Revenge Recap: Old Flames

Revenge Recap

“I wish you would step back from that ledge my… estranged cokehead half-sister who wants me dead.”

That’s the tune Emily sang on Sunday’s Revenge as Charlotte attempted to nosedive off the roof of her hotel. Jack’s new cop buddy Ben — who remains warm for Emily’s form — managed to pull Charlotte off the edge, but she was still a shattered young lady. And just like Humpty Dumpty, there wasn’t a single thing capable of piecing Charlotte back together; not even the truth.

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Emily thought that by admitting to kidnapping Charlotte and finally telling her about their mutual father, everything would be OK — but Char wasn’t exactly buying Em’s “I didn’t have a choice” defense for using her all these years. (Is it just me or is that everyone‘s favorite excuse on this show?)

In fact, Charlotte was so peeved at Emily that she lured her to the Stowaway, knocked her out, then set the place ablaze. (In addition to this being a solid revenge-y move on Charlotte’s part, it was also a clever way of eliminating the bar set. Seriously, who even works there anymore?)

Elsewhere in the Hamptons this week…

revenge-david-clarkePRISONER OF LOVE | That tense Victoria-David scene TVLine showed you earlier this week turned out to be a dream, which David somehow knew, because when he threw Victoria in her cell, he literally told her, “This isn’t a dream.” Victoria fired back with a few predictable lies, like how Conrad forced her to be “the good wife.” (Lie! That job is taken.) She also told David that he was “always” the love of her life. (Another lie! Does the name “Pascal” ring a bell?)

The lovers’ reunion became a little more truthful during a trip to the diner — as if these two super-famous locals would just sit at a damn diner, devil may care — when David admitted to killing Conrad. “I did it for you,” he told Victoria, which is really what every woman would want to hear in that situation. (Am I right, ladies?)

Then came the real twist: Victoria has already managed to turn David against Emily with just 11 little words: “I cannot entertain a future with you until she’s been stopped.” (Oh, Vicky, you clever shrew.)

RISKY BUSINESS | As payback for Gideon’s dead-lady shenanigans, Daniel sabotaged one of his important — I say “important,” even though Gideon didn’t even bother wearing an under-shirt — business meetings, because nothing screams “don’t work with me” like a surprise baggy of coke! And Gideon’s week went from bad to worse when he threatened to kill Margaux and Daniel, then suddenly found himself in prison for having more drugs in his bag at the airport. (Now how did that get in there, Margie?)

OK, let’s talk: Were you surprised that Emily spilled so many beans all at once? Are you dying for the eventual Emily-David reunion? And, seriously, raise your hand if you care — at all — about the Daniel/Margaux/business storyline? Drop a comment with your review of this week’s episode below.

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  1. Roco says:

    This has started out to become a boring season, and already in the 2th episode..

    • iMember says:

      I disagree with this so much I can’t express it enough. I’ve found this season to be moving quite quickly and it’s only episode 2 and already so much has happened.

    • bryceradick says:

      I disagree as well. My only qualm is Daniel and Margaux… Seriously who cares about this arc when so much other good stuff is happening? Give Daniel something else to do. Bring back Ashley. Idk, anything but this. this Margaux/Gideon stuff is just so lame and seems inconsequential.

      • iMember says:

        Which is why I’m so glad they got rid of Gideon so quickly. They didn’t waste time at all which reflects on how quickly the pacing is this season and it’s going really good!

    • Sara says:

      I miss Conrad. About this episode, I couldn’t stop thinking about Emily’s wrist. They always showed the infinity tattoo on her wrist & they expect us to forget that. Why couldn’t they show the cut marks on the other wrist?

    • Pixidilious says:

      I agree with you. I’m not going to sit through this all season. I’m going to skip it all and just watch the last episode, since they’ll have a snazzy “previously on revenge” recap for me. I’m seriously not in the mood for David trying to kill his own daughter, Emily telling him she’s Amanda, him not believing her, Victoria brainwashing him, blah blah blah. We’ve had 3 seasons of that. I’m done with this show. I got super excited when Charlotte was on that ledge, because I thought they were finally going to get rid of that character, but no luck. So no thank you. Thank God Walking Dead is back next week!

      • I agree with you completely. The show is boring and predictable. I am already sick of David, Charlotte should have jumped and there is not enough Nolan. He has become a clownish sidekick, which annoys me to no end. And to annoy me even further, they have David tell Victoria he killed Conrad in the exact same monotone words Frank did, “I did it all for you.” Is Victoria THAT irresistible? Come on, David, get real. You did it for your own revenge. I miss Conrad. At least he was smart.

      • scville says:

        Totally, totally agree, and further, what’s up with the ridiculous overacting and unlikely personality shifts? Charlotte was seriously so hurt that some Eurotrash coke buddy hookup doesn’t “care” about her that she wants to kill herself? Oh, PLEASE.

  2. Chris says:

    I don’t think I have ever disliked a character more in all of television history than Charlotte and that was before she did what she did.

    • S says:

      Exactly. Well….maybe Ellis from Smash, but hardly anyone watched that.

      • Caroline says:

        hahaha, no I remember Ellis. I stopped watching that show because of him. Yes, Charlotte needs to go ASAP. She had so many chances to improve, but she just ends up whining, doing drugs, and acting dumb. Aside from the kidnapping, Emily didn’t do anything directly to Charlotte, she did it to herself. Victoria has done more harm to her and from the looks of the preview for next week’s episode, Charlotte and Victoria will team up. wtf? There was a time when Victoria was redeemable, but not anymore. I can’t wait for David to realize Emily is his daughter.

    • alex says:

      Not even king Geoffrey lol?

  3. Greg says:

    LOL. This show has now become funny to comment on, as opposed to fun to comment on because it is good. *sigh* A few things…

    1. Someone needs to tell new cop he doesn’t need to puff out his chest in every scenes. Yeah, you have pecs and you work out but work on your posture a bit. We get it, you are a man’s man.
    2. So, mid-season fnale obvious ending scene- after weeks of David remaining in hiding doing little things for Victoria, Emily finally sees him. And cue the end of the show until it returns for the spring.
    3. I cut David Clarke no slack. Yeah, he doesn’t know she is alive but he still let her go to juvie and foster home to foster home as a kid. Did he have his reasons? They better be good (like, Amanda would be killed if he revealed himself good).
    4. Charlotte… LOL. Enough said. Sociopath.
    5. Ugh at Daniel and MarGOAWAY. Who cares? At least Gideon is gone.
    6. Not enough Nolan.

    • Melanie says:

      I must agree with you on the fun of commenting that show. I was pissed that David said the only thing that kept him alive was V. Come on, you have two daughters, and one that’s going through hell (mainly because of the woman you slept with)

    • hezer says:

      Lol so funny I totally agree especially on the Daniel and Margaux also need more Nolan. PLEASE God don’t bring back annoying bitch Ashley. Daniel also needs some fun scenes not just Charli.

    • Jarrad says:

      Hey Greg,

      In regards to number 3. David Clarke was still in jail while Emily was moving from foster home to foster home and pretty much a majority of her juvy time. He “died” about 6 weeks before she got out of juvenile detention. Just to be clear on that. I agree with the rest :)

    • David Adam says:

      You need to remember that David was stabbed a few months before Amanda was released from juvie , so he is not to blame in her childhood situation.

    • schu says:

      Agree on ALL points!

    • Carrie says:

      OMGoodness you took the words right out of my mouth. I hate that I feel this season is going to be soooo predictable & painful to watch. I’m going to HATE watcing David go after Emily/Amanda. But I am Quite curious what excuse they will pull out of their as$ as to why he let Amanda fend for herself for so long

  4. Melanie says:

    I was so excited that Emily finally told the truth to Charlotte… just to realize how psycho they all are.
    I hate Victoria for manipulating David. I mean I think he’s pretty dumb to believe V., but what will it bring her to have Emily killed. Seriously you made a 6 year old life hell of a thing. For at least 12 years no one loved her, until she met Fauxmanda, and then Nolan, and then Aidan, but that girl was damaged because of you. You get what you deserved V.

    • azul120 says:

      Lol. Turns out Charlotte’s no peach herself. Even worse, perhaps. Say what you will about Emily, at least she never resorted to killing anyone who wasn’t a mortal threat, and even held back on killing the White Man, which would have been perfectly legit.

  5. Sparky says:

    The powers that be at ABC should tell the EP that they are getting 13 episodes and that’s it – time to put this show out of its misery.

    • Greg says:

      I believe they need 22 for syndication- which was probably one of the main reasons the show was renewed to begin with. They will get their 22.

  6. ouch says:

    I can’t believe this mess was given another season.

  7. JBC says:

    It is getting plain stupid now!!

  8. N says:

    I want to see Amanda and David! Never enough Nemily!

  9. Diane says:

    Charlotte is pathetic. And David has to be playing Victoria. I hope he is not that stupid.

  10. Chris says:

    A) I don’t know if it’s just me, but what is with this show and not showing reactions? Emily tells Jack she’s Amanda Clarke, BOOM, end of season. Charlotte, BOOM, commercial break. I don’t know if it’s for the better but it feels off.
    B) Yeah, both of my hands are raised. I couldn’t care less about Vuvuzula or whatever that stupid magazine is called. The whole subplot should have died last season.

  11. Jimmy says:

    So David turns out to be a moron and Charlotte completely embraces her not so inner psycho. Yawn.

  12. S says:

    My thoughts on this episode:
    1. That when I see Brian Hallisay in the cop uniform, I still think of that episode of “Cold Case” entitled “Forever Blue” where he was the cop in love with his partner Coop.

    2. It is astounding how much James Tupper looks like Nashville’s Will Chase!

    • drhenning says:

      He more famously was cast as the husband of the JLH character that caused her to start in the “Massage” business in The Client List.. He probably got a number of Happy Endings with her that they ended up married after she got pregnant.. Her demands that he get cast as a regular is among the reasons they ended up ditching the show….. She landed on her feet though back on CBS on Criminal Minds…

  13. Chester says:

    Does anyone think that David Clarke is playing Victoria?

  14. Kevin says:

    I know i’m in the minority, but I quite like margeaux’s little take down of gideon with daniel. At least it’s better than voulez office politics from last season

  15. Juju says:

    Why is Nolan so under used? He’s one of the best characters on the show!

  16. Bryce says:

    Did anybody else notice that Emily’s Revenge box magically reappeared even though Nolan built her a new high tech one last year?

    • Kelly Deeny says:

      If I’m recalling correctly, he made the high-tech one so that only Ems would be able to open it since Victoria got her hands on the wooden one. I don’t remember how or if the wooden infinity box was returned after Victoria had it.

  17. Tricia says:

    Please please please let David be playing Victoria. No one is that stupid. Right? Right?!

    I just really hope he’ll set eyes on Emily and know right away she’s his daughter. All she’s done for him, he better prove himself worthy.

    Also, I kind of dig vengeful Charlotte. At least she’s not in the corner feeling sorry for herself anymore. Though I’m not totally sure that Charlotte won’t come back next week.

  18. Sara says:

    I really can’t focus on anything going on this season. I’m too distracted by the fact that Nolan is in dire need of a haircut.

    But if I were to make one comment it would be to wonder why Ems and Jack thought it’d be a stellar idea to tell the emotionally unstable, coked out, immature daughter of Victoria – obviously raised to embrace her sociapathic tendencies – the one thing that could ABSOLUTELY DESTROY you both…#theworst #imissyouredsharpie

    • Prissi says:

      Ohhhhh……….I love Nolan’s hair…….it is the best part of the whole show……I could just watch Nolan do whatever and be fascinated. I always wished for Gabriel Mann and Barry Solane to have their own show…….

  19. greysfan says:

    Margaux has gone from a character i loved last season and now hate this one. Nice work writers. I must say though, i am loving everything else about this season. Its so good so far. Hope it keeps pace.

  20. Jenny says:

    I really really dislike if she couldn’t become anymore of a useless pointless character… she just needs to go.

    I hate the David Victoria stuff… Is David that daft to believe her? Or so stupidly in love? Also if he has connections you’d think he know what Amanda is up to. He had to follow her by any means.

    Daniel Gideon who? Again… What is happening?! What started out as a promising season has turned into blah.

    Don’t get me started on the multiple cop shower scenes… Yawnnnnm

  21. Lore says:

    Charlotte needs to die

  22. I thought this was a great episode, better than the premiere.

  23. Cobrisco says:

    This show has jumped the shark. The format changed, the storylines are just so absurd, there is no continuity and so many loose ends…the fact that they brought David back shows how out of ideas they were. Now how they’ll explain that he knew his daughter was at juvie, came back, had a kid, died and he never showed up? I can’t wait to hear the dumbest or craziest excuse they’ll come up with. Just like her mom didn’t how for her “funeral”. Now everyone will gang up against Emily, including her dumb dad…the premiere side plot has shown they are out of ideas and will fill the rest of the show with incredible crazy twists that make no sense. When I only start reading recaps and not watching, I know the show is done. Just like housewives, or lost…it just gets too crazy, dumb, stupid…

  24. Kelly Deeny says:

    For the second straight week I sat on the edge of the couch watching this show, anticipating what twist would come next.
    YAYS: Madeleine Stowe gave a fantastic performance – loved all the nuisances. Charlotte finally knows the truth, but does she believe it? Victoria is trying to turn David against his own daughter…which means major drama later in the season. Jack was on his way to the Stowaway, so will he be the one to rescue Emily? New cop is not all he seems to be (what is his story and why is he sooo interested in Emily?) I like the Daniel/Margeaux partnership – they are a well-matched pair.
    NAYS: David’s devotion to Victoria. He’s either severely traumatized by the last twenty years or playing her. Either option will lead to a dramatic climax but in the meantime we have to watch him fawn over her. / Charlotte’s downfall (no pun intended) – the girl has been through a lot these past 3 seasons so it was only a matter of time til she broke…but, if she truly believed what Emily told her then trying to kill her newfound sister seemed too out of left field. I can’t tell if she’s that angry, hurt, and alone or still doesn’t trust anyone enough to believe the truth when it’s told.

    I’ll be watching next week that’s for sure!

  25. Nance says:

    Will Daniel be gone in season 4? I cannot stand him…needs to be TAKEN DOWN!!!

  26. Joe says:

    The “rebooted ” season is not good(they should have ended last year)I’m sticking with it just to see how it ends ( like I did with Dexter, True blood, etc etc

  27. Garett says:

    Pretty sure the writers wanted to use David Clarke as the new plot device, but he came out waaaaay to trusty at Victoria. Rule number one on any dramas; DO NOT make your character brainless. These results in viewers screaming at the TV. David Clarke, who spend 20+ years hiding from the world, who didn’t contact fake-Amanda even if she became a stripper, who doesn’t do ENOUGH RESEARCH and HAVE THE F**KING BRAINS to recognize there is a woman with the same hair, same eye color, as his daughter, with an infinity tattoo, living in the beach house and hanging out with Nolan Ross? And the first person he went to is Victoria, who had betrayed him, and NOT Nolan Ross, who spends his days believing his stories and guarding his daughter?

    I’m out. No wonder Conrad used this guy to take the blame.

    • Dawn Melissa says:

      Totally agree with everything you said. David is begging to be used. Complete idiot.

    • Trisha says:

      I cannot agree more. David puts his entire trust and wellbeing of his daughter into Nolan’s hands and obviously has been somewhat out in the world (cabin in the Hamptons ring a bell?) and has mastered keeping hidden, yet never snuck around Nolan’s place, hell, even his own old beach house where he used to live and NEVER ONCE SAW/RECOGNIZED HIS OWN DAUGHTER??!! Hasn’t tracked her these years? Don’t tell me he had no access to technology. When V asked him how he’s done it this long and he says the less you know the better… Means SOMEONE is helping him. Maybe the new cop? That might be an interesting twist. Anything ANYTHING besides having him escort V around drooling over her every word to meet his sociopath annoying as hell other “daughter.” He better be playing V. Otherwise you writers brought a character back from the dead for NO reason. David better not be this stupid. I think Amanda has the stupidity card right now as it is telling Charlotte the F**KING TRUTH. Why? Why would you want that never ending whining drug-riddled suicidal train wreck to know who you really are. Ugh. This show is running itself into the ground.

    • Nikki says:

      LOVE this comment, Garrett! I completely agree. I was shouting at the TV, myself. I was really starting to miss Conrad during David’s scenes. LOL.

    • GuyAwks says:

      Adult Emily actually has a different eye color (brown) to child Emily (blue). Such a change is entirely genetically possible but the actresses still look different enough for me to believe David wouldn’t recognize her.

  28. Ella J. Wade says:

    Where is my old Revenge? What has happened to this show? Charlotte’s character should have been dumped long ago. No one cares. Margaux and Gideon, who cares about them either? Let’s get back to the core of the show. I know the guy who played Aiden left for another show, but I think I would have given him the salaries of some of these that are still on the show and a bigger part to stay. And where is Nolan? He needs more air time. I have to say I thought last night’s show was terrible. Where is Carl during this fire? Can David Clark not mumble? Can he really believe Victoria’s lies? Anyone that was smart enough to keep himself hidden all these years, should not be so naive. Wasn’t he an intelligent business man? I loved Revenge the first season, couldn’t wait for it each week. Maybe they need a writing change? Fast!

  29. amy says:

    I think I’m done with Revenge. Nolan is really the only likeable character.

  30. Jen W says:

    David HAS to be playing Victoria. I mean we saw his shocked face when she came into the beach house last episode and then he just happens to kidnap Victoria right after she threatens “Emily”? Yeah he even played dumb, “Someone moved into the Grayson Manor”. Not buying it. And how naive for Victoria to think that David wouldn’t recognize his own daughter! I think I would of liked it more if David turned out to be an evil mastermind himself and used Victoria only to betray her and get Revenge in the end. Either way it makes for a great series finale, Father and daughter reunited and victorious with the last words being, “you know how much I love you? INFINITY Xs INFINITY!! ok cheesy- but I would cry!

    Let’s just hope they fix the Charlotte character problem and show MORE NOLAN!!!!!!

  31. e says:

    OH DEAR LORD I KNEW SHE”D TURN HIM AGAINST HER AND WHY ARE THEY STILL IN LOVE THAT SUCKS ASS, i wanna see david and emily kicking some booty together, but no he’s still in love with victoria :P… lame, also does anyone care about charlette (however you spell her name.. having a hard time typing right now..) i wanna like her but she’s annoying, also Daniel needs some redemption, cause he sucks right now…. he sucks…. and margeux, margo, mergue is stylish and all but c’mon… who cares… for serious….. for serious

  32. Sarah says:

    Guys we all know David is the biggest idiot on television if he believes anything that is coming out of Victoria’s mouth. It’s all a set-up, he knew to kill Conrad so how does he not know Amanda is still alive.

  33. Matt C. says:

    Loved the ending scene. Charlotte is really embracing her inner Victoria. I can’t wait for David and Emily’s first scene together!

  34. mara says:

    This show is the terible now. They should have stoped with this madness when they could.
    How is posible that David is so stupid, omg? And how the hell he could think that his name just cleard itself? Victoria betrayed him, and he went straight to her, and not to Nolan, the guy who trusted him all the time? He is having a grandson (at least he thinks that), and V is before him? And it’s just unforgivable that he trust Victoria after 20 years of solitude, being away of his doughter, and being called criminal and terorist.
    Charlotte is just crasy, she is to be locked in mental institution. And that is a good way to get rid of her, because I’m sure that boring caracters are not going anywhere.
    Leting Aiden go was the dumbest thing they did. We all liked the guy, and he was perfect for troubled Emily. I hope they are not planing on creating a romance betwen Ems and Jack, he is so boring and short.
    Speaking of boring: Daniel, Margaux, Gideon…
    I kinda like new cop, but there is still nothing going on with him, exept that his a bit pushy, so there beter be a good reason for that.
    And I just can’t belive how evil Victoria is, she is so rotten, and you would expect her to be diferent now after spending time in loony bin. Although, she is diferent, she is worse.
    I’m a bit disapointed with direction this is leading, lets hope that there is a good reason for all this nonsense.

    • April says:

      There is definitely something shady with that new cop character. He’s really on Jack trying to learn about Emily and the whole background with Amanda etc. He seems like he’s playing on a sinister team.

  35. Isabel says:

    Charlotte actually used to be one of my favorite characters because I thought she had so much potential. Alas, the writers have not developed her into that character that she could have been and she now just is extremelly unlikable and boring. I still would love to see her evolve into someone I can like again, but I’m not holding my breath…

  36. Essie says:

    I really hope that David is playing Victoria, that he has been keeping tabs on her this whole time and doesn’t believe a word she says. And I wonder if David really thinks his daughter is dead…

  37. Ems says:

    I cant wait to watch season 4 omg omg… i just finished season 3 today but here in my country wont allow me to watch the season 4 online =( argggghh..

  38. Jennifer says:

    Am I dreaming? I thought that in the Season Premiere there was a scene where Ems saw a light in her “old” house and went to check on it. She walked in, looked around, saw nothing and left. After she walked out the door, we saw a hooded figure kind of pause. I don’t think we saw his face, but I assumed that was David and he recognized his daughter immediately (hence the hesitation). Given this, I’m thinking (HOPING) that David is playing Victoria to get her to screw up. Unless he is beyond stupid (and I don’t think he is), how can he not realize that his daughter (and Nolan) cleared him?

  39. bj says:

    I really don’t know what to say about this episode. When David said he’d do anything for Victoria the show really jumped the shark for me.

    Wasn’t the whole premise of this show that Emily was getting revenge for what was done to her and David? And didn’t she learn all that truth about Victoria and her husband from DAVID’s journals? Why then, in G’s name, would he side with Victoria?

    And then, if that didn’t disgust me enough, Charlotte turned psycho and decides to burn Emily alive in the Stowaway, essentially thumbing her nose at Jack, her “nephew” and their history too.

    And I’m beyond even caring anymore about Gideon and Margaux and that twisted family.

    I’m afraid the show has lost me now.

    • Nikki says:

      I do like Charlotte, but I HATED the ending with her burning Emily alive, as well as burning the Stowaway. It’s as if her and Declan never happened, not to mention everything else there.

  40. Allison says:

    David has to know Amanda is alive right? I know he was living in isolation but he knew where to find Conrad and Victoria ect. Emily has been all over the media. I’m sure if David saw a picture of her he would know who she was.. Someone has to recognize her other than her dog and foster brother I would hope.

    • Bob F. says:

      Yes, David must know about Emily/Amanda. He was hiding in the guest house last week when Amanda walked around. Amanda & Nolan are high profile people in a small town, it is not like they keep themselves a secret. David knew how to find Conrad when he got out of jail. He must have a clue about his daughter. When the fake Emily died in the boat fire, he must have heard about it. Makes you wonder when he will contact Nolan..and by the way, isn’t little Carl his (in theory) grandson???

      • April says:

        LOL true! No mention of Carl and having a grandson (in theory) yet! I guess they won’t show him contacting Nolan right away because that would move the plot too fast since Nolan would tell Emily. Why hasn’t Charlotte told Daniel who would’ve told the cops and media? Makes no sense that Emily would tell the truth to Charlotte so suddenly.

    • GuyAwks says:

      He hasn’t seen her since she was 9 and she’s changed her name since. It makes perfect sense that he wouldn’t recognize her.

  41. Dawn Melissa says:

    I miss Conrad so much! He’s the villain you loved to hate. Without him Victoria just doesn’t work. I mean, seriously, how many men are supposed to have been head over heals in love with her? I truly have always hated Charlotte. Her “poor little rich girl” act got old in season one. And that actress is the worst. Can’t wait to see Emily and David reunite but I think it’s a little crazy that within a span of a few hours David is already Victoria’s little lap dog. So much for prison teaching him a thing or two. He’s still the same trusting sap he was 20 years ago. And I really don’t care about Daniel and Margeaux. I don’t care much for Jack as a police officer for that matter. But I guess they need something to cut to in between the interesting storylines.

  42. Priscila says:

    The season is very non sense to me. I don’t get it all at. David likes Victoria?? No need for revenge there?? Charlotte wants to kill Emily? Now everybody hates Emily? I’m totally lost and uninterested to be honest.

  43. Fred says:

    Okay. So it is the ex-Queen of the Hamptons, sitting in a bar with the ex-Most-hated-man-of-America, who admits -in the same bar, where other people are- that he killed the new Most-hated-man-of America. Of course, because that’s what Revenge is about today.

  44. Nikki says:

    Season 2 was bad, season 3 was worse, I have no idea why I thought season 4 would be any different. I liked the Emily/Charlotte scenes. I hate what Charlotte did at the end, of course, but I find her to be one of the more realistic characters in the show. I HATE that David Clarke is alive. HATE IT. Hate, even more, that he, a man who escaped prison and survived for years (yet didn’t give a crap about his kids, apparently), blindly believes Victoria on so many things. Also, I love Victoria, love how manipulative and evil she is, but it’s going WAY TOO FAR, with her setting up David to kill his own daughter- that’s disgusting. I really hope the show wraps up with this season and then ends.

  45. beruz89 says:

    Worst episode ever. Not one thing made sense at all. Starting from Victoria being totally okay with David Clarke still alive. Then Charlotte’s attempt for no reason (she’s been through so much worse than finding her boyfriend cheating) and then a cop comes out of nowhere and finds himself on a very small rooftop without anyone noticing. I laughed so hard at that.
    Then Emily who destroyed families and lost herself to keep her secret and fulfil her revenge mission spills out everything to a crazy, depressed and mentally unstable girl. Especially now that Victoria is running free. It made no sense at all just like Margaux hair. What is that?

  46. Stefan says:

    Gosh, what a mess! The show disgusted me tonight, yeah, it’s that bad! And I know it was very good once, so that makes me sad, but… this is the truth! All the characters and plots don’t even make sense anymore. Just give up on it already! :/

  47. April says:

    The number of plot inconsistencies is ridiculous with this show. And I agree, the Daniel/Margeaux storyline is as terrible as her hairstyle. I have long hoped Charlotte’s character would go away but alas it seems her poorly scripted and poorly acted character is going to get more screen time this season.

  48. Olive says:

    They need to kill Charlotte off. Cannot stand her. At all.

  49. sabina says:

    She can’t be dead… NO! without Amanda aka Emily the show will be pointless…..NOOOOOO

  50. Yeah, I’m switching from actually watching this crapfest to reading the recaps to see, if it’s worth watching. Shoulda’ ended with Victoria in the looney bin and Conrad dead. Revenge by Amanda/Emily was a success. Now it’s just ridiculous.