USA Network Pulls Plug on Rush, Continues Tryst With Satisfaction

Rush is making a somewhat unexpected trip to the morgue after just one season.

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USA Network announced today that it is not picking up the Tom Ellis medical drama for Season 2.

The news was better, however, for fellow freshman drama Satisfaction, which scored a renewal despite drawing very similar numbers to Rush.

Satisfaction premiered in July to 1.7 million total viewers and a 0.5 demo rating, while Rush debuted to 1.7 mil and a 0.4. With their recent finales, Satisfaction wound up with 1.3 mil/0.4, while Rush drew 1.6 mil/0.3.

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Explaining the pick-up, USA Network President Chris McCumber said in a statement. “Satisfaction sparked a cultural conversation about modern love and marriage in today’s world.” Also helping the Matt Passmore starrer was better Live+7 DVR playback lifts (+74 percent in the demo, per Deadline) than Rush delivered.

Are you stoked about getting more Satisfaction? Bummed about Rush‘s demise? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. amy says:

    I had to give up on Satisfaction, despite loving Mr. Passmore. The premise left an icky taste in my mouth.

  2. dj says:

    Sorry to hear about Rush. We enjoyed it. Didn’t like Satisfaction.

  3. Chip Ramsey says:

    Rush was a much better show. Much better.

  4. Tran says:

    Never really watched both Rush & Satisfaction. Good thing Rush got canceled. Still no word on the fate of Graceland.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      If you never really watched why do you say it’s a good thing Rush got canceled? Why would it matter to you one way or the other. Not trying to start anything, I’m just curious.

      • Tran says:

        What’s your problem? Stop making up conspiracy theories towards me.

        • BrittBrat says:

          What are you even talking about?

          • wrstlgirl says:

            Wow, conspiracy theories, WTH??? And I even stated that I was just curious and not trying to start anything. There really are some truly messed up people on the internet, LOL!!

          • Tran says:

            What are you even talking about?! Two words: IGNORE IT

        • Fran says:

          Wow, that is too wierd.

          • Linda says:

            That was probably all one person faking a conflict like trolls enjoy doing these days. Ignore. As to Rush and Satisfaction, I loved them both! Got too busy with learning a new career and missed a lot of TV for a bit, just now trying to catch up…didn’t find out about the cancellation until just now. So bummed. Makes me wonder about other viewers maybe doing the same as I was, making the ratings look too low. We come back, you know! Satisfaction is about the characters, not their cheating. If you didn’t watch it with appreciation for the acting and the character development, you missed getting involved in the real story. Like with Rush, who he was made the unfolding fascination.

    • cannoir says:

      I am nervous about Graceland though. Mi Piace molto ! . Both Rush and satisfaction are the kind of shows you watch on your lunch break at work or while commuting. One is passable at best and the other is horribly bland.

    • Phoenix says:

      No sympathy for ignorance 😑…you can’t have an opinion about something you’ve never actually seen, and you’re rude Tran! Go tell it to someone who cares 😤

  5. vicki says:

    I agree with dj, hubby and i loved “Rush” and I found “Satisfaction” kind of creepy and didn’t watch it past the first episode. Ew

  6. I can’t believe they passed on Rush, that was such a good show, I hope another network would consider picking it up, I loved Satisfaction so glad it is coming back for another season

  7. BrittBrat says:

    I liked Rush better than Satisfaction. I felt like Satisfaction was boring and I didn’t really care about the characters.

  8. wrstlgirl says:

    Idiots. We loved Rush, couldn’t sit through one episode of Satisfaction.

    • Angie says:

      I so agree with you wrstlgirl, hubby & I really liked Rush, could not stand Satisfaction OR Matt Passmore. IMO they cancelled the wrong show!!

      • wrstlgirl says:

        In reading these comments and a lot of tweets that seems to be the general consensus, they cancelled the wrong one. People are not happy. If only we could get them to listen.

    • Kathy says:

      Totally agreed- Rush had a great story line and loved Tom Ellis and the rest of the cast. Satisfaction- just plain gross ! What were you thinking USA !

  9. Julie says:

    Actually it turned me off on Matt Passmore, the whole show was pretty disgusting, TG i’ve got 500 other shows to pick from.

  10. Barbara McDonald says:

    Bad call by USA – I felt like Rush’s character at least had some redeeming qualities to him; I never felt that way about Passmore’s character in Satisfaction. I won’t be watching.

    • Christine says:

      I completely disagree about Rush. The only reason I couldn’t watch Rush was the title character. Completely unlikable. I honestly struggled to watch the show because of Odette Annable, but Rush’s character made it very, very difficult. I’m seriously not going to miss this show.

      I can’t form an opinion about Satisfaction, since I’ve never watched it

      • mommaknowsbest77 says:

        I guess I saw the parts of him where he would finally do the “right thing” (as it were) and try to right a wrong. I never saw that in “Satisfaction”.

        • Temperance says:

          While Satisfaction was bad and irredeemable, Rush has a better lead and lead character. It was also too unpalatable, and the premise didn’t have anywhere to go. I’d have cancelled both, and I wouldn’t have waited until now.

  11. Whatevah says:

    Oh brother….

  12. Abu says:

    Rush was a much better show than satisfaction. It was nice having a “House-like” doctor back on our screens.

  13. LaLa says:

    I loved Rush. Sorry to learn it won’t be coming back.

  14. MzTeaze says:

    I really liked Rush. I hated the ads for Satisfaction and wouldn’t waste the time watching the show.

    • DreamRose311 says:

      This is why I hate ads… I found both shows to be very different from what was advertised. Expected to dislike both, and ended up liking them both pretty equally. They should’ve renewed them together I think

  15. mis says:

    Rush was so much better than Satisfaction. None of the characters on Satisfaction were particularly likeable.

  16. DC says:

    Rush should have been kept. Rush has a diverse cast and there lives are interesting. I read the premise of satisfaction sounds like it is just a show about ok looking white people with marital problems. Satisfaction, never watched it.

  17. jami1331 says:

    Mat Passmore needs something where he can use his Aussie accent!!! :)

  18. Katy says:

    Wish they had not canceled Rush, really enjoyed it. Gave Satisfaction a fair chance by watching the full season, but found the premise creepy and boring, and the characters unlikeable. Already removed it from my DVR lineup with no plans to watch next year. Will miss Rush.

  19. Amy says:

    Yes, i am happy about the renewal for Satisfaction. I never watched Rush, but it seemed stupid.

  20. mark says:

    Sorry to hear this news … Rush was a much better show than Satisfaction. I quit watching Satisfaction after the second episode. Hopefully Rush will get picked-up by another network.

  21. Tonya Bray says:

    Should have been just the opposite.

  22. Marge says:

    I abhorred the premise of watching a man get paid to have sex with women. It is one of the sleaziest ideas I’ve seen in a long time. What a waste, it belongs with the garbage that it is. It’s amazing that the powers that be cancelled a program that had 1.6 million and the sleaze got 1.3 million. Shows where USA us heading. Shame on them.

    • Kim says:

      I think a lot of u missed the many, strong storyboard besides Passmore sleeping with women For money. There is A LOT more story line than that. They are trying to find themselves again… Matt after he caught hiswifewith an escort got curious….that’s not the major plot line. its the insane & beautiful dynamics of marriage & family and finding who you really are. its been amazing eye opener for my marriage & a couple friends as well.

      • weuseour minds says:


      • Phoenix says:

        Everyone’s entitled to their opinion but I totally disagree with you. No one missed those things but it’s all about perception and how the majority of viewers saw Satisfaction as a show. No matter how u highlight or try to point out the”supposed”storyline concept you just gave, the show was formed and based on infidelity acceptance. No one enjoys nor deserves being cheated on. It is unacceptable to do to someone you have committed your everything to no matter what trials and tribulations your facing in the relationship it is not a go to!

  23. sdm says:

    Sick of good shows being canceled while garbage stays on the air. Rush had become my favorite show – loved it!

    • Sue Lucia says:

      Rush was my favorite TV show & I’m so bummed that it’s canceled! Please give it another chance USA! It was different & exciting & SEXY! I’m so depressed! I need my RUSH fix! Satisfaction was also pretty good, but Rush was the BEST! Tom Ellis ROCKED!

  24. Christina Reynolds says:

    Bummed about Rush!

  25. big cheddar says:

    Any news about “Playing House”?

  26. Susan says:

    I really enjoyed Rush but not Satisfaction that much. I don’t know why they cancel shows all the time that people like.

  27. K says:

    I really enjoyed Rush. I thought it was a good show, kind of showing the other side of Royal Pains. But I couldn’t get through the first episode of Satisfaction. USA was home to my all-time favorite show (Psych-o forever!!!), but I really think they got this one wrong.

  28. jack says:


  29. Margaret says:

    I did not like Rush in the beginning but he grew on me. Now I’ll have to make up my own story about what happens next.

  30. Chrissy Snow says:

    I loved RUSH and liked Satisifaction, I am pissed that RUSH is being cancelled.

  31. Rachel says:

    I was actually really loving Rush. I would’ve preferred Satisfaction have been cancelled and they kept Rush.

  32. trish says:

    Loved Rush, hated Satisfaction. Hopefully USA will rethink this.

  33. Carolyn says:

    I loved satisfaction. Thought Rush was way too stupid. I certainly hope real MD’s aren’t high on drugs all the time like is implied in that show. I’m going in for surgery next week and keep seeing Rush doing lines before surgery. Not plesant. Really like Mike Passmore.

  34. Sam says:

    Totally bummed out about it. I really liked the show I thought Tom Ellis rocked the role!!!!

  35. Jo says:

    Love rush, hate Satisfaction. :(

  36. cdhaskell says:

    I am sorry that Rush got cancel but happy that satisfaction got renewal for second season despite the dumb subplot. I hope that the storyline will improve in the second season. I still hope that Mistresses will change it mind about moving to Canada to tape the third season.

  37. Loved Satisfaction & the interesting cross-crochet of events & characters. Really got into Rush after second episode. Both are different, and very well done. Please bring both back!

  38. David G. Stern says:

    I couldn’t get no Satisfaction to quote the Rolling Stones. Wish he would have been able to stay with the Glades. Rush just didn’t connect with me. Not enough interest in the character so that one doesn’t surprise me. Plus the bar has been set pretty high for those that have gone before like Burn Notice, Monk, to name but a couple.

  39. MM says:

    I watched both Rush and Satisfaction but I liked Rush much better. I’m bummed that it won’t be back next Summer.

  40. Yes I’m glad that they are going to renew Satisfaction. When I first started watching it I didn’t think I would like it but kept watching it and now I’m hooked. I want to see what happened after the season finale cause it left me hanging.

  41. Helen says:

    Did not like Satisfaction period. Rush wasn’t great but likable.

  42. priscilla says:

    I am so happy about this! I recently started watching satisfaction online and am really into it i was hoping for another season, simon is so hot!!! I never watched rush.

  43. Jenna says:

    Ugh! Really? Rush was a much better show; it grew on me. Satisfaction, however, had the opposite effect.

  44. Ker says:

    Loved Rush: realistic!
    Ditched Satisfaction: trying to hard and unrealistic

  45. CatInTheHat says:

    Unreal. As much as I liked Matt Passmore in The Glades, I can’t stand Satisfaction. It made me cringe – and not in a good way – so I gave up on it. Rush, however, just got better as the season went along and I actually looked forward to watching it. Am getting soooo tired of some of these decisions that make no common sense.

    • Susan says:

      I guess we should get used to ALL the networks cancelling the good shows and leaving crap for us to watch. It used to be just the regular networks that did this and USA was pretty good at not doing this. That has changed and I’m very disappointed. They renewed that Christy Knows Best which is one of the worst shows on tv. Unbelievable!

    • Margie says:

      Agree with most on here, incl. CatinTheHat. Just found out this aft that Rush was cancelled. Was really looking forward to the show this summer. Never took to Satisfaction-didn’t like the premise, but was sad to see The Glades fall off the face of the earth.

  46. Cynthia Smith says:

    Really enjoyed Rush and found Satisfaction unwatchable.

  47. Cheryl says:

    Loved Rush! sorry to see it go. Could not get into Satisfaction.

  48. I couldn’t watch Satisfaction I just didn’t think it was all that good. The sexual nature wasn’t the problem I can’t explain it and I love Matt Passmore (still missing The Glades). As for Rush I loved that show and wish that had been renewed instead.

  49. Deion says:

    Quick turn around, here. USA usually takes it’s time with renewals.