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Bones Premiere Shocker: Find Out Why [Spoiler] Had to Die

Bones Sweets Dies

The shrink is wrapped!

In an outta nowhere twist, Dr. Lance Sweets (played by seven-year Bones vet John Francis Daley) was killed in Thursday’s Season 10 opener. The character — who was on the verge of having a baby with longtime love Daisy — got a little too involved in Booth’s FBI conspiracy quagmire, and he paid for it with his life.

In the following Q&A, exec producer Stephen Nathan reveals the off screen circumstances that led to Sweets’ tragic passing, previews next week’s unorthodox funeral, and shares why he’s bracing for the inevitable fan backlash.

VIDEO Exclusive: Bones Cast Bids Farewell to John Francis Daley (and Sweets!)

TVLINE | When did you decide Sweets had to die?
It was a complicated and very difficult decision for us. John’s career as a writer and director has been taking off over the past few years, and… [this fall he’s helming] a remake of National Lampoons’ Vacation, which coincided with the start of the season. We didn’t know what to do. And then we realized that this fit in very well with the conspiracy arc [that landed Booth in jail]. It gives us something very rich and very emotional to play within the first half of the season. Everybody’s affected very deeply by this. And it also seemed to be a surprising way to start the season. Usually when characters meet their ends on a series it’s at the end of the season.

TVLINE | What was it like saying goodbye to John?
It was very sad. There were a lot of tears shed on the set. We adore John. He’s an important and valued member of the family. It was really painful to lose him. Hopefully that pain will translate into something good for the show moving forward.

TVLINE | How soon after you decided to kill off Sweets did you concoct the Sweets-Daisy reunion/baby plot?
Well, Carla [Gallo] is pregnant, so life wrote that section of the script. We thought, “Oh, this is fantastic. Daisy and Sweets get together during the hiatus, get pregnant and now he dies.” The impending birth of her baby leaves us with another great story arc to play with.

TVLINE | Let’s imagine an alternate universe where John doesn’t have a movie to shoot and Sweets doesn’t die — would you still have made Daisy pregnant with his child?
We probably would have. It seemed right. They were our only on-again/off-again relationship [left]. They just always seemed right together. They were such a great couple. Laura Spencer was terrific in that brief fling with Sweets, but there was something so real and correct about Daisy and Sweets.

TVLINE | Does this mean we will see more of Daisy this season?
We are seeing a bit more of her. She’s in the first two episodes. And I’m in the process of getting the script out for the episode where she has the baby.

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Bones Sweets DiesTVLINE | Was it important to you to give Sweets a nice final moment with both Booth and Brennan in this episode?
Yes. We had to pay off that relationship. Right up to the end, Sweets was helping the people he loved. His last act was to reassure Booth that everything he went through and was going through now would resolve itself. It was a final ultimate act of love and kindness. And it continues in next week’s episode when we deal with finding out who killed him and also give Sweets a nice farewell — well, our version of a funeral.

TVLINE | What does your version of a funeral look like?
It’s not traditional. It’s a service [the gang] has amongst themselves in a location that was very important to Sweets and Daisy. It’s a spectacular, beautiful location.

TVLINE | Will the conspiracy storyline get wrapped up next week?
Yes. What won’t be resolved is how all of this will affect the characters. That will continue on and off for a while. Booth has a pretty big hurdle to get over in the third episode, working with a new agent.

TVLINE | Aubrey?
Yes. John Boyd is doing a spectacular job in the role. It’s such a difficult position to be in for an actor and for a character. And he’s really finding his place and becoming a part of this family very organically and very quickly. I’m sure Bones fans will be flipping out, saying, “Who is this guy?! This is terrible!” Every time someone new shows up we get yelled at. The fans oftentimes seem to think it takes something away from the show. But John is adding so much. And Aubrey and Booth are great together. He’s not replacing anyone, he’s merely a new presence. And a very welcome presence.

TVLINE | Is Sweets’ death good news for cancer-stricken Wendell? Surely you’re not going to kill off two major characters in one season.
[Laughs] Yes, it’s probably good news for Wendell.

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  1. Carm says:

    Nooooooooo!!!!! I loved Sweets. I will miss him.

    • Waxy says:

      I loved his character too!!! Wahh!

    • Sara Apgar says:

      I have seen all the episodes of “Bones”. Watch repeats every day. Not happy about loss of “Sweets”. Perhaps you could make his loss reversible. Understand the problem; but John might not realize how important he is to the story line. He will be missed. Brennan, Booth, Cam, Angela, and Hodgins are off limits-please! I am very glad you are all back!!!

      • Kathy says:

        I’m with you Sara!

      • Dana Young says:

        Yed as much a daisy annoys lancelot is just the sweetest guy i recall when mr nigel murray died and tgey sang de lime n de coconut he got en started i hzve not seen the sweets death ep i dont fhink i could take it sweets my sweetie you caused heart break with your departure im thinkin misery (the movie) bring him back you cock a doodie man

  2. Kelly says:

    Sweets death really really hurt. Loved him and loved his relationship with Booth

    • Kathy H. says:

      I have grown to love Sweets over the years and I loved his interaction with Booth and
      Brennan. I will miss his character and I can’t stop crying!!! I really hate that he will not be
      a part of this show.

      • Waxy says:

        I’m crying too. Didn’t know how much I loved his character until we lost him.

        • Lana says:

          Waxy I didn’t realize how much I loved Sweets until that awful scene and I started uncontrollable crying, even my husband was affected though he wasn’t boo hooing like me. This show writes their characters so well that I fall madly in love with them and when they get taken away(like becoming a killer and is put away for life) I am devastated. This is a big complement to the writers but very emotional for me. I adored Sweets and was soo excited about his baby.

          • Renee says:

            If you mean Zack, which I found devastating, he confided in Sweets that he never really killed anyone, but if anyone found out he would go to prison and Hodges told him that he really wouldn’t survive there.

          • Renee says:

            If you mean Zack, which I found devastating, he confided in Sweets that he never really killed anyone, but if anyone found out he would go to prison and Hodges told him that he really wouldn’t survive there. I miss Zack and I’ll definitely have to watch the season premier. Sweets always meant the best for everyone. He’ll be missed also.

          • Maggie Reddon says:

            I have been crying for the past 20 minutes, I just finished watching. I know I am behaving ridiculously, because I am crying as if one of my own family members died. I dint even think im going to continue watching the show. I really dont think im gonna be able to do it. Congratulations, Bones. You got your amazing 9 season long show, but now its time to end it. I loved booth and brennan before, now they have completely changed. I was so dissapointed with this finale, and then I saw daisy was pregnant, and I was so excited and I was fine to deal with anything as long as I had Daisy, Sweets, and baby Lance-a-lot. But then Sweets died. I cant do it. I cant.

          • Rho says:

            I know I miss Zack as well. I was mad when Sweets replaced him but grew to love him. Not sure about the new guy. Zack had what 2yrs and Sweets 7yrs, so many yrs with a tight nick family. It’s always difficult 4 someone or something new. I don’t trust this new character he seems a bit off, maybe apart of the conspiracy story line

    • Teresa H says:

      I just sat here and bawled like a baby when he died. I may have to rewatch it just to find out if I missed something that was said. I’m just so upset. I am glad, though, that this particular story arc will be over. I’m thinking this is going to be a very emotional season. It sure has started out that way!

    • Linda Payne says:

      Goodbye Sweets. We’ll miss you.

  3. Skippy says:

    Loved Sweets. So sad to see him go…

  4. Remy says:

    He wasnt shot to death. It was intenal bleeding.

  5. O'Brien says:

    IN. SHAMBLES. I know there were people who were not into Sweets, but I always thought he was great. He was Brennan and Booth’s baby duck. Just shocked :(

    • It was a rotten thing to do to us fans who’ve stuck with the show through, lets face it, a couple of week seasons.

      • Smitten w/ Bones says:

        I think you meant “weak” seasons.

        • Helga Brown says:

          Never understand what kind of a person feels the need to point spelling and grammar issues out?

        • Sure did! But still you get the gist of the message. or is that jist? ; ) And I haven’t changed my opinion. It was a rotten thing to do. I certainly did not appreciate that image of him on the ground and genuinely felt sick to my stomach each time it popped back in. Couldn’t even enjoy an episode of Jeeves and Wooster I happened upon a few days later because as soon as Fry came on – my mind shot to those scenes of Sweets and Wyatt and then back to that horrible scene of him on the ground. Have since rewritten the entire episode for my own edification and enjoyment. But it really is appalling what tptb did and I for one would join any rally to reverse it – to rewind, refilm, re-release. The show jumped the shark when Brennan went on the lam anyway – so why not.

  6. Lysh says:

    This was a HUGE surprise! Like the stuff of season finales. I’m so upset. I wish John well though! This is going to be a very different season.

  7. jmcg says:

    WTF Bones?! First Elam from Hell on Wheels and now Sweets. I’m just gonna stop watching TV.

    • Jen says:

      Guess you aren’t a Game of Thrones fan then. I feel your pain though. I am so going to miss Sweets. He was an awesome part of Bones, Love John and hope his future endeavors go well!

      • Carl Ecker says:

        Having read the books first AND reread them again before the TV Series, i understand the Historical Fiction nature to kill-off throughout. A great series; an even grander read.

      • Michelle says:

        It seemed like GRRM wrote this episode lol, after watching GoT I’ve gotten used to likable characters getting killed randomly… though in GoT at least we get to see the fight or the battle and not just come to a scene right when a character is already dying.
        Sweets has always wanted to be like Booth and kick ass, even if he wasn’t good at fighting we should have got to see him try…

        R.I.P Sweets
        You’ve always made us proud!

        • Rho says:

          I know GoT changed things 4 everyone. Anyone’s game on a TV show now. Elam on Hell on Wheels…and that show is just not the same without Cullen & Elam’s complicated friendship. Now Sweets who had the best quirkiness…Bones won’t be the same either. And Opie from Sons of Anarchy. Just rough…but makes 4 good entertainment because more ppl start watching because if all the buzz

      • Olivia says:

        Ha ha! Like this post. Yep GOTF would send them into a spiral of depression! Loved Sweets!

    • kt says:

      I agree with you!! Wth!! Why can’t u just make them move away or something and not kill the characters so they can come back once in a while :( not happy. Show is changing way too much. :/

      • abz says:

        While I think Sweet’s death is very sad, I don’t think it was too much change despite the fact that the show is in desperate need of many interesting changes. In a few episodes it will get back into the regular boring routine because in the end it’s still a procedural. Maybe this change will be for the better and bring the show back to what made it so good during the early seasons but who knows. All we know is that if Fox keeps the decision of leaving it on Thursday the show might have some struggles ahead especially since it’s up against Grey’s (and TBBT when it returns to Thursdays).

        • Angela says:

          blah, blah. It was on Thursday’s before up against TBBT and it did fine.

        • Catiera says:

          I never watch TV on the television. I always watch it online via my computer because I work most nights and in order to watch everything I like I have to be able to play it when I have the time to watch it. I think that more and more this is becoming the way people watch shows and they take that more into consideration now. I know of many people who watch exclusively online as I do.,,,, HBO, etc etc. If you have comcast/xfinity you can go online to and watch ALL of the shows you love in one spot.
          As far as Bones goes… I cried my eyes out watching Sweets die. It was such a total shock. Now I’ll be watching to see how Daisy and all our other beloved characters handle his death and how things turn out with little Lance. Someone previously said it was like losing a family member. It is in a way. We’ve followed him and he’s been part of our viewing lives for 7 years. Now his character is tragically dead. Of course we know he wasn’t a real person but our grief is testament to the caliber of his acting. John made Lance real to us. I’ll miss Sweets, but I’m happy for John. I hope to see you acting in the future, and not just directing!
          A grateful fan…

      • Erica says:


      • Helga Brown says:

        Exactly, why put us all through emotional distress.

      • I loved watching Sweets. Why couldn’t he just be transferred out of town for awhile.

    • Dyna Lee says:

      And another major Character…….”Christopher Ewing”……… died during the season finale of Dallas. What a shame

    • Baileigh says:

      What is it with shows killing off major characters? Ever since The Good Wife killed off Will Gardner last March the question seems to be who will be next?

      • Elena says:

        I did cry when Will Gardner was killed. I was very sad when Sweets died. On both cases I was hoping for a “resurrection”. It took me a while to get used to Will G. not being part of the program. It will take some time before I quit missing Sweets. But I hope that John does goes with his new endeavor.

    • CHRIS says:

      I think recording until seasons over then decide IF it IS
      worth investing my time.
      Also pay attention to which networks (WRITERS)LET LOYAL VIEWERS DOWN.

  8. Stacey says:

    I AM SHOCKED! Wow! I suspected that this was the reason for it. But I am a spoiler person and yet I had no idea this was happening. And why they wrote in Carla’s pregnancy when they could have ignored it. Damn! Why! This is not what Booth needed. I think this is worse than Vincent’s death for me!

    • vklapp says:

      The writers of this show consistently mistreat fans…from early on with the Zach debacle (it was like they didn’t know what to do with the storyline and they just wanted to end it), to taking away from us the moment that fans wanted to see most with Booth & Bones (the actual getting together), and now destroying the “heart” of the show. Honestly I don’t think they understand how to write satisfying scenes, nor do they care about their loyal fans.

      • Angela says:

        lol if you say so, they soooo mistreat the fans, riiighhhtttt *smh*

      • Olivia says:

        What are you, 12? Dramatic much? Get over yourself. It’s not real life. Mistreats fans? What a ridiculous comment. Loyal fan base my @rse. It’s a TV show, one that I really enjoy but I’m not going to slit my wrists if a character dies or if they write something that I don’t like. Real live doesn’t work like that. People die. We can’t all have it the way we want, otherwise we would be writers on the show. Or living in Utopia. It really beggars belief some of the comments on here. Yes, I know we’re all entitled to have an opinion but at least back up your moaning and with some constructive feedback, not your subjective ramblings. Grow up.

        • Sassy says:

          But, who watches TV to ‘grow up’? TV as fake, it’s fantasy. On TV, when men get sick, they don’t wine and moan, they act like men… the good guys win, and bad guys loose… human decency exists… people have morals and goals. In real life, people (including myself) are selfish and entitled. But TV… that’s our escape from ourselves and the real world.

        • Carl Ecker says:

          I grudgingly agree; however, couldn’t he just have walked in front of a bus or something more realistic and deliciously unresolved IF they couldn’t just assign him elsewhere for his hiadus.?

      • Lisa Martin says:

        Are you serious? Did you even read any of the above interview? The character Sweets was killed off because the actor/director had an extensive directing job coming up with the remake of National Lampoon. Why MUST everything be about the viewers? You people believe these actors do not have any rights to further their careers.

        For the record, Jesse Metcalfe also WANTED to leave Dallas.

        • The show is less relatable without sweets. He brought explanatory reasons to characters, a humanity previously lacking. I believe his character was central to making the cast whole. Daisy can go however, not fond of new FBI agent. Agree actors ha e independent lives, but I wish they didn’t make it a temporary leave

        • Tlmb says:

          Moron !!! That’s what they get their. HUGE PAYOUTS FOR!

  9. Estee says:

    If they don’t sing the coconut song at his funeral I will be so ticked off!

  10. Leslie says:

    Im heartbroken over this.. I actually cried!!

  11. Sabrina says:

    He wasn’t shot. He was beaten to death. He bled out. He shot whoever it was that beat him.

  12. CU says:

    Well this sucks. I applaud them for actually surprising us, but why Sweets? Why couldn’t it have been Daisy?

    • He was directing a major motion picture.
      Did you even bother to READ the interview?

      • jmcg says:

        Yeah, but they didn’t have to kill him off. They could have put him in a coma while he took the time off to direct his movie. Man! We’ve said goodbye to too many major characters on this show: Zack, Mr. Nigel Murray, and poor Wendell has a very bad cancer and now Sweets.

        • Ann says:

          A coma would have been perfectly fine! Ugh. Why do writers like touting with fans’ emotions…This show is going to be so different now without him.

        • daisywitch says:

          A coma wouldn’t have been long enough. The man has 8 upcoming projects. Check his IMDb page.

        • Olivia says:

          That would have been a really good storyline that wouldn’t it? People going to go visit Sweets in hospital for months on end, while in real life he has moved on and gone on to bigger and better things. Yep, Sweets in a Coma, hmm I can see the banality quite clearly. I think you should apply to be a writer on the show.

        • L. Newman says:

          I thought when they opened the body bag that he would be alive or something like that… I can’t stand the person chosen to be his wife, and now that he’s gone, I have lost some interest. The chemistry of the cast was just about perfect. I was hoping that his death was a setup – shocked when I found out that it wasn’t. There are other shows on, lotsa new ones. A program that does this kind of stuff is less interesting and enjoyable to me. Probably won’t tune it in for fear of having some other awful script thrown at us.

      • lessthanrighteousindignation says:

        Yes, I did read it ,but he could have been written out without resorting to sadistic mistreatment of the fans’ loyalty.

        • Rik Sulaimon says:

          I’m with you. This is not a show where we need shock value. It’s better light.

        • Angela says:

          OMG you people are seriously a bunch of whiners. If they’d written him off some other way, you all would complain about that too. Seriously people, you need some cheese with the whine….

          • Rachel says:

            I agree with you, sounds like everyone is just whining. I thought it was a very surprising twist but I’m not bitching about the writers. I think they do a great job. It’s a great show and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

          • Olivia says:

            Ha ha. Like.

          • My understanding is the directors and the producers didn’t want to write Sweets off on a death scene. However the actor, insisted on the death scene and even suggested the scene. So people are whining for no good reason. Yes it was shocking being the opening episode. However, I’m still a fan and will continue to watch the show!

        • Carl Ecker says:

          Fans loyalty is not carte blanc to become writers, directors, nor anything else except to show up to watch faithfully no matter what. LOL

    • Danny says:

      True. Nobody likes daisy!

  13. Diane says:

    I am at my computer, still shocked and crying. Bye Sweets! Good luck to JFD and his writing career.

  14. Eunice says:

    I loved Sweets. I’m so sorry he’s gone. I can’t stop crying. I wasn’t going to watch the show tonight.

  15. Dj says:

    He wasn’t shot. He fired his own gun. Not sure what happen to him. Was he beaten to death or hit by a car.

  16. Trina says:


  17. Allen Long says:

    I do not care why you killed Sweets, you have now killed my future viewing of Bones episodes.

    • Steph says:

      Amen! Sweets was the main reason why I was even still watching the show. Bones had lost a lot of its good qualities over the last couple of years but Sweets was always great. Without him, I am gone.

    • Olivia says:

      Yaayyy, Good riddance. Grow up and see you next week! I’m looking forward to it!

      • Stephanie says:

        I find your cheering the loss of viewers of a show you claim to like hilarious. Bones’ ratings last night sucked. They got a paltry 1.6, a mere 6.34 million viewers. Do you really think they can afford to alienate the fans the have left? Go on keep up with your Yay!! And Bye then! We’ll see who is laughing at the end of the season when Bones gets canned.

        • Olivia says:

          I reckon it will be the last season anyway, and they are just not saying. I will be sad if it happens, and I will miss it but I will move on and find something else no doubt to fill the void! I have done before. I think people have to remember that yes, ratings are dependent on if a show stays on the air, but it’s not just America that watches Bones. It’s popular the world over. I’m English and there are thousands if not millions (in Europe) of fans over here that watch it. So we’ll keep the faith. FOX has shuffled it around so much over the years and it has still managed to do well, and has been/is the highly rated show on FOX. This forum is a minuscule fraction of the people that watch Bones (live) throughout America, and not forgetting the people who watch it the world over. So one or two fans on here won’t dent the ratings and stop the show. FOX and the shows front runners will make that decision all by themselves. Here’s to season 10, and hopefully 11, but I will be content still if this is the last season. It’s had a good run.

        • a says:

          Actually those ratings are pretty good for FOX. ..i dont care what other shows on other networks get because Bones only has to worry about other Fox shows… Bones is the 2nd most viewed scripted show on fox this week… AND unless THOSE fans are Nielson family it doesnt matter if they threathen to stop watching or not.

  18. i actually cried over sweet’s death. it hurts to see a longterm character leave the show. he was a significant part of this show. so sad for sweets but wishing John well for the future. you are an amazing actor:)

  19. anice says:

    #RIPSweets and thank you to John Francis Daley who did a wonderful job and will be missed as a member of our loved Bones family

  20. Boiler says:

    What the hell is TV’s fascination with death. It is supposed to be an escape from reality. If the guy can’t be there as much so be it but this is absolutely ridiculous!!! How many shows are going to put us thru this crap

    • Olivia says:

      Obviously TV isn’t for you. Get some fresh air, and maybe watch the news and get a reality check.

      • petals says:

        WOW Olivia u r one mean troll, have u ever heard if u can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all,,,, oh i forgot ur a troll, that’s what trolls do.

        • Olivia says:

          Petal. I’m an adult, who has expressed their opinion. I am not a Troll. I’m a grown up. A troll is someone (in this context) who comes onto a forum to make sarcastic remarks on a program (or fandom) that they do not watch. Someone who has a hidden agenda and who wants to provoke reaction. I want to do neither. I just want people to be sensibly constructive and stop threatening to watch a TV program because they do not want someone to die. It’s childish.

          • BP says:

            Seriously Olivia you seem like a troll– everyone has a right to their opinion even if it opposes yours. By making disparaging personal comments you are not being very constructive yourself.

            I loved the premiere and they way they wrote JFD’s exit from the show. But I can understand those who feel as though its tainted something for them.

          • Olivia says:

            BP, I am not the only one who has made these comments. Take a look at the rest of the comments on here in response to some of the quite frankly, ridiculous and childish comments. Are they trolls too? I’m all for people expressing their opinion, but people saying that they are not watching the show anymore, and then more or less demanding that it should have been written another way to make “them” happy is ridiculous. Life isn’t like that and knee jerk responses like that beggers belief. I liked Sweets, I’m sorry to see him go, but I appreciate what the producers and John wanted. It was sad but life goes on, and unfortunately for some so does TV life. If that makes me a troll then so be it. Must be my blunt English persona! They always say Americans don’t get irony or sarcasm. I’ll have to tone it down! I for one can’t wait for next week!

          • BP says:

            I love the show. I am okay with the way they wrote off JFD because I get that having him leave while Booth is in the midst of battling PTSD would be a detriment to Sweets character. I also watch mainly for Booth and Brennan and I believe this while drive them closer.

            But I don’t really see what Boller is saying that is so childish– they weren’t threatening to stop watching. For some people TV is the way they escape from the harsh world. Bones is generally a comedy. A happy place to show us that light can come from darkness. For some people the shocking death of a beloved character has left them feeling hollow instead of the feeling the happiness they were looking forward to. Yes this happens in real life. But this is supposed to be fantasy– an escape mechanism. If real life is crappy and you were looking forward to watching something happy– then I can understand why they feel like this sucks.

  21. Kathy Colosimo says:

    Sad and disappointed that Sweets character was written off of Bones especially now with a baby on the way. Show won’t be right without him!!

  22. I have watched this show from the start. One of my favs. I Hate it Sweets is gone. I hate it. Did I tell you I hate it! I understand he wants to do the “other” show, but D— it. Bring him back when he gets done with movie… “Conspiracy..he was in danger” Something!!! Dd

    • Kim says:

      I’m with you. I’ve watched it from day one and I watch all the repeats M-F from 12-4! Lol. I do not think they should have killed him. And they definitely should not have had that last look in the lab. That broke my heart seeing him that way. Bones has always made me laugh. Tonight was horrible.

      • I agree with you100%, all of you. Not watching anymore,period!

        • Olivia says:

          Oh FFS grow up. Sick of all this whining. You’re like a bunch of 12 year olds. Maybe you are.

          • chalice chick says:

            Olivia, why do you continue reading these posts if they upset you so much? Sweets was a much beloved character, and the viewers are sad that he won’t be on the show anymore. Yes, we get it that you are happy this happened and that you think everyone who is grieving is stupid. It’s not necessary for you to try to continue getting attention.

          • Olivia says:

            Erm Chalice Chick, where have I written that I am glad Sweets is dead? Nowhere. If you care to look at my other reply you will find that I wrote a constructive comment about it. I am reading the other comments by the way because I wanted to find a constructive post that doesn’t have childish connotations like the post above. Seriously, who threatens not to watch a show because of this? It was getting annoying. I was trying to wade myself through all of the whining to find a decent post. I loved Sweets (I even cried when he died). Many people didn’t like him, but I did and I happened to love all of the characters on the show even Daisy. Sorry if by blunt Britisness upset you but I was getting tired of the “I’m not watching again!” comments….

  23. Arta says:

    OMG – I’m weeping!!

  24. kim w says:

    Bring Sweets baaaaaaacckkk!!! Please…

  25. linda says:

    will truly miss sweets he played well with boone but I love this show and it scares me when you start getting rid of people.

  26. Rosanne says:

    Bones keeps on killing characters that everyone likes. Sweets had many fans, too bad the writers can’t get it straight that by killing off favourites simply loses fans.

  27. Sari says:

    i too am shocked and sad but I trust the writers of the show so…. I guess I’m over it – I have to be what choice do we have? He’s not going to suddenly sit up at the funeral – not after the autopsy. Ok I will certainly cry next week but carry on writers – it better be worth it! And yes happy for John Francis Daley…

  28. We will miss you Sweets. We love you all. KEEP GOING “BONES” !!!

  29. CC says:

    So disappointed that Sweets is gone. I felt his character was finally finding himself after being busy helping others find themselves all these years. Not happy. At. All. A coma would have sufficed if he needed some personal time.

  30. I will miss Sweets. I wish John all the best with his new career. Still wish they would bring Zack back with Wendell.

    • Carmen Hardy says:

      Yes why did they do that? Probably the same reason rhey killed Sweets: anybody who might be better than the main characters has to go. Zack was a fascinating cbaracter.

  31. Joanna says:

    Im lost for words…. I loved Sweets!

  32. Sheri says:

    My Brain is Screaming!!!! I only closed my mouth from shock – when I felt tears slide down my cheek. To quote Florida Evans (Good Times) – DAMN DAMN DAMN!

  33. Stlblues2 says:

    I’m still cryin over the death of Sweets. Haven’t cried like this since the death of Kate on NCIS. He will be missed. Good luck to you John, all the best.

  34. anon says:

    .he was my least fav character so i am not bothered if he died or not…vincents death hurt way more….BRING IT ON

    • Danny says:

      You sir. I can’t even think of what to say to you. Sweets was the best character in the show and if it wasn’t for him, bones and booth wouldn’t even be together. I just can’t see how u dislike him so much.

      • Olivia says:

        I don’t get this comment. What do you mean he was the best character in the show? It’s all subjective I suppose and we all have our favourites, but Sweets, the best character in the show?! I didn’t mind him and to be honest I think he became more rounded last season. The episode where they were going to replace him for a computer was genius. He really came into his own then. He was a character, but the two leads are what make the show. It just so happens that they are surrounded my excellent characters. He might have made the show for you, but there wouldn’t be a Bones without Brennan and Booth. As some mentioned previously it would be great if they could get Gordon Gordon back for one or two episodes!

        • a says:

          Well you know how it goes Olivia, when someone dies they are turned into Saints, flawess and a fan favorite…despite the fact that Sweets, when alive, was one of the most divisive characters within the fandom…just read many tvline Bones comment sections Sweets was hated and loved equally….I get knee-jerk reactions to something happening, it happens a lot within the Bones fandom but its a tv character set within a “real world” tv show and in the real world people die, even long standing family members and should be reflected in the tvland…sh$t happens…and people deal goes on…a few irate fans here wanna quit, ok, but unless they are a Nielsen family member it doesnt matter…I look forward to the rest of S10 and seeing B&B and the squint squads stories unfolding…bring it!

          • Olivia says:

            Woop woop! At last a normal post. I thought I was the only one of a few sane people on here. Must be because I am English, thank you ‘a says’. I am finding some of the comments on here ridiculous. I love Bones and the characters, but at the end of the day it’s only a TV show – not real life. People not watching anymore, so be it. I mentioned previously on here that this is a minuscule of the so called “fandom”. People forget that other people watch on DVR’s or online too. Not forgetting the people that watch on the other side of the globe. As you mentioned it’s down to the Neilsen ratings, not a few upset fans on here….

            Bring on the rest of season 10!

          • Christine says:

            Olivia, stop thinking you’re special just because you’re English. You’re replying to people in the U.S., so clearly North Americans exist who agree with your point of view.

  35. maggie says:

    Omg this was so Sad why sweets I loved him why did they kill him off any one know??? This sucks I was crying :(

  36. Lily Good says:

    We are going to need some Gordon, Gordon to get through this!

    • Betty says:

      What a perfect idea. I hope this happens. He is a great character, with connections to everyone.

    • arial2 says:

      My thoughts, exactly! I l LOVED that character! Even if he’s a chef now and no longer officially employed by the FBI, I’d expect him to show up because he seemed to like and worry about Booth and Bones on a personal level. But I’m not sure Fox will be willing to spend the money it would probably cost to get Stephen Fry back; he lives in England and always seems to have a pretty full schedule if his tweets are any indication.

      • Olivia says:

        This. True. I think Stephen Nathan or someone said that they have tried to get him back before but he has a busy schedule. They had a scheduling conflict. Yeah he lives in England but he also has some pretty hectic TV schedules in the England too, but he has also been on the New York theatre circuit recently too. He could have made a flying visit to the set though…….! Killed two birds with one stone! Alas it’s all about your contract isn’t it and where you will be flying/filming next…..?!!!

  37. Ramona says:

    I loved the bond between Booth and Sweets, what a downer to the season premier!

  38. Toni says:

    I am seeing Sweets lie there and thinking they will get him to the hospital in time to save him. Then he starts fading and I am NOOOOOOOO!!! And then a flood of tears come. I Loved Sweets on the show. He was truly a good guy on the show. Why couldn’t they just have him go on to a different career or something. They didn’t have to kill him. So very sad! I don’t think Bones will be the same for me.

  39. Donna Hartzog says:

    I can not believe ya’ll killed off sweets. As good as the show is it just won’t b the same. Very disappointing.

  40. You people suck. No reason to kill him off he could have just left. I’m not watching bones any more. Once again fox 5. You SUCK!!!!!!!!SUCK. Did I mention SUCK. Im Saying this though teas.

    • Tears I meant. Can’t see from crying.

    • Olivia says:

      Oh do shut your whining. Bye then!

      • L. Newman says:

        What is your problem Olivia? Does it bother you that much that people are sensitive? Obviously you are not. But the last time I checked, this was still America, and everyone has a right to voice their opinion and if it’s rooted in emotion, so be it. So why don’t you just go an sit on a cake of ice or something so it keeps your cold blood cool!

        • Olivia says:

          Newman love our response. Must be because I am English then! I tell it like it is! I don’t have a problem with people having a cry. I’ll admit I shed a few tears, but people threatening to not watch any more is pathetic. That’s my problem. It’s childish. Question. Are you not going to watch anymore? No? Well then there you go….

          • Max says:

            Oh please Olivia, don’t paint all English with your rude brush. I think people are sick of your constant berating. We get that you feel certain views are “immature” and should “grow up” because they are “childish”, so it’s not necessary to keep on (and on, and on…) with that. We know, still, what you think. Would it kill you to pass on those comments you don’t like, especially when you keep saying the same thing?

          • Huskygrl says:

            Yay Max! *Standing ovation*

          • Christine says:

            Also, the English stereotype is to be polite to the point of pain, Olivia. Americans are supposed to ‘tell it like it is.’ Germans are direct and no-nonsense. I’m not sure from where you’re cobbling your cultural background.

  41. Matt C. says:

    Sweets’ death completely caught me off guard. I’m still in shock. I never even imagined Bones would ever kill off any of the main characters! What a helluva way to kick off the season.

  42. Ramona says:

    Sweets was great, loved his smile. “Bones” will not be the same

  43. Mae says:

    That was really horrible. Why sweets? One minute I’m excited for him and Daisy, then he’s beaten to death….. REALLY!!!!!

  44. Maxine says:

    :,( bye Sweets :(

  45. sheila sargent says:

    I have not missed 1 single episode of Bones in going on 10 yrs. I’m not ashamed to say I cried like a baby when Sweets died!

  46. Jk says:

    That was completely unexpected, but what a great season premiere. I will miss Sweets on the show. Can’t wait to see next weeks episode!

  47. Linda Munroe says:

    I love Bones ! It’s always so difficult loosing a strong character. I’m just glad it was because he’s being successful in his new venture and not dead in real life .

    • Angie says:

      I totally agree. Where’s the thumbs up button?

    • Huskygrl says:

      You are right on about being happy for John and his success, but dang I’m sad for me! First my fave Squintern with Vincent and now Sweets, too, too sad. The whole cast did an amazing job with the story.

      I do like the new guy though and am looking forward to seeing how he works into the group, and could we get a little miracle for Wendall soon? I don’t want to have to mourn him too! Nice to have something worth watching on Thursdays again!

  48. Shawn Groff says:

    You pricks! You just ruined BONES! Sweets was an awesome character. RIP

  49. Please dont kill Wendell, Sweets was hard enough!

    • julie mungovan says:

      I miss Sweets. The new guy is pretty good, but Sweets was a laugh riot. He’s in my favorite seasons of Bones. Love you guy… good luck in your future.