Saturday Night Live's New Weekend Update Team: Grade 'Em!

Saturday Night Live writer/onetime Daily Show correspondent Michael Che this week made his debut as coanchor of the NBC sketch series’ “Weekend Update” segment, alongside second-year Updater Colin Jost. What was your first impression of the new twosome?

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As Update got underway amid a sleek new set, changed-up graphics and (I believe?) more stylish-than-usual wardrobes, Che stumbled on his very first line, but enjoyed relatively smooth sailing beyond that. Soon into the segment, he was joined by Cecily Strong’s “Girl You Wish You Hadn’t Started a Conversation With at a Party” — to show there’s no bad blood, or to not “reunite” her visually with Jost? Later, it was Che’s job to jaw with SNL newcomer Pete Davidson, who made an extremely solid first impression with a rousing bit about… well, the things people do for money/boat fuel.

I’d note that Che very much looks the part of a polished local newscaster, which helps sell the Update premise. And were there any concerns about him being a bit modulated/stiff during his first time out, they were perhaps set aside when he came to life and truly shined during the closing “Cheer Up, President Obama!” bit — certainly more than the plasticine Jost did.

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It’s merely their first night at a Weekend Update duo, but go on and share your own first impression of the Jost/Che combo.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Steven says:

    Pete Davidson was absolutely hilarious. I like Colin Jost, but i noticed Michael Che messed up quite a bit.

  2. Toia says:

    Colin is still the worst. I mean he had some good material but he just doesn’t register it. His eyes don’t connect, they are dead. He is just still not there.

    Michael has some nerves but was miles better than Colin has ever been. He interacted well when the other two cast members where brought in. But Colin just seems to act like a one man show. I don’t know maybe it will take some time. But I look forward to seeing Michael in the future

  3. Tom says:

    Um………….did the writers stop doing drugs? This episode, save for weekend update minus Sasheer Zamata’s bit, was the best part. There wasn’t a single decent sketch. If I see that sketch set at the bar amongst the best, I’m going to be very disappointed

  4. DavidSask says:

    The news was very bad! Pete Davidson was the only funny thing the entire episode

  5. DarkDefender says:

    I thought it was horrible in an otherwise mediocre show.

  6. Truth Hurts says:

    Either you people are idiots or are just blind. Michael Che was horrible and was not a good fit to the weekend update. They should of let Colin host by himself or kept it the way it was

  7. Ralph says:

    Che was horrible. I know most people hate Colin, but geez he’s much better than Michael.

  8. Joey Padron says:

    Michael did good on his first Weekend Update show. Pete’s part in Update segment was funny. Good to see Cecily return as The Girl character again on Update.

  9. Kev says:

    I DVR every episode and watch them Sunday morning nowadays.
    It was their first news update together, but they need time to show and build chemistry.
    It took a few times for Jimmy and Tina, Seth and Amy to build that connection too. Tina and Amy were lifelong friends and it was instantaneous with them. They have cast members like Cecily and Kate and Taran and Kenan and Jay whose offbeat characters will carry their updates for a bit. But a great intro for the new kid Pete Davidson this week. A real up and comer. Cecily’s girl who you regret starting a conversation with is fantastic.

  10. Tran says:

    In my opinion Pete Davidson is going to be a breakout star on SNL but I enjoy the new Update team of Jost & Che. Still sad about Cecily Strong getting removed from her co-anchor job.

  11. Sanford Schimel says:

    I under3that Cecily wanted to do more sketches but Michael was a horrible replacement. His material was awful and he delivered it badly.

  12. Tracy says:

    Jost – terrible as always, sadly unfunny and stiff (I give Lorne credit for sticking with someone and giving them a chance to develop, however, one season was enough to prove he just doesn’t have it)
    Che – not up to his usual standards but it’s his first night so I”ll give him another chance or two
    Davidson and Leslie – hilarious – can’t wait for more (Lorne, give these two more air time)
    Cecily – miss you at the desk, but Girl was B+

  13. raftrap says:

    Everyone brought their A game to this weekend’s update (I’m not saying it was great, but they did), with the exception of Michael Che, he never felt comfortable, and when he was feeling comfortable at the end it wasn’t enjoyable at all. I’m still waiting for the inevitable Jost-Bryant Update, whenever you’re ready SNL.

  14. Weekend Update has potential. I think Michael Che and Cecily Strong would have been a much better combination. Jost has the screen presence of a coat rack. He’s just there.

  15. Billy Ray says:

    SNL has not been funny is years. yes, every now and then there is a good or even a great sketch or WU but over all, the show sucks.

  16. Face says:

    Jost is still stiff, but Che was brutal.

  17. Ch says:

    Colin just doesn’t have the timing and isn’t organic. Cecile and che would have been a good combo.

  18. Walrus says:

    Che was good on TDS. I think live TV is something he’s going to have to adapt to. For those not familiar with him, his low-key style might be off-putting

  19. Mike Rad says:

    SNL update. No likability on the news desk. Seth was great, Tina, Amy, and Jimmy ruled. I loved Norm MacDonald. There is nothing there. I used to always look forward to update. Now I don’t. There is so much talent out there. Come on Lorne, get it together.

  20. Pshad says:

    I think this team has potential. The Weekend Update teams have never started off well. There was never chemistry right off the bat. Last season didn’t click at all. I see some chemistry/interaction with Colin & Michael that is not what we are used to seeing, but has that weird awkwardness that we have seen with some of the other great Weekend Update hosts. Colin is a Writer who is still trying to get comfortable in the role. I think he is doing well… That’s my personal opinion, but not to discount the other opinions.
    There were some really great characters that visited the other Weekend Update hosts on a regular basis. It will take some time to get established, so I don’t expect “Magic” on the first show.

  21. kenny says:

    Both are dull and unfunny. They’re just reading jokes. It’s kinda like I’m watching the actual news. Tina and Amy were the best. Tina and Seth were good. Maybe try the other girls.

  22. Not sure what show you were watching to dole out such untrue compliments about Michael Che’s performance. It was rough and very tough to watch.

  23. motherseer says:

    Leslie Jones is brilliant. If you don’t like her you don’t know comedy.

  24. Frank D says:

    Michael Che is horrible on weekend update. He sucks. I like Jost. Keep him Solo

  25. notreally says:

    Michael Che SUCKS. He can’t even read his cue cards. He makes a mistake with his lines EVERY episode, at LEAST ONCE, and he’s mediocre at best as far as humor goes. I can’t believe he’s still at the desk.

    I love Jost. He’s dry like a news anchor should be.