing? Is there a purpose? I’m not sure but don’t think I’m sticking around to find out and I stick with shows until the end, hell I stuck it out with Lost. At this point Jax is using Tara’s murder as a reason to do bad things. I’ll catchup with the recaps until I read that Gemma has been exposed sadly I don’t think I’ll read that till the finale

    • LOL…so close to the end, and you quit?

    • Chris says:

      I see where you’re coming from. The characters have just evolved into something. I can’t explain it, but they just feel shallow now I can’t bring myself to care. Right now at this point in the show, the only characters I care about walking away from this are Tig, Venus and Chibs.

      • Kelly says:

        I just don’t see how Jax, who was ready to leave the MC with Tara…start a new life and then offers her freedom to “save their boys”…sees her killed and his first thought isn’t…”Tara was right…these boys are going to die if they stay here…I’m getting them the hell out…” and not let her die – the love of his life – in vain? To not give her what she was fighting for after she’s dead.

        • vance99 says:

          Come on that’s how Jax’s mind works. It’s the environment that he was raised in. Many of us may think that way, but Jax inflicting pain ten fold to her killers is exactly what I would expect him to do after watching him throughout the series.

        • Jay says:

          It loses a little at this point for me too. Hardcore biker president isn’t going to jail for a woman that put him through the wringers.

    • Alison Smith says:

      Molly, I completely agree. I stuck it out with Lost, and I’ll probably stick it out with Sons, but it’s getting tough. It has always been violent, but at least Jax stood for something. Now he’s no better than Clay, and yes, it pains me to say that.

      • Kelly says:

        No , I wouldn’t say he’s no better than Clay. Jax is just lost right now. Jax is not killing for material gain or power. He’s blinded by his pain and his need for revenge. Clay was just power hungry and looking for capital gains at any cost. Totally different.

        • Kelly says:

          When he had Lin down on the ground and was kicking and punching him, he was screaming “her name was Tara!” Because he understood that Tara was not just some one’s Old lady…she was much more than that. he is in deep deep pain.

  4. wrstlgirl says:

    I’ve said all along that it would be the finale when Jax finds out all of Gemma’s BS lies, but the thought that he would never find out is disturbing. That will be really hard to swallow. Tara deserves the truth to come out. Doubtful that Juice will kill Gemma, but highly likely that she will kill him soon.

    • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

      Well she may try to kill him but now he’s running to Alverez and the Mayans very curious to see if they take him in. Jax needs to WAKE THE HELL UP and see what is happening to Abel!

      • wrstlgirl says:

        Yeah you may be right about Juice, he’s just been on the edge for so long it just seems like he could go at anytime. And Jax is completely oblivious to what’s happening with those boys. It bothers me too.

  5. If Juice is meeting with the Mayans, it usually means he’s got a bargaining chip (Gemma). Who’s got the power now? Glad it turned around for Juice. I was sitting at the edge of my seat waiting for Juice to pull that trigger. Awww…no payoff…I suppose later.

  6. rachelle says:

    1) As much as I hate Gemma and want her to die, she was pretty dumb leaving the gun as exposed as she did.
    2) Juice is a maaaaasive idiot. I used to feel sympathy for him, but now I see that he’s an unhinged looney tune who needs to be put out of his misery.
    3) Jax has lost his proverbial ish. His rage has blinded him to the point of stupidity. His hubris is so great that he can’t see his potential downfall on the horizon. I felt kind of bad that his plan to massacre the Chinese was ruined, because now, the Chinese have the opportunity to retaliate in kind and boy, will Lin retaliate. Jax better get ready to say goodbye to some of his men and possibly to say goodbye for himself. SAMCRO will not walk away unscathed this season. It drives me crazy that they’re behaving like they’re untouchable. The massacre at Diosa Norte is only the beginning.
    4) I want Althea and Chibs to work out so bad! But I feel like at least one of them is gonna die before the series finale.
    5) God. I want Unser or Nero to figure out that Gemma murdered Tara. I need a confrontation between Jax and Gemma like I need oxygen at this point. I need it! In that vein, I don’t want Juice to have killed her and I don’t believe he did.
    6) I think I say this every time I comment, but this season is rocking my socks. ☺️

    • dianaloveschiki says:

      I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH YOU!!!! i definitely think that Juice will turn over to the Mayans… either he will bring Gemma with him to be some sort of prisoner… (but i dont think the Mayans will wanna babysit her 24/7) or he might injure her and she will be left wandering around the desert or what have you. It’s too soon in the season to kill her off just yet.

    • I agree. I think we’ve all been waiting for that REAL showdown between Jax and Gemma for a while now. Especially since she killed his Dad and this would just be the icing on the cake. Hurryyyyy up!!!!!!!

    • Louie says:

      The worst ending I could think of is Jax dying in Gemma’s arms as she tells him sorry but it was all her fault. I hope that does not happen

  7. JJson says:

    Juice should have made Gemma suck his dick and take one in the ass to teach her not to betray people who save her. Gemma should then get pregnant and have a retarded child and Jax learns that Juice is now his stepdad.

  8. James D says:

    Oh please Juice drag that sorry excuse for a human being back to Jax so he can end her. They weren’t lying when they said this would be the bloodiest season, Jeez i’ve lost count at how many bodies have dropped. Jimmy Smits continues to impress after all the years I’ve watched him he still brings something fresh to each character he plays I hope Nero gets out of this clean (yeah right in what universe) I really hope that Sutter doesn’t drag Gemma’s demise out until the end of the season, he will of course, but i can still hope. good episode.

    • john doe says:

      Nero a good dude hes the mediator but he aint no sucka he will pull the trigger

      • Kelly says:

        I have a feeling it’s going to be Wendy and Nero raising those boys….

        • Emma says:

          You are correct – Wendy and Nero will ride off with Abel and Nero and his boy and live on the ranch he dreamed of and be happy. I hope Kurt gives that to us as viewers

        • anna lolonis says:

          For sure, i see wendy/nero hooking up….and Gemma either takes herself “out” and Jax with her, OR, she goes on the run and Jax will be constantly looking for her, OR, John Teller isn’t dead and he will come back from self exile in Ireland and BLOW HER ASS TO HELL and put the club & Jax back in shape

  9. Dana Hughley says:

    I kinda want juice to kill Gemma, but too i want jax to find out that she killed her, Gemma has been mean and jealous of Tara, I like juice but i know eventually he will get killed, I hate that this is the final season, hopefully they make a movie for the big screen and give them the best ending ever

    • john doe says:

      I dont care what order she getts it in but they should do her like the mexican cartel does people…off with her head and a taped confesion rite before that she the cause of more death tjan anybody elses own hand

    • Purple says:

      WHen I was watching I was yelling pull the trigger Juice. I have no sympathy for Gemma even though her guilt is driving her nuts

  10. john doe says:

    Gemma needs to b killed at some point she the reason samcro went south bck n the day when jax dad was alive…its simple…kill gemma

  11. Lynn S says:

    While Gemma certainly deserves to be shot by Juice I doubt he will pull the trigger. If that happened who would Jax go after for her murder? Wayne is likely to be a survivor in the final episode in my opinion. It is well known to all that Wayne will do ANYTHING for Gemma. Jax would know to go right to Wayne to find out why Gemma was NOT on her way to see her ailing father when she left to take Juice out to kill him. I think that the Jax-Gemma showdown with some admission or realization that she killed Tara will be later. When Jax finds out this final betrayal I think he may kill himself. This would leave Gemma, Wendy and Wayne alone Abel and Thomas. What a final picture that makes. BTW – I love the story line about Tig and his “girlfriend.” That has provided some comic relief to this otherwise GRIM season.

  12. john doe says:

    I dont care what order she getts it in but they should do her like the mexican cartel does people…off with her head and a taped confesion rite before that she the cause of more death tjan anybody elses own hand as for her killing jax wife …..i couldnt stand the bi@ch anyway ..she was to controling they took her outta the picture cause jax wouldve ended up on some construction crew in idaho if she had any say so..

  13. deb says:

    I think Juice may use this to try to get back in the club. Letting Gemma live but forcing her to tell Jax what she did.

    • DJ says:

      This is how I think the final will play out.
      Jax and SAMCRO will kill Juice who they find wearing a Mayan cut after he was betrayed by them.
      Tig, Bobby and Chibs (this will be the worst part) will be killed by either the few Chinese left.
      Nero and Jax will be killed by “Black or Chinese” at different times
      Wendy and Unser will leave charming taking the boys with them.
      And finally Gemma will live alone and be forced to live with the fact she caused everyone she loved to be killed for her own selfishness.

  14. ReniRaj says:

    The finale is going to be:
    Gemma kills Juice
    Jax kills Gemma
    Nero kills Jax
    The end

    • Jen says:

      Finale –
      Jax kills Juice
      Jax kills Gemma
      Jax confesses
      Jax is killed in or before he makes it to prison
      SMACRO lves on

      • Jay says:

        I hate to say it, but I believe Jax gets riddled with bullets in a blaze of glory. As he lays dying Gemma confesses. You see the hatred in his eyes, Gemma commits suicide, or Able’s mom kills Gemma. Hollywood irony…

  15. Bwhit says:

    I know that Jax is so blind with rage that he wasn’t going to believe Lin but no one else in SAMCRO noticed that Lin had no freaking idea what Jax was talking about (I’m looking at you Bobby and Chibs, the usual voices of reason).
    Gemma has ruined literally every person on this show but the most sad and horrible recipients of this are Abel and Thomas. Of course the little guy wants to go home, before Tara died he was spared from all this crap now he’s being tucked in at night in a bed where porno is shot. Jax can’t even look at Thomas now, good job Gemma, you killed the only stability the boys had.

  16. Kelly says:

    There is one slight flaw in this plot line with Juice shooting the Asian groundskeeper…..At the time of the newspaper article on Diosa, nobody – public, press or Juice – know that SOA are targeting the Chinese for the massacre…so why would Juice reading/learning of the massacre in the papers make him think 2 minutes later that an Asian man was one of Lin’s men after him – leading him to murder the man? Doesn’t make sense. Juice isn’t even on the SOA inside anymore…he doesn’t “know” anything. He doesn’t know what the Sons are doing in retaliation…he’s holed up in an apartment.

    • JEst says:

      Juice didn’t need to know any of that. All he needed to know was that the guy (regardless of his race) followed him earlier in the day, then later came into the apartment. Since he is so paranoid, he’d have likely had the same reaction to anyone.

      • Jennifer says:

        Juice is the one who told Gemma to say it was the Chinese who killed Tara in the first place. So the newspaper didn’t have to give any information. Juice knows it was the Chinese, who else would retaliate against SAMCRO?

      • Kelly says:

        No, he didn’t need to know. The fact that he killed him is not my point. My point is that he said to Gemma and Unser, holding up the paper, that “the Chinese did this” (followed later by “We did this”) How would he know that? He has no idea what has transpired between the Chinese and Sons since Tara was killed. He’s on the outside. My point is, this is a pretty serious writing error.l

    • King says:

      I believe Gemma told him that she told Jax it was the chinese who killed Tara. So he put 2 and 2 together. Though how he did it so quickly I don’t know

  17. Lea says:

    Juice is gonna use Gemma as a shield to try and get back into the club’s better graces…of course, it won’t be until the last few episodes…and expose her to Jax for the murderess bitch she is…and of course, it’s not gonna help Juice because everyone gonna die in the end!!! I love Tuesday night

    • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

      Even if he does do that to get back with SAMCRO it’s not going to work. They can’t TRUST him anymore. I say he has Gemma in the car tied up while trying to talk with the Mayans. From the looks of the promo he’s WILLING to give up ALL INTELL on the SONS to Alverez to help/protecting him.

  18. Wendy says:

    Jax has to find out about Gemma! I don’t think Juice will kill her, but use her to get back involved with the club, whether on their bad or good side. But, Juice and Gemma both have lost their wits! I mean, come on now, they both talk to themselves and are constantly paranoid. As far as the boys, I think Wendy and Jax will get back together and raise them together. After Jax finds out about what Gemma done to Tara, he’ll kill her. Nero is too understanding and I don’t think he’ll defend Gemma after he finds out what she’s done. I think he’ll just work to get the whore business back up and running and keep his son safe, and to do that, he’ll have to stay in good with Jax. But, it is the the “final ride”. The whole club will probably be killed off, including Jax! I also think that Abel will leave an opening for a spin off for some other show. Just like SOA started out with Jax and his letters from his dad. If so, I’d watch it. I love SOA and watch it religiously. I hate to know this is the final episode.

  19. Jen says:

    Gemma is the catalyst for everything and deserves what she gets. Jax is the one who is doing everything and he deserves the same thing. She lied to protect herself, no doubt, but Jax is the one who who’s acting like a freaking uncaring nut job with all of his vengeful mass murdering and while he’s appears to feel bad about all the deaths (ie Diosa), he’s not slowing down one bit.. maybe seems even worse now. He’s deluding himself into thinking he’s protecting his boys when he’s doing the complete opposite. It’s frightening what’s happening to Abel. Poor kid is practically doomed already. Thank you daddy dearest.

    • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

      Reading all these comments about Juice and Gemma situation is making me excited to watch next Tuesday’s ep. Really can’t wait, it’s coming down to the NITTY GRITTY let the body count continue to climb up!

      • Jen says:

        oh man, I know. As much as I feel like Jax has become devoid of any humanity and the club is just on a freaking path to hell, I still wanna see where this ride takes us. I need to see who “pays” for their crimes and who will get away with murder. Can Jax save his soul? fascinatinggggggggggg

    • Italia says:

      I want Abel to kill nanna dearest. Now that would be awesome and creepy.

      • jd says:

        Heres one for you. The club jax included gets taken out….Gemma raises the boys…final scene is Able years reading Jaxs writing. She calls him down for breakfast, he puts on his samcro cut and walks out of the room. Fade to black

    • Skye says:

      Somehow Juice gets Gemma to confess to Unser (possibly by threatening harm to the boys) and in the aftermath Unser kills his love Gemma saving Jax that task knowing that Jax will believe him (Unser) and then Juice is finally home again. Doesn’t Jax have a half-sister in Ireland not involved in crime–if so he should take the boys there and live off the land and in the stillness divine the hidden. Nero and Wendy blissfully take care of his son. Bobby takes over the club. Tig and Venus continue continuing and Chibs’ journey remains ethereally volcanic.

  20. Altanater says:

    I think Juice is going to use Gemma as leverage to get back into the club. It was obviously the dude from the other charter that ratted out Jax after he set up his boy with the heroine.

    What bothers me is how 16 women were massacred and they play It off as just another day In Charming.. That is a national news story!!! You don’t really feel the emotion and devastation that it should be.

    • Jen says:

      True, Altanater. Aside from Gemma and Tara, women are pretty much used to move storylines as victims or hookers (or hooker victims). Plenty of women murdered on this show by the club or as victims of enemies of the club. 16 hookers massacred….. they’re kinda throwaway people, sadly, or the outcry by the community would have been a hell of a lot louder if they’d been teachers or clerks or something. Sad world but true.

  21. herrumph says:

    Gemma is probably alive and in hiding in fear that Juice will make it known that she killed Tara. My prediction is one or both of Jax’s kids get killed by collateral. There can be no happy ending. Gemma will probably end up in a mental hospital seeing everyone she loves is dead because she wants to believe everything she’s done was for her family. And/or Jax ends up in prison having his club seen destroyed based on a lie.

    Story wise I’m worried people are not going to get their just do. Tara was the last one who knew about Gemma’s treachery on Jax’s father. What would’ve been a great plot device against Gemma is gone. Is SOA going to end the same way? Since the Triads where the most wronged over Gemma’s lie, are they going to get robbed from revenge? In the universe of revenge rights, I’m expecting the Triads to at least get to destroy the club to hurt Jax in the end. Not sure that’s going to happen. Also I hope Kurt Sutter was exaggerating saying on two Sons get killed in the final season. Why would he divulge that unless it was deception.

  22. Mary says:

    This is what I think is going to happen, Abel is going to over hear someone talking about Gemma killing his mother and he is going to go off and kill her himself. JAX at this point is so stupid for not even giving Gemma a thought that she could have done this. who on this show wanted her dead more???/ GEMMA, hellloooooo this point makes me so mad, and all this killing is senseless and when the finale is here there isn’t going to be anyone left standing. just sayin……

    • Jen says:

      No. I dont think for one minute that Abel would be killing someone. That’d be too much, even for Kurt Sutter, but I think you’re right that’s it could be possible that Abel could overhear “the secret” and then tell his dad and dad’ll take care of business.

    • Daliah says:

      And you were right in some ways, he overheard Gemma confessing to Thomas. It was one of the most intense, beautiful scenes in SOA

  23. jax commits suicide in front of gemma to make her “live” with all she’s done I refuse to be your son I refuse to lead this lie anmore “the club” and you get to live with being responsible for killing anyone who loved you. as he dies the police show up keeping her away from the boys nero and wendy end up with them. the club elects bobby it becomes the hippie commune john teller always wanted. all opinions of course just see it playing out like this

  24. the girl says:

    I am really shipping Nero and Wendy right now. I can’t wait for them to take the three kids and ride off into the sunset together.

    • Jen says:

      Darn rights, girl. The only hope for those kids is to get them as far away from Charming, SAMCRO and the Tellers as humanly possible, with or without Jax’s blessing. And Nero and Wendy together makes sense for all kinda reasons. right on.

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  26. hairzone says:

    Ok guys, think about this.. Remember, Jury and the Indian hills gang, and how Jax and a few of them killed the 2 boys that they think we’re just junkies and someone Jury got from the bar to randomly help them with the herion bust? Okay, as we can see from when Jury comes to that house and finds them dead, that its apparent that one of them is his, we haven’t seen nor heard anything about that, and I think Jury knows who it was , because he knows how all this outlaw stuff is about don’t leave no witnesses. I think some how, Jury will be the one that might kill someone dear to Jax or find out what really happened to Tara and somehow let it get out to watch Jax unravel worse or he may kill Gemma himself(jury) to get back @ Jax and tell him it was him that killed his mother for killing his son or he could kidnap his boys to get his attention to draw him out, (but I don’t think he would hurt the boys) even though he knows he killed his boy, he will kill the closest thing to it, His mother.Or you know, the Mayans and Nero are pretty close and I also think juice will come to them and tell them about Gemma, and I think the head of the Mayans will tell Nero and I think Nero could be the one that may take Gemma out because he has seen all the bloodshed she has caused and how it threatened his son and he remembers she told him last season how she killed jax’s father and thats when they broke up because he seen that side of Gemma he didnt want a part of. So she either kills Nero because she dont want him exposing her or in an altercation , he kills her..either way, ..and as far as juice, it could be a # of people that will kill him , just who will is the question. Its a coin toss of who’s gonna stay and who’s gonna get iced.. Its a wild ride till the end.

  27. thai seuraa says:

    Hey jujst wanted to give youu a quick heads up. The words in yur article seem
    too be running off tthe screen in Internet explorer.
    I’m not sure if this is a formatting issue or something to do with weeb browser compatibility but I thought I’d post to let you know.

    The design look greeat though! Hope you get the
    problem resolved soon. Kudos

  28. dean smith says:

    jax will not beleive his mother killed tara,in my opinion. I’m ex-biker and there have been some major mistakes so far in the story line. When the hit was made on all the girls at desoa gemma was supposed to be there. No 1 asked why she was not. Big error&what biker wears tennis shoes? REALLY
    From HOSS

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  30. Purple says:


  31. Matthew says:

    I have watched this show for years but why is this final season seem so well stupid. Tara was killed using kitchen tools if it was the Chinese they would have shot her. The Chinese have guns too like the sons. Didn’t Gemma run away from Unser because she was pissed about Tara and then Tara ends up dead. Gemma is like “wasn’t me” and no one suspects her. Jax who usually very smart is just going nuts killing everyone he thinks is responsible. Then he tells Able when they are sitting on the couch in lock down mode. “It’s my job to keep everyone safe.” Wait, What? You were about to go to prison for your sons and now your starting wars you can’t win. Where is the fun in this club anymore. No one rides or parties or has sex. It’s all business but not a smart business like the show was about before. I think it should have ended when Tara died. She was the light of these dark people. Now we ride truly till we die. Not to end negative the show is like the Sapranos on wheels and I enjoyed seasons 1 through 6. Thank you for that.

  32. mel says:

    I still think Jax knows his Mother killed Tara and he planned it that way. She was a threat and that look in the park last year was pure hate. Gemma and Jax have a very twisted mother/son relationship.

    • Kelly says:

      Then how do you explain him going on a rampage to kill the Chinese if he knows it was Gemma? I mean, what he did to that first Asian guy from the party was some sick and twisted $h!t!!

  33. Sean the Rider says:

    Another episode with a few twists but i must say one of the more boring episodes this season.
    1) Is it just me or does anybody else think that Jarry is using Chibs to get closer to the MCM and get more info, i keep getting these little hints from things she says that make me think this!
    2) Am i the only one who has gotten really bored with the Juice part of the plot every episode he gets scared, has a mental break down and points a gun at some one, can he just die already.
    3) Does anyone else think Nero is going to die ??
    4) i have this weird feeling that Jaxs and he ex junkie girlfriend are going to get back together, and maybe possibly both survive the whole season ??
    5) Do you guys think that Jaxs will find out it was not the Chinese who killed Tara in the next couple episodes??

  34. mel says:

    Another theory is that the homeless woman’s daughter will get killed as collateral damage and the homeless woman will kill baby Thomas as revenge thus leaving Gemma, Jax and Abel as the ever loving psycho family. The Thomas Tellers in the past have always suffered tragically.

  35. nopenopenope says:

    Juicy does not shoot her….she has scenes with lea Michelle next week

  36. Ellen M says:

    I think Able is going to over hear Gemma tell how she killed Tara and Abel will kill grandma!

  37. Paul says:

    There is no way Gemma dies she has to have the final confrontation with Jax and he must look into her eyes! Not sure of the fate of juice now as he asks alvarez to help protect him by giving him dirt on SAMCRO!wow amazing episode last night but yea. Gemma wont die..YET! NICE to also read that only 2 club members will die! Hell maybee on of them will be Rat! Lol i could definitely handle that

  38. Paul says:

    Well the club has no idea that the Chinese did not kill Tara so they are backing him on his mission of vengeance but what im predicting and perhaps the most shocking that will happen is Chibs giving up his club and start to work with the Sherriff..seems very possible!:)

  39. dman6015 says:

    Can we get on the Highway to End of Season? Fast?

  40. VWT says:

    Not sure why anyone buys that the Chinese killed Tara. It makes no sense. The violence by code is directed to the principals and not the families. Whole season is a little over the top and losing some of it’s realism.

  41. emma says:

    They had to make Abel into a “mini Jacks,” to insure that if they ever try to revive the series down the road there would be a grown up Abel to take the helm of Samcrow. I will be sooooo frustrated if Gemma doesn’t get hers from Jacks. I have this feeling that they are going to let her live and Jacks will be the one kicking the bucket at the end of this series, PLEASE say it ain’t so!

  42. MOuse says:

    If this thing ends ala Sopranos (Jax not finding out), I am gonna be sooo pissed.

  43. RJ says:

    These fool’s are all oblivious of the effects of their sociopathic death style on poor Abel. Did you guys see that poor baby with the hammer trying to protect his brother? That scene was not meaningless. What if baby boy gets the hammer again and kills that B Gemma in her sleep or his gullible father who should know better than anyone else with the exception of Nero that his mother is a complete and utter liar. By the way, Unser knew that Gemma took his truck and was at the location of Tara’s murder, Right?

  44. angel sanchez says:

    Can’t wait till tables reign

  45. angel sanchez says:

    Ables reign

  46. tricia says:

    As far as Abel goes the boy needs a butt whipping and better training. Abel is being watched but not being taught. I’m thinking that Jax would be the one to kill Jemma once he finds out it was her and not the Chinese, Jemma causing all those deaths. Someone has to live to tell the story and it will probably be the crack head.

  47. tricia says:

    I also want to add, I never liked Maggie Siff as Tara I was not disappointed when Gemma killed her. It was a bad way to go but I didn’t like her character. Jax should be with anybody but Tara. Gemma is a true ride or die chick and true mother. If Gemma wasn’t so afraid of Jax I think she would have told him but how things went down and how they kept going down she had no choice. That’s the thing with the truth there’s one story to don’t have to keep adding to it or changing it. My ideal ending would be that kinds out right before he dies and Nero and Gemma get to raise the kids. Sounds sick doesn’t it but hey it’s just writers writing it’s only a tv show.

  48. Nikola says:

    Gemma is the most evil character in the series. She is responsible for all this violence and the bloodshed because of her lies. She falsely accused the Chinese of killing Tara, and that’s why there’s war between the club and the Chinese now. Chinese wouldn’t hit Diosa and massacre innocent poeple there had it not been for Gemma telling Jax it was the Chinese who killed Tara. She wanted to kill Juice who saved her and helped her with her in her lies. She has no integrity and not even a ounce of morality. I want to see her gone form the show!

  49. LABete says:

    The season is finally getting good for me as Gemma’s lie starts to spread around to people who could actually prove it false. Now the police, Nero, Unser, Baroski, Lin and his crew know and might be able to convince someone (if not Jax) in SAMCRO to look into it a bit more. Plus, soon the Mexican gang leader will know the truth, if Juice has his way. It has really been killing me to watch Jax wage this unholy gang war based on Gemma’s lie. I really want (and dread) to watch the scene when Jax confronts Gemma with all her lies. That is going to be a heart-stopping scene!

  50. Leah says:

    Bit behind on my SOA eps sadly, so I don’t think anyone will read this. I am scared to think that Gemma will get away with Tara’s murder and I think the series may end with Jax never knowing who really killed his wife. However, I think poor Abel (whom she sees as another Jax) will sadly be collateral damage in the sick and twisted war that Jax has waged against seeminly everyone (on Gemma’s word) and that Abel’s death will defeat any fight that Jax has left in him and he will take his own life. Gemma will have then have to live with the effects of a dead son and dead grandson knowing that the blood is on her hands. Nero / Wendy will know the truth about Gemma and will take Thomas and raise him the way Tara had wanted for her whole family.

    But who knows! I really just want Gemma to suffer in some fashion and to not get her blood stained hands on those boys to raise another generation of twisted individuals heading SAMCRO.