Video: Bones Cast Bids Farewell to [Spoiler] — 'We Weren't Prepared for It'

Sweets Death Bones

The following story contains major spoilers from the Bones premiere, so, if the episode is still sitting on your DVR (or you reside on the West Coast), you best steer clear.

“It was not a fun day.”

That’s Bones co-star Tamara Taylor’s refreshingly blunt assessment of the day John Francis Daley shot his final scenes as Dr. Lance Sweets, whose life was cut shockingly and tragically short in Thursday’s Season 10 premiere.

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In the following exclusive video, Taylor and her fellow Bones cohorts — including series leads David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel — reveal how they reacted to the deadly turn of events, lament the departure of their longtime colleague, and preview the difficult road ahead for those Sweets left behind.

Press PLAY below to watch the cast bid farewell to both Daley and Sweets, and then hit the comments with your own eulogies.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. jmcg says:

    I can’t look at it.

  2. Boiler says:

    If TV won’t let us escape day to day crap may as well turn it off and live in a library to read

    • Lyn says:

      I hate this! I still haven’t been able to process. I kept thinking it was a set up for who was framing Booth. Best hiding of a major spoiler ever!

    • mooshki says:

      Exactly. We have way more than enough death and misery in real life. TV is *escapism,* darn it!

    • I completely agree with the person who wrote: If tv won’t let us escape day to day crap we may as well turn it off and live in a library and read.’ That’s how I feel, too. Totally let down and betrayed. There had to be a million better ways for such a wonderful and loved character to leave a show without gutting fans. It was brutal and wholly unkind. Callous, actually. In truth: I can’t stand this whole cheesy FBI conspiracy story arc. The show used to have at least one foot in a credible realm. It’s lost it’s footing. So, as it has… why not take it a step further. This whole horrible story arc is a nightmare anyway so why not make it one of those awful nightmares women sometimes have when they’re pregnant? Yeah? Just go for it. Anybody else agree?

    • Gabrielle says:

      Thank you! I thought I was the only one that felt this way. I watch good tv to escape real life. I’m thinking I’m done with this show. So disappointing.

  3. jj says:

    Yes! I have hated Sweets since he was introduced in the show. I just wish he could have taken Daisy with him.

    • susan ruthroff says:

      you know what to do. gfy, dick

    • Shawn says:


    • donovan says:

      I know right. Is it bad that I’m not sad?

      • Kelley says:

        It’s not bad….I’m not sad either. I liked Sweets, it sucks that he got killed, but I’m really digging the new guy….he’s funny.

        • My “gut” is suspicious of the new guy. I am loyal to a fault though. I loved Sweets. Made the show go deeper to a whole new level. but I just don’t see how the new guy plays a role. There have been other fbi guys (Flynn) who have played negative roles or got killed in the process. They better really develop this guy more and have him do things that don’t make me suspicious of him (first person to find Sweets- are we sure?) The Hodgins in me maybe ;0)

      • abz says:

        It’s sad that he died but honestly, I don’t think it’s going to change a thing. I’m sure the show will be back to its regular routine in a couple episodes.

    • kc says:

      Totally should take daisy! Can not STAND her!! Sweets? Didn’t hate him, but not as upset as everyone else is! Maybe daisy will lose it & just leave on her own.

      • Carl Ecker says:

        Should have killed off Daisy instead. She was gone and it IMPROVED the plot. Why infuse it now with her angst and pregnancy?

        • amylorene says:

          I keep thinking, they killed one of the best characters (i’m a fan of psychology ;0)) and they leave us with daisy forever. Like she will never leave now. Im crying and pissed internally. Sweets is gone and now Daisy is with us forever… UGH. “Those bastards” That punk rock chick from “Mayhem on the Cross” (Bones Addict, can you tell ;0))

    • Diane Walden says:

      That was rude. I like Daisy. She is a little in your face but she is sweet

  4. SYLVIA says:

    Sweets will be missed terribly! You guys were really good about keeping that from us. Thank you for at least letting him and Daisy get back together. RIP Sweets and best of luck with your writing and directing career. It won’t be the same without you :(

  5. pullsnopunches says:

    Devastating. If he had to die, at least he died being true to himself and his friends. “I fought back. They got the files.” Heartbreaking. I will miss him.

  6. AtlLady says:

    This was 1000 times worse than when Zack was sent away. And with Daisy being pregnant with Lance’s baby boy, it just broke my heart. Sweets had grown to be one of my favorite characters. Don’t know if I have the heart to watch them say good-bye next week.

    • tolulope bada says:

      I know right.. when zack left I was devastated because I loved zack addy to the extend that I didnt watch season 4 because of sweets.. now that I was so much in love with sweets, they killed him.. it is so hard to believe.. I was really really crying. Plus daisy was having a baby. Everything was just messes up. :'(

  7. John NYC says:

    So there was no positive alternative to this tragedy?

  8. Dennis says:

    wow, one of the best characters on the show.

  9. Krissi says:

    I am soo sad and sooo SHOCKED!! I cried, I am so hoping they’re faking his death and he’s back later! Good Job!

    • It was shocking. I genuinely found it distressing to see him on the ground like that. Like others have written: there’s enough horror in the real world. Can’t we have just a little bit of innocence and joy on tv at least? I think BONES should have ended with that scene on the park bench, when Brennan pulls the little bottle of champagne out of her purse and she and Booth share a glass. Really, that would have been the perfect and classy ending to a show that had a good run.

    • CS says:

      Seeing as they were starting his autopsy at the end, he’s not coming back. Sad day in Bones world!

    • I know. the best death/break/comeback was Emily Prentiss in Criminal Minds. She apparently died, then went underground, came back and then took a job overseas and still feels written in/a part of the story when she comes back to occasionally save the day. Or you know, theres the One Tree Hill Peyton/Lucas alternative, they drive off into the sunset and come back in emergencies but are talked about.
      I didn’t like how they handled Zack. They could have gave a better reason than just dropping him off the face of the earth after an episode. Especially now that the only person who knew he was innocent is dead… (begins to weep again… well on the inside)

  10. Cindy says:

    OMG!!! Didn’t see that coming, why did you kill sweets? That is so awful, I cried and didn’t agree that he had to die. I loved sweets and wish he was still around.

  11. Tex Mike says:

    I hate to lose him. Sweets was one of my favorites. Well done, it really made me sad.

  12. Carole says:

    Shock we really loved the character. I hope I can watch the show. We really hope the rest of the gang can find work after bones. Sad thanks

  13. Connie says:

    Daisy & Sweets deserve to be happy!!! We deserve to share in their happiness!!! What were you thinking????

  14. SV says:

    You need to upload the video to youtube or something, there’s people outside the US that can’t watch any of your videos, for god’s sake!

  15. john says:

    i have been a bones fan from the pilot.should have had an accident and facial surgery and brought in a new actor ; i have never commented on any show before but this takes the cake i hope bone is gone after this season i will not watch another episode again including reruns.

  16. j says:

    It’s time to cancel Bones.

  17. Karen Lake says:

    i understand why but I do not like it. Who is going to help Bones and Booth now. I will never forget you sweets

  18. Mirian says:

    I was shocked and so upset that they killed Sweets off. He was party of the Bones family. I’m sure they could have just given him a leave until he completed the movies he’s involved in. But they choose to jus kill him off. Not a good idea. It was wrong and stupid to do that.

  19. Nikunj Dixit says:

    It seems like the last few months, tv writers have just come up with the idea that killing of main characters is a cool shock to give the viewers. In the last couple of months, I have seen Mike get killed off in Graceland, Christopher get killed off in Dallas, Shay get killed off in Chicago Fire, and now Sweets in Bones. Its frankly a little annoying.

  20. Karen Byerly says:

    This has been the best and worst 1st episode of all my favorite shows. I say favorite because Booth gets out of jail and the story plot is great and than at the end, Sweets gets shot and dies, the worst part. At first, I was not thrilled with his Sweet’s character but the writers just kept making him such a good guy on the show and a great friend to Bones and Booth. The ending took me so off guard that I actually cried for his character. Sweet’s your presence on the show will be greatly missed.

    • I agree. I can’t help but compare the behaviors between Sweets’ death and Vincent’s death. Cam couldn’t autopsy Vincent. I can’t believe she could even come close to doing it for Sweets. While Vincent was Bones’ sidekick, Sweets’ was pretty much Booth’s. I wish that something more epic happened after Sweets’ death (like B&B finally colliding after Vincent’s) but the fact that they killed a MAIN Character means that the end of this Arc better be damn good. If this conspiracy is all over the FBI, I wonder how much longer Booth will Stay in the FBI or if it can truly be resolved since the conspiracy is everywhere. I just hope it was all worth killing Sweets over.

    • Diane Walden says:

      I agree.. It was a sad thing but in reality–HE IS VERY MUCH ALIVE–hahahaha It is a great show but, a show never the less. Actor have to move on and that is what this actor did. I think it is great how he is doing movies now. But, if he does come back at some time ( it would be very welcomed)

  21. Michelle says:

    I am still crying .. So shocked .. Sweets gone. .. Farewell ! John F Daley Good Luck to your writing & directing career.I didn’t see that coming ?

  22. Fran says:

    I haven’t watched Bones in a few years but was this even hinted at? It seems like they kept it completely under wraps, which is rare. Sad to hear it though, I always loved Sweets.

  23. I did not like the fact, you killed off Sweet’s. I think you could have kept him alive, just gone for awhile; till his movie was done. He brought a balance too Bones, and Booth, and more of that could have given you a story line.

  24. L.D. says:

    Although I see where the writers are coming from by saying Sweets deserved better than to “ride off in the sunset,” I feel it was unkind to have fans be shocked by a major character’s death on a season premier. There is too much actual sudden sadness in the world to have to experience it with a likable character in a favorite tv show. I will miss the character, but wish the actor the best of luck with where his career is headed,

  25. kam says:

    I spent a lot of time getting caught up as a late comer to bones but now I wonder if it was wasted. Don’t know if I want to keep watching. I can understand John moving on to more projects but you could have let Sweets move onto something too instead of leaving us feeling the loss. He could have made guest spots.

  26. A Dunn says:

    This was so heartbreaking. I know we don’t know these characters personally and that it is just a show, but we basically watched Sweets, if you will, ‘grow up’ on the show. So losing him so unexpectedly, and in the manner that he passed, it was not only such a surprise, it was like losing a little brother. You always expect the first episode to be centered around the team getting back together, but to see that he was going to be a father and then to have him taken away, it was a real tear jerker. You not only feel the pain of losing Sweets, you also feel the pain for all of the characters, especially Daisy, Brennan and Booth. Rest well, Sweets. And good luck to John on his new ventures. I wish there was a way that he could have stayed and I’m still hoping that this is like Booth’s situation when his death was faked so they could catch the bad guy. Am I the only one who didn’t think that Sweets’ remains looked like Sweets?

    • bronxboy says:

      I agree & did you notice how precisely he was placed on the table & how carefully the zipper was opened. Wh knows, it’s Hollywood, maybe he will rise from the dead.

    • Agreed. I watch this show ALLL the time (thank you Netflix) and so they feel like family and friends. and also Agreed on the body. I doubt he would be that pale. I mean we have seen enough bodies on Bones to know they aren’t that pale that fast. Looks more like the body from “Second Death of the Dearly Departed” after the guy had been dead a week, NOT hours. I suppose they were trying to make a point, but still…
      (and of course Booth’s fight scene in prison… its Unfortunate he can’t grow a beard like his Double)

    • rawr26511 says:

      I totally agree!!! Without Sweets the show will never be the same

  27. Daya says:

    I had a feeling that it had to do with an uptick in his movie career. Sad, the way it turned out, though.

    Farewell, old friend. Much missed.

  28. JenTee says:

    I am so upset by this premiere and really mad about it. Like a lot of you, it seems killing off his character was purely for shock value. And the fact that they wrote in Daisy being preggers and the two of them getting back together…only to pull the rug out from under their viewership is what makes this especially unforgivable. I can’t believe I’m so mad about a tv show, lol, but I feel so betrayed.

    • kelly says:

      Absolutely shocked!!!!! I forgot all about Bones premiere on thurs. night and caught the last 20 minutes, wish I didn’t! I cannot believe that this show is going to be the same without Sweets! He debated leaving the bureau last season and took a break for a few episodes in which he wasn’t as featured but to just kill him off?! Very disappointed! Not sure if I will continue to watch, Greys may have to be my new show!

  29. reina says:

    Noooooo!! Maybe it will all be just a bad dream and he’ll be back another time? I hope :(

  30. Abby says:

    Yes, very sad and shocking. It looks like the death of major characters is a trend this fall. Chris on Dallas, Shay on Chicago fire, my beloved Sweets and im sure there are plenty more i missed. Matt, maybe you could do an article on how “Death” is the new black. Lol

  31. CAM says:

    WOW…this was a well-kept secret…stunned. I’ll miss him.

  32. LEP says:

    Still stunned. Did not see that coming. But someone above mentioned Zach. Makes me realize he could be “cured” of his insanity now, since wasn’t Sweets the only one who knew he was faking? (Yeah, I know the guy’s busy on Broadway or something. Just a random thought that flashed in my head. Probably have the details wrong.

    RIP Sweets. Will miss your character.

  33. Sam says:

    This is why I like spoilers so I am not caught way off guard and can prepare myself. Kudos to Bones on a very well kept secret…. Never saw it coming. However when this new guy was introduced I thought to myself, what’s the point cuz Booth already has that close guy friend in the FBI? Guess the episode answered that for me. Totally devastating to lost Sweets! Such a great character!!!

  34. Benita says:

    I am very up set that they killed off lance”sweets”
    I loved the way the the three of them all joked around together
    So upset over this!!!

  35. shelleycat says:

    Not a happy camper! I love Sweets on the Show and I am going to miss him and his interactions and insights very much!

  36. Cynthia zwobot says:

    This is just too sad. I wasn’t expecting this and cried like it was my own family. I really enjoyed him in this show and looked forward to seeing him. I’m not sure how I will feel with him gone. I don’t think this was a good decision. If he wanted to leave the show it could have been done in a different and better way.

  37. Joel in Calgary says:

    Awesome episode! (Good luck on your career path, Daley, I can see it shining from the way you brought Sweets to life!) Always sad to see a good character leave, but I can see the rationale. The episode really showed off Sweets character and his devotion to Bones and Booth. I was also curious about the new FBI agent and then the questions were answered. I can see that he will become a true asset to the team! Keep it up all of you, your efforts at rocking the boat to showcase talent from everybody (writers, directors, actors, and everyone else) has really made the show enjoyable and kept it from becoming stagnant and dying off. Looking forward to see what else is coming up…

    • Jo says:

      Joel in Calgary, I agree with you, you stated it very well. I love the show, It’s been my favoriate since the beginning. Sweet’s death was a shocker. His death saddens me, I survived the disaster of season 6 rememmber Hannah. I will certainly survive the show without Sweets.

      • Jamie Makey says:

        Thank u guys! At least some people arent debby downers and still love the show! I was getting so sick of reading peoples comments that said bones should get cancelled because sweets is gone now. But the show survived before sweets n it can survive with out him. Ill miss him, but life goes on. Altho I am upset thinking about what his death is going to do to booth. Booth was already a tortured soul because of his imprisonment and the fact that he was betrayed by the fbi, but now with sweets death, its really going to push him over the edge I think! :(

  38. Natalie says:

    I don’t know why they brought Daisy back only to kill sweets. The show had plenty of drama before a fatherless Daisy baby.

  39. Amy B says:

    I don’t see a video of the cast bidding farewell to Sweets character. :(

  40. Elliot says:

    Really sad..but really well done. I was shocked, and wept, but liked the urgency of the final scenes and their commitment to him. What was the song played under that? It was a good score for it. It has the possibility of re-energizing the show, too, bringing the remaining Scoobies closer together with a mission.

  41. Karlyn says:

    I was hoping for a new story line with Lance and Daisy. I love Sweets.

  42. Mark Close says:

    Bet you didn’t know that a grizzled old Army vet could cry over a dumb (but great) tv show!

    Well, neither did I until now!

  43. Debora says:

    Oh my word! “knock the wind out of me”? I so did not see that coming when I watched this show last night….I immediately burst into tears! Well done *applauds*! I know I will most definitely miss “Sweets”. John Francis Daley is definitely a talented actor. I look forward to seeing him in the upcoming movie remake of National Lampoon’s Vacation. I will also be keeping a box of tissues close by when I watch next week’s episode of Bones. This show is off the chain insane….LOVE IT!!!

  44. Cristina says:

    Please, make the video available to another countries. </3

  45. carylon richards says:

    didn’t like the way Booth was acting not Boothey and so…………….didn’t like the way Dr. Sweets died. really liked him. will continue to watch though for awhile.

  46. bagusbabe says:

    So upset that Sweets was killed off. I loved his character. I was crying during the last few minutes of the show in total disbelief. Very sad. :(

  47. Jean says:

    I started crying when he passed . He was such a part of the show . It really hard to to think of him not being there now.

  48. Leeann... :) says:

    I was waiting for him to be alive when Cam opened the bag and have it be some sort of plan Hodgins put together to out conspiracy the conspiracy.

  49. JeffT says:

    Didn’t see this coming. But, hey, it’s a TV show and guys move on.

  50. Cyn says:

    I have grown to love Sweets throughout the years and this was a major shock. That was the most unexpected turn of events in the history of Bones, and although I don’t like it, it wasn’t a bad move (mainly because Daley, as an actor and screenwriter, needed to move on with his career and i respect that) He’s going to be missed dearly. Really can’t wait to see what they do next though!