In First Dovekeepers Video, NCIS Fave Cote de Pablo Declares: 'I'm Back!'

Dovekeepers Miniseries Premiere Date

Like the swallows to Capistrano, the beloved Cote de Pablo is returning to CBS — and we’ve got your first look at the NCIS alum in The Dovekeepers.

The video below shows de Pablo on the set of the Eye Network’s miniseries, an adaptation of Alice Hoffman’s historical novel about four women in ancient Israel whose lives intersect at the siege of Masada. That real-life event occurred in 70 C.E. (aka A.D.), when 900 Jews who’d been forced out of Jerusalem by the Romans held out for months against Roman troops at a mountain fortress in the Judean desert.

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The Actress Formerly Known as Ziva plays Shirah, a “sensual, mysterious and fiercely independent single mother” whom many call the “Witch of Moab” because she practices forbidden magic.

The four-hour event series is executive produced by Roma Downey and Mark Burnett (The Bible) and co-stars Rachel Brosnahan (House of Cards), Kathryn Prescott (Finding Carter) and Diego Boneta (Pretty Little Liars).

The Dovekeepers will air on CBS in 2015. Press PLAY to see de Pablo in action and get a hint of what’s to come.

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  1. TullaT says:

    Great to see her again! Looking forward to this miniseries.

  2. Love hearing Cote de Pablo say she’s back again on CBS! I’m looking forward to this mini series even more…..and of course, it looks like stellar casting. :-)

  3. Tran says:

    NCIS fans still missed Ziva.

    • lame says:

      NCIS hasn’t felt the same since she left.

    • Dmac says:

      Well that didn’t take long. Thanks for speaking for all of us…not

      • Simon Jester says:

        I wondered how long it would take for someone to get snotty. Next time, try this: “I wasn’t a big fan of hers on NCIS, but I’m glad she’s found a role she’s excited about.” Same sentiment, without looking like a prick.

        • Dmac says:

          Well thank you for an etiquette lesson. Funny how you sound like a prick when you are lecturing me on how not to be. Second observation , can a female be a prick?

          • guest says:

            You have a right to your opinion but curious to know why you would choose to post on an article that is clearly about Cote de Pablo? I have seen your comments on the NCIS page and you don’t seem to be a Ziva or a Cote fan; so are you just on here to incite Cote fans? I’ve stopped talking about Cote on the NCIS page so maybe you can find it in you not to come on one of the only places that is to talk about Cote and The Dovekeepers and not make negative comments. If you’re a Cote fan great, but if your not that just shows that you’re just as bad as the over zealous Ziva fans who still complain on the NCIS page. Anyone should know by now that whenever Cote is mentioned, Ziva will come up. If you don’t want them on that page then let them have this place to express themselves. I love her but I’m OK with her being gone, obviously others still need to process it. It’s not our place to judge but wouldn’t you rather have it here than there?!? : )

        • Sara says:

          I personally think it is snotty to come onto an article about Cote de Pablo being excited for a new role and complaining about still missing an old character she played. It is time to move on.

          • pearl witt says:

            we can move on but still say how we feel after all itsa called free speech I too miss her onncis and would rater they have her back on the show instead of this mini series which I will not watch

          • TV Gord says:

            Sure, it’s called free speech, but it’s been over a year! It’s also called bloody tiresome to read that same comments over and over and over. It makes you all look like psychotic nutjobs.

        • Carolyn says:

          Except the tone of your comment does sort of make you look like a prick.

      • Angie says:

        So much for “spending more time with her family” LIAR–JMO but I hope it FAILS!!!

    • TV Gord says:

      Really? They’re traditionally so low-key about that. (I miss her, too, but I’ve learned to move on.)

    • Joe says:

      not all NCIS fans, glad she gone.

    • DJ says:

      I agree, NCIS had better chemistry. The clip of the dove keepers Doesnt say much. Dont understand her leaving NCIS. Same thoughts go to Paget Brewster of Criminal Minds

    • keith rose says:

      please come back to ncis

    • eutter13205 says:

      Needs to come back. New series NOT her style. I am not impressed with Roma Downey’s work (interpretations).

  4. shelly says:

    I’m so excited! This is a phenomenal book and I’m sure Cote and Rachel will do a phenomenal job as Shirah and Yael! Love Cote so much -so good to see her again!

  5. Jeanie says:

    It was awesome to hear Cote say she was back on CBS. I’m so excited to see her in The Dovekeepers, and I can’t wait to see it.

  6. Charissa29 says:

    I love Cote de Pablo! I haven’t watched NCIS since she left, as she was my favorite character! Sigh. Look forward to seeing her in this miniseries though.

  7. com2metz says:

    I am excited to see the beautiful and talented Cote de Pablo and all the other co-stars that are working so hard on this miniseries. CBS you are so blessed to have this woman on your NETWORK. I am looking forward to The Dovekeepers. Roma Downey is doing an amazing job as producer. When I saw Cote walk into the screen I screamed like someone else on twitter stated. Yes I am a fan! Love you Cote!!!

  8. Lulu2 says:

    Excellent book, but I’m very weary of this project.

  9. Donna Pszoniak says:

    Great to see Cote Beautiful as ever can’t wait to see her in the DoveKeepers and hopefully back on NCIS show is dull she is the light of the that show

  10. nick says:

    Doubtful that this will succeed! Time o move on.

  11. Daya says:

    I heard about the Siege of Masada…probably in “Zealot”. (I don’t think it was “Killing Jesus”, because Zealot went off the beaten path quite a lot.) Looking forward to learning more about it!

  12. Peggy says:

    Looks like an excellent series. Good to see Cote again. She is an excellent actress. NCIS is cery blah without her. I miss the interraction between all the characters. Wish her all,the vest in her new endeavors

  13. Tim says:

    Is there ANY way that the show could have a cameo by Mark Harmon or Michael Weatherly?

  14. Lizo says:

    Horrendously dull novel. Had to read it for bookclub. Will probably check out the miniseries though; the issues with a novel are less likely to occur in a visual telling of it.

  15. joe says:


  16. Anita says:

    The novel is amazing! Cote will shine in it and I can’t wait to see The Dovekeepers! She was my fave agent in NCIS and of course I am happy to have her back on TV.Good luck to beautiful lady and talented actress!

  17. jireshia l. matus says:

    good to see you back. however we miss you in NCIS, it is not the same without you. ZIVA.

  18. Don says:

    We want her BACK on NCIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. diane says:

    I have been a fan of NCIS since it started and It really didn’t matter to me that she left the show. Personally, I think it was time for a change. She and Tony were getting a bit boring. I liked Kate and Ziva equally but really hate the new girl Bishop.

    I do think it is time the media moves on and stop tagging her with NCIS. Let her stand on her own. As for her new gig, the story line doesn’t interest me, won’t be watching.

  20. Aimee says:

    These comments against Cote are pitiful. She’s a 34 year old woman, why so much hate? It’s not about NCIS anymore, this is about her new show. Shame on TVLine for having this go on in every article that mentions this woman. Absolutely crazy how people are worried about what Cote is doing and it seems to affect their whole day? Jealousy is a terrible disease.

    • Darlene says:

      I agree. It’s not about NCIS or an opportunity to bash Cote. Yet are you okay with the remarks here affirming love for Cote but that continue on to trash NCIS, the Bishop character, and Emily Wickersham? In my book, neither are justified.

      • B. J. says:

        Well said. NCIS continues to be an excellent show and will be missed when Mark decides it is a wrap. Thanks to everyone of the NCIS Crew for the wonderful years in the past and the ones to come. Good luck and sucess to Cote in all her future endeavors. Will watch her mini series.

      • B. J. says:

        Well said!

    • Mark says:

      Funny–I feel the same way about all the hate and jealousy directed at Emily Wickersham and the rest of the cast of NCIS. The only thing Emily did wrong was to get hired for a job. I feel extreme pity for all the horrendous comments directed at her. The shame shouldn’t be directed at TVLine–the shame should be directed at all those who spread their hate at EITHER actress or the cast. Yes, jealousy is a terrible thing–but, it’s worse when one side is ignored for doing exactly the SAME thing. Plenty of shame to go around on both sides……..

      • Angela says:

        Nobody hates her, she just doesn’t fit in with the team!

        • KeithH says:

          In your opinion… I think Bishop is a fine fit.

        • Mark says:

          That’s your opinion–one you keep stating over and over–slow hand clap for you, we all get it, YOU don’t like her. She fits in fine with the rest of the cast and the show is chugging along just fine. I enjoy her. Plus, my comment stands–the ones crying foul about remarks made against Cote are just (if not worse) as mean spirited and shameful as the ones against Emily.

          • TV Gord says:

            I second your comment, Mark! :-)

          • guest says:

            I don’t agree with saying negative things about anyone. However, saying you don’t like Bishop or you don’t think she
            fits in the show
            is way different than the trash talked about Cote and Ziva
            for the last 8 years, and that is still being talked about now. The character of Ziva has been called a whore,
            a Mary Sue, a bitch and a
            abuser and so on and so forth
            excetera,excete-ra, excetera. Cote has been
            called a has been and a bad
            actress. If her fans say they
            miss her they are regarded as
            nut jobs or delusional or
            baby killers. Nothing that
            has been said
            about Bishop compares to the vile things that
            have been said
            for 8 years
            about the
            character of Ziva. I accept
            her decision to
            leave. But saying you don’t like Bishop
            or you don’t like Emily
            Wickersham is
            not the worst
            thing that can
            be said about
            the girl. Believe
            me, as someone who has read awful things for
            the last 8 years
            this is nothing.I don’t think it is a terrible thing for people to say that they wish Cote was back on NCIS. They should do it without slamming Bishop but there is no harm in saying they miss her.

          • Mark says:

            Seriously, “guest” you want to play that card? Since Emily started, I have seen comments about her, ranging in from how bizarre, stupid, dumb, cr@ppy, ugly she is. Plus, how she must have “slept” with someone to get the job, must “know” someone to get hired. Blonde bitch, blonde dumb @ss–blah, blah. Ruined the show, ruined the cast, ruined the writing, can’t act, talk,walk. Now, this has all been going on for the past year–even BEFORE she started the show. If you dare to say you like Emily, then you get “Oh, so you are the one”, “She sucks and so do you”, etc., etc. So, please spare me your “the trash talk about Cote is so different”, because it is not–as was told to me by one of the Bishop basher’s, (in most nasty terms), “We are going after Emily/Bishop–it’s our turn to hate and no one is going to stop us”. Yeah, that’s just so sweet and sensitive. I have never said people can’t miss a character, however, the shameful things said about Bishop before she even started–are just as bad and hateful–so, you say 8 years of harassment for Cote, but, from where I stand, the Bishop bashers have tripled their efforts and have made up for lost time. Nasty is nasty and saying one side is worse because it’s been done longer is not a valid argument. The comments being made are just as ugly and way more than “Gee, I miss the Cote and Bishop doesn’t fit in…..”

          • guest says:

            When the bashing of Bishop goes on for 8 years, then we’ll talk. And FYI, I like Bishop and Emily Wickersham. Once again, if you aren’t a Cote or Ziva fan, why are you posting on a page clearly about Cote de Pablo?

          • Mark says:

            I’m sorry–where does it say I am (or am not) a Cote fan? My statement was made to the horrible and nasty comments coming from BOTH sides of this bizarre and stupid argument. You made it all about Cote being treated worse, and saying she had 8 years of anguish by the Cote/Ziva haters–my point has always been crying foul about the remarks about Cote and saying the (equally) bad ones about Emily are different because they aren’t that bad is an implausible and illogical argument. One you based on that she hasn’t had to put up with it for 8 years–or as you so nicely put it, “When the bashing of Bishop goes on for 8 years, then we’ll talk”. The fact the bashing even started or is continuing or is condoned, is ignored. You also jump to the oh so wrong conclusion, because I don’t believe in your vast words of knowledge, that makes me not a Cote or Ziva fan and shouldn’t be posting on this page. Wow, really? How is that even your call to make? I distinctly wrote, what was being said about EITHER actress was shameful and mean spirited. Please, point out where I said I hated Cote/Ziva or wasn’t a fan, I’ll wait here.

          • guest says:

            I guess I just thought that because no where on this page did you say anything positive about Cote and her
            new project. The only thing
            you talked
            about was Emily
            Wickersham and the terrible things said about her. So,
            once again, why bring up Emily on a Cote page? The only comments on
            this particular thread state that people don’t like Bishop or she doesn’t fit. Or people stated they wanted Ziva back. So, it’s kinda implied that you’re not a fan when the only
            comments you make on a page about Cote de Pablo are about
            Emily Wickersham and the character of
            Bishop. Not one comment was made about Cote, by you, that would make me think
            you were a fan. In fact, you made no
            comments at all about Cote or The
            Dovekeepers. From that I inferred that you weren’t a
            big fan. Did I miss a comment from you about Cote
            or The Dovekeepers? No, I can’t find where you say you aren’t a fan of Cote’s but
            there is nothing to prove that you are, either. All there is, is a post defending Emily. What else should I

          • Mark says:

            I’m so sorry reading comprehension isn’t your strong suit. I replied to Aimee and Darlene about their comments regarding Cote and Emily. So, no, I didn’t “bring up Emily on a Cote page”. If you had bothered to read what I stated, instead of presenting your knee jerk reaction of “8 years of abuse”, you might have noticed (numerous times) how I said BOTH actresses shouldn’t have to put up with stuff like that. That BOTH sides are at fault. That certainly does not imply I am a fan of one over the other. You love to make assumptions, plain and simple. I didn’t offer enough praise to suit you and that makes me a Cote hater? Wow, what else am I? I mean, you have it all worked out don’t you? Do you have a manual stating one can’t bring up anything on a story that you don’t approve of first? If you do, I suggest you pass it along to the others on here who brought up bringing Cote back to NCIS and hating Emily–when this story was just about Cote’s future work on Dovekeepers. There are many responses above where people aren’t gushing on about Cote–are they now (in your mind) haters as well? I can defend whomever I want when I see fit–I certainly don’t need your “approval” posting on a story. Not only do you assume quite a lot, you are also judgmental and presumptuous. You have no idea what I may or may not be like–so I suggest you quit acting like you do. Assume that…..

          • guest says:

            Angry much Mark? My reading comprehension skills are just fine thank you very much. I
            stated why I assumed something. I
            didn’t say you had to overly gush about Cote. I understand you were replying to other people.
            Did you fail to realize that I also stated that bad mouthing
            anyone was wrong and that I actually liked Emily
            Wickersham. I didn’t say it was right I said that it hadn’t beengoing on as long as Ziva bashing. I guess
            I was implying that people shouldn’t think it will stop any time soon for the character of Bishop. I wasn’t having a knee jerk reaction. We infer things all the time
            from information we are given. You
            just inferred that I am not intelligent and don’t have appropriate
            comprehension skills. I only inferred that you weren’t a
            Cote fan. I didn’t say you were
            wrong or a horrible person; nor did I insult
            your intelligence. However you have decided to
            lump me in with all, deranged Cote fans. I was
            simply stating that things have been said about Ziva for several years now and
            to think that people are going to stop
            with Bishop is unrealistic. Right or wrong, this debate will
            continue. I’m sorry I made an assumption
            about your opinion of Cote and Ziva. But to
            imply that I’m stupid is inappropriate
            and not necessary.

          • Mark says:

            My intent was not to insult your intelligence. I became very frustrated by the fact you kept inferring things that were totally inaccurate. In the past, when I have voiced my opinion about how wrong it was to attack either actress or the rest of the cast, that respect should be applied to everyone concerned, I have been jumped on. Having to repeat the same things over and over and then being questioned about where my loyalties lie, brought back some very unpleasant memories. One can like both actresses without having to swear allegiance to only one. Plus, I used to enjoy reading articles about NCIS and all the cast, now that is impossible. The same vapid fights start, the same horrible remarks appear and it’s an ongoing circle. I’ve seen the horrible things people have written about Cote and her character, however, I’ve seen the same things now being done to Emily. The same people who are so outraged about what was being said about Cote are now doing the exact SAME thing to Emily. If that’s not hypocritical, I don’t know what is. Am I angry? No, I’m frustrated that some people feel only their way is the right way–and being nasty and mean-spirited about someone they probably never have met justifies their actions. I’m sorry my frustrations got the better of me.

          • guest says:

            Thanks Mark. I appreciate this. I’m sorry if I made you feel like I was attacking you; that was never my intention. I
            too have the same frustration and at times have
            let it get the best of me on these pages. I
            do think it’s hypocritical of avid Ziva fans to say bad things
            about Bishop. I also hate the vile things that fill up the NCIS page. We all
            tend to forget at times that we are talking to actual people at the other end. I would never be rude or disrespectful to you in person and I try not to be that way on these pages. Once again I apologize for
            any bad feelings or frustration I may have caused.

          • Mark says:

            Well, I guess the both of us have been laid into too many times. I am always astonished when someone makes an innocent remark and is jumped on by an angry hysterical person for saying absolutely nothing akin to the supposed “insult”. I know people feel the need to blame someone, however, just because one may work for the same production company, that doesn’t mean it’s their fault because someone else chose to take their life into another direction and move on. I guess when one wades into the various posts, a good thing to remember is that not everyone is gunning for you. (Uh, at least I hope not). I always try to treat people the same way I would want to be treated, and even if I get frustrated I should try to remember that. Perhaps taking a deep breath before replying would help……

  21. james says:

    I read Cote left previous series re salary dispute. Is this salary more than she would have been earning at NCIS? Is this a better relationship? Time will tell.

  22. She looks great as usual,really miss her on NCIS,replacement really sucks !

  23. Hoagy says:

    Cote so happy to see you back on CBS!! Looking forward to seeing you in Dovekeepers. The cast is amazing! Can’t wait!

  24. The Bible was an awesome story.This story has to be good,because Roma Downey,doesn’t do junk stuff.Glad to see Cote back.Honestly wish she came back to NCIS,even though new girl not bad

  25. “Cote de Pablo Declares: ‘I’m Back!'” – NOT! She says she’s back on CBS not NCIS. I liked her a lot but hated that forced relationship of Ziva with Tony DeNutso. She should have killed him off when she had the chance.

    • Shannon F says:

      It was very obvious that Cote was speaking about her return to TV. Please explain what you mean by forced, because it’s obvious that you don’t understand dramas well; in dramas, the tensions are always high, and you seem to have confused this with unnatural-looking acting. And srsly, kill off Tony? That would have been worse than removing Ziva!

  26. marby3 says:

    Ziva is a character Cote played. I loved Cote playing Ziva. I love that Cote is expanding her career. Cote, you are beautiful, sexy and talented…you go girl!

  27. Toni says:

    Can’t wait to see Cote again. I miss her smile and her wit. I love Roma as well. This will be great the ladies together.

  28. Patty Harris says:

    Can’t wait to see it…Enjoy everything Roma Downey and her husband does. Love Ziva too!

  29. James says:

    I still wish she was back at NCIS where she belongs. PLEASE, CBS get rid of Bishop, aka Bishop !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Cathy says:

    I am glad she is coming back. Can’t wait to see her.

  31. Carol K says:

    She is a great actress and I am glad to see her back on the screen. I won’t miss the show.

  32. Kelly Deeny says:

    I’m excited about this project and will definitely watch when it debuts next year! Roma Downey and Mark Burnett did a great job with “The Bible” series, so I’m looking forward to this story.

  33. Leslie says:

    All of you that are talking down about cote can go to hell (She’s GREAT) and we miss her.

  34. matthew says:

    This show looks like something that should be on the Hallmark Channel but costs too much for them.

    Looks like a “Low-T” show.

  35. Dutch Kooren says:

    Miss her still on NCIS. Her replacement doesn’t fill. Going to enjoy seeing her again.

  36. Lyn C says:

    I miss Ziva on NCIS. I wish she’d be returning but guess not. Glad she’s on another show as she is a great actress. Good luck, Cote!!!!

  37. karin blais says:

    I am so happy that I will get to see cote de Pablo again-however she was so wonderful in ncis-i wish she was back on that show-I truly miss her character

  38. Diane says:

    Love NCIS- Love all the cast—wish Ziva would come back– miss her…..

  39. Nancy Florence says:

    Happy to see de Palo back on tv. Trust she will add to the cast team We miss her on NICS. It would be nice if she could do both.

  40. keith rose says:

    please come back to ncis cote

  41. martin says:

    It’s good to see Cote de Pablo back on our screens again. Peacemakers my grand daughter when she watched NCIS and when Ziva came on she said cote cote. Now she’s gone. She will not watch NCIS. She’s now 7. She liked cote’s new mini series. Cotes number 1 fan.

  42. LeeAnn says:

    I truly love cote and I miss her on ncis but I wish her the best of luck in whatever she does

  43. JOHN Betts says:

    I enjoyed watching Cote playing the mysterious Mossad operative Ziva David I hope she will reprise her old role once in a while and I will check out her new show

  44. wish cote well, i really hope she isnt forever done with ncis..miss her alot!

  45. im sure she will do well

  46. my girl is back!!!! yay!!!!!!

  47. Dave Hockett says:

    I love Ziva ,I’m going to miss her. Hope they bring her back !

  48. DavesCave says:

    I miss Ziva so much! And evidently, from last nights NCIS so does Tony. I’m so glad she’s going to be back. I fell in love with her and although I’m still a big NCIS fan it lost a lot when she left for me.

  49. Brittaney says:

    Ill never understand those who can’t understand us NCIS fans who not only enjoyed what Ziva’s character brought to the series but also felt like she was family. For us fans who have been watching this series for years we’ve seen characters come and go, but Ziva’s absence leaves a hole that honestly can’t be filled- not when we know there’s even the slightest possibility that she could come back. All that to say, those of us who feel strongly about this are likely the people who DVR old episodes just to have something to watch when nothing else is on. We enjoy the journey each episode takes us on and most of all we enjoy the ‘company’ of the core characters. So to those who say ‘move on’ just remember that would be like having Lenard or Wolowitz leave Big Bang Theory or Rachel or Ross leave friends…. You’d want the core characters remain intact if you’ve enjoyed years of seeing their characters’ relationships continue to evolve into a family. That said I’m happy for Cote and her doing new things, but I wld LOVE to have her character make appearances at times and perhaps even to rekindle a relationship with Tony. That’s my vote:)

  50. Brittaney says:

    You’re missed on NCIS!