Gotham Scoop: Nicholas D'Agosto Joins Fox Drama as Harvey Dent

Gotham Harvey Dent

One of Gotham‘s most infamous wrongdoers will soon be showing his face — both of his faces, actually — on the Fox drama.

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Nicholas D’Agosto (Masters of Sex) has nabbed the recurring role of Harvey Dent, the idealistic Assistant District Attorney destined to become the villainous Two-Face, TVLine has learned.

Gotham‘s Dent is described as “handsome, warm and engaging,” constantly maintaining a sunny disposition even when dealing with the city’s seediest riffraff.

D’Agosto’s Gotham deal includes a series regular option in event of a potential second season.

In addition to playing Dr. Ethan Haas on Showtime’s Sex, D’Agosto has recurred on Heroes and The Office, among other shows. He was also a lead on How I Met Your Dad, the HIMYM spin-off that never made it to air.

Do you approve of D’Agosto’s casting? Drop a comment with your thoughts on Gotham‘s take on Harvey Dent below.

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  1. StephonJS says:

    yes i approve.. just make him a college student

  2. Lysh says:

    Oo he’s cute.

  3. CBWBDK1 says:

    lol! All the villains will be old people by the time Bruce becomes Batman!

    • You know, it’s all relative, really. Traditionally, figures like Penguin and Joker have been older than Batman (Romero versus West, Keaton versus Nicholson), while others, like Catwoman and Harvey, have been more his age. Joker as Batman’s contemporary, like in Dark Knight, is an anomaly.

      • cdhaskell says:

        Heath Ledger’s Joker was in his mid-30 while Nicholson was older(between 50-60). I believe that Harvey Dent is in his mid-20 or younger.

      • websnap says:

        “Joker as Batman’s contemporary, like in Dark Knight, is an anomaly.”

        That’s not actually true, check out the Killing Joke (usually seen as the “definitive” story of the Joker) and you will see that the joker joined the Red Hood Gand as a young man just as Bruce became Batman – putting them in the same age group. Aside from live-action portrayals, which is more about the actors casting want and less about nailing the characters age in relation to a storyline; Joker, Bruce, Harvey, Nygma and Selina have all been about the same age.

    • jj says:

      ehh i don’t tend to be fond of child actors in dramatic roles (not all that fond of the actress that plays selina tbh) so I prefer that they are casting older actors.

  4. kandrew4900 says:

    I think Nicholas D’Agosto will bring a big movement to Gotham, he is the perfect actor to play this role, I am a little concern with playing duel characters both DA and Two Face, but he will definitely bring a huge addition to a already great cast.

    • cdhaskell says:

      I just remember that Dent didn’t become Two-Face after Bruce Wayne became the Batman and during a big time trial when the defendent decide to throw acid into his face.

    • Amanda says:

      I highley doubt he’ll even be Two Face until right before or right after Bruce becomes Batman in the final season, which the writers have said would happen in end. In the comics, cartoons, and films Harvey got disfigured by Sal Maroni, the rival mob boss of Carmine Falcone, after Bruce already became Batman. Sal will be on the show too but again if it stays like the comics won’t be happening anytime soon.

      • cdhaskell says:

        I wanted to thank you for the information on how Harvey Dent became Two-Face. I knew that he didn’t become Two -Face until after Bruce Wayne became the Batman.

        • Joey says:

          It’s actually relatively similar in the animated series as well, although they used the Falcone crime family instead.

          • cdhaskell says:

            The writer thought that the fan don’t remember the whole story about Harvey Dent/Two-Face. I remember in the animated series Bruce Wayne and Harvey Dent was the same ages.

          • Joey says:

            That’s true, but I think in the animated series, he’s actually a little older, unless now I’m confusing it with the continuity of the Arkham video game series, which the latest game coming out next June probably places Bruce Wayne in his low thirties at the oldest, I would imagine.

  5. Jared says:

    Missed him this season on Masters of Sex but happy to see him now on Gotham.

  6. Mile says:

    I like him. But shouldn´t Harvey Dent be almost as old as Bruce?

  7. Marcus T. says:

    Kid hit the jackpot. This show will run 10+ seasons

  8. Ant says:

    Guess they are gonna throw out everyone in the first season knowing fox will probably cut this show short.

  9. Anon says:

    Thank goodness. This show did not have enough villains. Thanks producers for giving us more characters!

    • Wheel says:

      Why would he be a villain? Harvey was a good guy up until he became Two-Face, which didn’t happen until Batman was well established in Gotham.

      You guys are seriously overreacting. The show doesn’t have much villains – many of them are simply *future* villains.

  10. cdhaskell says:

    I can’t wait to see how Gotham will developed Harvey Dent/Two-Face. It will be interested to see how far will Dent goes to win a case. I must guess that Dent is 15 year older than Bruce Wayne.

  11. Matt C. says:

    While I approve of this casting, it’s getting annoying how many popular characters the show is cramming into the first season. The ensemble cast is already big enough as it is.

    • cdhaskell says:

      It make you wonder how many villain that will pop up in the second season. I hope that the writer will developed the individual character and make the city come alive.

    • alistaircrane says:

      No it’s not. The Gotham mythos can easily support a large cast, much like a soap opera. The more the merrier!

  12. Delante says:

    He is perfect for the role

  13. Malo says:

    I love him..esp on Masters of sex

  14. Jeff Leavell says:

    I would rather see him as an Assistant District Attorney for now and then you can upgrade him to the DA and keep it near the same age range as he should be. Maybe show his change and what made him change to a TWO FACE.

  15. Lisbet Correa says:

    Well like duhhh.

  16. Lisbet Correa says:

    Yessssss yesss

  17. Joey says:

    Kind of surprised they cast Harvey so soon. I figured we wouldn’t see him until a potential second season. I guess they’ll get to explore his psychological issues much more now.

  18. Joey Padron says:

    Glad they cast the actor to play Harvey Dent. Looking forward to see him on the show!

  19. murley says:

    I am assuming that they are introducing a slew of characters and establishing the relationships in a kind of heavy handed manner now as sort of setting up the game board and playing pieces and then as the show progresses characters will drop in and out and they will focus on fewer characters and storylines at a time. I am thinking similar to how lost dealt with such a large cast and multiple character driven storylines. At least I am hoping for that.

  20. JC says:

    This show is getting ridiculous. All of Batmans villains will be old men by the time he becomes Batman.

    • Brandon says:

      What main villian is older than their 20s in the show? Bruce is only like 8-10 years away so at the most they will be in their 30s. You can’t cast Harvey as a kid and show him in middle and high school. Now this allows them to show him as the good kid everybody in Gotham loves before he turns into Two Face.

      • cdhaskell says:

        I hope that Gotham will developed Dent’s background before he became DA and Two Face. I wanted to know why he became the Two-Face after half of face was destroy. I remember in the Batman animated series that Dent sound like he was mental unbalance already.

  21. jack says:

    Bored already.

  22. Gerri says:

    I approve this casting. Loved him since Heroes.

  23. He’s such a wonderful and underrated actor. I am stoked.

  24. paddylastinc says:

    He’s perfect for the role!