Supernatural Premiere Sneak Peek: Dean Gets Frisky... In Whose Bed?!

You know how they say the more things change, the more they stay the same?

For Supernatural‘s newly turned demon Dean, that means his healthy appetite for the type of “physical activities” that take place between the sheets has remained intact.

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In the above sneak peek from the Season 10 premiere (airing next Tuesday at 9/8c on The CW), Dean gets caught post-coitus with a very satisfied customer — in the King of Hell’s own bed.

VIDEO Exclusive Supernatural Premiere Sneak Peek: Sam Goes to Monstrous Extremes

Press PLAY to watch the preview, then hit the comments on Dean’s frisky side — and lack of pants!

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  1. XtremeCota says:

    Excited for this season but bored of the word ‘bitch’ every five seconds. Eveb Mischa Collins was starting to questioning it

  2. angelfire17 says:

    I approve of Demon!Dean’s lack of pants. Then again, I’ve been approving of Jensen Ackles lacking pants since Days of our Lives…

  3. kate says:

    I really do love Crowley. “Pants?” … best frenemy relationship ever.

  4. bar says:

    Oh Jensen…… Could you have looked less attractive in this promo?

  5. ninamags says:


    Sexy! Dean.

    Don’t like their use of Bitch!/Jerk! tho. That was exclusively a Bro thing. 😨

    • Lkeke35 says:

      I don’t like that either. Not a huge fan of the brotherly chumminess going on there at all.

    • Destiny says:

      They did that exchange in the Pilot, Hunted and started, but not finished during What is and What Should Be. Its been 8 years on the show (10 if you count time jumps) since it was done. Its never really been a regular exchange between the two.

  6. Mare says:

    Woot, loving Demon Dean! And loving that he’s leaving behind another satisfied partner ;-) And man, Jensen Ackles is just smoking hot! How is that man so dang fine?? Love that the Mark is still on Dean’s arm. And the moment between Crowley and Dean was adorable and funny! Never thought I would say it, especially considering how sick of Crowley I was getting end of season 8 and beginning of season 9, but this bromance he desperately wants with Dean really works for me.

  7. Jackie says:

    This looks great! I am excited for Demon Dean and, on a shallow note, Jensen looks amazing!

    I can’t wait for more Dean and Crowley scenes, the actors have great chemistry and are top notch actors!

  8. Rhonda says:

    Crowley wants Dean as Brotp so badly, it’s almost cute. I don’t quite understand how Jensen gets handsomer with every year but he’s a miracle of human genetics. Glad to see even as a demon Dean doesn’t leave his partners disappointed, except in the fact that he isn’t sticking around. :)

  9. Sara says:

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm… DemonDean lookin’ FINE!!! Wish he was mine! ;-)

    Loved this sneak peek-every second of it. Bring on the premiere!

  10. Tracy says:

    Hilarious clip! Can’t wait until the premiere! Demon Dean is going to be great to watch though I am looking forward to the return of hero Dean1

  11. muse says:

    Demon Dean is delicious. I can’t wait for the season to start and I haven’t felt this excited about the show since they killed Dean’s purgatory storyline after 15 minutes of airtime.

    • Crowley_Gal says:

      Hopefully we get more than 15 minutes of Demon Dean. He looks like two tons of fun. I love the Jerk/Bitch exchange and his bromance with Crowley.

      I like AnnMarie too.

  12. Lola says:

    DD is a hoot. Especially without his pants.

    Crowley’s jealously is hilarious and I like Annmarie. Finally, a love interest on the show with some personality.

  13. Kelsey says:

    Oh Vlada, thanks for this! I am so excited for this Demon Dean and for the continuation of the Mark of Cain storylines. Jensen was amazing last season and I can’t wait to see him this season.

    Dean has had the weight of the world on his shoulders for so long, for much of his life. Always worried about his family, trying to keep people safe and sacrificing for others. I think Demon Dean not caring, being the opposite of Dean (the hero who cares so much), will be interesting, and fun, to watch. I can’t wait!

  14. This was hugely fun to watch..again and again and again…and I really like the chemistry with all three actually, I love how Anne Marie is given her own pov shots and treated as an equal, and not just the pretty blonde in the background, I hope she stays for more than one episode. On a shallow note, Jensen is looking great – but then I’ve always liked a more natural healthy physique rather then the Chippendale greasy muscles look! Storyline wise, well sadly we know there’s going to be some kind of cure for Demon Dean after only a couple of episodes, but hopefully the writers will have the sense to keep the MOC storyline going since it’s the best thing they’ve come up with in years and I will be severely annoyed if they dump it like Purgatory. Please writers, lets keep this going…Supernatural is actually fun to watch again.

  15. Valoria says:

    woo-hoo! Great clip! I’m excited for Dean’s demon and mark of cain storylines. Jensen is going to be amazing (as always)!

  16. Imzadi says:

    Pants? Love it and can’t wait.

  17. Symphany says:

    WOW! HOT, HOT, HOT, Caliente Demon Dean! I love it! Can’t wait to see more of you Sexy Demon Dean In Action! October 7, 2014, were in for a ride!

  18. KC says:

    Ackles said himself that Deanmon dosen´t stick around for to long and many rumors says that Dean is back to his humanself around episode 4 or 5 considering that Dean and Sam both stood in a suit – on a case. But Dean suit style was dark, so maybe he´s still got evil inside since the mark of Cain can´t be removed that easily and Dean will still have the urge to kaos, kill and hurt. Personally, I was kind of dissapointed by the lack of episode with Deanmon. We get 2 but Sam is no with Deanmon then, that happens in ep.3. Which is way to little. And if Dean just moves on from this during the next ep, Im gonna scream. Is not the year of Deanmon, it´s the days of the Deanmon so therfore we (the fans) want to see Dean deal with the aftermath of being a demon and how the mark effects him!