AHS: Coven DVD Video: How Did They Really Choose the Next Supreme?

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As the battle for Supreme-acy raged on American Horror Story: Coven last season, a far fiercer battle was happening behind the scenes.

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TVLine has an exclusive video from the Coven DVD box set — officially on shelves Tuesday, in advance of Wednesday’s Freak Show premiere — which illustrates the producers’ ongoing debate throughout the season. As co-executive producer Jessica Sharzer reveals, “Right up until the very last episode, we were arguing over who the next Supreme should be.”

The clip even features an interview with (spoiler alert!) eventual Supreme Sarah Paulson, who recalls the fateful moment Ryan Murphy gave her the good news.

Hit PLAY on the video above, then drop a comment with your thoughts on Coven: Was the right Supreme chosen?

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  1. Marco says:

    Well, as Sarah Paulson pointed out, the image for the Lady Of Seven Powers was on her credit in the opening, so I don’t believe one bit of what the other two are declaring. Cordelia was always going to be the Supreme.

    As for Andy’s question: the only ‘right’ thing in Coven was the ‘Surprise bitch’ quote. As for the rest… the single worst season of television that aired in the 2013-2014 season. Yes, even worse than Lumberjack Dexter and How I Met Your Mother But Mostly Your StepMom To Be.

    • Jerry says:

      Unfortunately I have to agree. The AHS team seems to be able to come up with good concepts but doesn’t know how to execute them properly. I think Coven started out strong, so did Asylum. But both just took their story in some weird directions.

      • Marco says:

        Asylum, though, was surprisingly not awful. In fact it’s pretty good, and it holds up to repeated viewings. Someone told me that it actually was supposed to be season 1, and it wasn’t only because the heads of FX didn’t want an ‘old woman’ as the lead (has anyone found sources about this? Because I haven’t).

        Coven was already awful on the first go, and personally, I didn’t think it started strong at all. In fact, after watching the season premiere I had a ‘This Is Gonna SUCK’ moment. Which I didn’t have before, with either Murder House or Asylum.

      • thisismenow says:

        FX led them to believe early on that Coven would become a spin off. So they slowed down some of the story lines and found out halfway through the season the plans had changed.

    • wordsmith says:

      Coven was my favorite of the three seasons thus far by a considerable margin. It was at times empowering and escapist where the others were mostly bleak and dire. I guess that maybe makes it less “horror” in a traditional sense, but I count that in its favor, rather than as a detriment. It was something new and different, and just more fun overall.

      • Marco says:

        Maybe for you, but I didn’t find anything worthwile in that unholy mess. All I saw were unfotunate implications (female empowerment can only come if the ground is heavily skewed towards women already, women with power are evil, women can rarely cooperate, and if so, only for a little while, masculinity is evil and femininity is good), Also, the fact that it was less ‘horror’ in a show called American HORROR Story is unforgivable. Coven is another AHS: American HORRIBLE Story.

      • websnap says:

        I loved it too.

    • Arie says:

      Exaclty. Cordelia was always gong to be the new Supreme. Now this all makes sense. Ryan Murphy said that something in the opening credits reveals what happens at the end of the season, and the image of the Lady of Seven Powers over Sarah Paulson’s name has to be what he was talking about.

    • IMHO says:

      I haven’t seen anything worse than the Final Season of Dexter.

    • Kevin says:

      whatevs, it’s ridiculous how people love to hate on shows on the internet, utterly ridiculous. cruel, unforgiving, unnecessarily snarky mob = 70% of commenters

  2. Bryce says:

    I’d love answers for why Queenie was the only one of the girls who didn’t even get a chance to perform the 7 Wonders. A true testament to how awful this edition turned out.

  3. ... says:

    “Right up until the very last episode, we were arguing over who the next Supreme should be.”

    This quote tells you all you need to know about Coven. Poorly planned, poorly constructed, and poorly paced, not to mention its lack of stakes (barely anybody stayed dead) and lack of scares. Just an awful season of television and such a step down from Asylum.

  4. SAM says:

    I just watched the repeats that aired and enjoyed the show. I didn’t much like that everyone murdered someone else in the series but overall enjoyed most of the story.

  5. Whatever says:

    I enjoyed AHS Coven & Season 1 more than AHS Asylum.

  6. Ray says:

    (Ignore this…just testing)

  7. TheFan says:

    ALL AHS season’s are AMAZING! If you didn’t like it…then you missed the deeper message. The writers have an outstanding talent that plant the most prophetic and logical messages within each season.
    Everyone keeps putting Coven down. The scene when Hank goes in killing at Marie’s salon while that song was playing sent chills up my spine and tears to my eyes. A beautiful and deep scene.
    The scene at the end when Fiona dies in Cordelia’s arms…had me in tears. That whole scene embodied the older generation passing as the new one gains their footing. When Myrtle made Cordelia burn her at the stake….simply heartbreaking. That season was so moving…and if you didn’t get it…you just have no depth to you. It’s not the shows problem…it’s you.

    I will never forget Sister Jude’s last words in Asylum.. “remember when you are looking in the face of evil…evil is looking back at you.” Perfectly summed up that season.

    There are some amazing writer’s and creators on this show….simply amazing. I have no doubt in my mind that Freakshow is going to be scary, gory, twisted, …..and yes, if you have any depth to you at all….there will most likely be a deeper message within the story.

    • Marco says:

      Yeeah… keep telling yourself that.

      Coven was terrible. End of.

      • TheFan says:

        Wow..Marco…your life must be really bad that you have to come online and pick at my post….lol Get a life…. a real one…not just one online picking at strangers.
        Still LOVE Coven…lol

        • Marco says:

          You actually picked at me first. Also, you talk big for someone who basically told me I have a problem if I don’t enjoy a season of a Tv series. Third, why do you assume I don’t have a life? Because I replied to you? Grow up and get a life better than the one you have.

    • Jake says:

      Hahaha… Are you kidding me? It was terrible. There is nothing moving about it…

  8. Cay says:

    In my mind Sarah Paulson was the true supreme from the beginning. I really thought everyone else watching knew this, but how could they if you guys didn’t? It seem to be the only choice to me. She was the one that was tormented the most and didn’t know that all that torment was for a reason, so she can rise as supreme. So looking forward to tonight’s new season!

  9. Mikael says:

    Angela Bassett as Marie Laveau MADE this season for me. She was so fun to watch. She, and Kathy Bates as well.

  10. Chad says:

    The image that flashes at Sarah Paulson’s credit isn’t “the lady of the Seven powers”. It’s Santa Muerte, which translates to Saint Death. She’s a Mexican folk saint who represents your personal Death and is appealed to for love, money, revenge, etc. I assumed the reason for Santa Muerte being present is because she is venerated in some houses of Haitian Voodoo. I think people are getting confused on the point of her seven colors. Originally, she was venerated wearing three robes of white, red, and black. But when she was introduced into botanicas, she was commercialized and new robes/colours invented. One version is s depiction of her robe with the Seven colours of the rainbow.