Dancing With the Stars Week 3 Results: Did The Right Couple Go Home?

After two not-exactly-surprising celebrity heave-hos kicked off Season 19 in ho-hum fashion, Week 3 of Dancing With the Stars found our remaining 11 celebs getting high… on Hollywood.

In tonight’s “Movie Night” extravaganza, the ballroom was transformed using classic themes from the silver screen – with very mixed results – and also showcased the delightfully welcome guffaws (if not dancing expertise) of this week’s guest judge, comedian Kevin Hart. (Apparently poor Len Goodman already needs a break from Julianne’s yammering. I kid! I kid!)

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Let’s high-kick right to the highlights:

DANCE OF THE NIGHT | Janel Parrish and pro Val Chmerkovskiy: In an electrifying, wildly entertaining jazz dance to the West Side Story classic “America,” Janel’s impeccable footwork, style and exuberance brought the ballroom (and the judges) to their feet. Julianne could barely contain her delight, exclaiming, “What just happened!? I felt like I was watching a full-on Broadway show.” “This is your star-making turn!” gushed Bruno, while a tongue-tied Carrie Ann blurted out “That was insane!” Kevin humbly declared, “I bow down.” Janel’s cheeks were covered with joy-soaked tears after the judges showered her with a quartet of well-deserved 10s.

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RUNNER-UP FOR DANCE OF THE NIGHT | Bethany Mota and pro Derek Hough: Encouraged by Derek to “attack” their jazz dance to “Singing in the Rain,” Bethany – who handled that umbrella with Gene Kelly-esque deftness and precision – sent a serious message: She’s a definite Mirrorball contender. Julianne gave Bethany props not only for her dancing but her courage, saying, “I know the wrath of Derek … well done for taking that upon you…You literally didn’t miss a step!” But perhaps Carrie Ann summed it up best: “Mission impossible, mission complete.” The dance earned the season’s second round of all 10s.

MOST CRIMINALLY UNDERSCORED | On a mostly mediocre night when the 7’s and 8’s dominated the scoring, everyone pretty much escaped the undeserved brutality this week.

WORST OF THE NIGHT | Michael Waltrip and pro Emma Slater: In an uber-stiff waltz set to the Robin Hood theme “Everything I Do, I Do It For You,” Michael’s iconic pointy hat had to be the highlight. Yes, the hat. Sure, Julianne gave Michael an encouraging post-dance hug (“that was so technical … that was your best dance ever”) but Bruno rightly asked for “a bit more flow the next time” and Carrie Ann reminded us “there’s a lot to work on” for next week. The dance earned (generously) a quad of 7s from the judges.

Tonight’s results:

Randy Couture and pro Karina Smirnoff
Antonio Sabato, Jr. and pro Cheryl Burke
Jonathan Bennett and pro Allison Holker

Randy Couture and pro Karina Smirnoff
Jonathan Bennett and pro Allison Holker

Randy Couture and pro Karina Smirnoff

“Well, I’m happy, it’s been a great experience. I put myself out there and tried something new. It’s been fun,” said Courture.

And with that, it’s your turn. Which couple should have really gone home tonight? Or was it truly Randy’s time? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Not even a little bit. Michael, Tommy, and Betsey need to go.

  2. Angela says:

    Aw. I liked Randy.
    The “West Side Story” and “Singin’ In The Rain” dances were really cute. Definite highlights of the night.

  3. Tran says:

    Sad to see Randy Couture getting KO’d on DWTS. He was awesome in The Expendables movies.

  4. MattArmando says:

    Janel & Val were clearly the best. My personal runner-ups were, Tommy & Peta. Their Argentine Tango was surprisingly sharply executed & well done. Tommy just may end up in the final four.
    Betsey & Tony’s crisp contemporary routine was also beautifully executed by the two of them, the 6 given by Julianne was completely unnecessary.

  5. Lindsay Rynda says:

    Randy Couture was not the right one to go home!!!!! The Youtube girl, Betsey need to go home!

  6. Jon148 says:

    Can I ask why did they eliminate someone from last week scores and votes after they already did that last Tuesday….so basically they eliminated two couples off of week 2 dances and votes which just seems stupid

    • Jan says:

      I had exactly the same question! It made no sense, at all. Last night should have been a non-elimination night. That being said, I think Michael should have gone instead of Randy. LOVED Janel & Val’s routine!

  7. bobbi6484 says:

    Michael Waltrip should have gone home last night and since he didn’t, he definitely should next week.

    Janel and Val, and Bethany and Derek were absolute delights to watch last night. Both danced to iconic songs and battled iconic dances that I’m sure were running through the heads of many viewers. Both teams did an outstanding job overcoming those obstacles. Routines like that is why it is worth watching the show.

    Kevin Hart was a pleasant presence but not qualified to discuss anything dance related. Four judges is absurd! I also would like to know why Julianne feels she has to give dance lessons from the judging table. Such a waste of time.

    • sm says:

      It’s called constructive criticism – I would much rather see Julieanne give helpful tips & pointers the celebs than CAI fall out the chair all the dang time.

      • Amie says:

        I would much prefer to see ANYBODY give helpful tips or pointers than the useless, catty, ridiculous Julianne falling out of her dress all the dang time.

  8. crazy7 says:

    NASCAR nation is the only thing saving Michael.

  9. rebbysmith says:

    Why was Sadie scored so low? Her dance was on par with Bethany and Janel!

  10. Nick says:

    I think Sadie and Alfonso were both under scored. The straight tens may have been a bit much, also.

    • Nick says:

      And I think Randy was the most underscored, and there are definitely worse dancers on the show. Nobody mentioned his excellent use of physicality, which is his strength

      • Betty Lee says:

        Randy deserved 9’s for his Foxtrot, The hip action in the cha cha steps were right on. Based on THESE 2 dances How could they let him go? He reacted with a professional Adult attitude and enjoyed the process. The judges did not give him credit for going way out of his comfort zone and performing some great steps.

    • rebbysmith says:

      I agree w/ Alfonso also being scored low. The judges and the show in general seem to be really favoring Janel…

  11. Amie says:

    Michael Waltrip should’ve gone before Randy or Tavis, the judges are overscoring Tommy Chong and Sadie whatsername like crazy, Lea keeps being underscored, it’s unfair that Derek always goes late in the show (what’s come to be known as a pimp spot on American Idol) and I can’t believe how in shape Betsey Johnson is. We’re due to lose a woman next week, which probably means Betsey or Lea, which would be criminal.

  12. BJ Sephens says:

    So agree about the four judges not needed. When one is out, go with the three or at least get someone who is truly qualified to judge. Kevin said it all last night when he said, I know nothing about the fox trot. Why pray tell was he even there? I’ve watched this show since the beginning and have to say, it’s starting to show it’s age with all the stupid gimmicks and Julianne’s long rants. So happy that Val got the first 10 of the season even though we all know that’s usually reserved for Derek…..the favorite.

  13. Melanie says:

    Something about Janel rubs me the wrong way. While she is a good dancer the fact she and val went straight into “showmance” mode the first week when she has a boyfriend is just kind of desperate. I understand wanting votes and support but it seemed kind of wrong so personally shes not my favourite. I think she has to try much harder then anyone else to just keep up also. Bethany seems to be a natural at dancing so I think between the two of them shes more likely to winl.

  14. Maryann says:

    The guy they sent home definitely did not deserve to go. He was one of my favorites. I really enjoyed seeing him dance and I think he had a great attitude.

  15. Betty Lee says:

    #1.They did not even tell the public that their votes were for a double elimination one that night and the other for next Monday.
    #2.In fact when they had week 2 elimination they said Sadie, Jonathan and Tavis were in Jeopardy NOT RANDY.
    #3. Randy has been hugely under publicized, given little media attention, even the after show interviews only had him on ONCE! of the 3 weeks he was there.
    #4. TPTB did not expect Randys’ AWESOME Foxtrot. So to diminish it they put him on 1st in the following week. Going 1st is what every one knows is one of the Worst positions. Randy and Karina both said that week it was frantic for them.
    #5. It is like DWTS does not want women to favor any other males but the pros, the rest of the male celebrities are comedians or no threat for their masculinity. RANDY COUTURE should not have gone home

  16. Allison P says:

    Jazz is my least favorite style because there are really no rules, so how can you tell that a routine was perfect? I, for one, thought Bethany was a little off in her routine. She should’ve gotten 9s, but the 10s were for Derek.
    I was really sad to see Randy go. I had no clue who is was, but I loved his attitude and his first dance was surprising. Plus he and Karina worked so well together. Michael and Emma should have gone this week.

    • bobbi6484 says:

      I agree that Bethany’s 10s were really Derek’s 10s. Would love to know what the Houghs have on ABC!

      I was also sad to see Randy go. He and Karina were a great couple and his dances were fun to watch. Michael definitely should have been eliminated this week.

  17. connie says:

    Michael, Betsy and Tommy need to go!!!!!