Revenge Sneak Peek: Victoria and David's Reunion Takes a Dark Turn

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Sunday’s Revenge (ABC, 10/9c) reunites former flames David Clarke and Victoria Grayson, but as you’ll see in TVLine’s exclusive clip, it doesn’t take long for past mistakes to spoil Vicky’s hopes for a romantic future.

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With just the right amount of spooky lightning flickering around him, David asks Victoria point-blank if she was directly responsible for framing him all those years ago.

In what could possibly be Victoria’s most surprising move yet, the former Queen of the Hamptons actually buckles down and tells him the truth — yes, the actual truth — and if you’re thinking he might not be happy with what he hears… well, you’re absolutely right.

Hit PLAY on the preview clip above, then browse Season 4 photos and drop a comment below: How do you predict David’s return will play out?

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  1. david says:

    so David comes back from the dead and instead of looking for Amanda he deals with this first lol. how long before she turns him onto Amenda? and How long before Conrad reappears again? (probably end of episode 11)

    • DL says:

      I really, really hope we don’t get David vs. Emily. I’ve been onboard with everything Sunil Nayyar has done so far, even the return of David Clarke, but if that happened, even I would think it’s too far.

      I’d like to believe David overheard Emily and Victoria’s conversation before he jumped Victoria at the end of the premiere. Anyway, it’s ridiculous that he wouldn’t recognize his own daughter. Please, please, Mr. Nayyar, don’t go there. That would be so unsatisfying after everything that Emily has been through, to have to fight her own father. I’d rather see them have a reunion, then have David reveal a bigger threat, or have David not reveal himself, because he has his own agenda to take care of first.

      • bohemienneprincesse says:

        Emily is much WORSE than Victoria; she only cares about revenge and people that she supposedly care about – DIE or LOSE everything – Nolan, the “fake” Amanda, her fiance. The most dangerous element in town is Emily Clark – she’s a petulant child still bent on revenge so much so she’s taking revenge out on the behalf of others. That woman is crazy…how anyone could still have empathy for her is just ridiculous.

        • Tom says:

          Victoria is a murderer. How is Emily worse?

          • bohemienneprincesse says:

            Who has Victoria killed? …and while you’re at it who has died because of Victoria’s actions? Emily is definitely a murderer – and unlike Victoria, she does the actually killing. Also, she wil sacrifice family and friends for her own revenge – Nolan, Amanda, her sister, Aiden – to name a few. Victoria has never sacrificed family. Yes, she can be ruthless, but it’s not for revenge it’s for a particular end. In the real world, Emily would be called a sociopath. She didn’t start off a sociopath but she earned her name – again – in the last episode. She takes revenge for someone she doesn’t know and who is now angry at her for her actions.

          • Candice says:

            Victoria killed Aiden. Did you watch last season?

          • bohemienneprincesse says:

            So Victoria kills Aiden because she holds Emily responsible (false) for her French fiance and more so for the havoc she has wreaked on her family (true). Who else? No one. It would take time to count the number of bodies that Emily is responsible for and if we include lives that have been ruined, oh well, you should get the point. Also noticed, you didn’t address her family. I gave you a pretty long list for Emily… Again, Victoria can be ruthless but once she takes revenge she’s through. She doesn’t go on to destroy your mom, burn down your house, kill your dog… Victoria will get you back but she can stop. Emily is an addict…

        • Strife says:

          Victoria killed Helen Crowly. She killed AIDEN. She is responsible for the death of DECLAN. She told Conrad of Jack’s plans. Jack trusted her not to inform Conrad but she did so irrespectively. Now Declan is gone. She nearly killed Fake Amanda. She sent Gordon Murphy to dispose of Emily (Real Amanda). All Amanda was doing was depriving them of power so they had NONE to abuse so no one else would fall victim to their wrongdoing. She first cheated on Conrad and had the nerve to repudiate him when he rightfully did the same. Amanda is not worse. Are you kidding me???

          • bohemienneprincesse says:

            You need facts not fantasies. I only had time to check one – Declan was killed because of the terrorist group for which Victoria is NOT supportive of or responsible for. Keep in mind that Conrad and Victoria make decisions independent of one another. I will put together a comprehensive list at some point. What you guys don’t get is Emily at first was justified in her revenge, but at this point it’s all she knows. Proof – she takes revenge for someone she doesn’t even and who doesn’t want it..

          • Nosey says:

            Not so sure her only motive was to deprive them of power. When she kidnapped Charlotte, and she did not care how much pain she endured. She even made the comment of how Charlotte got to live in Grayson’s manor while she spent most of her childhood in foster care. When she made that comment, it made me wonder if not only she wanted back her childhood but also wanted the Grayson lifestyle. Plus you don’t make your own loved ones suffer to take down your enemies, you make your enemies loved ones suffer (which is what Victoria does) And Fauxmanda is a cheater too. Every opportunity she gets she seeks Jack, he just did not seek her and all of a sudden she loves Aiden. And also, telling your fiancé you are pregnant so he can marry you, attempting to frame Victoria (which I thought was the worst plan ever) how is that not worse. She already had evidence to exonerate he father in Season 1 she did not have to stoop as low as she did in the following seasons. The fact Fauxmily’s loved ones had to suffer when they did not have is my definition of being worse. I don’t think Victoria takes it to far if not necessary. Plus who wouldn’t protect their son, Victoria’s mindset could have been Aiden knows Daniel shot Fauxmily (which is a result of her lying to him about being pregnant) and she decide to strike first. When Fauxmily was doing things like exposing the Conrad-Lydia affair, exposing the senator love child, and even helping assisting a greedy man in going bankrupt, not one of those actions hurt her or a loved one and I see those actions warranted. But when she frames a priest, fakes a pregnancy, tries to frame someone, kidnaps her sister all of which was not needed, particularly since she already had evidence of Conrad confessing, I can honestly say she is worse than Victoria,

        • Nosey says:

          I think Victoria does everything to protect her family whereas Fauxmily does everything to protect herself. Does not matter who is or is not a killer, Victoria still did it b/c she puts others 1st. Not one person close to Victoria has died as a result of her sloppiness, whereas Fauximly lost everyone close to her b/c of her own sloppiness. The sad thing about it is she blames the Grayson’s for her own sloppiness. The Grayson’s were responsible for David Clarke, but own sloppiness is responsible for Fauxmanda, Declan and Aiden, W/ Victoria coming back for revenge, she will be nowhere near as sloppy as Fauxmily. In all honesty her revenge was never about her father it was about her, and her current Revenge for Aiden sickens me particularly since she would always seek Jack. And although Victoria physically killed Helen and Aiden, both were still a result of Fauxmily’s sloppiness. The only person I blame the Grayson’s for is David and Fauxmily and they did it to protect their family. And yes both Fauxmily and Victoria have equal rights to revenge, but sorry Fauxmily is just no good at it, Victoria on the other hand is a pro b/c she protects her family. Sad part about it, is Fauxmily was undercover and still lost more than Victoria.

          • Tom says:

            Victoria does everything to protect her family? Murdering Aiden was out of VENGEANCE. It was pure evil, plain and simple. And yes if Victoria hadn’t told Conrad of Jacks plans Declan would still be alive. In addition to what ‘Strife’ wrote above, Victoria also ordered Gordon Murphey to kill Kara Clarke all those years ago (it was the fact he fell in love with Kara that prevented him from doing so).

            I just cannot believe you think Emily (who does questionable things but still doesn’t believe in murder) to be worse than Victoria (who will murder people to get them out of the way).

          • bohemienneprincesse says:

            Finally, someone gets it. Too many act as if first season Emily is the same character with the same motivations now – 3rd or 4th season. Yes Victoria can be ruthless, but there’s an end and there are people in her life that mean more to her than “getting” someone, not the case for Emily. Too many of her “friends” have lost their lives – died – because of her (indirectly). Someone mentioned Declan – he’s was a victim of Emily and Nolan NOT Victoria, she had nothing to do with it. BTW the producers / writers are trying to catch everyone up; the last episode she still is seeking revenge although for a stranger. Wake up guys!

    • JC says:

      The world believes Amanda is dead.

    • sam says:

      If you don’t like it don’t watch it. Pretty simple answer to your low opinion. Why bother??

    • Brenda says:

      He didn’t think of looking for Amanda because Amanda is supposed to be dead and he doesn’t know to look for Emily.

    • Tom says:

      Conrad is actually dead. The writers said the first ep will confirm it or not. Also Henry Czerny has been cast for a new movie.

      • Command says:

        As David was supposed to die? Lol. I don’t believe that for one second.

        • Tom says:

          Was it ever confirmed David was actually dead though? Plus his actor wasn’t doing different projects and was always ready for Revenge scenes. Different situation if you ask me. Plus Conrad’s story has met it’s conclusion anyway.

  2. Robert says:

    I guess David believe Amanda really is dead, that is the only reason why he would look for Victoria instead of his daughter. I actually feel sorry for Emily because when she eventually finds out her father has been alive all this time, it will shatter her world, it will make her

    question every single thing she has done in his name.

    • Strife says:

      I doubt it. All that Amanda did is still justified. She took out corrupt people who destroy people. If they did it to David they’d do it again. Him being alive doesn’t change what they did. Despite him being dead, Amanda was always compassionate and merciful. Now if she killed someone then I could see why she’d regret it.

      • jessicaaaa says:

        emily killed alot of people.. Im sure shed question the fact that he has been alive the whole time and didnt even to bother coming out of hiding to find her untill she was already “dead”(amanda). Expecially if hes been keeping track of everything like he should, he wouldve saw his daughter emily on the news and in the papers with the grayson wedding and dissapearance.. if he didnt recognize his own daughter thats just sad. Makes me wonder exactly what hes been up to the last hmmmmm what… 20 years ??? David deserves every bit of whats coming to him from emily.

  3. lana says:

    I really hope David will recognize Ems when he see her

  4. Delante says:

    You gotta remember David has been working on this master plan for years. He basically wanted to do what Emily essentially already did, get revenge against them for framing him. Even though he has already been cleared of charges, all those years of built up resentment just don’t go away overnight. He still needs an outlet hence why he goes to Victoria first versus immediately reunited with Emily.

  5. Rod Davis says:

    He snaps her neck for betraying him!

  6. Lenore says:

    I can’t wait to see the next new REVENGE I love it, I love it, can’t wait to see the Grayson family go down in hell…I really love all da actor’s and actresses in Revenge so Awesome im mean everyone in it…last part I watch was when they take Conrad out front prison and I saw David Clark so happy n Im stil waiting what’s next…well done guy’s so fantastic job….the only thing I’m worried about is somehow it might be David Clark against my favorite Emily no way…did she really know that her Dad is back???? Anyway I can’t wait to see it on my own two eyes….Oh I’m here in Australia loving watching this crazy Revenge so kool…but good luck n love it so much. .lol

  7. Angie says:

    Wow, how quickly she forgets Pascal :-) And I don’t know why but a part thinks that David has been monitoring everything Emily and Nolan have been doing thus far. This is getting good. But I really hope it does not turn into a Greek tragedy with daughter against father.

  8. Mslpn3 says:

    Wouldn’t it be great if David and Emily have been staging this whole plan?

  9. bohemienneprincesse says:

    The best twist would be for Emily’s dad to forgive Victoria…

  10. Ashley says:

    Emily angry with him after all this she went through

  11. Candice says:

    I can’t wait until she finds out what she had that therapist do to Amanda.

  12. Anna says:

    Victoria isn’t a murderer? She killed Helen and Aiden. Intentionally. She also intended on killing Amanda when she pushed her over the second floor. She could have prevented David’s death. Instead of listing others, my point is that Victoria actually kills people. Instead of comparing who’s worse, how about realizing that Emily could easily be on her way to becoming like Victoria. Emily never intended on deaths like Victoria has, but we can say that her revenge had people hurt and killed. I agree that Emily’s intentions were to make sure the Graysons never hurt anyone again, but not for anyone to die. It might be understandable that Emily doesn’t know how to stop now, but the havoc she caused from revenge should have been enough to quit. So does this make her sick or a bad person? Either way, it’s not that difficult to assume she could turn into Victoria, or a Grayson. Hopefully David’s return is the one thing that could help her. So I also agree that anything other than David doing that, would not be very entertaining. Emily has gone through too much to not have a happy ever after.

  13. Arleen Florence says:

    I absolutely love revenge. …I watch every sunday ..like dallas use to be with j.r..I never missed a episode. .on revenge love the actors love emily…love for them all to know who emily is an take a new twist with the story an I love jack..need to give him a little more an stronger story line with emily…

  14. paula says:

    In real life David would have contacted Nolan 1st to find out about Emily not Victoria. David thought Victoria helped to frame him. Lets get real. The program is almost not worth watching. Much

  15. deb says:

    Im hoping for a father daughter re union and both of them ploting to take out their enemies including Victoria..