Sons of Anarchy Recap: Risky Business

Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 4

Who knew Sons of Anarchy could get so poignant?

During a moment of crisis for SAMCRO on Tuesday’s episode of the FX drama, Bobby reflects on the club’s good ol’ days: “Remember when our biggest problem was which Mayan to kill?” Jax insists those were simpler times, but Bobby takes it a step further: “Simpler men.”

That statement seems particularly fitting for this week’s installment, which finds the motorcycle club getting into hot water with multiple allies — and realizing there’s very few places left to turn. Without further ado, here’s what went down on “Poor Little Lambs”:

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NO GOOD DEED | SAMCRO’s Problem of the Week stems from Pastor Jonathan Haddem, the, uh, sexually promiscuous (for lack of a better term) preacher who the club unwittingly murdered a few weeks back. Tyler informs Jax and his brothers that Haddem was actually a potential business partner for August Marks, as the two men hoped to make headway on a low-income housing project. But now that the preacher is MIA, it’s up to SAMCRO to track down his wife, who has power of attorney and could also sign the papers that will move the project forward. The club’s first move? Digging up the dearly departed preacher, who was buried with his phone. At first, it doesn’t seem that the phone carries any useful intel, until they find a video of Haddem getting extra-freaky in the sheets with… none other than Venus! (Welcome back, Walton Goggins. You’ve never looked more beautiful.)

Venus recalls a particular rendezvous with Haddem at his lake house, which SAMCRO immediately visits. They manage to track down Haddem’s wife and stepson (though Tig is shot and wounded in the process), and Haddem’s wife confesses that those low-income housing units? They’re all a front for money laundering. But she’s backed into a corner and forced to sign the papers, realizing that any other moves would cause August Marks’ men to come for her and her son.

You know Newton’s Third Law of Motion? For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction? Well, that’s what seems to take place after SAMCRO cleans up the preacher’s mess. On their way to Business Transaction No. 2 — a drug deal with some of Ron Tully’s men — Jax and the boys are tailed by two officers in the sheriff’s department, who are hoping to track them down for information on Kenneth Haas’ recent trip to the hospital. The officers realize they’ve followed SAMCRO to the heart of something dangerous, and when Tully’s men think SAMCRO brought the police with them, they gun down both officers. (Cane is shot fatally; Eglee, as we see later, is hanging on by a thread.)

A-DIOSA! | Later, Jarry stops by Scoops to ask Jax, Bobby and Chibs if they had anything to do with her colleagues getting shot. They deny all involvement in the dust-up, but just as Jax confesses to beating up Ken Haas, one of Lin’s men throws a hand grenade through the window, blowing up the ice cream shop (without wounding Jarry or the Sons, though). Bobby observes that SAMCRO must have been sold out to Lin (for any number of things, really) to bring on such full-blown retaliation — and indeed, Lin’s revenge isn’t stopping there. A few of the Chinese stop by Diosa just as Nero reaches Scoops to check out the damage. He gets a phone call from one of Lin’s associates — “What happens at Diosa will affect you, but it’s meant for SAMCRO,” the associate warns — and by the time Jax & Co. reach the bar, Lin’s men have already killed every last woman working inside, including Colette. (And just as Gemma was warming up to her, too!)

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Though most of these 75 minutes belong to SAMCRO’s fracturing business relationships, we also get an update on Juice, who’s in especially dangerous territory now that the sheriff’s department has opted to put out an APB on him. Gemma insists on driving Juice to her dad’s house to buy him some more time, but Juice breaks down at the thought of spending more time alone with his thoughts — “getting lost in the details of nothing,” he adds, breaking my heart in the process. (On a positive note? There is a glimpse of Juice’s butt early in the hour. So, it’s not an entirely depressing episode.)

Other highlights: Nero learns that Jax was the one who put Ken Haas in the hospital, and he’s not pleased to hear that Gemma put him up to it; Tig and Venus reconnect (if you know what I mean) while she nurses his gunshot wound; and we get our first glimpse of Courtney Love as Abel’s pre-school teacher. Her scene is short but memorable, as Ms. Harrison says what we’re all thinking after Gemma threatens an impatient mom in the drop-off line: “Damn, Grandma’s a little crazy.”

OK, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Might this season’s pace be dragging just a smidge? Hit the comments with your thoughts.

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  1. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    SAMCRO is in deep sh*t and it’s about to get a whole lot WORSE! Gemma’s opening scene was funny had to LMAO and yay Venus Van Dame is baaaack! Finally Tig and Venus had their moment but it was kind of weird to watch. On a serious note since that female cop Eglee is still alive she’s gonna start yapping pretty soon……..just saying.

  2. Kath says:

    Who was the SAMCRO member that was supposed to be with the guns at the warehouse and didn’t answer his phone, and was killed by the Chinese? I didn’t recognize him, but they only showed him for a sec.

  3. Dennis says:

    Really liked tonight’s episode, Kurt Sutter is a genius and I truly am surprised to read how people aren’t happy with the season so far….HOPE HENRY LIN GETS TO MEET MR. MAYHEM SOON!

  4. rachelle says:

    Smdh! Did the Sons really think they could wreak their havoc without reaping the consequences? What are they, new to the scene?? I’m so happy we didn’t see that massacre at Diosa Norte! I was mentally preparing myself for it and was already trying to shield my eyes and muffle my screams. That ish was bloody. Not that I expect anything less from SOA.

    God, I hate Gemma. She brought this war on the Sons and she’ll be the ruin of them.

    Poor Juice. He’s totally bat guano. I hope Gemma’s psycho behind doesn’t kill him, but that might be her only choice. Juice is unstable and it’s only gonna get worse. And his desperate for redemption might lead to him spelling alludah beans to Jax.

    Tig and Venus are adorbs! I loved their scenes.

    Chibs and Althea? I’m kinda excited for that to happen and can’t wait to see where it goes.

    Every episode is amazing and I’m sad this is the last season! 😩

    • KJK says:

      In my opinion, Gemma taking the gun out of her purse then putting it back in at the end montage was her struggling with whether or not to kill Juice. Since she put the pistol in the bag, I think that means she’s going to kill him…

  5. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    Does anybody have a gut feeling that there might be a spark BTW Chibs and Jarry? I would never think he would get with a cop.

    • TVworks2014 says:

      Gut feeling? She offered it to him in episode 3. But maybe she’s a plant by Wims/Patterson to get the club caught up in bribery, etc.

  6. holly says:

    I need a flow chart to keep everything straight, especially all the different gangs! Who did what to who, etc. How is Marilyn Manson gonna tie in? How about Juice?

  7. TVworks2014 says:

    the body count in the first 4 is HIGHHHHH! Gemma killing Tara and lying that it was the chinese won’t end of well for Gemma or Samcro. Jury dropped dime to the chinese. Marilyn manson’s crew may back out of their deal. August is about to close in on them too. Mayan’s gonna get theirs too. Great final season. Mass destruction! Can’t see Nero living thru this season though.

  8. James D says:

    you reep what you sow SAMCRO is about to get messed up. you don’t want to mess with the Triads and that is exactly what Jax has done. Good job Gemma i really hope Jax puts a bullet in her before Lin gets a hold of him. Great episode I’ve said it a billion times but Walton Goggins is one of our greatest actors and deserves far more credit then he gets. With that said Tig and Venus scene was all kinds of messed up :)

  9. Carla G says:

    Loved this episode!! Jax hasn’t smiled in ages, and did so a few times! Tig and Venus are awesome!

  10. George says:

    I still want to know what’s up with that Mother from last season who supposed to be dead who was digging in the trash.Her daughter was working in Scoops remember she broke the window

  11. wesley thompson says:

    S*** just got real for samcro they have to deal with the chinese, august marks and juice & gemma situation man these last 8 eposide are gonna be really intense. I wonder what jax is gonna do when he finally finds out it was his own mom that killed his wife all of these deaths are basically b/c of gemma and juice mostly gemma. Here’s to hoping these last 8 eposides are peddle to the floor. Samcro rocks!!!!!!!

  12. wrstlgirl says:

    So basically we’re in an all out gang/s war caused by Gemma’s lies. Tara was Jax moral compass so now he just doesn’t care anymore. It bothers me that he’s not spending any time with his kids and has he even been to see Tara, I don’t believe he has. I guess in show time he’s only been out a couple of days. I’m so glad Colette is dead. If Jax ended up in bed with her again it would be a huge slap in the face to Tara’s memory. Venus Van Dam…….enough said.

    • Bwhit says:

      I agree with all of this. Seeing Colette last night was so annoying. I was like, he didn’t divorce Tara, she was murdered! This isn’t your chance old lady. I almost feel that Nero is going to put it together on accident and not know what to do. I agree that he should see the boys, it reminds me of what Opie did in season 2 and Jax kept telling him to think about the kids, take your own advice there buddy! I think seeing Tara’s grave would just push him over the edge even more, I don’t think he can even bring himself to go there because it would be extremely hard for him (he still should face it though). Someone has to figure Gemma out soon because I am tired of seeing her get no blowback and talking to dead Tara like they are having coffee or something.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        My guess is Nero and/or Unsur is going to figure out that Gemma killed Tara. I’m afraid she is going to kill Juice because he’s become so unhinged. Gemma needs to start paying for everything she’s done soon. And you’re right about Tara’s grave. He can’t face it but I hope it happens before he *cough* dies *cough*. It will be a very sad scene to watch.

      • Kay says:

        I completely agree with you both. I was so pissed seeing Collette last night and am so glad she’s done. What a slap in the face to Tara’s memory that would of been and to the fans of that pairing. I really feel like Kurt Sutter favors Katy because she is his wife and that’s why Gemma won’t feel any blow back until the bitter end and I can almost guarantee it won’t be what most of the fans want which is her meeting a similar fate to Tara. I have a bad feeling Jax is going to be dead long before Gemma, I mean he is headed down a path I hoped would never happen for him as a fan, he has lost so many redeeming qualities I loved in the beginning of this show, yeah he was always a bad ass but he had some morals. The tear a few weeks ago was the only sign that Jax is still in there somewhere. Why isn’t he spending time with his boys and ugh I wanted to vomit when I heard Gemma saying how Abel is going to grow up to be in the club this is not what Tara would have wanted at all. I am just kind of depressed seeing as I don’t know how this show can end well with any closure for it’s loyal fans.

        • Bwhit says:

          I fear you are right about Gemma, I just read something Paris Barclay said and he made it sound like Jax is not going to do what we want him to (big surprise). I feel like if they went for it and killed Tara that way Gemma deserves something equally as bad or worse.

        • wrstlgirl says:

          I don’t know about Jax being dead long before Gemma. I see both of them in the finale’ which is likely when the truth will come out to Jax, like you say, the bitter end. Others will find out though and not know what to do with the reality of it and stay quiet for Jax sanity. Ironically that is how Gemma is justifying what she did. Whether or not we get our wish that she dies at Jax hand remains to be seen, but you are correct that fans will be extremely disappointed if that does not happen. Unless Sutter is completely oblivious to his fan base (and I don’t believe he is) he’s well aware of this and will somehow give us what we want in some fashion. We shall see!!

        • KJK says:

          I don’t think the show is supposed to end “well.” As many people including Kurt Sutter have said, SOA is akin to a Shakespearean tragedy. Those don’t usually end well. If you’re looking for a happy ending to this show, I have a feeling you will be disappointed…

          • wrstlgirl says:

            I don’t know of anyone who is expecting a happy ending. But seeing Jax kill his devil mother would make us happy. See what I did there :-) :-)

    • rachelle says:

      Yes! I hate Collette. I was so annoyed with her thirsty ass coming around again. If Jax had boned her, I would’ve been pissed, especially since Jax knows how Tara felt the last time Jax slept with that slore.

  13. DB says:

    CCH pounder’s character and lady cop set up SAMCRO. Ultimate irony SAMCRO brought down by women. Jax’s horror at finding out he’s become everything he and Tara dreaded …. at finding out he’s responsible for so many deaths and so much mayhem, all because of a lying, selfish mother and his own rigid obsession with revange will result in his killing Gemma with his bare hands. He’ll leave the boys with Wendy to take care of them far, far away and he’ll confess to everything, knowing full well it will mean his own murder. SAMCRO will live on. The End.

  14. Walkie says:

    The show continues to become more and more absurd.

    The small town has had about 30 murders in the past year. Now another 16 or so people are gunned down? CNN would be down there reporting on a mass killing like that. Does this town exist in some sort of bubble?

    I get it’s a TV show but it should have some basis in reality.

    • Bwhit says:

      i think the reason you are not going to see some type of reaction like that and it makes sense that there wouldn’t be is because, those 16 people were paid escorts. That really wouldn’t garner much outcry from the mainstream public. That is only my opinion though and how it doesn’t annoy me as much.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      Aside from season one it’s been that way. It’s often water cooler discussion at my workplace. The fact that they get away with killing all these people has become a joke.

    • Fran says:

      Yeah, watching this show requires a MAJOR suspension of disbelief. Its one of the reasons I’m glad the show is ending, because how much longer could this realistically go on?

    • frank domingos says:

      Walkie, you got it. We could write better scripts then this. Just fire your guns whenever. This show has no nuances now.Just fire away. Sutter must be bored and can’t wait til
      this season is over. He must be writing up another show and lost his passion for this one.
      Overall it was a good series until now.

  15. me says:

    Happy happy flappy flappy to see Tig and Venus! Tignus! Love them too funny! Thanks Sutter! :)sic

  16. hikai77 says:

    I rarely watch the show and primarily follow on recaps, but it sure seems like SOA live a charmed life. In spite outright irresponsible behavior based on the trust being given to the one person who has been lying to them the entire series, SOA always only seems to suffer with collateral deaths, but never their main group members, unless it is by their own hands, yet they seem to have a 100% success rate against rival gangsters, especially from what it looks like in the preview for next week. I am sorry, but SOA is just a biker gang localized in Stockton and Charming, and yet we are to believe that they will be able to take out an international criminal syndicate like a Triad without repercussions?

  17. Oldwrench says:

    My thoughts Gemma’s going to cap Juice and Jax will find out that Gemma did Tara piss him off bad thinking she helped kill his Dad and wife he will give her to the yellow men that will piss of Nero and one hell of a fight between him and Nero will end it all.

  18. KJK says:

    The old SOA member Jury had to rat the club out to the Chinese, right?

  19. Ty says:

    I thought that none of the son’s were suppose to die?

  20. cee jaye says:

    Juice packed his gun with a silencer…Gemma packed hers…maybe they will kill each other at the Gemma’s dad’s house …leaving Jax to never know the truth about Tara…which might be for the best for everyone…viewers get satisfaction of Gemma/Juice gone to make a clean path for the last 8 episodes & Jax never knows about his mother’s heinous betrayal…could happen…

    • wrstlgirl says:

      That would be horrible. Viewers deserve to see Jax learn the truth. It’s what he does with the information that is questionable.

      • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

        It looked like Juice wants to get rid of wendy at first before he put the gun in his bag. As for Crazy Gemma idk she could get rid of juice as well since he’s out of it (mentally) guess we’ll find out next wk. And yeah WE ALL want to that show down btw Jax and Gemma!

  21. LABete says:

    This show was a brilliant display of misdirection! At first it seemed that Jax and SAMCRO were finally past the blood lust revenge phase of Jax’s grief and were settling back into the old routine, regaining a bit of their humanity and humor: visiting Diosa and running into Jax’s “Mommy Fetish,” joking around a little, going on a “search and rescue” mission, helping the Preacher’s wife and her son, visiting Venus, getting rid of the Chinese heroin, etc. Then, bam!, everything goes horribly wrong!

    It’s like we were all living a little dream that things could go back to the way they were and were suddenly awakened to the reality that Jax’s gang war is not going to end until the maximum amount of flesh and blood is exacted. What a shocking turnaround by the end of the episode. Jax must’ve been getting flashbacks to Tara’s murder, walking around all those dead girls at Diosa. Very sad!

    At least we got the sweet, poignant scene between Tig and Venus–who knew those two could provide such an emotional center to an episode!

    • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

      Glad that whore Collette is dead! The moment they showed her face I was mad, the look on her face when she saw Jax as if all she wanted to do is bang him (he just LOST his wife you dumb B*!) and of course she was disappointed that Jax didn’t want to see her later in the ep. haha!

      • LaBete says:

        It bugged me too that neither one of them seemed to acknowledge any guilt over how much they hurt Tara, which should’ve resulted in avoiding one another rather than the almost flirting that went on. I mean how would either of them ever be able to forget that scene with Tara bursting in on them during their last encounter?

  22. Desperado says:

    Jury ratted out the club to Chinese. he is getting revenge for Jax killing his son

  23. This may have been the first episode this season that Jax actually acted likeable and there were consequences to the club’s actions.

  24. Kevin in CT says:

    Hey guys, how about this for a series ender even though it’s been used before (Bob Newheart Show). Clay and Gemma wake up and he starts telling her about this crazy dream he had… it then goes on to show clay & Gemma as the owners of a diner and the rest of the cast would be coming in as customers in various occupations. Say Tig as a barrista, Bobby Elvis as a school crossing guard, chibs a a dentist etc. etc. etc. It would need some screen time to play out the entire cast but I think it would be funny as hell

  25. Sully says:

    Great seasons very entertaining. Hate the thought that this is last season…. It’s been a great ride!!!!

  26. cwnOnTheHill says:

    The kid will kill Gemma. Watch and see. They’ve turned him into a little monster, and now he knows grandma killed mommy. Will he talk afterward? Who knows.

  27. millie says:

    what did Juice do to betray Jax…i missed that one…and isn’t it ironic that if you say Judas fast it sounds like Juice

  28. GARY says:

    I’ve really enjoyed this convoluted and sometimes brutal series. Maybe that’s a revelation about where my head is at a a former biker. This series is beginning to drag a bit. I guess it will end with total mayhem among all the clubs! The series will end when everyone is burnt toast!